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Giratina Origin Forme DS Lite available to Europeans

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/DSlite_PKMNSE_large.png[/img]Maybe it's in return for slashing out parts of the game, or maybe it's just because Nintendo of Japan couldn't get rid of all their stock and shoved some over to Europe, but members of Nintendo Europe's Club Nintendo can, from today, get their hands on the Giratina Origin Forme DS Lite that was available in Japan last year.

    The item does come with a notice that it's an imported DS - which will mean its warranty is probably useless - but it does come with a European charger and European manual, and of course, DS Lites are completely region free anyway.

    The only problem? The cost. This bad boy will set you back 30000 stars. And given how people horde their stars just for items like this to come along, don't expect it to last too long.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, May 29, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      And this is why I wish the NA Club Nintendo emulated Europe's. You guys actually have prizes worth saving up for :p
    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Yeah, but all the good things cost so many stars that it's near impossible to get them without resorting to some form of cheating or literally buying every Nintendo published game and hardware for over a year.

      And given the drought of such things in the past year, you'd probably have to buy them all twice too.
    3. 112% Elusive
      112% Elusive
      I want one of those now O_O

      The page mentions it's a glossy white, but why white? Or am I just colorblind? XD

      You Europeans are lucky to get that though.
    4. KoL
      Hm, this DS really, really needed to be black. The black DS Lite looks so much better than the others in my opinion, and this is Giratina, the renegade of shadows and darkness. This DS was just begging to be black instead of white.

      That said, it looks pretty cool, but not cool enough for me to even consider wanting.
    5. ozmer
      I would buy it if it was a Dsi, as I already have the dialga and palkia one and a Dsi so there is no use getting another unless it was a Dsi...
    6. POH!KEMON
      Wow, Europe gets cool stuff from Nintendo. I'll keep note about buying it if I visit Euorope.
    7. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      You'd have a hard job as it's not for sale in shops.
    8. Tangrow
      ....Club Nintendo can fall in a hole >>

      I do actually like the White Color, and, er, if no one's noticed, the part with Giratina on it looks like it's -Platinum- colored. I do wish I could grab it though, if only just for another stylus >>
    9. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      You know you can get replacement Styli, both for the DS and just in general, right?

      If you're not concerned about being able to store it in your DS, you can find a general-use stylus for little more than the cost of an actual pen. (And even the DS specific replacement packs only cost about £3-4).
    10. Dragodden
      It's pretty... @___@

      I hate Club Nintendo, anyway.. *glares* I threw out ALL my Nintendo codes WAY before I could cash them in. Now it just mocks me..

      Plus the prizes for our Club suck.
    11. Mogster42
      Wow, I'm suprised at all the Americans (and Canadians) here complaining about not getting this! You guys seem to get worthwhile stuff all the time! Maybe not quite on this scale, but the European site has a hell of a lot of catching up to do compared the the American club - best I've ever managed to get is a Mariokart keyring! Agree totally with DrOak, saving up that many points legitimately is next to impossible, they get wiped after so long. I buy a fair few games, and haven't got close!
    12. Azro
      You could probably buy the dsi at least 3 times and that would roughly equal the amount of money you would have to spend on nintendo products to get enough stars to get this ds ¬¬. Although it's cool, what you have to do, or have done, to get one is rediculous. Screw you club nintendo, for ruining our hopes and dreams once again.

      It is quite pretty mind. O.O
    13. NonAnalogue
      ...Have you actually seen the prize list for Club Nintendo America? It's pretty worthless.
    14. OranRi
      It's going to take a lot of money and time to actually get all those points. I personally think it's not worth all the trouble, but it would be pretty nice to have. Europe has good prizes that you can actually consider saving up for.
    15. buzzbatgirl
      I really want this but the Star points value is rubbish, to put it simply you would need to but 30 Wiis to have the points for this.
      You get 1000 Stars for a Wii, 500 for a DS and between 200-500 for a game and not all games have Star Points.
      I used to have loads of Stars and they got canceled. I'd have no problem paying to get extra Star Points (like with Wii Points) but that doesn't happen. So much for Nintendo customer loyalty >_
    16. Jaboodu5
    17. Nemesis
      You're getting a warning for this and your other spam post, so it would probably best to stop now.

      Or I'm going to have to stop you. /Doctor

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