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Ask to Join Four Ancient Kingdoms (Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, May 22, 2019.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Join here --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/four-ancient-kingdoms-reboot-discussion.20893/#post-759129

    Grim wandered the halls of Minako's castle, he had just returned from his nightly duties as Death and was returning to start his daily duty of defending Minako. He wandered the halls before he entered the throne room to find, not Minako but her son, "My lord, have you seen the queen, I have finished my nightly duties and wish to begin my daily duty" he bowed elegantly and the straightened again, looking back at the prince.
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  2. Netsu looked at Grim in silence for a few minutes. He was just thinking about something and now he forgot about, what he was thinking. Well, now he didn't need to worry. "Oh, hello Grim. Sorry, that I didn't say anything. My mother is busy right now, cherry blossom festival is occuring tonight. She is probably in town and check, if everything is fine. I'm sure you will find her somewhere, not so far from our Palace..." Netsu remind himself about what he was thinking earlier. "...Grim, My Mother told me, before she left. That I need a retainer, someone that will protect me and watch over me. I don't think that I need someone, but when I told her that, She said that as a Crown prince, I need someone to protect me. If you will have some free time, could you look around for a worthy candidate. You can think about this, like a task from my mother. Sorry, I know that you have a lot of work already. But I don't think, that I will find someone for this alone" Netsu said and he waited for Grim response.

    Meanwhile, Minako was checking everything around town and for now, everything looked perfect.
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko sat in front of a stallion that he father owned. He was a bay with a black mane, white stockings, and white star on his forehead. She was cleaning his hooves before she would train herself. Kikukiko gave a sigh and looked at the majestic horse. "Jinsoku, you look just as handsome as ever." She whispered to her horse as she petted the muzzle of her favorite horse of her father's. She walked away from the stables and gave one last glance to Jinsoku.
    She went into a private field so then she wouldn't be seen. It wasn't exactly legal for a peasant female to be training like this. She couldn't be caught by anyone, even her own father.

    Junmizu strode through the garden. Her face was held up as she was thinking about how to get more visitors to her home. She loved to make fun of the visitors that came to the island. She giggled at the thought. Maybe she should convince her father to convince the Emperor to make some sort of thing to make them come over to her. She grinned and walked over to her father's office.
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  4. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Asta, bored as usual had more work than usual because of some stuff he needs to sign "please someone remind me how i became a prince.. of signing paperwork?" he asked "because your father is too busy" a knight responded "please, have a strong person visit this kingdom for me to fight.." he thought
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  5. "So, will you help me with this Grim?" Someone appeard at the door and bowed, then she said "My prince, you schould prepare yourself for cherry blossom festival"
    "Okay, I count on you Grim. See you later"
    Minako once more checked if everything is alright and when she was sure, she called Kean "What happend, milady" Kean said to Minako's mind. Red bird sat down on her shoulder "Can you check, what my Little Netsu is doing. We schould begin soon and he needs to be on my side this whole time"
  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim bowed slightly before he rushed from the room, he need to find someone and fast, he had an idea of who he would ask, but whether they would help was a slim chance, he left the castle and strode into the village, he walked for a while until he heard a ruckus near a pub, he strolled over and saw them Jackson Coffey and Ludovica Arcturo, they appeared to be in an argument. "What is going on here" he asked staring threateningly at the men, who fled into the pub, he then turned to Jax, "Jackson I've got work for you, you look like you could use it".

    Jax and Ludo
    Jax and Ludo had been in Flameria for a while, they were currently outside a pub having a row with the owner and his goons, "sorry miss, but no pets allowed" the owner said snearing at Jax as he said this "Call me a pet again and we'll see who is smiling" Jax threatened, when Grim's voice was heard and the men fled Jax turned "Ahh Grim, what's the job then, and there'd better be something for Ludo too, unlike the other job 10 years ago, where she got to do nothing" Jax asked.

    "The job Jackson is bodyguard to the prince, I assumed one of the immortal sins would be a fine pick, as for Ludovica, she and I will speak to Minako and see what she thinks", he said turning "now let's go".

    Jax, Ludo and Grim
    After Jax and Ludo accepted, the three made their way back towards the palace, Grim spotted Minako on the way and guided Jax and Ludo over to her, as they reached her, he bowed saying "your highness, this is Jackson Coffey and Ludovica Arcturo, otherwise known as Sloth and Greed of The Immortal Sins, I have brought Jackson to be Netsu's bodyguard and I am leaving Ludovica's role to you." Jax and Ludo bowed and said "your highness we are ready to serve".
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  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko trained with her dull katana. There was no way it could hurt anyone. She bought it so cheap due to that. It wasn't pretty either, in fact, it just might be the most unimpressive sword out there, so it was dull in three ways. However, she shouldn't think she was safe from trouble, for she was still practicing. If she was a male or a noble then it would be a different story, but that was not the case. She was the daughter of a farmer, and the daughter of a farmer she would stay. She was meant to find a farmer's son and marry him, that was the peasant female's fate, for they had no reason to hold weapons. A dagger would no bring any notice due to the fact there are bad people in this world, but a full-blown katana? Prepare to lose everything if she got caught.
    Kikukiko heard voices. She quickly sheathed her weapon and hid in a large bush that she could stand in and remain hidden. She held her breath. They better not have any dogs. She heard barking. They had dogs. They were going to find her and take everything she loved away. She held back her tears. She couldn't be caught yet, they didn't even know she was there, she still had a, very small, chance to escape from this. She saw a black, wet nose poking through the leaves. At that moment she knew everything she ever loved was going to disappear from her life.
    She didn't feel one of the soldiers grab her wrist, take her sword and bow, and tie her hands up. She didn't feel them throw her on a horse. She didn't even know that she was taken to the nearest Barracks. It was like she became a lifeless husk in those hours until she was thrown into a cell, for now. She returned to her senses and cried. She cried about how she might of hurt her father. She cried about how now she might never see her family again. She cried about how now they might take her father's prized horse, Jinsuko. The tears were silent, but so many fell that it was clear at how distressed she was. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. She sat there, waiting for her true punishment.
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  8. Netsu changed his clothes and took a dagger for self-defense, they are in Capitol now, so there is nothing to worry. When He ended, He left Palace and searched for his mother. He saw Kaen on the sky and followed him.

    Minako thought for a while, she knew that sins did and why they are like that... Still, she really wanted Netsu to be safe. "Well then, Jax. For now, you are Netsu bodyguard and you Ludo, right now will be with them. I will think what you would do the best and most needed for Flameria, your hard work will be rewarded." Empress of Flames announced, after a 3 seconds. Kean landed on her arm and she saw that Netsu came and Minako noticed that he weared the kimono, that she prepared for him. "Oh, my little Netsu. You look cute in this kimono... Meet Jax and Ludo. Jax will be your bodyguard and Ludo will be with you, untill I will get an idea of work for her. Festival will start soon." Minako eyes changed their color to gold and Netsu did the same thing.
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  9. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Awhile later, Asta was at another kingdom, Flammeria,where a festival was about to hapoen, he decided to go around to see if anyone strong was here
  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko sat in her cell. She was done crying, but her face and clothes were still wet with tears. "Are you done crying yet?" asked one of the guards. Kikukiko nodded. "Good, you know most don't even make it to the cell before they start crying if they are going to cry. Most of the girls who think they are soldiers cry as soon as they are caught, some even before that. What I'm trying to say is that you are brave. But you are stupid as well. I can land you somewhere better," he told her.
    Kikukiko thought for a moment. "Can you please not use my family as my punishment? They have done nothing wrong except for house me."
    The guard scrunched up his face in thought. "I'll see what I can do. I say the best place you can go to is Flameria, I hear the queen is very kind."
    Kikukiko nodded. She would be in Flameria for a good long while. "What will I be doing?" She asked.
    "Serving Flameria in whatever way the Emperoress wants you. I'll do my best to land you in the castle and be a servant for her, but your final sentence will be up to her." Kikukiko nodded in understanding. Her fate had been sealed. She was going to serve the Kingdom of Flameria for an unknown amount of time. She gave a sigh and watched the guard leave. Soon she was going to be on a horse again, behind a head guard.

    Junmizu entered the capital city of Flameria. She wondered how many people she could fool and how many she had to correct. She smiled at the thought. Her two bodyguards stood behind her at all times, you know, for protection. So many people loved to assassinate poor royal families, which she wasn't, but she had a strong chance at marrying the Emperor's son. She looked around her and saw all the banners and other signs of a festival. "So, what should I do first?" She asked no one.
  11. After the while, when Netsu, Jax and Ludo had time to greet each other and talked for a bit. Minako looked at them and said "Alright, my Little Netsu... Everyone, let's go. I need to start the Festiwal, follow me" everyone went to prepared for Empress, platform. People gathered around "Everyone, I'm really happy to see you all here. I am happy to announce that the festival has started!" Minako announced. On the sky appeard dozens of fireworks. Netsu's eyes turned to gold, as it was his first time, seeing a fireworks. "I wanted also to give you all happy News, as some of you may not know. Few days ago, my son...My little Netsu, has returned to us" Minako said and turned to Netsu, He stood next to his mother "Let's the cherry blossom festival begin"
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim stood beside Minako, he lent down and spoke quietly in her ear, "my lady, I have received news of a prisoner being brought here, there is no need for you to leave the festival, I will deal with the preparations and inform you later" then after hearing her response, teleported to the palace.

    Jax was stood directly behind Netsu, he was watching for threats, Ludo on the other hand was next to Netsu and was looking around gleefully, she loved festivals. Jax looked up at Netsu "so where will we be going first then" he asked.
  13. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    After hearing that speech " well, now i know i'm in the right place", right when Asta said that, guards from his kingdom came running "Your majesty! Please do not run off like this again" they told "we will guard you" the other said "Fiine" Asta said , now walking with two guards around him
  14. Minako listened to Grim, then noded "Alright, if there will be any complications. Don't worry to come to me" She said to Grim.

    Netsu left the platform and give a small smile to Jax and Ludo "It's my first Festival in my long life, so I don't know where to go first...". Netsu noticed a really beautiful girl with some guards and kid with his own guards "It seems, that we have some important or wealth visitors from another countries. Maybe let's meet them first and then we will go somewhere to eat or maybe The theater provides us with entertainment or.... We will see later. Let's go" He said and decided to meet with the girl first. "Welcome in our, Capital...Sorry, where are my manners. I'm Netsu Homura" Netsu said calmly with a gentle smile on his face.
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "I'm Junmizu Umietsu, of Draconi Kingdom. I came to this festival due to the fact that I was bugging my father too much about having plans for our own festival plans. I was starting to get a little lonely at home," The Nobel said. She couldn't wait for him to start calling her princess. Then she could do what she always does, call him stupid. Oh, how she loved to call other people less intelligent than her! It made her feel so much more powerful and smarter. She smiled at the prince for two reasons. One, to return pleasantries. Two, in anticipation for his almost certain slip-up.

    Kikukiko's hands were bound. She was being led to a horse that was going to take her and a soldier to Flameria. There were five horses here, that meant five soldiers were transporting her. She couldn't blame them, so many of the cells were filled up. She only noticed that after the conversation. She really wanted to know why she was being transported by five soldiers. She was pretty certain that three could handle her and any dangers that she might face. She was about to ask one of the guards, but she bit back. If she asked she would just be ignored, or worse, slapped. One of the soldiers helped her mount the horse with her hands bound. She could very well do it on her own if her hands weren't tied up. "Have a nice stay in Flameria, I heard it was nice there." one of the guards said to her. She looked behind her and saw it was the one that got her to go to Flameria in the first place. She had to admit, it was better than knowing that she ruined her entire family due to her being so selfish and careless and stupid. She had been using those words to describe herself ever since she got caught. She didn't think she would ever stop calling herself that. She was just so mad at herself, and she couldn't forgive or forget.
  16. (I didn't know if Netsu schould call Junmizu a 'princess' or not)
    "I hope that you will have a really good time here, lady. Maybe we will meet each other soon" Netsu said and left Junmizu. He looked around to see that kid, but he couldn't find him anywhere.

    Minako left platform and returned to palace, to check something. After that she planned to meet with Netsu and spend festival with her child. She felt that, she needed to help him. Not so long ago, He was a demon, who was forced to fight with them.

    From some tower, 3 mysterius figures was looking at Netsu from the distance "There he is... Traitor, I still can't believe that he betrayed his own father... Our perfect king.." said first of them. "Don't worry" said another one "When Minako will be in the palace. We will execute him"
  17. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Asta closed his eyes for a minute, then he turned to a tower ((i will explain why, )) with an intimidating look, directly looking at the three people in the tower, then he ran there , it seemed lime teleportation but he really just ran "say, do you happen to be strong, my senses really don't like you"

    ((He is, a feline, so technically he is a cat and cats have piercing eyes , if not thats just sad for me))
  18. The third of them, the girl looked down at the kid, who just ran here and yelled to them. "Whoa, He is quite fast, normal people could not see him. Hey, hey, Xartune. Can I kill this kid" She asked.
    "Beat him, yes. Kill, no. He seems to be someone that make too much noise around him. Make sure he won't come in our way, Terra" Xartune, the first guy said and turned to their companion "Flegin, let's go. We will kill the prince,before Empress of the flame returned to palace already" Xartune flew on his cape.. No, not cape. On his wings. Flegin jumped at the roof of the house, then he followed Xartune. Jumping from the roof at the roof.

    Terra grinned at Asta and she came to him from the tower "Okay, kid. No hard feelings, if you want you can begin... I could say that, if it was a battlefield or if we were on my teritory. But Xar said, that I can't waste my time here on you" Terra said and threw some kind of dust from her bag at the sky "Let us have some fun"

    Jax noticed Flegin on the roof and quickly shoot something like Ice missile at him, demon jumped away and landed on the ground, he held a giant warhammer. Jax yelled to Netsu "Prince, attack from the sky!"

    Xartune charged at Netsu with his spear. Thanks to Jax, He was able to dodge the attack "Traitor, today is the day of your execution" Xar yelled.
    "I will fight with this demon with spear, if you could beat this guy with hammer fast and join me, Jax" Netsu whispered to fox "Okay, as you wish".
  19. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "Beat me up? What a joke, " Asta said, then paused "Let's Play" he continued before running too fast for the eye to see, he summoned his Silver Lance and prepared for an attack, some magic covered the spear, enhancing it's capabilities, then he threw it, now ready to attack with magic if needed
  20. "You underestimate me child" Terra said, after this she was pierced by Lance. She pulled it out, and in the place. Where schould be a wound, was a hole that quickly closed itself. "I'm one of 6 King of the underworld special warriors, Sixth Fang Terra. You can't beat me just becouse you are a bit strong, kid"

    Ludo looked at Flegin and Jax, then she shouted "Hey, do you need my help or something"
    "I think there is no need for you to join" Jax replied. He didn't notice, when his opponent attacked him. He quickly made a barrier from ice and jumped away, Barrier was quickly destroyed "You are smart, fox. Even when you made a barrier, you probably knew, that you will receive a hit and that it wouldn't be a very good option. I'm 4th fang, Flegin"

    "Nice parring" said Xartune to Netsu, as he menaged to block his opponent attacks. Finally, his dagger broke in the combat. He set his hand in black flames, but he quickly erased his flames. He looked at Junmizu and the rest of civilians "So you noticed. Yes, someone may get hurt, if you use your power here" said Xar. 4 soldiers of Flameria rushed at opponent, shouting to Netsu to stay back. After a second, all of them was dead, Netsu looked shocked.
    "How" He thought "They were good 30 meters away from us. Is he that fast?.. No, if He were that fast then, even if he return to the same position, he could stay in the same way. Leg or hand or finger, at least one his body part need to change his position. But he stay impossible without move..." Netsu said to himself in mind. Xar smiled."I'm 2nd fang, Xartune" He said "I will be the one, that will kill you, traitor"
  21. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "Give me a break, the White tiger is my dad" Asta laughed as he used his magic, now , very visible air were forming and making the shapes of.. claws, Asta rushed towards his opponent and attacked
  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Junmizu screamed. What in the world were demons doing here?! Her two bodyguards stood in front of her to protect her while she ran to hide. "I'm so going to have my father force the Emperor to declare war for this," She muttered to herself.

    Kikukiko felt sleepy, but she couldn't fall asleep, not on a horse. She looked at the guards. They were making signs with their hands to each other every once in a while. She stared at the non-verbal language. She felt a strong urge to learn it, to understand what the guards were saying. They started to talk verbally again after the front made a gesture with his hand. He must have told them to be quiet earlier. She needed to watch him and learn that sign. She didn't know why she had to, she just did. In her head at least.
  23. Terra was slashed with great speed by Asta, but she still regenerates her wounds "Oh, another prince. Great... You can't beat me. Great demonic magicians made me. I'm earth elemental, I'm earth and earth is me. As long as I touch the ground and my dust is in the air, I'm immortal...No one can win against me" She yelled. Meanwhile, sand trapped Asta legs. "You wanted hand to hand combat,fine" She said, her hand absorbed stones, dirt and sand from the area, making a giant fist "Then catch this" and she send her fist at Asta.

    Jax attacked many times with his ice, but his opponent destroyed or dodged his attacks. Finally, Jax lured his opponent at fountain and frozen him in huge ice. But after few seconds, Ice melted. Flegin was standing on the fountain and He released a warm steam from his body. "Stop playing you won't even come near me" He said and keep coming closer, but Jax was experienced enough to knew, that everyone has weakness.

    Netsu tried to dodge Xartune attacks, some of them wound him, but he didn't have any serious wounds. "I had enough" said Xartune and then He stopped rushing at Netsu. He stood and looked like he wait for something. Then Netsu felt a hit, just like something slashed his chest. He touched his chest, He was cut by something "This is my power, I can use oxygen in the air to slash you. No one can escape from this... First attack was for show, second one will kill you"

    Meanwhile, Minako has ended her work and she was on her way to festival. Kean found her and landed on her schoulder "Milady, Our festival was attacked" after that information, Minako ran to festival, worried if Netsu and civilians are safe.
  24. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Kira walked along the road happily her wings stretched out as if she were to fly. Festivals were always so much fun! Lost in thought, as usual, she didn't notice the curious stares she was attracting. As she neared the festival she started smiling. Sure, she probably wouldn't get along with everybody, but it would be worth it. She kicked a couple of inches off the ground and flew to the festival, her dress billowing as she flew. This would be the perfect time to meet other deities!
    As she neared the festival she saw many things going wrong. There were apparently demons, screaming people, and a boy wielding... air? Bewildered she landed stunned. She came to have some fun, and this happened? Her eyes scanned the surroundings. Should she help the shocked boy next to the demon or the boy fighting the demon or perhaps that screaming girl? Making her mind up, she yelled at Xartue hoping to buy some time. "Traitor is a harsh word don't you think?"
  25. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Asta blocked a little bit of damage from the attack, but not all, he used air to get out of his spot and realized something, all he needed to do was get her off the ground, so he hardened the oxygen particles for her to float, then he proceeded to slash
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim asked an servant to continue the preparations because he had to do something. He had sensed the demons, he old master had sent them. He then teleported behind Xartune grabbing him by the throat, at his touch he started to drain the life from the demon, he glared at him and two shadowy tendrils seeped from his body, they started to wriggle towards Terra and Flegin preparing to grab and drain them also.
  27. What did I get myself into?!

    Vincent had snuck into Minako's castle. It was loud, which led him here. He was just wanting to go for a light adventure, but got into this situation! He knew that he would put up a fight, maybe win if he was VERY lucky fighting them, but he wanted to defend the others. Hidden behind a large pillar, he drew out his rapier with a very small amount of noise, while water started to trail in a circle around his legs.

    Am I really doing this?

    Yes...I am...I want to help.

    He waited until someone to notice him. Then, he'd strike. If he gets surprised, then the water will splash all over, causing a lot of noise...
  28. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Kira saw the towering Grim even before Xartune had collapsed. Why was he so tall? And could she become that powerful someday? She saw the tendrils ready to attack and she fell back figuring he got it covered. Hopefully, she had been of help. She turned to the stunned male and asked. "Hey, are you okay?" Yes, it was a stupid question, but she didn't know what else to ask.
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  29. Xartune turned to Kira "It isn't harsh. How should I call someone who betrays his own father. Adusk... Netsu son of Flameria Goddess and Tartarus King... Traitor an-" He didn't end, Grim began to choke him "Ah, Grim... You really think that weaking me will help" He said and fall at the ground, then he stood up "I'm gonna kill all citizens, this girl and you traitor... Then I will capture Grim and give him to our King. My power is perfect, you can't match with me..." Xar yelled. "Can you be silent for a while. You already lost" Netsu said. "What..." Xar shouted and looked at the ground, He was surround by Black flames circle "You all going to die" He said... Nothing happend "Why... Why all of you are alive" He screamed "Flames of war... Consumes oxygen around you and your power is useless... Your oxygen will end and you will die... Thanks to that girl and Grim... You were focused on something else" Netsu explained. Xar sprouted his wings from his back "... Yes, fly... I will shoot you and you will die anyway" Xar screamed for a while, that he don't want to die and fell at the ground.

    Terra smiled "That won't help you" She laught... But then, she noticed. She stopped to regenerate. What happend to the dust in the air? Air was pushing it away. "No, no, no..." it was too late after some time, she fell at the floor.

    Flegin noticed an Elf behind the pillar "Don't hide, coward. I see you" He threw the Hammer at him. Jax wanted to stop it with ice, but it was too fast, He won't make it in time. Two arrows, one destroyed Hammer and second one set demon in flames, turning him into dust "Nobody will harm anyone in my kingdom" said Minako as she menaged to came to festival and everyone.
  30. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Kira gasped unsure what to do. Apparently, Netsu was also a deity. The traitor part didn't seem bad in her opinion since he was betraying the bad side. She heard Xartun say a death-threat and moments later Xartun was trapped. She eyed the fire cautiously ready to use her water powers if need be. "This is all going by so fast." She sighed. "I'm not sure if I should go to the next festival."
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  31. The boy was shocked. His mouth dropped. He had no idea he was this powerful. The water let out of his feet, but immediately came back. The rapier started to glow. He would never flee, after all, he wants to avenge him. Eventually, enough water surrounded him that it went up to his upper chest. Then, he let it out of the floor, and under his shoes, making swift strides along the ground. The rest is blasted at extreme speed at Flegin.

    "S-Stop...D-Don't hurt anyone!"
  32. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Asta, the moment his opponent fell on the ground, ran with his lance and directly pointing it at the forehead, "now, you lost, leave this kingdom, " Asta said furiously, with an intimidating look on his eyes
  33. Minako saw mass of water rushing with big speed, Flegin was already dead, but citizens could get hurt. She quickly went in front of the water and vaporized it "that was close, you are happy that I was around"

    Terra lost, she turned into sand and dissapired in the ground "Your pride will kill you one day, kid. Remember, Next time, I will finish you with my rules" She shouted and later there was silence.

    Netsu waited for 2 minutes, when He was sure that Xar won't move now. He erased his flames. He heard as Kira sighed, becouse all citizens stay silent. "It is my first festival in my long life, so I don't know, but I think that most of them aren't attacked by demons" He said came closer to Xar. "You destroyed my first festival, idiot. Are you proud of yourself" Netsu told to him.

    Netsu was still wounded, but it seemed that citizens are fine and it was enough. Something was wrong, He could tell, but he didn't know what. Minako and Kean found him "My little Netsu, what happend? Why are you hurt? Who hurt you? Are you alright?" Minako looked at him, worried "I'm fine, mom. Those wounds aren't that bad... It seems that quite a lot of people were fighting" Netsu said to Minako.
    "We will Thank them for protective Citizens and you, my Little Netsu" Minako said.
    "I'm still threat like a kid, but... I'm happy that, it is over. Mann, I left demons like a month ago...They really are fast" He thought.
  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim stood watching the crowds, he saw some of their looks of fear towards him, it was now that he noticed he had gone full demon to protect Netsu, he had his horns but they were double their normal size, his tail was thicker and more lizard like, he now had large bat like wings and his face had 'melted' away and left a skull with glowing red eyes. He stood huffing, he was tired out, meaning he couldn't use his glamour spell to appear human, he walked over to Minako, "my lady, I am unable to change forms, so I will return to the castle to reduce the peoples fear" he stated in a deeper and more gravelly voice than usual. "Also I hate to be a bummer, but I sense at least 6 civilian life forces at the end of their life, meaning 6 civilians were killed" he snapped his fingers and their souls came flying towards him as well as Flegin's which was a dark red instead of white, he breathed them in and he glowed slightly, he had regained enough power to self regenerate his power. He now teleported back to the castle to await the prisoner. Once he reached the castle he had enough to turn back to normal face, no wings, smaller tail and horns.
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    After the long moment of silence, Asta went on with the festival, just to see people in fear , their prince wounded and a worried mother , "hm, guess i wasn't the only one fighting" he said, now looking at the mark the punch made, he started kneeling down tightening his grip on the wound "ow ! Ow! Ow!" He said, before his guard came around and bandaged him "my prince, don't run off again like that!" He said "Shut up, i finally found someone as strong as me"
  36. Minako was still worried but she didn't have time for that, she shouted to her soldiers. Bring me everyone that was fighting and/or contact in any way with enemy". Soldier noded

    Minako changed her eyes color to gold "Netsu, Why you didn't use Flames of war or other Apocalypse Riders powers" She asked. "I don't have control over the rest of powers yet... And my flames could hurt the citizens... But still" Netsu said, he set himself in column of black fire for the second and then it dissapired "6 people were killed..."
  37. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    After some time, some soldiers came in front of Asta "have you fought or come in contact with one of them" he asked while Asta simply nodded, "then follow us" they said, now they were in front of Minako "why was i called" Asta asked while his guards stayed in place
  38. He sighed as he blasted himself backwards a few meters. They're a tough challenge, so he sheathed his sword. He bowed toward the people and said, "Listen, I will kill you all one day, but not now. Truce?" He said, water flowing around his shoes if they go for another attack.
  39. Minako came again at her platform, she noticed that it may take too long to gather everyone. But, from platform they could hear her. Netsu followed his mother and gived Asta a sign to follow him.

    "My dears... As you know we were attacked, I can't tell if there is more opponents... Festival is over, but nobody won't leave this city today and anyone that will try... Will be killed. When someone comes Guards will check him or her. Any Noble, soldier, civilian... Anyone that isn't from Flameria, I would like to see you in my Palace. Netsu, you will prepare a list of everyone that will enter the palace. Ludo, you will help Netsu with the list and after that patrol the city, if something will be weird, report to me" Minako shouted to people, then said to Ludo and Netsu "Thats everything, I wanted also to thank everyone, who were fighting"
  40. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    After that speech, Asta headed to the palace, his guards couldn't come as they were busy looking for their prince, when he entered he gave his name and home . Then started his wait "i should probably be calling war after this, but eh, finally got a worthy fight" he thought

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