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Ask to Join Four Ancient Kingdoms (Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, May 22, 2019.

  1. Hallow saw Ludo and shouted to her "Where do you think, you are running" on his hands appeard chain on each side ended with black blade "Die" and he threw the chain, but Mikoto in last moment blocked the attack "Ludo, are you alright" She asked, She remembered this guy. Hallow was once a General in Demon Army and he was no weakling. "Thanks to this girl, I don't need to search for you" Hallow said and made a Devil grin.

    Netsu stood between Kikukiko and Grim, He gave her his Katana "This weapon can do a thing. Everyone, we need to immobilize him. Jax, Kira, Your Ice and water may be enough if supported with your magic energy. Kean, search for this Elf... Vincent. It seemed that he can use water too,We don't need to kill him. Just stop him, Grim isn't our opponent. I will search for Empress Mikoto now" Netsu said "Jax, I need you more here. I know that you with the help of the others will stop Grim. Please, protect them first. Attack with occasion. The most important thing is your lifes" and Netsu left the Palace.

    Kean found Vincent, but he didn't know, how to ask him for help. Then he get an idea, He wrote something on the ground with Coal. After that He flew at Elf's head and peaked him.
  2. "I-I sense an assassination..." he said to Kean, a bit surprised. His sword was still out, but water was forming out less. Do you have to do something about it?" He looked angry, but wasn't completely ticked off.
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  3. Kean was angry now and peaked Victor head even more.

    Netsu looked around, searching for his mother "I hope that the others are fine..." He noticed hobbling Ludo "Hey, Ludo. What happend"

    Hallow was extremly strong, Minako always remembered him as someone with strength similar to Grim, but now he was way more powerfull. She was able to throw him away from the city and they continued their fight on plains, in front of the City. "I won't let you hurt anyone" Minako summoned her bow "I will finish you here"
  4. "O-Ow!" He said in pain, "Wh-What is it that you want from me?" He unsheathed his sword, and became calm. "I shouldn't overreact...I'm sorry." He turned to the coal writing.

    "What's this? Oh! Why didn't you say so." He said, shocked. "Show me the way!"
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  5. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Kira thanked Netsu and walked into the training grounds. She looked over at the variety of weapons to train with and shook her head. She would start with her power training. After all, no matter how rusty she was at physical combat, her magical powers were unpredictable. She wanted to work hard to change that. She stood in front of a training dummy and tapped it. It seemed pretty resistant so she summoned water to her palms. A few minutes later, and she had begun her training.
  6. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Asta went back to the training grounds, now slashing three dummies at once with his lance, as he now was bored and wanted to finish things now
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jax lunged at Grim, only to be smacked back into a wall, he shook himself off and started his attack again, only to have a shadowy tendril come shooting from Grim's back and piercing straight through his torso, he casually looked down at it, he shrugged and then leapt back, removing the tendril before throwing a ball of ice at Grim. The wound healed almost instantly now leaving just a round hole in his top. Grim swung at Kikukiko and Jax, slicing Jax in half, Jax reached himself, looking up at Grim "There's a reason we Sins are great bodyguards you know".

    Ludo responded to Netsu, "oh I tripped and injured myself, I'll be fine though, my healing is just being buggy I think it's because I was invisible at the time, usually it's not a problem, but I think it's healed now." She then turned look at him, "so what's the plan then, sir".
  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko ran and hid behind a dummy for protection. She looked around her for something, anything! Her eyes set on her bow. One she made herself, with a little help. "Jax! Keep him distracted!" she shouted. She then ran to her beloved weapon, the last thing she still had of home.

    Junmizu heard some shouting from outside. "Keep it quite out there!" She yelled
  9. "You return to Palace, I will go to my mother... Ludo, stay safe" Netsu said, He helped Ludo to get up and he ran to his mother.

    Minako was tired, her enemy also. She needed to end this. She prepared her bow and suddenly, Netsu jumped off the walls and reached them "Mother, I'm gonna he-" He didn't end, Hallow made black energy javelin and send him at Netsu. Minako didn't had time to send arrow at the Javelin. "I need to save Netsu" She said in mind.

    She stood between Netsu and Spear and she got pierced at chest. "Mom!"
    "Net-su yo-u aren't hu-rt are you..." She whisperd without energy and fell at the ground. Hallow laught "Hahahaha. King knew this will happend stupid Netsu... Don't worry, you will join her" He yelled.

    Kean flew to the training grounds and show Victor to follow him. Then he felt that his connection with Minako became weaker. "Something bad happend, but if She died or was close to death, I couldn't feel her at all... But, I can feel... Something happend to Netsu too"
  10. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Kira sat down as she watched the water retread. "This really is tiring..." She muttered to herself. She used to train a lot when she was younger, but she easily got side-tracked as she got older so she stopped. She looked around until she spotted that orange-haired boy. She stared at awe for a moment before she heard shouting. She picked herself up, now filled with energy and turned to the noise. It's those pesky demons again and they've hurt the Empress! Enraged she ran over to Netsu. They've shown me nothing but kindness, now it's my turn to repay the favor. "Can I do anything to help you, Netsu?" She asked hurriedly water already starting to collect.
  11. "Netsu, Where are you" Minako shouted, searching for her son. Week has passed, after she found him. It was weird Reunion, in the middle of the battle between two armies. She found him, alone in the training grounds. "So you were here, my son"
    "Sorry, it still weird for me to be called a son by you...When people see me, they see only an ugly demon" Netsu said and pointed at his horns. "Don't listen to them, Even with those horns you are a really handsome, young man. They are just jealous. So, Ready for the sparring" Minako asked.
    "Yes" Netsu said and smiled

    "She was always here... For me. You know Kira. How it is, to be closed for thousends of years and train millions way to kill opponent. Over and over... And then, you meet someone like her, kind and calm... Kira, you want to help me" Netsu said flames started to appear around him. "Then let's give him Suffer" He yelled and in the place he was standing appeard great Column of Black fire. Column was trying to reach the sky, and Netsu dissapired from others sight.
    Hallow attacked with his chains Kira and made a Chaos Javelin, that he throw at Netsu. "I'm gonna kill you before thay"
  12. Vincent swiftly followed the red bird. "Now, what is it you...." He stood in shock. "I got this. I know the person I want to defend is also someone I...well...dislike, but don't worry. For now, they are in my hands.

    He walked into the warzone, water all around him. Right now, he isn't in the middle, but on the side, charging up a water attack. "Back off, I'm warning you!"
  13. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Kira danced around the chains using water to stop chains that got to close for comfort. Finally impatient with all that dodging she lashed at Hallow attempting to drown him. The chains caught onto her and started to choke her, but she held fast. If I can just drown him, his grip on these chains will loosen. Gritting her teeth and hoping that Netsu was fine, she continued to pour massive amounts of water onto and around Hallow.
  14. Hallow was shocked, She was quite powerfull and he didn't expect that... He didn't want a held breath Contest, He loose his chains and flew away from the water. "Well that was close...Get out of my sight" He said and threw bunch of javelins at Kira

    A beast with orange fur, 9'11" tall emerged from the flames, had four long horns, jaws with sharp teeth and a set of sharp black claws.Golden, Cold eyes looked at Hallow. Javelin he threw at Netsu was destroyed after it touched Beast skin. Monster had three tails, with snake head, blocked javelins thrown at Kira. "Groooooaaa" Monster roared, it would be probably heard in the entire city. Hallow looked at monster "So... This is why Master said, that it will be enough to kill Empress and the Flameria will fall..This is the result, when Netsu stops holding back other Apocalypse Riders souls... Last sight of Apocalypse, Beast, but It schould have 7 tails. He still hold back" He looked at Kira and grinned, He made a giant Javelin of black energy "If I kill you, it schould be enough" He yelled.

    Kean set himself in fire and hit Grim in the chest, escaped to not receive a hit and repeated. He hope it would be enough to distract him.
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  15. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Kira stumbled from the sudden oxygen that rushed through her but held her ground. She was still taking shaky breaths though when the javelins came toward her. She automatically pushed her wings toward as a shield, but the beast protected her. She sighed in relief, that beast had given her time to recover. She looked over at Netsu "Thank you-" She started to say when she heard Hallow. She hurriedly made a shield of ice, hoping to deter the javelin long enough to escape. She felt a little woozy from the power she had used and the ice manipulation, but she was determined to kill Hallow before passing out.
  16. Javelin flew at Kira and hit her Shield with great power and destroyed it, but it missed his target. Hallow didn't have time to be angry as he was slashed in half by big claws. "I execute Herio's soul for my life" He yelled on his place appeard another demon soul, pierced by claws and ate by Beast. "I sorry, Herio" Hallow whispered, from his chest dissapired one face and he felt weaker. He need to kill Kira, before Netsu kill him and calm down. King wanted from Beast of Apocalypse to destroy Flameria, Hallow couldn't fail.

    Kean keep attacking Grim "Wake up, idiot. Or I will tell Lady Minako that you hurt innocent people... Or something"
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  17. Water was blasted at Grim at an astounding speed. Vincent was behind the water, with a determined look.

    "Bird fellow, who exactly shall I target? I don't want to harm anyone I should be defending..."
  18. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Kira was cut by some flying ice chunks, she was at this point forcing herself awake. She knew her body would pay for this after, but she didn't care. "Just a little longer..." She gasped to herself as she pointed her hand at Hallow. Summoning all the power she had left she aimed a freezing ice beam at him hoping to freeze him. Finally, unable to take anymore, she collapsed onto the ground.
  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim heard noises outside the training room, then a group of around 15 guards came in, they aimed their weapons at him, but he swooped down among them, he swung his scythe cleaving 5 of them clean in two, the resulting shock-wave sent the other ten flying, about 7 died from this leaving only three injured. He then turned back to the guests, he swatted at Kean attempting to smack him to the ground, at the same time he swiped with his scythe again, sending a shock-wave toward Kiku, that smashed through one of the walls, Jax had been attempting to freeze Grim in place and when the shock-wave put him off he accidentally froze Kiku's leg. He was then backhanded by Grim and sent flying into a wall, landing crumpled, he stood clicking his bones back in place, he would have fallen unconscious but his curse would not allow it.

    Ludo decided she would not leave Netsu and Minako, she went invisible and pulled out a katana she had picked up earlier, she ran at Hallow, still invisible making small cuts everytime she passed hoping to whittle him down.
  20. "A force to be reckoned with..." He sent more water flying at him. He was rushing to Grim with his rapier. "Back up, Kean!" He got only a few feet away, where water was blasted at his face.
  21. Hallow dodged Ice beam, but he noticed that one of his legs didn't make it in time. Then he receive a terrible hit from Beast leg. Monster seemed to play with him, Hallow noticed now that Beast had 4 snake-tails and was 14 feets big.

    After many hits from katana, Hallow noticed Ludo and spread small black energy knifes around to hurt her. "Invisible foe is nothing I cannot take". I sacrifise my Last companion soul... Goodbye, Zigen" He said, last face dissapired and insanly powerfull energy appeard on Hallow hand forming a Giant black energy spear "End Ray" Hallow threw it at the Beast "Something like you, schouldn't exist. Your Mother will hate you for what you become" He threw it with great speed almost unseen for human eye. Beast received a hit and got a small wound in his chest. One jump and one bite, Netsu ate Hallow in the matter of second and turned at Flameria.
  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko was flung backwards. Her body was in equating pain. Her eyelids felt heavy, but she forced them to stay open. "I can't give up," she struggled to say, "I can't die like this. I thought I wanted to, but I guess I lied to myself." Kiku struggled to pick herself up and looked at Grimm. She didn't look too good, all scratched up, one of her arms felt numb and she couldn't move it. Kikukiko knew she would die from this, but she refused to go down without a fight. "I guess I'll fight you for real then, not some sort of practice thing that you set up. I guess I failed, huh?" She closed her eyes and rushed towards Grimm, tear running down her face as she remembered her family, friends, and what could have been her future.
  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim watched Kiku come at him, he went to swing when he instead said "Kikukiko, your stance is horrible, you'll never get past me like that, what you want to do is..." Grim shook himself, the Demon King was determined to keep him, after losing Hallow, he needed Grim to succeed. Grim returned to his attacks, Jax was running towards Grim and started to freeze him in place, Grim just tensed his body, breaking the ice.

    Ludo walked up to Netsu panting, she became visible again as her wounds started to heal, her immortality regeneration was always slower than Jax's, she turned to Netsu "Um, sir, are you alright.
  24. Netsu looked around. He didn't know, what happend. After a while, He noticed Grim in something that looked like a prison. He tried to get to him but it seemed that he couldn't move from his place now. Netsu heard someone whispers to Grim, and he knew the voice. "I won't let you do this...but I must woke up first"
    Netsu didn't know why Kira and his mother were lying on the ground. He checked if they are alive and they were, He later noticed Ludo. He came back from his Beast already, Hallow failed. "Yes,I'm fine. Let's go, it isn't over yet. We need now kick in the head some really old idiot... We can't leave them here" He said more seriously, than it sounded. Netsu noticed some soldiers on the wall "Hey, you over there. Can you take Empress and this girl to the city?(...) Thanks".
    Netsu didn't have much time, He took Ludo, ran at the wall and landed on another side. After that He release Ludo, ran and said "We need to hurry"
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  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko stopped in her tracks. Did he try to give her advice before going crazy again? He did, and he failed. Like someone or something was controlling him. Unless this was just another trick to make her not hurt him. Kikukiko looked at Grimm once more. "Then how should I stand?"
    "It's not going to work." A voice of self-doubt said as it crept in her head.
    "I'm going to make it work," She thought as she tried to quell the self-doubt/
    "Then I'm foolish," Her doubt replied.
    "No, I just refuse to quit" Kikukiko thought to her doubt.
    "Then I should quit, it's not like I'm making things better, all I do is make them worse." Her doubt said, then reminded her of all the times when she failed everyone who depended on her
    "That's not true!" She thought angerly, "I do make things better, I just don't ever see the results" Kikukiko didn't hear a word from her doubt. Maybe it gave up. But, alas, that is not how doubt works.
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim mid swing hears Kiku's question, he stops "well, you've got to loosen your shoulders and your grip on your weapon is.." this time he manages to finally break free of the Demon King's control, he stops speaking when he sees the carnage he has caused. As he returns to his smaller form, he ends up kneeling on the ground and looking around horrified, Jax unsure of what to do just stood by, welding to ice daggers. Ludo entered the training room panting, she saw the many guards and she ran to the three wounded in turn, pulling them to one side, while laying the dead separately.
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko breathed heavily and fell over. "I did it," she thought to herself, "I stopped him from hurting everyone."
    "But you didn't save everyone did you? No, most got hurt. You could of stopped him sooner if you tried harder."

    Kikukiko's heavy eyes closed as she fell asleep. So little strength was left in her, it was a surprise that she even made it this far. She was able to help, and she succeeded. That was all that mattered to her.

    Junmizu exited the sauna. "Why is this place such a mess?"
  28. "What the?!" He turned around to notice the collapsed girl. He turned quickly around to jolt to her, propelling himself with water. He landed next to the girl. "N-Nobody touch her!" He knelt down, stroking her forehead. "Are you okay?"
  29. Netsu made it to training grounds "Well, more wounded. Take them all to doctors and healers"
    Throne room, some time passed and Netsu waited for information from doctors. Then One soldier came "Several killed and wounded by Hallow and Grim. Jax, Ludo and guests (Kikukiko and Kira) will be fine, they need just some rest... About Empress, she won't die, but we don't know, when she will woke up... After a day, week... Maybe some years" He said. Netsu looked at him and after a while said "tell our guests that they can leave Flameria if they want and leave me alone.
  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko eyes fluttered open. She was in the medic wing of the castle. She looked around her. Everywhere there were wounded soldiers. There was even a dragon here! Kikukiko didn't know what was really going on so she decided to find out. She threw off the covers, got up, and felt a huge amount of pain in her side. She immediately laid back down to stop the pain. How could she find out what happened? The last thing she remembered was the fighting. Did they end up stopping that monster? Did she stop that monster? She couldn't remember, it was all a haze. What she did know was going back to Wenssrit was a bad idea. It would hurt her family if she did. Flameria was her new home, for the time being.

    Junmizu packed up her bags. She couldn't wait to go home and never come back. Her guards put the things in their wagon and rode off with her in the front. (Bye-bye Junmizu! She is now gone, forever... wait, should I just kill her and be done with it)
  31. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Asta had just completely ignored the whole fight going on, as he didn't see any worthy opponents, the first one was because he wanted to keep the festival going...
  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jax and Ludo were sparring, Jax leapt in the air throwing multiple icicles at Ludo, in response she turned invisible an ran behind Jax, slashing through his torso from behind, Jax healed and turned "Are you even trying Jackson" she teased. In response she felt her lower body get rather cold, she glanced down, she had walked into a trap, "on the contrary Ludovica you are the one who isn't trying, something on your mind", Ludo chuckled "of course not, unless you count thinking of ways to kick your ass", she had lied, in honesty, she had been thinking about Netsu, when he had helped her and protected her, she had meant to talk to him about Minako, but the servants said he didn't want to be disturbed.

    Grim sat on one of the medical wings beds, he was sat far from the other injured. He was only here to have the more serious wounds he had sustained healed, then he would find somewhere to be alone with his thoughts. He sat head in his hands, how could he have let himself be so easily manipulated. How had he broken the Demon King's hold over him, his mind was fuzzy and he couldn't remember. He remembered clearly informing Kiku of the training plan, then everything is a blur until he saw her and the guards wounded on the ground. It wasn't hard for him to figure it out.
  33. Netsu was patrolling the walls, after a while he met his mother on them too, looking at the rising sun.(...)"Netsu,do you know, what your name means in Old-Flamerian" She asked. "No" Netsu answered and he felt like he schould to know that from the day he was born.
    "It means Sun, sun that never falls. Always shine for me and for the people in need...One day I will slowly fade, like Sunset and you will rise to the sky"

    Netsu was lost in thoughts again, then he slapped himself in the face. He didn't want to think in that way, his mother is alive.. She just need to rest for a bit. He left the throne room and said to guards "If someone wants to talk with me, I'm in my room. Tell me later about current state of Flameria, after that call to me Grim, Marshal and Royal Advisor" Netsu came to his room and sat on his bed. Flameria is safe, for now.
  34. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    After noticing everyone was gone, Asta figured out he was allowed to leave, so, he joined his guards that were desperately waiting, Asta grabbed them both and ran to the fast sky, having to fly using magic to get there at some point,
  35. Vincent was at the medic wing, but not majorly hurt. When he saw Kikukiko's eyes open, he gently stroked her forehead again. He could tell she was in pain. "A-Are you alright?"
  36. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kikukiko looked at the strange person next to her bed. "Who are you and why are you at my bedside?" She asked. This person was being a bit creepy, to say the least. And why in the wide, wide world was he stroking her forehead? "St-stop that," She said as she batted his hand away.
  37. KeenKitsune

    KeenKitsune Previously >^-^<

    Kira woke up in the medical wing. After a quick glance around, she sighed in relief. They seemed to have won this battle. She looked to her right and saw a girl batting at a boy's hand. Wanting to give them privacy, she stood up and scampered off leaving a tiny water trail behind. Her supernatural healing had kicked in, and she was fine by now. However, her powers would take some time to recover, so she would need to practice control even more now. She there were considerably fewer people now, and she took that as a sign of permission to leave. I'll thank Netsu and Empress next time I see them. Seeing an open window, she jumped out and started flying as she neared the ground. A small smile was creeping across her face. This time, it'll be different from before.
  38. "You passed out on the 'battlefield.' he said, recoiling his hand. "I-I was concerned that you..." He gulped, "D-Died." The boy's rapier was sheathed, but he wouldn't be afraid to pull it out if she attacked
  39. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Grim was visited by a guard and was requested he made his way towards Netsu's chambers, he passed by the medical wing, he stopped at the door and looked in, he spotted Kiku, had he caused her injuries, or had it been Hallow, he couldn't quite remember but he did remember her voice, around when he was released. He turned away and continued, finally reaching Netsu's chambers, he knocked loudly.
  40. Netsu, Marshal and Royal Advisor was waiting only for Grim. So, when Netsu heard that someone was knocking to the door,He was sure,that it was Grim. "Come in".

    "I called you all, to make a decision. I'm more than sure that Demons aren't anymore imprisoned in Tartarus. So we need to inform our allies and try to find a solution. Advisor Maxinum said that Empire needs an Emperor, but I can't do this... Not now. For now, Maxinum and Farrell will take care of the kingdom. I will send diplomat to The North and I will go to Weisserit and Draconi Kingdom... Even if don't know well those teritories. As for you Grim watch over our kingdom security and My Mother, her life isn't in danger. But She... Need to rest... For day, week maybe few years. That's everything I wanted from you" Netsu said, Marshal and Advisor left his room.

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