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Ask to Join Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dragonslayer220, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Hello this is Dragonslayer and I came up with a new idea: A FNAF RP! Here, you are a FNAF animatronic and you just have fun around the pizzeria and go on crazy adventures!
    Rules: No swearing, no bullying, SHIPS GALORE, drama please, ONE special power if you want (teleporting, superjumping,etc.), no Mary Sues, CRAZY ADVENTURES, no most powerful or smartest or anything like that, and have fun! Contact me if you have any other questions.

    Dragonslayer220 FNAF:
    Name: Mangle
    Gender: Female
    Generation: AKA Broken Toy Foxy
    Personality: Sneaky, smart, agile, violent, but sometimes fun loving and light hearted. She usually loves to have fun other than eating security guards, she gets kind of nerdy when someone talks about humans or the outside world.
    Appearance: Mangle is an Albino animatronic fox with pink cheeks and inside of ears, broken wires, very mutilated with other head, bowtie, pink underbelly and tip of tail, but otherwise all pale white, she has one green eye and one eye that doesn't work.
    Other Info: Can sneak around quietly and craves security guard flesh!

    Lucky Ace FNAF:
    Name: Foxy
    Gender: Male
    Generation: Unknown
    Personality: Foxy is pretty quick to think, blaming others for actions they havent commited, as he likes to call his Pirate's Hunch, and while he doesn't like to admit hes wrong, he may apologize, and even then, it rarely happens.
    Appearence: Foxy is a crimson fox animatronic, who wears an eyepatch to match his pirate moto, he has tattered brown shorts, along with many rips in his suit, showing easily noticeable Endoskeleton.
    Other Info: Foxy tends to stay away from the other Foxies, convinced that he is the better pirate of the bunch.

    Unova FNAF:
    Name: Phantom Foxy,
    Gender (If any): Male
    Generation: 3rd
    Personality: Usually changes
    Appearance: Larger blue version of Foxy which can go through walls and sharp teeth.
    Other Info: Sometimes makes jokes in his own creepy way, very sarcastic

    DragonWarrior FNAF:
    Name: Jessica, but goes by Freddy usually.
    Gender: Female
    Generation: Original (FNaF 1)
    Personality: Her more dominant personality is Freddy's, who is bossy and apathetic. Freddy does not let anyone know about Jessica. What remains of Jessica is more emotional and caring of other people. While Freddy tolerates Bonnie best when he is quiet, Jessica would like to be friends with him, but cannot due to her other personality's overbearingness.
    Appearance: torn up, dirty suit with wires hanging out. When Jessica is in control, the top hat and bowtie are removed; small white dots appear instead of Freddy's blue eyes. Carries the microphone only during work hours.
    Other Info: Freddy can teleport.

    *that* guy FNAF:
    Name: Felix (Toy Bonnie)
    Gender (If any): Male
    Generation: 2nd
    Personality: Toy Bonnie is quite shy and quiet, he loves to spend time alone or with Freddy. He will put himself in front of others in means to protect them, even though he may hate them.
    Appearance: Mainly blue with pale inside of ears and belly with a red guitar and red cheeks. Almost always has a smile on face and brighter than the origional Bonnie.
    Other Info: has a crush on Freddy/ Jessica

    Galaxy Sylvion FNAF:
    Name: Goldie (Fredbear/Golden Freddy)
    Gender: Male
    Generation: Original
    Personality: Quiet, brave, clever, peppy, observant, friendly.
    Appearance: A golden bear animatronic. He has black eyes with white irises. He wears a purple top hat and a purple bowtie. He has multiple rips in his suit, with a few wires sticking out here and there.
    Other Info: The spirit inside him likes to exit the suit for long periods of time.

    Tronic Machine FNAF:
    Name: Eddy, But is known by Funtime Foxy
    Gender (If any): N/A
    Generation: Sister Location(6)
    Personality: He usually does not like the Girl and the Freddy, and is always angry. Generally does not like to talk and stands still.
    Appearance (Or picture): Same as Funtime Foxy.
    Other Info: Can teleport, and is partially related to Mangle. Funtime Foxy is newer than Mangle and not torn up.

    Name: Springy
    Gender: Female
    Generation: 3rd
    Personality: Sweet, friendly, but kind of evil.
    Appearance: A golden spring bunny Animontroic who has red eyes and blue ear tips.
    Other Info: None

    HAVE FUN!!
    #1 Dragonslayer220, Mar 2, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
  2. Mangle powered up in the maintenance closet at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzarea, which has been shut down for over a century. Low on power, Mangle staggered to a charging station and began to charge up.
    "Is anyone else awake?" Mangle asked into the darkness, gaining more and more power.
  3. Phantom Would just be doing His Normal Thing, WAlking in Circles, Slashing Ze wall, Creating Clanking Sounds, like Chica in the Kitchen, which makes the illusion that Chica is in the kitchen, "no one shall Know.." He chanted, as No one Has Remembered him, His Name Lost in Ancient Books, Then Went over to the Kitchen, Put a Microwave in the fridge, Put Rice in the Microwave, and Closed the door, Going back to His Own Quarters, Where he Sits Alone near the Dry Blood, Seeming Fresh whenever He Seemed to be in their, Reminding him of His Past, And Choosing Who Sees Him, and Who Doesn't.*Hidden Info, You may find lots of these with me around*
  4. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Mangle asked as she was fully charged and started walking around, her disembodied wires clanking around, making a lot of noise walking to the kitchen, hungry for security guard, but of course nobody has been in this pizzarea for years. She walked into the kitchen as quietly as possible.
    "I KNOW SOMEBODY IS HERE!!!!!" Mangle roared. She darted from nook to cranny, nook to cranny looking for an animatronic.
  5. Toy bonnie walked around the place when he heard mangle "I'm here" he called back into the darkness he heard the kitchen rumble "the go's foxy or Chica again" he said to himself
  6. Mangle snapped to attention and darted over to where she heard Felix. She appeared before him, her head drooping upside down from the ceiling.
    "Here I am!" Mangle said cheerily, suffocating Felix in a giant hug.
    "I'm so glad you're back!"
  7. Felix hugged mangle back "I've missed you too" he smiled "you know where Freddy is?" He asked smiling
  8. "I think i could do them all a Favour...." He said, Taking the form of a Person, Going to the Entrance, and Putting a 'Security Guard Wanted' Sign up, "This should help", Going back into his Phantom Self, and Going into his Spot once again.
  9. "To be honest, I don't know why you always ask that to ME?! It's not like I haven't seen you FOR A HUNDRED YEARS and you're all like 'where's Freddy'! I want some appreciation too! I MEAN I CRAVE SECURITY GUARDS FOR TEARING ME UP!!" Mangle protested as she dropped to the ground, scrambling to get up.
    "Anyway, let's look for more animatronics!"
  10. Bonnie felt stupid "sorry sorry I just you know but yeah I'm starving I've had pizza I like it but" he looked at her "you need help" she said changing the subject
  11. "No I don't! I've been broken like this for a century! I'm used to it!" Mangle said as she smiled at Felix, sorry for making him feel stupid.
    "But we should find the others and see if they need charging. Speaking of which, do you need charging?" Mangle asked, concerned for her friend.
  12. The eyes of the Freddy suit opened, revealing small dots of white in place of the mascot's usual blue rings. Jessica, for that was the one animating the suit currently, scanned the stage for any sign of the others. As Freddy regained consciousness as well, Jessica's influence weakened until the suit's eyes switched colors and the head stopped moving. Freddy stared into space. He was trying to think of what year it was.
  13. Mangle heard the noise coming from Freddy and shot into action, racing toward Freddy as quickly as possible to greet him.
    "HI FREDDY ARE YOU LOW ON POWER?" Mangle boomed as she dropped from the ceiling, giving Freddy a big hug.
  14. Phantom Went over to The Re-Animating Freddy, "You've awoken, Eh?" He said, "You've been asleep for a Century, that a World Record, arn't you so Beary happy?"
  15. Freddy refocused to glare in annoyance at Mangle. "Get off-don't!" The bear ignored Jessica's glitchy interference. "Why are you guys always so-i wannt toooo be-cheerful?" The last word came out as a mix between the two conciences' voices, which caused a staticky jolt to course through the endoskeleton.
  16. "Okay then, geez." Mangle said as she dropped from the ceiling and got up. She snapped to attention.
    "What was that?" She zipped to the door to see a small child entered the pizzarea. Mangle revealed her face only-the wholest part of her which was cracked and eroded. The child looked up in terror.
    "Hey, it's okay! What are you doing here?" Mangle asked as kindly as possible, beckoning Felix to come over because he was the newest and prettiest looking.
  17. Felix came over to mangle and saw the child "they there are you lost?" He asked the child with a smile he looked at mangle "thanks"
  18. "No problem" Mangle whispered as she shrank into the shadows, not wanting to scare the small child, who had tears in its eyes.
    "Yeah, what exactly are you doing here?" Mangle asked the child, curious of not seeing a child for over a century.
    "I wanna be a secuwity gward!" The child exclaimed, pointing to the poster.
  19. "A--A Child Came?" He said, Hiding In the Shadows, Away from the Mangle, And where no one could see him, "I expected someone else to come, But a Kid?!" He said.
  20. "No you don't, buddy." Jessica spoke with concern for the child. "There's better jobs for you..." Her strained voice faded to be replaced by the falsely interested tone of Freddy. "You could do very well as a security guard, pal! I can help you protect this building!"
  21. Felix fell silent when he heard Freddy speak he stepped back slightly scared he slowly made his way to mangle "guess I still don't have the guts to talk to her"
  22. Mangle reached out for the child and picked it up. The kid cowered in terror, surrounded by animatronics, century old and probably hideous according to its standard animatronics.
    "Hey, it's okay. Security guard job....isn't safe here." Mangle tried to convince the kid to turn back, but it was persistent of wanting to work at the pizzaria.
    "No, I wanna be here." it said bravely. Mangle was surprised that it still had the guts to say yes while a hideous torn up robot was holding and talking to it.
    "This place is probably shut down. What happened here anyway?" Mangle asked to the kid, and set it down. The child ran toward Felix, probably because Felix was more pleasing to the child's eyes.
  23. "Hmm...." He thought, Sneaking Behind the Kid, Without Mangle Noticing...."You REALLY want to work here Kid?" He said, Trying to be As creepy as Possible, "Im sure i could Give you your Request."
  24. The child looked past Mangle in terror and screamed, its pants becoming darker in the dim light. Mangle's head snapped around to see a ripple in the air.
    "A phantom." She whispered to herself as she picked the child up and climbed the ceiling, into the vents. The child didn't protest as Mangle hung as tightly as possible to the child as she navigated her way silently through the vent system to her old home, the basement deep underground where it was partially buried and the vents were the only way to get to it.
    When they landed, Mangle set the kid down, it quivering in fear.
    "I don't like it here. Let me out!" It said.
    "Not now, it's not safe." Mangle told the child to keep quiet in her home which smelled of canned foods and dead rats.
  25. Bonnie looked at the phantom "look what you did" he shouted suddenly abandoning his quiet personality "he just wanted to live his dream! Can you even remember what it's like to have a dream" he watched mangle enter the vents "I need to do somthing" he entered the vents and headed towards mangles home he saw her and the child he smiled at the child "it's ok" he picked him up "it's ok"
  26. Mangle turned around to see Felix standing there.
    "The Phantom's dangerous. We can't let him near the kid." Mangle said, still trying to keep to the shadows, but not doing a very good job of it. The kid was gladly picked up and hugged Felix with all its tiny might.
    "What should we do? We also can't let Freddy be there all alone. Who knows if he'll make it through the vent system!" She took a can of carrots and shook it, opening the lid.
    "Want some?" Mangle offered the kid, who turned away at the stench of century old carrots. Mangle threw the carrots over her shoulder, where it was instantly swallowed by rats.
    "I know it isn't the cleanest, but it's my home." Mangle explained poorly to Felix, trying to impress him.
  27. Freddy smiled. "Hello, shadow." He adressed the phantom, with his robotic jaw hanging open in imitation of a smile. Then he turned and began stomping around in search of parts, or even better, a suit that wasn't half rotted from damp and time.
  28. "Freddy, are you there? We can't let the kid get taken away by the Phantom!" Mangle called through the vents, clearing up her old charging station, seeing if it would work. Surprisingly, it did and she was soon powered up to her full potential.
    "I want mommy." The kid wimpred.
    "I'm sorry. What's your name?" Mangle asked the child as nicely as she could.
    "Gavin." The kid said, a bit bolder.
    "Alright Gavin. Let's work on a plan to get you out of here..." Mangle didn't want to finish her thought.
    "How are we gonna get this kid out alive?" Mangle whispered to Felix, trying to keep Gavin from hearing.
  29. Control of the body flickered back and forth between the two again. Jessica called out to Gavin. "Stay calm! We'll help you!" Freddy was searching for a way to get back with Mangle, letting Jessica try and calm the kid down with her more childish and friendly voice.
  30. Mangle left Gavin with Felix and clambered up the vents finding Freddy.
    "Let's get to my base. There's a working charging station for us there where you can recharge. I imagine a hundred years of off power has drained your battery quite a bit." Mangle said concerned. She beckoned and reached her messed up hand out, willing to pull Freddy into the vents.
  31. "You have no idea." Freddy's battery was almost completely drained now, so he let Jessica grab Mangle's hand. The eyes switched color again. It's too bad I can't take off the dumb hat right now. Jessica thought. This was one of the rare times she got to really move around, and she was enjoying the activity, despite it being more mechanical than wanted.
  32. Mangle hefted Freddy up into the vents and crawled back into the basement and dropped into her home.
    "Here's where I've been hanging out for a while, and over there's the charging station." Mangle said, pointing. "Oh, and this is Gavin." She gestured to Gavin who was sucking on his thumb.
  33. Another battle of wills took place. Freddy wanted to recharge but wasn't strong enough to do so on his own, while Jessica wanted to play with Gavin but knew if she charged first, Freddy might not let her. The animatronic body stood still while two inhabitants struggled for supremacy.
  34. Felix clambered back into the vent he looked at Freddy or Jessica he could tell it was Jessica though "so Jess long time no see" he said quietly
  35. An agreement was finally reached. Freddy got to the charging station with the last reserves of his power, shutting down his side completely for a moment before starting back up. "Hello-what do you want." Jessica's greeting was cut off as the bear walked over to Gavin, shooting a rude comment at Felix to hide what the girl would have told him.
  36. Felix stood there wounded and felt like he had been killed again "well I knew it the second I work up the courage to talk to her a immediately get insulted but Freddy he slumped down in a corner saddened by freddys comment
  37. Phantom would Be In the Same Spot, Insanely Giggling, "They dont know the Whole Story" He said, Heading to His Place, Then Sitting Down, Slashing the Ground, making the same illusion.
  38. Mangle started organizing and cleaning up what would have been her bed and walked over to Felix.
    "Hey, it's okay. Freddy's usually a mean guy, and you know he doesn't want to attatch to anyone." Mangle said trying to make Felix feel better while finding some food for Gavin that wasn't rotten.
  39. "Hehehhe....I could keep an eye on them" He said, Going TO The Certain Spot, Then Hiding In The Shadows, Stalking Them, More Specific, Stalking Gavin More.....

    They Feel a Gaze Piercing Their Soul.....
  40. Out of panic, Jessica resumed command. The bear sat down by Gavin and put a hand on his back encouragingly. Freddy was searching the shadows from his seat, trying to find the source of what was stalking the child.

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