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Private/Closed Fiction Crossover

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Funny Sans Rat, Jul 2, 2018.


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  1. Homecoming Man 3, actually.

    Yeah, especially at the end with the two random notes right before the outro.
  2. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    HomeCOMING to a cinema near you, February 5th,

  3. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

  4. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    so do most buddy comedies.
  5. Nah, not really. Entirely different situations. And Ratatouille is better. Most movies share plot beats when you boil them down.

    Next post is gonna be Jackson and Quint talking about how literally everyone else ran off. So much for going inside :p Well, only Thor and Rocket are getting a science lecture now.
  6. I blame Sawyer, I can edit Lucario going inside if you want me to.

    Also for movie plots that are similar to each other, Cars 3 & Rocky 3.
  7. I blame him too.

    But no worries about going back and editing it. Priscilla and company can summarize it pretty easily.
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  8. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    @Comic moving Chief and Flynn would be appreciated
  9. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    believe it or not, i just finished typing up that portion.
    still waiting on Burble, Eevee and... Bog, of course.
    if none post by the time i've finished typing up my response, then i'll be posting.
  10. Do I need to post? I'll get that up sometime within the next few hours.
  11. Hey @Comic, I'm pretty sure Mok said that Maxwell's in an alternate timeline, not the new timeline. Unless Gaster moved him to the new timeline, they shouldn't be able to meet up.
  12. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Question: what on earth is belowski supposed to be doing? XD
  13. Yeah uh... we do need to figure out what Negan's group is doing. I originally thought they were headed to Camelot, so I never incorporated any plans... In theory, we could direct them to where some members of Team Camelot are headed after the Battle of Camelot, Arabia. The Alchemist has a base there that King Sonic will be leading a team to raid (so far I know Shantae and JoJo are staying behind to go with him), and I have two boss characters placed there with a link to the Alchemist, so that could possibly be how we get Teams Negan and Z linked up.
  14. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    That does sound interesting. Right now they are in a field clearing outside Camelot Castle’s Walls
  15. A fair distance, right? Because Team Lora is supposed to be far enough away so that, taking a good night's sleep into account, it'll take a day to reach Camelot.
  16. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    yes, i'm aware Maxwell was in the ruined timeline.
    but now he's in the new timeline.
    i've already talked it over with mok.
  17. Welp.
    Guess it's psychokinesis/pyrokinesis/spinjitsu vs the power of creation.
    for all my talk about silver this doesn't look good...
  18. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    think you forgot the power of flirting.
    one of Frisk's greatest weapons.
  19. yes because that's totally going to work on f***ing genocidal maxwell
    If Maxwell does end up threatening to kill Blaze, however, I might be able to get a character moment with Silver.
  20. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    you never know, man.
    never underestimate Pacifist Frisk.
  21. ...
  22. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    What can I say? <.> I’m a madman
  23. Cut Man: If this isn't a trick... I'M GOING TO MAKE PAPER DOLLS OUT OF YOU!
  24. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    He’s well done welcome to try~
  25. Mokko

    Mokko Previously Blatant Mokery

    Alright, my post will be up today, and it will begin the Maxwell vs Team Frisk conflict.
    Prepare yourselves for a lot of creativity.
  26. Mind vs Mind, Fire, Spinning and Flirting.
    Let's do this.
  27. Sawyer ran off. Lucario didn’t have to chase him, but he did. That’s not on Sawyer.
  28. After half an hour of shitty internet, I decided to write the rest of what wasn't auto-saved on my gaming computer. Why tf does my internet hate my laptop all of a sudden?!
  29. He did move him. though I'm admittedly late
    I think Z would kick out everyone on Team Negan. Like, wouldn't even bother with them. Team Negan's kinda just a little gang of their own. Though maybe not as little as it once was. But EVERYONE on Team Negan would quickly turn on Z the moment he tries to talk about bombing all humanity.

    As it's Saturday and I often have little to do on Sunday, I shall be writing and finishing a post tonight. I have some snip-its but I should have enough for a substantial post now.
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  30. To be fair, so will Papyrus, Undyne and Cooler. But if he sees them as useful, and possibly recruit-able as a squad he can send on missions of mutual benefit, he'll get them for that and that alone. Though no one on Team Negan would ever be able to get into his elite circle - currently consisting of himself, Plague, Malos and Dracula.
  31. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Specter: *Visually interested*
  32. Except Specter's missing the part where Z's side effects of destroying humanity with plasma would burn all jungles and also most all life in the continents struck. He's an AI elitist.

    Also RIP Grima. Being a death god isn't good enough. Though that's probably a good idea, considering Grima has a plot of his own

    Speaking of Grima, I'm curious of his capablities. Is this like FEHeroes Grima where it can summon his fell Dragon form (His 'past' allied self) or is he simply the avatar of Grima, controlling Robin's body?
  33. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Ah...that’ll be an issue XD

    Even if specter joined him, it would most likely end up being an ancient minister/ganondorf scenario anyway with Specter’s reliance on technology
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  34. 1) I mean... it would, but he’s got no problem with nature. His problem is with people, like Specter.
    2) I mean Grima has similar ideals so he might be able to make it into the circle? But he’d have to loosen his ideals a bit. He’s probably just the avatar, but a buff from Void Termina or someone like that could let him go Fell Dragon Mode.
  35. Crap....got no updates XD

    Need a major TLDR for myself. And time for a reply XD
  36. Pull a me and scroll down from your last post in a second tab while you read
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  37. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Who will be the next to reply?
  38. It will be me.

    Or literally anyone else.

    Probably the latter.
  39. Probably me. If I can get my act together, get over this flu and work to get consistent replies out once more.
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  40. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I'm kind of waiting for somebody else to reply so Jet can spill who Maxwell is.
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