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Private/Closed Fiction Crossover

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by The Bog Hog, Jul 2, 2018.


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  1. Oh he has real monsters too, Rex just believes whole heartily his are holograms XD
  2. Noah will win any of those.
    Because Bro.
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  3. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Who would be the worst dad characters in your cast? Mine are Goblin Slayer and Angel Dust.
  4. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Also, anybody remember the portal fan that took P-body and Atlas? Weird that they just kinda left without saying anything, did they get banned?
  5. Hmmm I think that was before my time
  6. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Yeah, it was near the start of the Z ark.
  7. The Hunter ditched his family to go to war and when he got deathly ill he ran off to Yharnam.

    Kiran would be a bad dad because he's a doormat. Dude would lose his mind.

    Sam would probably be the worst dad though...Probably would be too busy swordfighting to be a dad just like Raiden tbh

    I think they stopped caring after we sorta disregarded them. Things weren't progressing and some people have 0% willingness to wait.
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  8. Hard question to answer, since most of my cast would be good dads/are best dads. Going exclusively by my main cast, probably Cooler. Considering how his race treats family and all...
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  9. I mean...specter had the pipotrons, but I don’t think those would count as children XD
  10. Bro is, biologically, Dave's father.
    and he's abusive. or was.
    so not exactly father-of-the-year material.
    regardless of this, Dave still cares a lot for Bro, and vice-versa.

    Negan would be a good dad, but a terrible role model. just... awful.

    Logan would be a great dad if he managed to accept the role. Over various forms of X-Men media, Logan usually ends up playing a father-figure to multiple children and teens. Most notably females, as I don't really think, other than Jackman's performance, Logan ever really had a relationship with characters like Bobby, let alone being a father-figure, whereas Rogue, Kitty, and X-23 have all played the daughter role for him.
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  11. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I mean, yeah. Jet can easily tell people things that he wouldn't know otherwise.
    He could look at Silver and say, "You went back in time to kill Sonic to save your future."
    He could look at Bakugo and say, "You were angry about winning the Sports Festival because Todoroki didn't give it his all."
    He could look at Peter and say, "How are you feeling?"
    Hell, even before this was brought up, one of the things I intended for Jet to have in his bag was a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

    Also, one of the minor yet good things about this RP is the inclusion of Symbiotes.
    So I thought,
    "What if we made Original Symbiotes?"
    Just an idea.
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  12. Vader and Rocket are already dads. Well, sorta Rocket, if Baby/Teen Groot counts as his kid. Bowser as well, Bowser Jr. is his son. Marshall is also a dad of four kids, all boys.

    That leaves Peter, Kaleb, Thor, Sylar, Captain Falcon, Meta Knight, and Drax.

    Out of them, Sylar would clearly be the worst dad. I mean, he’s a maniac who kills people to take their powers. Meta Knight is a close second, though. And Kaleb doesn’t really have time for kids.
  13. Been debating whether or not to say this for literally months, but... the Camelot arc pretty much already has a theme.

    It works perfectly.
    Maybe we should find ones for Marseilles and Goldenwalk, too? I have one in mind for Fenrir, the theme of the God Eater anime itself, and I'm fairly certain I can find one for the Olympus arc without much difficulty. I'm sure Comic can handle Halo, and if we want someone can find something for the airship.
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  14. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    (Insert ok hand here)
  15. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Also, Goblin Slayer wouldn't necessarily be a bad dad, but he'd be a bad influence, like Negan, I mean, the guy kills goblins for a living, no doubt he wouldn't see his kid that much, as he's busy... Killing goblins, that much would be obvious.
  16. which reminds of Doomslayer.
    Flynn Taggart to be specific.
    as he became a father-figure for a surviving teen girl on Earth during the demon invasion.
    only problem was, she fell in love with him, and he didn't reciprocate those feelings.
  17. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Wait, she was adopted, right? Either way.

  18. Flynn and Arlene arrived on Earth via a crash landing on Mars' moon Deimos (or Phobos, i forget which one). on Earth, they fought off the demons, and met a teenage survivor who stuck with them. She fell in love with Flynn, but he didn't reciprocate these feelings, acting more like a father/older brother to her, which was notably disappointing for her, and Flynn was pretty aware of how she felt, but ignored it.
  19. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Oh, ok then.
  20. For Marseilles, I propose Red Sun from Metal Gear Rising, considering how the arc is formed on the Allied Forces fighting against the Russians. The song involves an "everlasting war" and how humanity razes nature as a result...pretty fitting.

    For Goldenwalk...Uh...I don't got one. I considered The Spine from Transistor but it doesn't really fit.

    Zeliyis empire theme. I mean come on. Big, intimidating...How can I not think of this when I hear the coming of Zeliyis?
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  21. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    w͖͈͇̬E̞̦w̤̣̼͈͟w̧,͏̞̘̳̫̭̝ ̴͇͉̻̫̞T͙̳̬̳̞h͔͝I͏̗s͏̝̟̙ ͓͘hA̠̝Ś̭̺̻̪ ̷̮͔̯̠̩͙G̟͖̫̯̝͞oNy̴̝̹͔È̮̰͍̳ ̸Ț͍̦̤̤̕O̘̜̙͎͙̟͚ sh̨̯͎ͅi͘t̙͎͞,͏̥̺̭͎͈͓ ̹̻͖̪͓I̭̗̹̯̯̩̤̕'̹̮m̢̰͙̬̭̬ ̦̩B͖͠aCͅK ͏̩̱͎F̲̹̺̱̗̼͜O̘̭͖̦W҉̘͍̳͔͍̻̰ ̥̪Á ͏̳T̴IN̴y̲̞͞ ̳̞̺͇̥̭́I̭̗͓̥̘̳͝N̬̙̰̣T͉̹̯̣͔͠e̺̮̰̣̰̩͚͜w̗ẉ̠̺̖̰̗U̻̳̟̩̥̰P̼t̶͎I̖͍̩̗̙͝o̤̞n̵̩̜͎̭
  22. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I can just imagine the cast doing this.

    Bakugo: Pushovers. My Grenadier Bracers store up my nitroglycerin-like sweat to be released in one massive explosion.
    Dex: That's cute, Ground Zero. My Plasma Cutlass has the ability to either stun or slice through almost anything. Not only was it made my myself, but I am also its power source.
    Ruby: Crescent Rose folds, making it portable. Not only is it a massive scythe, but it's also a shotgun.
    Peter: C'mon, my suit was made by Mister Stark himself! It has an AI in it and everything, with a ton of web combinations, too!
    Scott: Alright kiddies, that's cute and everything, but this suit can shrink me or grow me to practically any size. I also have these shurikens that can shrink or grow anything I throw them at. Not to mention, I can communicate with ants and make them do what I want.
    Lucina: Well, the Falchion is a sword of legend. Forged by Naga herself, it has been passed down through the royal family for generations. Nothing like it exists in this world.
    Link: The Master Sword was forged by the Goddess Hylia herself. It was made to combat literally any evil. When at full stamina, I can blast beams of light from its tip.
    Caliburn: That's nice, but I am the hidden form of the sacred sword Excalibur. When I merge with the other three sacred swords, I show my true form. There's nothing that I can't cut through.
    Hiro: The Keyblade can seal or open barriers between worlds, and it can extend to however long I see fit. It can also unlock or lock literally any lock, sealing something away, or opening it up.

    Young Link: This mask can turn me into a literal god. Get on my level.
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    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  23. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Carnage Dust: Aww, we have no damn weapons like swords, atleast I can 'make' them using you... wait, what was your name again? Crescent? Wait... give me a second... Carnage?
    Carnage (In AD's head): Yes, we're Carnage, am I really that forgettable?
    Carnage Dust: Yeah, I guess so.
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  24. Excalibur Sonic: *looks at young link* Bitch plz.

    Yeah I can absolutely imagine our cast doing this xD
    Lora: How about you, JoJo?
    JoJo: I have, uh, magical sunshine karate...
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  25. Sam: Yes, yes, that is all good. But what good is a sword but how deep it'll cut? Well, no worries. Because my blade will cut. It is not legendary. I shall admit. And yes, perhaps it has been handed down my family for generations...but I was the one who got it upgraded. Murasama can cut nearly anything. Dare I say, it can cut anything.
    Raiden: My HF Blade isn't as fancy as Sam's, but it's just as effective. Though his did cut through my last body like hot butter...
    Priscilla: Yeah, well our weapons...uh...*Furious note scribbling, observe and analyze technologies to reverse engineer it*
    Silver Scythe: Speak for yourself, pathetic warriors. For my blade is the greatest. It is a scythe...THAT FOLDS! You may shower me in praise now.
    Silver Scythe: Hmpf, your silence only confirms my superiority.
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  26. Solid Snake: ...I can uh... I do... I fight Metal Gears.
    Logan: I'm too old for this shit.
    Sans: heh.
    Bro: Ass.
    Rick Sanchez:
    Y-y-you all wanna, what, swing your dicks around? See who's is bigger? Well *BURB* GET ON MY FUCKING LEVEL, BITCHES! I'm a literal God of the multiverse. Put those micro-cocks away so you don't *BURB* embarrass yourselves.
    Everyone: ...
    Spider-Gwen: I fight crime!
  27. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Carnage Dust: Well, screw it, might as well go flex on them... HEY GUYS! LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO! *he proceeded to make an axe using the symbiote, as well as multiple other weapons* ISN'T THAT COOL?
    Goblin Slayer: I'm not interested in competitions, just know that I have single-handedly won against a goblin champion, and I eliminate entire nests with almost no issue.
    Ridley: Bitches, please, I impressed Rick Sanchez, get off your high horses.
    Ruby Squad: We almost defeated the crystal gems!
    The rest of my cast: *Stuff they did*
  28. lol, no he didn't. he impressed Morty. Rick just sorta didn't give a shit, and left.
  29. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    ... Did Rick not say something along the lines of 'Drinks are on me' after he threatened to skin Charizard?
  30. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Goku: (Super Saiyan Blue + Kaioken x20, transcending literal gods in the process; heavenly dramatic quires sing in the background)

    No no, keep talking. I was starting to enjoy this.
  31. ...not according to my memory. i think the only emotion he showed in his appearance was toward Morty (annoyance, and eventually their 'getting along banter') and Z (who he greeted as an old friend, and didn't question why he had Ruby locked up, because he didn't care).
    ???? ???????: I'M GOING TO ENJOY THIS.
  32. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    No, I'm pretty sure he said 'drinks are on me', I'll go back and check, what pages were Rick present in?
  33. dude, that was so long ago. i do not remember. also, quick news flash, Rick and Morty's return has been delayed to the sequel. unless something happens that allows me to pull them back in, but let's be honest...
    Rick can literally ass pull just about anything. there's no real danger around with Rick present, unless he let's there be, so really, whatever group he'd be in would basically only be able to do stuff if Rick didn't feel like fixing all their problems for them just to show that he can literally do anything he wants.
    because he can.
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  35. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Found the post.
  36. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

  37. ah right.
    don't consider that being impressed.
    Rick just takes enjoyment in senseless violence, which Ridley was displaying by needlessly fighting Kaleb's Pokemon.
  38. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    Eh, idc, I just posted that because why not?
  39. it worked good for parts, but at other parts, you could painfully feel the themes conflicting.
  40. Specter is also a swordsman XD

    Specter: pshh, none of you even have the perfected simian symmetry

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