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Creative Corner 1.1

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    Happy new year, everyone! We've got a Creative Corner update to commemorate today, and it's a rather big one...
    This update's main feature is series support. Series are a way of grouping works in order so you can navigate between them - so you can link chapters in a story, or pages in a comic, for example.

    Series are created when you create or edit a work - putting more than one work into the same series will make navigation show up on the work pages. You can edit the series from its popup to add a summary or re-order the works, too.

    We'll be adding lots more to series over time, bur now the basic functionality is finished, we wanted to let it loose so you can have a play - feel free to go back and edit your old works to have a series, if appropriate! And let us know if anything's unclear or confusing and we'll do our best to clarify. ^^

    We've also added a few other features in this update, and spent a lot of time stomping bugs - click through to see them all...

    More new features:
    • You can now view a list of the users with the most works in Notable Members.
    • Comments can now be reported as rule-breaking to staff.
    • Staff can now warn members directly for comments.
    • A fair amount of code cleanup, which should make the site faster and make the code easier to work with in the future.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Reduce likelihood of works "ghosting" (being visible, but deleted or otherwise not accessible).
    • Fixed linking of the username in the "More Works By User" sidebar block on works themselves.
    • The ability to report comments is now permission-controlled properly, instead of being available to all logged in users. This means we can turn it off for users who shouldn't have the ability.
    • When submitting a comment, the box is now cleared properly if it succeeded.
    • The "... and 3 others like this" link on comments now works correctly.
    • The work type filter on the New and Noteworthy page now works correctly again.
    • Written works on a user's profile now display in the same format as works around the rest of the site.
    • User renames/merges/deletes/etcetera are now reflected properly in the Corner.
    • Fixed an error in the search that dumped an error whenever a work was added to the Creative Corner.
    • Trying to warn a written work no longer throws an error and forces staff to manually change the URL.
    Any questions, feedback, or concerns? Let us know in the comments! :)

    (Featured image is Kucheat by @JacyA)

    Edit for Creative Corner 1.1.1: Fixed a few styling bugs with the series navigation bar, and a very rare crash.
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