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Private/Closed Colors

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Night's Shadow, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/colors-discussion.22124/#post-843061
    Current participants: @Tudor21G, @Super Lazy Man, @Gold The Dragonite, @Night's Shadow, @EeviumZ, @The Alright Attorney,
    @Schrift007, @Shadow_Pup, @LightNexus, @Barefoot_Kittens, @mallard, @~Xero~, @Bluebirdie, @Captain Pokémon, @Thomas the trainer,(coming soon to a roleplay near you)@Gamingfan

    Sunday, May 2, 2173
    Absorption Headquarters

    “Do not fail me again, General Blackrems.”

    “Yes, Sovereign.”

    “You will bring them to me.”

    “Yes, Sovereign.”

    “Every last one of them, you hear? I asked you if you heard, General. We need their power. This world will be ours.”

    “Yes, Sovereign.”

    The V-Pad shut off. Shen stowed it in his briefcase and headed to his station. He grabbed a mic connected to the intercom. “All troops deploy,” he commanded. “Systems go. Marked have been detected in the city. Hunters, on them!”

    Collette Umbrek snuck through an alley between two chrome buildings. She sank down against the filthy wall of one and opened her V-Pad. The face-recognition system opened it, and she flipped her hood back over her head once her face had been scanned. The holographic screen lit up, and she opened a program.

    Fingers darted across keys, and neon lines of code wove across the black screen. According to the V-Pad, her program had siphoned off nearly ten thousand dollars from some rich person’s account. That should be enough to get by for a while. She shut down the program so it wouldn’t keep taking money, then shut down the V-Pad.

    Cole’s lone figure paced the silvery streets. Sunlight glinted off hovercars, finding just the right angle to blind her. She checked into an apartment building, using her false identity and stolen credit. Her ebony curls fell across her face as she slung her bag containing the V-Pad onto a cot in the middle of the room she had rented. This would do. Now she could hack in peace. She opened her V-Pad again after plugging it into the nearest outlet and started coding.
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  2. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "They're probably looking for some like me right now, heh, they don't know what's coming" he'd go this his 'garage' and take out a backpack, containing his inventions and materials for them, he then silently blew the house up and disappeared in the streets.
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  3. The sun rises, birds are chirping, dogs are barking at the birds... Meanwhile, in the Mandell residence...


    "Ugh...five more minutes...."


    "Ugh...come on... Can't you snooze too?"


    "Ugh... Fine. I'm up, I'm up..."
    Blair slowly opened her eyes and got up. She put her teddy bear, her loyal friend since when she was practically born, on the bed. She glared at her alarm clock. This alarm clock was a holographic one, and above it was floating her hologram, who she programmed to say 'Wake up, stupid, it's a new day!', which was a decision she slightly regretted. She looked around her room, admiring it, as always. Her walls were covered with drawings and paintings that she made herself, mostly self-portraits. One was of her in her usual clothes, in a dark room looking in a mirror, and her reflection was showing a small little girl in a pink dress, holding the same teddy. Another one was of her, in a big city, at night, running away from several dark silhouettes who were slowly walking towards her. Another one was in space, where the dark blue and purple were interwined and the stars were sparkling, there was a silhouette of the same colours with her back turned just gazing at the sparkling dots. And many others that were similar(I'll let you interpret them however you want). She got changed and exited the room. After a few minutes she came back with a half drank fresh carrot, apple and orange juice. "Okay, now I'm ready to start the day." She quickly drank the rest of her juice and put the glass on her dresser, right next to her aquarium. "Hi, Lochi!" She said with a grin and began feeding her pet axolotl. The little salamander thing began swimming around, gulping its food, which made Blair's smile even wider. "Okay, now that that's done, I can go to something relaxing." Something relaxing, as in going to lift weights in the garage. She had school tomorrow, so she needed to distract herself from that national tragedy.
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  4. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oliver woke up. It was a nice day outside. He was humming a tune, and swinging his head in unison with the rhythm. Oliver got changed into his regular attire. He opened a window, took a breath of fresh air and gave a smile. Tomorrow was school, he might as well make the best of it. He took his hoverboard his parents gave him and an apple, leaving out earlier than usual. Oliver rode around, he had nothing better to do. He continued to hum his tune, observed the tranquil place. It seemed a little too calm. He had a gut feeling about... something. However, right now, Oliver didn't have a care in the world. He continued to bite into his apple and continued to ride around.
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  5. Rin rolled out of bed. His eyes were still heavy, but he managed to ignore it. He made his way to the bathroom. When he looked up into the mirror he saw himself, but with red eyes. He fell backwards landing on the toilet seat He scrambled up to the mirror looking at it. There was no boy with red eyes he told himself, trying to calm down. Why is his day already weird he asked himself.

    When he made it to the kitchen he made himself a bowl of cereal. Maybe he was seeing stuff because he was hungry. He bit down on the spoon and gulped down its contents. He grabbed his stomach and felt a pain within. He threw up the cereal and some blood. On the floor, he groaned next to the his pile of vomit. He rolled onto the sofa. Great I'm gonna need to clean my apartment, he thought. He looked at the bowl of cereal before kicking it across the room. He felt sick. After 20 minuets of non-stop groaning he finally mustered up the strength to carry on with his day.
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  6. The early morning sun seemed brighter than usual to Jackie, who could still feel it's presence despite turning over so she wasn't facing the window. The girl simply couldn't convince herself that it was nighttime any longer, with a long groan Jackie hoisted herself to an upright position and rubbed her eyes. Releasing a yawn as she unfurled both arms outwards in a stretch, Jackie blinked several times before deciding she was ready to get up. Upon making contact with the floor, Jackie's feet were quickly attacked by a set of claws that made her shoot them back onto the bed. Glistening green eyes blinked innocently at Jackie as a thin tabby cat released a small meow- "I know, I know. Breakfast." the girl huffed as she walked past the cat who quickly followed. A short hallway connected Jackie's room to the kitchen, where a large black cat was already waiting at it's food dish. "Breakfast for two." Jackie smiled weakly as she scooped one cup of food into a bowl on both sides of the kitchen. Scratching her head, the girl smiled proudly at her two precious darlings before she slumped back to her room. The rest of Jackie's morning proceeded quickly, she changed into a casual pair of clothes, washing her face, brushing her teeth, and fixing her hair. Jacqueline suddenly gained energy as she bounced to life and grabbed her V-Pad off of the kitchen counter. "Bye Rock! By Scissors!" the girl called back to her cats, who chose to ignore her, before quickly bounding out the door and closing it behind her.

    "You haven't the least idea how busy I am." though smooth, a gruff voice broke the crisp morning air as Miles ripped into the kitchen with a scowl. His hair was already neatly combed, and he dressed nicely as if going to some formal event, his parents has tired but sweet expressions as they looked on at there son. "Your mundane chores have no place for me, leave me out of it." Miles huffed as if the whole situation were so unfair. Miles' family was rather wealthy, but his mother still insisted that she enjoyed running errands. The number of times she has attempted to encourage her son to join her is numerous, but his reaction is always the same.
    "I was hoping we could spend some time together before you get all busy with school and stuff." the woman replied with a smile, "But I know you work hard, I'll let you be." she softly nodded before getting up and leaving without a word. The truth was that Miles knew nothing of hard work. He was gifted in just about everything, he barely had to practice at all in order to be good at something.
    "My piano instructor will be arriving shortly please excuse her for me, I don't like her very much at all- I can play anything she instructs with my eyes closed. It's such a bore." Whether Miles was complaining or just bragging was unclear, but his father nodded along intently. "In the meantime, I intend to study so leave me in peace." the boy added with a huff before spinning on his heels and marching back to his room.
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles woke up and stretched out his arms, he hopped out of bed, got washed, dressed and ate breakfast before grabbing his hover skates (like roller skates but the hover version) he skated along, before coming to a park, he decided to chill out, finding a bench he deactivated his skates and sat down, crossing his legs and laying back slightly he looked up at the sky, it was a good day, possibly even a good enough day to distract him from the fact they had school tomorrow. He looked around before pulling out his v-pad, he checked on his most recent video upload, he records himself singing and posts the videos online, he is relatively well known and doesn't really care, his most recent upload was doing as well as all the others and he chuckled as he read the usual hate comments mixed in with the good reviews.
  8. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "Charles Rickenson! Its time to get up!" A series of loud knocks hit Chuck's bedroom door, as his mother tried to get him up. "Come on out, you told me to get you up and moving at this time, you know that!"

    Chuck however, was already awake, on his V-Pad editing some of the photos be took the previous day, lost in the music that played in his ears. "Just make that a bit more vibrant...yeah that really pops..." Chuck felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips, the image of the garden's flowers standing out from the green background. "Beaut-"

    Before he could finish his thoughts, Chuck heard the bedroom door crash open, breaking through his tunes. "Charles! You told me you wanted to go get photos right now, so get moving!" Chuck offered his usual kind smile to his mother and he pulled his ear buds out, walking over to her and giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Told ya to call me Chuck ma. Everyone does." The teen said as he slung a sweater over his body and grabbed his bag.

    "I named you Chalres, so you're Charles. Now be careful out there. Love you." Mrs. Peterson's expression changed from tired to one of warmth. Chuck returned the smile and nodded. "I'm always safe ma. Love you too." He gave a quick wave and sprinted out of his room and out the building, on the lookout for things to picture.
  9. Makura woke up from sound of his alarm from V-Pad. He reached out for V-Pad and stopped the alarm. He got up and stretched out his arms trying to keep himself from going back to sleep. "Aww man today is another boring day." He said to himself. "I got to find something to do today." He got out of his bed began freshening up for the day. He put on his clothes and got himself a bagel for breakfast. "You know what, I think I'm just going to go out and see what I can do in the city. He got up, got his hover skates and V-Pad, and headed out. "Something interesting better happen or might die of boredom."
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  10. Rin got on his uniform and went to the coffee shop he worked at. The shop was called Niten Cha. Unlike the other big cafes, this one was traditional Japanese. It had the usual seats and tables, but it didn't have V-pads made into tables, or robots to serve you food. It didn't make your coffee or tea using complex science. No it was just normal brewing. He walked inside to see his co-workers busy. The boss walked up to him, he was a tall, lanky old man. His hair was grey and his brows were white. "Another break-in at your house?" he asked. "Nah just didn't feel well, I was sick earlier so it was kind of hard to get here".

    "You shouldn't be pushing yourself for someone else. your young live while you can" the old man replied. "Yeah maybe next time" Rin replied, getting to work. The people at the cafe weren't too annoying. Most of them were elderly people, trying to relive the 'good old days'. Man I'm hungry, he thought. He slumped down in the chair at the back of the employee room. "Should've brought lunch" he muttered.
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  11. mallard

    mallard Previously Walt Katsuki

    Marco opened his bedroom window, coming back from a all-nighter with his friends. He slipped silently through, and used that same quiet caution to slide silently into his bed. As he drifted off, Mrs. Ricci shouted; "Marco! Wake your lazy ass up and get your breakfast!" "Ma!" Marco shouted back, "Just five more minutes, okay?" "That's five more days you'll be doing your sister's chores!" Marco groaned and rolled out of bed. He lumbered downstairs to pour himself a bowl of corn flakes, and ran across the street to help his father's restaurant as a bartender.
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  12. Cole glanced up from the swirling code on her V-Pad’s holo-screen to a blurry night sky framed by the crisp silver curtains in her apartment. She had school tomorrow, and didn’t want to be sleep deprived. Of course, she always was, anyways, but no more than normal. She shut off the V-Pad and fell asleep in the gleaming argent bed.

    The next day
    Cole stretched until her back popped, then shut off the musical alarm tone coming from her V-Pad. She washing her hands before breakfast when she noticed the mark.

    It was in a double-spiral shape on the back of her hand. Acid green in color. Chartreuse, maybe? Cole was confused by its unexpected appearance, but it didn’t seem to be harming her in any way, so she shrugged and continued to fix her bowl of cereal.

    She should have known better. As a hacker, she knew better than anybody that appearance wasn’t everything. Wasn’t she going to the Academy on funds she’d stolen using an imperceptible virus? Whatever she should’ve done, however, she didn’t do. Instead, Cole caught a hovercab to the double-AI and headed to her first class, science.
  13. mallard

    mallard Previously Walt Katsuki

    Marco woke to the sounds of gunshots, which was common in their neighborhood, but most people were smart enough to use silencers. He was up before anyone else, so he got ready and relaxed with muffin watching Vtube. An hour later, it was time to leave for the Academy. Marco hopped on his bike (his parents were REALLY old-school) and rode the two miles through the dim morning light. What's my first class again? Marco thought, Oh yeah... math. Math had always been Marco's worst subject, but it's not like he was awake in any other class.
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  14. For the rest of the day, Blair just lifted weights, ate a little bit, drew and painted, played ping pong, fought with her brother. You know the usual. She got to bed and fell asleep... after about an hour.


    Blair woke up before her alarm, which rarely happened now that she had school.
    "Ugh...school..." She slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She got her bacteria absorber(because that will totally be a thing) and a light flashed from it on her teeth, absorbing all the bad bacteria.
    "Okay, now that that's...Wait..." She stopped and squinted her eyes at the mirror. "What's that?" Something was on the back of her hand. It was a turquoise crescent moon. "Ugh, seriously, Owen?!" She yelled out, thinking that was her brother's doing. She put her hands in the sink, and water poured out from a cabinet above. She began scrubbing, hoping it would go away... But it didn't. "What? Ugh, I swear, that butt cheek's gonna get it... Wait, this couldn't have been this doing. This moon is so perfectly curved, and the colour's immaculate... Owen's so bad at drawing, he couldn't have done this... Ugh, guess I'll have to find another way to get rid of it." She got out of her bathroom and got dressed. "Okay, time to find something to cover you..." She dug through her drawer, and soon found one of her black fingerless gloves. She put it on, and it covered the mark. "Guess this'll do." She quickly fed her pet Lochi, grabbed her VPad from her bedside table and rushed out the door, where her father and younger brother.
    "C'mon sport, we need to get to school." Her dad said with a smile.
    "I know, I know..." Blair said, rolling her eyes. The three of them headed for the door, but before she left, Blair called out to her mother, who worked from home. "Don't forget to feed Lochi! Also, don't bring any wild animals in the house to model, you know how that ended last time!" She left the house and got in the electric hover car. She got out her VPad, ignoring her relatives and continued her drawing from last night. Her brother took a peek. She was drawing rain, in the desert, for a reason that was unclear to him. He didn't understand any of her pieces, so this time wasn't really special.
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  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles eventually returned home, recorded another video, edited it, posted it and then went to bed.

    Stiles woke up and went through his morning routine, when he was washed and dressed, he took a quick look to see how his video was doing, it appeared to be doing alright so he responded to a few comments and then grabbed his skates and his bag and left. He hovered slated his way to the school swirving through traffic both vehicular and pedestrian, which resulted in multiple angry shouts and car horns. He eventually made it to school though and happened to glance down at his hand, "what the hell" he mu glancing at the golden cross and wings on his hand, how had he missed that this morning. He decided to ignore it, he would deal with it later.
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  16. Jackie's alarm went off without warning, causing the girl, who had woken up 10 minutes earlier to feed the cats, to rush back to her room and turn the blaring noise off. What had possessed her to choose such an alarm? It sounded like a tornado warning. As the girl retracted her hand from the device, she noticed a strange mark on her hand. Standing, bewildered at the occurrence of the dull brown shape, Jackie ran her finger's across it's surface and furrowed her brows. The girl applied more and more pressure until she was rubbing so hard that her hand turned red. Eventually, she gave up and decided that she must've drawn it on herself the night before in permanent ink- she never was much of an artist, though. "Rock!" the girl suddenly screamed as the large black cat locked eyes with her before giving the final shove at a cheap vase which fell from the dresser and shattered on the floor. "Why me?" the girl sighed as a small automatic vacuum dislodged from under her bed as it detected the mess.The girl huffed as she scooped up the fat creature and kissed it's forehead before placing it on the ground. She didn't have time to deal with any of this, giving a finally sigh the girl grabbed her backpack and headed out the door. Jackie couldn't keep her eyes away from the strange marking as she rode her hover board, but after 3 almost accidents she learned to ignore it. Upon arriving at the large building Jackie smiled and picked up her board, which compacted into a small cube that slipped into her pocket, before heading towards her first period.

    "Miles, honey? Are you ready?" the sweet voice sounded through the halls, causing the boy to twitch with irritation.
    "Yes, mother, mind your own business and make sure you're ready to take me." Miles snapped back, he was met with silence. The boy finished slicking back his hair and sighed into the mirror, what was that thing on his hand? He had spent at least 40 minutes already analyzing it. It's bright purple color made it fairly noticeable, and he certainly didn't want to look like a child who doodled on themselves. It seemed like the marking was either burnt on or grew from inside his skin, it didn't have any texture or seams. Miles growled at himself for he couldn't figure out how to hide it without making it obvious, at any rate it was time for him to leave. The boy stashed his Vpad into his bag as well as some other unnecessary pieces of technology before heading out the door. "Goodbye, father." Miles called out ad got a nod in response before closing the door behind him. Mile's dad worked most the time and spoke very little, but Mile's respected him more than anyone else. The hovering Limo seemed smaller with Mile's chatty mother in the ca, but the chauffeur didn't seem to mind. Despite several sighs and eye rolls, the pair in font didn't get his cues to shut up so eventually the boy shoved two wireless ear pieces into his ears and began listening to music. Classical music.
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  17. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Kaorim would be on a bench, sitting down reading a random book "how could they get that wrong?- nano tech isn't just metal that can bend.. it's not even an accurate depiction. . This book.. sucks!" He'd think to himself, then he looked at his Mark, "a brain ? When did i get a tattoo? "
  18. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oliver had went back home and slept. He woke up around-ish the right time. Good thing he understands his circadian rhythm. Alarms must be annoying. He got his bag ready before getting changed into his regular attire. Oliver then just grabbed an apple, as usual, and went to go get his hoverboard. He then noticed a strange symbol on his hand. It was a hexagon and circle inside it. And it was green, it could be lime. He had the memory of a goldfish, he probably got bored staying up. Oliver went out and rode to the Academy. He then went to his first lesson, which seemed to be science. Oliver's hand was a little bit sticky, but he took no care to it.
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  19. ~Talia, Pre-Time Skip~

    In the top floor of a high-rise building, a teenage girl entered a room. The door dissolved into pixelated holographic cubes as she walked through, before reforming once she was in the room.

    The room was filled with musical instruments of all sorts. Some were old, some were the latest technology. A small console-like setup was present in the center of the room, which Talia walked over to.
    She entered a password, causing a large, three-dimensional holographic projection to appear above the console. She clicked one of the glowing buttons, opening a large portfolio of various pieces of sheet music. She tapped one, and it appeared in her hands, flickering a faint blue.

    Satisfied, she walked onto the stage portion of the room. The lighting turned to a more stage-esque setup, as she picked up a high-tech violin. The sheet music floated in front of her, as she begun to play with skill and prowess.

    ~Talia, Post-Time Skip~

    A short tune played on Talia's alarm clock, playing through the room. The lighting panels shifted to a light green color, and the main light turned on.

    She woke up from her slumber, yawning slightly. She got out of bed, moving towards the corner of the large bedroom.
    Just like the console from before, she scrolled through a list of outfits, finally finding the one she wanted. When she tapped it, it appeared on her in a small flash, replacing her pajamas. The set of nightclothes appeared in a hamper in the corner of the room, as Talia adjusted her necklace slightly.

    After preparing herself for the day, she stepped onto a pad, which instantly teleported her down to the lowest level of the building. Leaving the large doors, she picked up her floating hoverboard, tied her hair back, and set off towards the academy.
  20. mallard

    mallard Previously Walt Katsuki

    After a nice nap in math, Marco went on his way to his next class, technological history. On the way, he spotted a group of girls he'd seen before, and stopped by. "Hey Gertie, when we having that date you promised me?" Marco asked with a sly smirk. "Maybe when you get that stupid dye out of your hair." Gertie giggled and pushed Marco's face away. "What dye? You can't believe how sexy my natural hair is?" Gertie huffed, "Don't play dumb, Marco. No one has red tips at the end of their hair." Marco's eyes widened in confusion as Gertie disappeared into the crowd. I gotta see this myself. Marco thought as he rushed to the bathroom. As he ran, reds got redder, blues got purpler, and greens got browner. In the bathroom mirror, Marco could see that his hair did in fact change. What the hell is goin' on? He reached out to touch the mirror, but recoiled to see a tattoo that looked like a drop of blood. What's with this red shit? Prepared for the situation, Marco pulled out his New Baltimore Crayfish cap and put it on (the amount of schools who banned hats/hoods were next to none since they started using DNA readers at the door) and a bandage to wrap his hand. Marco rushed to his class and sat down right before the bell, but could not take his mind off of the strange occurrences that didn't seem to be leaving anytime soon.
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  21. As Cole sat down in her Chemistry class, Derrick, the boy next to her, leaned over. “You got your hair done, I see,” he said, smirking. “Trying to impress a special someone?”

    Cole frowned. “What?” In answer, Derrick picked up a strand of her hair and threw it in her face. It was her usual raven color... up until the tips. What the heck? Bright green-yellow creeped up her hair like water crawling up filter paper. What the hell. When did this happen. Oh, God, oh, shit, what happened?

    She almost missed what the teacher was saying. “...make hydrofluoric acid with your lab partner. Now remember, this acid is highly corrosive, so make sure you are wearing your safety gloves and goggles.”

    Monotonously, she snapped on the rubber gloves and goggles. Derrick did the same, and they mixed chemicals and poured fluids until they had created the final concoction of hydrofluoric acid. “Dare you to touch it,” he whispered. Cole, never one to turn down a dare, began to take her gloves off. “No, don’t! I was kidding!”

    The girl dipped a finger into the acidic mixture. Nothing happened. It felt like water. “I think we did it wrong,” she whispered back. “Nothing’s happening.” Derrick frowned and dipped a Q-tip in the acid. Almost immediately, the cotton-covered tip warped and dissolved. “What?”

    “Don’t look at me,” Derrick said, backing away slightly. “You’re the one whose finger didn’t dissolve.”

    As she headed to English after Chemistry, Cole couldn’t get the feel of the acid out of her mind. It felt warm. Like the caress of an old friend. Like she had known it before.

    Or like it knew her.

    Absorption HQ
    Shen’s V-Pad gave a high-pitched beep. He glanced down at it, then squeezed his earpiece to open up the comm links to the Hunters. Immediately, their faces appeared on the holo-screen above the map with blinking red dots on it.

    “What is it, General?” one of the asked irritably.

    “We have several locks,” Shen replied, not intimidated in the least by the hulking holographic frames and irritated faces around him. “Marked have been discovered in the Academy. Head there and await further orders.”

    Another Hunter agitatedly twisted his electric net gun in his hands. “With all due respect, General, can’t we just apprehend them as soon as we get a fix?”

    “I said to await further orders once you are there, Lieutenant,” Shen grated. “I am standing by that order. Blackrems, over and out.” The screen went black.
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  22. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oliver didn't take much attention in science, but his hands were still sticky. Strange. "Just hurry up and put in the fluid!" Diane said, who he was working with. "Gee, calm down, I am." He replied before not able to let go of the beaker and wildly swinging his hand. "You can hurt somebody doing that, you idiot!" Diane hissed. "Fine then, I'll be right back." Oliver calmly said before walking to the restroom, beaker still stuck to his hand.

    He started to wash it off, before looking in his mirror. His hair was turning a dark greenish-yellow. Weird. Meanwhile, the beaker still hadn't came off. Oliver had held it with two hands, but they both got stuck. However, it suddenly let go and it crashed against the floor. His hands also weren't sticky. By the time he went back into lesson, it was over and he went to his next lesson: English. Now, everything felt slippery, and anytime he grabbed something, it immediately fell out. However, he ignored it and continued on with his learning.
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  23. Talia was now sitting in science class, paying close attention. School was one of the best areas of Talia's life, outside of music. She took notes on her V-Pad, carefully listening to the lecture.
    As she lifted her pad, however, she noticed something strange on her hand. It was a colorful tattoo-like marking. It had a circle with three triangles below it, and two wing-like shapes on either side. It was a pale orange color, but it had a couple of white sections.
    The fuc-
    Confused, she nervously began twirling her hair on her finger. She'd never gotten a tattoo! However, it got worse. She glanced at the strands of hair she was twirling. They were tipped with orange. One segment had a more white color, with a slight purple highlight.
    What's happening to me?
    She seemed to be zoned out, not paying attention anymore.
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  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles entered the building, he had messed around getting into the building and had missed his first lesson, but he wasn't bothered, he now made his way to English, people kept whispering to each other and pointing, he ignored them as he skated through the halls, but seeing as he wasn't paying much attention he went straight into Cole as she was heading to the same lesson, "oh my god, sorry Cole, I wasn't looking, hey did you do that with your hair, that's an interesting colour choice" he said noticing the green tips and holding his hand out to help her up, noticing the mark again but ignoring it.
    @Night's Shadow
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  25. “Oof.” The wind was knocked out of Cole as she went down hard. “You better not have done that on purpose, you— oh, hi, Stiles.” She cleared her throat awkwardly, glad she didn’t get to the “motherfucker” part of what she was going to say. She took his hand and stood. “Um, no— it just appeared.” Cole winced. No way was he going to believe that. “Actually, I got it done at the salon yesterday,” she said hurriedly as a cover for the ridiculous reality. “I... like chartreuse? It’s my favorite color?”
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  26. The Next Day
    Makura woke up with realization that he was ridiculously late for school at the academy. "Aw Crap, crap, CRAP!!!" Makura screamed. "I really done it now! I overslept for too long." He freshened up, put on his clothes, grabbed his Hover skates, skated over to the Academy without hesitation. He let out a huge sigh as he arrived at the academy. "Aww man, this is hopefully going to be the last time I come to school really late." He sat down and took off his hover skates and replaced them with his tennis shoes. After he put them on, he took a glance at his left hand, noticing a mark on his hand. It was a 8 pointed star. "Uhh...why in the world is this on my hand? I don't really care. As long as it doesn't hurt me." Makura said to himself. He got up and walked into the school to figure out what class to go to since he arrived so late.
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  27. Rin woke up, he was starving. Most things he tried to eat he often threw-up. He went to reach for his x-tab. This little device watch but with an entire computer fit in. He could type using and gestures and use eye movement to navigate through it. While reaching for it, he noticed a red mark on his hand. He gave an annoyed grunt before going to the bathroom. Breakfast was the same as yesterday, he threw up more then lay back on the sofa. He was really hungry now, not eating for a whole day. He looked at his clock, damn it I'm late, he thought.

    At school, he sprinted to English class. He knocked over fifteen students. He could see the room just mere meters away. Then he was tripped up and ended up sprawled on the English floor. "Your late" came a sinister voice. "We will talk about this after school". Rin took a seat at the back, he was embarrassed, that had hurt his ego.
  28. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles raised his eyebrow and then noticed the mark on her hand, "um hey, about that mark, did you draw it, because I woke up with this on my hand and I don't remember drawing it" he said raising his hand to show her the mark, when he heard someone mutter something as they passed him "who dyes their hair gold", he looked confused, "uhm do you know what he meant by that, who dyed their hair gold" he asked before noticing the time, "also we can talk as we walk, we're gonna be late to English", he started to walk.
    @Night's Shadow
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  29. "Thank's dad, see you after school. Bye Owen, try not to get kidnapped." Blair said to her family as she closed the car's door. She gazed at the building for two seconds before finally deciding to go in. Some people gave her uneasy or admiring glances. In school, she was intimidating, because of her appearence and attitude, and respected, because of her performance in school. She walked to Art class, and got there just five seconds before the bell rang. Today's theme was whatever you want, so she got a piece of paper, some materials and began painting. She was basically the only one to paint, the others were doing virtual art. Her explanation to why she was doing it the old fashion way, was because she likes to mix things up. She was painting a black butterfly flying across sleeping lions, for some reason. When class was almost over, she went to the back of the classroom to wash her materials, since the actual bathrooms would be filled with students who were trying to waste time. That's when she noticed something about her hair. Her tips were coloured turquoise, for some reason.
    "Ugh, what?" She thought surprised. "Why are my tips coloured? Did I get paint on them? I mean... It doesn't look bad..... Eh, I guess I could leave them until I get home..." She returned to her seat and began gathering her thing, and when the bell rang she left the classroom. She now had English, and went all the way in front of the classroom and leaned againts a wall. She wasn't in the mood to travel the building, or go outside, so she just waited there for class to start.
  30. Cole shied away from the point before Stiles showed her a mark on his hand that was similar to hers. Not in shape or color, but in the fact that is had appeared out of nowhere on his right hand. She sighed.

    “Okay, know what, I’m just gonna cut the bullcrap. To be honest, the same thing happened to me. Woke up and this thing was on me.” Cole scrubbed at the back of her hand with an irritated fist, then ran hand through her hair. “And this showed up a bit after. Also, this really weird thing happened in Chemistry...” She proceeded to tell Stiles about the hydrofluoric acid episode that had happened in second period. “The Q-tip we dropped in dissolved, but it felt like water to me.” She dropped her voice to a whisper. “I liked sticking my finger in acid. Am I going insane?”
  31. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles listened to Cole as he entered the classroom sitting at the back he said "well, I've not noticed anything weird, but maybe it's to do with these marks, all we know so far is they appeared, then our hair started to change colour. Then you become immune to acid or something, who knows maybe we get some kind of mystical gift from these marks or something" he leant back slightly in his chair, "I mean, I've read all kinds of books about teens getting super powers, or magical abilities but there just stories, right?" he said when his phone buzzed, he checked it and then hung up immediately, "ugh just another damn music company trying to recruit me, how many "no"s just it take" he said running his hand through his hair.
    @Night's Shadow
  32. “Fiction, nonfiction, sci-fi, it’s all reality now, no?” Cole replied idly, taking her seat next to Stiles. “I mean, there was a time when people thought levitation was impossible and had it put in sci-fi books, but look at us now. We’ve got mag-lev trains, hoverskates, holograms... bet people wrote all sorts of stories about that, but now it’s all real.” She took out her notebook and pretended to take notes, but in reality, was just doodling.
  33. mallard

    mallard Previously Walt Katsuki

    Marco saw numerous people with colored tips as he walked in the class. Damn, today was TERRIBLE. I hope they don't think I'm crazy! Gripping the brim of his cap, Marco walked over to his seat in the back row, and leaned over to his classmate, Stiles. "Ay, Stiles, you din't dye your hair on purpose, right? And I see you gotcha self a 'tattoo.'" He whipped off his cap to reveal his hair. "My day was fucked cause of it." @Shadow_Pup
  34. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    (OOC: Guess everyone's doing English then. Changed Oliver's lesson.)

    Oliver went into English. He had walked over to a few that seemed to have dyed hair. "Either the same thing happened to all of us, or we're all going through a phase," Oliver joked before sitting down in his usual seat. He had tried to hold his V-Pad, but it had slipped out of his hands various times. "Hey, anything weird happen to you guys today? My hands have been sticky, and now slippery all day." He asked the three, still trying to hold his V-Pad.
  35. “I stuck my finger in hydrofluoric acid in Chemistry second period and nothing happened,” Cole said to Oliver, snorting. “Then Derrick stuck a Q-tip in it and it dissolved. Is that weird? You tell me.” She brought her hand to her hair to compare the colors. “This damn tattoo thing is the same color as this shitty dye, or whatever the hell it is.”
  36. The reserved young teen entered English, trying to hide her panic. Her hair was now orange at the tips, with tiny streaks of lavender and white visible within. She was normally known for being very composed and put-together, but not today. She dropped her neatly-organized stack of books, hastily gathering them back up and sitting at her desk, trying fruitlessly to hide her hair and marking.
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  37. mallard

    mallard Previously Walt Katsuki

    "Damn, yous like a supahero or sumptin." Marco stroked his chin while looking at the ceiling. "Wonder what my power's gonna be... Hope it's immortality, cuz my Ma's gonna kill me wit dis tattoo and dye!" Marco shouted the last part, drawing unwanted attention. "Yo, Ollie, perhaps you can climb to walls, like dose geckos. Gecko Boy. Ha!"
  38. Rin wasn't having a good day. Everything for him was going bad. He noticed the girl with orange tips sit down and spotted a mark on her hand. He rummaged through his pockets for something small. The smallest thing he could find was a pebble in his pocket. He searched around in his pockets, to then pull out a receipt he had. He scribbled out "You have a weird tatoo too?" before attaching it to the pebble and throwing it at her.
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  39. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles shook his head slightly, "we have no hard evidence that something happens to everyone with a mark, I mean I haven't had anything weird happen, have you Marco? Maybe Cole and Ollie will be the only ones, oh and the teacher has been looking at us we should probably continue this after class" he said before turning to his work. He kept glancing at the mark on his hand however wondering if what Marco said could be true.
    @Night's Shadow @mallard @Gold The Dragonite
  40. Cole looked sideways at Marco, trying to disguise a laugh. “Yeah, okay, Marco Polo, one with the Marinara sauce. But seriously, no way is this a coincidence. I mean, two of us have sumthin’ weird going on, maybe you’ll get something soon.” She made a face. “Not that it’s a good thing. I’m abnormal now. Gross.”

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