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Ask to Join Chains of the Faunus (A RWBY RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Plot and Signups here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/chains-of-the-fanaus-a-rwby-rp.15429/

    "Atlas Academy for Huntsmen and Huntresses" Josh Whitman announced as he arrived at the gates. He turned to see the massive Atlesian Airship that had taken him there, still hovering as other students exited. He looked to his left and right where is Fanaus Slaves, Garth Goyle and Jenny Bun, were carrying his bags and other items.
    "I don't see why WE have to go to this dumb place" Garth complained "Its not slaves like us are going to need to know math or history! In fact i'm sure 90% of the stuff i've seen is just propaganda to keep us dumb"
    "Give this place a chance will you?" Jenny asked "Maybe you'll actually like here better than the Whitman household"
    "You two shut up, i'm standing at the gates of the most prestigious school in Atlas and don't want this moment ruined for me"

    At that moment, the gates burst open to reveal General James Ironwood.
    "Welcome Future Huntsmen and Huntresses!" he announced "To Atlas Academy!"
  2. "So, Atlas, huh?" Caleb heard Angelina mutter. "Well, it'll be home for a few years. We might as well get used to it." He stated, crossing his arms. "Right. Let's see where this goes." Angelina replied, as they walked down the ramp of the Atlesian aircraft. As they proceeded down the ramp, Caleb noticed a boy with two slaves next to him, and he seemed familiar. He shrugged off the feeling as he and Angelina proceeded to the front gate, not far off from the boy he'd noticed earlier, and were greeted by Ironwood.
  3. Darius A.K.A. Dark saw the general and Dark didn't care what he had to say right now only one thought went through his head 'If anyone discovers what I am will they except me?' He pondered the subject and ultimately just pushed the though out of his head. He looked around the area being the only one as far as he could see without a slave he felt much like an outcast, one person he saw as he surveyed the are had two slaves with him. He thought that he would be an ideal person to try and become acquainted with. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out shades putting them on hiding his eyes and begun to walk towards him, but quickly changed course to the gate trying to avoid other people unknowingly walking into another student. The student fell forward but caught themself and turned to face Darius "Hey watch where your going" they said, Darius somewhat froze but managed to say "Sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" he begun to back up and after a minute looked like nothing happened.
  4. "Here at Atlas Academy, you young men and women will grow into Huntsmen and Huntresses." Ironwood announced "You will have access to our state-of-the-art facilities and can feel safe knowing that our Security measures will protect the school from any outside threats while you spend then next few years of your life learning under our professional staff."

    "Ironwood" a certain dark voice grunted from far away as he had a drink on a rooftop "Still supporting this slavery, shameful. I can't believe I used to teach like him"
    The figure turned around and in a moment, he was gone
  5. Darius started to pay attention to Ironwood but at the same time walked forward to the gate, he was no longer paying attention to where he was walking... he blanked out and he lost himself in thought. He continued forward and he snapped back to reality right as he was about to hit Josh yeah, he was just hoping he stopped fast enough to avoid running into him.
  6. Almost enough

    "Hey!" Josh shouted "what was that for?"
    He turned around to face Darius. "Do you have no respect for others?" He asked angrily "I was just standing here minding my own business and listening to that speech when all of a sudden you bump into me and-"
    He burst out into a massive rant about how people need to learn more respect
  7. Darius jumped back a bit the shades he was wearing fell off "Sorry sir" he said as he lowered his head in respect "I... sorry, I blanked out I sometimes do that. I swear it won't happen again" he lifted his head revealing his eyes, a dead give away to what he was. But before any more words could be spoken he realized that his eyes were visible and he quickly begun to move away not wanting to start anything.
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  8. "What a weird person" Garth commented
    "What weird eyes" commented Jenny
    But Josh wasn't done, he marched after Darius. "I'm not done with you mister" he shouted "turn around! Speak to me! Look me in the eye and apologise"
  9. Darius didn't put up any resistance and turned to the man and looked him dead in the eyes with no emotion in his glare, it was cold unforgiving, he didn't care what the guy thought of him his eagle eyes looked on almost as if it was looking right into his soul "I look at you and realize, you don't need the respect you want" he held eye contact not afraid of this man, no, this kid. When he looked at him all he saw was not a member of an important family but an enslaver of his kind.
  10. A smarter man would have realised why Darius' eyes were like they were, but Josh wasn't a smarter man.
    He turned around and walked away angrily
  11. Darius watched him walk away and chuckled "rich kids" he whispered as he begun to walk towards the gate. He was a bit worried though 'did he realize what I am' he thought to himself. Once more he pushed the thought away but he was unsettled, he owned two slaves and just the way he held himself Darius knew the slaves most likely weren't acknowledged as living beings which was depressing, but... he wasn't going to judge the man from that small encounter.
  12. Angelina tapped Caleb's shoulder, and when he turned to look, she nodded her head in the direction of the ensuing argument. They watched the entirety of the thing, Caleb face-palming at the whole argument entirely. "Over such a trivial thing, too." He heard Angelina mutter.
    Caleb walked up to Darius, picking up the sunglasses he'd dropped, and put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, man. You alright?" He asked, genuinely concerned. He also held up the shades. "Also, you dropped these."
  13. He stopped and looked at the man "yeah I'm fine, thanks" he said as he took his shades then whispered "I don't think that guy knows what I am but I could care less" he finished his sentence as he put the shades back on hiding his eyes. He turned to face Caleb "I mean it, thank you. I've taken a lot of abuse in my life so this means a lot to me" he almost begun to walk away before realized he forgot something "oh yeah, I'm flinning, Darius Flinning" he said as he extended his hand to Caleb.
  14. "The name's Caleb Prasinos." Caleb replied, taking his hand and shaking it. "And this is Angel Orenji." He added, nodding back to the female Faunus, to the side of her 'master.' "Also, I happened to notice your eyes during that little confrontation a second ago. Your secret's safe with me. And if anyone gives you trouble, let me know."
  15. (OOC: Just realised, that was basically Ruby's encounter with Weiss)
    Josh shook his head as Darius' "Rudeness" as he walked away, not looking back.
    "Follow me slaves, to the dorm" he announced, and both Garth and Jenny sighed as they followed him.

    They arrived at the dorm complex, a massive building like a highly advanced apartment block. The entire thing was white with blue windows, and the door, or archway as it was, was guarded by two Atlesian knights (Those robot things) checking I.D.s and pointing people in the direction of their dorms.

    They checked Josh's "Third Floor Room 18" one announced in its automated robotic voice. Josh, without even taking it, took the elevator upwards and so they arrived in their dorm where they found two bunk beds, one bed for each student. He remembered what Ironwood said, three other people would stay here and they would be a team for the remainder of their time there.

    "So where do they expect us to sleep?" Garth asked "On the floor?"
    "I'd assume that" Jenny said
    "Will you two be quiet?" Josh complained
    "Of course master" Jenny and Garth said, though Garth was a bit more sarcastic.

    Josh entered, the Jenny and Garth put down his bags and he got onto the top bunk on the right, where the window was. "Dibs"
  16. "thank you for that, he looked right at my eyes and still didn't realize it" he once more chuckled a bit because that guy from earlier was just not the smartest. He quickly stopped his chuckle and looked at Angel Orenji she was of the same kind of people of him yet was below him "to the eyes of both of you I am just a Faraus not a student, remember that" he said as he made his way to the dorm rooms the Atlesian knights checked his I.D. and told him the room "Third floor, room 18" Darius nodded. He made his way to the room and opened the door "oh no not you" he said with a sigh as he saw the kid from earlier.
  17. Josh turned around slowly
    "You again?" he asked angrily "No. I am not spending the next three years of my life in a dorm with YOU of all people!"
    He drew his sword and shield

    "Master!" Jenny shouted "What are you doing? You can't possibly be considering"
    "Jenny is right" Garth said "just calm down. calm"

    But Josh wouldn't "You two get out of my way!"

    He ran towards Darius with his sword pointed forwards.
  18. The two gave a nod, in unison, before stopping by the cafeteria first. There were a few people there now, due to being hungry from the trip. Caleb and Angel got a quick bite to eat, before heading back to the dorms. As the Atlesian Knights scanned him, they informed him: "Floor 3. Room 18." Caleb gave a sarcastic salute to this, before proceeding to the dorm. The two friends decided to race up the stairs, to see who could reach their room first. Naturally, with Angel being the more fit one, she made it first. The two made their way in, Angel leading. The faunus girl had to suppress a sigh. "You going to deal with this?" She asked, looking back to Caleb. The boy nodded, unsheathing Shadow Of Intent. He charged in, and slammed the katana against John's, redirecting it. "Time to calm down, unless you want to get expelled." He warned, keeping his katana firmly held in his hand.
  19. Without any form of fright Darius was absolutely still as the katana was blocked from hitting him. Darius turned his head to one of the Fanaus that was with the kid "does he always act this" he said in a way of seriousness but kinda sacrcasticly.
  20. Josh shook his head angrily, he knew when he was defeated. He got back onto his bunk "But don't expect me to speak to you... at all"

    Garth sighed "Yep, sucks but there isn't much that we can do about it is there?"
    "I heard that!" Josh shouted from the bunk
  21. "These next few years are certainly going to be interesting." Angel stated, not even trying to lower her voice. "Good to see you again, Darius." She added. As Angel did that, Caleb sheathed Shadow of Intent. He didn't even need to extend it, which was good. "Well, I'm assuming he's claimed that bunk. Darius, I'll let you claim whichever one you want, and I'll let whoever our third member is do so as well with the last two." Caleb informed, as he dropped his load of things. Angel dropped hers, as well. "I assume he didn't bring you two anything to sleep on?" Angel asked, directing her question to John's two slaves.
  22. Darius nodded with a grin "who knows, we may become friends" he said as he put down the small backpack he had in a corner "keep the bunks, I fair better in small spaces" he said as he drew his sword making a line showing his part of the room "don't, DON'T cross the line... literally... and metaphorically" he chuckled for a second at the joke he unintentionally made, but soon stopped. The line he drew was only gave him about a tenth of the total room but to him it was enough. He leaned against the wall and let himself slid to the ground, and he put his hands against the back of his head "If I see you cross the line... I can't guarantee you'll keep your limbs" he moved his left arm and took the shades off putting them back into his pocket.
  23. Garth and Jenny shook their heads. "Nope, that's just the kind of guy he is" Garth said "as for becoming friends, Josh doesn't open up easily"

    Meanwhile Josh listened and obviously didn't get Darius' (what I hope was a) Joke. "Savage" he muttered quietly
  24. Darius wasn't shocked by the response from Garth saying "that's what my family told me about our master, but I still managed to convince him to let me take my chance to come here as a student" he said as he reached for his bag pulling out a photo of him his family, and his master. Those were good times then he finished his sentence "yeah, Caleb and Angel already know that I'm a Fanaus" he finished.
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  25. Cayden slowly walked to the dorm room "That speech was.... Adequate" Cayden said, Still no emotion, Miki skipping next to him "We are nearly there!" Miki sang, Jumping around in happiness "Yes, We are right outside the door and I can already tell we are going to have a problem" Cayden sighed, Listening to what they were saying, He opened the door and saw three people in the dorm
    "Hello, I'm Cayden Devlin, Don't try to fight me and don't annoy me when I'm Reading, Sleeping or Petting my Cat," He said, Walking closer into the room, Miki jumping in
    "Hello!" She yelled, Jumping onto the bunk under Josh
    Cayden placed his foot in Dark's area and then walked to the bunk that Miki jumped on, He lay down and started to nap, Miki, leaning on the wall behind Cayden and smiling
    "So... Whats everyone's name?" She asked, Trying to look at everyone else
    He stormed out of the room followed by Jenny and Garth pleading him to reconsider
  27. "did he just" Darius said in a ticked off voice "know what he gets off with a warning" he watched what ever his name was leave "looks like he'll find out the hard way that I was invited here, not in by deception, oh yeah" he turned his head to look at Miki "I'm Darius, and like I just told them, I'm a Fanaus. I just hide it using a pair of shades" he said with a smile that was obviously fake.
  28. "General Ironwood!" Josh stared as he arrived "I've discovered that one of the applicants to this school is a secret Fanaus. His name is Darius, he hides his Fanaus eyes behi-"
    "Let me stop you there" James Ironwood laughed "you really expect me to believe that our school's impenetrable defences were breached on day one? Go back now"
    "But sir!"
    Ironwood turned stern "Thats a command!"

    Josh turned and left, and when Ironwood was sure of it, he shook his head. "Oz, this Fanaus introduction initiative better work, my job relies on this"
  29. Angel couldn't help letting out a cackle as the fuming Josh exited the dorm. Caleb gave a smirk himself, before turning to the two new arrivals. "My name's Caleb, and that's Angel over there." He informed, nodding his head to Angel when he mentioned her. "It's a pleasure to meet you two." Atleast, I hope it'll be a pleasure. He added to himself, mentally.
  30. "Nice to meet you!" Miki yelled, Carefully trying to take Cayden's bag off his back without waking him, She got it off and instantly started to look through his bag
    "Interesting!" Miki yelled, scavenging through Cayden's bags "Pants... Shirts.... Underwear.....Ammo..... Oh! Shiny! Shuriken?" Miki said, Questioning its existence "Here, You can have it!" Miki said, Happily throwing it to dark "Now let me keep looking..... Some more clothes.... My clothes..... Books.....Magazines......and Ninjas of Love?!" Miki yelled, Pulling it out of his bag and throwing everything back in "I'll be reading this for the next hour, DONT WATCH ME READ IT" Miki yelled, Jumping out of the bunk and into the desk chair, She threw the book down and started to read...
  31. Darius was still mentally laughing at Josh's actions "I'm going to spend my time laughing at him aren't I" he whispered to himself as he looked around the room "and he has a lot of luggage. Well, what do you expect from a rich kid" he was smiling till all of a sudden the shuriken Miki threw almost decapitated him but lucky he moved fast "WHATCH WHERE YOU THROW A SHURIKEN" he shout whispered to the cat girl.
  32. Just then Josh stormed back in angry "Apparently General Ironwood doesn't believe a faunas could "infiltrate their ranks" so quickly" he shouted "I mean have you ever met anyone so self-absorbed and overconfident that he doesn't even give that a second thought? SERIOUSLY!"
  33. Still in shock from the shuriken Darius still managed to say "bit ironic that you of all people are saying that" he said to Josh. He calmed down and stood up walking over to Josh patting him on the shoulder "and just so you know, he invited me to this school" he said "he came to where I worked and personally invited me to come here" he sat back in his corner letting what he just said sink in.
  34. "Well then our military is run by fools" Josh said "I have to go somewhere, anywhere but here"
    Then he left while Garth and Jenny stood awkwardly.
    "You should know" Garth said "he isn't going to open up that easily"

    Meanwhile Josh sat on a bench in the garden completely alone. The peace and quiet soothed him surprisingly.
    He began to think. Was he really that self centred and arrogant? Did everyone think that about him?
    Did the Fanaus have a point? He shook his head and buried his head in his hands. Was he a bad person?
  35. Darius listened to the comment and then begun to follow Josh and watched from a distance, thanks to his eyes he could see Josh's facial expression and pitied him, but not to much after a minute he went back to the dorm completely silent not a sound could be heard. He got back to the dorm went to his small area and sat completely silent, not even a sound as he entered the room, he was as silent as the cold embrace of death.
  36. Josh shook his head, he would need more time to think but for now he decided to return to the dorm. As he got up to leave he felt something behind him, but turned to see nothing but a lone crow flying into the air.
  37. Cayden awoke and rubbed his eyes, Noticing Josh gone "Well, I'm going to go get some food...." Cayden said, Getting up and walking to the door again, He poked his foot in Dark's area again just to spite him, He exited the room and walked down the hallway, Feeling a cold breeze pass as a student passed him, He exited the building and arrived at the cafeteria, He grabbed some food, paid for it and then started to walk back, Already eating the food by the time he got back
    "I'm back....." Cayden said, Entering the room, He jumped in his bunk and sat there silently
    "Anyone want to play a board game or something?" Miki asked, Looking away for the first time since she started to read the book.
  38. Even when Cayden stepped in his area he remained silent, he begun to think 'why was Josh the way he was out there, its like he was a completely different person' instead of pushing the thought out of his head he pondered the thought of it letting it grow. He barely ever did that and if it got him to do that it must be important. He broke his silence when Miki asked about playing a board game "count me in" he said was voice not the same as before.
  39. "Sounds like I'll get real "Bored" playing it" Josh said as he entered, in a tone both serious and relaxed so nobody could tell if it was a pun or not "I'll give it a chance"

    Garth and Jenny looked on in wonder, was this the same Josh they had served for years? The same one who had just stormed out of the room just to be away from the others?
  40. Darius turned his head to look at Josh he was honest to god shocked at what he said and responded "are you some shapeshifter who is disguised as the kid" he asked still surprised.

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