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Open Chains of the Faunus (A RWBY RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mr Fishykarp, Jan 28, 2017.


How many teams should we have

Poll closed Feb 17, 2017.
  1. As many as there are People to join

    1 vote(s)
  2. Once another two people join to complete the last Team, thats it

    5 vote(s)
  3. Theres too many already

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  4. I don't really care

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  1. Edit: Hello, anybody looking to join this RP. At this point in Time i'm only accepting one more RPer before making this RP private, so come quickly if you do

    The Fanaus Rights Revolution, Fort Castle

    We all know what happened there, General Lagune led his men into a death trap, forgetting the Fanaus' natural night vision and getting captured. The turning point of the war. But what if the battle of Fort Castle never happened? What if General Lagune waited for the next day to attack and saw the Fanaus trap, what if the humans won the war?

    Human Bio:

    Fanaus Bio:
    What kind of Fanaus:

    The Fanaus have been enslaved, forced to do the bidding of the humans and do whatever their masters tell them to. Everything for the humans seem perfect, but in the depths of Atlas itself, rebellion is brewing, and the one at the helm, may surprise you...

    This RP takes place around the same time RWBY does, in Atlas. We RP as students of our first year in Atlas academy, but with a few major differences, the main one being that each student takes a Fanaus slave with them, they take classes with them and serve them.

    Firstly a few rules
    1. Follow all the Pokecharms rules, in fact link them somewhere in your BIO so I KNOW that you have read them or atleast opened the page. (Just the regular RP rules since this isn't a PRP)
    2. Please do not Godmod, please
    3. No Autoing, even if the Fanaus are technically the Humans' slaves
    4. Do not try to introduce the Leader of the rebellion, I already know who "They" are and its supposed to be a secret (Its not Adam)
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  2. Name: Darius "Dark" Flinning
    Appearance: Darius wears a black jacket as contrast to his pale skin with a grey undershirt and has long deep red hair reaching just past his shoulders. On his back he has a sheathe for his Katana, and on his side he has a hatchet holster. His eyes a deep shade of yellow are sharp like an eagle and his vision is double that of a normal human. Although when he uses his semblance wings form out of his back but are technically not physical
    Personality: Darius is extremely skilled in what his fighting techniques and is a swift mover, he prefers not to wear armour since it constrains his movement. Since he was freed he keeps his Fanaus identity a secret from others
    Owner: none
    Semblance: temporary levitation
    Weapon: Katana in one hand and a tomahawk in the other
    What kind of Fanaus: eagle
    Backstory: Through most of his life Darius nicknamed Dark was enslaved. At a young age he managed to get his hands on a blade and begun to train with it, eventually he was given the chance to leave his enslavement to become a fighter. Although he had family and friends he didn't want to leave he took the offer now he hides his Fanaus identity but several people have gotten good looks at his eye which are dead give away to what he is.

    This will be interesting.
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  3. https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/
    Human Bio
    Name: Josh Whitman
    Appearance: Josh is tall and slim, with dark hair and eyes. He doesn't have the build of a warrior at all.
    Personality: Josh acts selfish and stuck-up, mostly due to how he was brought up, taking all the credit from anything good his Fanaus or really anyone ever does but in his heart he knows that they truly did
    Slaves: Garth Goyle and Jenny Bun
    Semblance: Josh has super speed but that speed only works when he is in fear
    Weapon: A regular sword and shield with their family crest that transform into two rifles.
    Backstory: Josh is from one of the richest and most influential families in Atlas, and his parents actually bought his way into Atlas Academy, he has no fighting training himself.

    Fanaus Bio:
    Name: Garth Goyle
    Appearance: A tall and muscular young man, Garth has wings which he can use to boost himself into the air, but not permanently fly with
    Personality: Discontent with his lot in life, if given any chance Garth would happily defect with to the Rebellion but Josh's family would never allow that.
    Owner: Josh Whitman
    Semblance: Garth can turn to stone, in this form he is near invicible but cannot move.
    Weapon: A sledgehammer which can transform into a shotgun
    What kind of Fanaus: Gargoyle
    Backstory: Garth was originally a member of the White Fang, the Rebellion, but he was captured and enslaved on a mission to assassinate a group of Atlesian nobles including Josh's family

    Fanaus Bio:
    Name: Jenny Bun
    Appearance: Jenny has Bunny Ears.
    Personality: Always cheerful and positive, even in the worst situations
    Owner: Josh Whitman
    Semblance: Can jump really high, and is abnormally acrobatic
    Weapon: Quarterstaff which turns into a sniper rifle and can split into two smaller rifles
    What kind of Fanaus: Bunny
    Backstory: Jenny's family has been in service of (slaves of) Josh's family for generations, and she served Josh since birth.
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  4. Alright, I'm here
    Human Bio
    Name: Cayden Devlin
    Appearance: Cayden has Red (Dyed) Hair and Yellow eyes, He usually wears Black leather Jacket and regular pants with Knee, Leg, and Foot armor
    Personality: Cayden is a very "Emotionless person", Always having no emotion to his voice and never showing what his emotions are, His whole family could have died, the Same face, He could have just won a million dollars, the Same face
    Slave: Miki Ion
    Semblance: He is able to create and manipulate electricity
    Weapon: he uses twin Shotgun Claw Gauntlets and Twin Shotgun Boots named "Electric Brawler" and "Thunder Kicker"
    Backstory: He was born and raised in Vacuo, He lived normally until his father died in a house fire, He and his mother decided to move to Atlas where things like these happened less, He since has been attending Atlas Academy and occasionally seeing his mother

    Faunas Bio
    Name: Miki Ion
    Appearance: She has Orange hair and Blue eyes, She usually wears a Kimono but sometimes changes into a cat costume (The Lewd ones.....) to "Please" Cayden which doesn't really do anything at all
    Personality: She is a fun and loving girl who doesn't care that she is a slave, She just wants to please her master and any other humans
    Owner: Cayden Devlin
    Semblance: though she has not yet found out about her Semblance, She is able to change people's Memories, Create Illusions and change Emotions
    Weapon: She uses twin daggers which are named "Romeo" and "Juliet" respectively
    What kind of Faunas: Cat
    Backstory: She was born in Atlas where she already became a Slave by the age of four, Serving a small household with another Cat Faunus, She stayed with the family for 14 years, Pretty much becoming a member of the family until she was changed to be Cayden's Slave

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  5. my only question is: How will Darius get along with everyone?
  6. Actually, it's funny. I literally came to the discussion area to create a RWBY RP.

    Human Bio:
    Name: Caleb Prasinos (His last name is Greek for "Green." Following the color-name rule here.)
    Appearance: Caleb wears an open green jacket, revealing his chest. He wears dark blue jeans with black sneakers. He also has a necklace with a tooth on the end of it. He is dark skinned, with messy black hair that goes down to the bottom of his neck, and blue eyes. Caleb stands at 6'6, and has a decent build. He has a belt that has pouches full of different kinds of dust. The color of the pouch indicates the kind of dust.
    Personality: Caleb is a friendly, laid back sort of person. His views on how the Faunus should be treated differ greatly from the rest of his family, and society in general. He treats his Faunus 'slave' as an equal and friend, though he knows it would be better to put up an act when in front of others. He's a rather intelligent person With his friendship with Angelina, and his Semblance, they manage to work in complete harmony during combat.
    Slave: Angelina Orenji
    Semblance: Copy Cat. It allows him to copy anyone's Semblance through physical contact, though he needs to have at least a basic understanding of it and how the other person's semblance works.
    Weapon: Black and green katana, that extends upon being unsheathed. The Blade changes color, depending on the sort of dust that's being used. The dust is put into a small area in the blade's hilt. The katana can transform in to two duel pistols, which can also be loaded with dust, the same way one would load a magazine into a normal pistol.
    Backstory: Born in to a rich family that profited rather well in the Dust business, Caleb grew up with a privileged childhood. He didn't mind it, but he didn't like the way his family treated others, including the family's faunus slaves. He created a friendship with a slave who was only a year younger than him, Angelina. The two were nearly inseparable, and quickly became best friends. When Caleb went off to attend Atlas Academy, Angelina tagged along. Even if she hadn't been ordered by Caleb's parents (Which she was) she would have wanted to go with him, anyway. With Caleb's family being in the Dust business, it's not hard to get Dust for his weapons.

    Fanaus Bio:
    Name: Angelina Orenji (Japanese for Orange)
    Appearance: Angelina is pale-skinned, with blue eyes and black hair. Her fox tail and ears match her hair color, expect the tip of her tail, which is white. Her attire consists of black sweatpants and an orange T-Shirt, along with a black zip-up jacket, with an orange stripe running diagonally across it. She wears black tennis shoes. She is also sometimes seen with a small crossbow quiver (Is that the correct term for it?) that she uses to carry her crossbow bolts.
    Personality: Angelina tries to always remain positive, and is laid back when in friendly company, and likes to make puns. When in public, she acts obedient, and refrains from saying anything when not talked to directly. Despite this, sometimes, she can't stop an outburst.
    Owner: Caleb Prasinos
    Semblance: No name for it. Angelina can de-materialize herself and inanimate objects that aren't in contact with other living beings. Ex 1.: Food fight in the cafeteria. Some kid with a telekinesis semblance throws a cart at her. Using her Semblance, Angelina can de-materialize the object, preventing it from hurting her. Ex.2: Same situation, but instead of the cart, Angelina can de-materialize herself to prevent impact, allowing it to hit someone behind her.
    Weapon: Angelina carries an orange crossbow, which can transform in to a shotgun at her whim. Using dust, she either coats the individual crossbow bolt with dust, or loads it in her shotgun like Caleb does with his weapon.
    What kind of Fanaus: Fox
    Backstory: Angelina was actually born in the wild, to a family of runaway Faunus slaves. At the age of five, she was captured by Faunus hunters, and sold. She was purchased by the Prasinos family, so their son had someone around his age to entertain him, and so he could get used to the concept of Faunus slaves, though it kind of backfired on them. When Caleb and Angel left for Atlas, Caleb had been very willing to let his friend flee, but she chose not to, deciding to stay with the human she considered a friend.
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  8. Oops, the sad thing is I saw that. I spent at least half an hour considering the characters, their weapons, and their semblances, so I guess I forgot that part. But thanks.
  9. How many more people were you wanting, @SMRPG64, before the RP starts? Because I know there's enough for two full teams right now.
  10. wait two teams. The Fanaus don't count as students I the sense that they don't get to be on a team, they are on their masters team
  11. I wasn't sure if the slaves were accounted into teams or not, so I assumed they were.
  12. Understandable. I know some info since Karp, Z, and I discussed a lot of things on Discord.
  13. Meh, we'll begin since technically there is one team already. Team JCDC (Jade?)
  14. Unless you can find something using last names. It's been done before. Team CRDL is an example (Sky Lark).
  15. WDFP or JCDC...

    JDDC? or JCDC? Either one would work for Jade, any others you could find?
  16. Couldn't find anything that worked, JCDC it is.
  17. FPWD or CPWD, Forward or Captured
    Forward because their like the main people
    Captured because Fanaus Slaves

    I think we'll stick with Jade
  18. Quick question, based towards everyone, are any of your characters going to have names for their weapons, like Miki's daggers? I, for one, have already thought of one for Caleb's. I'm going to start calling it the Shadow of Intent.
  19. Yes, really. Also, there's reasoning behind it. If and when we reach that part, it will be clear.
  20. I can't tell if you were serious or if that was a pun
  21. 100% serious. Idea originated with Halo, but there's something about him that matches his weapon name.
  22. I'm gonna call my Katana 'Acendend Justice' the hatchet has no name
  23. Yep
    Power and Pride
    i dont know. I'll think of something
  24. @SMRPG64 How about Bang Scope or Quarter Shot?
  25. its a quarterstaff sniper and i want it to have something to do with the Fanaus Slavery

    I changed the weapon a bit

    I'm going to call it Right and Wrong
  26. Interesting. Now, will anyone post on the main thread, I'm wanting to see how we will interact with each other.
  27. @MegaCharizardZ, are you going to post? I was holding off so we could all introduce our characters before moving on.
  28. I'm not posting so everyone can actually get off the airship and we can all interact.
  29. It would be nice to have all character introduced so it's understandable when they are put in a team later
  30. Also since Atlas doesn't throw new students off of a cliff, I was thinking for the trail people could choose their teams and each could face off against a weakened version of the Paladins, if they beat it, they are in
  31. That sounds reasonable. Also, how would the Faunus slaves work in the school, during tournaments, and during the Trial? Would slaves wait during the trial and tournaments, would they head in with their masters? During classes, would the Faunus wait outside the classrooms, in dorms, or would they stay with their masters in the classes? Also, I'm still trying to think of a name for Angelina's weapons.
  32. 1) The Fanaus do everything the humans do, take the classes and such

    2) For the trials yes, but General Ironwood is observing and he needs to see the Humans do something useful for them to be accepted

    3) For tournaments like the Vital Festival they would sit out.

    Also I'm thinking about an idea where all Fanaus have collers which could electrocute them if they step out of line. Although that would make any fanaus with electricity based semblance (Like Nora's) really OP. for example their masters could just activate it repeatedly and make them REALLY overpowered
  33. Removed the no canon character rules, as for things like Vital we will get others (Ironwood, Ozpin, ECT). And i also want a Rebellion Subplot involving the Schness at some point

    Also for another reason...

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