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Open Castaways

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheToxelAndTheHumanRat, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. This roleplay is one where a group of Pokemon find themselves stranded on a island after a storm. You don't have to ask to join. Just start roleplaying! The logic will be that more Pokemon slowly find themselves on the island.

    Toxxy got up, her head pounding. "Where am I..?" She said. She picked up a shell. "A beach..? I was just on a Lapras heading to ice-cold water.. This is a beach." She looked around for any source of life. "Well.. Guess I'm all alone." She walked over to a palm tree, which turned out to be an Alolan Exeggutor. "Hey! Watch where yer leaning!" It walked away to a tropical forest. "Darn." She said, walking the opposite way to more sand.
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  2. As Nina's eyes fluttered open, the only thought running through her eyes was the horrible throbbing pain in the back of her head.. and in her legs and chest too. With a pained groan the Nidorina forced herself up onto her feet. Suddenly, as she looked around, it all came flooding back to her, the ship, the storm, her trainer.. Her trainer! She looked around in a panic, desperate to spot any sign of him but to no avail.. she could only hope he made it out alive... Meanwhile, she'd have to figure out how to be a wild pokemon again...
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  3. A Pokéball slowly washed up onto the shore. The waves gently pushed it up farther inland, then dragged it back again. In and out, in and out. And then the Pokéball caught on a clump of seaweed that was already on the beach. There it stayed. The wind blew the loose sands on the beach, and pushed a small drift against one side of the ball.
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  4. "Uuugh....." The Umbreon turned over a little. "......s-sorry Embern, I was sle-" the black pokemon looked around and found nothing on the island except trash. "EMBERN?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" he shouted for his trainer. "Aw, crap..... maybe Pidgeot might fly over you and find you..... Don't worry, everything okay, pal." He looked around.

    "Is this an Island? Huh, I thought I was on the S.S. Anne. Well, I guess you better find some shelter." The Umbreon walked towards a cave. He realized he had a headache and pain in his legs as he walked on. "You should get some rest."
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  5. Suddenly, the Pokeball burst open. A strange Pokemon materialized, hovering in the air and turning its head from side to side. It seemed to twitch irregularly from time to time, and its yellow eyes began to take in the situation.

    “Island. Trees. Water. Waves. Pokemon. Likely not hostile, should approach.”

    The strange Pokemon flew down and picked up its Pokeball and carried it as it approached some of the other Pokemon who it saw nearby.
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  6. A Pokeball slowly washed up on the sandy shore knocked against a small pebble pressing the button on it and bursting open to release a Charmeleon named Blaze. Blaze opened his eyes and saw he was on a random island with his trainer no where to be found, “Where the heck am I?” questioned Blaze as he picked up his pokeball and walked around the beach staying away from the water till he heard some noise and went towards the noise to see an Umbreon laying down, “Hey who are you and where are we!” yelled Blaze.
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  7. The Umbreon looked around, confused as of who was talking. He suddenly noticed a Charmander yelling at him. In a very formal tone, he said, “I do not contain answers to either you have inquired of me.” He looked at the ground and sat up. “Dunno. Woke up here and now I have a headache and my legs hurt. Maybe a fire could help shelter us untill our trainers find us on this island. I hope Pidgeot could find us.
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  8. The strange Pokemon saw the flash of another Pokeball, and saw the Charmeleon and Umbreon talking. He floated over, still twitching, and addressed them.

    “Query: Identifications? Do you know this island’s location on the global map..?”

    The Porygon2 continued to twitch. It could only hope they would understand his preprogrammed terminology.
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  9. After waking up from a long sleep, Quill wakes up after he started to hear talking around him. The Phantump — who has lived and been stranded on this island for years, quietly floats behind a bush to observe the new Pokemon that have suddenly appeared.

    Quill wonders who they are and how they got here. He is very afraid of them, so he keeps his distance in the bushes and trees away from the shore.
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  10. SuperNerd

    SuperNerd Previously SuperNerd07

    Deep inside the forest, a great ape was sitting under a water fall meditating, listening carefully to the flowing waters surrounding it. Suddenly, the peace was broken by something, something only it could feel in it's mind. Something else had arrived on the island, something else than the Pokémon that were already living there, something new.

    The elderly Oranguru sprung up, something it had not done in ages since it spent most of it's time meditating, before it heavily ran on all fours up to a tree which it proceeded to climb, jumping to the next tree by gripping on to vines and throwing itself forward to the nearest branch. This continued until the large ape landed just on the outskirts of the forest, looking down to see a small group of Pokémon at the beach.

    "So, it is true. More people have arrived, I suppose I should make myself known," the ape said with it's raspy voice before jumping down from the tree at a heavy pace, landing right in front of the Umbreon, Charmeleon and Porygon2. "Hello there, children," it said, trying to appear as welcoming and friendly as possible by showing a slight smile as to not alarm them.
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  11. Blaze jumped away from the Oranguru that just came from no where, "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" yelled Blaze as he was preparing a Flamethrower to use at the elderly pokemon, "AND ALSO WHERE ARE WE!?" he screamed at the ape wanting to know where he was and who these pokemon were.
  12. SuperNerd

    SuperNerd Previously SuperNerd07

    After Blaze's reaction, Oranguru chuckled. "Why, why child, you don't have to appear so rude now. As to where you have arrived, all that I could tell you is that it is on an island. As for who I am, I am an Oranguru. I have lived in these jungles for as long as I can remember. Judging by your surprise, I suppose you haven't been here for a long time." Suddenly, without warning the Oranguru jumped back into the forest. "If you look around enough, you can maybe find my hut. Farewell." Just like that, the Oranguru had disappeared.
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  13. The Umbreon sighed. “Anyways, the names Volt, and I dunno where we are. What’s yours name.......um.......Charmeleon.......and, well............floating robot......?”

    The Umbreon sat like a cat, and put one hand on his head to help his headache. He seemed a little confused.
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  14. Blaze looked at Volt as he answered, "My name is Blaze and sorry about that I am kind of of a hot head if you know what I am saying," as he reached his claw/hand (*I don't know*) out for a handshake, "And are you alright?" asked Blaze.
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  15. Name: Zavaal

    Gender: Male

    Species: Zangoose

    Personality: Zavaal is a serious and no-nonsense Zangoose who has an unnatural affinity for his natural enemy- Seviper. Though he, like all Zangoose, will still attack them on-sight, Zavaal has grown up beside and forcibly grown close to a certain female Seviper named Vazza. Zavaal is quick to aggression and rather feisty, but is loyal and defensive of his friends and family.

    Characteristics: Zavaal is slightly shorter than the average Zangoose, and has a few scars in specific locations (such as under his shoulder), but is otherwise a normal Zangoose.
    (Bulbapedia image for Zangoose)

    Backstory: Zavaal was born in the wild and lost by his parents in a natural disaster, and was only ever interacted with by a Seviper named Vazza who was about the same age. The two hated each other, but were forced to support each other in order to survive in a desolate canyon they found themselves trapped in. Though they've had their obvious disputes, given their natural rivalry, Zavaal and Vazza have become closely-knit and admittedly rather compatible with each other, though they both refuse to acknowledge it.
    (Statistics, levels, move power, power points, and the like are simply for visualization, not for actual, mathematical values. If Pokemon are living, thinking, and breathing animals, they wouldn't have set values to their strengths or weaknesses, and thus these are not to be taken as exactly correct, nor even closely correct.)
    Level - 65

    Hp - 190
    Atk - 191
    Def - 103
    Spec. Atk - 92
    Spec. Def - 103
    Spd - 142

    Ability & Nature:
    Nature - Adamant (+Attack, -Spec. Atk)
    Ability - Toxic Boost (Zavaal's physical strength increases if he's poisoned. The stronger the poison, the stronger he is.)
    (Due to questions about the relevancy of logic in both the Pokemon anime and theoretical reality, Zavaal has more than four moves. If this is against any rule that I seem to have missed, inform me of it and I will fix this immediately. Take into consideration that the "power" number is only to help visualize how strong the move would be if used right, not as an actual, predetermined value of damage, as a living being wouldn't have a set amount of health or a set amount of damage per attack.)
    Move --|-- Power / Effect
    Scratch | 40 / Scratch the target, obviously
    Leer | -- / A sharp, intimidating glare that can lower an opponent's guard
    Quick Attack | 40 / A quick, light dash into the target, before any reaction
    Fury Cutter | 40 / Zavaal strikes with his claws, growing increasingly powerful each time he lands a hit with them
    Pursuit | 40 / Zavaal chases down and lands an opportunity strike, especially effective if the target is fleeing
    Hone Claws | -- / Zavaal sharpens his claws whilst focusing, making his physical attacks stronger and more accurate
    Slash | 70 / Slash the target with claws
    Revenge | 60 / Straightforward attack that is doubly powerful if Zavaal was attacked before using it
    Crush Claw | 75 / A decently powerful strike that can break down the target's defense
    False Swipe | 40 / A retrained strike that hurts, but doesn't knock out the target
    Embargo | -- / An aura is placed on the target, preventing any items from affecting them
    Detect | -- / Zavaal prepares for any incoming attacks and guarantees evasion of them. Extremely difficult to repeat in quick succession
    X-Scissor | 80 / An X-shaped cross slash on the target
    Taunt | -- / Zavaal throws taunts at the target, forcing them to attack rather than use any kind of status move
    Swords Dance | -- / An aggressive combat dance that drastically increases Zavaal's physical power
    Close Combat | 120 / Zavaal rushes into the target and aggressively tears at them at close range, at the cost of lowering his defenses

    Name: Vazza

    Gender: Female

    Species: Seviper

    Personality: Vazza is an uncharacteristically optimistic and hyper Seviper who, despite the species' nature, is rather tame. Cowardly and abhorrent to fighting, Vazza avoids conflict as best as she can, constantly using her significant size and intimidating stature to scare away opponents. Vazza is clingy to her friends and family, and has a tendency to coil around them in terror when something scares her. She's become rather attached to a Zangoose named Zavaal.

    Characteristics: Vazza is significantly larger than the average Seviper, and has a notable scar under her chin, but is otherwise the same as a normal one.
    (Bulbapedia image for Seviper)

    Backstory: Vazza, as a child, lost her family in an unknown natural disaster that later landed her in a vast canyon with only Zavaal, a Zangoose, as company. The two Pokemon's natural rivalry, even at a young age, made it difficult for either of them to survive, but they were eventually capable after finding out that they weren't going to do well if they were constantly trying to kill each other. Vazza, being submissive as she was, was quick to agree and obey Zavaal, but they eventually ended up becoming close friends, despite their state of being natural enemies.
    (Statistics, levels, move power, power points, and the like are simply for visualization, not for actual, mathematical values. If Pokemon are living, thinking, and breathing animals, they wouldn't have set values to their strengths or weaknesses, and thus these are not to be taken as exactly correct, nor even closely correct.)
    Level - 65

    Hp - 190
    Atk - 170
    Def - 103
    Spec. Atk - 155
    Spec. Def - 92
    Spd - 109

    Ability & Nature:
    Nature - Naughty (+Attack, -Spec. Def)
    Ability - Shed Skin (If Vazza is affected by a negative status condition, she can eventually rid herself of it.)
    (Due to questions about the relevancy of logic in both the Pokemon anime and theoretical reality, Vazza has more than four moves. If this is against any rule that I seem to have missed, inform me of it and I will fix this immediately. Take into consideration that the "power" number is only to help visualize how strong the move would be if used right, not as an actual, predetermined value of damage, as a living being wouldn't have a set amount of health or a set amount of damage per attack.)
    Move --|-- Power / Effect
    Wrap | 15 / Vazza wraps the target with her body and holds them in place, squeezing them
    Swagger | -- / A risky taunt that raises the targets attack whilst sending them into confusion
    Bite | 60 / Bite the target, obviously
    Lick | 30 / An unorthodox attack by running a tongue along the target, which can leave them reasonably paralyzed
    Poison Tail | 50 / Vazza swings her razor-sharp, poison-tipped tail to strike, possibly poisoning the target
    Feint | 30 / A sneaky strike that can land even if the target has used Protect, Detect, or moves like it
    Screech | -- / An ear-piercing cry that drastically lowers the target's defense
    Venoshock | 65 / Drench the opponent in poisonous liquid. Twice as powerful if the target is poisoned
    Glare | -- / A vivid and intense glare that paralyzes the target
    Poison Fang | 50 / A straightforward bite that may leave the target poisoned badly
    Venom Drench | -- / The area is swamped with odd liquid. Anyone currently poisoned that is hit will be weakened and slowed
    Night Slash | 70 / An opportunity strike that often lands critically
    Gastro Acid | -- / The target is sprayed by an odd liquid that negates their ability
    Poison Jab | 80 / Vazza stabs the target with her poison-seeped tail. May poison the target
    Haze | -- / A fog seeps through the area, removing any weakness or empowerment applied to anyone in it
    Swords Dance | -- / An aggressive combat dance that drastically increases Vazza's physical power
    Crunch | 80 / The target is bitten, possibly lowering their Defense
    Belch | 120 / A powerful belch with surprising power behind it. Vazza must eat something before she can use this
    Coil | -- / Vazza coils up her body and concentrates, thus allowing her to defend better, attack stronger, and aim a little easier
    Wring Out | -- / Vazza entangles the target and wrings them out. This attack is significantly stronger if the target is in good shape, while drastically weaker if the target is heavily damaged.
    The rest of the island seemed more or less quiet. No real activity in a certain part of the beach, where the waves didn’t reach even during high tide. That’s is, until the sand suddenly began to move. It rose up for the surrounding grains, and spilled out in every direction, revealing a rather large, serpentine body. Dark in color with gold-colored patches, significant fangs, and a supremely sharply-edged, venomous tail. A Seviper- and a very big one at that. One much larger average size.

    The Seviper was still a great distance away from the other Pokemon, unaware of them as of yet. It seemed that the giant snake had been unconscious below the sand, washed up by the storm as well. But it hadn’t been on the same ship as the other Pokemon had been. Rather, it hadn’t been around at all. Seems it got there some other way.

    However they arrived, here it was, currently trying to get its bearings. It glanced around the beach, swiveling it’s head around and scanning the sand with its sharp, piercing glare.
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  16. The Porygon2 turned its stare to the Umbreon. It had registered the question, and it gave a quick spin before answering.

    “Greetings, Volt. I am Sherlock.”

    The Porygon nearly dropped its Pokeball, but recovered its grip on the shrunken orb. He knew that this island had great potential to be dangerous, and his mental algorithm suggested that he should get these other Pokémon to begin gathering resources and construct shelter. And of course, they would likely need food as well...
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  17. "Well anyway I am starving and by the look of those clouds we might need to look for shelter." said Blaze as he turned around and walked towards the forest, "C'MON OR I WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU GUYS!" yelled Blaze as he continued walking through the forest looking for berries and some firewood, for a campfire, and also a cave for shelter. @SuperNerd @VoltTheUmbreon @Zixal @Bump3r @RenzFlintrock
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  18. The Seviper, distanced away but not out of earshot, glanced over at the various other Pokemon after the Charmeleon found it necessary to scream like that. However, instead of swaggering her way into the group as a confident, aggressive Seviper would, this one just.. began to slink away from the shoreline, headed for the nearby trees. Evidently, it wanted nothing to do with them.

    Upon reaching the trees, it ducked low and began to slither off below whatever brush or thicket it could find. Unfortunately for it, the Seviper was much larger than even the average of it’s species, which made hiding significantly harder than it already was. But it didn’t care. It wanted to get away and find someone else.
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  19. The Porygon2 stared blankly at the Charmeleon. He slowly began to float after the fire type, but then hesitated. He felt it might be a bad idea to leave others behind... but...

    “Charmeleon on the move. Should follow.”

    He gave one last call to those on the beach and then floated away, still twitching. His sensors picked up something, but it was too far away for him to distinguish that it was a Seviper. He merely knew that something was there.
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  20. Blaze looked at the Porygon2 that was following him and decided to start a conversation with it, "Hey Volt just wanna ask but what does your species do if you don't mind?" asked Blaze as he sniffed some berries in a bush to see if they were alright. After making sure they were safe and picking some for later he turned back towards Volt, "I mean my species are known to fight a lot of tough opponents and have a barbaric nature but at least I have some self control but it is always nice to let loose once in a while." said Blaze as he continued walking until he found a waterfall and a lake.
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  21. The Porygon2 stared at the Charmeleon.
    “Name is Sherlock. Volt is incorrect, name of Umbreon back on beach. I am programmed for analysis. The majority of Porygon2 are programmed for Space Travel. However, Porygon2 lack propulsion systems outside the planet’s gravity.”
    He began twitching for a moment, then stilled. His scanners continued to search, and he kept an eye out while the Charmeleon searched.
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  22. "Oh sorry Sherlock but anyway I look over here there is a pool of water with a waterfall here but I don't know if there is a cave nearby so we are gonna split up alright?" asked Blaze as he showed Sherlock the large water pool with the waterfall while carrying the berries in a bag that he made while carrying the firewood in his claws.
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  23. “Splitting up... unwise. Search together. Cover less ground, but safer.”

    He began to take the lead. The dense foliage of the jungle made it difficult for his sensors to function properly. He would normally be able to use the sensors to find a cave, yet he was unable to now. He spun through the air, searching and searching. He had no luck for now.
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  24. Blaze followed Sherlock while trying to keep the rain off of his tail flame but then he saw a cave through the trees, "Hey Sherlock over here I found a cave!" yelled Blaze through the rain as he pointed to the cave entrance, "We should take shelter there!" and started walking to the cave to set up a campfire for warmth.
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  25. The Seviper has slithered its way off into the thicket, not interested in the slightest with having a conversation with the other Pokémon. Before long, the large snake had found its way under a particularly thick tree trunk, where it coiled up and hid its large body as well as it could beneath the leaves.

    However, even as the Seviper hid from the interaction, another creature was much less filtered. Sherlock and his sensors would likely be the first to notice the reasonably-sized, white furry body with streaks of red. The creature was nearby, and glaring the artificial Pokemon down with its pair of vivid red eyes. A Zangoose. And it looked about ready to spring out at Sherlock and those nearest to him.
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    Due to their complete inability to follow our rules, Iren has been removed from this thread. The rest of you... carry on, I suppose.
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  27. “Agreed.”
    Sherlock followed Blaze towards the cave entrance, but his sensors caught something. Something was moving or there... something... he could see a blurred heat signiature of a Pokémon. It certainly wasn’t human, but he couldn’t tell what it was.
    “Alert, Alert. Life form nearby, be prepared.”
    His body began to give off a strange hum. He was beggining to prepare an attack, in case this Pokémon was hostile.
  28. He jumped a little, revealing himself from his sneaking in the shadows. "What the hell?" he exclaimed in a sort of whisper.

    He decided to go back into hiding and inspect this....whatever it was.

    He circled it few times, but kept entirely silent.
  29. The red eyes of the Pokemon backed away into the brush, as though it was trying to hide away from the others. The white body soon vanished behind thick leaves and grass. The Zangoose, however, let out a low, angry growl at the two pokemon near it. It was obvious he was absolutely not going to be a friendly face.

    This ended up proving itself only a few seconds later, when the Zangoose exploded from the brush- in a slightly different place- and immediately charged down the Umbreon who was trying to stalk him, moving at an incredible pace with Quick Attack. Upon nearing the eeveelution, the Zangoose sprung up and dropped at him with his claws extended, attempting to land on top of him and knock him over, all the while snarling wrathfully.
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  30. “Hey why not pick someone your own size!” yelled Blaze as he blasted the Zangoos with a Flamethrower throwing it off Volt. Blaze charged at the Zangoos till another one came out to protect the other Zangoose, “Take this and this!” Blaze yelled as he slashed the red and white Pokémon.
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  31. Zane woke up in a haze. "Kali... Kali not now... I just..." Zane finally got to his feet. But got knocked straight down again by the realization that the Mankey's trainer was missing. "Kali!? Kali!?!?!" he turned towards the sound of a Charmeleon. like the one Kali had caught the day before Halloween last year. "Bobo? Is that you Bobo?!" But Zane hadn't turned towards a city, as he expected to see. He'd turned towards a battle.
    "Oh no... Anxiety... Kicking in..." He began to back off "Don't go for me! Please! I don't even know where I am!"
  32. The other Zangoose was getting mad and decided to attack Blaze with a powerful Slash attack. The attack hit Blaze and made him back off, "Alright now you made me mad!" yelled Blaze as his fangs started to light on fire, "Why not have a taste of my FIRE FANG!" attacked Blaze as he bit down on Zangoose's arm, "Why you little-" said Zangoose till Blaze let go of it and used Flamethrower, burning the Zangoose, "HOW YOU LIKE THAT!" Blaze yelled out but then he was hit by a Shadow Claw and was it did a lot of damage to him and couldn't get back up to fight. "Now since you interrupted my friend by attacking him you will be the first one to go," said the Zangoose as it prepared a Crush Claw to finish off Blaze who was too weak to fight.
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  33. (...I'm going to assume you're talking about a different Zangoose in that last post, because I didn't make those actions.)

    The Zangoose, seeing as neither the Umbreon nor the Porygon had quite reacted yet, instead whiffed right past his target and landed in the grass nearby, singed by the flamethrower. The white pokemon stood upright on his hind legs and glared the other two down, flexing the claws on both of his front paws with malicious intent. His facial expression was spiteful and angry, as though he hated them despite never having met either of them in the past. A low growl rumbled through his gritted teeth as he sized the other Pokemon up, preparing to make another move at a moment's notice. Given how close he was to the Umbreon, now, he could likely act first. Depends.

    He didn't pay the Charmeleon any mind after that flamethrower. Instead, he focused on the two closer to him, the Umbreon and Porygon.

    "Where is she."

    @RenzFlintrock @VoltTheUmbreon
  34. Sherlock's sensors reacted to the white blur and began to track it. A targeting reticle appeared within the normal type's vision, but Sherlock didn't intend to use it unless necessary. He saw the hostile pose, and was able to hear the question as well.

    "Who is the 'she' you speak of? I am not aware of what you seek."

    He twitched again, he couldn't help it. The aiming reticle was still trained upon the Zangoose, and Sherlock had begun to prepare an attack in case it was needed, although he sincerely hoped the fight would not continue.
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  35. Just as the Zangoose was about to hit Blaze with a Crush Claw, a Thundershock came out of no where and hit the back of the Zangoose stopping it’s attack while also distracting it, “Who dares-.” but before it finished it was hit by another Thundershock making it turn around to see a Pikachu with a blue scarf around it, “Hey you big bully leave my friend alone!” yelled the Pikachu, “Sparks... is that... you?” said a weak Blaze who was struggling to stay conscious, “Yeah and don’t worry I will save, now how about you have taste of my Thunderbolt!” yelled Sparks as he unleashed a Thunderbolt onto the Zangoose making it fall and unable to continue. “Here Blaze eat this Oran berry,” said Sparks giving Blaze an Oran berry who ate it and giving him enough strength to get up, “Thanks Sparks but how did you get here?” asked Blaze, “I don’t know but right now I think your friends are in trouble,” pointed out Sparks as he turned towards the others with another Zangoose looking at them, “Yeah let’s go,” said Blaze as he and Sparks ran towards Sherlock and Volt to help them.
  36. The obviously confused Zangoose turned and trained his sharp glare over to the digital Pokmeon, and his stance sunk slightly as he ground his front claws together. They grew sharper, as did his mind. He was using Hone Claws, evidently also preparing to strike, faster and harder than th others did.

    Upon closer inspection, he was a little bit smaller than the average Zangoose. But this shorter stature certainly didn’t take away from his physical strength. In fact, it likely only benefitted him by increasing his potential agility. Lighter, but not weaker, so generally just faster.

    The Zangoose growled again, apparently unhappy with the attention he was drawing, but not about to back down from a battle despite being outnumbered. Was he overconfident? Desperate? Or just blind due to wrath?

    “Don’t you act all ‘unaware’. I KNOW she’s here somewhere. You did something to her, or you’re hiding her. Tell me where she is right now or I’ll pop you into four separate pieces!”
  37. Sherlock realized that the Zangoose wasn't backing down. so he began to levitate higher and higher, hoping to become farther for the enraged Pokemon to hit. His scanners continued to monitor the surrounding area as he spoke again.

    "I am programmed for analysis and problem-solving. Please, I do not know who you are talking about, but I will aid you in finding her if you will give me data to work with."

    He knew the odds of the Zangoose complying were low, but he needed to try. Because he also knew the odds were even lower for defeating the Zangoose in combat.
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  38. [​IMG]
    Name: Bean
    Species: Rockruff
    Type: Rock
    Trainer: Jade Willow
    Ability: Own Tempo
    Stone Edge
    Rock Slide
    Hyper Voice
    Iron Tail
    Last Resort
    Stealth Rock
    Defence- 50
    Sp. Atk- 40
    Sp. Def-45
    Speed- 65

    Bean washed up upon the shore. Her small twitches became grunts and sharp movements as she pulled herself up from the hot sand she was laying on. She looked around at her surroundings. "I'm on an... Island?" She thought to herself, a puzzled look on her face. One moment ago, she was on a speedboat with her trainer, Jade, enjoying the world go by her in a flash. "Wait... Jade!" The Rockruff gasped. She sniffed around urgently, trying to find her trainers scent. No luck. Bean couldn't smell her familiar scent. Bean was about to look around for others, but she suddenly let out a loud whimper. She looked under her right paw, where she could see a small wound. She started licking it, removing any grains of sand irritating the fresh cut. She limped over to a fallen palm leaf and tied it tightly around her paw using her teeth before walking around, her pawprints being washed away by the gentle, lapping waves, that now and again slid up and down the shore. Bean eventually came across a plethora of pokemon. She could mostly see what seemed to be a Porygon2 trying to reason with a Zangoose, as well as a Mankey and an Umbreon, and a pretty beat-up Charmeleon, She stretched and lay down near them, waiting to be acknowledged, or be challenged to a battle, with the last option she personally prefered, because, she was going to have to get stronger in order to find her beloved trainer. Maybe she could join their little clan. She watched silently, with the occasional lick on her paws, waiting to see what antics would unravel between the small group of pokemon.
  39. “Hey you stupid Zangoose leave them alone!” yelled Blaze with Sparks running next to him as they arrived in between of Zangoose, Volt and Sherlock, “We don’t know what your talking about but we’re not going down with out a fight.” said Sparks the Pikachu as his cheeks started to release small sparks of electricity with Blaze’s tail burning more intensely.
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  40. The Zangoose was about to respond to Sherlock before the Charmeleon and... Pichu? Pikachu, came running in and started shouting at him. Already on edge, and absolutely not in the mood for these antics, their threats only sparked another action of offense in response. Though, it was rather indirect. Rather than being an attack, he sharpened his glare at the other Pokemon- specifically the Charmeleon and Pikachu, and dropped their defense with Leer. He wasn't about to take these threats lying down. Not until he got some answers. Not until these Pokemon started talking.

    "If you two know what's good for you, you'll shut up and stay out of this before it turns violent. You, Porygon. I'm looking for a Seviper. Her name is Vazza. She's very hard to miss, and I refuse to believe you haven't done something to her in some way, shape or form. If I don't get some answers as to where she is RIGHT NOW, you'd all better start digging your graves! I do NOT make empty threats."

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