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Ask to Join BNHA: the flotsam lot

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Barefoot_Kittens, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Hashino Academy: perfectly imperfect in everyday. The title directly translates to under the bridge. Why? Because the school, plus all 5 of it's classrooms and small court yard, are tucked away snugly under an old bridge. It's no U.A. High; but they do serve free cafeteria lunch. Also, to most anyone's surprise, they somehow got licenses to teach young heroes. And your lucky characters are going to be said young heroes. Despite it's poor look and bad reputation, Hashino is full of loving teachers and potential students- now they've just got to find a way to show everyone else that fact.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • If a battle is to occur another participant's character, please discuss who's going to win in the battle through private messaging.
    • Romance is allowed; don't make it awkward.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's Pokecharms friendly, and only occasional. We're high school students not single dads.
    • Your Quirk needs a setback that is actually applicable to limiting your characters power. If this is your characters 'issue', then it better be good.
    • Write proper length paragraphs (5-10 sentences at least) with correct grammar punctuation. I can't stress this rule enough. You will not be accepted if you can't comply.
    • You may have more than one student- but don't over do it. I expect all of your characters to have equal spotlight if you control more than one.

    The morning sun peered groggily over the tops of tightly-packed buildings. It's rays produced barely enough light to illuminate the grey sky, and it certainly didn't give off any heat. The bus stop was crowded with children. It followed a route that went by many schools right before they opened; so it was sot of expected that there would be many people there. Still, it sort of surprised Kishi to see the mix of faces. Some so young that they looked like midgets all bundled up by over-protective mothers, other giggled as the watched their breath in the cold, even a few of them took the opportunity to show off their heat-based quirk. Kishi didn't do any of that, but one could say he looked the most excited out of all the young people. Kishi stood tall, grinned widely at the space in front of him as he dreamed of what would come to him during the next hours of the day. It was his first day of school, after all, he had a right to be excited. When the bus pulled up, everyone boarded it; it was crowded as expected. Kishi was forced to sit with a stranger, but she completely ignored him; pretending not to hear his introduction. With a huff, the boy shifted his attention to the window. He watched the curb, noting the pattern of painted spots as the bus came to a slow. With a wave of gratitude towards the bus driver, Kishi hopped onto the street from the rear exit of the bus.
    He knew where his school was, still a good 5 minute walk from his current location. The young male crossed a bridge, whistling the whole way, before turning off the way of the road and into the dirt-path that lead under the bridge. Kishi was forced to stop at the entrance. He could no longer control his enthusiasm. The school looked a bit like a child's building block- a perfect bricked square with a single, even window on each side and an old door. There was no sign to label to facility, but Kishi knew exactly where he was. He was at the place that would help him become the #1 hero. "Yeah!" Kishi pumped his fist into the air and charged towards the large door of the building. When suddenly, Kishi hit a rubbery surface and was sent stumbling backwards.
    Rubbing his head, Kishi looked up to see a square shaped body and he gasped. "S-Sorry, sir. I didn't see you there!" Kishi quickly bowed an apology as the man formed into a human shape rather than blocking the door way. The man had a gentle smile as he rested a large palm on Kishi's shoulder.
    "No problem, little man. I'm glad to see you're excited, but we don't need to rush like that. We're gonna wait for the others, and all walk in together after a brief introduction." the man explained in a calm voice. Aliah Zumiti was the principal of Hashino academy. He was a tall, pale man with curly, pruple hair down to his shoulders and soft, honey brown eyes. Aliah, clearly, was a patient man. Which, didn't really work for Kishi. But the young boy huffed as he watched the path for the rest of the students. How many would there be? He couldn't help but grin at the thought of becoming friends with all of them.
  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Garrett Thorn had awoken way to early this morning, he had cycled to the building and now glanced up at it was a pretty basic building. He yawned and as he was about to walk towards the building when he twitched slightly and.. "God this placed isn't very impressive is it" Lorenzo stated bluntly, another twitch "shut it Lorenzo, this school will help us learn to use our quirk" Garrett muttered. Another twitch "Oh be quiet goody two shoes, I'm just stating the obvious" Lorenzo stated in a bored tone. After a further twitch Garrett walked to the front door, seeing a kid already their he went to say high before..twitch "Why hello their my name is Bellamy" twitch "Ignore that, hello my name is Garrett, what's yours?" he asked the kid standing with the man.
  3. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Jack , after waking up, went near a shadow and made a bike. He noticed two people already at the school. But he didn't care as he didn't want to be late. He entered the building to go to orientation. He went inside , went where orientation was. Then he sat down, watching video's on his phone.
  4. Kumori stood in front of the door to her house and locked the door, put the keys in her backpack and mentally checked that she had everything with her, phone, books, notebook, pencil case, water bottle, keys and a phone charger just to be safe even if she checked that she had everything about a thousand times the evening before. The spider like girl took her backpack by the handle with her lower right hand and started walking towards her new school. It wasn't the most practical way to carry a backpack, but it was way more comfortable than having it on her back. She only lived about a ten minute walk from Hashino Academy, so she didn't need to take the bus. It was a bit chilly outside, but it didn't bother her as she had a thin black coat on top of her current outfit and she was in motion to also keep her warm. She saw numerous children both younger, about the same age and older waiting at bus stops, some more and some less exited, walking and cycling by her or going approximately the same direction as her. Some were displaying their quirks, which Kumori thought was unnecessary and somewhat idiotic because there might become a time when you have to fight a person who knows your quirk's and therefor use their information for their advantage.

    Kumori was now walking down a dirt path by the bridge to her new school and saw numerous students arriving and both already standing in front of the building-block like school waiting for the introduction to start. The school building didn't look that impressive it self, but the spider-like girl knew that it was the content She looked around at numerous students, but two students caught her eye, mainly because they were standing right beside the principal. She just stood there and looked at them from afar and noticed that the boy with silver-white hair was twitching every so often, but then she looked away at the school building and a small smile formed on her lips as she was indeed exited for her training to become a hero was finally going star and seconds after the smile formed, it turned back to her default expression.
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  5. Ciel was always an early-bird and today was no different. He rose just as the sun peeked it's head over the horizon. With a great yawn, he jumped out of his warm bed and dived onto the chilling floor to do a few warm-up exercises. Afterwards, he quickly showered and headed out after finishing his morning routine.

    Ciel was indeed early, but that's because he intended to walk to school that morning. He gazed at the sky and then the street, empty but he was used to this. About an hour later, he finally arrived at the school. He noticed that there were actually people out now and smiled.

    Time to introduce myself to... everyone! He thought, before going to a student, "Hello there!" He shouted with a wide, casual grin.
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  6. Hitoshi had woken up to a less excitement then he expected. He found himself running down his street at a speed a little less than twenty miles per hour. He was using his speed quirk to make sure he got there on time. He woke up without his alarm because his mother planned to make him run to the school using his quirk. She may seem rude but that made sense to Hitoshi. If he was going to a school about using his quirk, then he should get there using his quirk.

    Eventually, Hitoshi had aproached the general area of the school and was thrown off guard when his quirk went off. He stumbled a bit when that happened due to the sudden change in speed. He caught himself and let out a sigh of relief. "Nice, I got here with enough time to spare." He walked up to the entrance of the school to see other students and the principal there too. "Good morning everyone!"
  7. Ciel bared a very wide grin, he just made a new acquaintance. Meeting people was one of his favorite hobbies, because everyone was so different. Especially this kid in front of him, apparently he can make his feet larger, but it cramps up after awhile. Ciel saw this as an opportunity to show off his quirk, well at least somewhat of it. "That's a nice quirk you have there. Although allow me to show you tru-!" Just then, a sound emanating from his pocket rudely interrupted him.
    Riing, riing, riing! The sounds vibrated off his phone. Ciel took the phone out of his pocket with little thought. "One second, I need to take this." That same smile from earlier faded upon seeing the caller ID, Mom. Ciel wore a face of fear and anxiety, but still mustered up the courage to answer the phone.
    "Hello, this is Ciel speaking." He began, "Oh, no I definitely wont fool around here, I promise. I was just meeting new people, I swear." In a flash, Ciel's terrified face was out shadowed by dread. His eyes, wide open, and a little sweat rolled off his face every so often. "I understand... I will. Bye." The phone made a significantly loud beep upon hanging up and even though the call was done, Ciel was still shaken. He swallowed in an attempt to catch himself, "Crap." He mumbled to himself whilst putting his phone away.

    "Guess I better ask the principal what class I'm in." Ciel scouted the surrounding area, until he found someone meeting the requirements of the principal's appearance.
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  8. A grin grew across Kishi's lips as the small courtyard of the school began to fill up. The older man beside him patiently checked the small watch on his hand, they still had 5 minutes. The man then shrugged calmly as he leaned against the doorway, his soft eyes drifted from student to student before raising to watch the slowly glowing sun.
    Kishi, when suddenly approached, turned excitedly towards the new student. The other boy introduced himself, not once but twice. And with two different names. Kishi blinked in confusion, giving a glance back towards the principal, who was observing with mild interest. "Oh, uh. Yeah, nice to meet you. My name is Kishi!" Kishi grinned as he extended his hand to shake with the other boy. Kishi made sure to memorize the other male's face, in his book he had just made his first friend. A shout across the paved lot caused Kishi to avert his attention to another boy, who was talking to the general crowd. A bold move; perhaps he was looking for competitors; then again his stupid grin said he was just being friendly. Kishi shrugged, it wasn't his responsibility to worry about. "I'm excite. And nervous, but mostly excited. What about you, garret, are you ready to start your path to becoming a prohero?" Kishi asked, as a way to strike conversation mostly; but his eyes shone with interest towards the boys response.
  9. Sun is shining in the sky,
    There ain't a cloud in sight.
    It's stopped rainin' everybody's in a play
    And don't you know
    It's a beautiful new day, hey hey

    Walking and bobbing her head to the rhythm to "Mr. Blue Sky", Katlynn McGregor made her way down the street with her headphones on her head. It was her first day at Hashino Academy, and she was on her way to the school. To be honest, Katlynn had been feeling a little nervous for this. As she had been getting ready, the stereotypical thoughts plagued her mind. Was she going to fit in? Did she really deserve to be here? Did she really have what it takes to train to become a Pro-Hero?

    But those thoughts melted away the moment Kat had put on the headphones. The only thing that mattered now was keeping time, focusing on the rhythm, and softly mouthing along with the song. But even the chill Electric Light Orchestra couldn't hide the fact that Kat was on her way to school once she rounded the corner and saw Hashino Academy. It... well, it looked like a bit of a downgrade when compared to her middle school. But it would be where she could master her powers. So it'll do. Maybe... maybe she could make some new friends here?

    Runnin' down the avenue
    see how the sun shines brightly in the city
    on the streets where once was pity
    Mister blue sky is living here today, hey hey

    Going back to walking normally, Katlynn entered the small schoolyard. A few other students had already arrived, mostly boys. Deciding to wait until the doors opened, Kat sat down against the wall of the school and pulled her sketchbook and pencil from her bag, then looked out at the different students already in the courtyard. There sure were some interesting people here already...
  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Garrett turned to Kishi and said "yeah I guess I am, I mean I can't wait to see other people quirks and talk to people" twitch "Oh shut up Garrett" Lorenzo said "Oh yeah, let's make friends and do well and stuff" he said sarcastically, twitch "Why do you have to be such a downer Lorenzo, Garrett was just trying to make friends, I see no issue there" Bellamy stated simply, twitch "Lorenzo stop moaning and Bellamy thank you for seeing the bigger picture" Garrett said before turning back to Kishi, "yeah sorry about that, I have a split personality between me, Garrett, Lorenzo, the sarcastic one and Bellamy, the friendly prankster, we try to get along but all sharing one body is frustrating" he sighed heavily.
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  11. Ciel just stood there for a few moments, gazing in the principal's direction. A surge of thoughts flooded his mind in an instant, which made him completely oblivious to his surroundings. Hashino Academy, a school literally under some creaky-old bridge. His gaze reflexively shifted towards the bridge above. What if I'm still not enough by the time I graduate? I mean, I couldn't make it into U.A. so- maybe I'm not qualified yet. Though after some time, Ciel finally broke free from his anxious mind, clenching his hand. No, I have to be ready, no exceptions! Just keep a smile on and be calm, I got this. Maybe talking to the man in charge will assure me that I made the right decision. He sighed, as if it were to prepare him for his impending talk with the principal. With a quick burst of courage, his feet moved down the path to the purple-haired person, until he stood before the man himself.

    "Hello sir, it's an honor to meet you." Said the boy, which was followed by a bow of admiration. "I can't seem to remember if there's some kind of orientation soon but I'm ready to begin my lessons right now. Hopefully I'll learn a lot while I'm here." He stated as his brows furrowed and his lips formed a mischievous but innocent grin. "So that one day I'll be able to hold my own against you in a battle! Then I'll know that I really learned something during my time here." Ciel boldly admitted, causing him to be slightly embarrassed. However, he brushed his embarrassment aside for a moment to ask a sincere question. "You think you can help me with that?" His eyes bore an earnest glint, as he wasn't just fooling around.
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  12. Keita fiddled with the black band on his wrist and concentrated on pushing the stereotypical first day of school fears out of his head. He could see the bus stop now, swarming with teens talking excitedly and checking their phones for times. A few were showing off their quirks to the others which Keita thought was stupid and childish. As he got closer he groaned as he realized he knew the people showing off. He forced himself to smile as they noticed him and called him over. "What are you guys doing here?"

    Three of his classmates from his old school faced him and Keita struggled to act pleased to see them. He was already embarrassed enough at being told he couldn't control himself enough to try out for UA, so having three people who were coming to see him made it so much worse.

    "We came to see you bro, we know you must be upset about not making it to UA." Keita just nodded, subconsciously fiddling with the black band again. "Maybe if you hadn't almost set Sensei on fire last month you would've been able to try with us." The three laughed as they remembered and Keita gives up trying to act happy. "Oh please, I barely burned him, and besides, it was his own fault for trying to grab my arm when I was angry."

    The bus pulled up and Keita pushed past everyone to get on and away from his old friends. "Good luck at trashheap academy Keita!" "Yeah, maybe you'll even be a pro hero someday!" Keita clenched his fist and tried to ignore them as he gets on the bus and finds a spare seat. "Good luck Keita, maybe you'll be a hero someday Keita." He mimics quietly. Yeah right.

    Great, I haven't even reached the school and i'm already angry. Keita stepped off the bus and followed a small crowd of students heading for the school. He reached the school yard and stood watching the stream of students approaching the school. The principal is talking to students not too far away from and Keita pulls his hood up and tries to focus on who seems interesting.

    I wanted to go UA, not this dump. This year is gonna suck.
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  13. Kumori looked back at the two boys by the principal, but now it seems that people were gathered around them. Somewhat curious to see what was going on there, the spider like girl approached the group. The're were people still arriving, some of them were chatting and some were showing off their quirks. Once again she thought that it was stupid to showcase someone your quirk if you didn't need to and it was clear to her that they only wanted to do it for attention. As she came closer to the group it was clear that there wasn't anything really going on, but Kumori didn't just want to go close to the group and then suddenly go away because that would be kinda awkward, so she walked up to the principal and bowed down quickly as a gesture to greet him.

    "Excuse me sir, but when is the introduction going to start?" the spider like asked and ignored everyone else chatting around the headmaster, even if there was another student who asked something similar from the purple haired man.
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  14. Ciel awaited the principal's response, as this was a huge deciding factor if he'd stay here or go somewhere else to learn. His fist still clenched, as he anxiously anticipated his response. Until he was moved to the back seat as soon as a spider-like girl jumped ahead of him. His face twisted into a shocked "did that really just happen?" kind of face. Bewildered, he rhetorically asked the eight-eyed woman something: "Excuse me but can't you see I was in the middle of something here?" He grunted. "This is something I need to find ou-" he froze mid-sentence, as if he saw something.

    Do not ruin our family name, Ciel! Do you understand? You're already a failure with your quirk, don't strive to be a complete failure with your personality. He stopped himself from going any further and shook his head in disbelief. It was unclear if it was toward the girl in front of him or his own conflicted mind. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned his body, so his back was facing them, "I'm sorry, I got ahead of myself." He'd apologize, before forcing one last smile and walking back into the sea of students from whence he came.
  15. Mister blue sky, please tell us why,
    you had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?

    Katlynn began to sketch out some figure, still not quite sure what she was going to draw, when she looked up so see the small group of students forming. They were talking to an adult who Katlynn assumed was a teacher or principal, but Katlynn couldn't hear what they were talking about. Still, they were quite an interesting group there. There was another girl there, one Kat hadn't seen when she had entered the courtyard. She definately got Kat's attention, with her gray skin and extra arms. Quite clear what her quirk was. It looked like she had interrupted another student, a well dressed boy with dark, wavy hair. He seemed a little upset about it, but had decided to walk away. Now that would be an interesting scene.

    Mister blue sky, please tell us why,
    you had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?

    Feeling a little inspired, Katlynn began to sketch the scene she had just witnessed in her sketchbook.
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    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy, who was now in control, spotted a girl sketching and listening to music, he smiled <hmm, let's have some fun> he thought to himself, before his body started to shimmer and morph, until he looked just like the well dressed dark haired boy, having heard him speak earlier, he strolled up to the girl and said "why hello there, isn't that a good sketch, what are you drawing" he was mimicking the boy pretty well until, twitch "oh that was real smooth" Lorenzo said (in Ciel's voice), twitch "Shut up, Lorenzo, it's hard to continue mimicking someone, when you take over like that", Bellamy said quickly before twitch "Both of you stop it" Garrett said before his body shimmered and stretched back to himself again, "sorry about that" Garrett said to the girl.
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  17. Kishi blinked at Garret. He had two personalities? Sounded kinda scary. Is that why he was forced to go to a school such as this? Kishi caught himself mid thought and furrowed his eyebrows- what was he saying? There was nothing wrong with this school, and nothing wrong with Garret. "Hey, it's alright. No problem at all-" Kishi smiled. At first, sure, it seemed a little bit odd. But Kishi's feelings were genuine, "It's kinda cool. I mean, two heads are better than one, right? And your never alone." Kishi turned away for a moment. He could tell the crowd was getting impatient. Kishi sort of got distracted, as the lost began to fill up there was still only about 30 kids in total. He completely forgot abotu Garret; which seemed fine since the other boy seemed to have wandered elsewhere.
    The purple-haired principal watched Kishi and Garret, silently grinning as they interacted. Mr. Zumiti raised a brow when a boy approached him. How he loved the students? Nothing in the world could describe how much the young principal enjoyed watching his students grow. Ciel's words made the man smile. He was brave, perhaps rash- his eyes were so demanding, and yet so carefree as well. He would be a fine young hero, with the personality of a noble man already. Before Mr. Zumiti had time to answer, a female proposed another question. "Hasty as ever," Mr. Zumiti chuckled before giving a nod towards Kumori "If you lot are ready, I suppose it's best we get started, yes?" the man smiled. Mr. Zumiti straightened his back and stretched before smiling. In a hushed tone, the man placed a hand on Ciel's head and whispered "You write your future. We can not determine how much you prosper, though we'll try damn hard to help you. And in the end, I'll be here- waiting for you." he grinned before straightening and leaving the boy.
    The principal took a deep breath before walking inside, leaving the crowd in confusion. Though, in seconds he appeared again. "I knew I forgot something-" Mr. Zumiti chuckled sheepishly as he brought back a megaphone. The young man then turned the device on and gave a wide smile "Good morning Hashino Students!" the principal yelled; receiving back some good mornings, while most just sort of stayed silent. "I am your principal, call me Mr. Zumiti. Honestly, I won't bore you with a long lecture. This is a place, perhaps not of the greatness you may think of, but it's a place of magic and beginnings. It is a place of happenings and growth, so long as you let it be. I know some of you may be stressing out that this is U.A. or some big school- but keep in mind that we recruit the same way they do. We don't just let anyone in, you kids are here because you deserve to be. Please, do keep in mind, that this is a school facility; we have rules that you are expected to follow and obey." the man pulled the megaphone away from his lips and seemed to run through a checklist in his head. Was that everything? He sure hoped so. "I guess it's time to start the day. We have divided the school in two groups homerooms, please filter in efficiently where you will be able to read your name on a list that will direct you to your classroom. Have a good day, students." the man smiled as he moved aside and students began filtering into the building.
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  18. Hey you with the pretty face
    welcome to the human-

    A muffled sound alerted Kat to something new, and she looked up to see the dark haired boy standing right in front of her, saying something and twitching. Kat couldn't make out what he was saying over the music from her headphones, however. Quickly, Katlynn took off her headphones just in time to hear him say "-sorry about that."
    "Sorry about wha-" As Katlynn spoke, she watched as the dark-haired boy shimmered and changed into a completely different person. This boy had white hair, and was wearing a leather jacket of sorts. "Whoa."
    Katlynn looked over to where the well-dressed boy and spider girl had been standing before, only to find that the well-dressed boy was still over there. She looked back at the white haired boy, but before she could say another word the principal began to speak and opened up the school. Katlynn paused her mp3 player, keeping her headphones around her neck, before getting up and putting her sketchbook back into her backpack.

    Katlynn looked back at the white-haired boy.
    "How did you do that? Was that your quirk or something?" Katlynn asked. The moment the question left her mouth, she mentally facepalmed. Of course it was his quirk. It's not like normal people have the ability to mimic other's appearance.
  19. Keita listened to the introduction, still observing everyone else. He smiled slightly as he heard the half hearted 'good morning' replies and considered the principal's purple hair. It was surprising to Keita as he usually thought of teachers as strict, neat and plain. Maybe he isn't so bad after all.

    Lots of people were already interacting with others, probably already forming friend groups. The principal had a group of students gathered around him that looked like they were getting on well, but Keita's attention was drawn to a boy and a girl talking. He recognized the boy and noticed an identical boy not too far away. A quirk that lets you change into other people? His thought was confirmed as the twitching student stopped using his quirk and changed into a white haired boy. I wonder what all the twitching was then. Part of the quirk? He made a mental note to find out later.

    This definitely wasn't UA, but Keita still wanted to find out about all of the others. Their strengths, weaknesses, quirks, anything that could give him the upper hand if it came to battling them. He was still unsure about who to approach as a friend, as they all seemed to be talking in groups already. Hopefully there would be time later, for now he gave up standing awkwardly and watching everyone, deciding to head inside and check the lists.
  20. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Jack, went to check some lists, he wanted to see who he was with, wich class , and who. Even he knew no one in there, he tought that knowing people's names would help him in combat, considering his weakness . He noticed someone there, but , he didn't care, . So he checked the classes and finally found his name and class, he took a final look outside and started to walk to his class "no U.A.. can't expect anything good here.." he tought
  21. Ciel was leaned-back against a thin pole, most likely connected to a stop sign. Arms crossed, he wore a confused expression, though he had already calmed down from earlier. Dang, I don't even know that guy, but what he said sounded super genuine. Guess he's been working with kids for quite some time then. Heh. A loud voice projection tore through Ciel's mind, causing him to glance in the direction of the sound. It was the principal again, boy did he work fast. This time he had a megaphone and mentioned classes, which rightfully captured the boy's attention. He stretched as he rose from his relaxed position, scratching his head, he made his way inside the building. It was a little crowded around the class lists, obviously.

    Although he managed to find his name in the midst of all the talking and excitement. Seems like I'm in Mr. Hamikaru's room. Then that must mean all the people next to my name are in there too. He brushed his way through the crowd and finally manage to secure a spot a few feet away from the boisterous crowd. He gazed down the hall, his hand resting on his hip, undoubtedly confused. Now then- where the hell is it?
  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Garrett turned to the girl "oh, um yeah, I can turn into anyone who I have seen and spoken too, and if they have one I can also use their quirk, oh my name is..um..Garrett..nice too.." twitch "excuse him, he wouldn't know how to flirt properly if someone gave him a bloody book, I'd help him, but well I'm into a different type of person.." Lorenzo started to say before twitch "Lorenzo! You don't just tell her that kind of thing, that's just cruel" Bellamy interrupted before twitch "so..sorry about that, I'm gonna go and..uh..yeah" Garrett said before turning around and starting to walk off mentally cursing at Lorenzo.
  23. Katlynn jumped back in surprise when Garrett's voice and mood suddenly changed. And it didn't happen just once, but twice! The girl watched as Garrett walked away, trying to process what just went down. It was almost like... three people just talked to her, but from one body. That was... strange, to say the least. Shaking off the encounter, Kat put on her backpack and entered the school. Let's see... had the principal said 2 homerooms? Jeez, this was way smaller than her middle school. Seeing that her classroom was with a teacher named Mr. Hamikaru, Kat made her way to the room.

    Katlynn opened the door to the classroom, and saw that she was the first one there. Not even the teacher was there yet. The girl looked the room up and down once before shrugging and taking a seat in the back corner of the room by the window. Feeling pretty good about her choice of seating, Kat took out her sketchbook once again and continued sketching out the scene she had seen back in the courtyard between the spider girl and the well dressed, dark-haired boy.
  24. Keita pushed his way through the crowd to read the list. He quickly scanned it and found his name under Mr Hamikaru. Realizing he had no idea where he was going he waited for someone to follow.

    He had only been waiting for a bit when a well dressed boy with dark brown hair walked up to the list. Keita watched as the boy paused on a name also under Hamikaru. After a second, the boy walked away and Keita followed, making sure to stay out of sight. They had only been walking for a second when the boy stopped and looked down the hall, seeming lost. Great.

    Well, I guess I have to ask this guy, no point standing around all day. Keita quickly adjusted the black band on his wrist and approached the boy. "Uh hey, do you know where Mr Hamikaru's room is? I don't know where the hell i'm going."
  25. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Asta was late but that was nothing to him seeing as his quirk had to with lightning. Within a snap he had everything he needed and was heading towards school. Half way there his quirk gave up on him which made him stumble a bit. "Not like I didn't expect that to happen..." He said sarcastically as he walked the other half of the journey.
    Upon arriving to Hashino academy Asta took a deep breath, then let it out, then smiled. "Its not a U.A. but it can't get better than this!" He said bluntly. Looking around he could see that people were starting to figure important info that he was missing. Asta wasnt trying to get left too far behind so he decided to ask questions to the general group. "Anyone know what's happening?:
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Garrett muttered to himself "for gods sake Lorenzo, I know I liked her, you know I liked her you didn't need to say what you did though, now she just thinks we're weird" twitch "calm down drama queen, who knows maybe she feels the same way, not that I see what you see in her, but hey, on the other hand that boy we copied earlier certainly knew how to dress" Lorenzo stated bluntly twitch "come on both of you stop it, we'll be reaching the classroom soon and you'll make Garrett look even weirder" Bellamy said calmly twitch "it's fine, let's just choose a seat" Garrett muttered before entering and seeing the girl from earlier, instantly blushing, he sat in a seat, quite far from her and subconsciously chewed the end of his pen.
  27. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    after some time walking, Jack finally found the classroom. He noticed people there, he sat on the the seat farthest from both of them then listened to some music, "and i tought everyone else were lost.." he tought as he took out a sketch book and started to draw old ideas he had for a hero suit. until he drew the one he asked for, but with much more detail than it actually has, at the end he took out his phone and listened to some music.
  28. Ciel wasn't planning on asking for help, that thought hadn't even crossed his mind, so he just stood there. However he heard a unfamiliar voice ask something: "Uh hey, do you know where Mr Hamikaru's room is? I don't know where the hell i'm going." Upon hearing that he swiftly swung around, he was now facing another student. He sported brown hair as well, Ciel didn't notice him outside.

    Ciel loosened up, and a small grin developed on his face. "That's a coincidence, because I was just wondering where the hell I was going." He chuckled, before clearing his throat.
    His grin faded slowly, and he equipped a more serious face. He turned slightly as he pointed down the hall. "To be honest, this school really isn't that big, so I'm guessing it's down this hall. We might as well find out together, since it seems like we're in the same class." He suggested, looking back at the brown-haired student.
  29. Seeing the other boy act so confidently made Keita feel less awkward and he also managed to grin. He noticed the other boy glance at his hair and he quickly brushed his fringe out of his eyes. "Sounds like a plan."

    As the two students headed down the hall, Keita resisted the urge to fiddle with his band as he attempted to talk to the other student. Most of the people at his old school were hooligans who he'd known for a long time, so he hadn't had to introduce himself to someone his age for a while. "Uh I really like your clothes, i'm Keita by the way."

    So this boy was going to be in his class. Keita felt more confident as they approached the classroom, maybe the year would be interesting after all.
  30. Walking alongside the other boy, he rested his hand in his pocket. Even though they just met, Ciel had a hunch that they'd get along just fine. The walk was quiet at first, but it really didn't bother him. However a little while after he received a compliment from the other student, which garnered his attention. Ciel was shocked somewhat, he wasn't expecting to even have some kind of conversation, he laughed in response. "You really think my outfit is nice?" He asked, not expecting an answer.

    "Funny thing is, I didn't even like dressing like this at first, but I guess you could say it grew on me." He told, although it felt like he was forgetting something. Then it snapped, "Oh right, I'm Ciel and I appreciate your compliment." He finished, and it was right on time too, since it seemed like they made it to the room's entrance.
    He'd open the door, revealing many more unknown faces, so he glanced back at the other student before walking in. "Guess we were on the right track after all. You're a pretty cool dude Keita, we should hang out during lunch." He suggested, whilst he chose a seat in the middle to reside in.
  31. Kishi stared blank faced at the paper in front of him. On either side someone was pushing to break form the crowd, which Kishi couldn't help but think he was creating. After a seemingly unreasonable amount of time, the boy grinned when he found his name and he slipped out of the group of people. Kishi huffed and brushed himself off, attempting to better his appearance by straightening his t-shirt. The boy's eyes wandered the hall for a little, but he just sort of stumbled across the classroom he knew was his. Above the door was a wooden sign 'Mr. Hamikaru'. He pushed the door open to find the classroom nearly empty, "Oh-" Kishi muttered. Was this the wrong room after all. Kishi shot his head back out the door and really looked at the name tag, he then shrugged and entered. Soon, people filtered in behind him. Kishi decided to sit next to the girl who appeared to be in the first on in the room. "Are you drawing?" Kishi asked as he sat beside her, perhaps it wasn't his business- but they'd get to know each other sooner or later.

    Eventually, as the class was about half full, an older man walked in. He seemed older than the principal, but not by much. With short blond hair and a tired gaze; his expression didn't exactly say friendly. "You fools want to be heroes when you can't even locate a damn classroom. 5 minutes- I can walk across the building and back 10 times in 5 minutes." the man huffed as he walked towards his desk. He shuffled through some papers, ignoring the class for a minute before sighing and rolling his shoulders as he took out a particular piece of paper. "If any of you ever take 5 minutes to enter my classroom again-" the man went on muttering before he seemed to find the paper he was looking for. "When I call your name say "here". Do this efficiently so we can get this show on the road. Then we'll go outside for a bit of excersize." the man stated bluntly before proceeding to call out each of the names.
  32. The other student introduced themself as Ciel, and seemed surprised to be complimented. This confused Keita who thought someone as confident and friendly as Ciel would be used to compliments.

    As they reached the entrance to the classroom the other student suggested that they should sit together at lunch. "That would be great...and you're pretty awesome yourself Ciel." Keita replied.

    He watched as the dark haired boy took a seat in the middle and noticed that his usual seat choice was taken by a girl who seemed to be drawing. He ended up choosing a seat at the back, with another boy sat between the girl and him. Just as he sat down an older man entered and Keita instantly got the impression he was one of those strict teachers who didn't tolerate any bad behavior. Ugh, class will probably be boring.

    The man was muttering something about them all being late, but Keita perked up when he mentioned exercise. I hope it's something that shows off our quirks. The teacher started calling names for a register, and Keita glanced around the classroom as he waited for his name, answering 'here' as he was called.
  33. Ciel was calmly in his chair without any intention of drawing any unnecessary attention to himself. Soon after Keita and himself entered the room, a blond-haired older man followed after. Ciel knew this couldn't be a student so he assumed that he was the teacher. So... This is a qualified Hashino official? Seems pretty laid-back- kinda. It looked like he was calling for attendance, this was the normal stuff, Ciel couldn't wait to see what this school had in store. When the boy heard his name be called, his right hand rose slightly, accompanied by a dignified "Here sir." He simply put his hand down after his turn was over.
  34. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Great.. of all teachers i get someone like that.." he tought has he said "here" when his name was called out. He already didn't like it here, "i really couldn't choose another school.?.." he whispered while taking out some school supplies , he then noticed more people went in the class "how does everything keep getting more crowd here" he tought
  35. Glancing over at Kishi, Kat nodded. The boy sitting next to her was rather interesting looking, in Katlynn's opinion. Spiky blue hair, lanky, yellow eyes... Kat wondered what his quirk was. The girl lifted her sketchbook, showing it to Kishi. Currently, her sketch just looked like three rough-looking humanoids, no real details yet. She was having a little bit of trouble with the spider girl's arms, but she still thought it looked okay. At least, as it was now.
    "Here." Katlynn said when her name was called, raising her hand. Right after her name was called, however, she was right back to drawing in her sketchbook.
  36. Kumori looked at the dark haired boy who was about to say something, but then quickly apologized. She was a bit conflicted how to respond, so she stayed silent. He seemed to be nice, looking at how he dressed and his body language, and then saw him go back to the sea of students. The spider like girl looked back at the principal and followed him with her gaze, listened to his little introduction speech, which she thought was short but in a way, but it did it's job.

    The spider like girl proceeded to walk inside the school to find a list where there were a bunch of names including hers. She had to wait a moment to be able to see the names more clearly and soon enough she saw "Kumori Anansi" in the second list titled "Mr. Hamikaru", who presumably was going to her homeroom teacher. It somehow took a bit for her to find the correct class, because she started to walk from the other end, opposite where her class was. She walked slowed than normally, as she wanted to make sure that she didn't miss her homeroom and when she finally found her homeroom she saw a blonde man entering the room, who Kumori assumed was her homeroom teacher. The spider like girl proceeded to walk inside the room after the blond man and took a seat on the second row, somewhat in the middle. She put her backpack on the side of her table, her black thin coat on her seat and sat down. She listened to the teacher who seemed quite different from the principal and she felt a bit ashamed as he said something about being late, but didn't really show it. She gave a quick glance around the class and noticed the dark haired boy, who Kumori had interrupted, some student she could recognize from the group with the principal and some she couldn't identify. When the teacher said her name she raised her hand and responded with a short "Here".
  37. Ciel hadn't noticed before, but that spider-girl from earlier was in his class. He looked over to his side to catch a glimpse of her. So even she's in my class. His eyes studied the extra limbs connected to her body, a combination of curiosity and admiration. Wow, I've never seen anybody with a quirk like that before. Too bad she's rude though... Ciel sighed, focusing his attention back to the front of the class.

    I really hope this exercise is fun and not just some grueling task. He inspected the teacher, as if he were to gain some information. Who knows with this guy though, we might have to do 15 campus walks with a bag of rocks on our backs. Ciel fixed his posture, so that he was sitting-up straight. This was a sign that he was interested in whatever was going on. Now then teach', what's our first activity?
  38. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Garrett jolted from his slight daze as his name was called, he had been lookin at the girl with the sketchpad, he had spoken to earlier, he still didn't even know her name. He raised his hand and said "here" before twitch "here" said Lorenzo, as he eyes up some of the boys in the room, twitch "here" said Bellamy before he made an paper airplane and threw it around the room and watched it's path, but before he saw where it landed twitch Garrett watched the airplane tensed, then it flew straight into the back of Kat's head, he blushed and cursed Bellamy <what are you doing, now she'll think we were aiming for her> Garrett thought to Bellamy.
  39. Kishi tipped his head as he looked at the girls drawing, he was quite glad she didn't mind sharing it with him. "Hmm, looks good." the boy said simply. Not much of an artist himself, he wasn't really sure how to comment on the piece. Kishi didn't really have any hobbies, he's always been so focused on becoming a hero- but now it kinda feels too late to try and pick something up. "Do you draw to help yourself relax?" the boy asked. He then narrowed his eyes at his own stupidity: what kind of question is that? Kishi had never been extremely socially aware, but even he could tell that that was a weird question after he asked it. Sometimes, words just slipped out of the boy's mouth. When his name was called, Kishi looked up and gave a simple 'here'. "Oh yeah, my name's Kishi." the boy smiled, ignoring his last question "... what's your name?"
    "Alright. Don't embarrass yourselves on the first day of school, okay? It's not like I have very high expectations of you lot, to begin with, but let's try not to prove our inferiority here." the man huffed. His words were blunt and unfiltered. Kishi wondered how he even became a teacher, didn't seem like he liked his job very much. "Alright class, my name is Mr. Hamikaru; you can call me Mr. Hami if it's easier. Please follow me out the door and to the back of the school. Don't do anything stupid during the 2 minute walk there, and don't ask me any stupid questions." the man instructed as his eyes fell onto his desk. The teacher then stood and began back towards the door, expected the children to follow as he began down the hall.
    Kishi stood up as Mr. Hami walked out the door. "Guess this is where it all begins." Kishi grinned before looking down at Kat. It was fair to call her a friend now, right? "Coming?" the boy gestured as he began walking, honestly afraid of getting scolded for taking too much time again.
  40. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Jack , followed the teacher without a care for what's happening around. When they got to the back of the school he knew they were gonna practice "Mr.Hami... are we gonna test against each other? " he asked as he started stretching, "definitely is cold out here..." he tought, then looked at Kishi that looked happy to start "how can he be optimistic in this dump i call a school.."

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