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Private/Closed Bloodpeak Academy reboot (Monster school RP) discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Bumbletime, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    @Jodie.xox @Killerbunny the god @Clite of Dragonbow @Joelkjn the fox @PrincessPika @GalacticDeg

    Rebooting this, because the last one died.

    Welcome to Bloodpeak Academy! The type of school specifically for monsters, mythical creatures or any being who prefers the more bizarre side of society than those boring everyday humans (Not that we have a bone to pick with them). Here, you don't have to be worried about being "different" or an "abomination" Bloodpeak is the place where every creature is treated as an equal. Should you feel like you belong in this school, simply tell us a bit about yourself and let us decide if you have what it takes to join Bloodpeak Academy: The school of Monsters!

    Sincerely, Principal Lucy Fire
    1: If you haven't read thePokecharms rules, you can click here before proceeding --->https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/
    2: No making your character overly popular/powerful.
    3: Swearing is allowed, so long as nobody goes overboard with it. (Preferably one swear word at a maximum per post)
    4: You can be any monster you want! (Preferably one known in mythology: Like Vampires, Werewolves, etc.) This includes things like dragons and such, but they must be humanoid/bipedal
    5: When making a post, make it at a minimum of four lines.
    6: Type Bloodmoon somewhere in your bio to show you've read the rules. If you’re from the original, don’t worry about this.
    7: Have fun!

    Personality: (If you feel confident enough, leave this blank so the personality can be revealed throughout the RP)
    Favourite subject:
    Favourite food:

    Name: Astrapi
    Nicknames: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Luicery Dragon
    Appearance: she is also 7ft 6 tall
    Power/s: Areokinesis
    Crush?: Luss
    Backstory: Revealed in RP
    Favourite subject: Art
    Favourite food: Not picky
    Likes: Stars, music, art, being herself, flying, peace, spending time with friends
    Dislikes: Idiots, foolishness, people who cuss all the time, blushing (she’ll often try to hide it), the heat
    Other: Theme song is Blue Lips

    Name: Kezian Riverr
    Nicknames: Kez, River boy (By Zach only)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Species: Wingless Luicery dragon
    Appearance: (Art of him is is creative corner)
    Power/s: Hydrokinesis
    Crush?: Zach
    Backstory: Revealed in RP
    Favourite subject: Music
    Favourite food: Fish
    Likes: Music, playing guitar, Zach, the water
    Dislikes: Liars, sass, rudeness
    Other: He’s gay AND European!
    Theme song is Castle on the Hill and/or Deviltown v1 and 2

    Name: Zach/Theo Lune
    Nicknames: Zachie (by his mom) Lemon Boy (By Kezian only)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Species: Anthropomorphic cat
    Appearance: (Artwork of him is in creative corner)
    Power/s: None
    Crush?: Slight crush on Kezian
    Favourite subject: English/writing
    Favourite food: Nachos and cheese (Zach) Chicken pizza (Theo)
    Backstory: Revealed in RP, had an ex-girlfriend who he ended up breaking up with due to her bullying Kezian for being gay
    Likes: Music, water, Kezian, the night (Zach) The sun, pranks, horror movies (Theo)
    Dislikes: Theo, bullies, his ex-girlfriend (Zach)
    Other: Theme song is Lemon Boy, has dissociative identity disorder, and he flicks between Zach and Theo, his two separate personalities
    1. Kezian and Zach
    2. Astrapi and Luss
    3. Wata and Fumeko
    4. Ptolemy and Gilgamesh
    5. Saphrax and Star
    6. Shen and Drake
    7. Carla and Alia
    School concert/talent show
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  2. I might join this if enough people join but i've started getting a little uninterested in roleplaying now actually. I hope to get into it again with a roleplay that i'm planning myself (though i don't know how many would actually join it. It's not a fandom as popular as other fandoms here)
  3. Sounds pretty cool! I'm interested!
  4. I just noticed by the way, you're rebooting @Red Gallade's RP without tagging him
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  5. hello there!~
    after ten weeks of ghosting charms for ~funky~ real life reasons, i am back and am suddenly very interested in getting back into roleplays! that being said, here's a fun lil duo i made just for this!

    Name: Aila Addair
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual, but bicurious? thats a thing? shes mostly straight but starting to maybe consider girls idk man
    Species: Selkie
    Appearance: (see: sketches)
    Aila is fairly average in appearance, standing at about 5’4. Her skin is light and slightly freckled. Her hair, a lighter shade of brown, hosts some somewhat messy bangs (did... did she cut those herself...?) and is usually up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a deep brown, almost black, with flecks of gold in them. She is almost a perfect human in her land form if it weren’t for the little whiskers on either side of her cheeks.
    Upon entering the water, Aila enters her sea form; where her legs merge to one long, soft tail. Similarly to a mermaid; her face stays humanoid, but up to her neck, her skin is smooth and that of a seal. Her whiskers become more prominent, and her fingers become webbed, similarly to fins. Her teeth become sharp, brought to a gleaming point.
    Personality: Aila is a playful thing, which may be her seal-like characteristics. She loves to tease and joke and have fun to no end, and getting a serious response from her may be difficult. She has a particular fondness of the moon, especially bloodmoons, and she quite likes to dance beneath the moonlight. She’s very affectionate to those she likes, and doesn’t try to hide a cold attitude from those she doesn’t.
    Power/s: (Including some minor skills here too, those that associate with her Selkie nature but I wouldn’t consider full powers.)
    -Ability to change to her sea form, only when completely submerged in water. I.E rain/washing her hands won’t make her a flopping mess of tail.
    -With the sea form, Aila has incredibly enhanced movement in water, as well as heightened senses in water.
    -On land, most of these abilities don’t apply, although her whiskers give her a slightly-better sense of feeling (maybe sensing a storm, like a dog/other whispered animal could.)
    Crush: N/A
    Backstory: Daughter of a Scottish diver and another Selkie, Aila grew up on the bay. Her mother died when she was very young, so it had just been her and her dad for a while. After a while, her father married a succubus with a teenage son from one of her precious... flings... who was now Aila’s incubus stepbrother, Shen. Her father soon sent Aila and Shen to Bloodpeak Academy, hoping they could harness their abilities.
    Favorite subject: Biology
    Favorite food: Sashimi (and, for whatever reason, cucumbers.)
    Likes: Swimming, eating, sunbathing, dancing, baggy clothes, the moon, shiny things.
    Dislikes: Pants, shoes, when people are sad, poachers.
    Name: Shen Valac
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Incubus
    Appearance: Shen is, for a lack of better words, rather cute, most likely from his incubine nature. The boy stands at around 5'9, and is rather thin all around. His skin is a light, ashen grey, a bit on the purple hue, just barely. His hair is fluffy and white. His eyes are a deep red-violet, and then the additions come in. Shen's ears are pointed towards the ends, and his left ear has two piercings. He has two small horns barely poking out through his hair, and a set of leathery wings protruding from his back, although also rather small. He has a tail of the same leatherish material, thin like a whip, until it fills out at a little point at the end. His canines are rather normal, albeit a bit longer and a tad sharper than the average human's.
    Personality: Despite his species, Shen ultimately lacks every personality trait of a common incubus. He isn't seductive in the slightest, nor is he manipulative. Instead, he gets incredibly flustered around women by the slightest mess-up, and is very easily embarrassed. He is incredibly intelligent, although very shy at first greeting. Although he stays quiet the majority of the time, he'll occasionally chime in with small facts. Should someone befriend him, he's very kind and appreciative, but it takes him quite a while to break his walls down.
    Power/s: -Can sense the presence of love, lust, or other romantic feelings in others.
    -Could technically persuade almost anyone to fall for him with incubine venom in the form of gases emitted from his tail, although he has never used it and he doesn't plan on it.
    -"Feeding", or absorbing someone else's romantic feelings or lust, is how all (in/suc)cubus essentially are immortal. Feeding is not required, however, and long periods of time without feeding cause them to age. Hence, Shen has never fed, and is still growing up.
    Crush: N/A
    Backstory: Simply the outcome of his mother being a succubus, born from a fling. Somehow, his mother managed to fall in love and stay in love, resulting in him gaining a wild stepsister, the selkie Aila.
    Favorite subject: History
    Favorite food: Peaches (although they provide him no sustenance.)
    Likes: Quiet places, sunrises, books, people with good fashion.
    Dislikes: Manipulators, people who start fights, loud noises, drama.

    wowww that took a while! let me know if im missing anything and i'll gladly get back to you on it :'))
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  6. This seems pretty fun! It's been a while since I've done a school RP. Here's my boi!

    Drake Lanthorn
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Werewolf
    Appearance: Drake has brown hair and blue eyes, and stands at about average height. Playing a few sports have endowed him with a bit more musculature than other normal people. Drake wears simple jeans and a camo button up long sleeve shirt, which he keeps unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up. He also wears a white undershirt and tennis shoes. His canine teeth are more pronounced, due to his werewolf nature. Drake has a scar on his left shoulder from when he was attacked by a werewolf. When he transforms into part-werewolf, he gets a bit more hairy. Grey, wolflike ears poke out of the top of his head, and his brown hair turns grey. He also grows a bit taller, and his features become just more wolflike in general. Going full werewolf, well, we all know what your standard werewolf looks like. A mix between a human and wolf that stands taller then the average human adult, with a wolf's head and gray fur.
    Power/s: Drake has enough understanding of his new abilities that he can slightly transform into his werewolf form with some concentration. This enhances his vision, sense of smell, and hearing, as well as his strength, agility, and toughness. On full moons, Drake fully transforms into a werewolf and loses control of his body. While as a werewolf, Drake goes full primal beast, and his skin becomes fully impenetrable (except for silver bullets or other silver weapons, that is).
    Backstory: Drake is relatively new to this whole monster life. While on a camping/hunting trip with his uncle, Drake was attacked by a mysterious wolf like creature. It didn't take him long to realize that something was wrong. Not sure what was happening to himself, and scared for the safety of his family, Drake ran away from home. He spent some time living on his own, trying to avoid detection and figure out what was happening to himself. While on his own, he was approached and invited to this school, to master his ability and learn about his new life.
    Favorite subject: Physical Education
    Favorite food: Calzones
    Likes: Guns, Games, Running, Camping, relaxing, action movies, rock and roll
    Dislikes: Cigarettes, Chocolate chip ice cream, dogs, cats
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  7. I like that there's plans/events section, because school RP is nothing without school events.

    Name: Ptolemy
    Nicknames: Ptolemy, Poy.
    Gender: Used to be male, but my boner is gone you know? Get it? Ahaha.
    Age: Died when he was 17. His current age is unknown even to him.
    Age: He
    Sexuality: I like high skullgirl
    Species: skeletons
    Appearance: A pretty tall skeleton, his forehead is rather wide. His bones is healthily white because he enjoys taking a milk bath.
    Personality: A humerous skeleton... Allright, I will stop for now.
    Power/s: He defied death, can also disassemble and reassemble himself.
    Crush: no, not yet?
    Backstory: He's already dedd, yet he still come bacc. Now why the hell he must take refuge in a school?!
    Favourite subject: biology
    Favourite food: milk
    Likes: milk
    Dislikes: coffee
    Other: "Why some particular fandoms like to take photo with me instead of being scared is beyond reasons."

    Now this one is not a student, but a bunch of abnormal students will attract another abnormal creatures, no?
    Name: Ebony
    Gender: male
    Age: 2
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Species: black cat
    Appearance: a regular chubby black cat with black scarf.
    Personality: all the school ground is his territory! All must bow to him and give him snack whenever he demands it.
    Power/s: he can talk and he can walk through shadow.
    Crush: no crush but every female cats on a ten kilometers radius can sense his masculinity and will instantly head over paws for him. At least he believes so.
    Backstory: Someone abandoned a sick kitten on the street. Someone else took the kitten and nurse him until he recovers. The kitten grew into a healthy strong cat. The cat pay back his savior by making the school his territory and defends it from outside threat. The cat lives happily ever aft- wait what??
    Favourite subject: none
    Favourite food: anything tasty and expensive
    Likes: luxury, servants
    Dislikes: human
    Other: uh, bloodmoon
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  8. Astrapi talked with me about it beforehand and I said it was okay.

    I can't say the chances are likely I'll re-join though.
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  9. I may rejoin this later.
    Luss- look Thomas, now there is more Incubuses... Im not original anymore.
    Clint- You still are 'his' son.
    Luss- But still... It hurts a bit... Okay, I will be a friend with him.
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  10. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Everyone is accepted, but @Spoiled Bread, is Ebony anthropomorphic/bipedal? If they're not could you change that please?
    Edit: oh wait nvm

    I just realised I left out age in the bios, could everyone just add that in under gender please?
  11. I don't register Ebony as student. He's just a superpowered stray cat to make the environment more lively.
  12. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    I know, I just realised too late
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  13. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Hm, I might join in... I might not go with Yoaquin though, I just don't feel up to writing with him that much.
    (Also I have a bit of a lack of writing motivation, but I probably can push through for a RP)
    EDIT: Here they are:
    Name: Fumeko Fukuso.
    Nicknames: Fū- fū-chan (Hates being called that though).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 16.
    Sexuality: Bi (though slightly prefers girls).
    Species: Kitsune.
    Appearance: Messy short light brown hair, hazel eyes, light brown skin, average height (around 157cm/5 feet 1.8 inches), red-ish brown fox ears and three red-ish brown tails with silver-y tips. Typically wears a loose bright orange and red elbow-length sleeved top, a knee-length bright orange flared skirt and golden orange shoes with red and yellow laces.
    Personality: Kind, quite laid-back and easy-going; she rarely does any strenuous activities as she feels like it’s probably a waste of time that could be spent relaxing or doing more important things like working out semi-complex sums.
    Power/s: Can turn into a three-tailed red-ish brown furred fox, limited pyrokinesis.
    Crush?: None yet.
    Backstory: Will be revealed later (whenever I can be bothered to write one of these).
    Favourite subject: Maths.
    Favourite food: Ghost Peppers.
    Likes: Fruit, relaxing and warmth.
    Dislikes: Anything sugary, being disturbed and the cold.
    Other: Bloodmoon.
    Name: Wata Osean.
    Nicknames: Sē-san.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 15, almost 16.
    Sexuality: Lesbian.
    Species: Kitsune.
    Appearance: Long, curly, almost black hair, blue eyes, slightly below average height (around 155cm/5 feet 1 inch), cream fox ears and two tails. Typically wears a dusky blue T-shirt, dull aqua 3/4 length leggings, ¼ length white socks rolled down slightly and blue trainers with aqua and white laces tied into a bow.
    Personality: Energetic, bubbly and headstrong; she tries her absolute hardest to take change of a situation whenever she think it’ll get her closer to a (at least somewhat) cute or pretty girl, though it often doesn’t work out how she hopes.
    Power/s: Can turn in to a two-tailed cream-furred fox, limited cryokinesis.
    Crush?: None yet.
    Backstory: Will be revealed later (whenever I can be bothered to write one of these).
    Favourite subject: P.E.
    Favourite food: Strawberry-flavoured water.
    Likes: Fruit, water and anything exciting.
    Dislikes: Relaxing, being pranked and being bored.
    Other: Bloodmoon.
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  14. Well let's make him return
    Name: Lussuria Libidine
    Nicknames: Luss
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: bisexual, but he prefer girls.
    Species: Incubus (By Succub mother), Devil (By hated old man (Dad))
    Appearance: IMG_20190504_180547.jpg
    Tall, muscular Demon, with 2 small horns and two bigger. He has also giant black wings. Usually wears black t-shirt and red shorts. His tail has spikes, that looks like turned around, black hearts.
    Personality: Manipulative, He always seek a possibility for fun, but he never wants have fun by making someone hurt or sad. He respect people, especially women.
    Power/s:1. Incubuses magical charm
    2. Can raise his claws to unnormal size in combat
    3. Later, from his Father blood. He could use magic to summon his own demonic servants.
    Crush?: He don't think about having a crush, but he really likes to spend time with Astrapi.
    Backstory: Revealed in RP
    Favourite subject: Magic (I remember there was such a subject in that school on previous RP) and PE
    Favourite food: Pancakes!!! (and Souls...)
    Likes: Girls and interesting events
    Dislikes: Father, serious people
    Other: bloodmoon

    And There comes a New Student.
    Name: Gilgamesh Izacherio
    Nicknames: Gil, He likes from others to be called by 'King'.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Physically 16 (Unknown)
    Sexuality: bisexual, but he don't have time to care about Love.
    Species: Son of the Angel and Demigod (So he is... Like 1/4 God, 1/2 Angel and 1/4 Human)
    Appearance: Called by his Demi-God Father a 'Golden Boy' as he Has Golden hair and eyes, He likes to wear also golden clothes on, but recently he wears just a normal white T-shirt and blue trousers. He is average height, muscular person.
    Personality: Right now, He is full of pride and arrogance man. He see everyone else as someone way worse than him, even teachers in his eyes are like servants. In the RP future, I think about changing him into a better person somehow.
    Power/s: 1. Light magic
    2. Immortal (He is reincarnated after death)
    3. Can summon from gates of heavens the things he collected in live.
    4. Can reveal his angelic wings at will
    Crush?: None, He never seek anyone to love.
    Backstory: Revealed in Rp
    Favourite subject: history, (where he is included the most)
    Favourite food: None.
    Likes: Himself
    Dislikes: anyone that don't respect him.
    Other: bloodmoon
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  15. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

  16. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    I probably should've waited for a post before editing in the the character bios in my other post.
  17. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    You're accepted!
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  18. Noticed that later but didn't correct my mistake because i was so tired and couldn't sleep (i feel asleep at like 7am for you Brittish people). I'm sorry i didn't correct it
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  19. Bumbletime

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  21. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Thats fine ^^
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  22. I'm good to start doing dorms, just stick Drake wherever!
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  23. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    I really don't care where my characters end up, though I would like them to be either in adjacent or the same dorm(s) to/as each other.
  24. owo what's this?

    It is a reboot of Bloodpeek Academy I see?
    I might be interested to join, but I'm gonna make a character later if I decide to join.
    Yes I know that I dropped out of the first RP, but I had some stuff going on the background that I needed to take care of first.. so I want to try this again :)
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  25. Making dorms... Nah, don't really care, where I will be, put me where you want
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  26. Aila and Shen can be put wherever you want dorm-wise!
    also oooo! shen the awkward loser incubus and luss, a reaaaal incubus, manipulative and everything!! im excited for these interactions~
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  28. oo, sure!!
    just gotta find a roommate for aila now c:
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  29. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    I think I'll have Astrapi and Luss sharing a dorm, like in the last RP.
    As for everyone else, Gilgamesh and Ptolemy
    Aila and Fumeko
    As for Wata, we'll have to wait for another character, unless @wintersolstice is happy with waiting instead
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  30. As I keep reading bios, I can help but think that most of Rp time Gil will be pissed off
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  31. since pika requested that fumeko and wata be in the same dorm, aila could bunk alone for the time being. im sure someone will come alone during the roleplay that could fill in that spot.
    besides, aila will probably spend quite a lot of time in shen and drake’s dorm. she tends to stick close to shen B))
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  32. If i'm joining again, should i have both of my previous OC's or not? Or should i make a new one? Or should i use another of my OC's? Or should i use one of my previous OC's but not the other? I would like someone's opinion on that
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  33. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    I'd keep them both
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  34. Name: Raina Summerfield
    Nicknames: None
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: straight
    Species: Elf
    Appearance: Raina stand at about 5'3". She is very petite. Her hair is very long and has a slight wave to it. It is white in color. Her skin is pale and flawless. Her eyes are very striking and enchanting. They tend to shift from dark blue to purple. Her ears tend to stick out of hair and come to a point. She tends to wear a pair of black skinny jeans, that are ripped. Her shirt is a dark purple tank top. She tends ro wear black converse. When it is cold she will put on a black leather jacket.
    Personality: (If you feel confident enough, leave this blank so the personality can be revealed throughout the RP)
    • She can change her form into any animal she wants. Though they tend to always be from the feline or canine family.
    • Raina can help plants to flourish and has slight control over them.
    Crush?: Drake
    Backstory: Learn in the RP.
    Favourite subject: Music
    Favourite food: Pizza
    Likes: Nature, beaches, swimming, and anything that has to do with music
    Dislikes: She hates being labled. People who treat others unfairly.
    Other: Bloodmoon

    Name: Saphrax
    Gender: Male
    Age: 180
    Sexuality: Gay
    Species: Vampire
    Appearance: Saphrax stands at 5"8. He has a swimmers build. His chest is toned. He has long and thick black hair. His eyes are deepset and have a dark purple color. He has very pale skin. He has a set of retractable canines that are longer then a normal human. He tends to wear a bit of eyeliner. He has has a nose ring on his left side. He has gauges in his ear lobes. They are black and are about the size of a penny. On the upper part of ears he has two rings. They are made of rose gold. He tends to wear band t-shirts, black skinny jeans. On his feet he wears a red converse. His right wrist has a few bracelets. His nails are painted black. On his neck he wears a rose gold guitar pendent necklace.
    Personality: (If you feel confident enough, leave this blank so the personality can be revealed throughout the RP)
    • He is stronger then he looks. He is able to lift 10 tens his weight.
    • He is very mesmerizing. He has a soothing voice that makes others want to do what he wants them to.
    • He has gained the ability to shapeshift into a black wolf.
    • He can blend into the shadows when it is dusk or nightime.
    Backstory: Learn in the RP
    Favourite subject: Art
    Favourite food:
    Likes: Art, music, and being alone to do his own thing.
    Dislikes: Loud people.
    Other: Bloodmoon
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  35. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    @EmoKitty21 Accepted! And with that, the RP is closed!
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  36. Hey um.. I'm not sure if I can still join, but I would like to. I did show interest, but I'm in the process of making my character. I just wanted to quickly check before I continue, though it's pretty later here where I am so I have to sleep, but I'll try to finish my character as soon as I can!
  37. I'm fine with Ptolemy being in a room with anyone. Throw your worst matchmaking at me!!
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  38. @Spoiled Bread
    She already threw the worst possible matchmaking (Xd)
  39. Oh, I didn't see that. Prepare yourself for the bonehead roomies!
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  40. Welp, here's my character!

    Carla Hill
    Nicknames: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Cyclops

    Appearance: Carla stands at 228 cm (or about 7.5 ft.) with a build that has some definition on. She carries around a unpleasant and an intimidating aura around her, so most people don't willingly approach her. She is rather human like except that she is really tall to be human and she has only a big eye where there's supposed to be two. The color of the iris is teal and her hair color is light brown. The hairstyle of the young cyclops is quite short, as it only reaches half way her neck and the left side of it is shaved till the ear of the same side. She does usually wears a small and simple black stud earrings on both of her ears, but she usually takes them off for sports or something similar. Her skin is slightly tanned which most likely comes from that she likes to be outside a lot, but it's not perfect at all as on her knees and legs she usually has some small scratches and old scars that have probably come from being outside a lot both as a child and as a teenager. Her nose also has a small bump, indicating that her nose has been broken once. Carla usually wears a black hoodie that's slightly too big even for her with a white t-shirt that has a popular clothing brand on it, though the hoodie is usually zipped close. She also wears jeans that are ripped, but you can't be sure if it was already like that when bought or not.

    Personality: As mentioned before, Carla carries around a intimidating aura around her so people usually don't approach willingly if they don't need her for something. She can be quite blunt and negative most of the time and isn't afraid to use her strength on someone, but in that case it would most likely be out of self defense than something else, but her definition of self defense is a little different that other people. Her way of speaking may seem very childish, but that's because she, like many other cyclopes, have limited vocabulary, though her smarts are still average. She also likes to be sarcastic and snarky most of the time. She is also quite stubborn and determined.

    Super strength and fire immunity. Though Cyclopes are also known for excellent craftsmanship, but I think it would be more like a skill than a power.
    Crush?: none... for now at least...
    Backstory: Going to be revealed in the RP
    Favourite subject: P.E and arts (crafts to be specific)
    Favourite food: Spear mint, but also mint in general
    Likes: Soccer/football, climbing trees and crafting
    Dislikes: Spicy food, snakes and home work
    Other: Carla is actually far sighted so she should actually need glasses to see something up close, reading or at a computer, but she doesn't wear them at school or at a public places even though she knows about it
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