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aRX'S aRT Thread...

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Satoren, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. ...... :-X......

    Uhh, I couldn't really think of a nice way to introduce this thread, so I'll skip on ahead to the Pictures.....

    This is Ufobun (top most) and it's evolutions (follow the arrows) Bunoffu and Usamars (lul I'm not so good when it comes to coming up with names) Ufobun and it's evolutions are Steel/ Psychic types, and heaven only knows why I came up with such things ;D Seriously, compared to my other concepts, this one is as "out of this world" as they go....

    And this is Shuzu (left) and its evolution, Arughan (the arrogant Pokemon ftw) this design was inspired one day when I was doodling out of boredom, and suddenly in came my cousin's Shit Tzu. Shuzu and it's evolution are Normal Types, and it's safe to say Shuzu is Skitty's Canine Counterpart...

    This is Blustang, and it's evolution Barkuda. I'm still thinking if they should be Water/ Dark, or water/ Poison...

    Well, that's it for now. Next time, I'll show you my 6 (I have so far created 150 fakemon, split into 2 generations) Starters, as well as some designs on trainers....

    note: No Stealing Please, these are copyrighted Works!
  2. Very nice indeed! I especially like Usamars, though the middle evolution seems slightly odd, since the first and last look like rabbits, yet the ears of the middle one don't match at all. Is it intended to be a form of cocoon?
  3. I love Shuzu! So adorable. And you're right, Arughan does look rather arrogant. A fitting look for it, I think.
  4. [​IMG]
    As promised, here are the six starters!
    Clockwise from Top Left: Mintea, Kurisenshi, Salember, Awatako, Dewble and Faltot
    Mintea and Kurisenshi are grass types, while Salember and Faltot are fire types, and Dewble and Awatako are water types.
    notes:Kurisenshi loosely means "chestnut warrior" while Awatako loosely means "bubble octopus" (although I based Awatako on cuttlefish ^^)

    Tune in and maybe I'll post their evolutions as well.
  5. Yet again nice work. Only another 137 to go eh?
  6. Aww..They are all so adorable!! I really really like Shuzu!! It's so adorable! I wish it was a real pokemon!! =D I wouldnt defiently catch it! Lol..Keep it up your drawing is so good!! -^-^-!
  7. Your fakemon look so real.
    I can't wait to see the rest! xD

    Part of me wants to do a fakemon adventure roleplay with your pokemon, they are so cool!

    But, I am wondering, will you be coloring your works at all?
    I would love to see them in their invisioned coloring.
    Or if you aren't going to color, could I give my hand at it, and PM you the results when I finally finish? xD
  8. Well, I am planning on coloring them. But that's probably a long way off hehe. you could color them if you like. PM me so I know who you want to color and I can tell you what colors you'll need...
  9. I LUV THEM.

    These my friend, are pure awsomeness. It would be awsome to see someone sprite these.
  10. They are very good drawlings ......heck they're awesome, except that the look kinda over detailed ( not that it's a bad thing ) I like the middle right one, a lot
    You should give them names
  11. Nice pics, RX. I love your art style.

    Under your Ufobun, et al., picture, you said you were having trouble coming up with names? Have you considered something with the acronym EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Lifeform), or, dare I say, ALF (Alien Life Form)? Usamars could instead be Ebegi or Ebagi or something.
  12. I am really impressed by your fakemon, I really like your 2nd starter (right hand corner).It has a grassy-like-feeling.
  13. They do have names, if you bother to read the text below the pic. The middle right would be Salember.

    [quote author:princeRiolu link=topic=2056.msg21468#msg21468 date=1181268403]
    I am really impressed by your fakemon, I really like your 2nd starter (right hand corner).It has a grassy-like-feeling.
    Why thank you. It is a grass type after all.

    Well, with the opening of my new fan fic here on Pokecharms, I've decided to release my Fakemon in numerical Order. So, here's page one of the Arpein Pokedex...

    I'll start from the top left going down in columns.

    Aromatic Pokemon
    Grass type
    Mintea collects photosynthetic energy from the leaf on it's back. The seeds on its tail are said to grow into a very beautiful and fine-scented plant when released

    Dash Pokemon
    Grass Type
    Evolves from Mintea
    Locira can be seen hunting in packs, they dash across the grasslands and can identify each other by their sweet scents. Each Pack of Locira are said to have a specific scent.

    Generator Pokemon
    Grass Type
    Evolves from Locira
    Tyrannaur can hold large sums of photosynthetic energy in their bodies, which they use to power their fast metabolism. They sleep all night long due to the lack of energy to fuel their powerful bodies.

    Convection Pokemon
    Fire type
    Faltot hatch from their eggs only in extreme amounts of heat, such as volcanic areas where they tend to nest. When their tail is fully developed they use this to fan themselves as they tend to store too much heat in their bodies.

    Convection Pokemon
    Fire/Flying Type
    Evolves from Faltot
    Falcomet emits hot air surrounding its body so that it can float upwards. It is known to leave a trail of vapor int the air as it dives down to hunt.

    Convection Pokemon
    Fire/Flying Type (I'd make it a Fire/Dragon but that wouldn't be fair for a starter)
    Evolves from Falcomet
    Falgriff are mostly found in the mountains, hollowing out icy caves with their flames for them to rest in. They are extremely powerful flyers and can be seen streaking the sky with long flames.

    Bubble Egg Pokemon
    Water Type
    Dewble are hatched underwater, and are kept in a bubble of air until their breathing is adjusted to fit the water. Their shiny skin is covered by a film that protects them from infections.

    Gurgling Pokemon
    Water Type
    Evolves from Dewble
    Wavelarr have highly developed vocal cords, which it can use to imitate sounds. Each Wavelarr is said to have its own song, which they sing to attract mates.

    Sonar Pokemon
    Water Type
    Evolves from Wavelarr
    Khankarr are extremyl swift swimmers, and on land can jum great distances with their powerful legs. Their loud voices are said to shatter rocks in sonic pulses.

    Apple Worm Pokemon
    Bug/Grass Type
    Marval eggs are laid within apples, and when they hatch, the apple grows around them and fuses with their body (lol eww) These Pokemon live in trees, and are said to gain sustenance from the apple fused to them. When it is completely withered, they shed this and begin to evolve.

    Pupa Pokemon
    Bug/grass Type
    Evolves from Marval
    Pupyrus dangle in the trees, hanging from the hooked appendage they evolved with. This hook also functions by pumping sap from the tree to feed the Pokemon inside.

    Apothecary Pokemon
    Bug/Flying Type
    Evolves from Pupyrus
    Each of Chemystier's Four wings holds a specific kind of powder. It releases them in the air in varying amounts to create effective poisons and scents.

    Burrow Pokemon
    Bug/Ground Type
    Drillwig have tough but brittle exoskeletons, too much damage can result in breaking it's exoskeleton and leaving it invulnerable. This is why Drillwig stay underground, coming out for short periods to capture food.

    Battalion Pokemon
    Bug/Ground Type
    Evolves from Drillwig
    Having gained a strong shell, Beetalion are known to be firece fighters who don't back down form challenges. Their powerful horns can shatter rocks and trees as it charges.

    Three star Pokemon
    Bug Type
    Bred from Ledyba or Ledian
    Ledayby are born at night, and develop a love for the stars. They are unable to fly yet and tend to build up too much energy collected from stars, causing them to glow.

    Thick-legged Pokemon
    Bug/Dark Type
    Evolves from Ariados
    Terronta attach silk net traps to fruits in trees, where it hides and waits for prey to take them and be captured. Their venom can even make trees rot.
  14. Well.... wow. Those are all excellent, and their details are all highly characterful. I look forward to seeing even more!
  15. Well, you got what you wanted, Xanth, here's page 2 of the Arpein Pokedex...

    Flustered Pokemon
    Sparrot are very violent and ill-tempered Pokemon. Despite this, they often gather in groups to build nests on cliffsides. Sparrot's continually molt their feathers until they are ready to evolve.

    Plumage Pokemon
    Evolves from Sparrot
    It's elegant plumage glitters in seven colors as it flies. When a Marklaw feather falls near you, it is said to be a sign of good luck.

    Humming Pokemon
    This POkemon is quite small and delicate, it avoids danger by flying at high speeds to avoid damaging its fragile wings

    Sonic Pokemon
    Evolves from Hymning
    Sonnit are attracted to sweet music, and alternates the beating of its wings according to the rhythm it hears. Their beaks are sharp enough to pierce wood in order to feed on the sap inside.

    Fencing Pokemon
    Evolves from Sonnit
    Thrustler move and attack in certain rhythms, and no two Thrustler share the same rhythm. This Pokemon prefers to use its powerful legs to jump and dash around. It only flies when traveling great distances.

    Chime Pokemon
    Jingell are said to live on the moon together with clefairies. They're relationship is said to have taught the Clefairies how to use metronome after listening to the enchanting sounds this Pokemon makes.

    Chime Pokemon
    Evolves from Jingell
    The sweet rings coming from the ornaments on Wringell's ears are said to be used to cast spells.

    Demolition Pokemon
    Bombat create their bombs from apriconrs and other natural substances. They use thes in order to hollow out caves for them to sleep in. Despite their sensitive hearing, the explosions do not seem to agitate them.

    Demolition Pokemon
    Evolves from Bombat
    Evilot are attracted to loud noises, and are often found nesting under bridges in towns and cities. They only sleep when it is very noisy, and will stay awake as long as it is silent.

    Stonepin Pokemon
    Pyndrile's Behaviour and Physiology suggests this POkemon is closely related to Sandshrew. It digs shallow pits where it sleeps and can often be seen with its spikes pointing out of the ground.

    Quickpin Pokemon
    These Pokemon can manipulate the ground around them with their powerful claws in order to build large tunnels where they live in. Because thei claws are tough and sharp, they are unable to hold objects.

    Sweet Seed Pokemon
    Kenseeko are often seen dancing about int the forests, this is actually a manner for them to keep their large heads balanced while moving. Kenseeko are also described to be dancing to the rhythm of the forest.

    Valiant Pokemon
    Evolves from Male Kenseeko
    Floriking in earlier civilizations were very close with humans, and thus have evolved with a sense of friendliness and composure. They have excellent manners and can understand human speech.

    Elegant Pokemon
    Evolves from Female Kenseeko
    When a Floriquin is attracted to another Pokemon, it asks to dance with him in hopes of winning his affection. Floriquin give off a sweet scent that calms you ands makes you more friendly.

    Helium Pokemon
    The happier a Pumpuff is, the higher up it flies. Pumpuff particularly like playing in the clouds.

    Air Cannon Pokemon
    evolves from Pumpuff
    Geysel use the powerful cannons on their back to launch them high up. They can also create sudden gusts of wind with these cannons. If a Geysel is Agitated, it can make a sound similar to a train whistle.
  16. Very nice! Geysel is most definitely a favourite thanks to the description and expression it has. It's great to see more fakemon that look like they could actually be in a Pokémon game. Excellent stuff.
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  17. Evilot is mah favorite.
  18. Damn. Looks like I got a lot to sprite! :3
  19. Dun worry, I'll try to help out. ^^

    Ozzybeans, as if you didn't notice, is helping me in Spriting my fakemon, so check out his outstanding work sometime...
  20. I haven't posted any Fakemon sprites yet >.>

    Oh! That reminds me. I did Mintea. I need to upload that.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lots of dinosaur/lizard/dragon-ish Pokemon, eh? Me likes... pretty well all of them. Spydral is a definite fave of mine, both by the design and the type, but I rather like Tyrannaur and Falgriff too. Your lineart is nice and clean, and the proportions look really good. Do you ever plan to color anything?

    Looking forward to these sprites posted by Ozzy :)
  22. Although Spydral was a designed about a decade ago (before GS no less) He's sort of my reply to Lucario...

    Onward to page 3...

    Water Nymph Pokemon
    Water Type
    Lorell can be seen skimming across the lake and nest in the marshes. The jewels that decorate their ears are said to keep them afloat.

    Water Nymph Pokemon
    Water/Ice Type
    Evolves from female Lorell
    The jewel on it's chest is said to be its heart, and is only as pure as the water of the lake or pond it lives in. Flowrante are said to worship the legendary spirit of the north windss, Suicune.

    Top Pokemon
    Water Type
    Sluggom move about by tucking themselves within their shell and rolling across the sea floor. It can stay underwater for long periods of time, owing to its advanced respiratory system.

    Buzzsaw Pokemon
    Water/Fighting Type
    Evolves from Sluggom
    When two Sluggom join together, they evolve into Beigomma. They use their heads in the same manner fighting Pokemon use their fists. Their crowns are also said to release a powerful toxin with every "punch."

    Ring tail Pokemon
    Normal Type
    When a Twistail is born, it must learn to control its tail first. They keep their tails coiled up so that they can immediately use it as a spring to escape from predators.

    Monochrome Pokemon
    Normal Type
    Evolves from Twistail
    It wags it's two tails to confuse opponents. It moves at high speeds and is often described to look like a black and white streak passing by.

    Fighting Spirit Pokemon
    Ghost Type
    This Pokemon is known as "the spirit of valor" and was often seen during wars, mistaken to be floating helmets. Historical accounts speak of Great Military leaders who always entered a battle with a Spectorb

    Fighting Spirit Pokemon
    Ghost/Fighting Type
    evolves from Spectorb
    Flectre mostly haunt old dojos, as they are attracted to the people's fighting spirits. It can become transparent, making it a difficult opponent to hit.

    Static Pokemon
    Electric/Flying type
    When a hatchip is ready to hatch, it's egg glows brightly and dispels static electricity. Hatchip travel in small groups, clinging to each other's static.

    Young Fowl Pokemon
    Electric/Flying Type
    Evolves from Hatchip
    Elecoop feed on small insects, and stun them with electricity before eating them. These Pokemon eat a lot to build up on energy.

    Nurture Pokemon
    Electric/Flying Type
    Evolves from female Elecoop
    Their feathers resemble clouds, and they use these to keep their eggs warm. They send out static waves around them to protect their nests.

    Champion Fowl POkemon
    Electric/Flying Type
    Evolves from Male Elecoop
    Rostar are speedy Pokemon, and a re often used to ride from town to town. They can turn their beaks into magnetic compasses to locate their destinations.

    Nocturnal Pokemon
    Dark Type
    Tarzine live high the treetops, hanging on thin bamboo stalks. When several of them gather, their glowing eyes resemble starry skies.

    Calf Pokemon
    Normal Type
    Female Marodor evolve into Miltank
    Male Marodor evolve into Tauros
    One can tell whether a Marodor is male or female by the color of the patch on their head. They use their pacifier as a ring, which their parents wrap their tails around so it won't get lost.

    Gumball Pokemon
    Normal Type
    Evolves from Ditto
    Doublitt has a wider range of forms to transform into, as well as a more versatile range of attacks. These Pokemon are very social, often transforming into another Pokemon to join it's group.

    Opposite Pokemon
    Dark/Psychic Type
    Evolves from Girafarig
    Its horns emits psychic waves to confuse predators as it feeds. It's tail possesses equal intelligence as its head and is much more friendly in comparison.
  23. Again, very nice! The Hatchip line is great, since another electric and flying mix is welcome. Marodor finally ties Tauros and Miltank together, so that's also good. The designs once again are nicely done indeed. 61 illustrated so far, you're well on your way now.
  24. lol at doublitt, I was thinking if its transform would be
    a)the ability to randomly into a POkemon it has encountere din battle or
    b) the ability to transform into a random pokemon of either yours or the opponents
  25. -mauls all o' RX's creations-


    -at once-

    ILU 'EM! If I wazzn't moving at the moment, I'd spaz out and stalk yew in order to get in on coloring some/all of them. 'cause they're kawaii x

  26. And now for something somewhat different, meh fanfic characters....
    Introducing Team Rocket's Elite 13!!
    I-? ? ? ?
    II- Glacia
    III- Naga
    IV- Ringo
    V- Smith
    VI- Gerard
    VII- Yoko
    VIII- Gaea
    IX- Ronnie
    X- ? ? ? ?
    XI- Carson
    XII- Andy
    XIII- Alex

    (find the numbers)

    Rocket's 13 are dispatched into the land of Arpein under direct orders from Giovanni. They're objective: to become the most notorious group ever known in the region. But their leader, Number 1, has other ideas. In his pursuit of power, Number 1 hopes to awaken the 3 legendary dragons, Haylong, Romeria, and Tundrarg, and establish his own Order. Will he Succeed?

    Each member of Rocket's 13 specializes in a specific Pokemon Type. Although their personalities vary, they are a tightly-knit bunch, and don't take kindly to betrayal, as exemplified by their vengeance on the treachery of the mysterious tenth member, codename: Rocket X.

    Although they have villainous intentions, they are nevertheless trusted by their Pokemon. What troubles could they be bringing to the land of Arpein for Ash and his new friends?

    lol...mega spoiler for my fanfic, but I doubt I divulged too much, although quite enough to leave you curious...
    *eyebrow twitch*
  27. *loves fakemon*

    they're all awesome. they might be a bit girafarig, salamence, and zangoose-esque, but they're all awesome.

    this is like stel's bio-art (yeah, that's what i call it) and game freak stuff combined.

    cute enough to market, and real enough to be believable.

    and on the fanfic: i never expected to see...well, the most ash-like character eva in a rocket team. so, it works out pretty darn well =D
  28. it is purely, utterly and surely a coincidence that Alex looks exactly like Hoenn Ash...
  29. You should make these into sprites! They're great.
  30. Hey all, it's been a while,admittedly even longer since I wrote in my fan fic, but anyway, here's page 4 of the Arpein Pokedex...


    Blast Bug Pokemon
    Fire/Bug type
    Lumignat will sit motionless waiting for its prey, before suddenly flying forward with the prupulsion produce by its tail. They stay low on the ground to prevent trees and plants from catching fire.

    Bomb Pokemon
    Electric/Fire type
    evolves into Voltorb
    It shows its affection for someone by burning the fuse on its head vigorously. Sometimes, these young pokemon have a hard time controlling their explosions

    Artic Pokemon
    Ice/Steel type
    Glacyle are found in the north, slowly swimming under thick sheets of Ice. They're tough bodies can withstand the cold, and they themselves are known to freeze objects that touch them.

    Artic Pokemon
    Ice/Steel type
    Evolves from Glacyle
    Glacyx sleep while encased in ice to protect them from the weather. They shatter bits of ice to eat using powerful metallic roars.

    Thresher Pokemon
    Water type
    Gouramin attract bugs to sit on its tail before catching them. When schools of gouramin can be seen swimming, their tails resemble a large moving marsh

    Sonar Pokemon
    Water/Psychic type
    Evolves from Gouramin
    These highly intelligent pokemon are said to be able to communicate with machines. Int he ocean, they can emit psychic waves that can be felt from several miles away.

    Cellular Pokemon
    Poison type
    Monocel are said to be microscopic organisms that mutated and grew. Nevertheless, it is registered to be the smallest pokemon yet. Monocel often feed on disease carrying microbes, and are a big help to the medical community.

    Leech Pokemon
    Poison type
    Evolves from Monocel
    Gleechin are said to suck away all harmful onbects from its host. Gleechin can stay attached to their host for a long time.

    Double Jet Pokemon
    Water Type
    Evolves from Octillery
    Tentarmory swim swiftly through the water by firing a projectile from its mouth. It's pointy tail can also fire projectiles and can spear prey.

    Nut pokemon
    Grass type
    Nuttomb bury themselves in the soil to obtain nutrients. They're hard shells can even burrow through rocks and mountains

    Seedling pokemon
    Grass type
    evolves from Nuttomb
    This Pokemon tends to stay atop tall trees collecting sunlight. Their boundless energy makes them persistent in whatever they do.

    Mature Pokemon
    Grass/Fighting type
    Evolves from Petaleen
    Berriold often discard the berries on their heads, but another one grows back. This pokemon is oddly strong and scares of intruders with its walking stick.

    Shell Pokemon
    Grass/Ghost type
    Evolves from Petaleen together with Berriold
    After a Berriold discards its shell, a wandering spirit takes it to protect itself from the weather and harmful attacks. Emptylo spirits are said to draw an unknown power from the shell to learn Grass attacks.

    Lonesome Pokemon
    Dark type
    Vlademere appear in abandoned houses in search of playmates. It is said a Vlademere is formed form the memories and emotions left in an abandoned home.

    Graceful Pokemon
    Dark/Psychic type
    Evolves from Vlademere
    Vlademi hum an eerie, but otherwise beautiful tune. They do this because these Pokemon enjoy dancing.

    Enigmatic POkemon
    Dark/Psychic Type
    Evolves from female Vlademi
    Vlademare are said to appear during a full moon to draw energy form it. The earring that hangs form their horn is said to contain immense power.
  31. I still can't figure out how to place the names with the pokemon, they're too hard to find the names for, at least for me... x.x

    I like that minature Dragon especially! The bottom-left. =D
  32. That's Glacyx...

    If this were the page

    lumignat Gouramin Tentarmory Emptylo

    Bombye Dolphanim Nuttomb Vlademere

    Glacyle Monocel Petaleen Vlademi

    Glacyx Gleechin Berriold Vlademare
  33. ok, i think doing the page like that, or editing on the names by the pkmn on the page, would help out a bit more, because i got confused on the emptylo definition because i though it was vlademere...

    btw, i like the Vlademere line best, though im not sure if i'd evolve Vlademi or not
  34. There's a male variant, but that's on the next page....Emptylo, if you haven't noticed is another one of those Shedinja-class evolutions....
  35. Once again Rocket X, I just have to say they're magnificent. I'd love to see all these in sprite form. My favourites from the latest page are Monocel, Gleechin, Tentarmory, Glacyx, Gouramin and the Vlademere line. I can't actually narrow it down from them since the designs are great and evocative of the whole Pokémon feel. A seriously big well done to you.
    #36 Xanthier, Aug 3, 2007
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  36. Gleechin is secretly a powerhouse, he's one of my fave evolutions...

    adn while we wait for page 5...


    Another single evolution line pic, and this pokemon has to be one of my fave designs evar.

    Grudgeon (bottom left), Geistol (upper left) and Geisteel (right) while Grudgeon and Geistol are purely Ghost Types, Geisteel is a Ghost/Steel type (guillotine Pokemon ftw)
  37. Hah, nice, those hats are awesome! What colours would those last three be?
  38. I stinking love Glacyx. It's just pwnsome. Awesome job, RX. The Vlade line is sweet, too. Dolphanim is adorable... I've always had a soft spot for Dolphins.

    And thank you for the explanation.

    This last page reminds me, most pleasantly, of Kingdom Hearts... It' so cool, and I'm glad there's a pure ghost, that doesn't stink, somewhere. Ghost/Steel is very original. Guillotine pokemon.... Lol. Dang it, you've got drawing skills man! They're very clean, do you ever make mistakes? Nothing of them are messed up by pencil/eraser smudges at all.
  39. The last three are Black and white (so they're already coloured lol), cept their eyes are red....

    I did loosely base the Grudgeon line on Nobodies. Good eye there ;D
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