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Ask to Join A Journey Through the Kalos Region! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Skippidypowpow, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the Kalos region, young Trainer! On your travels, you will encounter new experiences, bond with people and Pokémon, and fulfill your dreams!
    Now, here are the rules.

    1. Up to 2 OC's per person.
    2. No godmoding or Mary Sues
    3. Evolution needs to happen realistically.
    4. You need permission from StellarWind for a Mega Ring
    5. You need permission from Stellar for Battle Bond as well. The Pokémon you want to Battle Bond with cannot Mega Evolve.
    6. You cannot have a separate Mega from a Battle Bond Pokémon.
    7. Don't break rules.
    8. Please make a Trainer Card for this RP so that you don't get lost as to your team.
    9. Of course, the biggest romance is kissing. Dating in the RP is fine.

    Your bio template is located below. My bios (if anyone cares) are below that.

    Bio template:

    Pokémon So Far:
    Starter Choice:
    Future Team:

    My bios:

    Name: Jonathan Smith
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has dark brown hair covered by a blue Poke Ball logo hat. He has green eyes and his skin is somewhat pale. He wears a purple jacket zipped up to his chest, revealing a black T-shirt underneath it. He wears jeans, and his shoes are red and black.
    Personality: He's very smart, outgoing, fun and courageous. He always helps his friends with challenges and will stand up for them in any way he can. He normally doesn't tell a lie, and he isn't scared to fight for what he believes in. However, he's somewhat gullible and has a somewhat short temper. When he battles he never leaves himself open, and if he does, he plans to attack and prank the opponent when they fall gullible.
    Pokémon So Far: Lucario, Greninja, Talonflame, Aegislash, Heliolisk, Gogoat
    Other: He wears a silver Poke Ball necklace as an award for being the runner-up finalist in the eighty-seventh Kalos League competition. He acts as a guide in the RP, and he's rather popular due to his strength.
    Future Team: Remains the same in the RP
    Occupation: Seasoned Trainer

    Name: Isabella Smith
    Age: 9 (will turn 10 in the RP)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has long, dirty blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back, and her eyes are green. Her skin is somewhat pale, like her brother's. She wears an aqua blue T-shirt reading "A Master in the Making" that is a bit big for her size, reaching a little past her waist. She wears khaki pants with a blood stain on the calf of the left leg, and she wears dark blue Converses.
    Personality: She is brave and fun, whilst being extraverted like her big brother. Although she is young to be a Trainer, she is trustworthy and mature enough to go on the journey with her brother at her side. She loves getting attention and cheering others up.
    Pokémon So Far: Eevee
    Other: Wears a Poke Ball necklace to commemorate her graduating Trainer's School.
    Future Team: Eevee, Fennekin, Swanna
    Occupation: None

    Now, I shall reserve a spot for @Yellow.anime and @Godjacob because Wynaut? I need RP'ers for this anyway. :D
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  2. Name: Zack
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White hair with pale skin and blue eyes. Wears a gray t-shirt with blue horizontal stripe pattern. Wears black pants with gray tennis shoes.
    Personality: Confident, or cocky depending on who you ask. Can be hot-headed and often acts before he thinks, but has a good heart and is always encouraging. Also can be quite the fan boy for Diantha, who he considers an idol and made a goal to surpass.
    Pokémon So Far: Shinx
    Other: Is...stupidly bad with directions. Even if you give him a map, he's bound to get lost without someone to point him in the right direction.
    Future Team: Luxray, Charizard, Clawitzer, Trevenant, Pangoro & Goodra.
    Occupation: Trainer
  3. Name: Sylvia Reviar
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Light pink hair, blue eyes, 4'4", a cute, light pink hoodie with white fuzz inside, a white shirt underneath with a lighter shade of pink Poke Ball pattern on it, light blue jeans that appear a bit big on her, a white belt with Poke Ball holders attached (currently holding one that's been painted over like a Piplup's feather pattern), and pink and white sneakers. Around her neck, she has a plastic Poke Ball necklace with a button, making the white part of the necklace glow in the dark. It's like a flashlight, but with way less light emission. Lastly, she carries a small, blue and brown backpack with a floral pattern as her travel pack.
    Personality: She's usually pretty bubbly and happy, but sometimes she can be shy and meek. Often, she blames herself for the smallest of things and feels more guilt than she should. She is sensitive and kind, always offering to help others--unless they're her sister.
    Pokémon So Far: Piplup (Pip).
    Starter Choice: Piplup (from Sinnoh)
    Other: She comes from Sinnoh. After travelling all over Sinnoh and losing to her older sibling, Kairin, Sylvia decided to travel somewhere else and achieve her newfound dream of being a Pokemon researcher. In a very Ash-Ketchum-style fashion, Sylvia brought along her very first Pokemon, Pip the Piplup, in order to start anew in this new region. Her favorite research topic is the new Fairy type that's been discovered in many existing Pokemon and even more newly discovered ones.
    Future Team: Uhhhh, I'm not sure yet. I've never had a single team for my Trainers before, but I'll try to submit a new Kalos Trainer card for Sylvia once I post this.
    Occupation: Trainer/Pokemon Professor-in-training
  4. Both of you are accepted, and once we get two more slots filled (technically one since Yellow was tagged and she is usually in my RP's so I reserve a spot for her) I will make the thread. It will be closed so that you only have to interact with up to 7 other OC's (although I doubt Yellow and the other slot filler will have 2 OC's).
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  5. I made a Trainer Card for my Sylvia character in this RP. Don't mind me as I use the same character for literally every RP ever :T and don't mind the Alolan Raichu, either. I'm planning on just having someone trade or give Sylvia their Pikachu from Alola, and since the Pikachu was raised in Alola, it's bound to evolve into an Alolan Raichu despite being in Kalos. It makes sense, right? I mean, it was born and raised in Alola, then the Trainer gives the Pikachu away, but since Pikachu's still technically native to Alola, it evolves into an Alolan Raichu instead of a local one.

  6. I think that logic makes sense, due to Alolan Evolution DNA possibly residing in its blood, since you can't logically get blood-ectomy and blood replacement by moving to new place (sorry if that's gross at all, it's just fact), so I shall thank you for making a Trainer Card by granting you my RP apprentice! (I have a few RP apprentices, so this title is not exclusive)
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  7. Name: Asra Mikaela Jones (Ra for short)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Has a chin length maroon hair, amber eyes, pale complexion, slim built and short height. Wears a shiny umbreon hoodie, white turtleneck sweater, black shorts, tights, maroon boots and gloves. She will change clothes in the story but that's what she mostly wear. She also has a dark green Decidueye logo headphones, red shaded muffler, a camera and a belt bag similar to May colored maroon.
    Personality: She mostly appears as a young girl with a passion on photography. She's quite eccentric and the amount of energy she carried astonished others around her. This tied into her curiosity, as she is willing to do almost anything for a scoop or a photo, well not anything. She's also a chocoholic or sweetaholic, might be the reason why she has an incredible amount of energy.
    Pokémon So Far: Rockruff «Thanatos», Riolu «Galahad», Shiny Froakie «Poseidon»
    Starter Choice: Shiny Froakie «Poseidon»
    Other: She came from Poni Island in Alola and was helping the Professors, Kukui and Burnett, on researching Pokémon by sending them pics and her documentation of the Pokémon in return she get cash for a job well done. She's been sent to Kalos to research on the strange evolution and the Pokémon that inhabit there.
    Future Team: Shiny Greninja, Lucario, Lycanroc (Midday), Talonflame, Umbreon, Meowstic (Female)
    Occupation: Novice Trainer/Photographer researcher

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  8. Name: Alexa "Alex" Reed

    Age: 13

    Gender: female

    Appearance: Alex has long blond hair in a ponytail (because most my OC's do, XD). She wears a blue t shirt, with a black sleeveless sweatshirt over it, unzipped. She wears khaki shorts, and black converse hightops. She has emerald green eyes, and light skin, with a small scar on her cheek. She wears a black satchel, that wraps around her shoulder, to the other side of her waist. She always has a camera ready to take pictures of what's around her.

    Personality: Alex is a fun loving teenager, who is very childlike, and tends to get herself mixed into difficult situations. Although she is a tomboy, she isn't angered easily. She has a fear of Lucario's, ever since she was attacked by a wild one, which gave her the scar on her cheek. Alex is very bubbly, and likes to hit the road and see the sights, and snap a photo of them as well.

    Pokémon So Far: Chespin

    Starter Choice: Chespin

    Other: Ends up developing a crush on Zack. Loves to eat, and has a huge appetite. Enjoys sweets.

    Future Team: Chesnaught, Talonflame, Raichu, Azumarill, Florges, Haxorus

    Occupation: Performer/Photographer
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  9. Both of you are accepted into the RP, and I will get it up tomorrow!
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  10. I'll be adding a new character if that's alright.

    Name: Ramiel Jones

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Has messy blonde hair with maroon highlights, amber eyes, sun-kissed skin, a slim built and a height that make him looked like a fourteen year old. He wears a purple sleeveless shirt, a jolteon jacket, white cargo track pants, fingerless gloves, purple socks and yellow sneakers.

    Personality: He usually looked liked a stoic teenager who was going on the ‘I-hate-everything’ phase. He rarely smiles and his completely blunt about his opinions which are always rude and judgmental. But his extremely loyal to everyone who earned his friendship and trust. He also has sister complex. He is also a bookworm towards astronomy and history.

    Pokémon So Far: Eevee «Jupiter», Ralts «Phoebe», Fennekin «Venus»

    Starter Choice: Fennekin «Venus»

    Other: He stands as the bodyguard, a.k.a babysitter, of his sweetaholic little sister. He has a passion on reading anything about astronomy and the history of the world. He often like's to take things from ruins and historical places even though it's prohibited.

    Future Team: Delphox, Jolteon, Gardevoir, Houndoom, Noivern, Swanna
    Occupation: Novice Trainer/Astrologist and Archeologist

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  11. I will accept him. You can post in the RP because I left an opening.
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  12. Low key think we should have waited for Yellow.anime to respond before we grouped up LOL

    Oh well, not a big deal.
  13. We could meet her up somewhere soon, and she'll be our group newbie, I guess.
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  14. Um, technically, isn't Lucario supposed to control Professor Sycamore? I mean no offense to Yellow, but I'm just kinda wonderin', since Lucario was technically the first person to take control of him, and when it comes to other side characters, I feel like it's first-come, first-served. Sycamore can't pay attention to everyone at once, and since we have three people in the group meant to be researchers, I feel like it's kinda overwhelming for him to be taking care of new Trainers and some research assistants at the same time.
  15. I don't know if I would agree to your statement. I mean, all of my extra added characters in my Role-plays, such as Professors, Teachers, and Trainers, have been autoed, for the fact that the person talking needed to be responded to.
  16. Can you reply to the thread, because I need to ask you to join, and I'm stalling until you do. Sorry.
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  17. Alright first course of action. Where are we going next? My siblings will be going in the same city but they wont be tagging along just that they 'coincidentally' have the same route to take.
  18. So, what? Will we meet them constantly along the way?
  19. That will depend on me. But they'll probably met one or the whole group in their journey. That reminds me, every Pokémon RP's have those annoying villain team. Is this RP going to have one?
  20. Or Team Valor, his fakemon team.
  21. It's not Valor XD it's Vengeance, and they were defeated before the RP, so it's Flare now.
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  22. If more people pop up and make bios, don't worry. I'm making the thread Ask to Join.
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  23. I apologize if this is a dumb question, but am I allowed to make another OC? A rival for my Zack character?
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  24. That'd be cool to see
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  25. I'll be fine with that. The rules state you can have up to 2 OC's, so go for it, my dude!
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  26. Sweet!

    Name: Elizabeth "Eliza" McKnight
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long white hair with blue eyes and fair skin. Wears a long white dress with skin-tight long black pants as well as silver high heels. Also carries a golden locket around her neck.
    Personality: Snobbish and rude. Has a high opinion of herself, and a low opinion of others. Also believes there is an inherent "gap" between the talented and the not-talented that one cannot break through hard work alone. This is mainly a front, for she does have a good heart buried underneath but she herself is desperate to prevent herself from falling in the "non-talented" label assigned by her family and prove to them she is worth something by achieving the title of Pokemon Champion.
    Pokémon So Far: Elekid
    Other: Is a member of a big, successful family. Mother is a top Pokemon Groomer, and her older brothers are respected Dukes of the Battle Chateau. As such she is considered the black sheep of the family and they belittle any achievement she makes.
    Future Team: Electivire, Absol, Sylveon, Meowistic (Female), Aegislash, Garchomp
    Occupation: Pokemon Trainer.
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  27. Just realized I posted an incomplete team bio LOL

    Editing it now.
  28. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Jarell Equixon
    Age: 12 (nearly 13)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Yellow hat with a masterball on it. Black hair. Crimson eyes. Red sweater vest. Black dress pants and shoes. Tannish skin. Stands at 5'2"; Has a Pokénav thanks to the fact that his father works for Devon Corp.
    Personality: Optimistic; kind; friendly; Smart; Not very brave; Tries to always do things logically; likes having fun; excited for the journey
    Pokémon So Far: Treecko Shiny Bagon
    Starter Choice: Treecko (From Hoenn)
    Other: Jarrel was born in Hoenn and just left the region. He got Treecko when he was 10 as a friend, but his parents thought he was too young to go on an adventure. On his 12th birthday he got a Shiny Bagon from Professor Birch as a birthday present. He recently moved into Kalos.
    Future Team: Sceptile Shiny Salamence Magnezone Magmortar Whiscash Gallade
    Occupation: Beginner Trainer
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  29. @Godjacob I'll accept her, but make her an on-and-off person, please.
    @CosmicDreams Glad to have you on, buddy! I can't wait to RP with you!
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  30. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    :D Thanks! BTW where is everyone?
  31. Naturally. She's just here to talk smack with Zack and then disappear for a while LOL
  32. Name: Angelia "Angel" Shayton
    Ethnicity: Kalosian-French
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is 5'00" (1.52 m), and weighs 100 lbs. (45.4 kg). With the high heels on, she is 5'03" (1.60 m). Due to her strange metabolism rate changing, he is a little underweight. Has pitch-black, mid-back hair with a white streak she bleached on her bangs. She has pitch-black eyes, and her skin is a little pale. She has dark circles from not sleeping very well. She wears a black, poofy dress, with poofy shoulders and pink frills at the end of the shoulder-length cuffs and the bottom of the dress. Her dress has a bit of a high collar. She wears transparent, pink tights and has a purse with little crystals all over the seams and the ends of the zippers. She took the pink ribbon from her kimono dress when she was younger and wrapped it around her, tying it into a large bow in the back. Her shoes are black and look like they hurt a little, but she doesn't show that it hurts her or anything. Her dance clothes are skin tight. For this set, she has a black shirt with black straps going down her arms. She has a pink undershirt that reaches to above her belly button and a pink frilly short skirt. She wears black spandex underneath and she keeps her high heels on, and they have tap dancing soles. Her skin has a rare pigment disorder, which causes her cells/proteins/whatever in charge of the color of her skin to die, making her seem paler than what she really is. If her pigments didn't have this disorder, she'll be as dark as the natives from Alola.
    Personality: Even though she is 16 years old, her mental age is closer aligned with the people who are in middle schools (11-14 year olds) and sometimes even younger. She is very immature and very naive, but becomes a savage during battle. She is very kind, selfless and caring to all who meet her, which can become quite bad for her when they begin to use her sweetness for their own selfish needs. She is always tired, but tries not to show this, but her body language doesn't agree. She slouches when sitting, and yawns a lot. Those dark circles under her eyes are from a lack of sleep, but there is more to it. She has chronic insomnia, which causes her to hallucinate slightly when awake, have trouble staying awake, be delirious at times throughout the day and not be able to remember what happens sometimes, and her Pokemon have begun training themselves because she always sleeps when she is trying to train them herself. Since her Pokemon are already very able in battle, they can battle when Angel is too busy sleeping standing up. Because of this, she can be quite clumsy.

    She has an affinity with Dark- and Fairy-Types, wanting only those types in her team. Because of this, she's really knowledgeable when it comes to these types, but nothing else. Battling is a little difficult for her, but she does choose unorthodox ways to fight and teaches these ways to her Pokemon, so they know how and when to do it. She also loves dancing and has another outfit for such an occasion, even her high heels have metals claps on them to allow her to tap dance. She gives these dance regimens for her Pokemon, and while they battle they dance, and when her and her Pokemon are synced, that means they are proven to be quite dangerous. She has a love for performing, and is definitely not shy on stage, but she does make blunders from time to time. She also used to be a Fairy Tale Girl, and had a kimono that looked like the dresses they wore.
    Pokemon So Far: Zorua (Zorro, Male), Togepi (Togetoge, Female) [Before adventure]
    Starter Choice: Zorua (Zorro, Male)
    Other: Raised on Melemele Island in Alola, but was actually born in Laverre City in Kalos. Her mother took a Zorua, who had been following them in Laverre City, with them as they traveled to Melemele Island. When Angel wanted to go back to Kalos and explore her home region, she allowed her to have the Zorua and a Togepi egg, which hatched on the plane ride to Kalos. She speaks French and English.
    Future Team: Zoroark (Zorro, Male), Togekiss (Togetoge, Female), Greninja (Quaju, Male), Gardevoir (Garde, Female), Houndoom (Démol, Male), Azumarill (Azu, Female) [In Kalos]
    Occupation: Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon Performer. Wants to be a Kalos Queen someday.

    I hope I'm able to join. Is that alright?
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  33. Um... @Pretty Pichu I don't think having a half-Alola team in Kalos makes any sense. I can understand Zorro and Togetoge, but how the frick does she get 3 Alolan Pokémon?
    @CosmicDreams We're in Lumiose City, right outside the Pokémon Center on South Boulevard.
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  34. Abandoned Pokemon. I forgot about that, to be honest XD I'll change that.
  35. Edited it. Gave her future team a Sylveon, an Umbreon, and an Azumarill. She will be catching more Fairy- and Dark-Types, but they'll be living with her father, who lives in Vaniville Town.
  36. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I can never have an original team can't I ;-; goodbye umbreon hi gallade
  37. Oh does it have to be original? I can change the Eeveelutions :)

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