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Private/Closed Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Inkachu1251, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/yugioh-gx-duel-academy-rp-discussion.22240/#post-850345

    Raikiri looked angrily at his acceptance letter. While he had gotten into Duel Academy, he wasn't in Obelisk Blue, as he had previously hoped. Instead he was in Ra Yellow, which wasn't bad, but he kept thinking about what he did wrong. Looking around the middle school classroom he was in, he saw several people celebrating about getting into Slifer Red. Raikiri sighed and opened his card trunk.
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  2. "Gladiator Beast Laquiri, attack!" Willow declared the attack as the life points of her opponent dwindled down to zero. "To the victor go the spoils, now hand over that chocolate bar!" She ordered as her opponent sighed dejectedly and gave the treat to her.

    "I bought that with my own money, you know? It is hard enough to be in Slifer Red, I don't need this kind of treatment!" As the loser complained, an audible snap was heard as Willow snapped her fingers and gave the bar back.

    "Quit your whining, you think I want your chocolate? I can buy my own, I just wanted the training and you could use it. If you dislike Slifer Red that much, then get off of your butt and do something about it. Win duels, perfect your strategy, don't cry about losing a chocolate bar, the standard stuff really. Why do you think I challenged you in the first place?" Opening her card holster, Willow put the deck back and closed it, a small Slifer head decorating it. "Our dorm is named after a mighty dragon, then have a heart like one." Leaving her opponent with those words, she looked at the calender. "Shouldn't the new students come today? Try and get some easy wins on the ones coming to Slifer, get a feel of what's about to come. It'll only get more difficult in the other dorms."
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  3. Raikiri hurried off the ship once they arrived at the harbor. Separating himself from the crowd of Slifer Reds that had also arrived, he was desperate to find someone worthy to duel on this island he would be staying at for a while. "Elena's gone off and done her own thing," Raikiri muttered to himself. "But I should find someone to duel here, right?" Raikiri repeated that last statement over and over again as he scurried off to his dorm.
  4. Alex wandered the grounds of Duel academy intentionally forgetting his Obelisk blue jacket in hopes of an overzealous new arrival challenging him to a duel. His duel disk unlike those of his peers had been customized and painted, where it had once been the deep navy blue of Obelisk it was now a complex galaxy pattern. He wandered the area between the Slifer and Ra yellow dorms hoping for an unsuspecting student to challenge him.
  5. "I'm gonna see if there are any visitors coming this way, staying inside is gonna be the end of me." Willow strapped her duel disk on and went outside, hoping to see someone coming this way. As she leaned against the building, she went through her deck. It was filled with a good combination of monsters, spell and trap cards and anyone who saw it could figure out what archetype she used. As obvious as it might be, she liked the deck. It never failed her so far, which isn't too big of a brag considering most of her dorm mates were less than average, and it allowed for aggressive plays whilst maintaining some defenses. Heck, one of her monsters was perfect for being on the defensive before unleashing a horrendous attack on the unsuspecting opponent.
  6. "Thanks again for helping me move in!" Dahlia's friend said as thee pair finished loading Tracy's stuff into her Ra Yellow dorm room. Dahlia leaned back on her desk, wiping her brow and watching as Tracy finished with her bedding. Tracy wore a Ra Yellow jacket, and had long black hair that came halfway down her back. The two had been friends since they were kids, and even though they were both quite excited about finally making it to Duel Academy, there was clearly some sadness that they were put in separate dorms.
    "Hey, no prob! Least I can do to repay you for doing the same with me." Dahlia said. The Obelisk Blue girl took a moment to look around Tracy's dorm room, nodding. Sure, it wasn't as fancy as an Obelisk Blue room. But it was still a pretty nice place to live.

    "That should be it!" Tracy said, standing back up and clapping some of the dust off her hands.
    "Alright then. Now that you're all set up, how about we check out the rest of the campus? Maybe duel some people?" Dahlia said.
    "Sounds good to me!" Tracy said cheerfully. The pair grabbed their duel disks before making their way out of the Ra Yellow dorm. There were quite a few other students walking about already.

    After a few moments of walking, Tracy stopped Dahlia.
    "Say, who do you think that is?" Tracy asked. She pointed out a rather unusual student. Actually, Dahlia couldn't be sure if they were a student. They weren't wearing a uniform, which was odd. His duel disk was unusual as well, appearing to be a custom one that was painted to look like a galaxy. He had strange, piercing gray eyes and white hair. Overall, a rather unusual-looking teen. Tracy leaned over to Dahlia.
    "Should I go talk to him, or something?" Tracy asked with a nervous smile. Dahlia shrugged.
    "I mean, if you want to. I don't recognize him. It looks to me that he's looking for a duel." Dahlia said.
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  7. Alex turned to face the pair that had been staring at him for a while.
    "Can I help you two" he asked, donning a rather convincing fake smile. He was sizing them up, trying to decide which of his two decks he would use to defeat them, his hand hovered over the Blackhole deck case of ABC though he felt like testing his luck and grabbed a white box from his hip, the Quasar deck, its case decorated similarly to his duel disk, a galaxy pattern with a bright white star in its center
  8. "Um... Umm..." Tracy glanced over to Dahlia, slightly panicked as the unusual student approached and talked to them. Tracy, not expecting Alex to have noticed them, was at a bit of a loss of what to do. Her mind went blank. Dahlia simply rolled her eyes before nudging her friend forward. The nudge seemed to remind the Ra Yellow as to why she was walking out here with her friend. Clearly a little flustered, Tracy raised her Duel Disk.
    "Um. Uh. I'm Tracy! You, uh... wanna duel?" Tracy asked nervously. Dahlia sighed and shook her head with a smile.
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  9. As Raikiri was turning the corner to the Ra Yellow dorm, he saw what seemed to be this white-haired kid talking to a pair of girls. At first he wanted to leave them alone, but then he reminded himself that nothing interesting had happened here on the island yet, and that appeared to be the makings of a duel. So he decided to stand his ground and see what would happen.
  10. Alex laughed at the challenge, sneering at the destruction he was about to unleash upon the new student.
    "well, if you do insist. I'll even let you have the first move" he clicked his deck into his duel disk, which opened up to its full size, drawing his first 5 cards but not even glancing at them yet, waiting for his opponent "I am waiting young Ra!"
  11. Tracy took a step back. Both her and Dahlia were rather surprised by the sudden change of attitude in Alex, his mood seeming to change from a polite smile to... well... sinister. The guy even did a maniacal laugh! Dahlia, personally, was not a fan of people that did this sort of thing. Tracy was beginning to have the feeling that she had just walked into a trap. For a moment, uncertainty flashed on the Ra Yellow's face. She quickly shook it off, and activated her duel disk as well.
    "Young Ra? You're not old enough to call me young." Tracy shot back. She drew five cards from her deck, then drew a sixth card for the start of her turn. Taking a moment, she glanced through her hand as cogs turned in her head. Glancing back up at Alex, she took in his high confidence, as well as his customized galaxy-shaped duel disk.

    "I set one monster face down, and another card face-down!" Tracy called out. On the field, two cards appeared face-down. One in the spell and trap card zone, and another in the monster card zone. Tracy attempted to keep a poker face, but couldn't stop a small smile across her face. Her face-down monster was D.D. Warrior. If someone attacked that monster, instead of D.D. Warrior being destroyed or the other duelist taking damage, both monsters would be banished. And if that didn't work, then she would just activate her face-down Trap Card. Dimensional Prison. If a monster would try to attack, it would allow her to banish the monster instead. A pretty good defensive strategy, if she had to say so herself. Hopefully, this would be able to give her a chance to see what type of duelist her opponent was.
    "You know, usually when people duel they introduce themselves. What am I supposed to call you?" Tracy asked.

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  12. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah yawned as he was one of the last few students leaving the Harbor area to head towards their dorms. "It's way too early to be awake right now, what a drag."
    Noah sighed as he strolled towards the red slifer dorm before noticing a girl leaning on a wall while looking at her deck and with closer inspection saw it to be a gladiator beast deck and took a bit of interest.
    "Oh a gladiator beast deck huh you don't really see those often, its good to see that some people like to have a little bit of variety in their deck. Hello my name is Noah, what's yours?" Noah said as he extended his hand towards the girl for a handshake.
  13. Willow raised an eyebrow as an unknown boy approached her. "It hasn't failed me yet, hope it'll help me get to Ra Yellow at least. The name's Willow Bretton, second year Slifer Red student. Nice to meet you Noah." Putting her deck in her left hand for the handshake to take place, a spark glimmered in her eye. "You seem pretty capable, or at the very least observant to figure out my deck so easily. How about we get to know each other better through a duel after you settled down?" The girl proposed as she put her deck into her holster.
  14. "It's my turn, I draw. Let's get things started by destroying your face down card, 'Galaxy Cyclone', then I activate the spell card 'Shard of greed' followed by setting two facedown cards and ending my turn" Alex smiled as the trap card exploded into a wave of gold particles "You can just call me X, I'm a transfer student here at Duel academy and I guess you could say I leave people feeling pretty black and blue" at the mention of blue he pulled an Obelisk blue duel glove from his pocket and slipped it over his right hand
  15. Tracy covered her face as her Trap Card exploded, before looking back to X. This guy was really starting to intimidate her.
    "C'mon, Tracy. Focus. Don't let this guy push you around!" Dahlia called over to her friend. Tracy glanced back to Dahlia before nodding, closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath. She just had to keep a cool head and focus in. Drawing a card from her deck to start her turn, she took another moment to survey her opponent again and look over the field. No monsters, but two face-downs. A different duelist might chalk up the lack of monsters to a bad draw, but not Tracy. Dueling against Dahlia had taught the Ra Yellow that you shouldn't underestimate an opponent, even if their field looked like that. It could be a bait into attacking...

    "I'll activate my Spell Card, Nobleman of Extermination! This card allows me to select, destroy, and remove from play 1 face-down Spell or Trap Card on the field. And that card is your second face down!" Tracy said, inserting a spell card onto her duel disk. The large rectangular shape of a spell card appeared next to her, and out of it lumbered a large knight carrying an even bigger sword. It walked onto the field, before throwing his huge sword at the second face-down card in Alex's Spell and Trap card zone. Tracy grinned and pointed at Alex.
    "And, if that card is a Trap Card, we both must remove from play all copies of that card from our decks!" Tracy said confidently.

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  16. "well played little Ra, in response I'll activate both of my trap cards!" The first trap (not targetted) flipped over to reveal 'Statue of Anguish pattern' "This trap card when activated summons itself to my field as a monster (Rock-EARTH, lv7 0/2500) and I summon it in defence mode. My other card now has her time to shine, 'Abyss Stungray' (targetted) this monster holds a similar effect summoning itself to my field however your nobleman's put an end to that." The heavy sword swung downward cleaving AByss Stungray in half and sending it along with two cards from Alex's deck into a spiralling portal. "However because Abyss Stungray was activated while Statue was on my field I get to do this." The intricate lines on the Statue's body lit up and shot a beam directly at the facedown monster card attempting to destroy it "when another trap monster is active on my side of the field while the statue is active I get to destroy one card on the field, say goodbye to your monster" Ajax laughed again
  17. Raikiri blinked twice in a row to make sure his eyesight was working properly. He didn't want to miss a second of this duel, as he had a feeling inside that even though it was intense right now, it was only getting started. He looked down at his yellow duel disk with stickers implanted onto it, and thought about when he would have a chance to duel. Soon, he thought to himself. But right now, this duel is enough to get me fired up, even if I'm only watching.
  18. Tracy shielded herself with her duel disk once again as her face-down monster was destroyed, but this time she was the one smiling. Trap Monsters. Dahlia's specialty. Statue of Anguish Pattern was a tough one, but not impossible to destroy. Especially now that it was the only trap card on the field. And although her D.D. Warrior was destroyed, she still had quite a few cards to play. Still, Trap Monsters? Tracy had a feeling that those weren't what this guy's deck revolved around.
    "Well, I suppose Little Ra does fit. You are rather tall. Should I call you Mr. X, or have you not played Resident Evil? It looks like the only thing you're missing is a heck-ton of muscle and a fedora." Tracy shot back. Tracy glanced through her hand, a feeling of confidence beginning to work it's way through her. She would crush this guy.

    "First, I activate Pot of Desires!" Tracy announced, slapping another spell card onto her Duel Disk. A Pot of Greed seemed to appear in front of Tracy, before it turned and revealed what looked to be a Pot of Avarice fused to the back of it. "This card forces me to banish 10 cards from my deck, face-down. Then, I can draw two cards."
    A black hole seemed to appear above the strange, fused pot as cards flew out of Tracy's deck and into the pot. Then, with a burp, two cards came out of the pot and flew into Tracy's hands. As soon as that effect was completed, the pot disappeared.
    "Then, I'll activate Gold Sarcophagus." Tracy said, inserting the third Spell Card this turn into her duel disk. Where the pot once was, a Golden Sarcophagus rose out of the ground. Tracy took her deck out of her duel disk, looking through it before picking a card and placing it down. "The Gold Sarcophagus allows me to banish one card from my deck. Then, in two Standby Phases, I can add it to my hand. The card I choose is Nercoface!"

    The Sarcophagus opened as an unusual creature appeared above it. It was a strange, doll-like face with pink tentacles and tumors pulsing from it. As it descended into the sarcophagus, it the creature let out a terrible screech. For a moment, there was a flash of dark energy.
    "And now, Necroface's effect activates! When she's banished, we both have to banish five cards from the top of our deck!" Tracy commanded with a grin. She was beginning to find her pace. Once again, a black hole appeared to open up and suck more cards from Tracy's and Alex's deck.
    "And now, for the final part of my combo! I discard a card to activate D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation! This card allows me to target one of my banished monsters and special summon it to the field!" Tracy said. Another spell card appeared next to Tracy, this one depicting a zombie-like person appearing from a portal.

    "Come on out, one of my ace cards! Golden Homunculus!" Tracy commanded. In front of the Spell Card, a portal opened. Emerging from it appeared a large, rock-like monster made of pure gold. Tracy couldn't hold back a triumphant grin. A perfect combo, if she had to say so herself. "And the best part?? Golden Homunculus' effect is that he gains 300 attack and defense points for each of my banished cards. And right now, I have 15 cards removed from play!!!!"
    The Golden Homunculus let out a rocky groan as it glowed with energy and seemed to grow. Its attack and defense points, which had both read 1500, quickly grew to a solid 6000 each!
    "Now, Golden Homunculus! Attack that Statue with Golden Dimension Crush!" Tracy commanded. The metallic golem lumbered forward before smashing down towards the Statue of Anguish Pattern.
    "How's that for power?! And this isn't a one turn deal, no! As long as D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation remains on the field, so does my Golden Homunculus." Tracy said confidently.

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  19. "Well then that's a shame then isn't it. I activate my galaxy cyclones second effect. By Banishing it I can destroy one face-up spell or trap card, guess you’ll be saying goodbye to your a golden Monster. And it’s just X. No mister no nothing just X.” An azure galaxy emerged from Alex’s duel disk launching a golden comet directly toward DDR. The card exploding in a shower of golden fragments
    “It’s my move, I draw. first Since I control no monsters I can special summon Speedriod terror top, this cards effect allows me to add Speedroid red-eyed dice to my hand when its summoned, I then normal summon red-eyed dice, finally because I control a wind attribute monster I special summon speedroid taketomborg from my hand. I then synchro summon to bring forth 'Leo the keeper of the sacred tree' in attack mode" (earth, lv 10, 3100, 1900)
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    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah scratch the back of his head before smiling and backing up from the girl while pulling out his duel disk. "Sure why not, but I must warn you my deck is unique and since you offered I'll take the first turn."
    Noah drew five cards. "I draw." Noah glanced at the card he just drew from his deck before looking back at his opponent. "I normal summon magical musketeer Caspar in attack mode in the middle column and next I'll activate ties of the brethren in the same column as magical musketeer Caspar and what it does is allows me to special summon two level four or lower monsters from my deck with the same attribute and type as caspar, but they must have different names than each other, but because I activated this card I have to pay 2000 life points for its effect." Noah's body was surrounded by a red aura and his life points display has decrease to 2000. "I special summon magical musketeer doc and kidbrave to column two and four in attack mode, right next to Casper."
    (Magical musketeer doc: 1400atk/1200def
    Magical musketeer kidbrave: 1600atk/200def
    Magical musketeer Caspar: 1200atk/2000def)
    "And now that ties of the brethren has resolved I can now activate Casper's effect whenever a spell / trap is activated in the same column that he is in, I get to add one magical musket card from my deck to my hand and I'll add the Trap card magical musketeer Desperado, I'll end my turn there, try not to disappoint." Noah said as he didn't place any face down spells or traps.
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  21. Willow drew five cards and nodded at Noah. "Three monsters already? Impressive, but let's see if it will be any good. I summon Gladiator Beast Dimacari in attack mode in lane three and place one card face-down in lane 2. In lane three I activate the Equip Spell card 'Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield'. I also put down the Field Spell 'Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts' to increase the attack and defense of my Gladiator Beasts by 100 points every time a monster gets Special Summoned."

    The area around them began to resemble a colosseum, albeit an old decrepit one. Chains were hanging from the walls and pillars were broken or glorified rocks on the floor. A large bipedal cape buffalo wearing brass knuckles and a shield was standing on Willow's side of the field, ready to attack. "Gladiator Beast Dimacari, attack Magical Musketeer Doc! Buffalo Knuckle!" Gladiator Beast Dimacari charged at its target and readied its fist to punch the musketeer into kingdom come.
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  22. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah yawned right before smiling. "Sorry to say this but I ain't allowing that to happen, I activate from my hand the quick-play spell magical musketeer- cross domination on column four right underneath kidbraves, if I control a magical musketeer monster on my side of the field I can activate this from my hand even on your turn, and what it does is I target one monster on the field and negate its effects and turned their attack and defense points to zero, and since you and I activated a spell card in the same column as Casper and Kidbrave, I get to grab another musket card and draw two additional cards but I have to discard one musket card and I'll add magical Musketeer- Fiendish deal.
    Noah said as he drew two cards and discarded one card to the graveyard.
    "Now then Magical Musketeer Doc attack the Gladiator Beast Dimacari with precision shot!"
    Magical musketeer doc lined up his shot aiming right towards the charging Gladiator Beast and pulled the trigger.
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  23. "You seem to have forgotten my equipped card, Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield. If the equipped monster would be destroyed, the shield gets destroyed instead!" Gladiator Beast Dimacari pulled up its shield and blocked the bullet, although the shield broke. "I activate Gladiator Beast Dimacar-, huh? Why can't I activate the effect?" Grumbling about a faulty card game, Willow ended her battle phase. "I end my turn, let's see what you can do."
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    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah started to scratch his head right after signing.
    "Man, you didn't even touch me and its already over, oh well it's not your fault your deck is a bad match up with mine senpai, but I might as well finish it this turn, I tribute summon by sacrificing my magical musketeer Caspar for my Magical Musketeer Mastermind Zakiel, I can sacrifice one monster instead of two if that monster was a magical Musketeer." Noah said as he summoned out his Ace.
    (magical musketeer Mastermind Zakiel 2500atk/2500def)
    "Now then I activate the Trap card Magical Musketeer-Desperado in column 2, and what this card does is it allows me to destroyed one card on the field and I'll choose Gladiator Beast Dimacari and since I activated a trap card in Doc's column I can get a magical musketeer card from my hand and I'll add magical musketeer Caspar, now then let's end this I attack directly with Mastermind, Doc, and Kidbrave. (In that order)
    Noah said as his monsters guns began to charge up with dark energy and aimed them at Willow.
    "Checkmate senpai." Noah said with an innocent smile.
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  25. "Impressive play, are you sure you belong in Slifer Red? But you forgot about my face down card. I activate Wakobu, this card prevents me from taking battle damage." As the attacks were fired, a group of people clad in blue robes appeared and took the attack. "That was a close one, if I didn't have that card I'd be in a nasty position. My turn." Keeping her composure, Willow drew a card. "I activate the Spell Card Cost Down in the fifth row, lowering the levels of my monsters by two during this turn after I discard a card from my hand." Discarding a Gladiator Beast Bestiari, Willow grinned. "I summon Gladiator Beast Alexander in attack mode and I also equip Gravity Axe - Grarl in the first lane to Alexander, boosting its attack by 500. (2400/600 in base, 2900/600 after the equipment). "Gladiator Beast Alexander! Attack Magical Musketeer Mastermind Zakiel! Axe Cleaver!" Gladiator Beast Alexander charged at Zakiel and slashed at them with its newly acquired axe as Willow grimaced. She had no cards left in her hands, she had to get lucky.
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  26. Jacksoneternal

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    "I appreciate the praise senpai, you're right I could have gone into Ra but then people would start expecting things from me, and honestly that's just tiring. And senpai sorry to do this to you but I activate the quick play spell card magical musketeer cross domination in column 2 underneath Doc which negates your effect and turns your monsters attack points to 0, which should bring your life points to a small amount of 100 points, MasterMind attack the Gladiator beasts and destroy it, and with Doc's effect I'll take back my magical musketeer Desperado from my graveyard, you tried your best senpai but my deck is meant to control my opponent and take hold of the duel."
    Noah said as his ace monsters start snickering as he gunned down Gladiator Beast Alexander.
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  27. Willow flinched. "You are really good, this deck counters me hard and even if I drew a better offensive card, they'd. I am impressed by your skill, but I am not going down without a fight." Baring her teeth, she pulled a card. "I put a monster in defense position and end my turn." She couldn't do much, she could only hope that Hoplomus could do some damage.
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  28. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah smiled. "Well you lasted longer than I expected great job, usually I finished my opponents off on the 3rd turn, but now Mastermind will attack your face-down and Kidbrave will have the honor of finishing you off." Noah said as Mastermind gunned down her last monster and Kidbrave aimed at her before tilting his hat in respects and firing.
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  29. Willow gritted her teeth as Hoplomus got destroyed and her last lifepoints got destroyed. "If only I drew the right combination of monsters and spells. Secutor would've helped draw Heraklinos and ruined your team." Shaking her head, the Slifer Red girl put her deck back in her holster and walked over towards Noah. "I don't know how long you'll stay here, but it for sure won't be boring with you around. Welcome to Slifer Red Noah!" Raising her hand for a high-five, she grinned.
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  30. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah smiled as he walked towards his fellow classmate and did the high five.
    "It's good to be here, now then if you don't mind could you give me a tour around the campus I don't know my way around here and I rather not get in trouble on my first day for going somewhere I'm not supposed to, I fell asleep during the auditorium they were giving on the ship."
    Noah said as he scratched his cheek with a small color of light pink on it.
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  31. Willow threw back her head in laughter. "You fell asleep?! Oh man, you're an unique one alright. Y'know what? Because you beat me, I'll give you a tour. It's an honor to give a tour to the first newcomer to beat me in such a small amount of turns. Come on sleepyhead, move those feet." Beckoning Noah to follow her, she entered the dorms. "This is the common room, this is where most students spend their time and pick fights. The dining room is behind that little wall with those flowers on it, think you can figure out the use of that room by yourself. If you go past the dining room, there are multiple doors on opposite walls. The left ones are the boys room and the right ones are for the girls. Remember that, guess you can remember it by thinking about which gender has an r in it. Trust me, you do not want to get that wrong." Shuddering for a second, Willow continued her tour.

    "At the end of the corridor with the dorms, you see the restrooms with images of the gender and I think that's about it. I have no clue which room you have, but we're pretty empty so I don't think anyone will complain if you pick a room with an empty bed. If they do, just challenge them to a duel." Winking at Noah, she turned to the first year and put her hands on her hips. "That concludes Willow's tour of wonder and amazement! We don't have much, but we're a tightly knit family and tend to share the little we have with those who need it more. When I arrived, there was a welcoming ritual. I don't know if there's one this year, but I'd advise that you stay on your toes."
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  32. Raikiri had been watching these two individuals duel for several minutes before realizing he had gotten off track and needed to unpack in his dorm. Laying on the inflatable mattress he set up, he got out his trunk, removed his duel disk from its spot, and pulled out his prized card, Cyber Tech Alligator. Despite only being level 5, it was comparable with 7 and 8 star cards. It had 100 more ATK than Red-Eyes Black Dragon, a 7 star card, and ATK equal to that of Dark Magician, another 7 star card. Staring at the cyborg alligator card fiercely, he muttered under his breath, "We'll get to duel soon, partner. Promise."
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  33. "What?!" Tracy exclaimed as her Spell Card was destroyed. Golden Homonculus let out a mournful cry as the portal behind it shut, and it collapsed into a pile of golden rocks before exploding into pixels. Now Tracy was stuck with a completely empty field on her opponent's turn. She watched in nervous trepidation as Alex managed to summon three monsters back-to-back. They all had low attack, but with her field completely barren she would just have to bear it.

    Then he Synchro Summoned.

    Tracy looked up in surprise at the large, lion-like Beast adorned in horns and white armor. The stats read an Attack of 3100, and a Defense of 1900. Letting out a small 'Eep', the Ra Yellow braced herself for the attack she had no doubt was coming.

    @Frontier Master
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  34. “Leo, strike forth with a direct attack” Alex commanded as the lion begun to race forward its huge claws out and ready to strike at Tracy. The claws passed through Tracy and lowered her LP down to 900
    “I end my turn. Alex smiled once more and waited for his opponents turn.
  35. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah raise his eyebrow as he looked at Willow before patting her head.
    "Not going to lie senpai, but your adorable and you remind me of my little sister. I'm going to head on out and wander around the island, I'll be back later but if you want to join then I won't stop you."
    Noah said as he lifted his hand off of Willows head and exited from the red dorm and didn't turn his had to see if Willow was following him or not.
  36. Willow was caught off guard by the headpat and was at a loss of words before retalitating. "Hands off bud, I might look like her but I am not your little sister. Try to keep that in mind for the next time." Ignoring the comment about her being adorable, she decided to follow Noah. "You have a lot of guts for a first year, was that victory such a big boost to your self-esteem? I mean, I beat most of the people in Slifer, but it is still Slifer Red. The shower drain of the Academy, I'd think that a Ra would be more fitting of that self-esteem boost."
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  37. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah glanced at Willow. "Sorry senpai, it won't happen again......unless you ask."
    Noah finished that last part with a small smirk on his face before going back to neutral. "I appreciate the praise senpai, but no not really I'm only dueling for fun and bragging rights and just because we're slifer reds doesn't mean we aren't good duelist right? And like I said earlier, I hate it when people expect things from me and who would expect anything from a first-year Slifer red."
    Noah said as the two began walking to the yellow Ra dorm.
  38. Willow scoffed. "Give me one good reason why I'd ask to be patted by you, then we'll talk again." Stretching her arms behind her head, she turned an eye towards Noah. "If we were good duelists, we'd be in Ra Yellow or Obelisk Blue. I know I make mistakes often, hence why I am in Slifer. If you don't want to be in Ra, I'd say tune down your skill during matches with an audience. I know how strong you are, but I was the only one seeing your skill and I have no reason to tell on you. If others catch wind of your skill, you might be moved to Ra Yellow or even Obelisk Blue. Speaking of which, how did you even get into Slifer Red? Did you throw the exam?"
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  39. Raikiri was looking out the window, staring at the landscape when suddenly, two people who looked like potential opponents were walking towards the Ra Yellow dorm. Without thinking twice about it, he jumped off of his chair, grabbed his duel disk and his prized Fire deck, and sprinted out the door.
  40. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah stopped walking to think about Willows question.
    "Well, if you're ever feeling down and you need comfort then I'll be there, is that a good enough reason?"
    Noah said as he smiled at Willow.
    "You could say that I made sure to do alright on the exam, but during the examination duel, I insulted my opponent because he couldn't get one attack off and I guess he got annoyed and pulled a few strings to make me Slifer red instead of Ra yellow, but it all worked out for my benefit.
    You also won't have to worry about me leaving, the only way that I'm going to move up into Ra yellow or obelisk blue is if I agree on accepting it when I win my promotion duel, but if you want, I'll go up with you if you win your promotion duel, Deal?" Noah said as he extended his hand for a handshake confirming the deal.

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