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Ask to Join Yu-Gi-Oh!: Digital Chaos

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shen: King of the Mist, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Link to Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/yu-gi-oh-digital-chaos-disscusion.18412/

    In Domino City, a new device was created: 'The Digital Dome'. This dome was a digital biome they had created that would simulate a world inside a super computer. They made a partnership with Kaiba Corp to create world where Duel Monsters exist in their natural habitats, NPC's, nations, and players would cooperate, rival, and of course, use duel monsters. However they would act like real creatures, living, and mostly breathing. However, something dark lies behind the surface... You will embark on a journey with other players into this world, discover the mysteries and adventure, getting assets across the kingdom, all coming to a head.
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  2. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "Thank you for your patience!" A guard, with a very pronounced set of spikey hair said. "The Digital dome is a state of the art peice of technology that no one has ever tried before, that is where you come in."

    Several different capsules rose from the ground near every contestant. These chambers seemed to have lots of white padding and technical information inside each of them. They stopped right at each of the contestant's feet.

    "All of you will be our first play testers before we release this for other duelists. This capsule is your gateway to this world we have created using the Digital Dome. Everyone please enter their pods now."

    Following his instructions and watching every contestant in their own ways climb into their respective Capsules, the security guard continued his speech.

    "Now, the capsule lids will close and you will be thrown into the world in a safe zone, a town or castle of a faction in game that is allied or neutral to you. That way it won't seem too cruel. Now if everyone is ready, the simulation will not commence!"

    The capsule lid's closed as the several neural processors and advanced technology inside the capsule began to work. Everyone in the project being sent into the Digital Dome's mainframe. Now...it starts...

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Digital Chaos.
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  3. When Skylar woke up he found himself in a field just outside a town. "Fancy meeting you here." a nearby voice said. Skylar turned his head to see the source of the voice. In the same field, not even a foot away, was an all too familiar Duel Monster. "Harpie's Brother." Skylar said. Harpie's Brother grinned in response.
  4. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    As Raiden Emerald began to wake up, he turned and stared at the red armored creature next to him. "Evocator Chevalier... Meh, I expected better..." This raised a tick mark onto the creature. "What!? Come on! I'm the best choice you could have possibly gotten!!" Raiden sighed. 'Great... egotistical and hot headed. ...How did I get here again?'


    We see Raiden currently sneaking around the Digital Dome as the first tester were entering. Raiden waited until one boy at the back walked by him and turned to see him. "Sorry Pal... My adventure awaits." Raiden reeled back his fist and *CRACK*
    We then see Raiden within the group as the boy he knocked out was hidden in a bush outside the Dome. 'Adventures here I come!' Then... white.


    'Oh yeah... I snuck into the dome... so I'm technically here illegally... great. Meh, might as well make the best of it.' As Raiden looked around, he saw that they were in a grassland. "Alright then... Let's go Evo'lamer'... Adventure awaits." As Raiden began to walk towards a nearby town, Evocator turned to him. "What did you call me!?"
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  5. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Kim wakes up in a plain grass field and in the middle of the grass plains was elemental Hero Shadow mist and when Kim saw her she begins running toward her. " it's nice to meet you partner. Kim said as she yells it at Shadow mist. Shadow mist waves at her since she's kind of a silent type.
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  6. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader



    .....Sir!...wake up this instant!"

    At a instant, Bret Yates's eyes flung open. A figure was shaking him around, a well dressed, British sounding monster with a single eye. It was non other that the illusory gentleman. The gentleman shook Bret some more until Bret was startled to his feet.

    "...Woah! Woah! Okay...wow you look really realistic..."

    "Just what are you on about sir?" The gentleman seemed confused and annoyed at the same time.

    "Nothing....anyway, my name is Bret Yates, Not 'sir'."

    "Sir Bret? Then I am the illusory gentleman, enforcer of the Imperial guard!" The monster bowed royally.

    "Imperial guard?"

    "Do not tell me you have forgotten sir, I was sent here on the Emperor's behalf so that we may enforce his whim across the nation!"

    "I don't remember any of that, maybe you can give me a refresher on the way across...whenever we are going?"

    "...If I MUST." The gentleman said, distane oozing from his voice.
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  7. "Lord....Lord.....WAKE UP!!!!"

    Riku slowly open his eyes as he sat up from the hard ground underneath him. "What.... where am....I" Riku asked himself in a cold voice. Riku soon felt a strange energy around him while he stood up from the ground as the sun shines on him.

    "Good to see you up my Lord...."

    "What.... CameraClops? Is that you?" Riku asked the Monster

    "Yep it's me...My Lord and I am here to help you" CameraClops said as he got down on his knee and bowed his head in honor

    Riku stood still has he nodded in approvement to CameraClops before he walked and patted it's head.
  8. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    As Raiden walked in town, Evocator was furious. "So your telling me that you snuck into a place, punched someone, took their spot, and then I got stuck being your partner!?" Raiden just chuckled. "Yep, Yeah, Oh heck yeah, and most definitely. Now come on, we got to find stuff to do."

    Evocator just sighed. "Why not get a mission at the Mission Hall?" "...Let's go find this place!" As Raiden began to run, Evocator gained another tic mark on his head. "OH COME ON!!"


    We see Raiden and Evocator in front of the Freelance Mission Hall. "So yeah... lets go Lamer." "Oh for the love of Exodia..." When the two entered they saw a bulletin board with the missions. "Let's see... Nah, to boring... Meh, not ready yet... Oh heck no, Lamer is way to weak for that..." "Screw you." "Hmmm... Here we go!" Raiden plucked off a mission and showed it to Evocator.

    "Help me in my travels!"
    My name is Marauding Captain. I am in need of assistance to reach the mountains to meet with my old friend.
    Please, I am in need of service.

    Meeting Point:
    Outside of Town
    Mission Rank:
    C Rank
    Double Summon Spell, 10 gold

    Raiden turned to Evocator. "Well... what do you think Chevalier?" Evocator sighed. "It's a good start. Not only will we be able to continue our journey, but we would gain a useful spell in the future. I say we take it." The two walked to the front desk and accepted the mission.

    "Well... let's go Lamer! Our first mission awaits!" "Again with this!?!"
  9. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "...and that's the long history of our land and why the resistance rats wish to snuff out our heritage and claim our land!"

    "That...was boring..."

    "Boring?" The gentleman seemed shocked and disgusted. "Thou use the tongue of a traitor!"

    Bret quickly grinned and rubbed the back side of his head. "Kidding! Of course! Hahaha....ah?"

    The gentleman rolled his single eye and revealed a scroll that was concealed behind his back. He revealed it and spoke.

    "This is a request directly from the aid to the Emperor. It is important for you to listen, Sir Bret for this is what we have come to do."
    "Purge the resistance sympathizer!"

    On behalf of lord Sheen, you are hereby ordered to defeat a certain Typhoon that continues to shell our position if we get close to their base. In order to break through their defenses, Typhoon MUST be extinguished.
    The Emperor demands your service.

    Enemy lies:
    On Mountain of Solace, Resistance border.
    Mission Rank:
    C Rank
    Book of Secret Arts, 10 G
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  10. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    "So partner do you know where the nearest town and Mission hall is?

    Kim ask with a great big smile.

    Shadow mist blushes as she sees the girl's innocent face and point toward a forest while covering her eyes.

    "So we have to pass through that forest to get to town okay then thank you shadow for showing me." kim said.

    The two begin to walk towards the forest.
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  11. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    As the two walk into the forest they hear a rustle in the bushes, and as they hear it shadow mist gets in front of kim and guards her, so gazelle the mystical Beast appears in front of them and attack headfirst towards them. " Shadow be careful this one strong." kim said. shadow mist jumps towards a tree behind gazelle and jump off of it doing front flips and attacks with her two legs at gazelles back.
  12. While Skylar and Harpie's Brother were headed towards the nearest Mission hall, Skylar spotted a cave. "Let's check it out." Skylar said. Harpie's Brother sighed, but followed him in anyways. When they were a few feet into the cave, something furry brushed by them. "What was that?" Skylar asked. Harpie's Brother shrugged. "Let's follow it." Skylar said. The two then started to follow the mysterious furry thing.
  13. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The illusory gentleman and Bret started on their journey to accomplish their mission, walking a cross the wide landscape outside the castle and out toward the mountains, for where typhone undoubtedly lie. Bret was still murmuring under his breath about having to scale a mountain in the first place.

    "Hey! I heard that Sir Bret!" The gentleman scoffed. "You should be honored his majesty chose us of all his subjects to accomplish this feat!"

    "How can you be so chipper?!" Bret said, bringing his body up from a sturdy wall onto a rocky cliff. "We are literally scaling a mountain for this guy!"

    "I know! Isn't it marvelous?"

    He sighed as they peered on into the distance, movement in the clouds nearby.

    "That must be typhone, at last! We can do our duty for the empire!"


    The movement in the clouds gave of blue sparkles, and a loud screech. It sounded like a wailing banshee, and just as loud. Typhone didn't have mouths...

    "I don't think that's typhone...."

    At once, the creature in the clouds reveals itself. It was blue and covered with feathers. It's long beak gave off the sickening sound as it flew toward our position.

    "It...its wing eagle!"

    "That's definitely not our target!"

    Wing Eagle: 1,800 Atk 1,500 def
    Illusory Gentleman: 1,500 Atk 1,400 Def
    Battle Start!

    Before the battle even began, the eagle swept down and hit the gentleman. Throwing him off the side of the mountain. Bret went over to the edge and saw his falling comrade tumbling down.


    He looked back and saw the eagle coming back for another pass and jumped down and fell with the gentleman, avoiding the bird's wrath
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  14. "I blame you for this." Hiita said, glaring at Billy. The duelist smiled apologetically and tried to shift a little bit. Both Hiita and Billy were wedged tightly together in a thin hole in the ground.
    "How was I supposed to know that this was a Treacherous Trap Hole?" Billy said. The hole was only just above his head.
    "Because that Book of Taiyou was way too obviously placed for it not to have a trap somewhere!" Hiita said. She sighed angrily. Hiita's familiar, Fox Fire, peeked it's head over the hole. "Foxy! Go find some help."
    The Fox monster nodded, then ran off. Billy shifted again, but still wasn't able to change his position.
    "This mission was supposed to be an easy fetch mission..." Billy muttered.
    "Shh!" Hiita hushed Billy. The two listened closely, and in the distance, they could hear the sound of fighting. "That... That sounds like someone is fighting a Gazelle."
  15. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Gazella got hit by the kick but right after it got hit gazella turn around and swung his claw at shadow mist which hit her but luckily she manage to guard but was send through a tree. "Shadow you got this i believe in you."kim said, and as she said that gazelle charges at her and so shadow mist rushes towards gazelle grabbing his tail in the nick of time and begins to start spining the gazelle around and around and finally toss him into the air.
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  16. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Bret fell along with the illusory gentleman down the top of the mountain down toward the more flat and coal covered hillside. As the mountain flattened down, they stopped rolling. Bret got up first, grabbing illusory gentleman's arm and helping him up.

    "Are you...alright?"

    "...S-Sir Bret, I'm not dead. My senses have dulled a bit but I can continue. The Emperor's will must me carried out!"

    Man this guy doesn't run out of energy...The gentleman came back to his senses, looking about where they had landed. A small castle was in the distance.

    "We are close to our home castle already?"

    "Er...no Sir Bret, that's not our home. What could it be?"

    The gentleman brought out his map of the land, his single eye scanning the parchment. He paused and out his finger on something and audibly gasped.

    "We are in enemy territory...that's the base that they talked in the message!"

    "Wait, if that's the message-"

    Suddenly a blasts of hyper compressed air hit between them, crushing the stone into the mountain next to them. They looked to the sky. The green Typhone flew there, it's ghastly wings spread as to ready for an attack, it's snout preparing another attack.

    "Oh my word! It's typhone!"

    Typhone: 1200 Atk. 1100 Def.
    Illusory gentleman: 1500 Atk. 1400 Def.
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  17. Billy struggled more in the trap, but still couldn't seem to budge.
    "Alright, someone has to get us out of here." Hiita grumbled. She shifted around, and after a few minutes of grunting and uncomfortable shifting, Hiita was able to unpin her arms. She gave Billy a cocky smile.
    "How about that?"
    "So your shoulders are less broad then mine." Billy said. "So what."
    Hiita smile turned into annoyance, but she shrugged and grabbed the edge of the hole, pulling herself up. She was halfway out of the hole when Billy looked up to see a large humanoid insect suddenly appear above them.
    "Hiita, drop!" Billy exclaimed. Hiita looked up and quickly threw herself back down the Trap Hole, once again wedging Billy and herself against the walls. The Man-Eater Bug lunged at Hiita, but it's shoulders were too wide to get into the hole. Billy tried to shrink down, and was just out of range of the Insect's mouth.
    "Hiita, do something!" Billy yelled.
    "I'm trying!" Hiita yelled back, and began to chant.

    Meanwhile, Fox Fire walked through the forest, oblivious to it's Charmer's plight. It walked towards the sound of fighting, and peeked through some shrubbery. An Elemental Hero was fighting Gazelle, and wasn't doing that bad. There was also a player trying to direct the Hero. Fox Fire decided to walk towards the player.
  18. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Kim notice the little duel monster.

    ".....hmm?....oh hello little one aren't you cute, are you lost i can help you if you want, did you get separated from your family, if you did you must feel sad don't you."

    kim said as she gives a smile while crying.
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  19. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The Typhone tossed another charge of compressed air at them, illusory gentleman bringing his cane-scepter up, a small energy field forming around them. The air torpedo hit, the barrier buckling, and cracking, shards of the barrier vanishing. Illusory dropped the barrier and switched to attack.

    "Spectral Mist!"

    On the top of his cane-sceptor, pink mist came out of it, smelling acidic. He poured all over the enemy typhone. It reeved in pain, flying unpredictably about. The gentleman grunted as he took adavteage of the stunted creature. He leaped up and landed on the broad nose of the beast. He switched his cane around to the tail end, a sharp blade revealing itself.

    "Have at thee!"

    He sliced the bridge of it's nose down to it's base. It shattered apart, the green cannon dragon blasting into oblivion. Illusory then lightly hovered down to the ground and shrugged off some imaginary dirt.

    "Sir Bret, THAT is the fury of the imperial guard!"
  20. Fox Fire cocked it's head to the side, not understanding what the player was saying. It was also confused as to why the player was crying. Fox Fire looked back at the fight between Gazelle and the Hero. The Hero hadn't lost, yet at least, so that wasn't the reason why the player was crying. Deciding to overlook the player crying, Fox Fire ran over to the player and tugged on her pant leg in the direction where it came from.

    Meanwhile, back at the Treacherous Trap Hole, Billy was not having a good time. It seemed like every time the Man Eater Bug snapped at them, it got just a little bit closer.
    "Hiita..." Billy said. Hiita finally completed her chant, and took a deep breath. Then, without warning, a stream of fire erupted from her mouth, straight into the Man-Eater Bug's face. The Man Eater Bug screeched and recoiled from the Trap Hole, writhing in pain. Hiita pulled herself out of the hole, grabbing her staff as the Man-Eater Bug got back to it's feet. It hissed loudly, and charged at Hiita. Hiita allowed the Bug to tackle her, but rolled with the attack and used the Bug's momentum to push it off of her. The Bug hit the ground hard, and Hiita pointed her staff at it. A fireball shot out of it, piercing the Man-Eater Bug and exploding it into pixels. Billy climbed out of the Trap Hole just in time to see this.
    "Whoa." Billy said. Hiita sat down, breathing hard. The whole fight had taken a lot out of her. Billy stared at her, then at where the Bug was. Holy cow, that was scary. I have to keep reminding myself that this is virtual reality, not real life. Billy thought. He walked over to the pedestal where the Book of Taiyou was sitting and picked it up, then walked back over to Hiita.
  21. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Kim wipes her tears.

    " so you want me to follow okay, what one sec." Kim said.

    The gazelle begins fall back into ground landing on its head and so kim approached him and says.

    " gazelle will you join my group you'll be really helpful and I promise I'll bring out your full potential."

    kim gives a Sunny smile but behind her Shadow glares at him.
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  22. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    "I BLAME YOU FOR THIS!!" We currently see Raiden and Evocator running with another monster known as Marauding Captain. "Sorry young Squire." "Sorry does NOT CUT IT!!! We are literally running from a DRAGON!!" On que... "RAWR!!!!!" We see a Luster Dragon 2 right on their tail.

    Luster Dragon 2:
    2400 Attack, 1400 Defense.

    Evocator was tired. "Forget that! Just run! I see that stupid Mountain of... Solace or whatever! Just RUN!!!" As the trio began to run, the Luster Dragon 2 chased them they began to run to the mountain as... "RAWR!!!!" Raiden looked up at the mountain and yelled. "ARE YOU F****ING KIDDING!?!? WHY ME!?!?!" They turned to see... a... Meteor B. Dragon.

    Meteor B. Dragon:
    3500 Attack, 2000 Defense

    As they ran, the two dragons began to chase the trio up the mountain. Raiden could only say the most logical thing.
    (What the heck is my awful luck!?!?)
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  23. "Hey... You okay?" Billy asked. Hiita looked up at him.
    "I'm fine, you idiot. I'm just a bit... winded." Hiita rose to her feet unsteadily, leaning on her staff for support. She looked around the forest. "Fox Fire... Should have been back by now."
    Billy looked around the forest, and was only able to see plants and trees all around. He did notice, however, that the sounds of fighting had stopped. Billy cupped his hands.
    "Fox Fire!" Billy yelled. Hiita smacked him in the head with her staff.
    "Shut up! Do you want every wild animal from here to the capital to hear you?!" Hiita hissed. The Charmer knelt down and looked closely at the nearby bushes, then pointed.
    "He went that way. The bushes are singed from his tail."

    Back at Fox Fire, the Duel Monster heard it's name called. It dashed off to where Billy's voice came feom, leaving the Hero and player where they were.
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  24. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "Wow..I underestimated you." Bret clapped with a gloved hand. "Bravo."

    "I do try. The emperor should only have the best!"

    "You seem to really like this emperor guy. What's he even like?"

    "Oh...well he's....um...."

    "Wait, don't tell me...have you even met him before?"


    Suddenly, a arrow was shot, hitting the base of Bret's feet. He jumped back a bit. Illusory shrugged and picked up a scroll that was attached to the letter. It seemed to be a blue book of some kind.

    "Aha! The book of secret arts! My one true want! The emperor must be very pleased in my success!"

    Right as he blurted out the imperial propaganda, a familiar screech was heard, the winged eagle swooping down, almost shredding the book of he didn't duck out of the way. Illusory scoffed and looked at the eagle.

    "Filthy pest! I will teach you!"

    He held the book in one hand and the scepter in the other, the body now slightly glowing with blue energy.

    Illusory gentleman: 1,800 Atk, 1,700 Def.
    Winged eagle: 1,800 Atk, 1,600 Def
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  25. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Gazelle: o....o....of course I would gladly join you."

    Gazelle nodded quick because you was nervous.

    " great it's good to have you on our team gazelle." kim said with a smile,

    Kim noticed the Foxfire leaving because it looks like it was worried about something so Kim and the other two decide to follow him.

    " come on you two looks like our little friend needs help with something."

    The 3 follow the little Fox fire
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  26. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The winged eagle dove down toward the gentleman, as he deployed his barrier with his staff again. The barrier was hit by the swinging Eagle and shattered the barrier in the hit, losing it's momentum and lightly scratching against Illusory. He winced and stepped back a bit, he readied his staff to attack.

    "Spectral mist!"

    The pink spray hit around the bird, it was swamped, screeching so loud that Bret had to cover his ears. It swirled and dove straight down to illusory. He tried to put up his shield but was decked by the bird before he could. He was tackled to the ground by the mist stricken bird.

    Talon and beak, sword and staff, they fought melee combat against each other. Taking bit by bit as their close attack points turned it into a grueling battle
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  27. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    As we see Raiden, Evocator, and Marauding Captain run from the two dragons, the dragons turn to each other and begin to fight. Raiden notices this and turns to the mountain side. "There! Into that cave!" The three duck into the cave as Meteor B. Dragon rained supreme in the battle of dragons.

    Raiden sighed. "Alright... we're stuck in a cave... and there's no way we can get back out to the mountain." "We know that you idiot." "Shut Up Lamer..." "Why you little!" "Scrah!" The three turn to the sound of a Mavelus

    1300 Attack, 900 Defense

    Raiden and Evocator turned to each other. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" "Oh yeah..."


    We could currently see a Mavelus being chased out of a cave towards a Meteor B. Dragon. The Mavelus knew that it had to run. As the Mavelus fly away, being chased by the Meteor B. Dragon, the trio continued going up the Mountain where they reached a different entrance to the mountain. "Thank you young Squires! We have reached my destination. Have a safe journey."

    Raiden and Evocator looked at each other. "Bail?" "...Bail." With that the two began to walk back down the mountain where they heard "RAWR!!" "Oh crud... Lamer, run. It's back!!!" As the two ran down the mountain, they realized they were running towards a battle between a... Gentleman?... and another Dragon. Raiden noticed a guy with a different appearance and realized it was one of the first testers.

  28. Skylar and Harpie's Brother eventually caught up with the mysterious furry thing. When they finally realized what it was, both had different reactions. "It's a Kuriboh!" Skylar said excitedly. "Seriously, a Kuriboh." Harpie's Brother said. "And what's wrong with a Kuriboh?" Skylar retorted. "Well, it's not exactly strong." Harpie's Brother pointed out. "So. I've had a Kuriboh before. Just because it's weak, doesn't mean it can't be used strategically." Skylar shot back. "Fine." Harpie's Brother said, giving up.
  29. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Large flapping and screaming was heard as the gentleman and Winged eagle stooped their fighting to look at what was making all the racket. A giant Red, molten covered dragon was chasing a small part of three people, one a human and two duel monsters. They looked to back each other, wondering which would run first so the other could take advantage of the battle. Finally, Bret intervened.

    "Are you two crazy! Get moving!!"

    He shoved the two away from one another, the eagle flapping out from Illisory's grip, and vice versa. They ran and flew away from the creature, or well they were trying. The dragon kept gaining ground, as well as the three other figures
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  30. "...Lord how should we deal with this problem?"

    "The only way I know....with violence" Riku said as he looked at the enemy monster before he turned to CameraClops and nodded in approvement.
    Attack:1400 Defense:1600


    Blackland fire dragon
    Attack: 1500 Defense:800
    "Alright CameraClops Don't attack... just defend yourself"

    "Yes my Lord"

    The Dragon soon Dash straight into CameraClops knocking him back a few feet but it didn't leave a scratch on him. As his defense was higher than the attack.
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  31. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    As Raiden and Evocator ran from the Dragon, they never noticed the being running beside them. As the two groups began to meet up, Evocator turned to a cave. "In there!" The six beings then ran into the cave as Meteor B. Dragon began flying around the mountain looking for them.

    Raiden turned to Evocator. "Man... we can't catch a break..." Before an answer could be said. *KICK* "AHH!! WHY!?!?" The creature that ran beside Raiden and Evocator was a Harpie Girl... who had kicked Raiden in the crotch... oww...

    Harpie Girl:
    500 Attack, 500 Defense

    "What the heck is your problem!? You got me tangled up in this mess!" As Raiden re-positioned himself he sighed. "Look, I get it. I'm at fault. Well... I didn't know that taking a simple escort mission would lead to two dragons chasing me!" The Harpie Girl raised an eyebrow. "Two?" Raiden sighed. "We got chased by a dang Luster Dragon 2 all the way to the Mountains... then the Meteor B. Dragon decided to try and have me and Lamer here for lunch." The Harpie Girl sighed. "Man... Luck really hates you."

    Raiden sighs. "I know. Welp... we're not moving for a while so... I'm Raiden Emerald and this is Evo"Lamer"..." "Evocator! Evocator Chevalier! Don't listen to this idiot!" "...and we're Unlucky Freelancers. Nice to meet you... Considering we're stuck here until the Meteor B. Dragon leaves."
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  32. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Bret followed them into the cave, taking the oppurtunity to hide from the monstrously sized dragon. He slid inside the rocky opening, illusory and winged eagle both seating inside as well. But as soon as they were inside they began fighting once more. The large bird swooping up illusory by the nip of his coat and tossing him toward a cave wall nearby an odd looking Harpie.

    "On guard ye filthy beast!"

    Illusory brought out the sword end of the staff and continued to fence against the sharp talons of the bird, clanging like steel on each other's attacks. It let out ear shattering screeches the whole time as it struck it's talons against the pristine steel
  33. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Raiden groaned at the battle occurring. "That's it... Evocator, assist that one eyed Gentleman dude. He's obviously that other guys partner due to the fact you don't expect Gentlemen on a damn Mountain..." On que, Evocator jumped towards the two as he pulled out his blade and struck the birds talons.

    The Winged Eagle was caught of guard as Evocator began to assist the gentleman in his attack. As the conflict continued, a stray boulder was sent flying towards Harpie Girl. Raiden realized this and acted. "Look Out!!" When the Harpie Girl realized what was going on, she was tackled out of the way by Raiden.

    As the two got their bearings, Raiden looked towards the cave entrance. "Oh god... HEY! IDIOTS!!!" The three battlers turned to Raiden to see... the entrance was blocked by the boulder. "Great going you idiots... Not only did you nearly kill Harpie Girl here, but you blocked us in! So... how about a damn truce until we get out of here... okay!?!?"

    The three said nothing as Raiden walked towards the other guy. "Welp, we're stuck together for a while... so yeah. Can I get your name Masky? Because of Lamer, Bird Brain, and Gentle-prick, were stuck working together." Raiden then turned to Harpie Girl. "The truce counts you as well Blondie... so no funny business." Raiden sighed. "Man what a bad first adventure... but side tracking aside, what's your name Masky?"
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  34. "Hey there, little guy." Skylar said. The Kuriboh huddled fearfully near a cave wall. "It's okay. Come here." The Kuriboh slowly and cautiously approached Skylar and Harpie's Brother. Once it was close enough, Skylar reached out to gently pet it. The Kuriboh made a soft, contented noise.
  35. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    He waved his arms back and forth as the battlers caused the cave in. "Woah woah WOAH! Guys! You went too far!"

    They managed to pry off of each other to hear both what Bret was saying as well as the other human. The eagle hissed and circled the gentleman, not attacking, but not letting it's eyes off him either. The gentleman lowered his arm and cleared his throat, addressing the human.

    "It is I, the illusory gentleman! Enforcer of the imperial guard!"

    "And uh, I'm Bret Yates. Apparently, also imperial enforcer."

    Bret looked up the imposing figure that was The human's partner. He gulped at the size of it, which was bigger than that of his partner.

    "What's your name?"
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  36. "Fox Fire..." Hiita called softly into the underbrush. Both her and Billy were quietly sneaking through the bushes. The was a rustling of leaves, and Fox Fire jumped out into Hiita's arms. "Fox Fire!"
    Billy, distracted by the sudden appearance of Hiita's familiar, ran face-first into Elemental Hero Shadow Mist.
    "Ow!" Billy exclaimed. Looking up, he noticed both the Elemental Hero and a Gazelle flanking another player, a girl.
    "Uh... Hello!" Billy said.
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  37. After several minutes, Harpie's Brother spoke up. "We've been here awhile. Perhaps we should head to the Mission Hall." Skylar stopped petting the Kuriboh and nodded. The two headed out of the cave, the Kuriboh following them. When they got outside, the Kuriboh was still with them. "Would you like to join our team?" Skylar asked the Kuriboh. The Kuriboh nodded (you know what I mean), and let out a happy cry.
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  38. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    As you look at shadow mist you feel chill down your spine with her glare but you see a bright figure from behind her and that is girl.

    "Hehehe....sorry about her, she's protective about people that comes near me, so is that duel monster yours?"

    Kim points towards hiita.
  39. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    Evocator looked down at the boy. "The name is Evocator Chevalier. Gemini monster... who is unfortunately stuck with..." He pointed to Raiden. "...that idiot..." "Oh come on Lamer, you love me. Admit it." Tic marks began to appear on Evocator's head. "For the last time... it's Evocator! Not Evo"Lamer"!!!"

    As Raiden brushed him off, Raiden turned to Brett. "Well then Masky... Let's get going. Our best bet is to go through this cave to try and reach an exit." And so... the unlike team of six set aside their difference to escape the mountain... for now...


    As the team continued walking, Raiden was in the front not caring about a thing. As Raiden turned the corner, he ran into a duel monster. When the others turned the corner, they saw the monster... a Seiyaryu...

    2500 Attack, 2300 Defense

    Raiden looked at the dragon, back at the 5, back at the dragon, back at the 5... he continued this for a while before he turned to the 5 and spoke. "...Is my luck really that bad? What did I do? Burn a dragon nest in a past life?" "RAWR!!" "Welp... Okay gang... RUN FOR IT!" And with those words, the team of six were running... from another dragon... oh boy...
    (Oh come on... what is my luck!?)
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  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "We cannot stand to be made a fool by dragons any longer, the emperor would be most displeased by it!"

    The illusory gentleman had his can ready and pointed it toward the dragon, it then began to spray the hazardous pink spray all over the dragon. It wouldn't hold for long so Bret turned to everyone.

    "Quickly! Down the mountain into that prairie! We need to get out of here!!!"

    Illusory gentleman, alongside the fleeing wing eagle leaped at the oppurtunity to run, going down the mountain at a fast pace. Bret tried his best to keep up with them, as he wasn't exactly a duel monster himself
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