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Ask to Join Yu-Gi-Oh!: Digital Chaos

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shen: King of the Mist, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Billy was feeling a little unsettled at the way Shadow Mist was looking at him, but shook it off and turned to the girl. But before he could respond, Hiita interrupted.
    "Excuse me, I have a name." Hiita said. "And I don't belong to him!"
    Billy winced, thinking back to when he first entered the game.

    "Hey, wake up!" Billy blinked and opened his eyes, looking around. He was in a room, and a red haired girl was poking him with a staff.
    "Oh, hey." Billy said, sitting up. "I suppose you're my duel monster?"
    A tick mark appeared on the girl's head, and she whacked Billy on the side of the head with her staff.
    "Let's get something straight. I'm Hiita. And I'm not yours." Hiita said, leaning on her staff. "We're partners, got it?"

    Hard to believe it wasn't that long ago. It feels like I've been playing for forever.
    Billy thought. He cleared his head and looked back at the other player.
    "Right. This is Hiita the Fire Charmer, my partner, and her familiar, Fox Fire. My friends call me Goat." Billy said, extending a hand to the girl.
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  2. Skylar, Harpie's Brother, and Kuriboh eventually made it to the Mission Hall. Skylar looked over the missions, then pulled one off the board. It read:
    "Help me find my companion!"
    My name is Cyrus Clyde I am in need of assistance in finding my lost Silver Fang. Will give more information at the meeting point
    Meeting Point:
    Blue house with a Silver Fang's head painted on the front.
    Mission Rank:
    C Rank
    Reverse Trap, 10g
    "I've seen that house before." Harpie's Brother said. "It's in this town." "Well what are we waiting for?" Skylar said. "Let's go!"
  3. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Kim accepts the handshake

    "Oh sorry about that, I didn't mean to offend you hiita, please forgive me, oh and my name is Kim."
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  4. Billy shook Kim's hand with a smile.
    "You're the first player I've seen so far. Is this game incredible, or what?" Billy said. "It feels like I'm actually in another world."
    "Hey, come on Goat. Let's just deliver that dumb book and be done with the mission." Hiita said. Billy nodded.
    "Alright, hold on." Billy said. He turned back to Kim. "Have you chosen an alliance yet?"
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  5. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    " yep I'm with the resistance, I was just heading towards town right now to go get a mission there, now if you excuse me I'll see you guys later."

    Kim goes past the two and goes towards the town.
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  6. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The gentleman, Eagle, and Bret Yates had finally reached the bottom of the mountain, away from the intimidatingly large dragon. They all were panting, out of breath from their daring escape.

    "I must say Sir Yates..." Breathed the gentleman. "This mission was a tad too difficult near the end."

    "A dragons nest...swarming with them. The strongest type of monster out there."

    "And apparently an eagle."

    The winged eagle shrieked in response, rattling its wings, too tired from the escape to fight the illusory gentleman. Bret looked to it and slowly approached the blue feathery bird.

    "Hey, birdy? Would you mind rolling with us for a while? You being around that mountain swarming with dragons is just asking for a death."

    The bird looked back at he mountain and then at the boy. It gave a growl, and then a small nod down then up, although it didn't at all seem happy about it. On any other circumstance, it looked like the bird would have said no.

    Winged Eagle joins the Party!
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  7. Skylar, Harpie's Brother, and Kuriboh headed towards the house. They arrived in good time. Skylar walked up to the entrance, then knocked on the door. The door opened, revealing a Mystical Elf. "You must be here about the mission. Please, come in." she said. The three entered the house.
  8. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "Now, we must be on way, come along with us or be on your merry way." Illusory gentleman said. "The resistance must be opposed, I trust you all will report any such activity to Emperor Sheen and his imperial guard, hm?"

    The illusory gentleman peered over at the others as he tapped his cane on the grassy ground. Brett rolled his eyes as he turned away from the gentleman's nationalist behavior. When he did, he notice smoke in the air, men in the distance coming up the grass hill toward the mountain. Bret tapped the gentleman's shoulders.

    "Huh? What sir Brett?"

    "Look! What's that movement??"

    "Oh, that's...! Ah! At last! That's the imperial army that was mentioned in the message! They must have been the ones who shot that arrow as well, we must go greet them with our regards at once!"

    The gentleman tapped his cane one more and marched over to the imperial troop movement.

    "Wha? Wait, Illusory!" Brett turned back to Kaiden for a moment. "Ah, I'm sorry about this!"

    With that, Brett followed the gentleman, the eagle flying alongside him
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  9. Billy looked at Hiita.
    "Right. Let's get going, then." The duel monster and player began walking down the road towards the town. They found that they were walking in the same direction as Kim and her monsters, though. Billy picked up the pace to catch up with Kim.
    "Sooo... Why'd you pick the resistance?" Billy asked.
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  10. When they entered the house they saw a brown haired man with a beard sitting down at a table. The man, Cyrus Clyde, soon spotted the trio. "You must be here about the mission. Please, sit down." Skylar sat down in a chair across from the man. "I lost my Silver Fang a few days ago. He was last seen in the forest just behind my house. He wears a light green scarf to tell him apart from the wild Silver Fangs." Cyrus paused. "And he responds to the name Zenith as well as his species name."
  11. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    "Huh? Why did I choose the resistance, hmmmm.... it's because the role fits me, the resistance is a group of people that fight for justice against the evil Imperials because you're unfair to the people and their rights and their cities."

    kim said while she looks up day dreaming.
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  12. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The gentleman rushed toward the caravan of horses and armored humans. Four people dressed in armor were carrying a tent draped over a platform. Several goblin attack force squads traveling along with the group of forces. The gentleman got to the caravan, holding his mission letter as they came to a stop.

    "Oh! Oh Imperial forces!" He said bowing. "Tis I, the illusory gentleman, commander of the imperial guard of the south region! We have completed a mission that has been tasked of us and have received the reward gifted on the arrow you have sent over!"

    The veil over the tent that the guards were carrying was parted open. A masked figure poked outside it. He had golden guard all around him, a golden collar and small crown adorned above his mask. He wore a red robe with golden inscriptions and seemed to give off the tone of a figure of importance.

    "And I am Marthis, second in command of the Shadowland Empire!"


    The gentleman took a knee quickly, kneeling with his head bowed in deep respect toward the masked figure. Bret arched and eyebrow and didn't bow, just looking at Marthis. Marthis walked outside of the tent his guards were carrying, extending a long staff and tapping the gentleman's shoulder.

    "Rise, loyal servant."

    The gentleman rose to attention, Bret walking next to him. Marthis turned to the boy.

    "And you? You are with the commander?"

    "Uh yes, I'm Bret. Bret Yates."

    "He helped me finish my mission my lord!" The gentleman spoke up. "Helping tame a wild monster from defeating me in combat!"
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  13. "Would it be alright if I left my Kuriboh here? The are bound to be some dangerous monsters out there, and I don't want the little guy destroyed." Skylar said. "Of course." Cyrus said. Sometime later, Skylar and Harpie's Brother were out in the forest looking for Cyrus's Silver Fang. "Zenith. Zenith." Skylar called out. "Here boy."
  14. Paeon Kanetsu

    Paeon Kanetsu Previously Markus Daymo

    As the trio reach an exit, the stop to catch their breath. Raiden turned to see only Evocator and Harpie Girl. "Well... looks like we got separated... whatever. We'll see Masky again someday." Evocator then walked up to Raiden. "True... well, i is time for us to continue our journey." Before Evocator could walk away, Raiden turned to Harpie Girl.

    "Hey, Blondie. You want to journey our merry band?" The Harpie Girl just gave Raiden a deadpan expression before sighing. "Fine... I may die along the way, but it'll be a fun adventure." Harpie Girl joined the team. With that, the trio started to walk towards the forest in front of them... hoping to find a town.


    "HRRRAH!!!" With a battle cry, Evocator slashed at the Monster Tamer.

    Monster Tamer:
    1800 Attack, 1600 Defense

    The Monster Tamer was sent into the forest as he got up and ran away. "Man... Good job Lamer." Evocator sighed. "Your never to stop with that name... are you?" "Nope~" Before an argument could occur, Harpie Girl came flying towards them. "Guys! I found a town." Raiden stopped and turned to Harpie Girl. "Great job Blondie! Lead the way!" And with a weird yet effective team, the trio head towards the next town.
  15. "Hmm... Yeah, that's what they say they are. But the Imperials just call them a group of troublemakers and criminals. I couldn't really decide a group to go into so for now, I'm just a freelancer." Billy said to Kim. They finally entered the town, and he could get a good look at the surrounding areas. To the west, there was a pretty large wasteland, while to the north, there was more forest and a few mountains.
    "Come on, the bookkeeper's house is this way." Hiita said, pulling on Billy's arm. Billy waved at Kim.
    "See ya around, Kim. Maybe we could work together on a mission some time." Billy said, then followed Hiita. The streets weren't that crowded, and Billy could see that quite a few of the NPCs were actually some of the more human duel monsters. Billy smiled, thinking this was all very cool.
    "This is the place." Hiita said, looking up from the parchment. The house looked like any other house in the town, except for the sign in front that said, "Bookkeeper."
    "Well, let's just head right in!" Billy said, walking in and opening the door. A bell rung, and a voice in the back called to them.
    "Be with you in a minute!" Hiita's eyes widened.
    "I know that voice..." She whispered. A brown haired girl with glasses entered the room. She was wearing the same brown cloak that Hiita was wearing, and on her shoulder sat an Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness. She stopped, and the two girls stared at each other.
    "... Hiita?" The bookkeeper asked. Hiita shifted uncomfortably.
    "Hey, Aussa." Hiita mumbled. Aussa's eyes widened.
    "Hiita!" Aussa exclaimed, and nearly tackled Hiita in a bear hug.
    "Get off of me, ya moron!" Hiita exclaimed. Aussa untangled herself from Hiita, and was practically jittering with excitement.
    "You must be Aussa the Earth Charmer." Billy said introducing himself as Hiita brushed herself off.
  16. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Marthis looked over toward Bret and put a gloved hand on his mask. Marthis seemed to be looking right into his mask as if peering into his soul.

    "Then you as well are a pride of the empire."

    Bret got the shivers when that was said. He wasn't sure weather to be unnerved or proud for fighting with the empire. Marthis took his hand off of Bret's mask. He held out his hand openly and lifted it, The gentleman rising to attention to the Imperial second in command.

    "We are to destroy the Ressitance outsold in this region, and prove to them that the Shadowland imperials will not tolerate their attempts to corrode our nation. You three will join us on this venture."

    "We would be honored Lord Marthis!"

    "If that's what we need to do..." Bret said warily.

    "Good, then we shall be on our way. Soldiers! Continue or March!"

    Marthis climbed back in his tent and the soldiers picked it back up and the army began to march again. The gentleman took his place beside the caravan and motioned for Bret to move with. The wing eagle flew above and had eyes from above as they neared the resistance castle.
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  17. Skylar and Harpie's Brother soon found Zenith. The bad news was that he was fighting with a wild Silver Fang.
    Silver Fang: Attack: 1,200 Defense: 800
    Harpie's Brother: Attack: 1,800 Defense: 600
    Battle Start!
    The wild Silver Fang lunged at Harpie's Brother. Harpie's Brother flew out of the creature's reach. He gained altitude, then swooped down at the Silver Fang, striking it before flying out of reach once again. The wild Silver Fang growled. How dare this winged creature interfere!
  18. Aussa straighten her cloak and turned her attention to Billy.
    "Yep, that's me!" Aussa said. "Who are you?"
    "My name's Goat, and me and Hiita completed your mission." Billy said, handing Aussa the Book of Taiyou. Her eyes widened, and she snatched it up.
    "Incredible!" She exclaimed, and began to quickly flip through it. Hiita cleared her throat, and Alyssa looked back up. "Oh, you'll want your reward. As promised, a Book of Moon."
    Aussa snapped her fingers, and her winged Marmot flew off into the bookshelves.
    "So... You two know each other?" Billy asked. Hiita shifted uncomfortably.
    "Yeah, us Charmer were the number one monster taming group in the land!" Alyssa said. Her expression fell a little bit. "That was... Until the incident."
    An uncomfortable silence came between the two girls.
    "Have... Have you heard from the others, Aussa?" Hiita asked.
    "Oh, yeah. Lyna and Dharc drop in every once in a while." Aussa said. "But... I haven't seen Wynn since... Well, you know. And Eria is still out there trying to find Jigabyte."
    Silence came over the group again. Billy had no idea what Aussa and Hiita were talking about, but it sounded like some sort of backstory for a long-term quest. After a few moments, the Marmot flew back and dropped the Book of Moon into Billy's arms.
    "Let's get out of here." Hiita said, turning to the door.
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  19. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Kim wave goodbye while heading towards the mission hall.

    " now what mission should i pick, hmmm....... I guess I'll take a B rank mission first."

    Help us against this Imperial two-headed King Rex.
    Its ransacking our Village.
    Enemy whereabouts: wasteland
    Mission: B rank

    Reward: spellbinding Circle, 100 g

    This is a perfect job for us guy, let's show that Rex what we're made of guy."
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  20. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The army marched over to the Resistance castle, stopping near outside it's walls. The goblin attack force around readies in attack formations in many sides of the wall, X-head cannons in the front of the forces taking place. Marthis came out of his tent and came up to lead his forces. He extended his hand and pointed toward the castle.

    "Open fire!"

    The X-head cannons fired barrages at the walls, blowing chunks of rock and debris out as the enemy began to counter attack. Catapult turtles mounted on the walls began to launch energy blasts from their arsenal down at the Imperial forces. It was a war zone. The attacks caused a barrier of rock inside the castle to crumble, an opening revealing itself. Bret called out to the gentleman, who was praying his spectral must at the catapult turtles.

    "There's a hole in their defenses...literally! We have to take this opportunity!"

    "Ah! Good eye Sir Bret! At once!"

    They charged into the hole, going inside a corridor of the castle. They went up several flights of stairs until they reached the top, the numerous catapult turtles lined up shooting bombardments of energy torpedoes at the invading lines.

    "We have to take them out Gentleman...or our forces are done for!"

    "Yet again, you are right. Let our justice me swift and righteous!"
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  21. Just as Hiita was about to leave, the door to Aussa's house was thrown open, and a person shouldered his way past Hiita.
    "Hey!" Hiita exclaimed. Billy recognized the person as the duel monster Tactical Espionage Expert. He strode quickly to Aussa.
    "Do you have it?" The Espionage Expert asked hurriedly.
    "It's right here." Aussa said, handing the Book of Taiyou to him. "Is something wrong?"
    "I've received a report, The Empire's attacking one of our castles now. It's too far away for us to do anything now, we could never get there in time." The Expert said.
    "Aussa?! You're with the rebellion?!" Hiita exclaimed. The Tactical Espionage Expert whirled around, pointing a gun at both Hiita and Billy. Billy raised his hands.
    "Whoa, whoa! Don't shoot!" Billy exclaimed.
    "They were the ones that got the Book of Taiyou." Alyssa explained. The Tactical Espionage Expert relaxed a little, but still kept his gun pointed at Hiita and Billy.
    "I thought you got that mission out of the neutral town hall." Billy hissed.
    "I did!" Hiita whispered back. Billy glanced up at the Book of Moon he was still holding.
    "Look, we're not going to turn you in or anything." Billy said.
    "Yeah, we're not the biggest fans of the Empire ourselves." Hiita said.
    "We just don't want to join the rebellion either." Billy said.
    "If you're not with us... You're against us." The Tactical Espionage Expert said, tensing up again.
    "Tony, don't-!" Before Aussa could finish, Billy threw the Book of Moon to the ground. It spring open, and a blue energy field flew out of it and slammed the Expert into a bookshelf, stunning him.
    "Come on!" Hiita exclaimed, grabbing Billy's wrist. Billy grabbed the Book of Moon, and the two ran out of the Bookstore.
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  22. The third time Harpie's Brother swooped down to attack, the wild Silver Fang snapped at him. It missed, catching only air. Harpie's Brother finally lashed out at the Silver Fang with all his strength. The Silver Fang shattered. "Nice work Harpie's Brother." He then turned to Zenith. "Ready to go home?" Skylar asked. Zenith nodded and wagged his tail.
  23. Hiita looked around the corner of the house they were hiding.
    "I think we lost him." She said. Billy was sitting, trying to regain his breath. He also looked around the corner, and couldn't seen any sign of the Espionage Expert, or Aussa.
    "He, he tried to kill us!" Billy said. Wait... What am I saying? I wasn't in any danger. This is just a video game, just a game! I would have just game-overed, or maybe be forced to respawn somewhere. Billy thought. I'm going to have to take a break soon, this game is almost too much for me.
    "Come on, moron." Hiita said. Billy snapped out of his thoughts to see Hiita walking away.
    "Where are we going?" Billy asked, following her.
    "To get another mission. We're broke, and we need money." Hiita said.
    "Shouldn't we get out of town?" Billy asked. "What if that Espionage Expert finds us?"
    Hiita shook her head.
    "The closest towns are either over the mountains or across the wasteland. The mountians are crawling with powerful dragons, and we're not strong enough to get through that. And the wasteland is just as treacherous, without a guide. I know a person that could help us, but they're very expensive, and hard to find." Hiita explained.
    "So a mission it is, then." Billy said. The two walked to the neutral mission hall.
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  24. Skylar, Harpie's Brother, and Zenith went back to Cyrus's house. When Zenith saw Cyrus he got excited and ran to him, tail wagging. "Thank you." Cyrus said. He gave them the Reverse Trap and the 10g. Skylar thanked him, then he, Harpie's Brother, and Kuriboh headed for the Mission hall.
  25. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The gentleman switched to the sword end of his staff and struck s catapult turtle's back, breaking the catapult equipped to it. He moved to the next one, repeating the process. They made it to the third catapult turtle when a sword blocked his stroke to break off it's weapon.

    "Huh? Who dare you interrupt the stroke of an imperial guardsman! How art thou?!"

    The woman that interrupted the sword was clad in green armor, bolstering a shield and a long sword. She had long red hair that covered one eye, and she appeared like she had no fear.

    "Kannan...the swordmistress!"

    She used leverage of the cannon turtles she'll to overpower the gentleman and shove him off of the catapult, staggering him back. He seemed offended and brushed off invisible dirt from his shoulder.

    "Ugh! How dare you! You will perish at my hand!!"

    Kannan the Swordmistress
    1,400 Atk, 1,400 Def
    The Illusory Gentleman:
    1,800 Atk, 1,700 Def
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  26. Billy and Hiita were looking over the missions.
    "How about this one?" Billy said, pulling a mission paper off the wall.

    Infestation Alert!
    In my travels through the nearby forest, I've noticed that the number of Petit Moths are incredibly high this year. If they are allowed to stay, there could be a serious crisis. Please kill 20 Petit Moths.
    Meeting Place: Town Entrance
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Reward: Metalmorph, 10 gold

    Hiita shrugged.
    "Petit Moths are pretty weak. Shouldn't be that hard." Hiita said. Billy took the paper, and the two left the Mission Hall. Billy looked up to see another player and their monsters approaching the mission hall, a Harpies Brother and Kuriboh.
    "Hello!" Billy said to the player.
  27. "Oh. Hi." Skylar said. He was surprised that he had run into someone else. Though then again, it was probably bound to happen. The one who greeted him was another boy with a monster that was much more humanoid in appearance than Harpie's Brother.
  28. "What a game, huh?" Billy said. "My name's Billy, but my friends all call me Goat."
    He walked up to the player and extended a hand.
    "This is Hiita the Fire Charmer." Billy said, gesturing at Hiita. Hiita, however, seemed to be staring at the Harpies Brother intently.
    "You wouldn't happen to be from the mountains, would you?" Hiita asked the Harpies Brother.
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  29. Skylar took Billy's hand and shook it. "I'm Skylar." He said. "I was originally, yes. Why do you ask?" Harpie's Brother replied. Kuriboh bounced up and down.
  30. Hiita hesitated for a moment.
    "You wouldn't happen to have seen a girl, wearing the same type of cloak I'm wearing, and with a similar staff? She also had green hair, and her name's Wynn." Hiita said. Fox Fire perked up from behind Hiita, looking curiously at the Kuriboh.
    "So, have you found anything interesting so far?" Billy asked Skylar.
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  31. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Kannan swung her sword again, the sword clanking with the sharp staff Illusory gentleman wielded. They stayed there, sword on staff, both unyielding. That is, until the gentleman took action.

    "Spectral Mist!"

    The other, magical end of the staff released the corrosive mist on the female warrior while her sword was pressed against his staff. She cried out in pain, taking he shield and trying to prevent the majority of the damage from coming directly at her. Partly succeeding.

    "Agggh! Foul trick Imperial dog!"

    She picked up something attached to her hip...a Kunai with chain! She dropped her shield and tossed it, coiling around the staff and pinning it to the ground. Right as that happened, she picked up the shield again and shoved the gentleman back with her shield and sliced a bit of his face with her sword.

    "The resistance shall live on!"

    Bret rushed to help the gentleman, pulling on the kunai and chain with all his strength, the kunai strongly shoved into the stone. She put a sword to his neck.

    "Not another move!"
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  32. "Wynn? Haven't seen her in years. I hear she's still up there though." Harpie's Brother said. He nodded towards the mountains. "Besides Kuriboh and two Silver Fangs, one of which was wild, not much." Skylar said.
  33. "Oh." Hiita said, looking a little crestfallen. "Thank you, though."
    "Yeah? I got a Book of Moon as a reward for completing a mission." Billy said. Hiita's eyes widened, and she nudged Billy.
    "Hey, Goat?" Billy followed Hiita's gaze, and look over Skylar's shoulder to see the Tactical Espionage Expert and Aussa scanning the street. They locked eyes, and the Espionage Expert began running towards them, followed by Aussa.
    "Hey, distract these guys, would you?" Billy asked Skylar, and him and Hiita began running towards the forest.
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  34. "Got it." Harpie's Brother said. He took to the skies. Skylar and Kuriboh went the other way. "Meet us in the forest behind the meeting place of our last mission!" Skylar yelled over his shoulder. Harpie's Brother nodded. He then flew in front of the Espionage Expert and Aussa. He whistled, gave them a 'Catch me if you can.' kind of look, then flew off.
  35. Aussa let out a startled yelp as the Harpie's Brother suddenly flew in front of her and the Espionage Expert. The Espionage Expert drew his gun and fired a few shots, but the Brother was already out of range.
    "You go after him. I'll take Fire girl and,her friend." The Expert said, and ran after Billy and Hiita.
    "Tony, wait!" Aussa tried to grab at the Expert, but he was already out of her reach. The Earth Charmer growled in anger and took off after the Tactical Espionage Agent. "I'm trying to tell you something, you moron!"

    "Did it work? Did we lose him?" Billy asked. Hiita glanced back as a gunshot whizzed between them.
    "Nope!" Hiita yelped. The two quickly dove into an alleyway, trying to shake their pursuers.
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  36. Harpie's Brother realized that he was ignored. Then he thought of something else. Hiita's Attack was much lower then the Espionage Expert, and would easily be destroyed. And if that happened, the boy would be left with no one to defend him. Harpie's Brother turned around, going after Hiita and Billy, easily catching up.
  37. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Bret stared down the long sword she has angled at his throat. He gulped at the sharpness of it. The look in her eye was of someone who wouldn't hesitate to kill him. Options raced through his mind.

    "Err...Kannan...why so loyal to the resistance?"

    "? What? You have no right to speak to me imperial dog! Tell me who is leading your army!"

    "Hm...that's seems a little one sided now doesn't it?"

    "I do not care about your stalling attempts. Tell me who or I will strike you down!"

    Just then, winged eagle came from the sky and dove down at her, knocking her off the castle wall and into the crowd of goblin attack force squads, as she screamed before she disintegrated. The gentleman got out of the trap as he rose to his feet again.

    "That was a minor inconvenience...hmph. Serves her right."
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  38. Billy heard the Harpie's Brother land in the alley, but decided to keep running. But Hiita stopped.
    "Hiita, what are you doing?" Billy asked.
    "Aussa is much stronger than she looks. If it's the two against Harpie's Brother alone, he'll just lose." Hiita said, standing next to Harpie's Brother. She gripped her staff tightly, and Fox Fire stood ready. "If it comes to it, I'll have to show the hidden powers of the Charmers..."

    The Tactical Espionage Expert stood at the entrance of the alleyway, hidden by some boxes. He carefully peeked over the box, catching a glimpse into the alley, and checked his gun.
    I'll show you the power of the Resistance... He thought, as his body began to dimly glow. But before he could move in, something hard hit him on the back of the head, and his vision went dark.

    Billy clenched his fists, feeling a little useless. In his hands, he had the Book of Moon ready to use, however the heck it was supposed to work. He had no clue. There was a movement at the end of the alleyway, and the Tactical Espionage Expert slumped into view. Aussa walked to the front of the alleyway, staff in hand.
    "Aussa?" Hiita said.
    "Sorry about all this." Aussa said, smiling.
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  39. "Um, excuse me." Harpie's Brother said. "I hate to interrupt, but uh, what's going on here?" He tilted his head in confusion. This 'Aussa', along with the Tactical Espionage Expert, had been chasing Billy and Hiita. And now she had knocked out the Tactical Espionage Expert, a fellow resistance member.
  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    With that, the gentleman finished breaking down the rest of the catapult turtle artillery fire, the imperial forces no longer being pelted at by artillery. They rejoiced as the imperials broke into the castle walls with the X-head cannons. The people and weaker monsters backed away from the invaders, as they knew they couldn't stop them. Marthis's carriage strode into the mane throne room and he exited the carriage, Bret, the gentleman, and winged eagle followed him.

    Marthis walked to the empty red throne that lie in the center of the room as he touched the red leather. He then eased himself onto the throne and laid back in the chair. The castle was the Shadowland empire's now. He seemed to be in deep thought, so Bret went up and addressed him.

    "Marthis? What's wrong? The city has been liberated?"

    "That is true...but the lead marshal here has fled. A general of the Resistance we had hoped to cut off here."

    "A general? What kind of general?"

    "He's known for his rash action and strides into or territory with the confidence of a tiger and brashness of a sword. His name..."

    "...Joey Wheeler!"
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