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Year in Review

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I guess the topoc title can be interpretted in any way you want it to. So I'll go first.

    Friendship and companionship ended up being my most important value this year. I found this is many different areas, but most significantly happened when @Ruko and @DoggyEars took me in for about a month to get away from my family situation, not to mention everyone else who supported me during that rough period in my life. I had so many friends, both online and offline, willing to help me in many ways, and I'm forever grateful to you guys.

    I've improved a bit in my spritework this year, I would think. I've begun using black in my outlining and learned how to better sprite arms and legs, something that's alluded me for years now. In addition, I think it's easier for me to sprite different hairstyles now, both short and long, and I'm more comfortable making my own sprites instead of just editing official sprites from the games (though I know I have a long way to go with that).

    Though I haven't uploaded a lot of music-related stuff, I have been learning how to better control my voice and I can hear and sing harmonies a little better. I'm more confident with my mixing skills, though they're still very much at an amateurish level.

    Regardless to say, I have not been very good with my money this year. I've spent a lot on both food and games and ended up with an unhealthy spending habit. This is probably an area that I need to work on next year.

    Countries and political leaders need to get their shit together already. And Americans need to stop being prejudiced assholes. But hey, what else is new?
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  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Actually, now that I think about it, 2015 was probably one of my most eventful years in ages!

    Worky work
    So, around Febuary I got told that the store I'd worked in for ten years was getting shut down. Not only had I worked there for ten years, but it was also the only place I'd ever worked (aside from the odd side job here and there). My little Tesco store was getting shut down due to it being super old (the building was built in 1966) and Tesco didn't want to keep throwing money trying to keep it looking snazzy when they could just build a nice new store elsewhere. Humbug! It was going to close on the 4th of April, so we had plenty of time to either apply for jobs within other Tesco stores, or take redundancy and leave.

    Turned out that there were plenty of positions available in other stores... if you were willing to have a 16 hour contract and drive miles and miles away. Also, since I was a Team Leader there were far fewer options available to me. So I decided to look for a new job. Scary! I got one, and now I'm really happy there, I help people with their pensions and life Insurance. But it was a massive change and looking back a good chunk of my year this year has been stressful. New friends now though, and a totally new chapter!

    Personal Life
    Well I did move out of the family home in January. I finally flew the nest! My boyfriend and I got a lovely little flat (near to my family of course!) and we've been very happy here. The only thing that I've not liked is that I can't have pets here, so I have been without any Gerbils to love for over a year now :'(

    Other than the move, not much has really changed.

    So... 2015 was a very different year. It had lots of ups and downs, but I'd say overall it's been a good year. It was difficult at times but I've reached the end of it very positively :)
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  3. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Damn; my year has been amazing and busy!
    Travel: Went to a bunch of countries and states that I'd never thought I'd end up in & met amazing people on the way! I met the entire supreme court, and a couple senators too; including Mr. Sanders and had a nice talk. (Also as of now, scored a huge deal to explore my own city- so I've been doing that as of late.)
    Work: Got a new internship- and it's so much fun! Also doing something on the side, I'm starting out as an amateur journalist for a really amateur newspaper- which I'm going to run a part of it next year! (I just hope it goes well!)
    Personal: Besides the world being a huge butt- that doesn't stop me from having fun!~ (I also sometimes forget that I broke my foot earlier this year, haha.)
    Worldwide: Did I mention the world stinks? Due to recent events, It made me leave work early for my own safety precautions- and my friends were escorting me home some days when they felt it too dangerous for me.
    Politics make it a billion worse, haha.

    And that's about my year in a nut-shell! It's pretty cool.
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  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    2015 was quite uneventful for me honestly, which surprised me in hindsight considering how much I had to say about 2014 this time last year. I settled into my new job very well, although the sheer irony of my job revolving entirely around cars isn't lost on me given that I now hate the stupid things more than ever - and that's saying a lot. On the plus side, at least I don't have to drive them, or sit in them... or be anywhere near them. Ever.

    Also I picked up the Pokemon TCG for some reason. I blame Hearthstone. On the plus side, I've become quite good at it.

    Think that about covers everything. As I said, it was basically more of the same for me leading off from the end of 2014.
  5. My life? Busy as hell, that's why I haven't been on much at all in the last few months.

    I started graduate school this semester. I've finally decided on what my thesis topic will be, and I've been writing my proposal over break. As you can tell, I'm procrastinating a bit right now writing this instead. I need to write something to get started on writing it. My research will be on the sensory discrimination and refuge recognition of amblypygids, a type of arachnid commonly called the whip spider. As for the 'work' half of things, I'm a TA now, as this assistantship is paying a stipend and a tuition waver, allowing me to go to grad school. As my mother is a special education teacher, I now understand every complaint she has ever had. It's not the best job in the world, as TAs get shat on a lot, but it pays the bills and looks good on my CV. I've been prepping for the coming semester, happy to sleep in in the meantime.

    This year has been interesting in terms of personal relationships. After I graduated, a lot of my friends graduated the next semester. I lost a lot of friends, physically speaking. I don't see my best friends as often as I want to. People I know are disappearing in the four year cycle of college towns. I have my own place now, in the college town of my undergraduate university, which is now my Master's university. Well, my own with my boyfriend, who is now my roommate. This is a relatively new boyfriend, as we only got together in June, but we've been friends for years, but we've been oblivious to each other's feelings for a long time, the aforementioned years of friendship. I've had a fun time dealing my sexuality and romantic orientation, as it turns out I'm queer and polyamorous, in the sense of "You're hot? Let's bang," not caring about genders, and somehow having the capacity to love more than one person. It's not a big deal to me, but to other people, it seems, and I'm just the way I am. I've dealt with other changes, such as dealing with stress that comes from changing roles and expectations, but I've been handling it well.

    Gaming took a big hit this year. I've hardly had the time to play any games due to the time investment they require, only really touching Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, Pokemon Picross, and the Badge Arcade as they don't require much time. I even got a ton of games recently due to the Black Friday Steam sale, but I haven't touched most of them. They're bigger games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Borderlands I've never played due to not having the money to buy them until now, even though they've been out years. I have been able to invest more in Magic: The Gathering, though, as games take about an hour in EDH, which is a much more reasonable time investment. The money isn't, though, as building a Skullbriar EDH deck cost about $600, but that wasn't all at once (I pulled and sold an Expedition Bloodstained Mire, invested in a box and sold for a profit, and traded up). As for Pokemon, I've mostly been playing the aforementioned freemium games, as I've beaten my copy of Alpha Sapphire, though I do need to finish Black 2 at some point.

    Eyup, this year has been interesting. I know I've not been on much at all, but I am glad for all the care and support I've had from you guys growing up. I've been a member since age thirteen, and now I'm twenty-one.
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  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Chronology has never been my strong suite - I tend to easily lose track of time and days melt into each other. So, with the kind assistance of the only form of time travel technology I readily have access to... social network posts.

    So this, apparently has been my 2015...

    January: Apparently, January 2015 was largely consumed by Dragon Age: Inquisition, because God Damnit, Bioware - when you make a game you sure do your gosh-darn best to make it really appealing to me. The only other notable event I can piece together was a gear shift I've performed in my art classes, when I've left charcoal and chalk behind and switched to oil painting, which I've come to greatly enjoy as a medium. (Apparently I've uploaded this to 'charms later than anywhere else. Thing is dated January 26th everywhere else). This, along with an art trade with Sami, was all I've drawn in January... something that unfortunately became a trend this year. Not the most productive year I've had art-ways, for sure.

    February: More Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a number of movies. Sometime towards the end of February we've had some snow storms up north, and the 'rents and I headed up north. As a counterpoint to a picture from the year before where I pet a snowball like a mad scientist's cat, I made a full-on snow cat. It was glorious. The month ended on a slightly less happy note when Leonard Nimoy has done something immensely illogical and died, which, at the very least, interrupted a shitstorm-in-a-teacup about a dress.
    Apparently all I've done art-ways that month is my first full color oil painting. Welp.

    March: A new fandom burst into my life - Steven Universe! I've ignored SU until that point as I expected it to be another modern Adventure-Timey bullshit cartoon... And then an episode occurred that indicated that this show actually may have the sort of world-building I particularly enjoy (and for fuck's sake, bacteriophage-shaped drill machines!), started watching it and instantly fell in love with the show. For a while my gemsona concepts (none of which I've drawn yet, good grief) kind of ate my mental creative world...

    And then Terry Pratchett died, which was fucking depressing, tbh. On top of that, elections hit Israel and... big surprise, the idiots who live in this country that I'm unfortunately stuck in have elected the same panel of absolute goddamn morons that have been grinding it into the dust for the past god knows how many years. On the whole, not the most brilliant of months - but at least it ended on a positive note, when thanks to an unofficial translation patch I finally got to play Tales of Vesperia.

    Art-ways, I've uploaded my Spring Time design (which was actually a colored version of a much older doodle), a digital painting experiment of a landscape of some sort, and this Footballeon commission for @Kyubeon - which, if memory serves, she got quite a kick out of. </obvious-yet-still-godawful-pun>.

    April: Seems to have been equally divided between Tales of Vesperia and Borderlands. A silly doodle of Repede (from the former) as Doge, some art of the rookie-stage Digimon from the (Semi-defunct?) Digimon RP I participate in have also happened, but the best piece of art from that month was most definitely my birthday present for @SteelMineral, a Gatomon with some personalized touches.

    May: May apparently was a mass of terrible puns interspersed with a few pieces of art. There was a Mawile. There was the first oil painting that I'm truly proud of and wasn't just a practice piece and some gift art for non-charmsian friends and family. And in the background, there was another piece, that was only finally completed in...

    June: where I've finally completed my contribution to the then exploding in popularity Pokémon Breed Variation tumblr meme, as well as this ludicrous 'loom and a Wild Rose (as @SteelMineral and I were running through Ragnarok Online at the time and she, being the crazy cat lady she is, obsessed over the things for a good while). Apparently the theme of terrible puns continued into June, as well. In news less related to me that month - but ones that made me and many of my friends very happy, in a stroke of actual logic and human decency, the US did the right thing for a change and legalized gay marriage country-wide in America that month, which led to an eruption of Facebook rainbows (and a quick photoshop of Tychus Findlay with a rainbow Marine suit, because... hell, it's about time).

    July: July was kind of a turning point for me, as circumstances aligned that led to one of the most important changes that my life. I've been put in touch with a certain translation company and began a process of a job interview. I didn't get the part I applied for, but I did enter into a contract with them as a freelance translator - which became my first (and current!) proper job. It was also the month where I lost a significant portion of my soul to the Mass Effect series, FINALLY getting to play it after all these years and falling in love with it. Incredibly, July was also one of my busiest months art-ways this year - between a cover image for Facebook, a number of silly sketches involving the Gastly Line and Random Character Designs, a sketch of a pseudo-cetacean creature that actually got colored and this design featuring Bastet, which has been in discussion with a certain Rain for ages, and I've only finally done when an art contest for cat-related designs surfaced that I entered. I didn't win, obviously, but it did get my art a few new viewers... which is something too, honestly.

    August: A lot more Mass Effect gameplay, and the actual beginning of my work as a translator. Also, my first ever Escape Room experience in real life (which was fun as -eff!-). Got hit by some form of a sickness apparently, but I cannot remember the details. Also apparently sometime through it all I got distracted from my Mass Effect playthroughs to get sucked into another playthrough of the Phantasy Star series... Which I believe crashed and burned due to some game-breaking bug in 2. *shrug*.
    No art at all this month - but my art classes kept on going, and something I've been working on since May would soon be released upon the unsuspecting world. But that is a matter for-

    September: Which started with the unholy realization that "We Are the Crystal Gems" and Radiohead's "Creep" follow the same chord progression, continued with my finishing of my first play-through of the Mass Effect series (And a fond adieu to my lovely Vanguard Femshep, Adrienne) and approached its end with the culmination of four and a half months of art class work - my oil painting of Commander Susan Ivanova - because, after all, Ivanova is God and she deserved all the work time she got.

    October: A VERY LONG OVERDUE upgrade for me - The Dell from Hell, which has served me faithfully for years in spite of falling apart at the seams towards the end of its life, has finally been put out to pasture and replaced with an absolutely lovely Alienware 15 (which has yet to receive any name aside from "The New Machine"). A Wacom Intuos Pro tablet has also joined my art arsenal - though I've not done much with it at that month due to... well, another Mass Effect play-through, this time on PC with an Infiltrator Manshep this time (which I really need to get back to tbh). It is a time of holidays in Israel and so there wasn't much work. Overall a quiet month.

    November: Job kicked into RIDICULOUSLY high gear. Barely had time to breathe, but still managed to find some time to make some fricking epic cinnamon rolls, see a concert by a really awesome musician... and even managed to squeeze in an art class piece (a brief interlude from the piece I've been working on since I finished Ivanova and am STILL working on!) and a silly tablet doodle. I also bought myself Skyrim, because it was on sale and because I could.

    December: What little time I spent in December NOT working due to a mad rush of projects towards the end of the year, I spent falling into Undertale (and drawing some fan art thereof, and I really need to do more), doing another escape room, actually getting my claws on StarCraft II at long last... And celebrating 30 years of being stuck on this goddamn planet. (And 31 years of one of my favorite people on the planet having been stuck on it, too, but hey)

    Also, Christmas I guess? I mean, I don't celebrate it. But it didn't stop me from throwing in a Mari pun.

    And that was my 2015. Gaming, bursts of ridiculous movies/series watching which I obliquely remember but didn't document too well, some art, and then the complete and utter consumption of my goddamn soul by translation work.

    What's in store for 2016? Probably more translation work, hopefully more art, and gog knows about anything else. I try not to make too many long term plans - those tend to explode dramatically.
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  7. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    2015 was... ehh.
    January, February, March: Normal months. Nothing really happened that is actually noteworthy.
    April: I fricked up my shoulder. 1 day later: "OH YEAH WE'RE MOVING IN LIKE 2 WEEKS" The day after that: Nothing but Omega Ruby.
    May, June, July: Living in a hotel not far from the train station and mall. Not half bad, actually.
    August: GUESS WHAT SCHOOL (rip me)
    Sept.: Went to Malaysia for a school trip. Rest of month was normal.
    Oct., Nov.: Projects. Projects everywhere.
    Dec. Undertale and oH YEAH MORE PROJECTS.

    Personal shiz: Okayish.
    Spriting/art: I've gotten better over the past year. :D As for art... *loud screeching of "MOM GET ME AN ART TABLET"*
    Music: I've done nothing but have my violin get the crap beaten out of it... friggin G and A strings >>
    Money: I'm down to $10. At the beginning of the year: $50. SAVING WH00T
    Worldwide: holy fuvl
    Travel: I WENT TO JAPAN... for 2 hours. At least I charged my DS at the airport.

    2016: Everything is school. 'Nuff said.

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