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Who's That Pokemon ? Riddle Game

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Animefan1, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. RIDDLE:

    I am the pokemon that started it all .
    Kanto region , yes .
    I was part of Ash's first team , but I'm not Pikachu !
  2. Bulbasaur? It's the first one in the pokédex, so...

    Fluffy ears, and tiny body. Im quite normal, who am I?
  3. You sir are buneary.

    I'm legendary, but I have a prevolution.
  4. The answer to my question was Diglett. Anyway...
    Is it Zoroark?

    Now for my riddle:
    'The royal Pringles man.'
  5. You (sorry, no interrogation point in grandma's notebook)

    If yes, than only so that y' know iFlare, Zoroark is as Legendary as Phione, Rotom, or Lucario. He's not legendary, his just rare.

    "What a cool red headgear this claw gave to me."
  6. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    You are aipom :)

    I bring good luck to those who have me and I become beautiful and enticing with a dawn stone.
    #126 BlackRoseJack, Nov 27, 2010
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  7. I don't mean that it's a legendary pokemon, I mean the species is "legendary pokemon" go check your pokedexes then solve my riddle. (btw Phione and rotom are legendaries, their just not ubers)

    @ ~Psy-Teen~: Is it Happiny? (I'm purposely getting this one wrong to keep this game on its path of stupidity. XD)
  8. Snorunt!
  9. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    prj126 got it : )

    I can hear from a long distance, I'm a living sentry tower.
  10. First my riddle wasn't Aipom.

    Second, oh, now I understand, it is Arcanine.

    Third, Phione and Rotom can breed and the result may be another Phione or another Rotom, which is reason enough for them not being legendaries. Manaphy can also breed, but only with Ditto, and the result can only be a Phione. And there are dozens of Phiones and Rotoms (even though the latter only appear alone), while any other legendary is unique or super-duper-uber-ultra rare. If you don't believe go play Pokémon Ranger: Phione and Rotom are regarded as normal pokémon instead of rare or legendary like any other Legendary pokémons. Go ask Sem: he knows they aren't legendary.

    Fourth, it seens that me and iFlare will always disagree.

    Fifth, have no idea.
  11. Weavile!!!!
  12. I consider Rotom legendary because when you go to catch it in D/P/Pt it plays the legendary music, and then I wonder, what about heatran? It has a 50% chance of being female and a 50% chance of being male, what does that mean? Is it legendary or not? Can heatran breed?

    @ ~Psy-Teen~: No flippin' idea.

    *I'm Blue, and badass, I love to embarass Brock when he splits his game with women.*
    #132 The iFlare, Nov 27, 2010
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  13. Croagunk!
  14. I am the creator of all pokemon. I am......
  15. Arceus.

    I love to chew on James head.
  16. Carnivine

    I did the same but in a previos region
  17. Victreebel (thought of him actaully on mine but anyway)

    Everything you wish for, you'll get. Who am I?
  18. Jirachi.

    I'm an epic bear, I evolve into a scary bear.
  19. Teddiursa

    I am a brown pokemon with many diffrent evolutions.
  20. Too Easy: Eevee.

    prj126 was right.

    iFlare, Heatran can be of both genders, but cannot breed, just so you know. And, okay, if you consider Rotom legendary it's your choice.

    Right now, I'm too much in a hurry, I'll post a riddle when I return.

    EDIT: The blue blood Pokémon. I doubt any of you will get that right, so after 4 errors I'll post an additional tip.
  21. slowking?(because he is a KING and they are ment to have blue blood(the king not the pokemon))
  22. Well, in fact any noble is said to have blue blood, I can't believe you figured that out XD. But it's not Slowking... Muahahaha! (I'm the master of evil laughs!)
  23. Fufufufu... This is getting interesting... let's how many kings y' can list before I say y' right.

    And yeah, it wasn't KINGler.
  24. DAMMIT! This soon! Yeh, it was him, so, lemme think of a new riddle...

    "The sun never sets when he's facing me."
  25. Nope. Not Solrock :D.
  26. Is it Lunatone, then? Or is it Espeon?
  27. Jeez, snetonobre, your riddles are so hard. But I'll try and solve this one, but not now. :)
  28. Groudon? Because his ability is Drought, which means it's sunny on the battle field.... Yeah, yeah, like you don't know that...
  29. Yep, it's groudon.

    And y' guys are forgettin' to put new riddles. It seens I'm the only one here with riddles.

    Next riddle: "I'm the moon fairy."
  30. Is it Umbeon?

    "Fluffy cotton hair!"
  31. Mine's not Umbreon, Your's Jumpluff. If not, Erefuun, or it's pre-evo, or Mareep or it's evo.
  32. Mine is Erufuun. Is yours Lunatone?

    "A stone I sleep in, the ghost that lies inside..."
  33. Not Lunatone, your's Spiritomb.
  34. DAMN! My riddles suck. :3

    "The blue Bagworm."
    #158 Louie Forest, Dec 4, 2010
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  35. Louie's is Kaburumo~
    Gen 2 psychic type with a small dot (This one's obvious)
  36. Kaburumu's a beetle, not a bagworm.

    Repeating my riddle: "I'm the moon fairy".

    And I'm too lazy right now to searc for the answer to Luke's.
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