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Who's That Pokemon ? Riddle Game

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Animefan1, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Diglett?

    Short blonde hair, big rosey lips. (This is easy.)
  2. No. Not yet.
  3. Nope. But I think anymore hints I give would make it too easy. And none of these pokémon are really wherever there's sand: each can only be found on the wild on specific location, even though there's plenty of sand and earth in their regions (like in any other place).
  4. is it gen 5?
  5. Yes. I know this was too much of a hint, but if I said I can't say you would know that it is.
  6. Mogyuryu? (or whaterver it is spelled that's how the game says)

    If not, maybe a Kibago?
  7. Kibago have nothing to do with earth and sand. His not even ground type! Yes, it was Moguryuu, as the only caves you can't find him are in the caves you find his evolution instead, but you can only find some rare times, when there's a litttle shaking ground on the cave. That's why he appears wherever there's sand or earth, but is a lot rare, unlike earth itself, that exist plenty in all countrys.

    Next riddle. Who's the pokémon that can evolve at two different pokémon at the same time? I'm really too bored to think of a good riddle.
  8. Nincada, easy as pie.

    What pokemon looks like a green, little, old man?
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    What pokemon is the chuck noris of gen 5 as we know it?
  10. Nope, wrong answer on mine. Just sayin' :)
  11. Louie Forest,u got it right! yay :3
  12. [quote author=Rolly link=topic=1124.msg24619#msg24619 date=1290555254
    What pokemon looks like a green, little, old man?

  13. What the? OK, back to the point...

    I was a plastic toy when you first saw me
    In time, my skin will turn yellow!
  14. Kibago.

    I'm world's best singer and dancer. Yeah, too easy.
  15. Shroomish?

  16. juan989

    juan989 Guest

  17. Meloetta, clearly. Still no-one has solved my riddle, so i'll put it up again.

    What pokemon looks like a green, little, old man?
  18. Lombre?
  19. Your supposed to make a riddle, too. Anyway...
    'Why am I classified as the mole Pokemon? I look more like a brown lump with a clown nose!'
  20. Mogurew
    I am said to resemble a pokeball but i am not gen1
  21. Diglett


    My riddle:
    My elbows resembles blades(or maybe swords) and I evolve from a psychic. Who am I?
  22. Gallade (the blade bit gave it away)
    I have red cheeks and proboly the most famous pokemon ever
  23. Pika-chu!
  24. whats your riddle?
  25. You guys are giving riddles that are too easy.

    Here is one to make you remember what's a riddle supposed to be:

    "Rage... Can't see... Everything... No, everyone... they're my enemies... must... destroy... must... destroy... must... DESTROY!"
  26. Deoxys? ??? ??? ??? ??? If not, then... ummmm... Arceus? ??? ??? ??? ???
    #108 PokeGirlPraure, Nov 25, 2010
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  27. i guess mewtwo
  28. Deoxys was never motivated by rage, while Arceus and Mewtwo are too intelligent to be moved by simple rage. Even less they would be blinded by it. Okay, Mewtwo was moved by rage, but he never gone berserk.
  29. I've figured!!!
    It's... (*insert drums music*)
  30. Nope. Rayquaza only acted by rage when Deoxys came to Earth, and even then it was because he though Deoxys would cause harm to the world, like Groudon and Kyogre would do.

    And, no, it's not Darkrai ;D. Darkrai is good, proof of that is for example on Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, where it's said that he isolated itself on Newmoon Island to prevent harm to others, as his power to cause nightmares is thanks to his ability Bad Dreams, and he doesn't choose to activate it or not: it happens with whoever is sleeping near him.
  31. But in the movie?
  32. In the movie his still good. Of course he caused harm to others with his Dark Void move, but for a noble cause and stoped it when it wasn't needed anymore. Even in the Pokémon Ranger games he is good. The only stance in which he is not portraited as at least close to good is in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Time/Darkness/Sky, and even then in the end he loses his memories and can be recruited as one of the most loyal and noble explorers of all.
  33. Talking about PMD, maybe Primal Dialga?
  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It dosen't have to be lengandary, so, lucario (Because of the movie, remeber he didn't trust Ash at first)
    If not, Groudon or Kyogre
  35. I say mewtwo. :/

    I'm an epic puffball of firey awesomeness, I evolved from a firestone but I'm not ninetales, nor am I arcanine.
  36. I've already said mewtwo and it was wrong!
  37. Flaeron for sure.
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