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Who's That Pokemon ? Riddle Game

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Animefan1, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. This is how the game works .
    You describe any Pokemon (without telling its name) with the least amount of facts as possible ,
    but still make it possible for the person after you to guess it !
    Its a pretty common game , so i think you can handle it .
    And if you can , please also show a picture of the Pokemon you have guessed .
    Good luck to all and here , I'll start ! :p

    Poison type .
    Very common in the Kanto region .
    Its Pokemon name spelled backwards spells a real word .
    Evolves into a Kobra .
  2. Ekans (like I even needed to say it ;D).

    I am Ken Sugimori's favorite Pokemon. Who am I?

    If you don't know who Ken Sugimori is... -_-'

    That's your (big) problem.
  3. uhhh....He's the guy who draws Pokemon ritee ?
    I think its Pikachu ? :p
  4. No question? Then I will ask YOU one!

    I am made of metal and have blades on my hands
    My personality is very dark.
  5. Metagross

    I am a dragon type and I am orange all over and there is a dragon in my name
  6. Wrong, it was Kirikizan. Steel and DARK type.
    Anyway, the answer is Dragonite. Easy.

    I am a carefree Pokemon, I have a green hat
    Upbeat music makes me dance!
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    I am pink and when I yawn it rains.
  8. Slowpoke!

    I am made of Gas
    I am purple.
  9. Gastly?

    I am a gen V poke
    One of the Charms members, whose username begins with L, likes me very much
    I am a grass type.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    ??? Well here my guess Tsutarja

    I am a psychic type I dance alot and my name begins with the letter K
  11. Kirlia.

    I'm one of the two fully evolved pure-Dragon types, and my head is red.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My best guess is Dragonite.

    There is a romor srounding this pokemon that you will be cursed if you touch its tail.
  13. Salemence, right?

    No clue.

    I'm Psychic-type, but I still look like I trip over my feet. I am not evolved.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    easy! ralts

    I am said to live to 1000 years
    (It's the same as the last riddle ;) )
  15. Ninetails totally!
    I am an Issuian
    I am blue, white, and red. I have hooves
  16. Kerudio!

    I have a big red nose
    I can break solid objects in half!
  17. Roopushin
    I can sing and step! What am I?
  18. Meroetta.

    I am graceful, have unearthly powers, and am sometimes rumoured to only be female. Which Pokemon am I?
  19. Gardevoir!

    I am a pig! I am small!
  20. Pokabu!

    I am a dog
    My personality is on fire!
  21. Entei.

  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Uhhhh A VIRUS!
    I am the first Pokemon in the kanto pokedex.
  23. No, it was Rotom. 'I will HAUNT your COMPUTER' Get it?

    Bulbasaur, maybe?

    I am not food, and I will Double Kick you if you try to eat me. Nor am I a toadstool.
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I was pink and Love to sing!
  25. Hmm, Jigglypuff maybe?

    I can outsing Jigglypuff, or any other Pokemon for that matter. But please don't get any dirt on my unevolved friends.
  26. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I am the most hated Pokemon and my name begins with P.
  27. Pikachu!

    I was Ash's first shiny bird.
  28. Noctowl, no contest.

    I am an eeveelution, I'm underused, and everyone seems to ignore my raw power and goes straight to making fun of my fluffiness.
  29. Flareon? ???

    I block your way on route 11, and nothing gets in the way of my snacks...
    #29 sacredlucario, Nov 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  30. snorlax!

    I'm a small pokemon thats pink all over but I have a huge amount of strength! Brock has/had one of me!
  31. Don't Worry! Be Happiney now!

    I have a purple shell, I'm a Black blob/circle and I have a large tounge.

    (Don't say Likitung~)
  32. Cloyster?
    I am a gen v poke and I am full of garbage also I am evolved.
  33. Yabukuron

    I am 000 in my regional pokedex
  34. Easier than easy. Victini

    I'm from the time of other fossil pokémons, but was created in a different way, thus am Stell-type instead of Rock-type.
  35. Happiny.

    I'm only male, I'm a king, and I'm poisonous.
  36. Dude. Seriouly? Read the post above yours. It's already the third time this month I see people posting about previous posts!

    Nidoking, easy as easy.
  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    A clone pokemon that was made in a lab.
  38. Mewtwo.

    The Legendary Pokémon.
  39. Shielgon

    Pokemon who hatches from egg and evolves into a cool blue Pokemon.
  40. Nope.

    Don't know.

    That thing I wrote "The Legendary Pokémon" is a riddle. It's The Legendary Pokémon. Who is he?
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