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who nicknames their pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by zephy f, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. i never really have...i did a couple times and then i felt stupid afterwards. so who does it? and what do you base your nicknames off of?
  2. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Well, I do nickname my Pokemon quite a lot. It does depend what I'm using them for, my in-game teams always get nicknamed, my competitive stuff is less likely to get a name because I always think I pick lame ones. xD

    As for what I name them after, it can be a move relating to the Pokemon. (I have a Staraptor named "Brave Star" after the move Brave Bird.), or the Pokemon's Japanese name. My Teapig for example got called Pokabu because I liked that a lot better then Tepig. I can name them quite random things too, my favourite Weavile is called "Aisu" meaning ice in Japanese.
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I tend to nickname my Pokemon quite a lot. I used to give them names related to what they were; for example, my Swellow was "Nester" since he was a bird, my Aggron was Armor, and so on.

    A little while back (like, when I first joined Pokecharms), a lot of my Pokemon were nicknamed either after people I knew here that I associated with the Pokemon, or after friends I had in real life. So Swellow eventually became Ed, Luxray was Dusk (after a Luxray one of my friends had for his RP character), and so on. I've since stopped doing that, since I feel like a creepy stalker or whatever whenever I look back on that time. XD
  4. Me My pokemon's nickname can be from what there based on , (Ninetails : Kitsune) Title (Umbreon: Dusk or Midnight), Appearance (Togekiss : Angel) or Type (Leafeon : Terra).
  5. I give them whatever nickname I think fits (e.g. Exeggcute - Eggy, Delibird - Santa, Politoed - Froggy). I named my favourite Pokemon, Scrafty, after the name I use, Iggy. Also, for some reason, I always call my Fire-type starters "Infernox", and I call any Pokemon that looks like a crocodile "Krox".

    EDIT: 2 extra things to add to my post:
    1. I did spell Politoed correctly, just in case anyone thinks it's spelt Politoad, which it's not.
    2. I don't have a single Pokemon that isn't nicknamed. I used to keep the legendaries' names as they were, with no nicknames, but then I changed my mind.
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    It would be advised to read the rules before doing stupid things like unnecessary double-posting. See the "edit" button on that bar of buttons on your posts? USE it. I took the liberty of merging the superfluous post into the one before it. Next time, I wouldn't be so merciful.

    Also, re "1. I did spell Politoed correctly, just in case anyone thinks it's spelt Politoad, which it's not." - there was really no point to state that because most of us are not retarded and can, even if doubt existed, check a Pokedex. It's kind of condescending and being a condescending newbie is not a smart idea. It gets you noticed in a negative way.

    But back on topic. I name all my Pokemon. Doesn't feel right NOT naming them, really.

    WHAT I name them is where it gets random. Sometimes I come up with all sorts of epic meaningful names. Other times I just go crazy with silly names. I once went through a run of Black armed with a Defiant Bisharp named Pointykins and a Sawsbuck named Vamoose. XD
  7. I only nickname Pokemon I use in Nuzlockes and if I'm in a roleplaying mood I usually nickname them, otherwise, no I do not nickname them
  8. I rarely ever nick name my pokemon.

    The main reason is because they make me sound dumb. After i always name the pokemon, i normally continue on with the game. Then it just looks so stupid having a cyndaquil with some cheesy name. It doesn't really make sense to me as to why you would nick name your pokemon in a general pokemon game. It is a pokemon game, so shouldn't you keep the original names?

    One more reason is that the names get annoying. If i summon a pokemon that i nick name overe and over again, it becomes un original and annoying to have the same old names.

    Thats basically why i don't name my pokemon.
  9. I have a habit of calling my starters- Always the Fire-types- cheesy fire-related names, like Blaze (Mainly for Torchics) and Fuego (Mainly Cyndaquil.).

    I don't mind nicknames at all. I've seen writers on this forum do amazing things with nicknaming their teams, which isn't in-game but still very creative.
  10. That.

    I do name all my Pokémon. In-game it's always serious (no Metapods named Dick for me), sometimes it's a reference (such as Severus the Snivy), and other times it's not (such as Akiva the Archeops). Sometimes I try to name my team after a theme, but it usually doesn't work (I am always amazed by Sho's Star Wars planet teams xD)

    In competitive battling, I'm not as serious with my naming. That's because I do my competitive battling on PO, which makes the building process so much simpler. It can be more serious-ish (such as Red Menace the Scizor (note: I would never name a Scizor in-game Red Menace, hence the ish)), or completely stupid (such as Fuck Truck the Latios >>; ). On PO I will occasionally forget to nickname my Pokémon, however.
  11. I do for pretty much every pokemon I use. If I'm just catching something and not using it in my team, no nickname. Sometimes I like the species name and don't nickname them for that.

    I used to not do it, it's a somewhat recent development for me XD

    I don't really have a theme when I name my pokemon, unless 'being completely random' counts as a theme. I might use a name from a book I read if I like it a lot (Caell the Serperior), or I just come up with a random name and like how it sounds (Xaenev the Archeops).

    Sometimes I like a name so much I use it for every pokemon I get of the same species and gender (Azira the Chandelure), but otherwise, I try to use unique names. C:
  12. The only times I've ever nicknamed Pokemon nowadays is when I'm raising something in a Generation III-IV game, which I intend to transfer over to a Generation V game for competitive battling purposes, where I basically call a Pokemon exactly what it is, but make the names start with a capital letter, and have the rest of be in lower-case (like "Jolteon," as opposed to "JOLTEON"), since all-capital names look really out of place with the Generation V grammar change.

    Other than that, no. I think they sound fine as they are.
  13. I nickname nearly all my Pokemon. Ones I plan to trade end up getting random names like 'Sushi,' 'Gerbils,' 'Flamey-fla,' and 'Hamster,' but my teams are named with a bit more thought. For example, I thought Pele was a great name for my Volcarona, as it was reminiscent of the Hawaiian goddess.
  14. I didn't start nicknaming Pokemon until Gen 4. Since I've always played the games by myself and rarely had anyone to trade/battle with, I didn't really feel the need to express my individuality.
  15. Weeds. ILU. Just saying~

    As of Gen IV, I started nicknaming my pokes. I pretty much played alone, save for the occasional battle or trade with a friend. My first foray into nicknaming came when I wanted to call something Alderaan after the Star Wars planet. From there, I had a full Star Wars planet team, which expanded into SEVERAL teams of the same theme.

    I also nickname after Dynasty/Samurai Warriors characters, but in case of the latter, I'm restricted to either first or last name. I also name after Code Geass characters/Knightmare frames, original names(like my Fakemon, for instance), even OCs.
  16. I have always given my Pokemon nicknames, but only in the 3rd version of each generation. That way, I have time to get to know each Pokemon by it's regular name, and in turn, think of appropreate nicknames.

    I mostly use nicknames that reflect the Pokemon's element, personality, or appearance

    IE: I call Pikachu "Thunderjaw"

    Pokemon gender is another thing I use to determine a nickname, as I think Pokemon seem to appear to be only male or female

    IE: Flareon is "Tahura"

    A fair amount of hte names I use come from either characters from other series, movies, or books, and I use some words from foreign languages.

    So every name I use is completely unique and fits the Pokemon
  17. I nickname everuhthinggg.

    I don't like the idea of my Pokemon being drones. I feel like I need to name them, 'cause they are friends c: There have been times where I even go to babynames in order to name my Pokemon XD
  18. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Since I pull names from my Pokemon for names of characters in stories and RP, and vise-versa, everything gets named. These names are real names, for the most part, exceptions usually being nicknames. Like SCT, I originally started naming my Pokemon so they had a personality, they weren't just pixels on a screen. In reinvigorated my interest in the series.
  19. For my general Pokémon. I tend to pick various names. For my Gym Pokémon I name them after Greek Gods with the exception of the ice types which are named after Norse gods
  20. I nickname most of mine. Sometimes I go through a phase where I want to nickname every single thing I catch differently but it doesn't really last. Most things I nickname though, purely because as a friend said to me once, calling your Pikachu "Pikachu" is like calling your dog "Dog".
  21. I tend to nickname my Pokemon after authors. Who knows why, but they feel really powerful then. Unless it's a Pikachu. Then it's Chichu. Always.
  22. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    So true~

    I've always named my team, just because it feels more personal. I'm a pretty nick-namey person anyway... anyone who works with me or knows me fairly well could vouch for that. They all have names. Can't say it's very professional to shout stuff like 'Zippy! Checkouts please!' but still >:D

    I tend to go for names from Mythology, or silly names. Sometimes, names just pop into my head straight away, like as soon as I hatched my Rotom the other day, I knew he had to be called Rizzle :3:
  23. Well, according to my own strange powers of obsessiveness, I must nickname every Pokemon I have with punctuation, or else I refuse to use them.
    That's the reason I have a shiny Lucario just sitting away in a box.
  24. For me, I have to nickname them, for me naming my PKMN is half the game. The only ones I don't nickname are legendaries because for some reason it just feels weird for me to name them. Big, mighty creatures getting awkward names from me? I was planning to name Colbalion and the team after the characters they are based on, but eh, Thundurus would be alone of having his original name.

    Some have planned names and some don't. Such as Snivy, I knew I had to pick a really pretty name that I love, so in the end he was named Caleb. Otherwise some random name that pops into my head, such as my Galvantula being named James. Some occasions calls for names with some meaning, my Lampent being named Photios which means light. Sometimes even references such as my Rufflet named Jane Doe after Soldier from Team Fortress 2.
  25. I nickname my main team, usually with 'human' names (otherwise it gets too cheesy because I'm not good at making up names). If I'm just trying to complete the Pokedex, I usually won't.

    If I'm planning to trade a Pokemon, though, I'll nickname it unless the other person asks me not to. I feel like I should since they won't be able to rename it, but I'm just weird like that ~:p~
  26. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I used to name my pokemon extremely seriously, after gods and mythological creatures and whatnot, but these days I can just as easily give them a very silly name. For instance, my heart gold team consisted of Quack, Mr. Squishy, Mr. Burny, Blackie, Pierre and Gorgonzola.
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