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What's your main phrase?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Okay, so I don't think this has been made yet, and I think this is, or is going to be, a rather interesting topic. For one thing, this shows your personality (or probably should...), and for another, it shows people that you know who you really are, and that your real name isn't... Shiny_Eevee, in my case. So, anyways....

    What phrase(s) do you usually say in real life, or, actually, anywhere? As in, what do you usually say when you meet someone new, or whenever you see your friend(s), or, just plainly, for any reason?

    For me, I used sing this song called "The Cheese Song" to annoy my friends, but I kind of stopped with the "friends" part. Now, I sing it to people that I don't really like.

    I also say, "Hello person from another world! My name is Sarah*, what's yours!?", or, "Hello ____! How are you today? My name is Sarah*, what's yours!?", but that's only when I first see someone.

    And then, whenever someone tells me to do something that I don't want to do (only for people that are my age), I say, "Make me!"

    And that's about it, for me. I don't think my explanation was that well, but anyways, what phrases do you usually say?

    *I only used my RP character's name as an example. That isn't my real name. Or is it!?
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I wouldn't call them phrases, but things I tend to say in real life and online:

    "Bloody hell" or "Bloody _____"
  3. Umm... My favorite phrase is probably 'That's stinking AWESOME, *Friend's name*!'. They usually have something good to tell me, and I say either that, or a variation. I also use a lot of slang, if you hadn't noticed. xD
    Otherwise, I just usually clam up. I may not seem like it here, but I am THE most shy person on the planet. Seriously. I work to try not to be, but the fact remains, I hide behind my parents and/or brother. Even though I'm considerably taller than all of them. XD

    To annoy my friends, I just tease 'em about stuff. Like one of my friends has this MASSIVE crush, personally, I don't know what he sees in her, so me, and everybody who knows about it, tease him. A lot.

    When I meet somebody new, I don't really talk all that much. I just let them do the talking. xD I say, 'Hey, I'm *My name*, nice to meet you.', and clam up.

    When someone tells me what to do that I don't like, I say; "Oh, really? What if I don't want to?", unless it's my mother, or my friend's mothers. Dang, crush boy's mom is a slave driver. I had to clean his entire house, just to sleep over there. Nobody's ever really told me what to do in a bullyish way all that much, so I haven't really had to say it a lot. Of course, there were the bullies at our old church. They tormented me, my brother, and our cousin. Literally. One instance, one of 'em told me that Santa Clause didn't exist, at age six. I yelled, 'Does too!', naturally, I was crushed a few years later when I found out he wasn't lying. CRUSHED, I TELL YOU, CRUSHED! xD I am pretty tall, so nobody really would even try to bully me, and they couldn't if they tried. I'm a very muscular teen. I get it from my dear old Dad.
  4. When my brother does mindless talking or whining: "Shut up!!" or "Shhhhh!!!" There you go.

    There is one word I use a lot lately, but not too much. "Awesoooome!" I'll give ya two cookies for the origin of that one.

    My other, nice one is for when I win. "Don't mess with the best!" Very simple. I don't mean to brag, it just seems like one of those things to say. There you go. I don't have any others.

    You, Artiste? You've racked up over 800 posts in, what, a loooong time?

    AL has Spoken! *poof!*
  5. I say the same things to my brother, who is the exact same type as yours, if I interpreted correctly.

    Whaddya mean, AL?

    It's been four months, and fifteen days, IIRC, BTW. =] And if August is the eight month.. I never can remember things like that.
  6. I don't know if it's a catchphrase, but I find I say "Like" and "Totally" at times ("That's, like, totally cool!"). Maybe 'cause I'm from California. Then there's a bunch of stuff I say to make it sound like I'm paying attention, like "Cool" and "Awesome" and "Hm."
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    I want to kill people like you in real life :)

    And I tend to say "Cool"/"Awesome" quite a bit, too, but my real giddy/excited word is definitely "SWEET!"... and I don't really know why.

    Errr... Something else I started saying specifically was "Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiii!" Usually my voice goes high-pitched for the "Wiiiiiiiiii!" portion of it, too. It's just fun to say XD
  8. Yeah... sweet is MY word, Linkachu! Give it back!

    Lol @ Wii phrase.

    G M, I think your friends might find that a bit annoying, along with Linkachu. xD
  9. I'm not going to lie, I'm also guilty of throwing "like" into my conversations. I don't usually intend to, but it's kind of gotten to the point where a sentence looks/sounds weird unless it's "I poured... like, a liter of hydrochloric acid into his ear canal."

    I'm not really one for catchphrases, though. The only really exciting things I say are "a real barrel of monkeys" for something fun and "a metric fuckton" for... well, a large amount of stuff.
  10. Hmm...My brother and I have gotten in a hole were we say "Crap" and variations of it all the time (like "Holy Crapmonkies!").
    Sometimes I go and say "Like a crapload of ____."
    It's kinda like an inside joke between my friend and I where I do a crazy hand motion and do a duck beak and go "Quack". It's pretty fun to do a war thing with that.
    I do sometimes go in a weird deal where I just sing random stuff.
    I also say stuff like "Giganto" and "Humongo".
    Sometimes if I can't remember what I'm saying I'll say "Mick...mick...mick____."
    That's probably it.​
  11. "just a sec" is something i say way too often

    "slappywag" and "douchebag" are said a lot by me too actually, normally in an entirely innocent sense

    But then again, I'll also randomly come out with the words "mooses" "spoonerism" "prurience"

    oh and another phrase I possibly use too much "I just lost"

    tee hee, now linkachu hates me even though I think her "howdy howdy howdy" is from Toy Story when the shark wears Woody's hat :p
  12. whenever i win against my brother or someone on a video game i usually say 'da nanana, na na na, nana caint touch this' or just, 'caint touch this' (spelled it like that for pronunciation means)

    whenever someone says something to me, that i dont believe, on something like AIM, i just say 'wahteva' and i usually say 'waht?!?' whenever im confused...

    and i always do the fade out '...' thing

    other than that, uh...since im really tall compared to my friends (some being a foot or more shorter than me) whenever one of them tries to insult me, i just say, 'well, your short' or 'wahtever shorty' but they dont really mind...even though one of them kicks me in the shin so i fall down to my knees if i call him that (just playing around because hes taller than me when im on my knees, though not by much... ;D

    i guess thats it...
  13. I tend to say 'loll' literally, because it annoys people. I also like to add the 'f word' as an adjective between every word when annoyed, and seem to be saying 'Mitä vittua!' a lot... :| Translates to wtf, basically.

    I have many Dutch friends so I'm constantly saying 'Hoe gaat het?' and 'Wat hab je vandaag gedaan?' etc etc.

    My favourite greeting is 'Hei!' (hey)
  14. 'Mrow.'​
  15. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I just noticed that I use pig-latin a lot, though here are some things that I say a lot in piggie latin....

    "Ang-day it-tay........" just like people saying dang it, except for the fact that I say it under my breath.

  16. Often I find myself saying Damn, Shit, and Fuck, often on and offline, I Also say 'Eh?' To signify that I am confused, 'Hrm..' Ussually means Im thinking (Or trying to) 'Hrm?'(with the question mark) Ussually means "What?" or "Sombody called?", and I found myself saying something new recently that I thought was funny, that being "If I Stop Now I'll DIIIEEEEEEEEEEE >
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    *Hates you but gives you a cookie* :p

    I've put a spin on it myself. Instead of "I just lost", I'll randomly message a player and say "You just lost" X)

    Now that I think of it, I appear to be using "frelling" a lot more often than I used to. In the past it was always "freakin" or the extended version "final-freakin-ly". I also use the word "prettiful" a lot.

    Hmm, not sure if it counts, but for me anything that buzzes and has a stinger is considered a "bee". I see a wasp/hornet/bee, and the response is generally the same. "BEE!"

    *Ponders* There are some words/phrases I've been using in excess over the past six months or so, usually online. "For the record", "Y'know", "Exactly", and "Aye". As for "Eh?", I use it a lot but its more out of the Canadian stereo-type than anything... Although, when you repeat stuff like that over and over again it tends to become habit ^^;
  18. "Hey All" Which is my general term for greeting people online
    "i-Yo!" Which is my general term for greeting people, complete with salute, idk why I salute though ;p
    "lol" Yes, I do say lol in real life, although its mostly a sarcastic remark to a bad joke.
  19. You stole my word..>_<

    I've also heard myself saying "Dealy thing" a lot to describe something I want (like "That one dealy thing over there").
    I'm not sure if this counts, but my brother and I usually add sound affects to our conversations. I've never really noticed it until someone said it was cute after I did it.
  20. When I pick up the Dostevei in Golden Eye (yeah, my siblings and I still play it from time to time), I like to sing "Dostevei, uh-huh uh-uh, I like it! Uh-huh uh-huh!"

    Sometimes, when asked questions, my immediate response is, "What?" or "I'm not entirely certain, but I think so." Apparently, I also say "Wellllllllllll....." a lot. Sometimes, I end my sentences with something like, "Because," "and" or "so," mostly because I thought I was going to say something after that.
  21. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Killit. Killit with sporks!"
  23. 1:eh? with this face expresion (o_0)

    2:uh wha?

    3:Ooooookay? on awkward moments

    4:Say/Do what now?


    6: I like shiny.
  24. 'Whatever' for any moment I don't care about and 'Call me when it's a catastrophe' for whenever anyone needs my help and for when I don't really feel like doing anything.
  25. 1: "Dude!"
    2: "Sweet!"
    3: "HOLY CRAP!"
    4: "Believe it!"-(not as often as Naruto, thoguh, believe it!)
    5: "Aww...son of a nutcracker!"
    7:"Not now...I'm busy..."
    8:"Prove it."-(confuses the heck outta people)
    9: "Dammit."
    10: "what a drag" or "how troublesome"(depends on the sitiuation)
  26. I just say random things in this really dark, menacing voice I use, Like "Not from a Jedi" or "Where do you keep youre dead?", it's just silly
  27. I usually say stuff like:

    1. DIE: Usually when someone is bugging me.
    2. lulz: i don't know, it just sounds cool.
    3. idk, my bff jill? :because of the stupid verizon commericial.
    4. (insert something here) YOUR FACE!: Just to retaliate.
    5. (insert something here that someone else says) said the (person, father, SOMEONE) when/while their/they find out/standing in a pile of poison ivy/car is buried in a pile of snow in a freak blizzard.

    They're weird. So am I.
  28. I say this to my friend a whole lot.

    -"Can I see it?" and when they say no: "Well _______ you!!" You can only imagine what the blank is.
    - "Make me!" Annoys the living crap out of my bigger brother.
    -"IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!" I've had that song stuck in my head for days now.
    -"Now a woman who kissed on a very first date is usually a hussy. And woman who kisses on the second time out, is anything but fussy. But a woman who waits 'till the third time around, head in the clouds, feet on the ground! She's the girl he's glad he's found, she's here. Shipoopi, shipoopi, shipoopi. The girl who's hard to get! Shipoopi, shipoopi, shipoopi. But you can win her yet!" That song just won't leave me alone. It also makes my friends think I'm weird.
  29. Here's my quotes I use.

    1."Son of a bitch! My *insert food* just died!"
    2."Just jeaslous of my fat rolls."
  30. the phrases i use the most are why?, are you ok? and what happened? i use questions alot.
  31. My latest one is "Sha-weet!" ;D

    ... Well that bites. I've got nothing else.

    Oh! nd I usually try to make my posts funny! But it hardly ever works... Subtle humor, subtle humor.

    AL has Spoken!
  32. I am quite bland when it comes to catch phrases but i have two that I use quite often in everyday life.
    Anytime someone asks me an ethical question I just say "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out." When i obliterate someone in a game (typically Counter-Strike) I shout into the microphone "Ownt'."
  33. I tend to say "hi," a lot. Even when I'm not greeting someone, it's the only thing my simple mind can come up with to fill an akward moment when someone is staring at me waiting for me to say something.

    "What's going on?" Is what I ask my friends as a greeting. But most of the time I'm quiet/have my nose in a book. (a habit that caused my coach to deem me 'library/librarian girl')
  34. let's see...so many things that I say are weird....
    I say "what the crap" and "what the f***" alot
    I also say "yeah, I know" even when I don't have a clue
    whenever someone asks me to say something random I say purple or spork
    Oh yeah! I also say "I'm not funny when I try and funny when I don't try" whenever my friends find something I said funny (which is a lot)
  35. I tend to say "Oh shizz!" when I do so something wrong on accident, like forgetting stuff, dropping things, almost running into people, etc.

    And whenever I win at a game or get something right I say "Booyah!"
  36. Oh boy.

    Thingamabob: When I typically forget what I'm talking about, I call whatever it is this word.
    Idiot/Moron/Dorkbag/Loserface: What I call my friends, though the last two are from my cousin and friend, in that order.
    YOUR FACE!: Something to break the silence.
    akjfgsdkjfhlkg/Gibberish: what I say when I forget what something is, or something along those lines.
    Hell/Dammit: Usual expression used for when I'm irritated or exasperated
    Holy_____Batman!: When something unexpected happens, such as winning a PSP game from Viz (I was all 0_o when I got it)
    Score!: Excitement expression
    Not/PYSCHE!: Still use these, though very rarely now.
    Scruples: cookies to those who know what era this is from and what it means. randomly scream out term.
  37. I've been doing this alot lately:

    "OMG WTF!" Don' know why.
  38. one word annoys my litle brother sooooooo much: "OLIMARISIM"
    I can be found saying "shweet" and "AWESOOOOOOOOME" as well as "this is gonna look so cool" and who can forget (just to annoy some people) "(insert some words that can be described here) is over nine thousaaaaaand"
  39. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Usually when I win at a game or something else, I'll shout out "OH YEAH!" in a really high-pitched voice like Colonel H Stinkmeaner from The Boondocks, for anyone who has seen that show. I tend to use the "O RLY?" quote from time to time as well, usually as a response to someone saying something which I know to be untrue.

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