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whats a good place to get ur def and psy def EV up?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by RoxasLovesCookies, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. im leveling my Infernape and hes a lv 49, is there any good place to get ur def and psy def EV up? cause when i battle water-types lower than him, my infernape is screwed
  2. For defense, go to any cave early on and kill a bunch of Geodudes, and maybe some Onixs while you're at it. Oreburg Mine is a good place.
    For Special Defense, Surf almost anywhere and just wail on some Tentacools and Tentacruels.
  3. Hmm...what Xatu said was right buuuuut...

    Infernape's defenses are pretty bad regardless and is not made to take hits of any kind. It's skill lies in attacking hard and fast so you'd probably be better off putting EVs in attacks and speed. The most popular Infernape set carries Grass Knot, so you can use that to counter water types or just letting someone else take care of them.
  4. KoL

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    Carmen's right - training Infernape in its defenses is absolutely pointless since you'll still get murdered all the same, especially since Infernape's two most commonly used physical attacks wound its defensive capabilities even more, with Flare Blitz delivering heavy recoil damage and Close Combat burning your defenses down to near-zero very quickly. Infernape should only ever be trained in Attack, Sp.Attack and Speed - training in any other area is a complete waste of EVs.

    Also, the Clinic is for moveset and team-building advice only. It is NOT for advice about EV training or anything else that isn't movesets. This will be moved to the appropriate board.
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    Also, I don't know what the flying eff language this is in, but this is not English. UR is NOT a word. Warning. ENGLISH. NOT. CHATSPEAK. Get it into your skull already, you sad strange little man.
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  6. Psypokes has a good list of where to go for EVs. http://www.psypokes.com/lab/evtraining.php?id=diamondpearl

    I second (or third?) the fact that training your Infernape for Defense/Sp. Defense is fruitless. The best defense is a good offense, I believe that accurately describes the situation here.

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