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Ask to Join Wait Until Kingdom Come

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Twas a simple idea I had years ago that is going to be polished and acted upon here :D
    The land was divided into 16 kingdoms, each grand in its own special way. Pokemon of the kingdom's primary type were welcomed, even if their appearance was unusual and frightening. Sometimes they fought, sometimes naught. But everyone was at relative peace... except for some...
    You may have noticed I declined to mention two typings in the Pokemon world. Well, for one, Fairy Types are like elves, the primary and secondary types have a rumored village deep within the mysterious forests (Although it's not uncommon to find secondary Fairy Types making a life with their primary type's kingdom)
    Yet the Dark Types...
    Primary and Secondary, all Dark Types are feared, hated, and excluded from normal life. Sighting one is never good for the Dark Type, often resulting in public humiliation before banishment to the dark forest. (Named as such due to the overwhelming amount of Dark Types thrown there.)
    Dark Types were unknown, hiding among other Pokemon, paid no head as they simply lived. Until a notorious band of unknown Dark Types taught their secrets to the Ghost and Steel kingdoms, teaching them to resist and damage the Psychic Types who had been the strongest type of them all for generations.

    That is where our story begins, you, a Pokemon from a Kingdom, living in fear or hatred of the Dark Types, or as a Dark Type yourself, plotting or moping within the Dark Forest or simply trying to hide within your primary kingdom.
    - Please, I want to stress that unless you are Dark Type do not make other Pokemon needless bully your Pokemon, even so, if you are a Dark Type only bully your character if others have an inkling of suspicion of what typing they truly are.
    This goes for other characters who aren't Dark Types, don't needlessly bully another character based on a melanistic appearance (It basically means the Pokemon probably ended up being born all black) even though they are Electric/Normal or something. If you happen to see a Fletchling that is dark red and grey you wouldn't bully them because all Fletchling are Normal Type.
    - I am allowing you to switch around the appearance of your species, such as, a regional variant or one with a thicker/thinner build than average.
    - Try to keep your Pokemon in the correct Kingdom, please, although there are villages made up of mixed Pokemon of all types (Not everyone wants to remain isolated based off of type after all)
    - Fairy Types aren't discriminated either, just let me clear that up. It's rare to see them in a kingdom, and everyone knows it's rumored they have a forest kingdom in the forest somewhere, (Like Laverre City) but they are so mysterious and new that everyone kinda looks up to them. Except Dragon Type, they are freakin scared of them. Fairy Types, since they are in the forest, also have free access to the Dark Forest because screw the rules, these guys are all sweethearts and would gladly give the poor Dark Type's cookies and who wouldn't accept their cookies they can pound the Dragon Kingdom into oblivion in a second.
    - But yea, seriously, if you are a Fairy Type, for the sake of the Roleplay, you are not going to hate or fear the Dark Types, you want to hug the poor dears.
    - Basic Pokecharms Rules
    - Try to not Mary-Sue, Gary-Stue, or Godmod
    - Try not to make your Pokemon character needless bigoted towards other kingdoms for no reason other than to start war. At least try to create some backstory to their mistrustfulness.
    - Seriously, if you know the typing of the Pokemon do not accuse them of being dark type even if they have red eyes and black paws.
    - Unless your Pokemon is an asshole
    - But don't be an asshole
    - Nobody likes an asshole
    - Let me know of a rule suggestion or loophole please, I feel like I thought of some when I started typing and missed them...
    Future link to role play goes here -->
    ~Sign up sheet~
    Profession: (If old enough/apprentice. This can include king/queen but only one per kingdom)
    Currently Living:
    Smol Bio:
    Moveset: (I'm trusting you to judge the moves based on age, but you can have 5 moves as long as one is a status move)
    Aaaaaand Roleplay Sample:

    Here's mine~
    Name: Crescent
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Species: Eevee

    Appearance: Hailing from a group of previously nomadic Eevees, her appearance is somewhat different than the average Eevee. Notably are her longer torso, neck, and legs. The neck fur is a little shorter, more form fitting than other Eevee, but it also covers more of her chest/belly/back. She has whiskers tipped with gently glowing tips, usually more noticeable in dark places or when attacking. Her ears are also more upright and forward facing than the normal Eevee's off to the side ears, and her head is a little smaller with a slightly longer snout. The tail is thinner and longer as well, and doesn't swish up in the air, it either hangs down or horizontal with her spine. However, unlike the nomadic Eevees, Crescent has feathering on her paws with longer whiskers, and she is shiny. This results in a silver coat, and deep grey eyes with white pupils. She keeps her Normal Typing.
    Accessories: A golden soothe bell attached to a grey ribbon, tied into a bow on the back of her neck.
    Family: Her father, a Noivern named Sammy. Her mother, a Shiny Talonflame named Fletcher. Her parents were both shiny Eevees, she has countless other siblings that are both shiny and not, and she has nine children that are Arceus knows where.
    Profession: Apprenticeship with the wife of the town's blacksmith, an elderly Ninetails. She is learning how to make jewelry with his wife, an Alolan Ninetails.
    Currently Living: With her mother and father up in the Flying Type roost-like houses. Her mother is stay at home and her father is one of the village guards. The village is known as Feather Down Town, a rather nice village with paved roads, sturdy houses, and lots of metal working shops. A lot of population, even though it's varied, is made of up of Flying Types (Well, secondary types, Noivern is the only primary Flying Type pokemon)

    Smol Bio: She never lived in the Normal Kingdom. There is a moving band of rather bad Pokemon, who force Pokemon to breed and sell them into servitude. (Sadly, it is not uncommon to see Eevee or Pikachu servants, to name a few, in other Kingdoms.) Crescent's parents were one of the primary breeding pairs, since shiny pokemon could sell well among nobility. Rather than sell Crescent, noticing her beauty compared to the other Eevee like her, they forced her to, well, pass down the beautiful genetics. It seemed like her life was pretty terrible in this cycle of greed and power, until Sammy and Fletcher came along. They bought a lot of Pokemon, as many as they could. As soon as they brought back the Pokemon, they promptly told them that they were all freed. Crescent was adopted by the two, since she was the youngest, and she's lived with them ever since.
    Personality: Somewhat cold, mistrustful of others, and seems to thing anyone new is out to get her. She doesn't have any friends her age, and she doesn't know how to socialize properly, as most of the time she is very formal (Out of sheer respect and adoration of the adults in her life). She actually has a very big and loving heart, it's just that no one has successfully opened it yet.
    Moveset: Wish, Swift, Quick Attack, Attract

    Other: Pokemon know Eevee can evolve into the Dark Type Umbreon, so unsurprisingly restrictions have been placed. Those being that Eevees cannot be out past dark, lest they evolve. As such, Fletcher and Sammy encourage Crescent to make friends in the daytime, wearing the soothe bell to help, in hopes of evolving her into an Espeon. (Psychic type is still trying to press the fact they are one of the most powerful types out there despite the influence of Dark Types on some other kingdoms.) They also have a very strict curfew for her.
    Aaaaaand Roleplay Sample:
    Crescent sanded the wood down carefully, careful not to destroy the past hour of work she put in. Delicately, she moved the paper in her paw around the carvings in the wooden bracelet, allowing the flowers to smooth over and shine. Her ears perked as she stopped to admire her work, a small grin spreading across her muzzle. A chilly nuzzle against her cheek cause her to squeal slightly, "Good work, little one." The old ice fox purred. "I'm sure everyone will love your work, and soon enough you can replace me, hmm?" Crescent hummed in reply, not feeling like talking. She was drained and tired, but the gleaming, dark wood piece of jewelry, with its intricate orchids and vines in front of her, was the payment of months of work. She loved this. For the first time in her life, she was having a sense of normality, and happiness.

    Ta da~ Go ahead and sing up ya'll! Once we get 4 or 5 peeps I'll create the actual role play thread, but I'll let people continue to sign up until we get a decent amount. We'll also discuss anything Rp related here, like usual xD

  2. Trying to find an old discussion thread, and look what I found

    Name: Hyrain
    Age: 24
    Gender: F
    Species: Mawile
    Appearance: Your typical Mawile, but with a change. Owing to long periods of time spent in the forest and fields, her family slowly started to have their horns change colour, adapting to reflect the harsh sunlight that came from being near the Fire Kingdom. Because of this, Hyrain now has pure white horns.
    Accessories: A silver crown
    Family: Her mother was a Mawile, her father was a Manetric
    Profession: Queen of the steel Kingdom
    Currently Living: Steel kingdom
    Smol Bio(I do love my Smol bios): Her father disappeared. She had no idea how, or when, but she definitely has a suspicion, considering the fact that travellers from the electric kingdom had just come past, and camped next to their home (She was still living in the forest at this time). After that, her mom and her continued towards the Steel kingdom after realising that they could now enter, with her dad gone. After a while, the current king, who was also a Mawile, had seen how well she had settled in, how much she was helping the people (fairy), and how much she was respected. Knowing he was starting to get old, and having trouble keeping track of everything, he offered her the job of Queen. She accepted. At present
    Personality: A kind Pokemon, but sly. She may be able to manipulate most people with her face alone (Seriously though. Those things are adorable), but is still happy in helping whoever needs it. She would be completely fine with letting dark types into the kingdom but owing to the amount of people who hate them, she would never be able to without having everyone hate her, and quite possibly kick her off the throne
    Moveset: Iron head, Play Rough, Crunch, Stone Edge, Attract

    I might add a second character, but I'm still considering
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  3. I just have a couple questions before I make my form:

    1- Where are all the Kingdoms located in relation to one another?

    2- For that roleplay sample in the form, could we take something from a different RP and use that? I'm not saying I would, I'd just like to know, for reasons.
  4. Name: Puff
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Jigglypuff
    Appearance: Puff is a Jigglypuff of Below-Average size, she almost constantly has a look of either astonishment, excitement or confusion on her face
    Accessories: A pink bow on the right side of her head
    Family: Both her parents were Jigglypuff and she had no siblings
    Profession: None
    Currently Living: A multi-type village a short distance away from the Dragon Kingdom
    Smol Bio: Puff was born to two Jigglypuff in an isolated mountain village which didn't believe in type barriers, where she grew up. She decided at a young age to see the world, to travel through all the kingdoms, yet that goal seems pretty impossible to her at this point,and she has only visited one kingdom
    Personality: Puff is bouncy, bubbly and excitable. She is interested in the smallest of things and finds the good in everyone, always setting out to help them. She is a lover, not a fighter, and gets easily frightened, however she will always stand up for a friend. Puff is extreme naive and knows very little about the world, often placing her trust in those who don't warrant it.
    Moveset: Sing, Rest, Doubleslap, Wake Up Slap

    Name: Dragoron
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Species: Druddagon
    Appearance: Dragoron is a battle scarred Druddagon, with a size much larger than an average Druddigon, he is an intimidating sight indeed.
    Accessories: None
    Family: His father was a Druddagon, and a great warrior, while his mother was a Dragonite
    Profession: Soldier
    Currently Living: Dragon Kingdom
    Smol Bio: Dragoron was born to a great warrior and from a young age trained to be one himself, eventually outdoing most of his classmates, it was the only thing he ever wanted to do. Eventually he got a job as a Soldier for the Kingdom, and on one of those routine patrols met Puff
    Personality: DEATHLY afraid of most fairy types, aside from Puff. Otherwise, he acts tough, brutish and intimidating, but has a heart of gold and is extremely loyal to his Kingdom
    Moveset: Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Superpower, Draco Meteor
    Aaaaaand Roleplay Sample: (I hope you don't mind if I use this to add to the bios)

    Puff the Jigglypuff waved goodbye to her parents as she turned towards the mountain track ahead of her, today was the day she was going to begin travelling the world, seeing sights and learning new things. It would be AMAZING!

    It was around half an hour into her trip, when a massive village came into view, the Dragon kingdom, she looked at it for a moment and was about to go towards it when she heard a voice

    "Excuse me miss" a voice came from behind her "could you please state your identity? What is your business in the Dragon Kingdom"
    Puff turned around, finding herself face to face with a terrifying Druggigon, staring at her with a harsh face. Then the face turned white, and the Druddigon's eyes widened
    "F-f-fairy!" He shouted, running away

    Confused, Puff chased after the Dragon Type, eventually catching him when she cornered him in a cave
    "Why are you running?" She asked
    "No moonblast" the dragon muttered as he tried to get away "please no please no"
    "Moonblast?" Puff asked "I would never hurt anyone"

    The Dragon's shoulders practically slumped in relief
    "I'm sorry" he said, almost out of breath "I though your were going to hurt me. My name is Dragoron, who are you?"
    "I'm Puff" Puff replied cheerfully "is that village over there the Dragon Kingdom?"
    Dragoron nodded "but I don't think you should go" he said "Dragon types have a natural fear of Fairy Types, there is a multi-type village with a good inn pretty close to here, I could take you there if you wish"

    Puff nodded enthusiastically "That would be great, thank you" she said cheerfully, Dragoron had to admit, this pink puffball's smile was contagious, and soon he found himself smiling too

    And so from that day on, the two became great friends, Puff would often visit the Dragon Kingdom from the village (and cause mass fear for seemingly no reason until the inhabitants realised she was harmless), and whenever Dragoron was sent on patrol in that direction, he was sure to always visit Puff
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  5. @The Ringmaster

    Imagine the region as kind of a bowl, Dark Forest on the left and the Mysterious Forest (Fairy) on the right. The middle is made of hills and grasslands, the north are the mountains, and to the south is the ocean. Psychic Kingdom is in the very center, and all other Kingdoms branch off from there. I won't go into detail on what they look like because every one is different in terms of castle and all because of types, but know that Water, Flying, and Ground are by the coast. Above the coast in the flat, grassy land are Normal and Rock. Closest to the Dark Forest is Bug, Poison, Ghost and nearest to the Mysterious Forest are Grass, Fire, Electric. Just above Psychic in the hills are Fighting, and closest to the mountains are Ice, Dragon, and Steel. They don't need to be in particular order, and some could be deeper in or on the border of the forest/mountain/in the water. But one thing, there is a U shaped river that cuts through the center of the 'bowl', mostly surrounding the Psychic kingdom, but the Ice, Dragon, and Steel Kingdoms are inside it too, the other Kingdoms have to cross the river to get to the four mentioned above. The river flows from the mountain on the Dark side and into the Mysterious forest. Probably a little more than what you asked for, but I figured I should put this out there for everyone just to get a basic feel for the world.
    As for your Roleplay sample, it could be from another Roleplay, it really is there to get a sense of how you write. (Just so we don't get people who may be good role players, but not great if you get where I'm going)

    Read over, and accepted. Of course, probably goes without saying, but we won't be using colors in the actual role-play text xD. Welcome aboard!

    Wow, nice to know we have a Pokemon in power who is (sorta) on the Dark Type's side. Also, accepted, because I'm engaged in a freakin role play with you now, Gusty~ ;)
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  6. Am i accepted?
  7. Lol, you replied just as I edited my post because I had to scroll up to reread yours xD, but yes you are in.
  8. Oh yeah, my other character (maybe) is a dark type. A zoruark, to be exact. I just thought the illusion ability could be fun to use. And if I'm Gusty, you're Sparks :up:
  9. Ah, alright. Thanks! I'll get my form up soon!
  10. Give me a little while and I'll post up a bio, just save me a spot please!
  11. @Nebula-Newt
    There are still many spots open, as we only have three confirmed characters, there is still plenty of room. Just get that bio up so I can look it over! :D
  12. Question, are these gjinkas? Or normal Pokémon?
  13. Normal Pokemon, but with buildings and the like (Mystery Dungeon)
  14. Okay then, just a minute and I will get right to my post!
  15. Name: Wilhelm Greystone.
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Aggron
    Appearance: Mighty even by the standards of his species, Wilhelm boats a pair of horns that are so large they have begun to curve backwards.
    Accessories: Just a rather large rucksack that is usually slung over one shoulder.
    Family: Is explained in the bio!
    Profession: A guard for the steel type kingdom.
    Currently Living: In the steel type kingdom.
    Smol Bio: Wilhelm was born to a pair of Lairon who were just honest to Arceus townsfolk. His father owned a blacksmiths where Wilhelm spent his childhood, crawling through the half-finished metal masterpieces on a never ending adventure. His mother helped around the blacksmiths and actually made sure everything got sold (Wilhelm’s father was not a people person and often couldn’t close the deal with customers), as well as keeping a certain baby Aron out of trouble.

    The moment in his life that Wilhelm decided he wanted to protect people was also the worst day of his life. Upon returning home from a nights out drinking both of Wilhelm’s parents had been attacked and robbed by a band of thieves who beat his parents to a pulp before taking everything they had on them. His father actually lost his leg to the incident, it had been burnt that badly by one of the assailants. Seeing the man he looked up to looking so defeated and venerable made up the young Aron’s mind and he began his preparations for becoming a guard.

    At the age of 15 he went about getting as fit as possible, every day he got up at dawn and went for a run, lifted a set of weights he had forged himself and did combat training with his uncle (Already a guard, just a little pudgy and old.). He enlisted as soon as he could, moved out of his home and set up his own life. After a few years by himself he is still going strong and has only furthered himself as both a guard and an individual.
    Personality: Beneath the cold hard shell of professionalism criminals are met with lays the real Wilhelm, a friendly guy who really cares about the people he helps protect. Loud and boisterous around his friends and defiantly don’t let him at the ale. That being said if you also wanted to have a heart to heart chat in private Wilhelm is always happy to help anybody from anywhere. An iron will and rock hard determination set him apart from his comrades when things hit the fan. That and a pair of great big steel horns.
    Move set: Protect, head smash, earthquake, metal burst and stone edge.

    Disclaimer: This is an adaptation of a character me and my brother made for a different rp a while ago so if anything seems out of place that would be why!
  16. @Nebula-Newt
    The character itself looks good, so I approve the character, but you are missing the role play sample. Feel free to use something already existing if you can't think of anything to type, but the application is very nearly complete.
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  17. Oh hey, I got a guard!
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  18. Name: Naya
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Species: Persian
    Appearance: She looks like the average Persian for the most part, but she's a bit leaner and slightly larger. Her paws, too, are abnormally large, but not too large to draw unwanted attention.
    Accessories: Atop her head lays a flower crown, made herself of many different-colored flowers. She changes these out once the flowers begin to wilt, switching out a flower for a different one each time. Currently, she's wearing one made of Jasmine, Daffodils, pink Carnations, and Sea Poison Trees.
    Family: mother: Allura the Sawsbuck - father: Kruze the Persian - brother: Sparsh the Deerling
    Profession: Naya practically lives to entertain, so she works as a sort of playwright for the Normal-Type Kingdom. (If this isn't allowed, just tell me, alright?)
    Currently Living: She lives by the Kingdom of Normal-Types, in a small, wooden cabin on its outskirts.
    Smol Bio: Naya's Persian and Sawkbusk parents were the most loving and kind Pokemon she has ever known to this day. She grew up with both of them and her younger Deerling brother until her seventeenth birthday, when she moved to the Normal-Type Kingdom. The Persian keeps in touch with each of them to this day. Her mother was a die-hard fan of the arts, teaching Naya all she knows about performing and entertaining. The young woman practices her acts each day, always mentally thanking her mother and Arceus himself for the time they spent together.
    (Well, you did say a smol bio.)
    : Battle-hating, Showcase-loving, and friendly toward mostly everyone, Naya despises anything that has to do with pain, be it her own or someone else's (especially someone else's). Not being the fastest of them all doesn't mean she's not the most graceful, and she will show off her dance moves whenever she has the chance, but she doesn't use the phrase "show off" under any circumstances.
    Moveset: Fake Out, Bite, Swift, Play Rough
    Aaaaaand Roleplay Sample: (I took this from the Summer's Break thread from forever ago. Of course, for this RP, I won't be using her Trainer. :p)
    "Do I have to?" Naya asked her Trainer, although she wasn't understood, for obvious reasons. The Persian was never really away from her Trainer and only friend, and Ambrosia was never really away from her only Pokemon and partner. This was a new experience for both of them, this resort and this region. Both Ambrosia and Naya were from Unova, but Naya lived in Kanto before going through the Wonder Trade system.

    Ambrosia nodded down to Naya. "Yes. It won't be that bad, I promise. You won't be here long, just until you relax a bit. Besides, that's why this hotel resort was built in the first place, right?"

    Naya looked down to the paved ground. "Fine." She jumped up onto Ambrosia, hugging her to the best of her ability. "I'll miss you."

    "I'll miss you, too," Ambrosia replied, returning the hug. She didn't understand her Persian preforming partner in the slightest, but, sometimes, she would make a lucky guess at what she was trying to say. This was one of those times. Once they parted, Ambrosia pet Naya's head. "Don't think of preforming for once, okay?"

    This would be a bit tricky, since preforming was all Naya has known, but she nodded nonetheless. Licking her Trainer's hand as a way of saying goodbye, Naya turned around, straightened her flower crown, and headed into the main building, glancing around at the other Pokemon who were copying her actions (in a sense).


    Just tell me if anything needs to be changed, alright?
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  19. Is it okay if I send the role play sample via pm? It's a little gory due to the rp its from
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  21. @Nebula-Newt
    Haha, I'm sorry, but some of that was genuinely amusing and made me laugh. *Wipes away tears* You're in buddy.
  22. That's fine, I'm glad to hear you found it funny honestly. Oh and by the way that rp has space that need to be filled! Not that I would advertise another rp within one I have just entered no sir.
  23. May I still join this Roleplay or is it closed?
  24. Um, I think it would say closed if it was closed
  25. Okay, Thank you. I was just wondering. I have seen roleplays where people have forgotten to put it as closed so I was just curious.
  26. Yeah, but we haven't even got the amount of people needed to start the RP. It would be a bit ridiculous if we closed it and therefore made everyone permanently wait for the RP to start
  27. Alright, no action on here for a bit, but we have a fairly decent amount of peeps on here, we'll wait for maybe one or two more people before officially starting, but now....

    Does anyone have specific plot ideas? Anything that they want to see happen? Wars or big events? I also have a tiny map drawn out of general locations, so I'll update that too with small villages and post a photo for everyone.
  28. I mean, I think that some sort of fight between two different kingdoms is going to be inevitable, so yeah. But some sort of reigon-wide war would be cool, with different kingdoms allying themselves with each other to fight *Other group of kingdoms*. So I suppose, a world war, of a sorr
  29. Its your RP, I don't want to intrude too much, but any wars would probably be decided by which kingdoms are close to each other, or if a ruler was so confident in victory due to type advantages

    I think the World war would by cool. Different kingdoms taking sides, allying themselves with others and eventually it would cumulate into a massive battle.

    You know what would be even cooler?

    A group of Dark Types are pulling the strings, they planted the seeds of war and want to rise out of hiding and rule the earth


    A different type of Pokemon, likely Psychic, pulling the strings and pretending it is the Dark Types, adding more hate. This would be so the other kingdoms could completely eliminate darks, the only types able to stop them, and get their revenge for teaching Steel and Ghost types how to resist Psychic
  30. That would be very cool, with the psychic types attempting to get the kingdoms to eliminate the dark types
  31. I do indeed like this idea of all of them, so this may be our winner xD, character and plot development for this thing can begin, I am also open to ideas to flesh out the kingdoms (including dark and fairy)
  32. Yeah! Well, maybe the fighting types or something could discover the Dark hideaway, then the Fairies could step in to help them. Because of natural type effectiveness and stuff
  33. Help who, Dark or Fighting

    Because it could be really interesting if the Fairy and Dark types teamed up... they would need the help
  34. Yeah, Fairies and dark. Because the fairy types don't have anything against the dark types, but the fighting types do. Fighting is super effective against dark, but weak to fairy. Plus, in this RP, fairy types are meant to be super strong
  35. I see nowhere in the rules does it say Fairies are super strong... I just assumed they were regular Pokemon but due to their recent appearance, they have been raised onto a podium of glory just 'cos
  36. Everyone looks up to a mysterious and rare type of Pokémon. That definitely gives them power
  37. Nah, they could be really weak and people still look up to them, in fact it could be a plot point that when the Fairies team up with the Dark Types, everyone realises that both species are just regular pokemon

    Think about it

    A species of outcasts looked down on and feared, being helped by a species held high on a pedestal and admired

    Helping eachother just live normal lives, the Darks want to be a part of society and the Fairies want normal lives without being watched and followed everywhere they go...
  38. No, fairies want to help others. They've never wanted to be normal in particular. It's Dark types who want to be normal. But I think we should stick with fairies being a strong species of Pokémon, because in the games, they are.

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