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Open Waever region-Battle Frontier

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. In the far region of Waever, a new Battle Frontier is being built near a land rich with minerals. But unknown to the people working on the battle frontier, an evil organization by the name of team Solid were exploiting the minerals for profits and aren't fond of the new arrivals. You can RP as a Frontier Brain, a traveling trainer or a team Solid member.
    1-follow pokecharms rules
    2-minimal swearing
    3-shippings can happen
    4-no mature content
    5-no one liners or double posting
    6-no legendary or mega evolution unless given permission

    Occupation(frontier brain, team solid leader...):


    Team Solid leader: @JohnsonAce
    Team Solid admins(3): @__Black_Cat__, @Stormursa

    Frontier Brains(6):
    @koopa000 (Ground)
    @The Protato (Rock)
    @HydreigonBorn37 (Dark)
    @Eevee E (Fire)
    @SMRPG64 (Water)
    @JohnsonAce (Grass)
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  2. inspired by @Generation Sect's dead 'The Phantom Strike-An Evil team Story!' RP
  3. Bio:
    Name: Umbra fir
    Appearance: long blonde hair with black tips, brown eyes, wears a short sleeved grey shirt, teal long sleeve shirt under the first one, black shorts, teal thigh high stockings, black hiking boots
    Occupation(frontier brain, team solid leader...): Archeologist
    Personality: a very light sleep, has a hard time calming down and will usally run off to see things and explore.
    Backstory(optional): from jonto, she has always had a fasination with mythology and the world and time before the present
    Others: carries around with dark grey backpack

    Pokemon: Baby
    Specie: minoir
    Personality: matches umbra's hyperness, a heavier sleeper, likes red pokebeans a little to much
    Appearance: green core
    Others: doesn't like getting to far from umbra and will start crying loudly when to far.

    Pokemon: Arc
    Specie: royaling
    Personality: quiet, responsible, loyal to a fault
    Appearance: a normal Royaling
    Others: wears a black scarf
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  4. Yeah archeologist is acceptable
    You're accepted
  5. Yeah huh what
    I'll get to the form
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  6. Name: jasmine forest
    Appearance: jasmine sports long aqua blue hair and a red tee shirt she also has blue shorts
    Occupation(frontier brain, team solid leader...) :building planner(?)
    Personality: jasmine has great ideas but is quite often too shy to speak up and tell everyone about it

    Others: nothing special

    Nickname: frost
    Specie: sandslash (alola)
    Personality: frost seems to be the complete opposite of jasmine he a Bubbly and interactive wants to make friends with all
    Appearance: just a normal alolan sandslash
    Others: nope
  7. you know you guys can have more than one pokemon right?
  8. I was going to ask if I may use my fakemon? Royaling?
  9. well its a new region so sure. show me the picture
  10. Here's the picture
  11. is it s split evolution or its become the queen then the king?
  12. cool

    also can you help with getting more peoples for this RP?
  13. how many frontier brain are there again?
  14. 5 to ten depending on the frontier
  15. alright Waever will have 6
  16. I'll join ^^
    Let me set up the Bio!
  17. I want to join, but I'm busy, so I'll post it later...
  18. Name: Noah Darcien
    Appearance: He has jet black, shaggy hair, and dark skin. He wears a navy blue t-shirt with a grey jacket, always unzipped, for pants he wears light brown shorts, and black and blue sneakers. Has a golden septum piercing.
    Occupation: He is a member of team Solid. (Not leader)
    Personality: Super shy and awkward, kind of smart. He is really bad at making friends, aside from his pokemon.
    Backstory: He was taken from his family to work with team solid, has an obssession with the stars and constalations.
    Others: kind of doesn't agree with what team Solid is doing, but still follows them anyway. He is also gay, so don't ship him with the opposite gender lmao

    Name: Nora
    Species: Lurantis
    Personality: Quiet, wise, humble.
    Appearance: Has a small, purple flower on her left ear.
    Others: Like her master, doesn't like to speak to others.

    Name: Levin
    Species: Leavanny
    Personality: Acts without reason, awkward, opens up easily, can be loud sometimes.
    Appearance: Normal
    Others: Is extremely clumsy.

    Name: June
    Nickname: 'Core'
    Species: Marowak and Arcanine crossbreed.
    Personality: Quiet, intimidating, wise
    Appearance: He wears a black collar, that has a a silver pendant on it. On the pendant, the name 'June' is engraved, alongside the name 'Noah Darcien'
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  19. I'll join, imma post the form soon.
  20. @__Black_Cat__ you're accepted and sure you can have a crossbreed.
  21. Oh I forgot Team solid Member uses solid types(rock, steel, ice, ground) But I guess grass work as a solid material.
  22. Is there room for another Frontier Brain? I'll try to post on here, since I finished the flood of requests.
  23. could I also be a frontier brain when I post my form?
  24. Is it just me or is that marowak acenine crossbreed scary
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  25. Oh. There are no Frontier Brains yet.

    Bio: Cares for others' pokemon immensely, loves battles but hates physical fights
    Name: Dask (I like this name too much)
    Appearance: 6'3"; tall, slender, almost always in a cyan pinstripe suit (alternating black and dark red pinstripes) and pinstripe fedora (alternating black and dark red pinstripes)
    Occupation(frontier brain, team solid leader...): Frontier Brain
    Personality: Intelligent, calculating, kind, generous, silly but can get serious, a bit clumsy
    Type: Rock

    Name: Rye
    Species: Rhyperior
    Personality: loves battles, clever, spontaneous
    Appearance: It is always wearing an Assault Vest.
    Others: Main go-to for Dask; they share the strongest bond.

    Name: Slice
    Species: Kabutops
    Personality: Serious, precise
    Appearance: normal
    Others: Loves eating

    Name: Ram
    Species: Relicanth
    Personality: Fun-loving,
    Appearance: normal
    Others: Loves recoil moves

    Name: Solar
    Species: Solrock
    Personality: Quiet, calculating
    Appearance: normal
    Others: Enjoys meditation

    Name: Sparks
    Species: Alolan Golem
    Personality: Outgoing, foolhearty
    Appearance: Normal
    Others: gets extremely excited often

    Name: Fracture
    Species: Tyranitar
    Personality: Serious, quiet
    Appearance: normal
    Others: Can be extremely intimidating
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  26. its a specific type frontier Brain and so any pokemon that share a type from any region can be used.
  27. Sweet.
    Does it have to be primary typing or can it be secondary?
  28. there's room for 6 Brains guys, read my first post

    and it can be secondary too
  29. Okay. Sounds good.

    Time to google a full region pokedex. :'|
  30. just so you all know I call ground type frontier brain
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  31. Dies a little inside for Dugtrio
  32. you can be a steel type main and use Alolan Dugtrio
  33. But I don't like any other steel types xD

    I'll have to just live without it in this RP...
    RIP Protato
    Best mascot 2017-2017

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