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Virgil's MS Paintings and iScribbles

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Picnicker Virgil, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. I'm pretty much always on Microsoft Paint doodling things so I got this crazy idea that I'd start saving them and make an art thread for them. Just 'cause. So here's some stuff.

    [​IMG] Here's a trainer sending out a Spinda.

    [​IMG] And here's just something... I don't even know why I drew this but I did.

    [​IMG] And when I first got this computer, which was a couple days ago, I felt like making a tucan. So I did.

    [​IMG] A cat.

    And now these next few I did an online drawing site, iScribble. I'm just gonna link to them 'cause I don't want to have to save them.


    Witch Hippo.

    The Grammar Gremlin. It was 2:00 in the morning and I was bored.

    And that's all I feel like putting on here for now. I'll probably add some more stuff later.
  2. Colorful. The first picture has a very interesting effect with the two tones for each portion of the picture. It's reminiscent of Batik.
  3. Your drawings are... different. Yeah. The toucan is cute. I do like the effect in the background, that's cool. And that cat looks like Chowder...(I need to stop watching Cartoon Network...)​
  4. After drawing it I thought the same thing, lol. Thanks you two for the comments.

    Here's a new thing I did last night.

  5. This is neither an MS Painting nor an iScribble but I thought I'd share it anyways because...


    EVERYBODY loves Rayquaza.

    This was a bitch to make 'cause of all the JPEG around the original Rayquaza picture.
  6. Okay, I seriously lol'd at Everybody Loves Rayquaza. It's friggin' hilarious. I'm still chuckling.
  7. I guess since I'm way too lazy to post photography on here but I want to share it anyways I'll post a link to my DeviantART account. There's not a whole lot on there but if I get a camera for my birthday (which is very soon) then I'll add more.
  8. [​IMG] Just a comic I made 'cause I was bored and have wanted to make a comic on Paint for a while now. It was easier than I thought.

    Fishyface and I are gonna make a fake region. This is the grass starter, Kangather. They hop around looking for pretty flowers and if they find some they put it in their pouch. The flower on the end of their tail is different for each one. The color, size, and shape.

    [​IMG] Female.

    [​IMG] Male.

    I'm pretty proud I must say.
  10. This is the best project ever, seriously. We are gonna rock your world, 'Charms!
  11. I love the grass starter. Is it some Kangaroo/Possum/Coyote mix? It looks really cute.

    You're doing great on the drawings. Much better than I am XD.
  12. Nice comic, I had to read it twice to get the joke. "That is so cliche'!"
    Kangather is cute, I want a little Possum/Kangaroo to get me flowers! Nice work. Make more comics, they could turn out to be pretty good!​
  13. Blah, some stupid stuff.

    [​IMG] I'm bored so I just did this. I don't know. Shut up.

    [​IMG] Here's a lame sunset thing because my little brother did one on MS Paint and I wanted to show him up. He claims his is better.
  14. [​IMG] A random Drifloon I felt like doodling on Paint. Drifloon is pretty much the only Pokémon I can draw. Sorry for this being a huge picture... There was gonna be more but I edited it out 'cause the second Drifloon sucked and the cloud's shading was taking too long and the image was too huge and made Paint lag. The end.
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  15. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Drifloon looks great! He's so cute, and well shaded.

    I also kind of like that picture where the person is eating/barfing a rainbow. It's weird, but I likes it XD
    You have an interesting style on paint, which works really well ^^
  16. Drifloon! *Hugs* I don't mind that it's big... Silver Magpie said it, the shading is pretty good on this. Nice work.
  17. [​IMG]

    Dexter's dad is a huge creep and totally has a Drifloon fetish.

    Eh, I don't like that last picture I posted of just the Drifloon. I didn't realize how bad it was when I drew it but it's really bad...


    [​IMG] And here you were thinking Drifloons didn't wear mittens and scarves. Pssh. Merry Christmas for those that celebrate it. :)
  18. I love your Drifloons (: very nice style, and shading!
  19. Drifloons are totally FTW. I think has the best design of the fourth generation, (Lucario and eeveeloutions of that time... and some other ones). Man, I miss Dexter's Lab... Loving the Drifloon with the scarf.
  20. Thanks for the comments you two. :)

    Well, Christmas is over so I said to myself, "I need a new avatar." So I thought maybe I could do some cool sprite thing with a Pokemon and while I was thinking of Pokemon I liked Oddish came to mind... But then I just ended up drawing Oddish in Paint and decided to draw Gloom and Vileplume too.


    Oddish's lines are thin compared to Gloom's and Vileplume's. I know. I'm pretty happy with how these guys came out, I think the Oddish line is one of the best.

    PS: Bellossom's running errands, that's why she's not here.
  21. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    They all look great! I think Gloom looks the best though, the shading on him looks perfect. I like the thicker lines too, though I'm not really sure why XD
  22. Thanks Magpie, I'm happy with how Gloom's shading came out.

    Finally uploaded some photos to my computer, we had a huge ice storm that knocked out our power so I basically took pictures the entire time since I had nothing to do. I made a little stop motion animation GIF thing.


    Y'know, I don't even like Nutella that much. And I just realized my brother's arm is in the first shot. >:(
  23. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    That is the weirdest container I've ever seen... do Nutella bottles/tubs actually look like that? They're just plain tubs where I live. Weird.

    Nice stop-frame animation, and you barely see your brother's arm. I didn't notice it until I read the bottom of your post XD
  24. I'm not really sure if they all look like that. I haven't had it in a while. But the toy's from Germany so maybe they look like that there.
    Thanks for the comment.
  25. [​IMG]

    Neen. I like shiny Swalots.

    [size=6pt]I used to have a shiny Swalot because one day I was looking for a Gulpin and I found a blue one and I thought it was cool so I caught it but I didn't even know what shiny Pokemon were so I trained it and it was awesome but then later I restarted my game and lost him so now I just have my shiny Bibarel and he is kinda stupid.[/size]
  26. Haha that's a really good Swalot. And I love the Nutella animation, that made me laugh for some reason. Good work, and keep it up!! (:
  27. Swalot looks really awesome Virgil ^^ I had a shiny Gulpin in sapphire once
  28. Thanks for the comments. :)

    [​IMG] Exeggutor is fun to draw 'cause I like making him have rediculous faces. One of them has a moustache. The stupid leaves pissed me off though, I can't draw groups of leaves. Drawing Pokemon is fun, I should do it way more.
  29. *Is wondering what Nutella is* Meh, cool animation. Go go Swalot. Looks cute. And much lols at the Exeggutor, mustaches are FTW. ​
  30. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Swalot and Exeggutor look great! I love the expressions on Exeggutor's heads, they're so funny XD
    I love how you shade, it makes everything look slightly shiny.

  31. @Rayn: Nutella is some kinda chocolate/hazelnut dip that European people use instead of butter. Well, that's how my French teacher described it.

    @Magpie: Thank you. I am having so much fun making things shinier than they need to be. 8)

    [​IMG] Xatu! I never really cared much for him but have recently started to like Xatus quite a bit. So, I drew one.
  32. Daww, I love the vacant expression on Xatu. Your lines and junk are getting smoother. And I want to try some of that Nutella dip now...
  33. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    How could you not like Xatu? He and Natu are awesome Pokemon! XD

    Anyway, looks great. He's quite a complicated Pokemon to draw, compared to Swalot anyway, so well done! He looks perfect. His expression makes me smile.
  34. I dunno why I never liked Xatu. I didn't really dislike 'em I guess, I just never noticed how cool they were.

    [​IMG] Some 'Rills. I actually don't like how most of them turned out, but I like Azumarill.

    [​IMG] And a Snorunt. I brought up a random Pokemon sprite generator, generated some random sprites, and asked my brother and neighbor to agree on one for me to draw. They agreed on Snorunt. I did it pretty quickly but I think it came out ok.

    EDIT: Oops, I guess I did not use black on Azurill or Marill... Oh well. Azumarill has black 'cause I made them in reverse order, Azumarill first, then Marill, then Azurill.
  35. Yay Rills! I love that line. I love Azurill, I think it's embarrassed that it's a Normal type and not a water type. I adore the bubble pattern on Azumarill. And Snorunt looks funny too. I like it.​
  36. I am really mad right now, and I need suggestions/advice.

    So I've been working hard lately on iScribble making a drawing that, I hope, will be gallery-worthy. In order to get a picture into the gallery it has to be approved and moved into an appropriate category. If the mod, or whoever it is that chooses what gets in or doesn't, thinks you spent time on your drawing and it is good then they'll put it in.

    So I worked really hard on this drawing for the past couple days and when I finally thought, "Yes. This HAS to get in, it's finished." I submitted it and...

    Around thirty seconds later I get a notification telling me it has been rejected. Worse, I see a REALLY bad Naruto drawing that had been accepted. I'm not sure what made them reject my drawing but I've decided to add more to it and try again. So.

    [​IMG] Here is the drawing. Pretty simple, yes, but I like it. What I need is suggestions on how to improve it, maybe you can suggest a simple Pokemon to add to the background, maybe fix the shading somewhere, etc. I just really want this to get into the gallery and I've run out of ideas. Please help!
  37. Eh, I bet the guy was just prejudiced against Pokemon. BUT... Maybe if you made the outlines of Digglet, Swalot and Drifloon the same size, it would look more unified. And Swalot looks kind of out of place, I don't know why. Rotate him more to the left a little. If you can even do that... But I loves the trees. The pine needles are a great detail too.​
  38. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I really don't see anything wrong with your drawing, I personally think it's really good. Aside from Swalot's shadow being slightly off, the details on the trees are great, the Pokemon look great...

    All I cam say is that I agree with Rayn, the Mod must be biased against Pokemon. Seriously, your drawing is great. Maybe they just hate Christmas.
  39. [​IMG] New fakemon. Yay. I'm not too happy with this one, but oh well. I thought of the description for it, wanted to make a Pokemon with that description and then tried to think of a design, so it's not that great looking. But here's its info:

    Name: Animatch
    Type: Psychic
    Bio: Animatch are completely useless without someone or something else. Their powers do not kick in and grow until they have shared their souls with another living being. Once Animatch and the other being are bonded, their powers come quickly and become stronger as the bond grows. Those who are fortunate to be attached to an Animatch may find that they are aquiring strength as well, and it is not uncommon for a bonded one to suddenly realize they are a powerful Psychic, just by being bonded. Animatch can attach to Pokemon, humans or even plants. If one of the two bonded beings dies, the other will never be complete again.

    Yeah, that's pretty much it. I probably didn't describe it as much as I'd like but you guys get the jist of it.

    EDIT: Also, thanks for the comments and suggestions. I re-read the submission rules and it said drawings with low segment counts have a low chance of being accepted. Unfortunately, I don't know what the hell is a low amount of segments so I don't know if mine is set or not. I changed the sky slightly and submitted it again, only to find it had been moved to 'Fun Doodles'. Fun doodles is not a category, it's basically a temporary category for drawings that are notable, but not good enough to stay there forever. Worse, I saw two really simple drawings that made it into the gallery even though they had extremely low segment counts and only took the person 9 minutes to draw.

    http://www.iscribble.net/gallery/drawing115833-Snow-Day.html I eventually just gave up and moved my drawing to my sketchbook after noticing the fun doodles thing. Someone rated a 6, which is nice, but I'm still bummed about not getting into a category.

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