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Vacation time over the holidays

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    If you still go to school, when are you finished for the holidays or when did you finish? If you work, do they give you time off for the holidays or are you taking any special leave? Etc. etc.

    My college likes to keep us working as long as possible, but this year we receive an extra day off. I'll be finished work for the holidays as of the 22nd and won't start back until January 3rd. Can't wait. ^^
  2. I have tomorrow off and I have my last day on Thursday :p NOt back til the 3rd January
  3. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Off from yesterday not back until like the 10th (I'm too lazy to check for the right date but it's around about then).

    I'm lucky! :D
  4. I'm off this Saturday until the fifth, which is when I have orientation at the new college to which I am transferring. I hope to make two custom My Little Pony plushies by hand, but that depends on my work hours these next few weeks.
  5. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Hmm, seems just like Linkachu, my break starts on the 22nd, and then I'm back on the 3rd. That's a rather interesting coincidence me'thinks, especially considering how our places of residence from what I can tell are hundreds, if not thousands of miles apart from each other. I'd calculate the exact distance, but judging by my most recent math grades, I don't think the results would be very reliable. Plus I'm too lazy to in the first place. :p

    Though back on the subject, I'm still somewhat irked that my school district couldn't just give us two full weeks off like they used to.
  6. I was off this last Friday, and I go back January 9th c:

    It's a nice long break to relax, play Minecraft and Halo, and generally lay around.
  7. I was off today ^^ and I come back on January 9th. I'm not really gonna do much, just eat and stuff XD
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Three more days! :'D

    At least our students are done for the holidays. Unless someone ropes me into doing something for them these next three work days will involve me wasting lots of time on the internet (as in, wasing more time than usual >>).

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