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Open Unova Adventures.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Diffrent▪Dice, May 13, 2019.

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  1. (Welcome to Unova Adventures! Please fill out the following information.)
    Pokemon Team (Personality required):
    Starter Pokemon:
    Number of Badges:
    Theme Song (A song that represents them):
    Role play Starter:

    My Character:
    Name: Dice
    Age: 15
    Looks/Outfit: Dice has long curly black hair that is always down. She has freckles that reach from her left cheekbone to her right cheekbone. Her eyes are a velvet blue. Her outfit is a long sleeved black shirt that covers her hands, the sleeves have slits along the sides, she has black and white striped stockings that go to her knees. She also always wears a fire themed choker her Blaziken got for her 14th birthday. Her bag is red and black with a chibi Blaziken on it. Her shoes shoe's are bright white and red.

    Personality: Dice has always been stubborn. She has a soft spot for pokemon but has trust issues with people. She's kind and soft inside. She doesn't like changes in life. She's extremely short-tempered.

    Backstory: Dice was born in LittleRoot town in a very small hospital, her parents had wanted a boy since they knew that they were pregnant. When she was born her parents were not so interested in her. Over the years of her being with her parents they wanted her to be as polite,kind and proper as she could, but Dice refused. Her parents despised her. They wanted her to be PERFECT. Dice tried to convince them she can be whoever she wanted, but they refused. One night they had a large argument about Dice's personality. After hours of arguing Dice's parents kicked her out. Dice decided to start her adventure with Torchic. After many years of training, evolving and battiling they made it to a complete team,after losing to the Hoenn elite four she decided to move to Unova to start with a clean slate with Blaziken,Tentacruel,Espeon,Gardevoir,Mawile an Aagron.

    Pokemon Team: Blaziken M: Stubborn like his trainer he is very protective of her. He loves hanging out with the rest of the team and training with Dice. Tentacruel M: Tentacruel keeps the team straight and calm, he's kind and his best friend is Aagron. Espeon F: Espeon is energetic and tends to jump out of her pokeball at unwanted times. She adores pokepuffs and is close to Gardevoir. Gardevoir F: Gardevoir is close to Espeon and tends to fight with Aagron. She's kind and very shy at the most.
    Mawile F: Mawile is calm and get's along mostly with Tentacruel and Aagron. She's very introverted.
    Aagron M: Aagron is short-tempered like Dice, he get's into fights easily, he fights with Gardevoir frequently but protects the team at all costs.

    Starter Pokemon: Blaziken.

    Hometown: Little root town.

    Number of badges: 5

    Theme song: My Way.

    Roleplay Starter:

    Dice looked out of the window of flight 45. Unova was in sight, she sighed, after losing to the elite four she wanted to get stronger, without Hoenn. Hoenn was her home, but it brought back memories she didn't want in her mind, Blaziken was in the seat next to her and he put his hand on her shoulder. She looked over to him, in his eyes she could tell he was saying it would be ok. She smiled, "Ready to do this Guys?" Dice opened her bag and looked at her pokeballs and Blaziken. She smiled as her pokeballs moved with excitment. Soon, the plane landed in the airport.

    Once she had returned Blaziken and got off the plane she stepped out of the airport, she smiled, ready to join Unova and it's culture.

    She was lost. She looked inside her pokedex for a good place to eat, she found a cafe called Raltz Ready earlier but couldn't seem to find it, suddenly, she saw the sign to the cafe and ran towards it. "Finnally!" she entered the cafe the smell of fresh bread and poke puffs filled the room. She went up to the counter and bought a loaf of bread and a basket of pokepuffs. In the corner of the cafe at a large table with 7 seats. She released her pokemon and let them sit. "We've arrived in Unova everyone...." said Dice laying out the peices of bread and pokepuffs. Her team smiled happily as they ate their pokepuffs. Dice smiled, she was going to love Unova.
  2. (Yes! A interesting sounding Unova RP! Thank you!)

    Name: Justin Hardin (sorry, I have great persona characters. Pokémon OC’s are not my thing.)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Looks/Outfit: Justin wears light grey everything, including A shirt, sweatpants, socks, and shoes. He sports black headphones and a big black backpack on his neck and back. He has an Xtransceiver on his wrist. He has thick, medium length dirt blond hair, deep brown eyes, and pale pink skin. A calm but warming average expression wavers across his face. Definitely well mannered and polite when it comes to meeting new people.

    Personality: Justin is really calm, and a little awkward during conversations. When he’s set on a mood, he normally stays that way. He cares for others, but it usually only comes out when someone looks down or needs help.
    Backstory: When it comes to trainers, Justin has lived a pretty average life. Around a year ago, he started his journey through Unova. He chose his Oshawott, Buddy, and began his travels from Striaton City. He only has 6 badges, but his Pokémon are decently powerful. He spent a lot of time not just training, but learning about all the Pokémon, especially the stories of the dragons. Justin now finds himself back near where he started, Nuvema Town, where he was meeting with the professor.

    Pokémon Team: (All of them are Male, and Frosty is considered male)
    Buddy the Samurott, M: Strong, Serious, Overprotective, and a big softy when you break open his shell
    Boss the Scolipede, M: Independent, And definitely hard to poke at. He tends to shove of any annoyance by ignoring, and or being angry at his tormentor
    Charles the Krookidile, M: Cocky, Optimistic(in a kinda evil way), reckless, and cunning. As soon as you threaten him, though, he tries to back out of it...
    Nijima the Sigilyph, M: Kinda social, tranquil and caring. He acts normally in conversation, and is ok with friends. He also likes to heal those in need with his Heal Pulse(But mostly Charles because of how reckless he is...)
    Frosty the Cryogonal, Genderless(But Male): Childish, Playful, and really Extroverted. He’s the best of the team at making friends and loves to play and have fun with them. He proves to be stronger than he looks in battle, but that’s mostly because he can take hits, not give them.
    Samuel the Heatmor, M: Gentle, Polite, and kind. He likes to ask how other Pokémon have been, and is really good at teaching others manners. But if you tick him off... well, we’ll see what happens when that comes.

    Starter Pokémon: Buddy the Samurott

    Hometown: Striaton City

    Number of Badges: 6

    Theme Song: Prelude(TheFatRat)

    RP starter:

    After getting out from his meeting with Professor Juniper, where he mostly talked of the things that had learned, he was mostly a little tired. “That conversation took so much longer than it should’ve...” he thought. Buddy was following behind him, more exhausted than Justin. Being as he was Justin’s first Pokémon, who’d evolved in the time period between, the Professor ran all sorts of tests of him, checking his growth and health, mostly. But at least he was normal, and has nothing wrong with him. Justin began strolling towards the opening to Route One, but heard his stomach grumble, along with his partners. They were both more hungry than anything. “Okay, let’s see here... Ah. There’s a pretty famous cafe in town. It’s called ‘Raltz Ready’. And it’s not too far off!” He said, a bit excitedly. Buddy had given a little smile, but it quickly faded back into a concise frown. As they walked towards the building, Justin could see a girl with some Pokémon that he’d never seen before, except for the Gardevoir. Buddy noticed the bunch, but didn’t really pay attention to them. Justin went to the counter where he ordered something that he felt his team would like, as well as a small sandwich and coffee for himself. He then found another table, about as big as the other trainers, and released his Pokémon. While he sipped on his coffee, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the new trainer, but it was mostly out of interest.
  3. She giggled at her Aagron and Gardevoir as they fought over the last poke puff. "Aagron, Gardevoir had it first, here have some of this fresh bread, it taste amazing!" she smiled at her Aagron and handed him a peice, Aagron grunted. As she giggled at her Blaziken's snoring she noticed a different Trainer looking at her. She smiled and waved. "Wow! A real Unova trainer, let's hope he's nice," Suddenly, she realized Mawile had started walking over to the other trainers table. "Shoot! Mawile please no!"
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  4. Name: Renz

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Looks/Outfit: Tall with tanned skin, blue eyes and black hair, usually wears V-neck T-shirts and jeans. Also has a Z-Ring and a black backpack with a Mega Evolution symbol on the back.

    Personality: Studious, Cares for his Pokémon very much. Very reserved around others, he is an introvert, but makes a great friend once you get to know him.

    Backstory: Renz has traveled a few regions in his quest to become a Gym Leader. His parents own a Trinket Shop in Malie City, and he started his journey in Alola, and went on to Sinnoh. He has beaten the Elite Four of both regions, but was never able to defeat the champion.

    Pokémon team:

    Garchomp (M): Cheerfull, loves battles, hates cold places.

    Torterra (M): Patient and Docile. Loves eating berries.

    Nidoking (M): Intense. Loves to battle, and may go Berserk if things aren’t going his way.

    Krookodile (M): Cool and laid back, he is the most strategic battler of all of Renz’s Pokémon.

    Gliscor (F): An aerial attacker, she is shy and will lash out at anyone other than Renz.

    Donphan (F): Donphan is Headstrong, stubborn and egotistic. She listens to nothing and no one.

    Starter Pokémon: Gible (now Garchomp)

    Hometown: Malie City

    Badges: All Sinnoh badges, and A few Z-Crystals from Alola.

    Theme Song: Megalovania (May change later)


    Renz coasted into town on Garchomp’s back, and jumped off as soon as they landed. Garchomp was a bit tired from all the flying, so Renz decided to find a place where Garchomp could get some water. There was a Café across the road from the park they had landed in, so Renz walked in with Garchomp following. There were a few customers in the ‘Raltz Ready Café’ Renz walked up to the bar and asked for a jug of water.

    ‘Well bud, here we are in Unova...’
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  5. Ignoring the fact that a trainer with a Garchomp had entered the establishment, Justin saw a small yellow Pokémon with hair that looked like a claptrap come over to him. “Oh, uh... hey there, little gal.” He said, assuming it was female. Frosty soon noticed the Mawile and went down to greet it, giving of a cool blast of air and giving off an excited cry. “Hey! My names Frosty! Nice to meet ya!” the Cryogonal said to the Mawile. Justin then decided to go over to the trainer who he’d been staring at, Buddy following behind him. “Hey there! My names, uh, Justin. Sorry for being rude back there, you just have some Pokémon I’ve never seen.” He said, and awkwardly held out his hand. Buddy now got a closer look at the other Pokémon, but kept his expression.
  6. Dice smiled and shook his hand, "Eh, it's fine, I'm Dice, I just came from Hoenn, this is my team. And sorry about Mawile she tends to go away from me at times." she giggled as Mawile played around with Frosty. She then pointed to her pokemon. "That is Blaziken, he's my starter,then there's Aagron,Espeon and Tentacruel." she smiled happily to meet someone from Unova.
  7. Renz watched the trainers in the room. He saw all their Pokémon and almost wanted to send out his own, but most of his Pokémon were big and would take up too much room inside. After Garchomp had finished drinking, he wandered over towards the other group, but stopped short and shivered when he saw the Cryagonal. He really wanted to meet these Pokémon, but he really hated cold and this Pokémon gave of an Aura of cold. He looked back towards Renz. Renz realized what was happening and said:

    ‘Oh come on Garchomp, it’s not gonna attack you. If you want I’ll come on over with you.’

    ‘Chomp!! Garrr, rr’

    Garchomp leaped over and acted like a puppy, shaking his tail and body in an attempt to get the other Pokémon to play.
    Meanwhile, Renz approached the trainers.

    ‘Hey, do you mind if Garchomp plays around with your Pokémon? Not meaning to intrude or anything...’
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  8. Dice smiled at the trainer that came, "Oh no it's fine, My pokemon love to hang out, well, except for Blaziken, he really only hangs out with me," she smiled at Blaziken as he grunted at all the new people and pokemon coming towards Dice. She sighed, hoping Blaziken wouldn't do what he has done before.
  9. ‘Okay, thanks. Garchomp can be a little....’

    He looked over to Garchomp, who was rolling around on the ground begging for attention because his shaking hadn’t seemed to get any attention. (Warning! Garchomp has Rough Skin, so be carefull with physical contact!)

    ‘Hey, I’m Renz by the way. I just arrived in town, can you give me any recommendations for a Hotel?’
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  10. "I have no idea, I just came here from Hoenn so it's pretty confusing to me." she sighed when suddenly she noticed Blaziken sitting up now his eyebrows into a frown. "Please no Blaziken..." She then looked over to Justin. "Hey Justin, you're pretty familiar with Unova right?"
  11. Justin looked back at Renz. “Sure! The Cryogonal is really friendly! And the name is Justin!” Justin yelled back to him. Frosty turned to the Garchomp, and approached him with the same enthusiasm that he’d given the Mawile. Little did Frosty know, that this Garchomp hated the cold, and he let out a little blast of icy air. Justin then gestured to Buddy. “That’s my starter and best bud, Buddy. Boss is the big bug, Charles is the crocodile, Nijima is the flying thing, you’ve already seen Frosty, and Samuel is the ant eater.” He said. Justin then heard mentioning of a hotel. “Oh, I know a place! It’s pretty roomy, and perfect for trainers. Unless you wanna stay at the Pokémon center.” Buddy glared back at the Blaziken, not wanting to provoke it, but rather scare it, fearing for his trainers safety.

    (I was writing from like a few posts ago so it’s kinda misplaced)
  12. "Maybe the first place you asked?" she said still worried about Blaziken. Blaziken grunted his hands heating up. she whispered to him, "Blaziken please, these are nice people." Blazikens hands cooled down. Suddenly, Gardevoir and Aagron started to fight about the poke bread. "Maybe we should leave the cafe. My pokemon are used to being in bigger spaces, so can you lead us to the place?" asked Dice returning Mawile,Gardveoir,Espeon,Aagron and Tentacruel.
    Blaziken glared at Buddy,his eyes flaring with firey energy. "Blaziken, be nice." she sighed.
  13. When Frosty breathed on Garchomp, his eyes widened as he leapt up from the floor and slashed towards Cryagonal with a Dragon Claw. Seeing what was happening just in time, Renz recalled Garchomp to his Pokéball. Not knowing whether the attack had landed or not, he began apologize,

    ‘I am sooo sorry, Garchomp HATES the cold, please forgive us...’
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  14. Blaziken jumped up and stood in front of Dice at the sight of the dragon claw, his hands blazed into fire. "Blaziken!" she jumped up. "We should probably leave," said Dice as the other customers started to stare. "Justin, Renz, let's get going." Blaziken glared around his hands still blazing.
  15. Renz backed up a bit as a Blaziken jumped in front of him, looking rather threatening.

    ‘Whoah, back down bud. It’s okay...
    And yeah, leaving sounds like a good idea... I’m ready to leave whenever you are.’

    (OOC: I will not be able to respond after 10:00)
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  16. Dice sighed as Blaziken glared at the surrounding people. "Justin you ready?" asked Dice hoping to get out soon before Blaziken started to attack.
  17. Buddy quickly got in front of Justin, but backed up as soon as Justin had got in the front of the confrontation. “Oh, no, it’s fine! If anything, it was probably Frosty’s fault. And yeah, we should probably get going.” He said quickly returning everyone as he stepped outside. “The hotel’s a bit on the other side of town. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll be staying there as well. Striaton isn’t too far off, but it’s getting a bit late.” He said, looking at the light levels outside. “Alright, it’s this way!” Justin said, proudly leaving them. “We are looking for a place called the Nuvema Inn.”
  18. As they exited the building, Renz pulled out Torterra’s Pokéball and released him:

    ‘Go! Hardhat!’

    Torterra appeared from his ball and gave a little rumble in his throat. Renz climbed up on his back and said,

    ‘Hop on guys! We’ll be over there in no time!’
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  19. Dice walked in the middle of Justin and Renz after Blaziken was returned. "I'm sorry about Blaziken he tends to be over-protective of me, he's basically like a brother. My other pokemon try to calm him down sometimes, but...it doesn't always end well." explained Dice. She sighed as Blaziken's ball moved around in her bag. "Unova is a preety cool region. Iv'e always wanted to go but I was never allowed to."
  20. "Oh, that's kinda sad... It's really different from other regions here, you won't find many Pokemon from other regions. And I can understand the whole overprotective Pokemon thing. Isn't that right, Buddy?" he said with a sly smirk on his face. Buddy blushed a little in embarrassment. "And Renz, thank you for the offer, but I think I'll stick with riding on Nijima." He said, after returning Buddy and sending out his Sigilyph.
  21. "Maybe Aagron could carry me. Hehe looks like were all riding on pokemon to the hotel then." Dice laughed as she let out Aagron and started riding on his back. "Well what are waiting for? Let's get going!" she laughed as Aagron started following Nijima to the Hotel.
  22. ‘Alright, lets go!’

    Renz exclaimed. On the way to the Hotel he asked:

    ‘Hey, so I actually didn’t catch you guys’ names.’

    As they continued on Renz looked around at the people and Pokémon around them. Justin was right; there were no Pokémon from other regions here.

    ‘Anyway I’m glad to have met you all!’
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  23. "Oh, i'm sorry, my names Dice,"she smiled at Renz. "This is so much better then having to ride in a car all the time."
  24. "Oh, sorry, Renz! My name is Justin." He said politely. "Hey, uh... not that I super duper care or anything, but do you guys wanna travel together? I mean, you new to Unova, and I think it would be useful for you to have a guide at least!" Justin offered. He wouldn't mind if they said no, considering they seemed well on enough to find their own ways around. "Also, Renz, I didn't catch the region your from!" He said. He shouted all of this, as he was a bit high in the air.
  25. "Hey,I would love traveling with you guys! Maybe Blaziken will get used to you even," she smiled, she actually had friends to travel with in Unova.

    ((Guys I have a test tommrow and it's a large part of my grade so I might have to go soon))
  26. Dice smiled when she spotted the hotel. "Guys were here!" she got of Aagron and returned him. "It's so...huge!"
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  27. ‘That sounds great, Justin! I’m from Malie City in Alola.’

    Torterra rumbled again, and Renz realized he wanted some attention. He began rubbing Hardhat’s neck in between his shell and his head. Hardhat rumbled happily.

    ‘Guys, Garchomp may have cooled down (pun intended!) by now. Should I let him out and see if he will be calm? I’d rather let him out here than at the hotel.’
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  28. Justin nodded his head. “Yeah, you should probably let him out here. If you want, I’ll try to keep Frosty away from your Garchomp. I’m pretty sure he’s sorry, though. He just didn’t know it hated the cold.” Justin said. Nijima gave a cry of agreement. As the began to enter the hotel, Justin returned Nijima and pulled out Charles, his Krookidile. Justin commonly swapped his Pokémon that got to walk around with him, but Buddy was most prominent. Charles looked around with a slim smile, which he gave off to both Renz, Dice, and their Pokémon.

    (If we could, I would prefer not to move too far along without Dice)
  29. (Sure, i’ll just get Garchomp out for now)

    ‘Alrighty, come back out Garchomp!’

    Garchomp leapt out of his ball, looked around, and sighed with happiness as he felt the sunshine flow over him. Renz decided to let out his other Pokémon to stretch for a little; out came Caesar the Nidoking (shiny), Krookodile, Gliscor, and Donphan. The Pokémon all looked around. Gliscor immediately glided over to Renz and wraped herself around him. Donphan and Caesar stretched, then began pushing each other in friendly competition. Krookidile just watched. After a few minutes Renz recalled all his Pokémon to their Pokéballs. Renz then walked inside to rent a room.
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  30. (This seems interesting.)

    Name: William (Liam) McDaniel

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Looks/Outfit: Short with light skin, messy and short blond hair with green eyes. He wears a red and yellow striped shirt with blue shorts, and has a purple backpack. He also wear normal black round glasses.

    Personality: Liam is a shy person, preferring, to stay out of battles. He enjoys grooming and playing with his Pokemon, and is the person to often play the peacemaker in fights between others.

    Backstory: Liam’s parents are well known battlers, and wanted Liam to follow in their footsteps. Liam preferred to preform through, and normally would walk around putting on shows for younger kids. He decided to go to Unova to see different Pokemon there.

    Pokemon Team: (all male)

    Phantom the Cubone: Playful, enjoys running around.
    Zappo the Electabuzz: Serious, the one Liam uses if he has to battle.
    Leroy the Linnone: Calm, hates battling at any cost.
    Sparky the Pikachu: Energetic, cant stay in one place at all.
    Soko the Buizel: Quiet, prefers to stay out of the Pokeball.
    Sharp the Eevee: Lazy, enjoys being alone.

    Starter: Soko the Buizel

    Hometown: Twinleaf Town (Sinnoh)

    Theme Song: Cool Kids (Echosmith)
    Rp Starter:

    “Finally, that took forever!” Liam said, getting off the plane he was on. “Unova is gonna be so cool! Right Soko?” He asked the Buizel on his shoulder. “Buil.” It said in agreement. They began walking around, occasionally stopping to ask for directions. “Hey, There’s people over there! And a hotel! Our luck is already changing!” Liam said, and he felt one of his Pokeballs move, and out jumped Sparky. “Pika Pi!” It yelled, running over to the group. “Sparky! Come back!”Liam called after his Pikachu. Sparky had a tendency to running off.
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  31. After getting the keys to a room up at the front desk, Renz went up to his room, which was on the third floor, and entered the room. It was a smaller room, with a bed, a nightstand, a couple of drawers and a TV. He dropped of most of his stuff in the drawers, and went back downstairs to explore.

    The ground floor had a room with a buffet, (there was no food there now; they only serve breakfast) a pool, and a battlefield. They also had a Pokémon spa, but Renz decided to skip on that part because it cost extra. The buffet room also acted as a lounge where you can hang out, so Renz decided to hang out there for awhile.
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  32. (Previous post deleted in which Dice asked about rooms)

    ‘Well, I rented myself a small room, No. 312. If you go up to the front desk you can get yourself a room, or I’ll get one for you if you want.’

    Renz responded as he stretched.
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  33. She smiled. "Eh, it's fine, i'll get one myself, anyways tomorrow we should start traveling. I'm going to go and get my number," she said starting to walk off, "Tell Justin I'll be in my room if you guys need me," she started walking to the front desk. "Hi can I please get a number for a room?" she asked as the lady turned around. "Why of course welcome to-" before she finished she paused. "D-Dice?" the lady said dropping her clipboard. Dice then realized who the lady was. "Mom?!" she thought to herself. "Oh it's so good to-" before Dice's mom could finish Dice left. "Renz, get Justin and get to your room, I need to tell you guys something."
  34. ‘Uhh- Okay? Um, I’ll see if I can find him, meet you there?’

    He ran outside and found Justin, told him that there would be a meeting upstairs in room 312, and went back inside and ran up to his room, and straightened it up quickly before everyone else arrived.
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  35. Justin walked in after Renz, and wondered about this sudden meeting as he walked to the reception desk. He asked the lady for his room and paid, but he noticed the slight look of shock on her face. He had gotten a room near the top floor, a room where there was also room for Pokémon to be out of their Pokéballs(which cost extra), and went to room 312, with Samuel instead of Frosty. He knocked on the door, and waited for Renz. “Hey, Renz! It’s me. I’m here for that meeting.” He said.
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  36. As Justin entered the room Dice sprinted into the room out of breath and slammed the door. Her eyes seemed watering but it wasn't very much, she fell onto the floor next to the bed and pulled her knee's towards her chest, still panting. She closed her eyes wishing what she saw wasn't real.
  37. Once both of them were settled, Renz asked,

    ‘So what happened? I saw you talk to the receptionist and then panick.’
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  38. She tried to speak but shock still filled her. Many of her pokeballs shuffled in her bag, Her mind swirled with questions on why her mother was in Unova. She layed her legs back down.
  39. ‘Are you OK? Do you need some water or something?,’ Renz asked, ‘Or maybe an Emotional Support Pokémon?’
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  40. “Dice, are you ok? Was it anything to do with the receptionist, by chance? She did look a little shocked... if you need more time to cool down, go ahead. I’ll leave you alone.” Justin said, as he saw Dice kinda freak out. He wasn’t going to press her for questions if she wasn’t in a state to answer them. Samuel noticed this too, but respected what his trainer had said, and didn’t try to provoke anything.
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