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University Hoenn Trainer Experience (Open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Trucro, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai had made his way to the front of the cave, making sure not to distracted his classmates from their battle, he was holding shroomish in his arms and the trapinch had been laying in his hair. "Let's go its only a light drizzle, well grab the badge and find them later." Sai took out both of the pokeballs and called back Yan and shroomish so they dont get wet, and he begun to head out towards Rustboro Gym to grab his gym badge. He felt bad for not saying something to his new friends but he had to hurry before Roxeanna decides to call it a day.
    Sai was use to doing things on his own so this came natural to him, He felt a small sadness in his heart that he couldn't really connect with his classmates.

    "I'll see them again soon, hopefully it'll be my turn to battle."
    Sai Traveled into the city of Rustboro and entered the gym, where Roxanna was cleaning off her geodudes
    "Here we go rock all nice and polished up haha." She had giggled, the geodude was also happy. "Geo Geo duude!"
    Sai had a small smile on his face, he had walked up to the gym leader and introduced himself, he held his hand out.
    "Hi, I'm Sai, I'd like to challenge you, Please bear with me."
    Roxanna studied the trainer up and down, she noticed his cloths were pretty wet, His shoes had fresh mud sticking to it and his hair was damp. She held out her name and smiled at the boy gladly accepting the challenge.
    "I see you were caught In the storm, After our match I will gladly help you refresh your supplies and cloths."
    Roxanna asked for a 2 on 2 battle, she held two pokeballs, one in each hand.
    "Lets go rocky!" She had threw out her first pokemon, it was the geodude she had polished up before Sai had fully entered the gym.
    "Alright let's go Shroomish!" Sai had threw out his pokemon, the White and Red beam of light had flashed and out came his shiny shoomish.
    "that shroomish! its a different color, that's pretty rare!" Roxanna was pretty interested in Sai's Pokemon, but she needs to focus back on the battle.
    "Thanks so lets start shall we?" Sai smirked and had pointed forward.
    "Alright Shroomish, let's start it off with tackle!" Sai commanded his shroomish to do so, the small fungus Pokemon rushed the geodude with great speed.
    "Rocky, Quickly, double team!" the rock type Pokemon shouted out, and instantly began to multiply itself. Shroomish had tackled the geodude but it was the wrong one.
    the small grass Pokemon became panicked his head searching back and forth. "Shroomish calm down remember the training!" Sai had reminded his pokemon to keep calm during gym badges. Both sai and shroomish closed their eyes listening for the right geodude.
    "Geo!" the sound of the rock pokemon was stronger with the image on the right.
    "Go Shroomish to your left." the pokemon reacted quickly and tackled the geodude out of his double team. geodude was knocked to the floor.
    "Alright buddy use Energy ball!" Shroomish charged a light yellow-green ball of energy from his mouth and it struck geodude dead on, Critical hit.
    Geodude had fainted.

    "Nice.." Sai relaxed and smiled at his pokemon. "Mish Mish!!" shroomish was happy and ran back towards sai.
    Roxanna called back her geodude, and kissed the ball. "You did well my love, rest now." she looked back at sai. "Great moves, youre really something, but we aren't done yet, lets go! COME ON OUT NOSEPASS!." Roxanna threw her last pokeball in the air and smiled when the red light summoned her best friend nosepass.

    "alright shroomish let's go again." Shroomish listened to sai's calls and ran back out towards the field.
  2. Cinder jumped in surprise when the Ralts actually appeared behind her after the double team. Blue attempted to stop the attack and as it did work somewhat, the Vulpix was pushed backwards and given a horrible headache. "Cinder! Are you alright?" Mei asked in horror as she saw her Fire fox pokemon struggle with her pounding head. Cinder shook her head and ignored the fact that she was severely close to fainting. Soon enough she was back in battle with a determined look on her face.

    Mei was very wary of the next possible attacks from her opponents. If Blue didn't intervene with the Psychic Cinder may have been knocked out. Cinder's warm body temperature burned holes in the icy floor, allowing Cinder to move with more control. Mei turned to Naomi and gave her a small smile. "Ok! Cinder use Payback on Peridot once more!" Mei desperately hoped this time it landed. The more HP taken from a pokemon, the stronger Payback is.

    Cinder launched the dark type move with scary accuracy. The sand from the sand attack earlier didn't sting as much and the Fire Fox's vision was clearing a little bit.
  3. “Dusty, get out of the way!” Jacob shouted to his Zigzagoon. His pokemon dived to the side, effectively dodging the ice bean attack, which landed just inches away from Jacob’s feet, forming a small block of ice in front of him. Jacob looked up, preparing to give his next order when something caught his eye. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow move quickly across the wall of the cavern. He rose both of his hands.

    “Hold up,” he told the others. “I think I saw something.” Jacob swung his neck around try to find the source of the shadow. He walked over to the nearest wall and, placing his hands on it realized that part of a corner. The way that the lights had shown had hidden a passageway, using the side of the cave as partial cover. Jacob leaned forward, looking around the bend, into the darkness of the cave.

    “Looks like there’s more to this cave then we thought,” he said to the others, keeping his eyes trained on the darkness. “Anyone up for a little adventure?”
  4. Mei sighed in relief. "You know what Jacob? That sounds like a great idea, exploring." She said hopefully. "It works out because even if Naomi and Cassie want to battle still they can battle each other." Mei suggested, unsure of what the others were thinking. As soon as Cinder realized that she wasnt going to battle anymore, the fire fox pokemon gave a huge sigh and just flopped to the floor in exhaustion. Mei ran over to her drained Vulpix and gave a weak smile.

    Mei walked slowly over to where Jacob was investigating the darkness, Cinder dangling from her arms. The Vulpix was awake and excited now because of the lucky stash of Oran Berries Mei happened to pack on her journey. "Did you see something? Is that why you think we should explore a bit?" She questioned as she started to look through her bag to double check that she had all of her belongings. The pokeball with the Mawile shook a few times before the Mawile appeared in flashes of red and white. "Hello there! It'd be best to give you a nickname now before we get too far now....." Mei's voice trailed as she dropped into a deep thinking pattern. The Mawile looked at her before putting her hand to her head in embarrassment. "Malice! Thats your name now. Thats an ok one, right?" Mei exclaimed excitedly as Malice shook her head in agreement.
  5. Cassie breathed a long sigh of relief once Mei dropped Payback and decided to explore instead. That would've been a knockout for sure. However, now it was only her and Naomi left, and Cassie was more than confident about her chances.

    "Alright, Dot, focus on Blue. Let's try that new move I taught you."

    Peridot knew what her trainer had in mind and prepared herself, looking intently at the sleeping Swablu. "Charge Beam!" With her telekinesis, the Ralts vibrated her strands of fur, building static electricity and then launched it onto Blue.

    The stream of electricity moved at the speed of light; she was finishing this battle one way or another.
  6. ( @_@ but my swablu was already awoken! aww man~ lol)

    Naomi sucked her teeth and yelled out. "BLUE WAKE UP!" Naomi's cries echoed into swablu's ear, it woke her up. "Alright! Quick blue agility out of there!" Blue became sturdy and cried out. "BLUEE!!" the flying Pokemon lifted his head and had got scratched by the charge beam slightly but was able to move out the way in time. Blue had taken some damage and was slightly unable to move. "Come on blue one last move!" Swablu had moved the pain aside and bulked up. "Alright Blue, One more steel wing!" Blue stood up and dashed out towards cassie's ralts and she smiled charged up by the battle.
  7. (Sorry~)

    The Charge Beam rose Peridot's special attack, sparks of electricity still jumping from her fur. Cassie grinned an almost sinister grin when Blue began charging AT Peridot with Steel Wing. There was no need to aim. "Alright, Dot, here's our big finish! Charge Beam!"

    The Ralts once again vibrated her fur, increasing the voltage crackling through her body and once again fired with all she had. With Blue's wings now practically made of steel, it attracted the static like a magnet, making it a nasty little conductor. It wouldn't matter if Blue tried to dodge, the beam would still hone in on the Swablu like a missile.
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