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University Hoenn Trainer Experience (Open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Trucro, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Alright, ladies and gentlemen: We’re finally at the point you’ve all been waiting for, and the reason I’m certain all of you have taken this class. Today is the… sorry… our last class of the semester; in fact, it’s all of your last classes for the semester. So whatever grades you’ve got now, I hope you’ve made your peace with them.

    So, I’m sure all of you know about the last requirement for your semester abroad here in the Hoenn region, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. For those of you that need a refresher, as well as those of you who didn’t do your homework, your last requirement is the Hoenn Trainer’s Experience. Every one of you here will have the chance to travel through Hoenn as if you were an original pokemon trainer.

    Now, some of you have never done this before, and so it may be new. Others have already gone on these types of adventures, maybe they even did one originally when they were kids. Anyhow, you all have pokemon with you now that you know, and hopefully you’re friendly with them. But it wasn’t always like that. For this experience, you will all be given a new pokemon; an original Hoenn pokemon. Now, I hope your expectations aren’t too high; the idea is to begin like a new trainer would, so you won’t be receiving anything special. Just a native pokemon without any experience at all. It will be up to you all to train your pokemon up to their maximum potential. Now, in previous years we would distribute the local starter pokemon, but we were unable to obtain enough for the entire class, so this year we are trying something else called Starter Plus. Each pokemon is a starter level pokemon; I apologize if you don’t like your starter, but you will have to deal with it. There are some starters, but many are not.

    Anyhow, with your new pokemon, you’ll travel the Hoenn Region, and bond with your pokemon, as well as capture new ones. The goal is for you to completely experience the region, its people, and native pokemon. Of course you won’t only be travelling; hopefully, all of you will challenge local gym leaders. No one passes this course without at least three badges from Hoenn gyms, collected in the month that you will have to finish the experience.

    Now, there is one rule that I’m sure you all will hate: you may not, at all, bring any pokemon that you currently own with you! I know it’s a pain, but it has to be done. Otherwise, you’d all just fly to each town, beat the gyms, and be back here in a few days without taking in the region.

    So, the pokeballs have all been distributed. Remember to leave your pokemon at the University; I’m sure they’ll be fine while you’re gone. Leave them here, good luck, and have fun.


    Jacob sighed as he moved the pokeball around on his desk. He was really nervous. He had been working hard all semester, and had done very well. But this could screw up his report card. What was worse was that he was just given a pokemon, a living creature he’d have to take care of for at least the next month, probably forever, that he had no choice in. It’s true, he was nervous. But he was also kind of excited. He had been looking forward to this since the beginning of his semester, and the time was finally here.

    He began walking back to his dorm without releasing the pokemon from its pokeball, without even checking what it was. His dorm wasn’t far; just a couple blocks away from the lecture hall. He moved quickly with a little hop in his step. He couldn’t wait to see his new pokemon, but he also didn’t want to release it right then and there.

    He rushed into his room as quickly as he could. There, one his bed, lay Joker, his Skuntank. The pokemon, for whatever reason, found Jacob’s bed extremely comfortable. It was too small for the both of them, so many nights Jacob had awoken to find himself buried beneath the poison type. Jacob sat beside his pokemon, as he played with the pokeball.

    “Ready to see what it is?” Jacob asked.

    “Tank, Skuntank!” the pokemon replied enthusiastically, rising to his feet. Jacob grabbed the pokeball tightly, before releasing it into the air. In a flash of red, a figure appeared. Jacob’s heart pounded as it became visible. Standing in front of him, the small pokemon tilted its head: a Snorunt.
  2. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai had the ball in his hand that he tossed up and down in his hand leaned against the wall of the school room, He didn't care what Pokemon he got, He was happy to start fresh after his first journey through the Johto back when he was 12. Before starting school some years ago, He already left his Pokemon with Professor Ivy. His currently 125 Pokemon help raise and take care of Professor Ivy and her research center. Sai closed his eyes and took a deep breathe before leaning up and looked at the pokeball and tossed it over.
    The slight flash of light caused some of the students in the room to look over at him to see what kind of Pokemon he had obtained.
    The body was small, It stood on all Fours. The pokemon was a Orange, sort of a a blend of brown light sand it made a small screen.
    "TRAAAA!!" the Pokemon yelled as it came out of its ball. It was a Trapinch, and it looked up at Sai with what seemed like a smile.
    Sai was gentle, he knew every pokemon was strong on it's own and he gave it a gentle smile back, He picked him up in his arms and pet his head with the soft touch because it was still young. "Hello little one, will you bear with me on our journey?" Sai had asked the new born Pokemon. Trapinch smiled for real this time and nodded his head and replied, "Traa Traa pinch".
    Classmate 1: "Oh wow, Sai got a Trapinch !"
    Classmate 2: "Of course sai got a trapinch, he's really a cool guy."
    Classmate 3: "He's so cute.."
    The class started gossiping among themselves but Sai didn't pay it any mind. He was always praised at school for being gifted, he was pestered everyday by girls he didn't have interested in, and by jealous or admiring guys.

    Sai walked out of the class holding his new Trapinch in his arms ready to start his journy. He decided to make a quick pit stop at home grab a new change of cloths and his bag and he'll begin on his journey quickly.

    (thought it be nice to give sai a bit of popularity for a chance to see if I like it or not. Sorry if he seems like a big head or something haha.)
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  3. Mei stared at her pokeball nervously. She had no idea as to what to expect. She used to live in Sinnoh and had no clue as to what pokemon are native to the Hoenn region. 'Do you think it might be a Absol Mei?' She asked herself. The girl had always wanted the dark type because her father had one. "Of course not....." Mei had finished her own thoughts. She was weird in that way, always talking to herself. Mei finally sighed and looked up to see the rest of the school admiring their new partners. The thing was, Mei could only handle using Fairy, Psychic or Dark types, so this was a huge problem. If Mei were to get any other types then she would have major problems with controlling them. It makes sense that she can only handle psychic, fairy and normal because her father used to be a psychic type gym leader, her mother specializes in normal types and her baby sister loves fairy types. Her team she was leaving at the university consisted of pokemon like Gardevoir, Clefable, Lopunny, and even her Mawile was ok because when it mega evolved it became a fairy type.

    Mei decided that she better swallow her fear and get over it. The brown haired girl walked outside to a secluded spot where she always did her studying. "Ok, 3,2,1......" Mei counted down and a second before she said 0, she released her pokemon. The light faded and there stood a rust colored pokemon. It was very cute and stood on four legs. It's five tails were a darker shade than it's body but it still gleamed in the sunlight. The fox gave a cute yawn before looking up at Mei with it's adorable large brown eyes. "Vull! Pix!" It cried happily and it jumped up to give Mei a kiss on the nose. Mei dropped to eye level with the Vulpix and smiled happily. "Aww, you are so cute! You are a fire type.....a challenge....." Mei gave a small shutter of uncertainty before giving more of a genuine smile. "Cinder, Welcome to Team Mei!"

    ((Her name is pronounced Me-a. So add an A on the end. But if you just thing about it as Me, then thats fine too.))
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  4. Jacob stretched his neck as he and Loki, his new Snorunt, stepped off the boat. The docks were filled with people, most of them simply travelling around the region. Behind the docks sat the city of Rustboro, one of the largest in the Hoenn Region. Holding the headquarters of the Devon Corporation, the city was massive, and the industrial capital of the area. Jacob had never been in the city before, and he tried to take it all in as he entered.

    He tought that Rustboro would be a good place to begin. He had heard that it contained one of the gyms from which he’d need to get one of his three badges. Furthermore, there were plenty of areas around it that contained a large variety of different pokemon. It would be a great place for Jacob and Loki to begin their training, and then to quickly get one of the needed gym badges.

    As Jacob walked towards the edge of town, Loki stayed nervously at his side. The pokemon remained so close to him that Jacob almost stepped on him each time he took a step forward. Jacob was not getting along so well with Loki. The pokemon was an ice-type, which Jacob actually liked; his Mamoswine, Samson, had been one of his favorite pokemon. However, Loki was entirely different. The pokemon was introverted, shy, and seemingly scared at nearly everything. It was perhaps because of this reason that Rustboro had not been the best place to start.

    Jacob nodded to the pokemon, indicating it was time to move forward. Loki did so, although stayed very close to his leg. They had now left the outskirts of the city, and entered into a small field to the north. It was supposedly teeming with pokemon, and Jacob was itching for a battle, to see what Loki could do.

    He was just thinking about what attacks Loki might have when a pokemon flew out of the bushes. It was a Taillow; the blue bird pokemon rushed towards Jacob and Loki. Jacob looked down at the pokemon cowering behind him.

    “Come on, Loki; it’s time to battle!” Loki stepped forward cautiously, looking back at Jacob nervously. “Alright, Loki, use icy wind!” Loki looked back at Jacob, shaking his head. “You don’t know that move?!?”

    Loki shook his head, letting out a sad “Sno…” Jacob squinted, thinking as Taillow slammed into Snorunt, knocking the pokemon to the ground. The Taillow quickly shot up into the sky, leaving Jacob’s view. Jacob ran over to his pokemon, and lifted him back to his feet.

    “Don’t worry, Loki; we’ll get the next one.” He didn’t feel as confident as he sounded, however. This pokemon was scared, weak, and didn’t know many worthwhile attacks. How was he ever going to defeat gym leaders like this? He sat down on a nearby rock thinking. As he did, another pokemon rushed through the grass. Jacob turned to see a Zigzagoon, running past him.

    “Loki!” He shouted. “Let’s go! Use powder snow!” Loki nodded and the Snorunt opened his mouth, releasing a storm of blue, icy powder. The powder flew towards the Zigzagoon, catching the pokemon’s leg and freezing it entirely. The Zizagoon tripped over its frozen leg, and it tumbled to the ground. “Well done, Loki! Now, use powder snow again!” Once more, the pokemon released a torrent of snowy wind. It hit the fallen normal type, freezing the rest of the pokemon’s body. Jacob grabbed a pokeball from his belt and released it. In a flash of red, the Zigzagoon disappeared, trapped within the pokeball. He looked down at Snorunt and smiled. “Let’s get some more training in…”
  5. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai got off the boat and arrived at Rustboro city 4-5 hours after Jacob. Sai and his trapinch had did a few battles on the ship while they were traveling and Trapinch had learned a few new moves as well. Sai had looked over at Yan, the new name he had given to trapinch for his incredible energy and increased speed stat. Sai decided it's best to let Yan ether walk along side him or rest upon his head. "Alright Yan, It's time to test out your new skills at the Rustboro gym, against leader Roxanna." Yan smiled excitingly and ran ahead of Sai. He realized that this match would be tough with just Yan fighting on his own so he decided it be best if he caught another pokemon to fight along side him. Sai called for Yan to come back but he realized that the ground type pokemon had already ran ahead of him and probably got lost in the off-road woods. He shock his head and ran after the pokemon hopefully finding it before something bad happened. "YAN! YAN where are you! come out!"

    Sai kept calling for him, he wasn't surprised that the small ground type was excited to start its new adventure. Sai wasn't upset but very eager to get his trapinch back beside him.

    He saw a small sand color blurr in the corner of his eyes and he smiled looking through the bush and finding Yan laying in there watching something. "pinch! Pinch" he said as Sai came up behind him, he gestures Sai to look out and see a trainer and his Pokemon catch a Zigzagoon.

    Sai noticed that the trainers Snorunt was a bit shy in nature and didn't have great attacks, but he noticed that the Snorunt had true potential to become strong. Sai picked up the trapinch and walked away back to the main area towards Rustboro but suddenly Sai happened to spot a a group of Shroomish eating near a pound and he smiled, until his eyes widen at the site of a different colored Shroomish. Sai was surprised that he found such a rare Shroomish and couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab i. "Ready Yan? we are going to have a new friend." Yan smiled and jumped off Sai's head. Sai and Yan jumped out of the bush, surprising the group of shroomish. The regular shroomish became scared and ran, but the shiny Shroomish stayed to defend himself against the intruder. "Let's go Yan".

    Yan dashed out towards the shroomish hitting it with a bite attack. the Shroomish pulled back quickly after getting hit. He retaliated with an absord which was super effective against Yan. Yan fell to two legs, "Get up Yan you can do this." He stood up shaking a bit, but still able to fight. "There ya go buddy, lets go." Yan replied "TRA TRAAPI!" Yan jumped up into the air and charged a powerful beam out of his mouth, It was Hyper Beam and it was a direct hit. The Shroomish had been knocked down and this was Sai's chance to grab it, he reached into his back pocket and took out a Premier ball he had received from his brother before he left. Sai threw the ball and it hit the Shroomish pulling him in, It fell towards the ground and locked up. "Alright we got him Yan!" They both were excited and Sai picked up Yan and they both quickly dashed off to the Pokemon center in Rustboro to heal.
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  6. Jacob leaned forward, stretching his neck. His Zigzagoon, nicknamed Dusty, for whatever reason seemed to like to hang on his shoulder, and this put a strain on Jacob’s neck. He grasped it with his right hadn as he twirled his neck around his body. He did this as he walked to the northern city limit. After staying the night in one of the inns in Rustboro, he decided to travel back into the wild to train a bit more. He had not yet reached a sufficient level, he thought, and he wanted to give his pokemon some more time before they challenged a gym.

    As he left the Rustboro city limits, the ground became sand beneath his feet. He looked out over the nearby water; this was a pretty nice beach, he thought to himself. It was too cold for anyone to be there today, he thought, but still. Loki, Jacob’s Snorunt, followed along just behind him, cowering behind his trainer’s legs as per usual. Jacob had given up on trying to get Dusty off his shoulder, ad Loki from grasping his leg every time they stopped. After walking for a few minutes, Jacob stopped and began to speak.

    “Well, this looks like a good enough place,” he said, and Dusty dropped to the ground in front of him. “You ready Dusty? Let’s do this just like we before…” As Jacob said this, he heard a loud splash from the water, and a Corphish rushed out of the ocean, towards Jacob and his pokemon. “This is perfect!” Jacob said aloud. “Dusty, use tackle!”

    The Zigzagoon nodded, letting out a quiet “Zig” before glowing and rushing towards the incoming water type. The two pokemon collided, but it was Dusty who fell backwards, somersaulting onto his belly in front of Jacob.

    “Come on, Dusty!” He shouted as the pokemon struggled to his feet. “Alright, use Pin Missile!” Dusty’s fur became sharp, and he released a barrage of needles towards the Corphish. The wild Corphish responded in kind, however, releasing a storm of bubbles that crashed into Dusty’s attack. “Darn,” Jacob said out loud. He was unsure of the best way to proceed. Then he had an idea.

    “Dusty, use sand attack!” The pokemon used his front paws to fling several masses of sand from the ground at the wild Corphish. The attack hit, and the Corphish began rubbing its eyes wildly. The attack had worked. “Now, use headbutt!” Dusty rushed towards the blinded water-type, picking up speed. He slammed his head into the wild Corphish’s torso, and the pokemon plopped down on the ground as it tumbled backwards. “Now finish it with pin missile!” Again, Dusty released a barrage of tiny needles at the fallen Corphish. The attack hit, and the wild Corphish fell to the ground defeated.

    Jacob grabbed a pokeball from his belt and threw it at the immobile pokemon. Corphish disappeared into the pokeball; the wild Corphish had been caught.


    “Great job, Trigger!” Jacob shouted, congratulating his new Corphish. The pokemon rushed towards him and leapt upwards. Jacob caught the pokemon in his arms and smiled. He hadn’t been in Rustboro more than a week and now he had just defeated his first gym. He was far ahead of schedule. After recalling Trigger, Jacob ad Loki left the gym, heading to the pokemon center. After healing his pokemon, and a quick snack, Jacob decided it was time for him to head to his second gym. But which one would be best? Jacob was unsure. He knew that there was a ferry that would take him to Dewford Town not far from here, and there was a fighting type gym there. But also, not too long a walk away, was Mauville City, where the electric type gym was. To make the decision even more difficult, to the south was the Petalburg City Gym, a normal type gym.

    Jacob decided, since all of his new pokemon were weak towards electric types, it made the most sense to head for Dewford. He left the pokemon center, and headed north towards the docks. He hoped that the ferries there ran pretty regularly and that it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to catch. With Loki, his Snorunt, in toe, he left the city limits.

    He was almost to the docs when he felt something pulling his leg. He looked down to see Loki pulling is pant leg, pointing in the other direction. He looked over at what the pokeon was pointing at, and saw a Whismer staring them down menacingly.

    “Well spotted, Loki,” He said before giving a command. “Loki, use powder snow!” The pokemon nodded, before releasing a dusting of sparkling blue ice. The attack approached the Whismer, but was blasted away by the wild pokemon’s echoed voice attack. “Alright, use Icy Wind!” Jacob’s Snorunt let out a similar attack, although this time it moved much faster, slamming into the wild Whismer and sending the pokemon falling backwards into a nearby boulder. “Now, use powder snow once more!” Loki released a final storm of cold wind that covered the wild Whismer in a thin coat of ice. With the release of a pokeball, the wild Whismer had been caught.

    “Well done, Loki,” he commended. His pokemon looked up at him happily. Loki had come pretty far in just a few days, from a pokemon almost incapable of battling to one who was fast and skilled enough to execute Jacob’s orders effectively. “Alright, now let’s get to the ferry.”
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  7. Cinder gave an adorable yawn on Mei's shoulder. She arrived in Rustboro a day or two after Sai arrived, for their ship was late. Mei was dressed in her sinnoh traveler's outfit but noticed that it would be way to hot to be dressed in long sleeves with a scarf on. Plus the body heat of Cinder was not helping to cool down the poor student. "Cinder, cool down girly... I'm going to melt..." Mei pleaded as she prioritized going to the Pokecenter to change first.

    Mei excitedly ran down to route 104, splashing in puddles like she was 3 again. Cinder stepped to follow her trainer but immediately stepped back from the splashing water. "Oops, sorry Cinder." she apologized as she picked up the Vulpix. "So, in a month we are expected to gain at least 3 gym badges..... a whole month.... Cinder?" Mei was deep in thought when the Vulpix turned to look at Mei. Its large brown showed sympathy and compassion for the stressed student but sooner than later did the fox smile and throw and ember at Mei. The girl dropped the fox pokemon and gave a small gasp. "Cinder! I like my hair! Dont burn it!" she exclaimed quite loudly.

    Mei and Cinder wandered around the large leafy expanse of trees. They were in Petalburg woods, and lost. "Cinder, how did we get here in the first place?" she wondered as the student studied a large mossy rock. "I might want to keep this one in mind." Mei noted quickly as she continued to search for a visible exit. "Wurm~" a small high pitched voice startled Mei as she turned around swiftly, Cinder having near-same reaction. Behind them stood a small Wurmple gazing at them with it's large eyes. Being a Dark and Psychic type fanatic, Mei never like Bug types, but this one was oddly different. Not in color, nor in shape or size, it just was kind and welcoming, not scary and creepy as some of the other bug types were. "Hello Wurmple! How are you today?" she asked sweetly, bending down to be nearer to eye level with the Wurple. "Wurm~ Ple! ple! Wurm!" The small pokemon became frantic and looked around with a frightened look. Soon enough did a Tailow swoop down and pick up the Wurmple, minding it's poisonous spikes. "Hey! That Wurmple is my friend and to-be partner! Back off! Cinder, Ember!" The fox pokemon obliged, knocking the Tailow off balance and having it drop the Wurmple. Mei ran to catch the pokemon as she called "Cinder! Its coming in fast with quick attack! Counter with confuse ray!" Cinder confused the Tailow, yet the Quick attack still made contact. The fire fox pokemon took little damage and stood up straight and proud. Mei caught the frightened Wurmple and held it in her arms cooing softly to calm it down. "Cinder! Finish it with.... Wait.... where is Tailow?" The bird pokemon was gone, having flying off into the distance in confusion.

    Mei tossed her pokeball into the air and caught it, lazily walking back to Rustboro to heal Cinder. The Fox pokemon walked next to her, minding the lake that they were crossing over via bridge. "Cinder, From prior knowledge I know that The first gym is rock, and Faye wont be of much assistance. You being a fire type are at a disadvantage. So what we really need to work on is non-fire moves. Like Quick attack, can you learn that?" Mei consulted her Pokedex but stopped after searching up Vulpix. "Oh right. Normal isnt very effective against rock either. Dang, this will be one frustrating battle, thats for sure!" Mei gave a halfhearted laugh and smiled to a Confused Cinder. "It will be alright. First things first, you need to be healed!" Mei said as they entered the Pokemon center.
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  8. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Sai had ran into the Pokemon center happy as can be. He caught a shiny shroomish on his first try and his trapinch grew a few more levels enough to challenge to trainers and gym leader at Rustboro gym. He walked into the center throwing both his Pokemon's pokeballs in the air. "Jeez, this adventure has started off really good." sai had the biggest smile on his face. He stood infront of the counter and handed nurse joy his pokeballs. "Thank you your pokemon sha'll be healed shortly." nurse joy responded to him. Sai sat in the pokemon center and saw one of the intercoms and got an idea quickly. He got up rushed over to the intercom sending small gusts of wind towards the trainers he ran past. He picked up the small telephone device and began typing in the number for professor Ivy. (Ring Ring RIng Ring) "Hello, Hello." Professor Ivy had picked up. Sai leaned in and said with a cheerful voice.
    "Professor Ivy hello it's me Sai"
    "Oh Sai, hello how are you and your school coming along"
    "it's great right now we are on our last test, a month journey in hoenn."
    "Oh really that sounds exciting! do you need any of your pokemon?"
    "No no professor Ivy, I must do this from the beginning, actually I've already struck some luck!"
    "Oh really, what would that be?!"

    "I caught a shiny shroomish, he's pretty strong."​
    Sai and Professor Ivy carried on a conversation for almost 20 minutes before nurse joy came over with sai's pokemon. "You're Pokemon are all healed sai, thank you for waiting." Sai nodded and took the pokeballs from nurse joy, she left a few seconds later. "Here I'll introduce you to him." Sai threw his ball up and out came the Red shroomish and it landed on sai's lap happy and full of energy. Professor Ivy examined the shroomish through the Intercom and became fascinated by it. Sai and Professor Ivy said their goodbyes after a few more minutes. Sai decided to let both shroomish and Yan come out for fresh air while they walked over to Rustboro gym.

    They begun their walk towards the gym leaving the pokemon center.
  9. Cinder leaped onto Mei's shoulder with a thump. "Ow! You are a lot heavier than you think girly!" Mei exclaimed with humor in her tone. Faye-- the Wurmple-- was happily inching her way around to Mei. "Hello Faye! Welcome to team Mei! Are you ready to challenge the gym?" Mei wasn't thinking as she said that. Of course they weren't ready! The small bug type's eyes grew wide with excitement. "Wurm! Wurmple~" she responded, inching her way up the trainer now. "Ok, I can handle one of you on me, not two. Sorry!" Mei said as she returned Faye.

    "Go! Geodude!" Roxanne cried as she released her pokemon. Mei smiled at Faye, who was panting on the battlefield. The Wurmple was so close to evolving, Mei could tell by the strength she could see in the bug type's eyes. "Faye! Start this like the other one! String Shot then Poison Sting!" if she were lucky she would have the Geodude poisoned and then maybe knock it out next turn. The Wurmple obliged, sending string and grassy needles alike to the rock type. Due to the low speed of the poor pokemon, all of the attacks hit it's mark. Faye was lucky enough to even get a critical on the Poison Sting. Next turn, just like Mei predicted, the Geodude fainted.

    Faye glowed a bright blue color. Her small shape grew to be slightly larger and she became more round. Finally the light stopped and a Silcoon was standing where Faye was. "Yes! Faye congratulations! Now you're even stronger!" After a quick, and silky, hug Mei received her gym badge.

    "So, is the Ferry around here?" Asked Mei as she searched the lower part of route 104. There was a water route to Dewford, but she wasnt sure if the Ferry was here anymore. She stood by the dock with Cinder at her side until she spotted it. "Is that it?" Mei asked Cinder as she boarded the Ferry, prepared to ask questions just in case.
  10. “Now, Trigger, use bubble!”

    “Cor! Corphish!” the pokemon shouted in delight as he swing his right arm forward. Opening his claw, he released a barrage of bubbles that floated towards the enemy Zubat. The attack hit, and the Zubat fell to the ground, screeching in pain. It hit the ground hard, and did not get up.

    “No!” The trainer opposing Jacob was not a young boy, but not old either; he was roughly Jacob’s age. In fact, he could have been from Jacob’s class. The boy did look vaguely familiar. However, he couldn’t place him, and the boy did not seem interested in talking to Jacob all that much after his defeat. He picked up his Zubat in his arms, turned, and rushed away towards the pokemon center.

    Dewford was a comfortable town for Jacob. It was small enough that there were no skyscrapers obstructing his vision of the ocean, but large enough to provide enough stores and people for him to feel safe. It was like everything he needed was here. He continued his walk along the beach when another person walked up to him and asked to battle, this time a woman. She was definitely from his class, Jacob thought. But he didn’t know the woman, not her name at least, and he felt it would be odd to ask. He grabbed a pokeball, and, with Trigger(Corphish) and Loki(Snorunt) still by his side, he released another pokeball.

    In a two flashes of red, both Dusty, Jacob’s Zigzagoon, and his opponent appeared on the sand in front of them. His opponent was a small, green pokemon, holding two flowers, one in either hand; a Roselia. The woman from Jacob’s class took the initiative, and the first move.

    “Roselia, use poison sting!” The pokemon released a barrage of purple needles flying towards Dusty. Dusty looked up at Jacob nervously.

    “Dusty, respond with Pin Missile!” Jacob’s Zigzagoon’s hair stood up, hardening before releasing a matching barrage of white pin needles. The attacks collided, needles matching needles. A moment later, all the needles were on the ground in pieces. “Now…” Jacob began, but his command was interrupted by the crack of thunder. Lightning flashed, striking the ground nearby. The battle paused as Jacob and the woman both looked up at the sky. It nearly pitch black, with dark clouds visible even far off in the distance.

    With the flash of more lightning, rain began to drop from the sky. It began slowly, but in only a few seconds it picked up. The wind began to blow intensely, and the woman across from Jacob picked up her Roselia and ran. Jacob quickly pulled out two pokeballs and recalled Dusty and Trigger before he and Loki began running in the opposite direction, looking for cover.

    They searched for a few minutes before Jacob spotted a cave off in the distance. He shouted to Loki and pointed, and together, the two of them rushed towards the hole in the side of the rock. The wind was blowing even harder now, and Jacob had to focus to not be blown over by it. Again, lightning struck, and thunder cracked. He picked up Loki, who was having difficulty fighting the wind, and began making his way towards the cave. He moved rather slowly, pushing through the sand that was now filling up his shoes. Covering his face from the rising sand, he dove into the safety of the cave.

    It may have been safe from the storm, but it sure was dark.
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    A small dim like glow was shining past the darkness of the cave. It wasn't to deep but deep enough for someone to take shelter in. Sai had already made it into the cave moments before jacob had, but he did not know that. He had gathered up some dry wood and rocks he had found hidden around the caves entrance and inside it a bit and made a fire, his shroomish and his trapinch were driving off and had sunk slightly into the warm dry sand of the cave. the red and orange embers danced around the rocks and gave off a warm glow onto sai's face. "Just when we were about to head over to the gym." He let out an depressed sigh but glanced over to his tired Pokemon that have been training most of the day, even after just being taken to the Pokemon center they still seemed to be sleepy. He heard foot steps come into the cave and knew it would have been a matter of time before others would break into the cave as well, he stood up and walked towards the entrance seeing the boy come running in, he walked over to him. "Hey, got caught in the storm as well?" Sai asked with a calming voice. "Here come dry off by my fire.." he gestured over to the warmth of the fire radiating towards the front of the cave also both his sand colored pokemon had already fell asleep it seemed they like the sound of the rain and wind just as much as sai.
  12. "Cinder, I'm afraid that you may have to stay in my bag for now, unless you like rain." Mei's voice could barely be heard over the howling winds of the storm. Cinder nodded and snuggled up in the extra space Mei's bag contained. The girl ran to see that the Pokecenter was no longer visible to her. The rain stung her face as she tried to plow forewards.

    After many attempts at getting somewhere she noticed downwind there was a cave. It wasn't the most ideal camp spot, but it would suffice. Mei climbed into the dark damp place and sat down against a wall. "Cinder, it's ok, there is no more rain." Her voice echoed eerily on the cavern. Cinder climbed out of her bag and shook out her dry fur. The Vulpix lit its tails on fire to make it brighter in the cave. Something moved out of the corner of Mei's eyes, but she ignored it.
  13. “Thanks,” Jacob replied to the trainer. The trainer looked familiar, and Jacob tried hard to remember his name. He knew it started with an “s” but wasn’t Steven or anything like that; it was one syllable. “So…” or “Syie” or something like that. No! It was “Sai!” That sounded correct. “Thanks, Sai.” He repeated. He and Loki slowly walked over and sat beside the fire directly across from Yan and Shroomish. The Shroomish caught Jacob’s eye; it was very odd looking. It couldn’t have just been the light from the flames; there was definitely something different about that Shroomish.

    Jacob was just about to ask when he heard something behind him. He turned to see a girl enter the cave. Seemingly oblivious of Jacob and Sai, she had her Vulpix light up the cave. Jacob waved over at here. “Hey!” He didn’t recognize her at all, but in a storm like this, the more the merrier. Jacob hoped that Sai wouldn’t mind his inviting the girl over; it was his fire, after all. Jacob could feel Loki duck behind his back. That pokemon was too shy, he thought to himself.
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    Sai nodded and gestured him to ask her to join our group over by the fire. Sai cocked his head a bit, he wondered how the trainer knew his name, maybe it was one of his class mates and felt bad because he didn't honestly know any ones' name. He walked over to his shroomish and his trapinch and gentle shook them to wake up, he turned his head and gave them a soft smile. "Come here you two you can sleep on my lap, we might need this room for an extra person."

    Both Yan and Shroomish agreed but they were so sleepy it sounded like gibberish, he chucked to himself and picked them up, he decided to lay them both between his legs and stroke their bodies to give them extra warmth and sense of calmness. Sai had looked over at the bag with the shy snorunt inside it looking at him, He smiled at the pokemon and understand why it was slightly timid and didn't want to startle him, he held his hand out containing a puffin hoping the pokemon would take it and relax until his trainer came back from helping the girl by the fire.

    He slowly handed the pokemon the puffin and watched it eat it sitting near its trainers bag leaning against it.

    Sai looked over at the two trainers, he knew that both of them had to be from his school because they looked his age and don't have starter pokemon like a regular trainer would actually probably have. But he was fine with having people around, stories during a storm like this always makes things better.
  15. Mei finally realized that she was not alone in this cave. The sudden brightness of Cinder's tails made her oblivious to the fire the two other trainers were camping by. She picked up her things and moved a little bit closer. "Sorry to intrude, but I think it's safer in here then it will ever be outside right now. I'm Mei and you are.....Sai? I know you from the hallways. Everyone talks about you by the way, evidently you are very popular. I think I know you too." Mei cocked her head a little bit while looking at Jacob. "I know a lot of people, and you seem familiar. Now, I say I know a lot of people, but most don't know me." Mei was a little nervous so her topics of conversation changed rapidly and unsteadily.

    Cinder came up and climbed up onto Mei's shoulder. "Oh!" she remembered. "This is Cinder." Mei gave a small smile as the fire fox pokemon gave her a small lick on the cheek. "I should probably let you introduce yourself, that was rude of me." Mei apologized, realizing that she was being a tad weird right now.
  16. Naomi had been caught by the storm while she was outside with her swablu looking for a jigglypuff that had passed them while they were berry picking. The thunder had cracked down almost hitting her and Blue.
    "Ahhh!" both Naomi and blue hugged each other while the ran screaming a bit. She held onto the small light flying pokemon when she happened to come across a cave.
    "Over there blue! lets go!" she looked at her pokemon and it had replied "Blu blu!"
    as they ran naomi flashed back to when she started the journey.

    She craddled the ball in her hand, she sat outside waiting for the bus, she was extremely excited to get home and let out the pokemon inside. she couldn't wait to leave school to start her journey.

    As she approached her home, Naomi's milotic slithered up to her and wrapped itself around her, It hugged her tight.

    Naomi giggles and craddled the water snake pokemons head. "It's nice to see you too aqua."
    Naomi a few minutes later ran up to her room and sat on her bed she smiled and threw the ball up in excitement "Come on out!"

    With a flash of light the Small blue and white flying pokemon came out of the ball and with a screech. "BLU BLU!"
    Naomi's eyes grew in excitment and hugged the pokemon.
    -Back to the present-

    Naomi and Blue entered the cave, she was damp and sorta cold, she looked around and noticed a nice bright ember colored light coming from a little deeper into the cave, she smiled and walkes over to it, she came across 3 trainers that looked to be apart of her school. The first person she noticed was Sai, the boy most people at her school wanted to be friends with, she blushed because she slightlt had a crush on him. Next was jacob, she thought this boy was extremely nice shes talked to him once or twice before. and the other was a girl she really didn't know, but she seemed nice and would like to be friends with.

    "H-Hello sorry to intrude but may we join you." she said with a low voice holding blue close to her chest.

    (sorry for the long text, had to catch up haha )
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  17. (OOC: No worries about the long post! :) Just try to keep it in the same tense; we usually use past tense :p )

    Jacob was about to respond to Mei when someone else interrupted. He turned around to see Naomi, a girl from his class. He had met her a while back, but they hadn’t spoken in some time. He smiled as he spoke.

    “Hi Naomi! Come on over,” he said, shifting down a bit. The fire was going to look awfully crowded with the addition of Naomi and her Swablu. He looked around thinking about the best way to make some room before deciding to stand anyway, clearing a space for the new girl. He didn’t do it just to be polite, however. He wanted to present a challenge.

    “While we are all trapped here,” he began. “Why don’t we all have a battle? It looks like we’ve got good enough teams. We might as well since there’s no leaving here while the storm is still going.” He looked out the hole in the wall to see rain pounding the ground now, and sand spiraling up into the sky. “What do you say?”
  18. "Are you joking? Yes! Of course I'll battle you!" Mei rose to the challenge with a grin. "Although it would be boring just watching so maybe we could have a double battle." She suggested. The smile fell a little bit as she noticed that Jacob had four Pokemon with him. 'If he managed to defeat Roxanne with ease there is a 50% chance he has either a water or grass type or he is very lucky.' She winced at her luck as she strategized. 'Water would be a hindrance to Cinder and that Snorunt would be a challenge to Faye. If he has a grass type, I should be moderately set to use Cinder. I can't tell whether his third and fourth Pokemon are a water type but if it is, this will be challenging as Faye is not strong enough to team up and be of use.' Mei thought. Ideas raced through her head, strategy after strategy, throwing them all at the wall and seeing what sticks. In Sinnoh she was known as The Strategizer.

    Cinder set her tails ablaze in preparation for the battle. "You ready?" Mei asked the Vulpix. The large brown eyes of the fire type shone with determination, quite literally. The fire from the campfire reflected in her eyes, giving her a 'fiery' appearance. "Ok, I'm going to use Cinder." Mei was going by luck and hoping that her partner would be able to help her out. "So who is on who's team?" Mei asked to Sai and Naomi, a few plans stuck in her mind.
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  19. It was raining.

    The drops of water, trickling, splattering. Onto dirt, on quivering leaves. Or so Cassie imagined. Because currently, she was inside Rustboro Gym, face to face to Roxanne with her new Ralts. Cassie headed off to Rustboro City much later than everyone did, and that was partially because she had to say her temporary goodbyes to the Pokemon she's had for the past seven years. The main reason was because she was surprised her Ralts, whom she decided to call Peridot, had Telepathy as her ability. Cassie spend hours and hours, just talking with the young female Ralts, learning about each other. Cassie drilled Peridot on the moves she knows, the moves she WANTS to know, and the style of battle she'd prefer. Meanwhile, Peridot learnt of Cassie's vast experience, whether about Pokemon, battles, or travels.

    Granted, this was not the first journey she'd been on. This was probably her fourth already. Third, if you didn't count Kalos, which she hadn't fully conquered just yet, and that was because she'd decided to join the Hoenn University instead. Mostly out of curiosity. Cassie had been homeschooled by her Veteran mother and Scientist father all her life. She never had a taste of regular education, and found herself compelled to get a taste of it when Hoenn University announced that they were taking new enrollments. She found the classes to be fun, interestingly challenging, her test results never short of an 'A', and yet, she still felt there was still something she was MISSING.


    Cassie was a cool girl. Lots of people loved cool girls. But cool girls also intimidated lots of people. Sure she was popular, always had a table to sit in, heck she changed tables every day. But that was the problem. She had no real friends. Except her Pokemon, but they weren't here anymore either.

    Eyes cast ahead, she observed Roxanne as she sent out her last Pokemon; her Nosepass. Peridot stood, proud of itself for being barely scathed from all the previous battles leading up to this. She looked back at Cassie excitedly, and her trainer pulled a smile in response. A thinking smile, as she considered different strategies. Right away, Roxanne kicked off the battle with Rock Tomb. "Dot, duck left, now!"

    The small Pokemon gave a soft cry and did as told, narrowly missing the landslide of rocks that came pummeling. "Hypnosis, go!" In mid dodge, Peridot turned her small body and cast a brainwave towards the Nosepass, sending it to sleep. "Now, finish it, Magical Leaf!"

    Leaves flew in an endless stream from the tiny Pokemon's frame, until the Nosepass finally fainted. And with that, Cassie earned her Stone Badge.

    The rain turned to a full on storm as Cassie left the Pokemon Center. She let Peridot out of her ball to run beside her for extra training, patiently waiting so the small Ralts could keep up. In truth, Cassie loved the rain. Everything always looked so clean and fresh once it was over. Upon leaving the boundaries of Rustboro City, a cave came into view. She glanced down at Peridot, still eagerly battling the harsh winds and water, and gently picked her up. "Well done, Dot. I can see your muscles already." She told her gently, earning a happy coo from the Pokemon. Going into a jog, Cassie entered the cave, only to find that it was occupied by some familiar faces.

    "Oh, well now this is a surprise."

    (Ehh I just love playing catch up XD)
  20. ( ooc i saw my mistake my bad.)

    Naomi noticed the other girl ran into the cave and she stood up as well. She was excited, Naomi had many friends and couldn't wait to add more to the list. She also hoped to get close to sai, she looked over at him and blushed. She turned quick, hopefully he saw nothing. Blue was excited as well, she dried herself off quickly ready for battle and Naomi looked over at Mei. "I'll be your partner mei !" Naomi walked up to mei holding out her hand.

    Blue gently sat upon cinder's back and smiled and yelled with excitment. "BLUUUUU!"! Naomi saw the passion in her flying pokemon's eyes and also got pumped up.
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    < wait do i have a admirer in this rp xD what >

    Sai noticed that everyone was fired up for a battle. He took a look down at both his still tired out trapinch and Shiny shroomish and sighed but it was a happy one.

    "I'd like to join, but both Yan and shroomish are tired out, maybe the new girl will join your team jacob." His attention turned to the new girl who had just ran into the cave.

    "Hello.." Sai paused and looked at the girl slightly harder. "Wait.. Cassie is that you?" Sai's face started to light up a bit, he was surprised that she'd actually be here of all places. he leaned back against the wall. he proceeded to talk, "I rather have a battle outside and not in this cramped cave, i love the storm, but I need it to stop soon so i can finish getting my gym badge.."
  22. "Sai! And Jacob too! We need to stop meeting in caves like this. Seriously." The ace trainer let out a mild chuckle, moving her Ralts onto her shoulder and then taking off her fedora to squeeze water out of. "Oh, and boys, this is Peridot. She's my new partner." Dot sent out a cheerful 'hello!' through her telepathy.

    "And a battle, you say? Well, we did just finish a hardy little training course, didn't we?" Proudly, the little Ralts flexed her slender arms and then bounced excitedly on Cassie's shoulder, using her telekinesis to pull her trainer's jacket collar over and show off her Stone Badge.

    Playfully, Cassie rubbed the top of Peridot's head and looked at the two girls, seeing how they cheerfully decided to be on the same double battle team together. "Guess that leaves me and you, Jacob."
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  23. "I'd love for you to be my partner! Your Swablu looks pumped up to! Cinder, If Cassie (she knew the girl's name from classes) uses her Ralts we shouldn't have any trouble. If Jacob decides that he should use a water type....Naomi I may have to ask you to back me up." Mei said full of energy. Cinder followed the Swablu's lead by letting out a big "VUUUUUL!"

    Mei was looking at Peridot quite jealously. She still can't communicate with fire and bug Pokemon as well as she can Psychic, dark and normal types. Not that she didn't enjoy her time with Cinder, and if someone wanted to trade a psychic type for Cinder, she would refuse. The psychic type simply reminded her of her old team back at the university.

    Cinder moved a few steps and grabbed the badge case out of Mei's bag. It popped open and the Vuplix smiled happily as she displayed Mei's Boulder badge to the group. "Yes, yes we know Cinder. I beat Roxanne with a bug and a fire type. I wouldn't have been here right now if I didn't have the badge. So please put it away before something happens to it." Cinder didn't catch the embarrassed tone in her Trainers voice, but still put the case back in the bag.
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  24. Naomi smiled and nodded, she was pumped up to actually have a Pokemon battle in such a long time. At the school they did mostly simulations even though most of the trainers have been in Pokemon battles before. Naomi looked over at Sai and notice he was slightly rocking his Pokemon to sleep and thought it was the cutest thing ever, but she had to focus on the battle. She nodded and looked back at Mei. "Of course I got your back we are partners after all!" Naomi took Mei's hand and held it tight with passion in her eyes. She'd look down at the two fired up Blue and Cinder and got even more excited because they seem to like each other as well. Naomi noticed that cinder had broke away from blue to open a case that contained one bag and she turned to Mei. "You already got the Gym badge huh? that's great! after the storm clears I'll go maybe you can cheer me on huh?" Naomi asked her new friend with a cheerful speech.

    She talked with Mei for a bit about their battle strategy, she had enjoyed the talk. Every once in a while, she glanced over at the new girl, Cassie was her name, at least that's what she remembered. The fact that Sai knew her quickly put a slight jealous green tone to her face, but she could not worry about that now, she had to focus on the battle plan at hand.

    Naomi listened to Mei speak passionately about the battle plan, she felt comfort around her, Mei was a very sweet girl, she felt that Mei had so much love and respect for the battle. Cassie wish she had that kinda attitude and courage but she hide herself behind this sassy, bratty persona, Only one person really saw past the wall. She won't say who, she felt as if some people have already guessed who.

    Naomi was ready for battle a few minutes later, she couldn't take the wait and really wanted to get started.
  25. Jacob had been surprised to see Cassie again; honestly he didn’t even know she was in his class, if that was the reason she was there anyhow. The class did have more than a hundred students, though, so he supposed it wasn’t too odd that he wasn’t aware of everyone who attended. After saying his greetings, he began to stretch. He had been battling just before the storm as well, but he was on a role. He thought for a moment before choosing his pokemon. His Whismer, Mickey, had already battled three times in the past few hours, and besides the pokemon wasn’t the best team player. His Corphish, Trigger, had battled today as well, and Loki, his Snorunt, would likely have trouble, based on his opponents. Jacob grabbed a pokeball from his belt.

    “Let’s get this started!” Jacob said as he released a pokeball. In a flash of red, his Zigzagon, Dusty, appeared in front of him. The pokemon had had a rest since his last battle, and besides, Jacob enjoyed Dusty more than any of his other pokemon. For whatever reason, they seemed to click better than the rest.

    He glanced over at Cassie and her Ralts before looking over at his opponents. With a slight nod, the battle began.
  26. (Just a question, but are there any restrictions on moves in battle? Are we following the game where Pokemon can only know four moves at a time?)

    Moving by Jacob's side, Peridot jumped off of Cassie's shoulder and landed beside Dusty the Zigzagoon. The Ralts looked pumped but also focused, composed, carefully sizing up her opponents. Meanwhile, Cassie looked over at Jacob, and she told him, "Don't worry about dealing damage to Peridot. Her ability is Telepathy." And with that, Cassie turned back to the other girls. "I got your back."

    She hummed at the fact that Mei decided to use her Vulpix, despite mentioning that she had a bug type earlier. A strategy formed in her head, and Peridot received all of it, causing the Pokemon to grow more confident that she already was. Nobody had a real type advantage in this battle, so Cassie hoped that Jacob had taught Dusty a few new moves that would give them more of an edge.

    The battle had begun, but Cassie knew that Peridot's speed was below Cinder's and Blue's. Luckily, their special training out in the storm would pay off sooner than she thought, for several different reasons. The first reason was that it should've increased the Ralts' lower speed stat, and both of her defense and special defense stats. The second was the fact Peridot was still soaking wet.

    Earlier at the university, Cassie had learned about her new Pokemon's aspirations. Thus, she knew exactly the kind of strategy she wanted to play. All she needed was a set up. "Dot, use Lucky Chant!"

    The Ralts began to chant inaudibly, emitting sparks of light that would temporarily prevent Cinder and Blue from landing critical hits. Another reason why she'd taken so long back to leave the university was simply because she'd also been teaching Peridot some moves that would come in handy.
  27. 'Yes!' Mei thought. 'He didn't use a water type!' she gave a small excited jump, she hasn't battled anyone in a long while. Her excitement fell to dead concentration as she watched the lucky chant take effect. "Cinder! I need you to use Confuse ray on the Zigzagoon." She called to her Vulpix. Two orbs of ghost-like energy emerged from thin air, and Cinder directed them towards the Zigzagoon. The attack was spot on, causing confusion.

    Mei nervously rubbed her thumb over Faye's pokeball. "Why dont you take a break Faye and relax a bit." She whispered as Mei released the Silcoon. The bug type set up silky strands to hold herself up as Faye watched the battle with her wide red eyes. Her time as a Silcoon was limited, that fact was painfully obvious. The silk that wrapped Faye was taking after the colors of her evolution and it was growing weaker. Her trainer seemed to be oblivious to everything.
  28. Naomi didn't acknowledge when Mei let out her silcoon and smiled as the battle started, she readied her stance and decided to take on the fairy type Pokemon quickly. Naomi thought if she could keep up her Blue's speed she'll do better later on. Naomi looked at blue and blue looked back at her, gazing each other. "Okay Blue, Use Agility, get as close to Peridot as possible!" Blue nodded understanding what is about to happen. Blue flapped her soft light wings and flash dashed over towards the Ralts, the trail of light rays sliding off of the swablu's back wings and tail. "BLUUU!!!" Blue cried out as she got closer to the ralts bracing herself for the battle.
    Naomi had another Pokemon she wanted to let out to show them but she decided not to because that's for later. she held the ball tight against her hips and looked over at Sai then back at Mei, than over to cassie and Jacob and she was even more excite because she made new friends.
    "This battle is going to be amazing! Let's Keep it Cool Blue!"
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    Sai had watched from the side line, he studied everyone well, but his eyes got detached from the group as Mei released her silcoon out, the small bug Pokemon seemed to be Ill. So as Mei was battling, Sai laid shroomish and trapinch in the soft sand and walked over to the silcoon, he had placed his hand over its head. He was warm, Sai took out a herb he made sure to pack up before he left and sat next to the silcoon crushing the herb in his hand till it was a paste substance.
    "I hope, this makes you feel better little guy." Sai looked over at the trainers and got a bit irritated, he stood up still crushing the herb called out to the trainers​
    "MEI!" Sai hollered out at her. "Stop your battle quick. You need to pay attention to your pokemon.." he had finished crushing the herb in his hand and took the paste, rubbing it against the poor bug Pokemons forehead and back. "I Hope this is enough for you.." The herb was made up of different berries specially grown for sickness in Pokemon. It gives off a mint smell but soothes the pokemon so it can rest and fight off bacteria and sickness. Sai turned his head hearing the waken yawns of his shroomish and Yan waking up. He saw that our fire had become low so he decided that it best if he finds more wood as the others started up their battle again after Mei took care of her silcoon.

  30. "What? Cinder is fine.....Faye? Whats wrong with Faye?" Mei broke away from Naomi's side with an apologetic smile. Cinder looked towards Naomi, ready to listen to her if the battle were to continue without Mei. The student dropped to her knees next to the bug type. "Faye.... whats wrong? Did you catch a fever? How did you manage to do that?" She asked bewildered. Faye wasnt out in the storm nor did she look ill when she evolved. That was the last time the Silcoon was outside of the pokeball, after defeating Roxanne.

    No more than a few minutes of Mei tending to her Silcoon did another pokemon appear. Out of the shadows emerged a Mawile, holding a small amount of water in a large leaf. The Mawile looked up to Mei, offering the water to help cool down Faye. "Thank you so much Mawile!" She exclaimed gratefully. Mei glanced at the Mawile's now diverted eyes, gazing at the battle. Mei gently took the water and used her scarf that she changed out of to act as a towel. The cold scarf was soothing to the Silcoon and it soon fell asleep. "Dont worry Faye, once we are out of the storm, we will get you to a pokemon center." She soothed. Mei returned Faye to her pokeball. She accidentally knocked out and empty pokeball while returning Faye's to its original position. The Mawile studied the pokeball before giving a small grin and entering inside it.
  31. (OOC: Generally, on this site, pokemon can have as many moves as you like so long as they can learn them. Furthermore, we don’t usually have turns either; so it’s more like the show I suppose in that sense. Of course, if you abuse that, it would be pretty annoying :p Finally, It’s generally up to the person to whom the pokemon belongs whether their pokemon is hit by an attack, although again, it would be annoying if you dodged everything easily, so ya know, be fair about it.)

    “Dusty!” Jacob shouted as the small pokemon was hit by the confuse ray. Dusty began thrashing about in confusion He was beginning to think of his move when Sai created a distraction, calling attention to Faye, Mei’s Silcoon. After this, a Mawile took the attention of the group, and Dusty calmed down, snapping out of confusion. He knelt down beside his pokemon, inspecting the Zigzagoon to make sure he was okay before looking up again at the Mawile. The steel/fairy type disappeared into one of Mei’s pokeballs before everyone turned back to the battle.

    “I guess we should get the ball rolling again, eh?” Jacob asked rhetorically. “Dusty, use sand attack on Cinder!” Dusty stuck his front two paws in the ground before flinging them forward, releasing a gust of sand towards Mei's Vulpix.
  32. "Double Team, now!" As Blue came charging in, Peridot in turn began moving rapidly from side to side, almost creating duplicates of itself from such a speed. The Ralts managed to avoid Blue's charge, and now her evasiveness was increased as well.

    Cassie managed to watch from the corner of her eyes as Mei ran back to her Silcoon, Sai yelling how the said Pokemon was sick, and then how a very peculiar Mawhile came along, and caught itself into Mei's pokeball. All those things managed to distract her, but not for long. Because once she snapped back into focus, her eyes seemed to harden.

    "Teleport on top of Blue, now!" The Ralts' form vanished from where it was beside Blue, and reappeared on top of the Swalbu. As she fell, Cassie once again ordered, "Hypnosis, go!"

    As competitive as her trainer, Peridot launched a hypnotic ray from above Blue. Cassie watched intently, planning ahead four steps already for several different outcomes.

    (Alright, thank you!)
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  33. Naomi had a small smirk slowly rise up on her face. "Okay blue get hit by hypnosis." Blue looked back at her trainer and nodded. the soft screech of Ralts hypnosis calmly laid Blue to sleep. The swablu tumbled towards the floor. Naomi thinks to herself "I hope.. the move comes out." Naomi wait for the right time as cassie's ralts falls towards Blue ready for an attack. "ALRIGHT BLUE NOW USE SLEEP TALK!." Blue's wings light up after Naomi called out the move sleep talk. The flying Pokemon charges up after the ralts and lands the blow, Naomi watched as Peridot took damage, she jumped back towards cassie. "All right it came out!" Naomi thought to herself. "But still blue can only use sleep talk so many times, she needs to wake up quickly."

    Naomi looked over at Mei, she came back after she checked on her silcoon. " I got you, we make a good team."
  34. Cinder tried to jump out of the line of fire, but her attempts failed. Cinder pawed at her eyes as she tried to remove the sand from them. "Cinder, are you ok?" Mei called to the upset Vulpix. The fire type nodded and then returned to a fighting stance, her vision a little bit blurry. "Cinder, I need you to aid Blue if she is attacked. Ok, Cinder! Brace yourself for any upcoming damaging attacks! In the mean time, use Ember on the Zigzagoon!"

    The fox pokemon obliged, spitting fire at Jacob's normal type. Cinder was obviously tense and bracing for any attack that could come her way.

    "You know what? I agree with you. Cinder is enjoying herself by the looks of it as well." Mei beamed at Naomi, excited that Cinder and Blue work well together.
  35. (Um, Izzy, I don't think you're allowed to control other people's Pokemon like that O~O)

    Peridot was shocked when Blue landed Sleep Talk on her, and quickly the little Ralts jumped back, close to her Trainer. It got a small bruise on her stomach. However, Cassie looked at her confidently, like she'd anticipated that before it even happened. "Great job, Dot, now, how about we make up some ground?" Cassie smirked. "Keep this distance and use Torment!"

    Peridot nodded and gave taunting cries to Blue, preventing it from using the same move in a row. "Perfect, now Dream Eater!" Light emenating from it and from Blue as she absorbed the Swablu's strength. The bruise she had gotten vanished, and she was healthy again. Dot exclaimed gleefully and Cassie smirked. Since Blue was asleep, and Torment had been set in play, there was no way Naomi could use Sleep Talk again. To her, the match was set already.

    She only hoped Jacob was doing just as well. 'It's fine.' She thought. 'I'll aid him once this is sorted out.'
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  36. (IM SORRY! , pls disregard it then!)
  37. “Dusty, dodge!” He shouted, ordering his Zigzagoon to get out of the way of Cinder’s ember attack. The attack was surprisingly well aimed, however, and despite Dusty’s quick movements, the attack hit just beside him, and the resulting force knocked the Zigzagoon backwards, tumbling towards Jacob. “You alright?” Jacob asked. His pokemon stood back up, and Jacob nodded. “Alright then; use Pin Missile on Blue!” Jacob figured the switch in target would throw his opponents off. Despite the fact that Cassie seemed to have her side under control, he wanted to see how the others would react. Dusty’s coat hardened before he released a barrage of needles towards the sleeping Swablu.
  38. "Cinder, take the Pin Missile attack for Blue!" Mei called. Cinder jumped in front of the Swablu and braced herself. The attack hit and the fire fox did not manage to leave unscathed. The Vulpix stood up after being launched backwards from the blow. "Ok, Cinder, I need you to take all of that damage you just received and use Payback on Peridot!" Mei instructed. She was planning this since the battle started, have Cinder take damage and then use the dark type move against the Ralts. The bad part was Cinder would have to be injured in order for it to work, putting Mei at a greater risk for Cinder fainting.

    The Vulpix launched her attack, dark energy full of revenge rushed towards Peridot with dazzling speeds.
  39. Cassie clicked her tongue, her thoughts moving at a tenth of a second each time. Her mind was quick enough to move, think, command, but her mouth wasn't. Thank Arceus Peridot's ability was Telepathy.

    The Ralts read her trainer's mind and teleported a second before Payback hit. Cassie was glad she's set up the way she did, with the special training bracing the storm before the battle and using Double Team. "Behind Cinder!" Her mouth caught up with the flow of her mind, and Peridot appeared right where her trainer wanted. Right behind the tails of the Vulpix; point blank. "Psychic!"

    Peridot lifted her head slightly to reveal her ruby orbs, and once again she sent a brainwave, a dangerous one this time, straight to Cinder's head. Cassie felt a bit nostalgic, however. Cinder reminded her of Vulpix-turned-Ninetales, Nine.
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  40. Naomi groaned a bit. "Blue wake up!" Her small cry for her flying Pokemon to wake up rang through out blue's ears and she had woke up. "BLUEE!!" The Swablu screeched and began flapping her wings. "Alright! now blue save cinder quickly!" Blue had nodded and rush tackled the ralts hoping the hard tackle would knock off the Physic move and releasing the grip from cinder.
    "Blue Use Ice Beam on dusty." aiming for the floor to make the group slightly harder for their side of the field to move on. Naomi had to think quick on her feet, She looked over at cassie realizing that the trainer was very well off with her new Pokemon but she had more to prove in this fight.
    Naomi sense of hearing was slightly better then others, she noticed that the rain had slowly died down outside and the thunder and lightning had stopped completely.
    Naomi turned her head and looked at Mei, then looked over at Sai to see if he was watching, he had been silent for quite some time. She noticed he wasn't over there but she had to focus more on the battle at hand and that both there Pokemon had taken quite a bit of damage from the moves before.

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