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Ask to Join Una Aventura En Nita (A Fanmade Region RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. (Here's the discussion:https://pokecharms.com/threads/nita-signup-and-discussion.17314/#post-491085)

    Just below the Kalos region lies Nita, and its neighbouring region, Içao, a beautiful melting pot of many different cultures. In the northernmost parts of the region, you'll find rich, fertile farmlands and mountains, atop which lie ancient buildings rich with history. In the southernmost parts of the region, you'll find lively, animated towns where the sun always shines, and the parties never stop, as well as the rare Iberiock, a pokemon so endangered, that catching one is a criminal offense.

    But Nita isn't like the other regions in the pokemon world. There is no regional professor anymore, so, beginner trainers must get their starters and pokedexes from somewhere else...Namely, from their local gym leader. That's right, the gym leaders in this region give out the starters, pokedexes, and anything else you might need for your journey. The type of starter you get will depend on whatever type your local gym specialises in, so, if you live in Fantasma Village, hope you like ghost types!

    While you're out on your journey, watch out for The Cult Of Muermonio. These villains go around snatching pokemon left and right, to sacrifice to Muermonio, one of the Nita region's two legendaries. It is said that if one thousand pokemon are sacrificed to Muermonio, it will grant the one who brought it the sacrifices any wish...

    But, worry not about them, for now. Now that you have received your starter, it's time to head to Rappacini Town, where Nita's first gym is. Now, explore, and enjoy Nita, trainers!


    Having received his starter from Marie, the gym leader of his hometown, Nymphia Town, Bakarne was finally ready to head out on his first pokemon journey. He'd put it off for a long time, deciding that he wanted to be pastry chef, instead of a trainer, or coordinator, but he'd found that he simply couldn't find any inspiration for his food back at home.

    So, here he was now, in Rappacini Town, ready to begin his journey. He hadn't come in search of badges, princess keys, or ribbons, however. He'd simply come to find the dishes unique to each part of Nita.

    "Say, Slurpuff, this is where it all begins," Bakarne began, strolling through the gates of Rappacini Town, "My quest to find inspiration for my food."

    "Puff," the dessert pokemon mumbled affirmatively.

    Bakarne paid her no heed, as he headed for Flores Teahouse, where one of Rappacini Town's famous treats was sold. Here, he began his culinary quest...
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  2. (According to my year of Spanish lessons, it is, "An (one) Adventure in Nita" XD)

    Lola awoke late one morning, checking her clock, and immediately slipping out of her silky pajamas, and into her school uniform, stuffing black silky pajamas, with a pink outline, into her bag. The fourteen year old always wore her school uniform. She slipped her leather bag over her shoulder, and adjusted the strap so it fit perfectly. She grabbed two books, one all about Pokemon of all kinds, and one about where Pokemon lived. The girl trotted out of her house, and scurried to the gym of Granja Town, without saying goodbye to her mother, for she was too excited about receiving
    her first Pokemon, a grass type. She dashed inside, and was handed a Pokeball, without words. Lola stuffed her important books in her satchel, and took the Pokeball carefully in one hand, looking at it.

    "T-Thank you." the girl said, nodding her head at the gym leader, before dashing from the building in a hurry.

    Lola took her Pokeball, and clicked to small, round, white button, as it clicked open. A blue light shot from the Pokeball, and a figure appeared from the Pokeball, a bush like shape at the top, to leaves connected to a long thick line, attached to a body, which crouched on its legs a bit. The figure then completely transfigured, and Lola could see it clearly. It was like a monkey, mostly tan and green. The monkey looked at her strangely, as it walked up to her on all fours, and stopped, soon resuming its two legged position, tilting its head to her. Lola got on her knees, and pet the little bush like object on top of its head. It liked this very much, as it climbed onto her shoulder, hugging her neck tightly, happy with the girl.

    "H-Hi little guy." Lola said a bit nervously, as she pet him more. "I'm Lola."

    The Pokemon smiled at her, and nodded, in understanding. Lola smiled at the Pokemon, and quickly took out her Pokemon book, not having Pokedex. She searched quickly, and after a couple minutes, she saw a picture, much like the Pokemon with her, and she read the information on it.

    "Pansage, the grass Monkey Pokemon. Pansage dwells deep within the forest. It shares the leave's on its head with weary looking Pokemon. These leaves are known to relieve stress. Pansage is also good at finding berries, and gathers them from all over. It's kind enough to share them with friends." is the entry the book gave.

    Lola closed the book and slipped it back in her back, turning her attention to Pansage, who was digging through the leaves on its head, pulling out a berry. According to Lola's years of school, it was an Oran berry, a berry with a mix of flavors, and the ability to help heal Pokemon's health. Pansage put his arm out in front of Lola, the berry in hand, and Lola took it from him, Pansage nodding, telling her that was what he wanted. She popped it in her mouth, a blast of sweet flavors touching her tastebuds, as she felt a bit up energy serge through her. She thanked Pansage, before returning it to its Pokeball, and putting the Pokeball in the pocket of her bag. Then she set off to Rappacini town, in order to see and catch more Pokemon for her learning.
  3. (Yup, that is correct!)

    Rappacini Town was a fairly quiet place, with several old houses, and a variety of poison and grass types roaming around. Its gym was built like a castle, and sat proudly opposite the town's most famous landmarks, Rappacini Meadow, and Flores Teahouse.

    Bakarne stopped in front of the teahouse, glancing down at Slurpuff. She seemed to be in a sort of daze, her sensitive nose overloaded by the sensations around her. The smell of tea and tarta santiago poured out of the teahouse, while the sweet, but sickly fragrance of Rappacini Meadow's namesake flowers hit her from nearby.

    "You ok, Slurpuff?" Bakarne enquired, having noticed his pokemon's state.

    No answer. Slurpuff went straight for the meadow, deciding that she liked the smell of the flowers more, as Bakarne was forced to go after her.
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  4. Mateo woke up, teeth hurting. He ripped his skin off of the bracket with no concern for his gums, once again. Mateo was Rappacini Town's teenage rebel. He walked downstairs, and his mom studied him.
    "Son, you need to change. Also, fix your hair. If not, your whole journey is being cancelled and I'm calling Beatrice to cancel your appointment," she said sternly.
    "Fine, I'll do it," Mateo groaned as he walked up his marble stairs. He picked up his glasses case and opened it up. He roughly put his glasses on and yawned. "Geez, why do moms have to be so mean? I can go whenever," he mumbled. He grabbed his black bag and lay it on his bed. He grabbed items from around the room. His glasses case, the money he stole from his next-door neighbor's son, and some medicines for him and his future Pokemon. "I think that's it," he said quietly, opening the top zipper and dumping the contents inside. He ripped off his shirt and shorts, and got changed. His hair was still a mess, however. He put his shoes on and walked toward the bathroom.
    "Son, you done yet?" his mother called.
    "I'm not your biological son, doofus, and no, I'm not done!" Mateo said firmly.
    "You better watch it, son, or I'm coming up there! You understand?"
    "Okay, fine," Mateo said. "Geez." He groaned as he brushed his teeth. Then, he saw a note on the mirror. "Go get your camping items, Mateo. -Mateo." He ran for his closet, which was far away from the bathroom, and packed his tent and sleeping bag. He ran to the bathroom, put his toothbrush in its case, and put it in his bag. He grabbed his deodorant and toothpaste and threw it inside. He spat out his toothpaste, fixed his hair (which took 10 minutes) and finally turned the water off. "Okay, I'm ready," he said as he headed downstairs.
    His mom gasped as she looked at him. "Oh, my baby boy is all grown up now! I need a picture for this occasion!"
    Mateo groaned. "First off, I'm almost 14, and second off, I don't do pictures! Got that?"
    "But I won't see you for a whole year! I need a picture. just one, please?"
    "Sure, whatevs," Mateo sighed. He tried to smile, but it looked dumb. Thus, he just frowned and raised his eyebrows.
    "Perfect!" his mom said, patting him on the back. "I know you don't like hugs, so I won't give you one."
    "For once, you remembered something," Mateo said, smirking after the comment.

    The Gym was a castle, to say the least. He was awestruck by it. He went inside to find Beatrice, and she turned around. "Oh, hi, what is it... uh.. oh right, Mateo!" She handed him a Poke Ball and smiled. "This is your partner, Croagunk. I hope you like it."
    He nodded and sent Croagunk out of its ball. It was a frog with three fingers on each hand and visible orange cheeks. "Cool," he said. "Hey, Croagunk, my boy." Then, Croagunk jumped on his shoulder and let out a battle cry. "I'll be back soon for my Gym Battle, you got that?"
    Beatrice smiled and nodded. "You need to find more Poke'Mon to battle me, Mateo."
    "More?!?!" he cried. He drooped in disappointment. "Even when I'm away from my so-called mom, I'm being bossed around."
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  5. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Nova woke up in her adopted city of Fiore City. Espeon was fast asleep next to her. She quickly changed into her clothes and grabbed her bag. Espeon woke up and jumped on Nova's shoulder. She hurried to the gym to acquire her starter Pokemon from the gym leader, Natalie.

    She saw Natalie waiting for her and motioned for her quickly. "Nova...remember your words from your brother. If you want to become stronger than him, take Chimchar." She said, motioning the fire type to come out of hiding. Chimchar looked at Nova and Espeon with sheer curiosity and jumped on Nova's shoulder. "Take care now and explore the Nita Region." Natalie called out as Nova and her Pokemon began to leave. "We will!" Nova called back.
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  6. Lola pushed her glasses farther up the brim of her nose, as she walked further into town, a bunch of Pokeballs in her bag that she had bought yesterday. She was looking for a place that would most likely have Pokemon in it, so Lola decided that the giant patch of flowers would be the best way to catch more Pokemon. She walked into the grass, looking around, some flowers, and then she saw a cute looking Pokemon, that had its tongue sticking out. It was mostly white, with some pink frosting-like fur on its head, and a red orb.

    "Ooh, a Pokemon! Um...oh, that's right!" Lola said, as the black braided girl pulled an empty Pokeball from her satchel.

    Lola threw the Pokeball at the Pokemon, kind of foolishly, but it bounced off, like the Pokeball didn't even touch it.

    "Huh? I was sure that was what I had to do to catch a Pokemon..." Lola said, trailing off.
  7. Bakarne panicked when Slurpuff had a pokeball thrown at her, and the fairy type fell face-first into the flowers, near a convulsing eevee, who seemed to be about to evolve into Iveon.

    "Slurpuff, are you ok?" Bakarne enquired, helping the fairy type to her feet.

    Slurpuff nodded, though was rather dazed by the incident. "Slur...Slurpuff..."

    Bakarne glanced straight up, catching sight of whom he thought was Slurpuff's attempted thief. "What gives you the right to muscle in on my pokemon?!"
  8. Lola was startled by the sudden shout of Slurpuff's trainer.

    "I-I'm sorry...I thought it was a wild Pokemon..." Lola said, a scared look crossing her face, a couple tears coming to her eyes, as she was super sensitive.

    She didn't cry though. Lola wasn't sure what to say after that. She was just frozen in place, scared the trainer might hurt her. She had no friends, and she never got out, so she didn't quite understand what people usually do in situations like these.
  9. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Nova started to head over to Rappacini Town. Espeon and Chimchar were running along side their trainer. "Better get a move on...if we want our first badge." She said. The trio ran till their hearts content so that they can get to Rappacini Town.
  10. Bakarne shook his head, feeling somewhat bad that he'd lost his temper like that.

    "It's fine," he replied, "It was just a mistake. The name's Bakarne, and this is my partner, Slurpuff."

    Slurpuff nodded affirmatively,standing by Bakarne.
  11. "Oh, hi, Bakarne and Slurpuff." Lola said, testing their names. "I'm Lola, from Granja Town."

    Lola took out her book of Pokemon, and searched around the 'S' section, in search for Slurpuff, until she found the entry. She then read herself the information.

    "Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokemon. Slurpuff's sense of smell is one hundred million times better than a humans, so it can distinguish the faintest of scents. It's like it can see with its nose. It puts its sensitive sense of smell to use, by helping pastry chefs in their work."

    Lola closed her book, and slipped it away in her satchel, before questioning if Bakarne knew of all the Pokemon that roamed in this flower patch, for she wanted to see if she could catch them all.
  12. Angela woke up and let out a yawn. It seemed she'd slept in a bit longer than she'd intended to. Hopefully, that wouldn't cause any issues with her appointment. Today was finally the day! After fifteen years of being alive, it was finally time for Angela to receive her first Pokemon! After changing out of her pajamas and into her usual outfit, Angela also grabbed her backpack from her closet. Angela looked around at the multiple posters of the performer Aria on her walls. "One day, I'll be like her." Angela murmured. She looked down at the Pokeballs on her desk by her bed. Five different types of Pokeballs, all imported from the Johto Region. They were each unique, designed to catch different Pokemon under different circumstances. They were all made by a man from the Johto Region named- something with a K? Karl? Probably Karl. There was a Heavy Ball, a Lure Ball, a Friend Ball, a Fast Ball, and a Love Ball.

    After putting away her Pokeballs, Angela left the house - her parents were at work, as usual, but they left a note - and went to the Cielo City Gym. Upon entering, Angela saw a man working on a painting. The Cielo City Gym Leader, Fela. "Umm... Excuse me? Mister Fela?" Angel asked, trying to politely get the man's attention. The man turned his head towards her after a minute.
    "Hm? Oh, yes, that's me. What can I help you with?" Fela inquired, turning back to his painting.
    "I'm here to get my Pokemon," Angela replied.
    "Oh, yes, yes, right. That is today, isn't it? One moment." Fela responded. He stood up and walked near the back of the Gym. He came back a moment later, carrying a small red device and a Pokeball in his hands. "This is a Pokedex. It can be used to record data on every known species of Pokemon. And this is your Pokemon." Fela stated as he handed the two items to Angel.
    "Thank you, sir!" Angela stated as she walked out. On her way out, she sent out her new Pokemon. A small bat-like Pokemon materialized. Angela pulled up her new Pokedex to get a scan on it.
    "Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokémon. Noibat can cause damage as well as create hearing problems for its opponents by emitting different sound wave frequencies." The Pokedex read. It also stated the Noibat was a female.
    "Well then, Noibat, what do you think about a nickname?" Angela asked. The Noibat nodded her head, seeming to like the idea of a nickname. Angela put her hand to her chin in thought.
    "Well, how about Echo?" Angela offered.
    "Noi! Bat!" Echo replied. She seemed to like the nickname. Angela giggled a bit and smiled.
    "Well then, I suppose we should head to Rappacini Town now, huh?" Angela guessed. The two began their trek to Rappcini town. Well, Angela did. Echo just rested on the girl's shoulder the entire way.
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    Nova had ran and ran until she reached to the edge of Rappacini Town. "Finally...were here..." She said, tired. Espeon and Chimchar were also tired from running all the way from Fiore City. Then as she entered the city, she saw a trainer with a Slurpuff and another trainer. "Hey! I-I'm Nova...this is my partner...Espeon and my starter Pokemon, Chimchar." She said, introducing her Pokemon.
  14. "I'm new around here, so I wouldn't know exactly what pokemon there are in Rappacini Town, though I've heard that it's mostly grass and poison types," he explained, "And a handful of normal types, especially eevees. Hey, look, I think there's one about to evolve!"

    Bakarne pointed at a convulsing eevee, who, judging by the purple substance on its mouth, had dared to drink the nectar of the Rappacini flowers. It was on the ground, shaking violently, as it wretched. And then a bright light enveloped it, and the eevee was no more. In its place was a tall, fox-like creature, with a ring of white sacs around its neck, and thorned vines around its legs. It had become an Iveon.

    And then Bakarne and Slurpuff noticed the newcomer, greeting them cordially.
  15. Mateo looked around the area. He heard that there were Normal, Grass and Poison Types in the area. He needed a Ground Type or a Psychic Type, but those were pretty rare. At least he heard that.
    He could do with Croagunk, but a new team member would be nice. He searched the area to find six eggs laying around. He picked one up, and the other 5 somehow jumped and attacked Mateo. "Croagunk, go!" Croagunk jumped off the boy's shoulder and took battle stance. "Use Poison Sting!" The attack hit the eggs, and then they turned around. They all had a face! "Whoa, what the-" the boy exclaimed. The eggs attacked Croagunk as one and Croagunk was severely hurt.
    "Eggs! Guhzeekyu!"
    "Croagunk, use Mud Shot!" Croagunk fired a ball of mud, weakening the eggs. "Poke Ball, go!" He threw a Poke Ball at the six eggs and they went inside. One, two, three, click! Mateo had caught a new Pokemon!
  16. Lola saw the newcomer, a girl like her, who seemed a bit shy. The newcomer said her name right out of the blue, Nova, and her Espeon.

    "Hello, Nova, Chimchar, and Espeon." Lola said, getting a feel to the two new names, before sharing her own. "I'm Lola, from Granja Town."

    Lola then looked at both Chimchar and Espeon, and she searched their names alphabetically from the book she once again pulled out of her satchel.

    "Chimchar, the Chimp Pokemon. Chimchar agilely scales sheer cliffs to live atop craggy mountains. It's fiery rear end is fueled by gas made in its stomach. It's flame is so strong it can't distinguish in rain, but it's flame is put out when it sleeps, to prevent fires." Lola read to herself.

    "Espeon, the Sun Pokemon. Espeon can instantaneously sense its opponents movements by feeling air currents with its fur. It can release psychic power from the orb on its forehead. When its orb is exhausted, it grows dull and dark." Lola continued, refusing to read aloud.
  17. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Wow...you write down Pokemon information in your book like a Pokedex. That's cool! Nice to meet you." She said, excited. Chimchar looked at Lola with an odd expression and jumped around her Pokeball. "Where is your Pokemon? I could probably guess what it is since I'm originally from the Unova Region." Nova asked Lola. Espeon curled up next to Slurpuff and started using Psychic on it.
  18. Slurpuff spat a weak fairy wind at the espeon, before going back to Bakarne's side. He was the only person she knew from her hometown, and thus, she only trusted him, so far.

    "As you can probably tell from my starter, I'm from Nymphia Town," Bakarne butted in, "Say, what about you? I've never seen an espeon around here before..."
  19. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Oh...that's because I grew up in Unova and trained an Eevee there. Thus having Espeon, my partner. I'm from Fiore City, that's why I have Chimchar." Nova explained. Espeon wasn't affected as much by the fairy wind but it did distract her. Chimchar was still staring at Lola with great intensity. "See...Chimchar evolves into Monferno, which is a fire and fighting type. Then it evolves into Infernape. I want to become Pokemon Champion here in Nita so I can beat my older brother back in Johto or Unova, wherever he is." She added.
  20. "Our champion is pretty strong," Bakarne warned, "And her signature pokemon is her primarina. No one in the elite four can defeat even one of her pokemon, not even Raul, the dragon type specialist. You're gonna have to become amazingly tough, if you even wanna be able to touch her!"

    Bakarne glanced down at Slurpuff, as she searched for the sweetest smelling flowers. "My dream's much more realistic. I want to be a great pastry chef, and I'm travelling Nita in search of inspiration for my food. I hear that the flowers in this meadow can be used to make a special kind of tarta santiago."
  21. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Don't worry...I've been watching Glacier in his battles and I've got pretty good strategies from him." She said, determined. Espeon and Chimchar stood by her side and agreed, also determined. "Shouldn't there be others coming?" Nova asked her new friends.
  22. As Fernand rose from his bed, he yawned. To his right was his partner, Chikorita. He smiled and nudged it awake. It squealed and then rubbed its leaf on its head against Fernand, just as it usually did. Fernand hopped out of his bed and said, "Let's go Chikorita!" It clambered off the bed and squealed once again as it followed Fernand, who sprinted down the stairs.

    He slammed the door open and breathed in the air of Rappicini Town. It was a very interesting place with a lot of interesting people. He started to walk to the nearest restaurant when suddenly, Chikorita saw a Slurpuff and ran to it. It must have liked the way it smelled. "Chikorita! No!" he exclaimed. It was too late. Chikorita had started to nudge the Pokemon with its leaf as Fernand let out an exasperated sigh.
  23. "Yeah, this is where all of the beginners come first, after they've received their starters," Bakarne answered, "So I'm surprised that there aren't more people here..."

    Slurpuff shied away from a chikorita, crying out indignantly as she went back to Bakarne's side.

    "Geez, Slurpuff, it seems that everything's out to get you," Bakarne scoffed, picking her up, "Now, where did that pest come from...?"
  24. "Chikorita, stop that!" exclaimed Fernand, picking up his Chikorita. "I'm so sorry, seignior, I really am! My Chikorita just liked the smell of your Slurpuff!"
  25. "It's fine," Bakarne huffed, "Well, she does look, and smell like a dessert..."

    Slurpuff chirruped, glancing down at the flowers. They smelt pretty good, and she kinda wanted to eat some...
  26. "Um... hi, I'm Fernand, and I guess you've already met Chikorita," he said. He really wanted to get to know more people in this region, so he wanted to try to be more open.
  27. "I'm Bakarne, and this is Slurpuff," the boy said cordially, "I'm travelling to find inspiration for my food. I want to try the tea, and the tarta santiago, from Flores Teahouse..."
  28. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nick had finally woke up from his deep slumber. "Ahh what day is it?" he asked while heading downstairs. "It's time to get your Pokémon," Nick's dad said while reading the newspaper. "Thanks Dad. I guess that's why I had a bunch of stuff packed in my room. Mom can you get me some money for me journey?" he shouted while heading back upstairs. He brushed his teeth, got dressed, fixed his hair, and got his bag. He headed downstairs for one of the final times for a long time, and got the money his Mom left him. "Cya parents," he quietly said. They heard his murmur and smiled at their son. "I can't believe it's time," Nick's mom said as Nick left the house. He got on his bike and went to the gym.

    "You finally got here. Took you long enough," Itzal complained. Nick smiled for the first time the entire day. "Good ol' Itzal. He never seems to change," Nick thought. "Lemme get my Pokémon already," he said. "Fine, so impatient. Here catch," Itzal said. He threw a Pokéball and a Pokédex at him. Nick caught the Pokédex with his hands, and the Pokéball between his elbows. "You're such a pest. One day, I'll come here and dethrone you of your title as Fantasma Village Gym Leader. You can bet your life on it!" Nick shouted while leaving the gym. Itzal smirked as Nick went to begin his journey. "Yeah right, you can dream."

    Nick put his Pokédex in his Bag's Pocket and his Pokéball in his hands. "What'cha gonna be?" he asked to no one in particular. A Shuppet popped out of the Pokéball. "Cool. Who are you?" he asked while pulling out his Pokédex. "Shuppet, the puppet Pokémon. Shuppet grows by feeding on dark emotions, such as vengefulness and envy, in the hearts of people. It roams through cities in search of grudges that taint people." This Shuppet seemed to be moody and looked away from his trainer. Nick didn't like most beings, or humans, but there was something inside of him that gave him a feeling to comfort Shuppet. He petted on his head, between Shuppet's horn. Shuppet was first surprised, then smiled and put his head closer to Nick's hand. "Would you like a nickname?" he asked as he smiled back at the Pokémon. Shuppet nodded and cried,"Shup. Pet-pet!" Nick asked,"How about... Fantaneta?" Shuppet nodded in agreement. "Alright, return Fantaneta," Nick said. Fantaneta went back inside of his Pokéball, where he was cozy and warm.

    Nick looked at his Pokédex and asked,"What do I do now?" The Pokédex told him he had to make his way towards Rappicini Town. Nick sighed heavily and got back on his bike. "That's going to take a while..." he murmured. Then, he began his journey to get his badges...
  29. "The flowers in this meadow are delicious to eat, or so I've heard, and if you take some to Flores Teahouse, they'll make them into tea for you," Bakarne continued, "The tea is said to be great for helping pokemon focus in battle, and it's great with their famous tarta santiago...Man, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!"
  30. Angela smiled as she passed the entrance into Rappacini Town.
    "So, I never knew. What was up with the tradition of every trainer starting here?" Angela murmured. Echo looked at her curiously, but Angela just waved her hand dismissively. "Nothing, Echo, Just thinking to myself." She replied.
    "Bat! Noi! Noi!" Echo said, pointing her right wing at a group of trainers by a restaurant. It was apparent that the Noibat wanted to meet some new people.
    "Oh, uh, I would, Echo, but the thing is.. I'm kinda shy. Not much for meeting new people, y'know?" Angela responded, giving a small shrug. Echo nodded. However, that didn't mean she was about to give up. Echo leaped off her trainer's shoulder and flew over to the group of trainers. Echo landed on the head of a girl in a school uniform. Angela stumbled after the Noibat. "Wait! No, no, no."
  31. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Espeon looked at Chikorita and greeted it, happy to see another Pokemon from the region she comes from. Chimchar looked at Fernand and greeted him. "I'm Nova from Fiore City but I'm actually from the Unova Region. These are my Pokemon: Chimchar and Espeon." She said.
  32. Quick to notice the noibat, Bakarne was about to warn Lola of the approaching creature, but soon found that it was too late. Lola didn't seem to mind, though, so he'd keep quiet about it for now.

    Instead, he turned to look at the owner of the noibat. "Cielo City, right?"
  33. Angela slid to a stop. Darn it. She thought to herself. Well, she supposed there wasn't much to do now but introduce herself. The last thing she wanted to do with the first people she met was to come off as rude.
    "Er... yes, I am from Cielo City." Angel stuttered. "That's Echo, and my name is Angela. Angel Aritza."
  34. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Hi Angel! I'm Nova from Fiore City and these are my Pokemon: Espeon and Chimchar." She said to Angel. Nova saw the Noibat and thought it was really cute. "Noibat...that's a cool Pokemon but I've never seen one before." She said.
  35. "It's, uh, nice to meet you, Nova." Angela said with a nervous smile. She gave a slight bow. She looked at the girl's two Pokemon. An Espeon and a Chimchar, huh? Angela could've scanned them with her Pokedex, but the girl didn't think about it. They seemed like cute Pokemon. "Those are some cute Pokemon. Look like they could do some damage, too." Angela commented. "I never saw a Noibat until I got Echo, either."
  36. "Yeah, they're not common in this region, so they're popular starters, or so I've heard," Bakarne remarked, "Fela's apparently forever running out of them..."
  37. Mateo had 2 Pokemon now, so he ran for the Gym. As he did, he saw a group of Trainers conversing. He ignored them and went inside the castle. He saw Beatrice in front of him, and he exclaimed, "I challenge Beatrice to a Gym Battle!"
    Beatrice came to him and she chuckled. "Back so soon, Mateo? I'd thought you'd be later."
    "Well, here I am. I'm gonna beat you to the ground, and you won't stop me," Mateo replied.
    "Alright," Beatrice said. "This is a one-on-one battle, and the first-"
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Mateo mocked. "Go, Exeggcute!"

    In short, Beatrice wiped him out without missing a beat. "Come back next time, okay Mateo?" Beatrice smiled.
    "Sure, whatever," Mateo groaned. "Auuugh, how could I lose so quickly?" Mateo whined. "I had to win, but no! I lose my first Gym Challenge ever!"
  38. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "All right Chimchar! Lets practice your moves so we can take down our first gym!" Nova exclaimed. Chimchar agreed and hopped on her shoulder. Espeon nudged Bakarne and Angel by their legs.
  39. "Good luck with her," Bakarne snorted, "I hear that Beatrice is the weakest in the league, so she shouldn't be too much trouble. All she's got is her stunky, Nitan forme roselia, and iveon..."

    Nitan forme roselia weren't that different to the ones in the rest of the pokemon world, in terms of type, but in terms of looks, they were very different. Nitan roselia had longer, thinner arms, adorned with long, purple Rappacini flowers, and green, skirt like structures at the waist. Iveon, meanwhile, were a poison type eeveelution, found only in Nita. They were well-known for their unique ability, chemistry...
  40. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Um...what type does Beatrice use? This is honestly one of my first battles here and I'm quite nervous." Nova said, looking down at Espeon and Chimchar. Those two seemed like they were ready for any battle ahead of them. Chimchar walked over to Nova's leg and patted it softly before showing a battle-ready look on his face. That face...that determination... Nova thought, looking at the familiar face. She shook her head and smiled. "You're right Chimchar. I shouldn't be nervous." Nova said, picking up the fire type. Espeon trudged over to Slurpuff again, more cautious and friendly this time.

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