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UEPC Announce 2013 Winter Wi-Fi Tournament

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
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    Today I'm very pleased to bring you news that our friends over at the United European Pokémon Communities have announced their 2013 Winter Wi-Fi tournament for Pokémon fans throughout Europe. The tournament is sure to be an exciting one with some very impressive prizes on offer for the top four Pokémon trainers.
    The tournament will be using the VGC12 rules and be a single elimination-style tournament with no restrictions being placed on the number of players who can take part. The UEPC have some impressive prizes on offer, such as a copy of eitherPokémon Black 2 or Pokémon White 2 for the lucky trainer who proves themselves and places in first, and some really nice prize Pokémon on offer for those who reach second, third and fourth place.

    You can register for the tournament now up until midnight on the 3rd of February. The tournament will then begin on the 5th of February. If you wish to take part or find out more about the tournament, you can do so right here. Best of luck to all those who do decide to take part!
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