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DPPt/HGSS Torterra

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Blisk, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Here's a Torterra I plan on having for my play through Diamond. I'm going to EV train even though it will be a game Pokemon until I beat the game because I plan on using it for competitive play because I love the thing.

    Torterra @ Yache Berry
    EV Spread - 252 Attack, 252 Defense, 6 HP

    - Woodhammer
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Outrage?

    I am not sure about the last move but Outrage does offer coverage for dragons since Woodhammer won't work at all and Stone Edge will only be super effective half the time. So Outrage will work great. I also plan on using it like a Marowak where it's a slow, hard hitting wall because they both don't have a great speed stat.

    I'm also not sure about the item, but the Yache Berry will help against the 4x weakness to fast Ice types so that Stone Edge can be used to destroy it.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Torterra may not have a great Speed stat as it is, but he can certainly do something about that if he needs to:

    Torterra @ Yache Berry/Liechi or Salac Berry
    252 Attack/252 Speed/6 HP

    - Earthquake
    - Seed Bomb/Synthesis
    - Stone Edge
    - Rock Polish

    As I said, Torterra may not be quick initially, but one Rock Polish can push Torterra's Speed past Jolteon's - as you can imagine, that's some serious speed you now have going for you. That's all Torterra needs to get started, and thus the rest of the moveset is standard fare; Earthquake for STAB, Stone Edge to provide extra coverage, and the second moveslot depends on whether you want Overgrow or survivability on your set - Seed Bomb will really pack a mean punch with Overgrow backing it, while Synthesis will preserve Torterra's HP and allow it to stay healthy during the sweep.
  3. Do you recommend I replace Wood Hammer with Seed Bomb then? The Wood Hammer is much more powerful as a STAB move. 180 vs 120. And the rest is basically the same I guess.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Wood Hammer can work potentially here, but an issue that does arise from using it with this set is the setup turn Torterra's Rock Polish requires - he may (and usually will) have to take a hit upon setting up, and that hit combined with Wood Hammer's recoil may end up KO'ing him long before he has a chance to do a lot. It's definitely viable potentially, but Seed Bomb is overall the safer option, and STAB Earthquake already packs a wicked punch that should offset the power lost from using Seed Bomb over Wood Hammer.
  5. Nim


    Sounds good to me.
    My torterra knows:

    wood hammer
    stone edge
    frenzy plant

    It is pretty suicidal but it is incredibly powerful :)
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Feralagtr, or whatever you typo yourself as - I suggest taking a look at all the sticky'd threads in this forum, then smacking yourself upside the head for posting something this... lacking in the intelligence department.
  7. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    First, you suggest teaching Jolteon Return, and now you're suggesting the god-awful Frenzy Plant as a viable move...

    Feralagtr, you get a warning for posting consistently poor advice in the Clinic. Do your research or don't bother posting advice, it's that simple.
  8. Ok. Thanks, KoL. I'll go with your set. Seed Bomb is safer for the reasons you said. Locking this because I have figured out what I want and to prevent further stupidity in the thread.
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