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Ask to Join The wraith war Year one.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, May 13, 2017.

  1. OOC and character bios go here. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-wraith-war-disscussion.16520/
    Mythos 2038 5 hours into the wraith's siege.

    Captian Triston McNav peered out from the canopy of his F201. The pointed jet as people called it had substantial burn marks on it. He looked outwards and saw burned town after burned town. ' What where those things.' He thought remembering back to the those oval like ships that fired on them. It's beam broke straight threw the O'hera's shields as if they were nothing. He hopped that most of the crew was able to get out in time.

    He checked his equipment and saw the O'hera's beacon. He flew towards it. He checked the area and landed. He saw a few shuttles. He got out of his F201. He saw that of the four shuttles that made it threw one of them had been converted into a hospital of sorts. The sounds heard were of screaming and gnashing of teeth. The captain walked around to try and find anyone who was still able to move.

    Chris Morriland slammed the door of the senate behind him. " Fucking politics." he said. " Oh it's a time of peace we don't need a mercenary group." He said doing an imitation of the earth senator. He needed to calm down. He walked out side of the building and smelled the crisp air. He decided it might be best just to go back to his apartment and try and relax before heading back and figuring out what the knights were going to have to cut.
  2. "You know he's not going to be happy with you when he's heard that you were mocking him," Ulirae giggled as she Moved up to his side. Her bodyguard close behind her as she grinned at the knight, "how has your organization been? Good I hope".
  3. "Well Price and that Lavender skin bitch you work with are the ones that keep stonewalling me." He said. He let out a breath then smiled at Ulirae. " It's not going so well. Since most government see us as guns for hire they tend to stay from us. So we don't have the funds to take in anymore people. let alone the price to get Almec sabers or guns." He said as he kept walking. " I think the Knight's flame might be extinguished before we have a chance to grow." He said.
  4. "There are other ways to earn money. Companies looking for gaurdians for their factories, settlements being built needing help with scavengers, building or other work," she met his smile with her own. She looked back at Grell and waved her gaurd closer before whispering in his ear and sending him off, "I know that there is always work as bodyguards".
  5. " Yeah you might be right about that." He admitted as he continued to walking. " So how are you Mythonians settling into the alliance?" He asked as he continued to walk.
  6. "There is still some difficulty with how our males are treated but other then that it is fine," her hands slid to be held behind her back. Shoulders squaring as another of her species walked by. Both females nodding their head respectivly to eachother before relaxing, "but then again. Humans treated their females just as bad once".
  7. " Yeah then we started treating them correctly. only for them to think he still oppressed them." He said as he continued to walk. He stopped when his watch sounded. He looked at it a message moved across the screen.
    O'Hera was destroyed in a mission to Mythos. I request you're help. I'm informing the council now. Sincerely SM.
    He looked at the diplomat. " I have to get going." He said as he headed back towards the senate building.
  8. "Have fun," ulirae teased before skipping off back to her friend and protector. The male now holding a package of freshly made food. The diplomat then led them back to their shared apartment to eat.
  9. Chris was stunned from what he heard. He left the senate building to get prepared for his mission. He moved quietly threw the night. until he reached Ulirae's apartment. He knocked on the door. They needed a Mythonian they trusted to be their guide.

    While he knocked thoughts of his wife flooded his mind. Her dark blue hair that smelled like lilacs. He needed to know that she was alright.
  10. "Who's there," Grell answered it. His arms crossed over his chest as he glared at the other man, "oh. It is late. What do you want"?

    "Grell? Who there," ulirae called from the living room. Her feet kicked up onto the coffee table.
  11. " I need to speak to you're employer." He said as he looked the man in the eyes. " It's of the upmost importance."

    Triston looked at the men. " Alright. I need five of the best." He said. " We need to search the surrounding area and look for any Mythonian survivors. While another group of officers try and find us a way off this rock."
  12. "It is your friend from the senate," Grell called over his shoulder before turning back to look at the man in the door way. His body still stiff.

    "I have many friends in the senate," ulirae laughed as she walked over. Her head peaking out around her body guard before stepping out to look at Chris, "what's wrong"?
  13. Liz hid behind a rock as many soldiers looking for survivors. "Hope this thing works." He said quietly as he put on a mask. As soon as he put the mask on, his body started to change, his lizard skin became pail. "Yes it works." He said to himself excitedly. "Now I can join them without being suspicious."
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  14. He walked inside. " Sorry for intruding but." he said as he walked to their screen. He plugged his watch like device into it. He tapped on the first picture showing a view of Mythos from space. Orange was shown across the planet. " This was taken three hours ago." He said

    Triston took the five men and started to head out He stopped when he saw a guy hidden. " are you alright." He said.
  15. Ulirae froze when she saw the picture. Her eyes wide with fear and anger. She let Grell pull her close and pat her back before she flew into a rage and flipped a table. The woman roaring in anger before she marched off to her room.

    "One moment and she'll be ready to fight," Grell grumbled as he looked over the image. A frown gracing his lips, "when we finish what ever you wanted us to do please try to stay out of her path. She'll have some bones to pick with her leader because she wasn't told of the attack".
  16. " Didn't know she was combat experienced." Chris said as he watched her storm out. "No one other than the senate and Admiral McNav know about this." He said. " The O'Hera took these pictures before it was destroyed. The Admiral's son as well as my wife were on the ship." He said.
  17. "Nothing wrong here sir, just checking for survivors." Liz said walking to where the rest of the troops were. "Seem those wraiths really did a number on this place huh." He said trying to act natural.
  18. "Wraith?" Triston raised an eyebrow as he looked at the man. "The fuck is a Wraith." His hand slowly slid to his side arm as he kept eye contact with the man. How did this random guy know something that they didn't know. Speaking of which who was he." what's you're six digit ID number officer..."
  19. Liz was getting a bit nervous. "My code, uh." He remembered the ID of a dead soldier he found. "258046 sir, and the wraith are the race that attacked this place, I heard them call themselves that before they left." Liz said acting normal.
  20. He didn't belive that one bit but decided to let it pass for now. He typed in the ID code and looked up the name. " Okay private Guan Hernandez." He said as he pulled his hand away from the gun. "Come with us." He said as he moved further away.
  21. "Well her house believed the combat training was necessary and she is a diplomat so it her job to know about those type of things," Grell shrugged as ulirae marched out of her room dressed for battle. Sleek silver and red armour now over her usual outfit choice. She glared at them darkly, "well let's go"'
  22. "Guan Hernandez? What kind of a name is that?" Liz thought to himself but decided to go with since he had no choice. "Yes sir, right away." He said as he started to follow Triston.
  23. "Alright let's go." Chris said as he headed towards the outside. He opened the side door of his car for Ulirae. " Well be in the ship yard in about twelve minutes then on the Excallibur and off to Mythos." He said.

    Triston kept a close eye on Guan. but continued to push foreword. the smell of burnt rubber and flesh penetrated his nostrils. "so Guan where are you from?" He said as he continued to walk forward.
  24. "Oh uh, I'm from earth, I joined this alliance to help keep the peace in the universe." He said stuttering to think of what to say. He heard a slight slither coming from writhin his armour. "Not now Echo, you will get me caught." He said telepathically.
  25. "Right." Triston said. He stopped then walked to the left. " I need to take a piss." He said. a minute later he came back. " Alright let's keep moving." He said.

    "Sir." Sargent Lee said as he headed to a strange sound. " I think were not a lone." He said. Lee started to caugh making Triston look over at him. " You okay." He said. As if to respond a long weird blade went threw the back of his body. The blade retracted as Lee's lifeless corpse flew to the other side of the building.

    "What the fuck." Triston said as he saw a tall figure walk towards them. It had grey scales all over it's body with dread locks on top of it's head. it wore some sort of coral around it's torso. " Open fire." Triston said.
  26. Ulirae got in and crossed her arms tightly across her chest. She pulled the seatbelt on before she looked over at Grell.

    Grell sat in the back and pulled his seatbelt on as he glared at the other male before turning to look at his employer. The two nodding as they waited.
  27. Liz saw the creatures and started to panic internally. "Crap this is bad. These people don't know the wraith race." He thought to himself. He pulled out a sniper rifle. "BKS -5000 a light weight laser sniper that pack quite punch. This is my only gun." He said quietly as he started to move back readying himself.
  28. Chris started the engine and quickly started to drive towards the ship yard. He drove in silence as he made it to the yard. He quickly parked the car and headed towards the Excalibur. It was an old ship compared to the others. It had two big engines on it's sides with a somewhat slim body. He opened the door of it with his access code. " Strap in." He said as he went to the cock pit. " This is the Excallibur asking permission to leave orbit." He said into his radio. The Admiral spoke to him. " Yes sir I'm aware how the Excallibur looks. But me and your son have modified this craft immensely in our time with it. Just make sure you reach the coordinates soon after." He said before starting pre flight diagnostics.

    They continued to fire at the wraith. The coral seemed to absorb the bullets. The wraith cut the second man diagonally as it continued to march towards them. Triston dropped his gun. He slid a metal cylinder out from his pants. He pressed a button and the cylinder became a claymore like blade. " All of you go back to the base." He said as he moved the match the wraiths movements.
  29. Ulirae and Grell followed Chris's lead before they started to talk quielty to eachother. Their whispers just barely being able to be call whispers. Ulirae sighed and sat back with a frown.
  30. Liz ran back but took a turn to a cliff not far from the action and crouched down with his sniper. "That Coral Force Field has a weak spot, if only I can find it." He said as he looked through the scope which was scanning the Wraith.
  31. The Excallibur left the atmosphere of Quzac. Chris set in the cordeninates and put the ship into hyper drive. " Alright we got a five hour wait ahead of us." He said before putting the ship on auto pilot. He kicked his feet up. His eyes turned to look at a group of seven teenagers. He smiled a little bit as he thought back to those days. Beside that picture was a the picture of Chris and Yukio on their wedding day. That was the happiest moment of his life. " So anything you want to talk about?" he asked.

    Triston and scaled monster match each other blow for blow. Neither of them let up as they continued to fight. Triston brought his blade down on the beast only for it to perry the attack. It moved backwards before it lashed out. It's sword went in a diagonal motion. Triston got out of it's way. He smiled a little bit only for the blade to make a cracking sound and move like a whip. Triston's eyes widened as he tried to doge it only to realize that he couldn't. The whip cut him across the chest. Triston stood up as he felt blood drip from his torso.
    " No posion you're lucky." It said as it went for the kill.
  32. "Your wife. Are you sure she didn't make it to an escape pod," ulirae turned and looked at Chris. Her ears twitching as she listened to noises around them. She ran a hand through her hair, "and do we know how much is destroyed".
  33. The scope scanning has found the weakest spot of the Coral shield. "Yes." Liz said as he pulled the trigger. A thin laser bolt shot out of the barrel and hit the lower middle of the shield, cracking it.
  34. " That's why we're going there." He said. "To check and see if there are any soliders left alive." He said as he looked outwards. He turned his head towards her. " Also we have no idea who these people are. from the pictures we received from the Ohera they have oval like ships." He said.

    Triston blinked as he saw the wraith go to one knee it was injured but breathing. It looked at him. Triston grabbed the sword. He put it away before Tying it's hands together. " You should watch yourself." It said. " You think anyone would've been this lucky." He said.
    Triston pushed the man forewards.
  35. "I wonder how many civilians got out. If my house still lives," she sighed and ran a hand though her hair to try and quickly tame it before pulling it back into a tight bun. She crossed her arms and tried to relax, "well this has been an eventful night".
  36. "Yes it has." He said as he looked at her. " And I'm pretty sure you're house still lives. You're still alive after all." He said. " And I'm guessing that power is passed from mother to daughter." He said as he looked at her. He let out a breath. as he looked outwards. " And I'm pretty sure you could find any man you wanted. " Hell I bet most of them wouldn't mind being dominated." He chuckled a little bit at that. He noticed a light being. He put on his headset only to take it off a couple minutes later and turned it off. " That lavender skinned senator of yours gets on my fucking nerves."
  37. "She's not all bad. Besides I have two older sisters both whom have taken mates. One of which has produced a child," ulirae rolled her eyes. Her head moving as she rolled her neck to try and get a kink out of it. She crossed her legs, "you married one of my kinda yes? If you did how much of our true culture do you know"?
  38. " I married an Areian." He said as he showed her the wedding picture. " And no I don't know much about you're culture. Care to enlighten me. We have time." He said.
  39. Liz got up from his crouching position. "Phew, just in time." He said to himself. As Liz was about to walk away, he heard a familiar scream. He used his sniper to see off to the distance and saw a Wraith battleship with a pretty big crew. "Crap there's so many of them. Once they get their mind set on conquering a place its near impossible to change their minds, this is place is going to get very dangerous." He said to himself.
  40. "Not enough I'm afraid though if you have any specific questions don't be afraid to ask," ulirae looked over the wedding photo, picking out any and every detail, "it would have been better if you had gone with a darker colour scheme. It would have made you two stand out more".

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