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The Unforgiving Ocean

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zythefox, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. ((OOC: This is my first time creating an rp, but this idea came to my mind... Inspired by the book Deep (not sure if that's the real name but..), go read it, it's good.))
    It had been a year since Kyogre flooded the world, there was still some land left, but very little islands were of what Kyogre's wrath had spared. The human race had seperated into two kinds of people, the Farmers and the Shiners.
    Shiners were the people who lived in the sea, they created underwater houses, farms and buildings. They were called Shiners because of their shiny skin. This happens because of being underwater for a long time. Farmers were people who stayed on the remaining pieces of land and resources they had left. They were just called Farmers because.. Who knows.
    Akiko was a farmer, she sat on the edge of the dock, gazing at the setting sun as it drowned in the ocean, a Joltik clung to her as he leaned against a sleeping Milotic.
    "Maybe.. One day this will all be over.."
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  2. ((Okie dokie))
    Felix was ashamed to admit this, but he had rather been enjoying these days after the great flood. Everything was bright and sunny. The ocean was always available to swim in. And everyone was so much more calm ever since. Most of the days, he visited a nearby farm, where the owner of the land would feed him, and treat him kindly. But today, though he didn't know it, was different. The usual guy wasn't there. Instead, there was some other person... Leaning against a Milotic
  3. Akiko sighed, she daydreamed, wondering what life was like in the deep ocean... She was completely terrified of deep water, she was never a good swimmer... She would occasionally go onto Milotic and ride around the water, but she was too afraid to swim in it.
    She adjusted her yellow sweater.. Her Joltik, Electrix sensed something and scurried away towards the Snivy, clinging onto it. "Electrix.. Where are you going?" Akiko sighed... "Don't get into trouble and come back!" She reminded the Joltik
  4. (Ill be a farmer, I'm that kind of person, and i can't swim in real life. ~T_T~)

    Jake was trying to get seeds. The garden he recently had was trampled, so this was his only means. A rock hit his head. He turned to see his Riolu. "Training? Fine." He looked for a boulder around. There was a large boulder near the docks. "Okay, so....high jump kick." He said. He hit the boulder, and a large piece flew off and almost hit a girl, but riolu jumped and grabbed it, running back. "I wish I could be a Pokemon trainer." He said sitting and daydreaming what it would be like.
  5. "Whup! There's trouble..." He quickly ran up a nearby tree, watching the Pokemon, waiting until it would get bored and leave. He should've guessed it; any other trainers were nothing but trouble.
  6. Akiko soon noticed something bubbling in the water as a rock flew by her head, a dozen pairs of eyes popped out from the water. Akiko yelped in surprise, but soon realized it was a group of Seels.
    "..H-hey.. Little guys.." She reached into her bag, scooping out some oran berries and held them for the Seels.
    The Seels swarmed around her, nearly pulling her into the water. But her Milotic, Serenity held on to her.
  7. The Electrix, the Joltik was playful and naive, and the Snivy running away simply meant : "Tag, you're it." To her. Electrix quickly scurried up the tree only to cling onto the Snivy's tail again.
  8. "Hey, Riolu? If we became Pokemon trainers, would you enjoy it." He asked the Riolu nodded. He wondered. He went towards a girl. "Hey, do you know why everything got flooded?"
  9. "Waaah!" She lost her balance and fell from the tree in surprise. She looked around and quickly spotted the farmer she had been looking for the whole time, the one that was so nice to her. She sprinted towards Jake, letting out a little "Sni" to alert him of her presence.
  10. Akiko turned to the boy. "Well.. From what I heard from the radio.. Nobody is sure, they suspect Kyogre has something to do with this.. But we never know."
    She shrugged.
  11. "Oh." He noticed the milotic. "Are you a trainer. I wanted to be one, but then unfortunate events, I missed my chance. My Riolu, he got sad when we woke up and I told him we couldn't be trainers. Do you think it can be reversed?"
  12. Athens shrugged. "We don't know, our only hope is that Groudon or Rayquaza could fix this.." She sighed.
    "Also did you see the news? Apparently Sootopolis City filled up with water and sunk.. The ocean is still rising." She sighed Serenity, her Milotic slightly nuzzled Akiko, making her chuckle.
    The Joltik still clung to the Snivy's tail, squealing with glee as she was swung back and forth.
  13. She ran up Jake's leg and onto his shoulder, giving hiss-like "Sni"s at the Joltik. She secured herself on his shoulder, sticking her tongue out at the Pokemon down below. Finally, he had found the farmer he had been looking for. He was so nice to her, he was sure to help her out.
  14. The Joltik scurried up the farmer to the Snivy. It let out playful "Jolti!" As it bounced after Snivy.
    "..Electrix.. Come back, now."
    The Joltik turned towards Akiko, groaning in dissapointment, then hopped back onto Akiko's shoulder, clinging onto her sweater.
  15. "Oh a snivy. Well, I'm Jake by the way." He said. "And riolu is, Riolu." He chuckled. And pet the snivy. "Ah, Pokemon." Riolu kept jumping around. "Well, I need to buy some seeds. If I can afford them. They have gotten more expensive. Eh, I won't have enough. Ill need to work, or be forced to sell Riolu due to his rarity."
  16. She looked at Akiko from Jake's shoulder. This new person was nothing but trouble. That Joltik was like a dog, it was so hyper... But now she was safely on the farmer's shoulder. She let out one more "Sni" hiss, then calmed down a bit.
  17. An Umbreon, who wasn't a very uncommon visitor to the ranch, siddled up to Akiko, and barked playfully.

    (Can Umbreon like live on the ranch?)
  18. The Milotic, Serenity, opened one eye, lazily staring at the Snivy, then turned to Akiko and spoke.
    "Milotic." She pointed her tail towards the water, the Joltik jumped with excitement.
    "Alright.. Let's go." Serenity slithered into the water, Electrix and Akiko leapt onto her, they waited for the Umbreon.
  19. She was happy to see those ruffians leave, even for a moment. She settled herself on the shoulder, and looked around from this view. Yep, nothing had changes, still water everywhere. None of it had gone away since yesterday... Whatever. She looked Jake in the eye. "Sniii..."
  20. "Well thanks." He returned riolu. "Snivy, are you coming with me?" He asked. He knew lots of Pokemon evwn though he had no pokedex. He waited for a response thinking.
  21. The Umbreon hopped on the Militic happily!
  22. She nodded, still on Jake's shoulder. There was no way she was coming down, it was too dangerous. She lied down and watched as he walked.
  23. The Milotic gracefully swam around the water, the ocean seemed beautiful at this state, the setting sun shining on it majestically.
    But under that beauty, is something deadly.
    Serenity, the Milotic gracefully roared with a silky and smooth voice which sounded more like a Tailow singing than a Milotic.
    The Joltik stood on the edge, trying to get a closer look at the water.
  24. He walked around until he found a bouldery area. "Okay Riolu." He let him out. "Have fun." He sat down and meditated. "I was a trainer nobody recognizes me."
  25. Akiko spotted something glistening in the water... It was coming straight towards them..
    A golden Magikarp leaped out of the water and nearly dragged Electrix down with it, but Electrix quickly leapt in fear and hid in the pocket of Akiko's sweater..
    Akiko sighed, slightly stroking the fuzzy creature, then petting Umbreon, finally the sun fell into the water, the moon was beginning to ascend from the ocean.
    "We should head back, the predators should be awaking now.."
    Serenity gently turned around back to the dock.
    She then noticed a mini sea vehicle docked on the harbor, then a man coming out of it..
    His skin glistened in the moonlight..
    "Whoa... A Shiner.." She gawked at the man as she slowly got herself and the pokemon onto the harbor.
  26. They trained. Then, Jake got Riolu and got near the water. He sat the snivy on the ground. "Maybe, against a Pokemon?" A wailmer appeared. "Quick attack." It ran striking every once in a while non stop. "Thats not normal quick attack doesn't do that."
  27. Akiko carried the Umbreon onto the dock..
    "Stay here.. I need to buy something."
    She went to Harbor Shop where the shiner had went..
    Apparently the Shiner was selling some rare minerals and fish from the darkest depths of the sea...
    Akiko's eyes widened at the beautiful pearls, they kpet talking, eventually they came to an agreement, then the Shiner left to tour the town.
    "Now how may I help ya?" The shop-keeper was a old man who spoke with a Southern accent.
  28. "Maybe i should tell someone." He got in the water and swam. "Oh the adventures I've had." He looked around. He held his breath as he went under. Riolu and Wailmer were still fighting so he went back to shore. I'm curious.

    When the battle ended, he left and went to look for the girl. "She seems to know a bit."
  29. The Umbreon squeaked happily as she went inside, and he played with Electirix.
  30. Not only land was affected by the flood.. But technology was affected.
    People had to make new technology to survive the ocean, one of them, available to both Shiners and Farmers was known as the Submarine Ball. Due to the fact that any pokeball would get crushed under the water pressure, they created a new type of pokeball that would prevent that. Problem is they're expensive as hell, so she could only afford two of them, she bought them and then she quickly returned to her pokemon.
  31. Akiko returned to the pokemon, "Alright guys.. time to head home." The Joltik had been playing with Umbreon until she heard her trainer call, she leapt into the pocket of her trainers sweater, Milotic followed as well, urging for the Umbreon come.
  32. He found the girl. "Hey!" He ran towards her. "What is a shiner. I'm a different person than you think.x " he smiled. "With all my adventures I still don't know. I need to trade out a Pokemon in a pc or something."
  33. The Umbreon followed silently.
  34. Akiko stopped and explained to the boy. "Well, Shiners are people who live in the ocean, they're people like us.. But they decided to make the deep ocean their new home... They've created tons of technology just live there... Air domes, submarines, new diving suits, etc... But you can tell if someone's a shiner if they have really shiny skin.. There's one in town right now, so you can go talk to him... Also, what's your name?" She tilted her head.
  35. She sat down beside him, much like a human. Something about this trainer was just... Calming. But maybe that other trainer wasn't trouble... Enh, she didn't really care
  36. "My Name is Jake, but not a lot of people remember me. I used to be Champ of old Kanto. stranded on an island, twice now, stuck in a stadiam. A lot of things. Whats yours?"
  37. Akiko Mori, just an ordinary trainer.. Also." She threw Jake a Submarine ball. "New type of pokeball they made, it doesn't crack under water pressure, so you ever plan on going to the dark depths of the ocean, put your pokemon in that." She strolled back home with her pokemon.
  38. At this point, Akiko seemed rather interesting to her, so she hopped along after her, staying a bit behind, so as not to be noticed. She was nothing like her Joltik, she was nice and calm... Without noticing, Felix stepped on a dry leaf. It made a loud cracking sound which made her jump.
  39. The Joltik turned around and squealed with delight to see her "friend" there. She instantly leaped into the air and clung to the Snivy, giving it the largest hug it could give.
    "Electrix... Let go." Electrix gave a slight pout and bounced back to it's trainer.
  40. "Hmm, thanks." He shrugged. "Home!" He sat down at a rock. "Its not so bad." He pulled out a machine and worked on it. "Professor sycamore?" He said. Static followed with a voice. "Yes?" Jake sighid happily. "It works! Listen I'll need my team." He said. "okay, Ill send it, but you will send back riolu?" He asked. "Yes." Jake hid it and meditated.

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