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The Regis: A Theory of their Origins...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I can't believe I put so much thought into three PokeMon I despise as much as I despise the Regis, but the thought was sparked by Emerald, where one of the Frontier 'Brains', the Pyramid King, is reported to use the three Regis.

    Hold it. Regis are supposed to be legendary, right? One-time PokeMon only? So, how the blazes?

    And that's when I started thinking... It could be that the Regis the Pyramid King posesses are not the original Regis.

    I trust that most of you are familiar with the story of the Golem of Prague, but let me refresh your memory, just in case.

    The story spoke of a Rabbi who, using a ritual of writing a word with a Cabbalistic significance upon a humanoid body made of clay (or river mud, close enough), has thus created a Golem - Animate out of Inanimate. A creature which was mostly impervious to damage, as long as the word on its forehead remained intact. All it would have taken for the Golem to be killed was to have that writing changed in a certain way, And the Golem would dry up and crumble to dust.

    The version I'm particularily fond of claims that the word was originally 'Emet', which is the Hebrew word for 'Truth' and is also a refrence to God's 'true' name (there are multiple instances, for example, referring to the place souls go to after their host body dies as 'Olam Ha'Emet', which literally translates into 'The World of Truth'). By the same token, to kill the Golem, the word needed to have the first letter removed, resulting in the word 'Met', which means 'Dead'.

    Okay. What's the connection? Here goes.

    My speculation about the Regis is that, like the Golem, they were made and brought to life by man. However, as the Regis are meant to be Avatars of their elements (their names literally crown them as the Monarchs of Rock, Ice and Steel), I believe the patterns of dots engraved (or embedded, or whatever) on their bodies are the symbols, in an ancient mystical language, of their elements (hence the differences in the symbols, rather than one universal 'word'). As long as these symbols are intact, the Regis cannot 'die' even if severe structural damage occurs (Regirock, for example, constantly sheds off rocks and reassembles its body from new rocks it finds as it goes along) - That is because they aren't truly alive. They are animated statues, inanimate brought to life via some kind of mystical energy.

    Why were they sealed off is anyone's guess. Maybe they were getting too powerful and unruly for humanity to dominate? Maybe the civilization which used them and their likes was dying out and wanted to take the secrets of creating elemental golems with them to their grave? Or maybe they were hidden away in order to preserve them while others of their kind were being hunted down? The answer may be any or none of these. The truth (or at least the official one) shall probably never be known.

    Still, I wonder if the Pyramid King hasn't found the way to re-enact these ancient rituals and created his own three elemental Golems for use in the Battle Frontier...

    Curious, is it not? ^_^;
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  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    When I was making the Pokecharms Braille Chart, I ran a check to see if the Regis' dots actually meant anything. Turns out that they don't seem to. Which isn't that surprising considering that apart from Regice they make logical shapes (an 'H' and a circle). Whilst Regice is an Arrow. A shape yes, but not logical. Arrows tend to point to something, Regice's arrow has nooooo importance at all.

    Your theory on the Golems etc is certainly one i'd agree with. I also like how they gave the Pyramid King his own kings. Even if they are the cursed Regis.
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