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The Region of Daiche

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by charaefive, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. My God! It's been what...almost a month since I've been online? Gah. I was seriously starting to get withdrawal symptoms. I was starting to...see...things...

    Anywhoo, I do have good excuses for not being here for so long, none of which being that I got bored with the Daiche Region. In fact, this whole topic will be a reprise on the old thread (which I have already locked, since I didn't want to be accused of grave digging).

    Yes, pretty much all the Info Sheets I put up will be very similar to the old thread, but I do have changes, nice changes, I hope (like shading on the text - more on that later), and a few more sprited important characters (like the Professor). Also! the first original (non-Starter or Legendary) Pokemon for the Daiche Region (first seen in Route 02)

    Oh, yes! Almost forgot! The excuses. Achem.
    #1 - I went on holiday to see my best friend (whom I haven't seen in almost two years), for three weeks.
    #2 - When I got back, our internet was offline, and stayed offline for the better part of a week and a half.

    Ah well, at least I was able to do this and get the Professor all sprited up.

    Well, here it is. Hyakunen no Machi reprised.


    I know, I know, the maps are pretty much the same (can you read the 'To Route 28' at the bottom of the town map alright?)

    Still, I have the Pokedex done (woo!). Basically it's the gen 3 or 4 (can't remember), with a few changes. The black bit on the left side is a holographic projector which displays the Pokemon you are reading about. The bit on the other side, is a holographic map projector with displays the locations of the Pokemon you encounter (the orange bit next to that is the lid-like thing that you have to flip up). The screen in the middle gives the other information, i.e. size, cry, the blurp etc...

    The Professor is named Cypress. It was either that or Bladdernut. I chose Cypress for obvious reasons. Isn't his Hawaiian shirt cool? But a real bitch to sprite. Please don't ask me to shade it. It was hard enough getting the stupid pattern right. Especially in the Overworld.

    Anyway, some vital stats: He's in his mid-40's. He has forest green hair, and navy eyes. He is an expert in ancient Pokemon legends and myths, and his main Pokemon he has who helps around the lab is an Alakazam.

    He is also the adopted father to two girls (his niece, the daughter of his younger twin sister, and an infant also orphaned at birth whom he found on the beach (technically, he was given her by a Suicune, but that is a whole other story). He gives you your first Pokemon, and he lives in the house above the Lab (the other one is where the Hero/ine lives). You will meet his 'daughters' as you travel, and they give you advice and things, sort of like what Prof. Rowan's assistant does.

    Oh yes! I finally figured out how to do the shading of the text. I was doing the 'Note #1' the hard way (cutting and pasting the individual letters), when I made a mistake and cut and pasted a letter, then shifted it to the side. I then did the same thing twice more and figured out that directly to the side, beneath and diagonal, made the correct shading. I was sooo chuffed.

    Anyway, please review, and comment, I can't post any more if people don't comment.

    Oh! One last thing...judging from the lack of commenting after my last post on my old thread, I assume it means no-one liked the last town I put in, Gonen no Machi. Which is a real shame, since I kinda liked it, a cute little town, lost in the forest, next to a huge lake. If anyone did have objections to it, please tell me, so I can change the map as appropriate. (the old thread is called 'Daiche Region and other Sprite Art').​
  2. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    Charaefive , I really liked your idea of this new pokemon region.I especially liked the sprites you made and the types you assigned them(i was damn bored of the same "grass /fire/ water type starters"). The story is quite good too. The professor could do with a new hair style and colour though because it does not go with his shirt...

    And thank you for putting a tree right before the rare candy...
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Looking good as usual, I love how 'clean' your maps always look and how professional they appear! It always amazes me how well thought out your whole region is, and as always I love Koorihiyoko!

    I don't think your old thread would have been counted as Grave-digging, since you own the thread and would have been updating it with relevant material.
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Glad to see you back in business charae. I love your work and that includes Gonen no Machi, I just never saw it until now when you pointed out that no one commented on it.
  5. I never saw the last town :(.
    Anyways... Hawaiian shirt FTW! I'm usually a real stickler on shading and stuff but I'll let it slide... Cypress's hair is awesome, I wish I had green hair like that. Starters are so cute. Your maps look like a real game. ​
  6. Grin. Maybe later I'll try and sprite that Hawaiian shirt better, but for now, meh...I wanna get the maps up first. Maybe I'll do it in fluro pink and neon green. I want it to be the most hideous shirt a Professor ever wore. Technically he should have grey-ing temples (a side product of a confirmed bachelor looking after two teenage girls ^_^).

    Anywhoo, I have a real treat for y'all. Partly as a gift art, and partly because I thought I should start on them, I have our FIRST (non-starter/legendary) Pokemon!!!

    Since Rayn (or Rayn_Shyu as she is now known as), posted the most on my old thread (I actually didn't generally post until Rayn had commented ^_^), I decided to 'dedicate' the first Pokemon to her.

    So, here be the Pokemon (and it's evolution).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They are the Ghost/Flying, and they evolve at lvl 22.& You can find Shayr (pronounced Shar), on Routes 01, 3 and 5. Shanylanr (pronounced 'Shan-lar) on Routes 15-19. They only come out at night, and their special Ability is Insomnia.

    And this is the re-vamped Route 01


    Shayr is found in the grass at night, and cannot be found in dawn, dusk or day.

    I now have listed the Item you get from the Pokemart Lady who is near the exit to Kounen.

    Well, now I have to do Kounen, so wish me luck!

    EDIT 1st December: Fixed Shanylanr's Dex entry (there was something wrong with the picture of the sprite)
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  7. You have no idea how much I want to see this region in game. This one is clearly unique as it is the only one to have a first bird be anything but normal (excluding your starter of course). That actually is something alot of people want to see. But I have to admit, I can imagine a third evolution to Shanylanr, so that would be interesting (and scary no doubt).
  8. Daww... Shucks!
    I love Shayr's eyes... they're so cute! Shanylanr looks pretty cool, the colors are really nice together. I can imagine having that line as part of my team if this were a game.
    I forgot to mention this, but the new Pokedex looks great as well. Great work.​
  9. Awesome work! I love your reigon as much as ever! Professor in a Hawaiin shirt? Ftw.

    Must....catch....Shayr....*leaps up and catches Shayr in a butterfly net* Aha! *Shayr floats through the net* Damnit!
  10. You changed your user name!
    Anyways, your fakemon are till awesome, and your maps are really great too.
    Have you ever considered making your own tiles? I bet you would be really good at it. I made tiles but don't have the patience to make maps yet. Lol.
    Anyways, keep up the good work, and try not to let this one get too old before your nxt post. :)
    BTW, you don't get busted for grave-digging your own thread if you have an update.
  11. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    I checked it out in your previous thread, and it looked really good. I do not think that you need to improve it any further. But, here is a suggestion, nevertheless : why don't you try to make the houses look more like huts or something? Something like the ones we see in Fortree City?​
  12. I do have plans to use huts and stuff, but later on, after the first few towns and cities.

    And I'd been thinking about changing my user name for a while, I just didn't know exactly what to do. Then Squishy came along (I still want to use her animal form BTW), and I figured 'what the hell...I'll do it!'. The avatar I have now is a scratch sprite I made in about 5 hours total, and is Squishy in her anthropomorphic form. Maybe later, after a do a bit of 'tweaking' to her animal sprite, I'll put it up. I'm not too happy with her eyes. The eyes look a bit wrong, and I have tried (about twenty times), to fix them, and these were the best ones.

    Anywhoo, onto the piccies.


    You might be wondering if there IS anything different, and there is. For one thing, the trees now have shadows. Do you know how difficult it is to do that? Since I already had the maps done, I had to cut and paste the shadows onto the relevant trees. And not on the outer trees. A bugger of a job, but if it looks more 'realistic'...hell, I'd watch and endless stream of Nikki Webster in a Pink Frilly Dress sing the Brady Bunch Theme Song...just for you ^_^.

    Anyway, I can't be bothered to make a new Pokemon for the cave, so the first new 'underground' Pokemon will come in Route 03, with Umishi no Dokutsu. And please don't tell me that the prices are wrong. I can't be bothered checking them out and changing them. And besides. It's MY region. I can charge anything I want. And if I make a profit, so much the better. ^_^.

    Still, onto the next map I go.

    And I know, it's difficult to catch Shayr. But that's what makes it so fun! Goes off with a butterfly net...​
  13. I have to say, Squishy is easier to say than your other username...XP
    On to the town... I had to see about the shadow thing and it does make a noticeable difference (at least when they're side by side...). The showers would be something that I would definitely appreciate in real life, and in the anime Pokecenters always seem to have like a little hotel dealy in them. So kudos to you for realness! ​
  14. WOOOOOO!!! I'm back!!! I had a HUGE assignment (that I had admittedly left until the last moment...if you could call working on the thing for 2 straight months 'last moment'). But when I handed it in, my teacher said, "I think the other students are going to hate you." and I (naturally) asked why...just in case I needed to take out a life insurance policy. "You have raised the bar on the level of quality that we expect on this assignment."

    So I now have about 10 other student after my head, but it's fun!

    Anywhoo, excuses aside, we have a new Pokemon!!


    Chiisai is the obligatory region-specific 'Normal' Pokemon you find in the first routes. It's name quite literally means 'The Little' Pokemon, and it's Special Ability is Pickup. For anyone who wants to know, it's the feet of an Oddish, the ears of a Sentret and the head of a Doduo. And it's the second-smallest Pokemon in the entire Region.

    Mind you, I am beginning to get scared of what I want it's evolution (called Ookii - 'The Big') is going to look like. For some strange reason, I'm seeing a Pokemon about as big as a Gyrados, and about as mean. It evolves at level 20, and is found pretty much past Route 20.

    And this is the map of Route 02 (revamped)


    Ah yes, Route 02. You also have info on the Event (the lass walking around in the flowers). As I said, she is the daughter of the man in Umiosokoumen who gives you the Town Map.

    Apart from that, the other two Pokemon found on the Route is Shayr and Chiisai, except since I don't have any small Pokebox icons for them, I can't put them up. Maybe later I'll try and do them. However, if anyone wants to try beforehand, they're more than welcome, and I'll give you all due credit if I use them.

    And the Hidden Item is found on the sandy island, pretty much directly above and to the right of the Tuber Boy.

    EDIT Friday 5th: Fixed Chiisai's 'dex entry.

  15. Slick. XD

    I don't see the Lass on the map though, are only trainers on the map?​
  16. There are 9 Trainers (I count the Double Battle as one), and there are 10 people on the map. The Lass is the girl walking to the right, she is the person between the Schoolgirl and the second Bug Catcher, near the three flowers and patch of grass beneath the Umisokoumen entrance.​
  17. Did you use Advance Map to do those? Looks like it or some other map editing tool. Anyway I think its turning out quite nicely. I have some maps of my own but I'm not sure how well they turned out. I dont remember if I unlocked it for public veiw or not but here is my forum page w/ them posted.

  18. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    I really liked the Chiisai you made. Route 2 is good, too. However, there are two spelling mistakes in Chisaii's description:
    Thier- Their

    Nice work.
  19. Chiisai... I gotta say, it would either be annoying, cute, or evil. Or all three at the same time. I want to see the evolution, something that would come out of a little puff ball has to be amazing. I think the event is a good beginning event, finding someone's kid... verses someone's Pokemon, which has to be a cliche by now.
    And now I'm imagining all the horrors that could happen to poor Chiisai... ​
  20. WOOOO!! Umisokoumen no Toshi! The first 'official' city. And for those who don't already know, is the home of the second (note that!), second Gym you fight. Please forgive this massive post, since I have a lot I need to tell you about.


    As normal, the two Pokeballs behind the Gym are obtainable (you can land on the strip of land behind the Gym). The Old Apricorn is needed as it is one of the things you need in order to get the GS Ball. The Town Map is the first Event Item, and it is found in the Bottom Right House (the two story one).


    Here is the Building Info. If you are wondering, the Town Map is the Pokeball in the back of Bottom Right House, except it is not visible until you finish the Event. I know I didn't explain this last time, but each new sentence is a new conversation. The 'Hrm' conversation is the first time you speak to him, the 'Could you please find' conversation is the second time you talk to him (you have to wait a day), then the 'Thank you' conversation is the one after the daughter comes back. The same goes for the conversations you have with the daughter on Route 02.

    Before I continue, we have a new Pokemon (man, I'm really putting them out now aren't I?)


    No, it doesn't have a footprint. It floats. Ever since Crobat came out, I've been waiting for another Tentacool family evolution, to complete the threesome of some of the most annoying Pokemon. And so I got fed up with waiting and made my own. It's name is Tentacute, and it's Special Ability is either Poison Point or Clear Body. How do you get one? Well, it's not a pre-evolution of Tentacool, if that is what you are thinking. Nor is it an evolution of Tentacruel. It is a separate line that comes from Tentacool. Basically you have to max out Tentacool's Cuteness with Poffins and then max out it's happiness and it becomes a Tentacute (hence the CUTE part of it's name). The maxing out happiness is also crucial, as Feebass now need a maxed out happiness as well in order to become Milotic in this Region. The same goes for the other three 'max' Evolutions. Think about it, you pretty much stuff the poor Pokemon full of Poffins, and depending on which taste it has, it could be very nasty, like the Dry and Spicy flavours. So you have to make it up to your Pokemon and make it love you again.

    Evil aren't I?

    Well, here's the official Gym Info.


    If anyone knows about my old Gym, you will see MASSIVE changes, which I hope are for the better. I was watching the anime, and I saw that the Gyms in the anime had an arena-type of area where Ash fought the Gym Leaders. So I tried to emulate that. The pontoons are for those Pokemon who are not actually Water Pokemon. Don't even ask why there are Cut trees growing out of the tiles. My game logic is undeniable.

    The Items can be gotten before or after the Gym battle, the Antidote (where the Double Battle is) is for when you fight Tentacute, since it has a very high chance of Poisoning your Pokemon. I might be changing the colours slightly for the Blue Wool (make it less garish and so forth), which is to be used with the Blue Apricorns to make Lure Balls.

    Once someone posts, I'll do a 'before' and 'after' post of the Gym, since it is the best example of the hard work I have to do in order to make my maps pleasing for y'all.​
  21. Wow, the gym looks a lot cooler than last time. The arena idear is amazing, it looks like those off of the anime too. The potted plants look really nice, are those scratched? I won't argue about the trees growing out of the tiles, sometimes those things just end up happening. Somehow. Because of magic. Or something.
    Tentacute would make me actually catch a Tentacool, soooo cute​
  22. Unfortunately the trees aren't scratched. You can find them in-game. The only trees I want to have to scratch at the moment are the Apricorn Trees.

    As I promised, here's the 'Before' and 'After' shots of the Gym.



    The 'Before' shot is the Raw I get once I finish making it in Advance Map (like SDODC13 guessed). Then I transfer it over to Photoshop (having a Mac, I don't have Paint, so I'm forced to use Photoshop), and clean it up, to get the 'After' shot. I also put in the extras, like the Trainers (whenever it requires it), and other things, like Apricorn Trees, and other stuff like that that isn't found in-game, hence I don't have a palette to work with, and have to scratch in the items.

    One more thing, which is about Tentacute. I'm guessing that Tentacool is based in part on the Box Jellyfish (found mostly in Australian waters, near the Great Barrier Reef (my back door!), Tentacruel is based on either the Portugese Man-O-War, or the Lion's Mane (the largest Jellyfish in the world). So I based Tentacute on the Irukandji Jellyfish, also a native of Australian waters (go us!) although it's found mostly in the North. The Irukandji is tiny, but deadly. Which fits the Tentacute description.​
  23. Agreed. GO US!!!


    Anyway, Tentacute really lives up to its name. If I saw that, I'd be like 'OMFG!!! I'VE GOT TO CATCH THAT!!!'


    Slight Problem, would have to catch Tentacool first...
  24. XD

    Tentacute's body looks like a 3-D Pac-Man Ghost XD
  25. Thank you. Mind you, Tentacute was meant to look a bit cuter, the eyes especially. But I found that the type of eyes I wanted to have (huge puppy-dog-like ones) wouldn't fit very well with it's head.

    Anyways, this is a VERY momentous post. Two things of incredible note are happening. Well...technically three...but that is beside the point.

    Momentous Event #1 - Yesterday my parents came back from their trip to Toowoomba, and came into my room and said: "It has come to our attention that the majority of games you play...[PS2, Gamecube etc...]...are the sort of games you just sit around a twiddle your thumbs (literally)."

    I thought, 'Uh huh...WTF are they getting at? Are they saying I should stop playing games? NOOOOO!!!'

    "So we have decided to buy you...[for Christmas]...something that will ensure you get up and actively participate."

    'Ooookkaayyy...weirdness...are they getting me something like a treadmill or something? Hold on! They can't mean...'

    "You are going to come with us to pick out the game, so we know which game to get."

    'They can't...they can't...it's impossible! Never in all my years have they even suggested getting one on their own volition!'

    "Of course, you can't get the WiiFit unless you are lighter, but the rest you can."

    'OMFG...OMFG...OMFG...THEY'RE GETTING ME A NINTENDO WII FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!' (I sincerely apologize for the allcaps, but I was internally screaming with joy)

    Then I burst into tears of joy and happiness, and even hugged them (something I never do unless prompted!)

    So. the moral of this tale is I am in a VERY good mood, and I'm getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas! Which is something I've wanted for the past...well...5 years, ever since Nintendo announced the new game console.

    To wit: I am willing to make a VERY limited amount of custom orders. Well, it's more to the fact, that if anyone suggests an original Pokemon for the Daiche Region, I will make it and dedicate it to that person. I am in no means stuck for Pokemon ideas, having the next 10 already planned out, but I want people to simply say what type combinations or species of Pokemon they want to see. I am limiting this to 5 Pokemon (well, 2 Pokemon trees of either 2 or 3, and 3 non-evolution Pokemon). Rules are they can't be Legendary Pokemon, simply because they are 5 of the ones I have already planned out.

    Momentous Event #2 - Also because of my very good mood, I am giving you a VERY special treat: The very first Legendary Pokemon for the Daiche Region


    Yes, yes, I know 'Isn't Espeon the Sun Pokemon?' I hear people say? It is. Digamma is the Sunlight Pokemon. Digamma is pretty much in the same 'level' as Mew, Cerebii and Jiirachi, being it is the 'last' Pokemon in the Pokedex. If I were able to extend the Poke-description, it would read "This Pokemon lives in the Sun, feeding off the astral energy. DIGAMMA only descends to earth once every 1,000 years. It's coming marks the Legendary Pokemon, Jiirachi waking up."

    It's special Ability is Solar Flare, and it causes Sunny Day to be automatically cast whenever Digamma is switched into battle. Also moves like Solarbeam are a one-turn affair, with the Pokemon automatically getting a shot out (hey, it IS the Sun after all, and doesn't need to 'store sunlight'). It's moves are primarily Psychic and Fire-type moves, with a few Flying-type thrown in (mostly Flying-type defensive moves). Reason why it's Flying-type is because Flying-type is NEVER first. It's hold Item, the Sol Apex, is the same sort that Dialga and Palkia have.

    The other Legendary Pokemon are: Stiota (Grass/Dark - The Grasslight Pokemon), Stampi (Water/Dark - The Waterlight Pokemon) and Stigma (Fire/Dark - The Firelight Pokemon) who are the 'Legendary Trio', like the Moltres/Articuno/Zapdos and Entei/Raikou/Suicune trio. Then there are Lambda (Ghost/Psychic - The Dusklight Pokemon) and Koppa (Bug/Psychic - The Dawnlight Pokemon) who are the 'Legendary Duo', like the Ho-oh/Lugia and Latias/Latios duo.

    It is the main objective of the evil organization of Daiche (who have yet to be officially named, in my Story thread, I called them the 'Organization', simply because I didn't have a name for them. I have been toying with ideas for their ultimate plan, and one of the ideas I had was they want to force Digamma to descend to earth, so they can capture Jiirachi, so they can make a wish that will allow them to capture Cerebii, so they can manipulate time, and make the clones they will make from Mew grow faster and so forth. Rather convoluted, I know, but I am really stuck on them. For future reference, they are also the reason why Chiyako and Maiha are orphans, and why Professor Cypress adopted them.

    Momentous Event #3 - This Post also marks my official 100th Post! Wooo! Technically, I will be changing my avatar to Squishy's Anime'l form, but I won't do that until I fix her sprite a bit. However, by the time I post the revised Route 03 Maps, Squishy's Anime'l form will be up. (Anime'l is the name of Squishy's little group. Am thinking of another gift art for Rayn-Shyu, calling her sprite 'Shoe', who has a shoe fetish...mind you, whatever happened to the foot that was INSIDE the shoe to begin with...well, that is another story entirely.)​
  26. You gets a Wii! And choose what your getting... I wish that my family would've gotten a Wii, but my brother was like "You wants a PS3, You wants a PS3..." and he's the kind that would beat me up if we didn't get one...
    'Nyways... Digamma. I see that one descending gracefully down to earth, then giving a small, sweet cry of innocence or something to that extent... And then maybe when all the Legendary-ness fades away, or no one's looking... it bounces around with Mew and friends, just to have a good time. It looks a lot like the sun, and I can see Espeon's face in there. I love the little red orbs and the antennae, they're just little jewels to make Digamma that much more magical, for lack of a better word.
    [size=2pt]And now I feel like I need to do something for you...[/size]
    2nd page yo's!​
  27. *attempts to hug Digamma, but it melts into sunlight and slips away...*


    Nice sprite anyway! It's kute!
  28. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats on getting the Wii (for Christmas)!

    The legendary Pokemon looks great, I've always loved how official your Pokemon and Dex entries looks, not to mention your maps!

    I'll suggest a Gryphon style Pokemon, because I can't believe there hasn't been one yet! I think he'd be awesome as a line of three evolutions, although a none-evolving Gryphon would still work and look awesome XD
  29. Yay for the Wii! Hope you enjoy it!

    Digamma looks... awesome. So cuddly, but will we get burnt if we hug him/her? :(

    As for a custom order for the Daiche region.... Well, I'd suggest a pre-evo/evolution of the Solrock/Lunatones, but that's not really original. I'm just biased towards them :p

    If thats not the case... then I'd like to propose a better Shark type pokémon, or a Sphinx style pokémon :)
  30. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    What? No Lunarlight or Moonlight Pokemon to balance Digamma? [/sarcasm]

    I like Digamma and I can't wait to see the other legendaries. Congrats on the Wii.

    If I may make a suggestion, how about another prehistoric Pokemon. I've always wanted them to come out with a T-rex line, so if would be so kind. You don't have to if you don't want to, just throwing in my 2 cents.
  31. @ Psycho Monkey - well...I could do two more Legendary Pokemon, to balance Digamma, the only trouble would be what to call them, and what role will they play? The reason why Koppa and Lambda are the Dusklight and Dawnlight is because of their types, Koppa being a Ghost Pokemon, would be suited to a Dusk/Night restriction on when you could catch it, Lambda being a Bug Pokemon would be more suited to a Dawn/Day time-frame, since Bugs are more active in the morning.

    And I was stuck on what Prehistoric Fossils I should make. A T-Rex sounds cool. He could come from the...Ripple Fossil (ever see Jurassic Park with the whole water rippling in the cup when the T-Rex comes along?), and his opposite could be a Triceratops or such like and come from...awww...say the Stone Fossil or some such.

    @ LoN_Colossus - I don't mind making pre-evo's for Solrock and Lunatone. Good thing they were already in my 'Dex list. Before I started making my 'Dex entries, I first made a list of all the Gen 1-4 Pokemon I wanted in my Region. Then whatever spaces were left over, I could fill with my new Pokemon. I believe I have 107 new Pokemon to do, I have now done 8. Only 99 more to do. Joy.

    Oh, and Digamma is an 'It', since it has no gender. And I guess if it wasn't expecting it, it could heat up to a supernova and burn you away into a nothing more than a burnt shadow if it was scared (the balls are actually like mini suns, only tuned off at the moment).

    @ Silver Magpie - A three-evo line of a Gryphon-type Pokemon sounds cool. I was actually thinking of doing a lion-like one and making it a Fire-type, so I could make the Gryphon a Flying/Fire type, since I wanted to do more (decent) Fire Pokemon.

    Since the new fire-types leave a LOT to be desired. I mean, really, a camel and a tortoise? WTF?!?

    So, a small lion cub to begin with, then it gets a bit bigger and gains very small wings, then it gains the beak and gets a lot bigger for the last one. Cool.

    OOOH! I've just had an even more brilliant thought! Ok, see how you like this. The first evo is a small lion-cub (Fire-type). You could evolve it three times to get the final Lion-like evo (Fire-type). OR you can either use a Featherstone to make it into the pre-Gryphon evo, and level it up to get the last Gryphon evo (both would be Fire-Flying), or...aww...maybe the Lethalstone to get a Fire/Ghost Pokemon evo (just one). I can even see it. It could be a lion, with a ghostly mane. It'd look cool.

    So to sum it up - we have three orders already, the Fossil Pokemon (thanks for the hint), the Solrock/Lunatone pre-evo's (i'm considering this one order), and the Gryphon order (and by extention, the Lion and Ghost Lion evo's too.)

    Only two more, both single evo's please. I'm gonna have my work cut out for me with the Gryphon lines.​
  32. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Featherstone = win

    I love your idea, it sounds awesome! And yes, Fire types do leave a lot to be desired. Much as I like Camerupt, Torkoal annoys me and they're both soooo slow. Great idea, I look forward to seeing the results ^^
  33. *gasp* Omg your legendaries are so cute!!! *snuggles*

    Featherstone=cool name ^^

    Oh, your request list is full, I hope to see that gryphon thingee ^^;;;
  34. Yay! You have gooooood taste, in my humble opinion :p

    The Gryphon sounds just.... awesome. I can't wait, along with the pre-evo's and the prehistoric one :D
  35. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I was actually kidding about them. It's hard to speak tone in writing so the best I could do was the [/sarcasm] block.

    But I'm glad I could be of service to you in coming up with ideas. Ripple Fossil is a nice idea, but in my humblest opinion, I think Fang Fosssil would be more appropriate as all the other fossils are named after one of their respective Pokemon's dominant traits ;). But hey, it's your world, you can do as you wish.​
  36. I like what you've done so far with this region! You've put in every detail about it as if you were making it a real game, all of the way down to Pokedex descriptions. I especially like how you based your legendaries on different kinds of light. What I would kind of like to see is a map of the region, but I'm sure you're planning on doing one at some point. Besides that, though, I don't have any other suggestions at the moment. Be sure to keep working on the region! I'm curious to see what you come up with for the rest it! :)

    (Oh, and congrats on the whole 'getting a Wii for Christmas' thing!)

    EDIT: I just found your previous topic and found the map... heh heh... guess I don't have any suggestions after all...
  37. I opened up the 'reply' page, and I had a 'Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 30 days' warning thing happening.

    Yeah. I do want to reply. To mainly say that I am not dead. Although after playing a VERY intensive boxing battle with my bff, I felt as though I am.

    That being said, I loves my Wii! (although it says I have a Wii age of 49! ) So far, since Christmas, I have almost completed my Zelda game (twice), and have almost every prize in Carnival Games (except for the stupid cup one...and the nerves of steel one (teh EVIL!!)

    Anyways, I am sooooo sorry for not updating sooner, but it was Christmas and I was also dithering on the Route. And dithering on the story. So I really have no excuse, but the fact that I was dithering.

    Well. Here is the next map, Route 03.


    No, the Hiker and Parasol Lady are not Trainer battles. The compulsory Trainer Battles are the Bug Catcher, Rich Lady, Archeologist and the Young Boy and Girl (Double Battle).

    The Geyser comes into the story/comic actually, and I thought it would be cute if I put it in here as well. Just so you know where it is in relation to the Route.

    Yes, there are two Random Berry spots. I only realized just before uploading this that I had seven Hidden Item spots, and I had only listed six.

    The Berry Pouch is the Pokeball pretty much below the geyser area, and it only appears after you speak to the Parasol Lady the first time. It goes into your 'Item Pocket' until you speak to her the second time, when it will go into your 'Key Item Pocket'.

    As for the Undersea Area (accessible via the dark Dive spot), and the Umishi no Doukutsu the maps for them will come in later posts (the least of my worries being that I have had to completely re-make the Umishi no Doukutsu maps.

    So, hopefully I won't dither so much on the Undersea Area, since I don't have to change anything, and I'll have it up before the end of the week.

    Oh! I have decided to put out the Commission Pokemon when I get to the area they are predominantly found in, in other words, the Routes near Hioskoumen no Toshi (Fireside City) for the Lion/Gryphon cub, the Kuraishi no Doukutsu (Darkstone Caves) for the Lunatone/Solrock pre-evo, and the Sabakusokoumen no Maichi (Desertside Town) in the OutIslands for the Fossils.

    So the first one to come out will be the Lion/Gryphon cub, in Routes 06 and 07. Keep a weather eye out!​
  38. Magpie

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    It's good to know you're enjoying the Wii. Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is a great two-player game if you're looking for something new XD

    Weeee Lion/Gryphon cub! I can't wait to see it ^^

    Awesome map as usual, and I love how the little story is unfolding with how you gain certain items etc. Lots of hidden items!
  39. I remember this map from last thread... And like I've said before, it goes along great with the Pokemon storyline with random people giving you crud. And lots of other items for you to get. I see some people in a walking sprite, I'm assuming that that makes them a walking/pathing person right? Great map.​
  40. Nice XD

    Random peoples giving you junk XD.

    Awesome, like always

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