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Private/Closed The Midnight Ball (based on Monster Prom)(COMPLETE)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by NotaViolinist, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Discussion board is here! Check for more details on the characters.

    As a student at the nation's most prestigious school for monsters, you have a duty to study hard and pass your tests. But the Midnight Ball is coming up, and you really want to go with someone special!

    A list of the school's most popular students comes to mind.
    • Cirrina, the beautiful and mysterious witch who has approached you on occasion telling you to take better care of yourself,
    • Flynn, the athletic faerie with a sharp tongue that loves to snark at the teachers,
    • Ke'ah, the badass alien who you've seen starting and ending fights around the school,
    • Indigo, the handsome yet reclusive nymph whose pictures you've seen in magazines,
    • Vedius, the soon to be dragon emperor with a cruel streak and lofty goals,
    • Penny, the shy and kindhearted lead singer in many of the school's musicals,
    • Morgan, the secretive and intimidating necromancer who's always at the library,
    • Ankaa, the daredevil phoenix hybrid who you've seen smoking on the roof before doing a backflip off it, AND
    • Ariel, the cheerful skeleton who loves to gossip and sends you memes over social media.
    So many eligible choices... but there's so little time! The Midnight Ball is coming up in two weeks; that's hardly enough time to seduce your crush! Unless...

    Day 1

    The school building loomed tall and foreboding overhead, its high towers and dark coloring looking like something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. The roundabout was packed with cars dropping off students, and in the background a faint muffled voice over the intercom could be heard.

    There was a map of the school posted in the front window, labeling each area of interest. There was the classrooms, of course, the cafeteria, a dead-end hallway, the library, the gymnasium, the sports fields, the school shop, the restrooms, the auditorium and the roof. Hmm... where to first? (Note: each player can choose one location per day, but multiple players can choose the same location. Also visiting the shop does not count towards your one choice per day).
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  2. Just as many cars parked outside the school to drop some students off, a bat soared freely through the sky like a bird towards the same destination. Before the bat hit against the ground, it was enveloped in a large cloud of smoke that completely covered it, but the cloud disappeared as soon as it reappeared and Leonard--a crimson suit wearing vampire--emerged with one hand atop his head to hold the tip of his fedora. If anyone knew Leonard well, then they also knew he was a guy who loved to make entrances.

    "Time for another school day, where to my desires take me to today?" Leonard asked himself out loud as he looked at the school map and took out a clear water bottle, although the contents in the bottle was a sickly red color, the color of blood, yet Leonard sipped it like his favorite flavored drink before he looked back at the map, closed his eyes and let his hand point out a place on the map. Leonard opened his eyes to see that his jet black claw like nail tipped finger pointed to the auditorium. "Perfect! A place where I can practice my dancing for the prom." He said as he put his hands in his jacket pockets and calmly made his way over to the auditorium, once he arrived, he pushed the doors open. "Hi guys!" Leonard called out as he walked down to find a decent area where he could practice.

    He got a couple of air pods out of his pocket and put the to his ears, turned on his phone to choose some music to listen to before he put it back in his trouser pocket, at first he simply nodded his head and tapped his foot to the beat before he slowly broke in to some dance moves, what like a shuffle of his feet with an added little hop to every step he took, from the faint sounds outside his air pods, it looked like the music he practiced his dancing to was the Electro-Swing type.
  3. Maya stepped out of the public transport bus that had brought her to her school. She had a lot of thoughts spinning around in her head mostly regarding the upcoming prom. Who is she going to ask out? Is she even going to attend the Midnight Ball at all? These problems seemed so big for the young Beholder-hybrid, but deep inside she somehow knew that these kinds of things didn't matter in the end. She wan't the most sociable out of the numerous students in the school, mostly just going along the school routine alone.

    As she walked up to the entrance to the school something clicked inside of her. "No! I'm going to attend prom and try to make it into a night I'll never forget!" She thought to herself, "I need to try and be less of a 'stick in the mud' and try and be more loose," the teen continued in her thoughts.

    She pulled up the map of the school, as she still seems to get lost in the endless halls if she doesn't get help from her handy-dandy map. "Where to go- where to go.." She muttered to herself with her eye squinting to try and see the map more clearly, "The Hallway seems to be a good place to start with.. After all I should go and get my stuff," She continued and made her way towards the locker where she'd eventually find her locker after trying to go through the "Pacific" sea of students there.
  4. Day 1: Auditorium

    The auditorium was dimly lit, its interior far larger than what the school building's exterior would suggest. This was because it was technically stored in a pocket dimension; the school's original principal had not deemed things like "music" and "arts" (and anything other than how to kill people, really) necessary, so the auditorium had been added in later. The room's ceilings were high, while large dragonlike statues were carved into the polished wooden walls. Soundproofing tiles adorned the back wall, and plush red seats were lined up in rows all the way up to the stage.

    Vedius and Ankaa were already there, working with some props backstage. They both raised their hands in greeting at Leonard, absorbed in some sort of debate. As Leonard danced, the two started to get increasingly agitated, until Ankaa finally threw his hands up in the air and made his way over to the vampire, tapping him on the shoulder.

    "Hey dude, could you help us settle this?" His red-and-gold wings twitched in irritation, a few feathers falling loosely to the floor. "As far as medieval weapons go, bows and arrows are totally the coolest, right?"

    Vedius snorted with his arms crossed, claw-tipped fingers tapping his upper arm impatiently. "Unlikely. Lances are the superior weapon, by far. They are noble weapons, and strong enough to pierce through armor, unlike arrows."

    "Yeah, but you can't hit someone far away with a lance!" Ankaa gave Leonard a pleading look. "What do you think, man?"
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  5. Leonard stopped his dance the second he was poked for attention and turned off his music, he raised his eyebrow when he heard about what he had to decide in terms of a better medieval weapon. The vampire pondered on that thought for a brief moment. "Hmm, in terms of weaponry, if your arm is good, the lance can also be used as a ranged weapon and if an archer's close with someone, they can always use their arrows as shanks to the more precise areas within the body. Both weapons are cool in their own right, but if I were to pick, I'd say..."

    "I'd say..."

    "I'd saaaaay..."

    "I'd say maybe a battleaxe is an awesome weapon in my own opinion. But it's not always about the weapon you wield that makes you cool, it's how you wield the weapon; wield it right and you'll look so amazingly cool that your enemies may swoon at the mere sight of your spectacular weapon wielding!" Leonard concluded with a friendly and toothy smile, as he spoke his last sentence, he sounded more and more melodramatic as if he were in a school play.
  6. Fuyuko had been flying low, making sure she didn't miss the school, and landed in the auditorium, through an open door. She saw Leonard talking with Ankaa and Veduis about Medieval weaponry, the Female Dragon hybrid trying not to feel nervous. She made sure the dress had nothing out of place, and tucked her wings back.

    "Oh Hi, Leonard, Ankaa, Vedius!" Fuyuko exclaimed, but got a little fidgety when she said Vedius's name, "What's up?"

    Fuyuko had been looking around the Auditorium, seeing a few other students around and had a paper in her hand from her stuff, she worked on it a little bit while waiting for a response.
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  7. Ankaa lit up at this. "Heh, yeah, you're totally right! Picture this: a hero rises from the battlefield, brushing away the ash, wings glowing in the sunlight... he takes his bow and does a sweet backflip, shooting golden arrows through the throats of his enemies as he dodges-" He demonstrated dodging attacks from those imaginary enemies, more feathers littering the floor behind him. "'Tis I, Ankaa the Celestial One, come back from the dead to rain fire on those who killed me!" He grinned to himself.

    Vedius cleared his throat, interrupting Ankaa's little spiel. "Very well, I'll concede this point. After all, the image of me spinning a lance gracefully through the air before running through enemies thrice my size is, well..." He turned a bit pink. "I can see why style is important."

    Leonard: +1 to creativity for coming up with a solution that has class!

    Day 1: Hallway
    The hallway was jam-packed with monsters of all sorts: slimes leaving trails of sticky goo behind them, a cyclops trying futilely to crouch through the door to a classroom, even a pack of werewolves who were occupying the area behind the stairway, growling at anyone who entered 'their territory.' Rows of lockers lined the way, shiny black with red accents as per the school colors. There were also posters everywhere, stuck to the bulletin boards as well as randomly taped up on the walls with duct tape, advertising businesses and clubs and the Midnight Ball.

    Ariel and Cirrina were loitering near where Maya's locker was. Ariel grinned at the beholder hybrid, or at least it looked like it since she technically did not have cheeks. She waved one bony hand, beckoning Maya to come closer.

    "Oh, aren't you just the most adorable thing!" Cirrina cooed, her long, curly black hair falling half in her face. "Did you do something new with your hair? Something about you strikes me as exceptionally cute today!"

    Ariel bounced excitedly. "Yeah, you look super pretty! Your eyes are such a nice color." She checked her phone and gasped. "Ooh, hey! There's a new smoothie shop opening up at the mall in Pumpkin Square today." She clicked her teeth together, rocking back and forth. "That sounds really good. I think I'll go check it out." She looked at the two of them. "Do you guys want me to bring you anything? My treat!"

    Cirrina clucked her tongue. "Darling, we all have class." She sighed, reaching up to pinch the brim of her pointy hat. "There's nothing I can say to stop you, of course. But there's no need to bring me anything. I don't think the teachers allow unbottled drinks."

    Ariel shrugged two pallid shoulders. "Suit yourself. How about you, Maya? They've got tropical flavors like mango and pineapple! Oh, and there's also ice tea if you're not a smoothie kind of gal."
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  8. Leonard kept his innocent child like smile up as he heard the response of both phoenix and serpent-dragon man. "There ya go! Now everyone's happy!" Leonard beamed happily as he put his arms around the shoulders of both Vedius and Ankaa and pulled them close to the flamboyant vampire. He smiled even more at the sight of the half dragon girl. "Fu-yu-kooo! I'm doing just fine, settled a debate and now we're all friends. What about you?" He asked. "I wanna get back to dancing, but..." He thought before he shrugged, the prom wasn't for a good while so he had way more than enough time to practice.
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  9. Day 1: Auditorium pt. 2
    Vedius carefully extracted himself from Leonard's hug and nodded at Fuyuko before picking up his bag and leaving. Ankaa went back to digging around in the chest of props. Across the way, Ke'ah (who had been behind one of the red curtains) already had a fake sword in hand, swinging it around like a natural.

    "Your form is really nice," Ankaa commented, pulling out a sword of his own. "Do you have experience with fighting?"

    Ke'ah grimaced and let her arms hang loose, scratching at the violet-tinged skin of her elbow. "Yes, Komarians are a very strength-based culture. If one can't win against others, they will not survive long." Her left ear flicks absentmindedly. "Here, it is a lot different. You only fight in jest, not to the death. I'm not sure whether I like it more or less." She noticed Fuyuko standing around and gestured to her. "Would you like to spar? I promise to go easy on you."

    Ankaa started. "Hey, wait, I need practice way more than you do!" He tossed Fuyuko a sword from the chest. "Whatd'ya say? I know she's a lot better than me and can probably teach you more... but I have some fun choreography we can practice?"
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  10. "Working on an assignment, waiting for Ke'ah to show up."

    Speaking of which, Ke'ah had just noticed her and she caught the sword, ready for battle, giving both sparring partners a stare down.

    "You ready?" Fuyuko called out.

    Fuyuko prepared her sword, waiting for one of them to make a move. She gripped her sword, as she remembered from her childhood. She may be a little rusty, but she was ready for anything.
  11. Leonard smiled as he watched everyone go and do their own thing, with a good little amount of talk from his fellow students, the vampire returned to the spaciest area withing the auditorium and got out his phone to play his electro-swing music once more. Within a few seconds, Leonard slowly returned to the same type of dance he did before; a shuffle of his legs with an added hop every so often alongside a rhythmic swing of his arms.
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  12. Surprised at Fuyuko's boldness at challenging both of them at the same time, Ke'ah bared her teeth and charged at her, making to kick her with her spiked boots before moving to slash her on the arm. At the same time, Ankaa flew past them both, attempting to trip Fuyuko with his own sword.
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  13. Fuyuko flew over both incoming attacks, and went to swing at Ankaa as he flew under her, preparing for anything Ke'ah had planned, using her feet to block the Komarian's attack.

    "You're going have to come up with a different plan for this one." Fuyuko smirked.
  14. Joke's on you, we don't have a plan," Ke'ah retorted, and made to shove the dragon hybrid over (as she was now standing on one leg, blocking Ke'ah's kick). Then she lunged forward, trying to get her teeth into Fuyuko's arm.

    Ankaa, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as into the fight. "Ow!" He yelped as he got hit with Fuyuko's attack, retreating to one of the rafters to look mournfully at his new bruise. "Aw, c'mon, did you have to hit that hard?"
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  15. Maya was quite flustered by all the compliments she receive from Cirrina and Ariel. "O-oh.. thanks," she quietly replied to them. The hybrid beholder listened to the two talk about a new smoothie shop that had apparently opened at Pumpkin square. She quietly contemplated to herself if she should go or not while Cirrina declined the invitation.
    "Sure I can come," She blurted out when Ariel asked if she wanted to come or not, "Uh- I guess I could go for some ice tea," she continued. She didn't have time to finish her thoughts before Ariel asked, but it was too late to back out from it now, but this could be a good start to be more loose and have more fun.
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  16. The skeleton clapped her hands together. "Great!" She gave Cirrina a hug before taking Maya's hand. "Let's go, then!"

    "Don't go getting into too much trouble, now," Cirrina called after them with a smile.

    Pumpkin Square was a little ways off campus. Surrounded by large maple trees and lamp posts, the brick path around the square gave it an almost rustic feel. A small strip mall was situated on the western side of the square, and that's where Ariel lead them. "Oh, there it is!"

    There was a cute sign above a fresh, peppy looking shop that read "Meduslurp." The logo was a plastic cup with a snake winding around it, smiling happily. Going inside, there were a few pink and green tables set up near the windows and a counter with some baked goods on display. The menu was hanging on the wall, taking up a good chunk of space. There were descriptions of various drinks alongside their pictures, with plenty of specialty drinks such as "Bloody Berry," a mix of strawberries, raspberries and blood, and "Slime Lime," a citrus-y drink with an added kick of slime. The cashier behind the counter had snakes for hair and was chewing on a piece of gum.

    "Order whatever you want! It's on me," Ariel told Maya with a grin. "I think I'll get a Calcium Crypt milkshake, myself. Gotta keep up these bones!" She held up an arm as if flexing.

    Maya: +1 to fun for skipping class to get a delicious drink!
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  17. Maya silently nodded as response to Ariel and looked at the list of different flavored ice tea that the shop served.
    "I think I'm going to get the Ravage Raspberry ice tea," said the Beholder Hybrid after carefully considering what drink to pick, "Again, thanks for paying the drinks Ariel," she said with a warm smile curling up on her face to show appreciation towards the skeleton. Honestly speaking she was a bit nervous of getting caught from skipping class, but they weren't really doing anything illegal or dangerous, so they'll be fine right?
  18. Fuyuko had been on one leg with her when she jumped with the other, flipping over Ke'ah, and aimed for a strike to the back. Fuyuko had been focusing on this part of the battle especially since Ke'ah had been known for ending fights. Ankaa had flown up to check on his wounds, so she prepared her attack and made her move.
  19. Ke'ah's back markings glowed as Fuyuko tried to strike her there, repelling the sword from her skin. Just as she made to retaliate the drama teacher Mrs. Luna stepped between the two, antennae twitching. "Now, now, let's not get too carried away! We don't need our props being broken before the big day, after all." She took the two swords back from the students and floated away to the chest, wings glimmering in the stage lights.

    "You're good," Ke'ah complimented Fuyuko. "But rule of thumb: never attack a Komarian's back. In our culture we're used to fighting, so we pound runes into our flesh that keeps our backs safe from any threats. The throat or the stomach is a better target." She bowed respectfully, then walked away. Ankaa came soaring down from the rafters and held up his hand for a high five.

    "That was great! From my vantage point I could really pick out the techniques you two used. Thanks for sparring with me!" He lowered hsi voice conspiratorially. "But next time, go easy on me, okay?"

    Fuyuko: +1 to courage for holding her ground against two students at once!


    As the sun set on the school grounds and the students walked home, they took the time to review what they had learned that day.
    Lenny: Intelligence: 1 Creativity: 3 Courage: 2 Fun: 4 Wealth: 1
    Maya: Intelligence: 2 Creativity: 3 Courage: 3 Fun: 1 Wealth: 2
    Fuyuko: Intelligence: 2 Creativity: 1 Courage: 4 Fun: 1 Wealth: 1
    (P.S. I edited the first post but I'd like to restate here, going to the shop does not count towards the one location for the day! Since no one has enough wealth to buy anything yet.)


    Day 2
    It was a particularly stormy day. A strong morning breeze blew fallen maple leaves and little bits of dust onto the football field. Down the hallways, classroom and restroom doors flew open as the wind rushed through. Students in the gymnasium and the cafeteria shivered as the air wicked away their heat, since those rooms did not have heating. Thankfully, the library, school shop, and auditorium were immune to the wind (the former two having good insulation, and the latter being in a pocket dimension isolated from the elements). The roof suffered the worst of it, having almost zero cover from the torrential air currents swirling around the school.

    Still, it was a school day, and that meant class was in session. So, where to first?
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  20. Leonard rather than fly to school as a bat, arrived at school thanks to his older sister who was nice enough to give him a lift in her car, both knew that with strong winds like that, it wouldn't be easy for bats to fly through it and easily get blown off course. "Thanks for the lift sis!" Leonard said as he got out of the car, he wore a black ankle long closed coat under his common--and stylish--attire while he kept one hand on his fedora to keep it from blowing away.

    "No prob, bro. But you owe me." The female vampire said with a smug look on her face behind her long and partially messy black hair. "Yeah yeah." Leonard said as he gave his sister a simple wave and went to head inside the school, in his mind he already had the idea on where to spend his next day. Leonard decided that instead of going somewhere to practice his dancing, he went over to the library to catch up on a few of his studies that he felt like he fell behind on, even though his grades were moderately decent to say the least, but the vampire always used rainy or windy days to focus more on schoolwork.
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  21. On that stormy day Maya had to wear a jacket to school, so that she wouldn't get sick or anything, but it was quite uncomfortable on her back and shoulders where her eye tentacles emerged from. She quickly made her way inside of school. She quickly pulled out her map and checked the route to the library. It was quite weird how she still didn't quite know the way to it even though she spends a lot of time in there. She took off her jacket and had her eye tentacle things stretch a bit to try and ease the discomfort and folded it over her arm to carry it with her. She quickly made her way towards the school library, as she knew it was quite comfy on stormy days like this and it would be a good opportunity to get some school work done.
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  22. Day 2: Library
    Rows upon rows of dusty bookshelves stretched as far as the eye could see, a wall of stained-glass windows providing the room's only illumination. Computers were lined up against the wall, free for students to use. Despite the wind blowing harshly outside, the inside was cozy and warm. The soothing sounds of pages flipping and mouses clicking were punctuated by the occasional whisper or stifled laugh as students in study groups shared their findings with each other. The librarian, Mr. Redclif, was curled up in the corner with his bushy tail over his head, softly chittering in his sleep.

    As Leonard entered the library, a green blur darted by him and hid behind one of the shelves. It was Indigo, looking unusually disheveled. He held up a finger to his lips, panic evident in his eyes. Before Leonard could do anything, a second person marched up to him, eyes scanning the environment.

    "Where did he go?" She muttered to herself. Then she turned to him. "Did you see where my little brother went?" The woman had the same long green hair as Indigo, and was wearing a loose hazel colored dress with a braided belt. She seemed a bit too old to be a student, but young enough that she could pass as alumni.


    Meanwhile, at a table near Maya, Morgan was attempting to tutor Flynn. Key word: attempting. The faerie had his chin propped up in his hand, brow creased as he read and re-read a sheet of paper. His green beanie was slipping over his face as he became increasingly confused. Finally, he threw his hands up and slid down into his chair, flopping chest-down onto the table with his cheek squished against the wood. "Morgan. This is impossible. There's no way I'll memorize this." He put his arms up and stretched, joints cracking.

    Morgan sighed heavily, pushing their glasses up and brushing a wayward lock of dark hair out of their face. "The final is worth 60% of our grade," they droned. "If you don't pass, there is a high likelihood of you failing the class. And if you fail..." Their face darkened. "I will hex you." They take the paper from the other, smoothing out the edges from where Flynn had been fiddling with them. "What are you having problems with?"

    "I just can't remember the difference between Josephine's Empire and the Draconian Kingdom. Like, I know they're both in the Northern Territory, but they're very similar in shape. Ugh. I'm an athlete, why do I need to know geography?" Flynn then noticed Maya nearby and perked up. "Maya, hey. Do you have any tips for memorizing? Morgan's tried to teach me, but..."
  23. Fuyuko flew about as well as a plane and landed, not intending to stay there, but head to the gymnasium, and prepared for her day, since she was a little sleepy from the flight, a bowling ball came flying at her feet, to which, she picked up and bowled back towards the students. She then waited for whatever the day brings next.
  24. Day 2: Gymnasium
    The gym's floors were a bit dusty from all the dirt students had trekked in. The gym teacher, Mr. Locke, was using his many eldritch tentacles to simultaneously sweep and mop the floors, along with pulling out mats for students to practice sparring and stretches on. A few ropes dangled from the ceiling, tempting anyone brave enough to attempt climbing them, and in a room adjacent there were a bunch of weight machines and treadmills.

    Vedius and Ariel were doing laps in typical gym shirts and shorts, one looking significantly more excited to be there than the other. The soon-to-be-emperor spotted Fuyuko and waved her over so they could start running together.

    "Hey Fuyuko!" Ariel greeted, bones clattering. "We were just talking about our favorite childhood games. Not that I really remember my childhood that much," she amended. "But still! I have a fondness for freeze tag. It's just so much fun to run around and save people!"

    Vedius nodded, scales sporting a sweaty sheen. "I too didn't have that memorable of a childhood," he said. "It was mostly training and studying, and occasionally torturing some of our prisoners. But I do remember playing hide-and-seek in the castle with some of the servants. They never could find me." He smirks and turns to Fuyuko. "How about you? Did you ever play freeze tag or hide-and-seek?"
  25. As Leonard wrote down in his book, his eyes turned to see Indigo hide somewhere whilst he looked in a rather scruffy state, Leonard raised an eyebrow before he shrugged and proceeded to write down in his books... that was all until a figure of the same species asked him. "Is something wrong?" Leonard asked, his tone was quiet as to not disturb the wonderful peace and quiet of the library, normally he would've answered her question, but it appears that curiosity of the situation got the better of him. "I didn't know Indy also had an older sister." Leonard thought to himself.
  26. Maya looked over at Morgan and Flynn's table where Flynn was calling to the Beholder-hybrid for help. Looked like Morgan was attempting to help the faerie study for finals. It wasn't unusual for other students to want help from her with studying as Maya had quite good grades, and she didn't mind helping fellow students with their studies.

    "Hm... Well..." The young Beholder hybrid started while looking at the paper Morgan held in their hands. "The Draconian Kingdom is closer to the Hollow Mountains than Josephine's Empire. Try to think of it like how the dragons used to hang out in the mountains in medieval times."
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  27. The woman shook her head before shifting her weight, the franticness draining out of her movements. "Yes, well. Our mother would like her- him," she corrects herself, "to come to the autumn equinox family dinner. But he won't stay still long enough for me to tell him the time and place!" She sighed heavily and looked away. "I know he has... issues with our family. So I understand if he doesn't want to come. But I'd at least like for him to tell me so, instead of constantly running away." She rolled her eyes, trying to lighten the mood. "Anyway, my name is Lauriel. Any idea which direction he headed?"


    "So like... make connections to the surrounding nations?" Flynn squinted at the paper again, pinching one pointed ear between his index finger and thumb. "I guess that makes sense. I'm still going to have to memorize some starting points, though. Good thing I know where Faerie Lea is, and I can work from there."

    Morgan gave Maya an approving nod and slid a few coins across the table towards her. "For your trouble," he offered.

    Maya: +2 to wealth for helping tutor a struggling student!
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  28. Leonard raised an eyebrow as he was even more curious. "I won't lie, I did see him pass through here and he seemed rather... cautious as well." The vampire said as he looked around. "As mentioned, he passed through here and I think I saw him head towards the back door, I dunno where he's headed but I'm sure you'll be able to find him." Leonard said as he pointed towards the other exit of the library which seemed almost opposite to the area that Indigo hid in. "I apologize if I'm wrong about this; I was focused on catching up with my studies and if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to focusing on them, please." He added as his tone seemed more serious compared to his flamboyant self.
  29. Lauriel nodded and gave the vampire a wave. "Of course. Thank you for the help." She headed in the direction Leonard had pointed, petals falling out of her hair and scattering in the wind. With a relieved sigh, Indigo poked his head back out between the shelves.

    "Sorry to involve you in our family business," he apologized to Leonard. "Thanks for covering for me." He shook his head, bitterweed sprouting up between his bare toes through the cracks in the library floor. "My family is... not the most understanding when it comes to who I am and what I do. I oft think they would prefer to spend their days prancing through the meadows instead of interacting with society. Lauriel is one of my better sisters, and I love her dearly, but... you know how older sisters are." He shrugged. "But I digress. Thank you again for the help. I'll leave you to your studies now." He bowed once, deeply, before stepping swiftly out into the hall in the other direction from where Lauriel had gone.

    Leonard: +1 courage for pointing the nymph sister in the exact opposite direction!
  30. Leonard smiled and nodded at Indigo as he explained. "No prob, Indy. And of Lauriel's one of your better sister, she might listen more than maybe the rest of your family. As for older sisters, I know it all too well, my sis might be an asshole sometimes, but our love for one another is clear, we still gladly scratch each other's backs at times." The vampire said and nodded as he watched Indigo leave. He knew families could be crazy at times and hoped they'd support him for whatever happened in the upcoming prom, but for now, he decided to sit down and proceed with his studies.
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    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy made her way up to the roof of the school, she liked it up here and the cold wasn't really a problem for her. She looked out at the campus thinking about the ball, her dad wanted her to go but she told him that she would only go if someone asked her or if she felt like someone would go with her. She sighed thinking about what she would even wear to such an occasion, she was pretty sure leather wasn't really on the dress code but she would probably do it anyway. She flipped her scythe over from her back and began to clean the thing, as her father would probably 'kill' her if it was dirty.
  32. Day 2: Roof
    The roof was a largely flat area with a little box-like structure sticking out where the stairs were located. On one end one could see the front side of the campus over the railing, with its roundabout and large trees, and on the other end the sights largely consisted of sports fields such as the tennis courts and football field. Most of the times students came up here for personal alone time, but the roof was so big that on occasion a group of students would play games like tag there.

    At first glance, the roof looked deserted as Daisy arrived. However, it was not: an almost translucent girl was huddled in the corner, a few leaves flying right through her and over the edge of the building. She had short, straight white hair and almost glowing blue eyes, and was wearing an old-school prairie dress with a faded sunflower pattern. As Daisy approached, she peeked over her knees quietly and studied her for a moment, before uncurling and tentatively floating over.

    "Hello..." She murmured, voice barely audible over the howling wind. "I-I'm Keira. Do you think you could help me?" She shies away suddenly. "It's okay if you're busy, I don't want to bother you... I-I can wait for someone else if you want."
  33. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Coming out of her thoughts Saisy turned when the girl spoke, "hmm, oh hey, sure I'll help you Kiera, what is that you want?" she asked with a warm smile as she looked at Kiera. She didn't find helping it wasn't like she was doing anything and Kiera seemed friendly enough, so it couldn't hurt. She stood in front of Kiera and returned her scythe to her back before folding her arms and waiting to see what she needed help with.
  34. Keira smiled happily. Her hair and dress were abnormally still despite the wind blowing through the area. "Thank you so much! As you can see, I'm a ghost. I don't normally have enough energy to manifest, so you're one of the first people to see me." She held out a hand and the ghostly image of a key hovered in her palm. "I left something in the school's basement when I died. It was very important to me, and I'd like to get it back. You'll need to find the key for the basement door, though... I'm not really sure where it could be. But I think the shopkeeper might be a good place to start? He knows where all the shiny things are!" She curtsied daintily. "Of course, I wouldn't wish for my request to take priority over your studies. Here," she handed Daisy a few old-looking coins. "I have no use for money in the afterlife, so I will give you my fortune once I retrieve my item." Suddenly, she flickered. "Oh! I'm running out of energy. I must go. Don't worry if you don't find the key, I have all the time in the world after all." With a wave she faded out of sight.

    Daisy: +2 wealth for taking on Keira's quest!
    (This is a side quest that anyone can finish. Keira may appear at any location rarely, but it is not necessary to complete her quest in order to interact with her.)
  35. "I played a lot of hide and seek, mainly because I had eleven half-siblings, and they were excellent trackers, trust me, they would find me by smell." Fuyuko responded to Ariel, then turned to Vedius, "I played freeze tag when I was with my mother, she lived in a neighborhood where a lot of others like us lived, and they would play with certain rules, like no flying, for example, me and three others were capable of flight, or no breath weapons, there was another half Dragon in the group, this one breathed ice."

    Fuyuko was a little nervous, due to Vedius, but pretty alert. A fake sword had been knocked out of a werewolf's hand and had flown right at Fuyuko, who dodged the sword.

    "One moment." Fuyuko smirked as she picked up the sword and sent it back into the middle of the nearby sparring mat from which it came.

    "Sorry about that, I had a sword fight yesterday, and reflexes from that kicked in, anything else?"
  36. "Aw, she played both!" Ariel faux-complained with a smile. "What a nice time. I wish I could remember my mother..." She glanced away, gaze unfocused for a moment.

    "I'm sure she'd be very proud to see where you are now," Vedius told her seriously. He turned to Fuyuko. "Perhaps when break comes around you'll play some of these games with your family? I highly doubt I'd be allowed the time, myself, but..." He shakes his head, light glinting off his horns. "Either way, right now we're meant to do around 20 more laps, so we should conserve our breath."

    "20 laps?!" Ariel shrieked, surprisingly loudly for a monster with no lungs. "Aw, c'mon Coach!" Mr. Locke raised an eyebrow at her as she pulled out her phone and took a shaky picture of the three of them running. "I've gotta complain about this on my Instagrave."

    Fuyuko: +1 fun for having played both games as a child!


    The students headed home, caps and homework blowing away in the wind. As cars and school buses drove away, a harsh gust blew the front doors of the school closed, signalling another day done.
    Leonard: Intelligence: 1 Creativity: 3 Courage: 3 Fun: 4 Wealth: 1
    Maya: Intelligence: 2 Creativity: 3 Courage: 3 Fun: 1 Wealth: 4
    Fuyuko: Intelligence: 2 Creativity: 1 Courage: 4 Fun: 2 Wealth: 1
    Daisy: Intelligence: 2 Creativity: 2 Courage: 2 Fun: 3 Wealth: 4
    (Note: I'm trying to give each player equal opportunities to raise each stat, but it's kind of hard when it's an rp with open answers!)


    Day 3
    There was a career fair that day! There were booths for various businesses set up in the cafeteria and the gym, as well as on the sports fields. The restrooms, hallways and classrooms were full of representatives passing out flyers and business cards. The only places where the school was semi-normal was in the library, the auditorium, and the roof. Even the school shop was not immune from the chaos that was the career fair.

    Where to now?
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  37. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy arrived at school and stretched out her arms as she thought about where to go today, she thought back to yesterday and meeting Kiera and remembered how she had said she would fond something for her. She would need the basement key, so she made a bee line for the school shop prepared to buy the damn thing and look for whatever Kiera had lost when she died. She entered the shop and walked up to the shop keeper.
  38. Day 3: Shop
    The school shop was a bit small, but was stuffed to the brim with various trinkets of all sorts. Sweatshirts and caps with the school's logo sat proudly on the shelves against the wall, while stranger items such as potion bottles, flowerpots and even spatulas (also adorned with the school's logo) were piled high on a table. There were phone cases and water bottles lined up towards the right-hand side of the shop, as well as a large table overflowing with an assortment of unclaimed lost-and-found items from previous years.

    The shopkeep had his feet kicked up on the counter, black wings folded behind him as he bobbed his head to whatever music he was listening to. Krisha was a crow-hybrid with a fondness for shiny things, which had gotten him in trouble once or twice with the store manager. When he spotted Daisy he lazily took out one earbud and sat up in his chair. "Hey, anything I can help you with?"
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  39. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy looked around the shop as she entered, she didn't come in her too often and had forgotten about how much school merch was in here, she turned as Krisha spoke and stepped towards him, "hi, um..I was wondering would you be any chance have.." she leant forward and whispered "..the key to the basement, I kind of need to get down there for someone" she said before standing straight again. She wasn't sure whether Kiera had lied about being able to get the key here but she hoped she wouldn't. She stood and waited for Krisha's response.
  40. Leonard arrived at school via his bat form and looked around with a look of indifference at the career fair, although as much as he wanted to improve his dancing, he knew he had to find a career in something and dancing could only offer so much. The vampire let out a sigh at the loud background chatter as he made his way over to the classroom, if it was still possible for him to study and catch up a bit, then he wasn't one to back down. Even though it was normal for him on a day like this to go to the auditorium to practice his dancing, or hopefully he could find someone offering a position that require his talents.

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