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Open The LOST ISLAND: Stranded

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by <Inkscape>, Mar 16, 2017.

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    This is the story of a group of teenage Pokémon trainers and their Pokémon stranded in the middle of nowhere, and have to find out how to get off... before it is too late. There will be hardships and danger. But working together, they might get past the problems they face heading to... Freedom.

    Cyko washed up that day on a mysterious island, and didn't wake up till a lot after. When he did, he noticed what he was dealing with. "Why did I listen to them..." He said out loud. He went to check his surroundings. He threw out Xyko, and got on top and told him to fly around. Meanwhile he would be surveying the area. He then threw out the gang and told them to collect firewood. After an hour, he had a good amount of wood and told Xyko to burn the wood to start a fire.

    Afterwards, they searched the island for food and clean water. Then, he went to sleep with Rypjaw, His Houndoom, on guard. When he woke up, he washed up and got ready for the next day. He then set out to make a hut with the left over firewood. After that, he went to let his Pokémon train up their skills.
  2. David came to a dazed awakening, squinting wearily to the radiant sun. He was vaguely aware that he was coughing breathlessly, saltwater running from the corner of his mouth and leisurely down his cheek. Upon this revelation, he rolled from his back feverishly and kneeled atop the sand, heaving the fluid from his lungs in boisterous hacks. The young man punched his chest in desperation, his eyes wide and rimmed with red, when the water cascaded from his open mouth, dousing the sand below. He sucked in as much air as he could manage, bewildered and waterlogged. With his hands firmly pressed against his knees and his head pensile enough that his pastel hair gently kissed the ground, he let loose a moderately loud curse. David raised his chin so that he faced skyward and let his eyelids shut, exerting a much louder profanity, hands clenching into fists.

    He searched himself for what little belongings he could scavenge and felt his pace quicken at three tri-coloured spheres clipped around his waist. David sent out the most reliable of his cohorts, relieved to find her capsule hooked into his belt for the very first time. The Drifloon immediately retreated several inches at the sight of her trainer's virulent scowl. After he huffed and began locking her Pokéball back to his hip, she hesitantly drifted closer to him, cocking what might've passed as her head curiously.

    "Good news, Akimbo," he lamented acerbically, gesturing for her to come closer. When she obeyed, he carefully clasped the yellow, heart-shaped appendages secured to the end of her strings around his neck. "I nearly just drowned to death on land. How lame is that?"

    Akimbo made a sound of concern.

    He responded with a dismissive motion using the back of his hand. "No, it's alright. I'm fine. I just have no idea where we are."
  3. Cyko decided afterward to search the island for survivors. He hopped on Xyko and flew around. He told him to fly louder when he heard a faint curse. he flew towards the sound and found a teenager that looked older than him with a Drifloon. About a year or two, he guessed. He landed and returned Xyko to his Pokeball. Then he ran over and then asked "Who are you? Are you ok? I have a few medical items in my backpack, and my meowstic can heal too, " He then noticed the burning on the 4 mark he had on his neck. It matched the one Cyko had on his shoulder, but Cyko's was a 13, not a 4. This means he's special... He thought to himself. He then asked him "Do you have any special powers or anything?"
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  4. When he noticed the silhouette of a boy propped against the back of a foreign and distinctively draconic Pokémon, he expeditiously ordered his partner to help him stand. Akimbo obediently enveloped the two of them in an ambiguous, magenta glow that faded shortly after David forced himself to his feet, shakily and lackadaisically. He smoothed out the folds in his damp shirt, brushing the sand ingrained in the fabric, and straightened his shoulders tendentiously (His mother had surrounded him with the philosophy that good posture made a good first impression).

    "My name's David and I'm fine," he contended gruffly, waving off his concerns. He gave the boy a onceover, hands resting steadily against his unpronounced hips. There was a look of accusation directed towards the stranger etched in the lines of his face, outwardly suspicious about his intentions. His eyes followed his line of sight, but couldn't make out what he was looking at. His neck? He arched his brows, his skepticism perturbed by his confusion. David raised one of his hands to the area of interest, gently running his fingers over it. "I wouldn't exactly call what I can do 'special', per se."
  5. "Well then, how about a battle? My pokemon against yours. You're a trainer right?" He said, then threw out his Houndoom. The houndoom raised its head and spit a mighty column of black fire. "Rypjaw here is really itching for a tough fight. He loves to battle dont you , boy?" He said rubbing the helldogs fur behind his ear. That was his favorite spot to be rubbed.

    In the middle of this, the ground started rumbling. Cyko immediately looked up and yelled "Run for cover!!! Earthquake!!" He then ran towards a nearby cave. When he got in he then sighed.
  6. David looked down at the canine disdainfully before administering an equally askance look to its trainer. Despite his abrasive demeanour, he resented competition to an infinite degree. He simply didn't possess the passion or energy needed to connect with people in such an intimate way. On the other hand, his animosity for refusing a challenge was far greater than the challenge in question. Akimbo, who already knew this, let out a weary vibrato.

    Before he could articulate a response, however, the ground groaned in complaint and shifted beneath their feet. He was already well aware of such and exclaimed yet another obscenity in his shock. David had survived through drowning - he wasn't going to die just because the earth decided to throw a tantrum. He hobbled after his contemporary acquaintance with all the vigour he could congregate and threw himself against the cave's craggy surface. The mystic tumbled for any distinct moments before landing flat against his stomach, huffing in the cavern's stale air. The Drifloon groaned groggily, resting her head against the flat of his back. She, at least, was okay.
  7. Cyko threw out Xyko and told him to guard the entrance with his wings. Cyko then told Rypjaw to start a fire. "His fire sets anything on fire, flammable or not. Even normally unflammable objects like water burn. Its useful in situations like this." He then stopped when he heard a growling at the back of the cave. He told Rypjaw to set the wall on fire. The pokemon was a Noivern guarding a liter of Eevees. He sighed and walked over to it. "Your ok, we're safe. We wont hurt you," He said calmly. He went to the Eevees and noticed a shiny Eevee in the group. "Hey, theres a shiny over here, come look," He said motioning over to him.
  8. Never had David been gladder for a flaw in the laws of physics. He pushed himself into a sitting position brusquely, rubbing his sore forearm that he had categorically bruised in the process of escaping the earthquake, unprecedented as it was. He decided not to question how the natural phenomenon hadn't spread to the subterranean, where tremors should've been prevalent and catastrophic in damage; logic didn't seem to be in his favour at the present moment. He raised his face pessimistically to the growling and his hand automatically darted to his side for one of his stronger teammates, but he found himself reassured by the Houndoom and its esoteric fire breath.

    "Speak for yourself," he muttered, standing crudely and halfheartedly patting himself down. With the help of a jaded Akimbo, he shuffled to the far side of the cavern of which his acquaintance spoke and slouched over the pile. His eyes glazed over the litter until they finally landed on the oddly coloured Eevee amongst the group. The corners of his mouth perked up into an involuntary smile. He coughed into his hand, reinforcing his impassive disposition. "That's cool, I guess."
  9. Cyko counted the number of eevees in the litter and came with a total of 16. Afterwards, he returned Xyko to his Pokeball and checked outside. "Coast is clear, now.." He said to his newly made aquaintance. "I never got your name though, because the land had a fit that stopped our conversation." He said, walking outside, noticing two Eevees following him. "Hey guys, you want to come with me?" He said. They happily said yes. Then he noticed one was the shiny one. "Hmm.... What should I name you guys?"

    After seconds of thinking, he named the shiny one Aria and the normal one Rayvu. He then ran back inside and said "Meet Aria and Rayvu. Aria is the shiny one, who i assume is a girl, and the normal one is Rayvu." Then he threw back out Xyko to guard the entrance with his steel hard wings. Then, he threw out Arikuuu.
  10. He crouched down and offered his hand to the litter carefully, chuckling (A dry sound with little humour behind it) when one of them nuzzled its face against his knuckles. He had reached down to gently stroke the Eevee's silken fur when his companion's voice reminded him of his professionalism. David sighed and stood and arched his back lethargically, his thumbs pressed firmly on either side of his lower spine. He grunted when it responded with a satisfying crack and tore himself away from the litter, trudging towards the lip of the cavern.

    "So it is," he agreed unenthusiastically, eyes glazing over the moderately disturbed landscape as he scratched at the side of his neck, where the stranger's eyes had landed minutes earlier. "My name's David. This is Akimbo." He pointed up to the Drifloon who gave a chipper hum at her name before going back to troubling his neck with the same hand.
  11. "Im Cyko. Cyko Xyru. The dragon is Xyko, The Eevees are Aria and Rayvh, and this is Arikuuu, the Meowstic, and Rypjaw, the Houndoom, and my Dewgong, which I havent named yet." He said throwing out the seal pokemon. "Alright! Rypjaw! Arikuuu! Dewgong! Start caving out the cave more!" Which they started doing. After an hour, the renovations were done. The cave was about 40 feet long, front to back.

    "Its cool right? I think its cool." He said, staring at the back of the cave. He released everyone and told them where they sleep. After, he sent Rypjaw and Xyko out to get firewood. They came back in 30 minutes.
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  12. A green, lizard-like Pokémon stood above on a small tree while glancing down at the cavern that got some of his attention. He was relieved that he was not affected as much from the earthquake, since he was not near any potentially dangerous debris when it went off earlier. He continued to observe the nearby area around himself, as his body camoflaged him along with the leaves that quietly danced along with the small zephyr. The big leaf that concealed his face extended slightly above his head, as it covered himself even more from any watching eyes. His eyes widened when he briefly saw two mysterious figures going into the cave. He thought to himself while he cautiously climbed down the tree, "Huh, wha- what the? Who are those things... all I saw was this dragon guy and then this big dog that looks rather scary..."

    He took in a rather hesitant breath when he got to the ground, as he heard some approaching footsteps that appeared to come from the direction of the sandy shorelines. He quickly turned his head over and attempted to keep his cool, as he saw what frightened him the most: an enormous spider Pokémon! His pulse began to rapidly elevate like a car's starting engine, as his body trembled with his accumulating disquietude. He took some quick steps away from the menacing Pokémon, as the Pokémon said to him in a slightly buzzing, feminine voice that was full of derision, "Daww... what do we have here? A little stranger that is scared of a big spider? So tell me, does the baby need his mommy to give him his bottle and tuck him to sleep? Or does the little baby need to have a little kissey kissey to calm down?"

    The lizard Pokémon stayed silent with visible fear towards the other Pokémon, as he looked rather teary-eyed to her. The Pokémon replied to him with some snickering, "Aww come on little baby... are you going to cry now? Oh my, it seems like you are really a big crybaby aren't you? Come on now... are you really scared of the big and girly Ariados?" The Pokémon continued to stay speechless towards the Ariados, as he emitted a babyish cry towards the Ariados.

    The Ariados gave off a huge laugh, as it masked off an approaching, angry buzzing with flapping noises that came from the Ariados's rear direction. The Ariados made a slight vibration with her left leg, as the Pokémon was too petrified to even react now. The Ariados gasped and felt a huge force that came from behind her head, as she turned around and shouted in an enraging buzz, "OW! WHAT THE- YOU AGAIN? COME ON YOU LITTLE LADYBUG, WHAT YOU GONNA DO HUH?"

    The red, ladybug-like Pokémon replied in an assertive tone, "I'll tell what you what I'm going to do... I'm going to make you shut up that foul mouth of your's! You don't just go picking on little Pokémon like that! Do you see what you just did to that Pokémon?! He's in tears now since you scared the living hell out of him!"

    The ladybug-like Pokémon continued on after taking a deep breath, "You should know better than to not be bullying around baby Pokémon! You better apoligize to him right now or else you're really getting it this time!"

    The Ariados snickered and replied, "Tch... tough luck Ledian. I don't need to say sorry to a poor, little baby that can't even defend himself."

    The Ledian took in a swift breath, as she retorted, "Alright, that's it! You're really going to get it this time!" Her fists shook about, as she charged towards the Ariados with bravery! She nimbly tackled the Ariados with great force, as the Ariados exclaimed in a thunderous tone, "AHH, STOP! COME ON, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW THAT MOVE!"

    The Ledian chuckled and replied back, "Who's laughing now huh? The old saying never gets obsolete... as one imposes, so shall that very one experience." The Ariados continued to scream about in excruciating pain that she was experiencing from the super effective attack that the Ledian executed on her with haste. The Ledian flew over to the now sobbing Pokémon, as she said to him in a calm tone, "Hey, are you okay? Come on, look at me baby... I'm not here to hurt you or anything, I'm just here to try to calm you first before you go. You look pretty young here, I don't think you should be going off alone like that you know. I understand that you might be more on the silent side, and I'm okay with that... I just need you to take some deep breaths to calm down here."

    The Pokémon cried out at the Ledian in a deep sorrow, as the Ledian gave a gentle pat to his back with her right arms. She turned around for a brief second and noticed that the Ariados was now gone, as she thought to herself, "Heh, that good for nothing spider ran off as usual! That'll surely teach her to not mess with the baby Pokémon now!"

    The Ledian softly stroked the Pokémon's back in an attempt to mollify his abundant preturbation, as the Pokémon covered his eyes and sniveled at the Ledian. Even though the Ledian could only speak her name in parts or as a whole, he still knew that he could understand other Pokémon if they were kind enough to give him some time and long awaited comfort. The Ledian said to the Pokémon in a maternal tone, "Do you want me to get you some berries from that bush over there? You seem like you could use something to eat here, and I understand if you are too shy to talk."

    The Pokémon gave a hesitant nod at her in response, as she smiled and replied, "Okay then, just stay there alright? If you need to, just lie down on that gray rock behind you if you're feeling a bit tired right now." The Pokémon nodded again at the Ledian, as she winked at him and flew off towards the nearby bush of what appeared to be round, bluish berries from a distance. The Pokémon continued to quietly sob to himself, as he uttered out a distinct wail towards the light blue sky that gave off a strong message of bereavement.
  13. Cyko heard pokemon speak outside the cave and saw a small, gecko- like pokemon who seemed like it was crying. "Hey little guy, how are you? What happened?" He said, then turned around and saw the noivern peeking out of the cave. "Shoo! Shoo! You go back in there!" He shouted, as it retreated into the cave. Then Aria and Rayvu ran out of the cave, and then he said "This is Aria, the white Eevee, and Rayvu, the normal Eevee."
  14. A harsh light was the first thing that Kemen had seen upon regaining consciousness. He'd immediately feared the worst; that he'd been swept away to a watery grave, mere hours before he was due to arrive in Alola, for his first showcase there, but as the light was shrouded by a fluffy cloud, his fears had all but melted away. He was alive. Far from home, and somewhere he didn't recognise, but still alive.

    He was soaked to the bone, and on his knees in the waves now, hacking as much water as he could out of his lungs. Ordinarily, he would've been thinking about how much of mess he looked; he was soaked to the bone, and freezing, thanks to the seawater, with his fringe plastered to his forehead, and bloodshot eyes, but right now, all he could afford to think about was not dying from secondary drowning. Water just kept coming up from lungs, too quickly even for him to wipe his mouth between coughs.

    Finally, it seemed, he was done, and he checked his pockets, for his pokeballs. Thankfully, all four of them were still there.

    He sent out his team one at a time, grateful for the warm ebrace they greeted him with.
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  15. The Pokémon continued to quietly weep while he slowly turned towards the unfamiliar figure that appeared to be more than even double of his height. His consternation was clearly visible to even the untrained eye, as he emitted off a frightened cry towards the boy. He felt rather intimidated from the boy's size, since his height beared resemblance to a giant in his pessimistic outlook. He slowly took some steps away from the boy, as his body trembled with his unnerve that was now beyond abundance. He babbled out to the boy with diffidence and clear incomprehension, "N- N- N- Ne... Ne....... Nef... filo......." [Translation: Not Understandable]

    He attempted to cease his continuous sobbing in front of the boy, since he did not want to appear weak to him or towards any other Pokémon that could be within the area. Unfortunately, his huge, feeble efforts still failed to halt his constant bawling. He stood in front the boy from a few feet away while attempting to regain his cool, as he hoped that the boy would not attempt to torment him like the Ariados did with extreme harassment earlier.
  16. David had settled on assisting the benevolent Noivern in her personal interests for the litter. The young man had hobbled to the nesting area the docile giant had assembled whilst his new companion commanded his teammates with a totalitarian enthusiasm. He collapsed next to it, raising his arms in an embellished yawn and slowly lifted an eyelid at the guttural sounding of a snarl. The Noivern was suspended from the ceiling by her monstrous claws, her lips pulled back in a gruesome sneer. David mimicked her, glowering up at the cavern's roof and lowering his hands back to his lap.

    "Hey, I don't want to be here either," he countered pointedly. David's specialty was the dead, albeit he didn't need to be able to coherently understand her to know that she was unhappy with his presence. She emitted a low, warning hiss, her tail swishing impatiently behind her. "I might be stuck here for a while. At least let me help you out."

    Her next growl abruptly petered out once the same Eevee as earlier struggled to clamber up David's leg, its forepaws pressed firmly into his thigh and its hind legs endeavouring to further scale him. He carefully lifted the varmint by its sides and the Noivern watched his actions attentively, a gnarl growing in her throat and her muscles pulled taut, as he delicately placed it into his benumbed lap. After several moments, she dropped from the ceiling like a stalactite, landing next to him with a loud thump. Her expression was still greatly distrusting, but she did not attempt to attack him.

    "Glad we sorted that out," he jeered, tenderly brushing his hand over the Eevee, who was now affectionately biting his fingers. The Noivern gave a great huff and turned her head on him.
  17. "I'm ok," Kemen assured his pokemon, as they made quiet little sounds in concern for him, "I think I managed to get all of the water out..."

    With some effort, and the help of his honchkrow partner, Don, Kemen managed to pull himself to his feet, relieved to find that he hadn't sustained any injuries. Like this, he had a much better chance of surviving, at least, for long enough until someone came to rescue him.

    Marion, Kemen's banette, was the first to catch sight of their company; a strange pokemon, who appeared to be upset. She'd seen a variety of different pokemon, having joined Kemen in his many journeys to other regions, but she'd never seen anything like that thing before...

    The cursed doll thought about approaching it, but soon decided against the idea. Everywhere she went, pokemon screamed at the sight of her, on account of the fact that she was a banette. All of them assumed that she planned to practice her powers on them, before going on to slaughter the child who had thrown her away...

    Instead, she tugged at Kemen's trouser leg, as he was fussing with his shirt. The creature would probably appreciate seeing a human being, rather than a cursed doll...

    "Hm? Did you need me, Marion?" Kemen asked, as soon as he was done brushing the sand off of his shirt.

    "Ba, banette," she replied, pointing ahead.

    Kemen observed the creature carefully, cocking his head as he examined its features. Never had he seen a pokemon like that before, not even in the various travel guides he lost himself in, when he wasn't off performing somewhere, or in one of the books that his boyfriend, Daniel, loved to read when he wasn't down with fibro flares...

    Eventually, he decided to head towards it, closely tailed by his honchkrow, salazzle, banette, and pachirisu.

    "Hey there," he greeted, with a heavy Basque lisp, "Are you alright?"
  18. "Hey there, did you just say 'neflio'? I didnt hear what you meant." He said in a calming voice. He decided to send Aria and Rayvu back into the house/cave. He then kneeled down and said "We won hurt you at all." He then walked away for some wood that was in a pile, until something sharp connected with his head. Then absolute darkness.
  19. With some help of translation from his latex companion, David agreed to gather food for the Noivern and her pups. He set the Eevee in his lap aside and stood disgruntledly, exhaling a breath of discontent. He made his infamous dismissive gesture towards the maternal beast when she tried to snap a complaint at his back as he left. Akimbo exclaimed an apology for her trainer's behaviour, which both parties heartily ignored.

    He doddered towards the mouth of the cave, where light pooled in and illuminated what Rypjaw's abstruse fire did not. The young mystic massaged his injured elbow with his thumb, relishing in the sharp pain it induced. At least he could feel his arms, right?

    He squinted once he reached the outside world, his eyes adjusting to the sun's natural light after the time spent in the cavern. He was more than shocked to witness a human shape stood outside its entrance. His lips parted for but a moment before curving into a impassive grin. He laughed dryly, propping himself against the cave's outer wall.

    "You wouldn't believe how grateful I am to see another person here. It would've driven me to madness if I had to put up with that kid alone," he proclaimed, shaking his head incredulously. His eyes flickered down to the snivelling reptilian and his expression darkened, smile falling into a frown. "What's up with him?"
  20. Another person's voice caught Kemen's attention, as well as Marion's, and the banette hid behind her trainer, as he faced the newcomer.

    Kemen wasn't quite sure how to react, at the sight of the stranger. He was grateful not to be alone, wherever he'd managed to end up; now, he wouldn't slowly lose his mind from lack of human contact, assuming that it'd be ages before they were rescued. But, judging from his bedraggled state, and noticeable injuries, he too must have wound up here as the result of a similar accident. He too must have a family, whom were probably worried sick about him, assuming they'd been told that he'd gotten lost at sea, like Kemen.

    Kemen fussed with his shirt's collar until it sat straight, before facing the stranger. "I've yet to find out, I'm afraid," he answered cordially, "I'm not even sure that I'd be able to help, since I don't know exactly what he is..."

    The boy cursed inwardly, upon realising that he'd completely forgotten his manners. If his mother had found out that he hadn't even greeted the stranger yet, she'd have fainted, he was certain of it.

    "Oh! My apologies, I haven't even told you my name yet," he began, "I'm Kemen. Kemen Iniguez Bolibar."
  21. The Nefilo's unease was visible towards the other new unknown people and Pokémon that were now nearby, as his anxiety continued to uprise like a country's economy that went into mass inflation. He quickly ran towards the bush near the cave with huge Impulse, as he continued to sob towards everyone. He hoped that he was not getting too much attention, especially from the two Pokémon that went back into the cave. He swiftly ran into the bush and hid within the leaves that the big leaf that covered his face blended in with. He continued to quietly sob to himself while he attempted to charge a rather powerful attack, in case of the worse case scenario if someone, someone like the Ariados from earlier or even worse would come and assault him until the end of days.

    His body started to glow in a greenish aura, as he gradually gathered in as much energy as his babyish body could sustain. He thought to himself while he took in rather deep breaths and clenched his hands into fists, "Ack... no one's gonna get me... if that big, bad and red spider comes back... he's sure as hell gonna have it! I can't back down now... I just gotta keep at it... come on, charge faster already!"
  22. He glanced back towards the erstwhile stranger, his eyes bemused. David raised his hand and offered it to him with all the reciprocity that he possessed, which was not much whatsoever.

    "Novosel, David," he replied unctuously, giving Kemen an indiscreet onceover. It was simple enough to conclude that he, too, had been left to suffer the tide's frigid wrath, as evident by his sodden presence and tattered clothing - the same factors in his appearance as David's own. He felt a twang in his heart (Not quite empathy, but something close), the memory of his near-death still fresh in his mind. His appreciation for whatever divine forces watched over them was uncanny; Kemen would not have to find his white and glacial corpse on the shoreline, and David would not have to find his.

    The Drifloon, who had restored some of her energy, gave a disheartened tritone, interrupting David's thoughts. He shifted his attention back to where the foreign creature had once been, watching it dart into the nearby bushes with indifference. He pursed his thin lips, his hand instinctively moving back to his throat. A thought came to his head.

    "There's something on my neck, isn't there?" he inquired to his half-drowned acquaintance. He tentatively moved his hand out of the way for him to examine and he held his breath apprehensively. "That kid- Psycho, or whatever- never gave me the chance to ask, but he kept staring at it."
  23. Cyko was facing down on the ground, completly knocked out. The lucario stood over hjm grinning. "Whos next?" He said in a rough bad guy tone.
  24. With the creature, whom had piqued the interest of Kemen's pokemon gone, the pachirisu, honchkrow, and salazzle came back to their master's side. Don landed on Kemen's shoulder gracefully, tipping his hat-like cranium at David with his wing.

    At David's request, Kemen craned his neck forward, scanning his new-found companion for...He wasn't sure exactly, what he was supposed to be looking for, but he was certain that he would know it when he saw it.

    While his pachirisu busied herself with chasing her own tail, Kemen managed to find a strange mark on his companion's neck. It appeared to be a number, either that, or some oddly-shaped burn mark...

    "Well, yes, there is something on your neck," Kemen answered, "A number four, I believe."

    Aoki began to slow down, having become dizzy rather quickly. Kemen picked the troublesome little squirrel up, lest she continue her little game, and make herself sick.

    "You mentioned that there's someone else here, named, Psycho?" Kemen continued, "Tell me, how many people are with you?"
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  25. A very muffled voice said "Its csy-" before being cut off by a sharp whack. The lucario then saw others and repeated, this time charging with a steel bone rush, hitting the person holding a pachirisu, tben used aura sphere on the other, before jumping ontop of the cave home watching his hostage.
  26. (Dude, you can't do that! Don't force hits on us. We'll get to your character.)

    Aoki squirmed for a bit, until Kemen placated her, with a scratch on her belly. Immediately, the pachirisu calmed down, instead relaxing in the boy's toned arms.

    "I thought I told you not to chase your own tail," Kemen scolded, "You always make yourself sick!"

    The pachirisu grumbled quietly, like a child who'd been scolded for getting in trouble at school. It was a mystery to her, how else she was supposed to keep herself occupied, when she didn't have Kemen's attention...
  27. David clenched his jaw, fingers mapping out the surface of his neck before finally discovering the agglomeration at his trapezius. It was much smaller than he had imagined, he mused, running his fingertips over the blemish as though it might be brail. He vaguely made out the number 9 and hesitated, holding his palm over the deformity. He discovered it to be a closed 4, as Kemen had said, rather than the antecedent glyph. He frowned and lowered his hand from the anomaly.

    "Just him, as far as I'm concerned," he replied, his expression losing its humours. He absentmindedly scratched his chin and stifled a yawn in his fist. Akimbo found herself interested in their current, mammalian counterparts. She descended several inches so that she was hovering below David's shoulder, peering curiously at the oddly coloured Pachirisu and chirping ebulliently. David himself nodded aversely to the bird perched on his accomplice. "But if you're here, I'd reckon there are more of us out there."
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