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Open The Life of Highschoolers Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Name: Aspen
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Aspen has shoulder length brown hair that she generally keeps in a ponytail. She generally wears a gray tee-shirt with a Pikachu design on it, but that doesn't usually show through since she wears her light blue hooded jacket over it most of the time. Aspen also wears jeans and black boots. She wears glasses.
    Personality: Aspen hates to see other people hurt and will stand up for them if they are being mistreated. She is musically inclined(though she will deny it) and likes to draw and write in her free time. Aspen can be rather awkward, which she verbally beats herself up over. She is humble and loyal to a fault,
    Type: The New Girl(She just moved to _____ from her home city of Snowbourough. It would be helpful if you could tell the name of the city that the high school is in)
    Crush (if you have one): She's new in town, so she can't really have a crush yet!
  2. Name: Even
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blood-red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, black jacket, blue jeans, black tennis shoes.
    Personality: Quiet and anti-social, quick to anger. Generally unhappy, but does have a soft side and appreciates the beauty of nature.
    Type: Troubled
    Crush: None
  3. Alrighty! You can both join, and the town and school will be made up...How about...

    Lisidia is the town and the school...
    Handrakes Highschool.
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  4. @AspenTR33 are you gonna reply, or just not yet.
  5. I did, I thought.
  6. Name: Elisabeth "Lis" Fifer
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Lis is a very pretty girl with slightly sun-kissed skin. Her hair is dyed a wispy silver color, and it's always in a ponytail. She has light freckles dotted on her nose and cheeks, and she has stormy grey eyes that have flecks of green. Her form is quite petite and fit, and she has a scar on the back of her left hand. She wears a loose, grey t-shirt, and short bleached jean shorts. Lis wears white adidas superstars, and a few bracelets. Over the shirt, she wears a loose white zip-up sweatshirt.
    Personality: Lis prefers solitude over anything extroverted. Though she looks and fits with the jocks and the like, she's rather introverted and likes to keep to herself. She won't hesitate to stand up for her friends, and strangers too.
    Type: The Popular Girl
    Crush: N/A

    Please tell me if I should change anything! :)
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  7. Name: Revis "Rev" Xenia
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Rev is like most typical Emos although a little more fashion sensitive, with a pale white face, raven black hair parted on the left and brushed over one of his eyes, olive green eyes with black eyeliner. He is athletic, taller than most people, and has a decent set of muscles. He typically wears a black hoodie, black buttonup shirt, black jeans with small chains outlining his pockets, black Vans shoes.
    Personality: Rev is typically darker then most people and is rather pessimistic. However he is talented in academics and plays on the school's football team, and plays the electric guitar on the side. He tends to keep to a close, small group of friends as far as his social life goes.
    Type: Emo Hipster
    Crush: Lis
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  8. Again sorry for the language. Skimmed over that part and tried to make my character a little too edgy. Won't happen again.
  9. It's okay, as long as it doesn't happen again.
  10. Um, @Slytherin do you mind changing your profile pic? It's a bit disturbing, to at least me.
  11. He's only spitting out juice, but I guess.
  12. Sure, that's just what you want us to think :)
  13. I'm just kidding.
  14. Sorry. I'm not a great mood.
  15. What bugged you about it?
  16. The fact he was spitting it out. It could've been anything. That's why...sorry
  17. Hey, @Yello.lol, can I be a music teacher?
  18. I Just need you to give the teacher information.
  19. I'll get to making it then!
  20. How many classes in a day?
  21. 7 normal classes each day, including Math, English, Social Studies, PE, Music, Science, and Technology. I also include extra classes, or specials, such as band, show choir, wood work, fencing, swim team, and football team, which can be handled after school.
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  22. I'd like to join!
    Name: Cory Blackthorn
    Gender: Male
    Appearance : White button up shirt with a black jumper, and always wears black jeans. His hair is jet - black and his eyes are a very light blue. His skin is a very pale color.
    Personality: Is very quiet, is a great writer but he doesn't think so. Mostly pessimistic.
    Type: Mysterious
    Crush : He doesn't know yet.
  23. May I please join? Here's my info:

    Name: Eva Yuri
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Eva has blonde hair that reaches her shoulder and her bangs cover her left eye. She has green eyes, pale skin, and is rather chubby. She wears a black zip hoodie, a black undershirt, jeans, and black sneakers.
    Personality: Eva is a quiet person who cares a lot. She tries to think about everyone else's feelings and tends to get bullied because of her weight. Whenever she is bullied, she quietly takes it, not really caring what happens to her. She's not the best at making friends.
    Type: Bookworm. She loves reading and normally has a book at her side.
    Crush: No one.
  24. So can we join in when we feel like it's the best time? Or do we have to join in now?
  25. No problem, and you can join in whenever.
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  26. Hey uh, Id love to join,

    Granted my Charcaracter is Schizophrenic....

    Any ways

    Name: Rye "Roman" Everdale
    Age: 16
    Appearance : Clean Haircut, Usually wearing Cargo shorts, no matter the weather, a tank top, with a white Tshirt over it, with a sweatshirt, which has "Roman" stitched in the back. Actually works very hard to maintain a athletic build, aka visible six pack, and struggles to gain weight.
    Personality: Roman is sort of an oddball. He sticks up for the lowerclassmen, and also tends to get into fights to protect said "Freshies". He gets a lot of crap, for not doing to well in school, even though he is amazingly smart, he barely is interested in most topics, aside from Guitar and English. He is terrible at math, due to the usage of rules upon rules, and he has a hard time differentiating said rules. He can fall asleep anywhere as well, leading to several detentions. Also his lack of organization make everyday life a struggle, no one even noticing these critical flaws. He also is deathly afraid of social Isolation, and can come across as desperate or needy. Often misinterprets nice gestures, as a sign of wanting to date or something along the lines, leading him to hate the person most times because they don't share the same feelings. His Schizophrenia doesn't help, as he has 4 voices encouraging him to do good, but one is dragging him down. 1st voice is rather annoying and needy like him, 2nd voice is like an older sibling, always giving helpful advise. 3rd is mean and abusive, telling Roman to hurt himself often. Rarely apologizes. 4th voice is the nicest. She talks to Roman and understands him, and shares the same interests as him. 5th voice makes sure 3rdvoice doesn't cause "too much" trouble.

    Crush: Lis (If she will allow it)
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  27. Swearing is not aloud in my RP, or discussion page, so I must have you edit that.
  28. Fine, I won't swear? I read your rules but I'm not even in the RP yet.
  29. And may i have you edit the killing part. I don't want too much violence. I never did add that into the rules, though, so I should.
    Like I said, i don't want swearing in the discussion page either
  30. Sorry that I'm being picky.
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  31. Okay, I'm literally finished, am I accepted?

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