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Private/Closed The Hotel

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. OOC and Character Bio https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-hotel-disscusion-thread.18061/
    Collin kept driving. That's all he seemed to do these days. He couldn't help but relies how much of a neuscene he was to everyone. As he kept driving smoke started to come out of his engine.. " Fuck." Collin said. He pulled over to a hotel on the right side of the road. He could barley make the turn. As he made it to the parking lot he nearly hits a car as he parks. He got out of his car and walk towards the front. He opened the hood as smoke rushes towards. He caughs a little as he looks at the engine. He pulled out the broken Serpentine Belt. " Great." He said. " There goes four hundred dollars I don't have." He walked towards the Hotel. He walks inside. " Hey does anyone know a tow company." Collin said.
    " Non that'll have your car towed until Monday." The man at the register said. " I reckon you could stay here a couple nights. I'll give you are cheapest room. Thirty dollars a night."
    Collin sighed as he heard that. " Alright." Collin did the paper work.
    " Unfortanently it looks like it'll be an hour until the person in that room leaves. So you can just stay out here for that time."
    Collin shooked his head and sat down on the far side of the room giving him a good angle of the door.
  2. Halt drove over to the motel he was set to stay at until his work trip was rescheduled. Parking his red 4by4 work truck, Halt walked inside. "Hey," he said walking to the guy at the register. "I have a room here, for Halt?" The receptionist pushed some buttons on his keyboard. "Yes sir. You are prepaid for floor 3. We weren't expecting you so soon though, your rooms not ready. Could you please wait a little?" He asked. "Not much else to do." Halt said quietly, walking over to the lounge area. He sat down on the sofa and pulled out his smartphone and started to read the news.
  3. Mike had drove in the hotel yawning. When he could finally find a parking space he had made his way to the hotel carrying a suit case filled with all type of stuff. When he finally got in the hotel he went to the cash register ordering a room for 5 nights. "Were sorry sir but your going to need to wait an hour seeing a persons already in the room"The lady said. Mike then went and sat down watching news on his iPhone 7
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  4. Troy pulled his knees tightly to his chest as three people arrived at the hotel. His nose already in a book, he only pushed it closer to his face as he glanced over the top at the three men who had arrived, silently studying their appearances. As quietly as he could, trying not to draw attention to himself, he set the book down on the chair he was curled up in, and grabbed his writer's journal as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and clicked his pen (which had been sitting in the book).
    He quickly began to write, taking notes of the arrivals appearances. How fascinating, the first man's attire seemed disheveled, as well as his hair. A little black smudge sat on his nose, and he seemed to be a little upset. None of this information was left out as he glanced over at the second man. Nicer clothes than the first man, and he seemed well cleaned. The best Troy could determine that he was on a work trip, or something of the sort. He wrote this down as he moved his attention to the third man, the tired looking one staring in boredom at his phone.
    He didn't seem to be extremely talkative, at least from what Troy had gathered, concluding the man hadn't uttered a word since entering.
    Three very different men, all with equally different personalities and fashions. Finally jotting down his last note, Troy closed the journal with a loud 'snap', and returned it to it's position beneath his leg as he grabbed his reading book, and buried his face into it again, the book was labeled 'Heart of Darkness', something he'd already read multiple times, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Every time he read it, he'd always imagine the African congos, how lush the trees were, how deadly the environment was. It was always a wonder to the British writer.
  5. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Santiago looked up at the massive hotel. He bore a black jacket with a thick blank white outline around it. His clothes were all chaos black. One would assume he was some kind of priest or deacon, especially considering the golden cross that dangled from his neck. His clothes seemed like they were dirty. They reminded people of some kind of person from a post apocalyptic future where a nuclear war stained everyone's clothes. Santiago started marching towards the building, with his arms so far apart from his body, that it was like there were magnets attatched on them. He entered the hotel and saw a woman at a desk. Santiago approached her.

    "Hello!" The woman said, in a friendly way. "Do you want to book a room?"

    Santiago stood there and gave her a blank expression. There was a young boy in the waiting room. He looked up, almost in awe, of the man.

    "I'll take that as a yes." She said. "We have rooms on the first floor still available. Or-"

    Santiago launched his arm out at the woman. The arm fell upon the table and then a finger emerged. The finger was pointing to the plan of the hotel the woman had. It was pointed to the sixth floor-an empty slot-room number 666.

    "This one?" She asked. Santiago nodded his head.

    "And what's your last name?"

    "Nonedescript." Santiago finally spoke. His voice sounded American, but had a tint of Britishness to it too but ultimately, it was very robotic.

    "What now? Just give me your first name."

    "Santiago." He said, robotically and in a monotonous fashion. Part of the word sounded broken, so that it sounded as if he was saying two words, 'Sant' and 'iago.'
  6. Vee was, for a lack of better words, stumped. She was hoping that she'd be able to get away from work, from stress, a quiet vacation in a historical-ish town. But no, here she was, driving around anxiously, looking for the motel that was pulled up on her phone's GPS. She'd booked a smaller room in a smaller hotel about 20 miles east, but apparently, some very important music artist rented out her entire floor, essentially kicking the girl out of her main resort of a place to sleep. So she looked up the nearest hotel, which was much too far away for her belief, and was rather expensive-looking by the images Google provided. But she finally managed to find it, and pull her Subaru into the parking lot. She stepped out, surprised at the sudden burst of cold-ish air, wrapping her jacket around her a bit tighter and walking in. This place looked much too expensive for her budget, but it was a last resort. So she stepped up to the front desk.
    "Hi, um, I was hoping I'd be able to book a room?" she tweedled. The woman at the desk winced. "Well, actually, most of our rooms- well, all of our rooms, are currently full, but someone is scheduled to leave room 324 in... an hour or so if you're willing to wait."
    "Are all these other people waiting on rooms, too?" Vee cringed, taking a glance around at the waiting room. The woman nodded, earning a sigh from the customer.
    "Okay, I'll take it. How much will it be?"
    "$45 a night. And your name?"
    "Oh. Vee."
    "That's a beautiful name," the woman at the desk smiled, and Vee murmured a thank you as she slid her card across the desk.
    She turned around, quietly scanning the room, and picking a seat not too far (she didn't want to look edgily suspicious) but not too close to a quiet-looking person in the room, silently sitting down and pulling out her phone, clicking it on to display the time.
  7. The next two customers were vastly different and even more entertaining than the original three that had all taken seats in the lounge room. 'Heart of Darkness' now sat on the night stand beside him as he feverishly jotted down tidbits of facts, information, and details down in his notes.
    The latest man to enter was definitely a man most would assume as a 'don't mess with him' and a 'no-nonsense' kind of guy. Big burly arms seemed to be what would capture most people's attention, but the golden cross necklace reflecting the ceiling light of the lounge room caught Troy's attention the most, and he jotted down some more notes. So he has religion.
    Onto the girl. The only female in the lounge room. Naturally, he felt a slight rise of tension in the room as most of the men (or was it just him?) tense up, as one would naturally do around the presence of a woman. He glanced at her over the top of his journal, and quickly jotted down some more notes. She seemed to be a little frustrated, and possibly ready to vent herself on somebody. None of the men had better decide to flirt with her, because from the way it looked, they might not get the reaction they'll want. Her slightly disheveled hair, her tired frame, and her rather nice wrists- No. Why was he staring at her wrists? How odd of him.
    He continued to jot down some after thoughts.
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  8. Mike was just sitting around looking at his phone until he couldn't help but notice a man taking notes of people it was quite obvious at first he acted all though he was writing a list of all the people he has been in the same room with in his lifetime. "How peculiar" Mike coulden't help but think. A person taking notes of people and he was the manager of this place it just seemed unsettling. Mike had then glared at the guy for a good 5 seconds until he looked back at his phone.
  9. Halt watched the man write his notes. "You better not have anything about me." He said in his gruff tone. He said this as a warning, but wouldn't mind taking those notes from him. "If so, remove them."
  10. Troy continued to write, before looking up suddenly, and pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose again, as they had slid down. The moment he looked up was the moment when the third guy seemed to look away, before he finally registered someone's words. The second man.
    He turned to Halt, and looked about, creasing his eyebrows, before turning back to the man. "U-um, *ahem*, excuse me?" He asked, obvious confusion in his tone.
  11. Halt groaned slightly. "Your writing. Anything about me?" He said, obvious accusation in his tone. "I don't want anything about me online."
  12. Troy blinked. "Nonono, I'm writing about people in general. I study the way they dress, their behaviors and attitudes, and make observations and conclusions." He said lightly as he slowly tucked the journal away. "Nothing solely pertaining to you, just your attire and from what I can make of your personal life through observation."
  13. Halt looked up from his phone. "Then if it's not too important, delete it." He looked back down at his phone. Seriously, people these days. Judging everyone they see.
  14. Mike just looked at Troy with a face like he had just made a bad joke. "You do know you just admitted your writing about people you don't even know right?" Mike said to Troy. "Like I don't think any of us would agree to you writing about us without us knowing I sure know I woulden't " Mike had said to Troy.
  15. "Of course I know what I just said. It came out of my only mouth, right?" Troy replied to Mike. With a sigh, he perked up in his seat. "I'm an aspiring writer. I've traveled here from my home in London to study people in different cultures, and what's more diverse than the United States?" He said, adding a small chuckle towards the end of his sentence. "Concluding I actually know none of you, you have virtually nothing to worry about, as I'm just collecting ideas. I don't wish to start an argy-bargy with any of you."
  16. "Well you should have said that in the first place here we are thinking some random man us just writing about us but he is just studying people in America" Mike said. "Well since we have that cleared up you do whatever you were doing" Mike said looking back at his phone.
  17. Vee grimaced at the men ganging up on him.
    "What is your problem? He's a writer, and he's writing. I don't see the issue. I can guarantee there's nothing too obviously suspicious about the lot of you; unless there's something we should be worried about, and if that's the case you ought to leave." she hissed. "He's clearly not from here. He's just admiring the beauty of diversity, which I must admit must take talent to see beauty in people like you." she dropped the words like tiny bombs, not to herself but not directly at them either. Just a statement left hanging in the air for the mind to contemplate, leaving a bitter silence. That was, she guessed, until someone started the argument over again.
  18. Troy was appalled, his mouth hanging stupidly open as he stared at the woman defending him, and she didn't even know him. He was in awe of her, and blinked a couple of times before realizing what he was doing, and quickly shut his mouth, and leaned back into his seat as he swiped Heart of Darkness from the night stand and buried his face in it, his face turning red. "What a corker." He muttered to himself, still blinded by her show of savage kindness.
  19. Halt grunted. "You want diversity? Go to New York. People there don't even speak English. You'd have your notes for years." He said, in a rough and gruff tone. He picked back up his phone, and started to read the news on it again.
  20. Colin watched the new people from a distance. He got up and started to walk to the front desk and grabbed his key. ' At least I'm not crazy.' He thought. " That's something." He said as he started to walk towards the elevator. He opened it and walked in. He noticed that it was taking some time for it to close.
  21. Mike had just simply breathed as if to say theres always that one person who wants to heat the fire. "Ok I was just worrying about my state of my well being seeing that there's a guy across the room taking notes of everybody clearly not wanting us know... I feel like I aproched the situation the best I could have, I could of just yelled at him calling him a stalker because how the hell was I suppose to know it was apart of his job"Mike had said in a normal voice. "And we clearly dident care what he did after he had told us it was his job"Mike had said before looking back at his phone.
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  22. The girl seemed to tense up a bit, biting her tongue to keep quiet. Not because she knew they were right; because in arguments there tended to be no right according to the other person, but to keep herself from carrying it on. They both had projected very valid points, she thought (Well, she hoped). But it was at this moment she realized that while she'd made right with one person, she was already a foe, per say, to two. It would be at this moment that some people would've wished they'd ganged up with the others; then she'd have two in her favor and one against her, but she didn't hesitate, nor regret her actions. If anything she was proud of herself for not stuttering.
    Looking back at the man she could only try and call 'The Writer', she attempted to flash a half smile before looking away- the kind of "I'm-On-Your-Side" quick, friendly smile before looking away, but A.) she wasn't even sure if he'd seen it, and B.) she probably looked like a moron.
  23. Troy slowly lowered the book as he looked around at the others, his eyes always fluttering over the woman, as he tried not to allow himself to look at her. He felt quite distressed, as he was not accustomed to any female attention (He was just your average Joe Bloggs, after all), and he felt if he looked at her again, all he would do was make a fool of himself.
    But most everyone else had spoken, except for the first man, who had left, entering an elevator. "Well... why don't we... start off on a new page?" He suggested to the men, before extending his hand to the nearest one; Mike. "I'm Troy Proctor."
  24. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Santiago was about to enter the lift to his room, when he heard the strange argument take place. He turned, and shot his head towards Troy. Santiago lowered his eyebrows. He was carrying a large rucksack.

    "I hate arguments." He said to himself. However, the statement was louder than intended. "You lot better not start a fight."

    Santiago approached Troy and the others. "My name is Santiago." He said to the group. Suddenly, Santiago's bag exploded. Bullet shells flew out, filling the empty floor into a sea of metal.
  25. Mike looked as all the bulletsfell all over the ground. "You are carrying a firearm aren't you"Mike had said. "My names mike and that's all I'm going to say"Mike had said. "Are we even aloud to carry firearms in this building?"Mike said
  26. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "What now?" Santiago said, robotically, but with a hint of confusion. He started picking up the bullets, collecting them into his bag. "I don't care if i'm not allowed..." He had collected the bullets into a small plastic bag. He then dumped the plastic bag into a bin. All of this was done in a very quick and orderly manner.
  27. Troy retracted his hand as it was hanging there uselessly now, not to be shaken, and turned his head from Santiago and his bullet parade. "Well... not caring is not obeying... and, well... if it is a law, well... couldn't you, you know, be arrested?" He asked, turning to Santiago, his tone light in an attempt to not come off rude in any way.
  28. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Santiago looked at Troy, strangely. It looked as if Santiago's eyes were about to pop out. "Uh..." Santiago's voice broke off. "I have my rights." He looked around. "I have been hearing about some strange things going on in this hotel lately. I stocked up on bullets when it felt like I was being watched..."
  29. As the bullets hit the ground, the girl flinched slightly, drawing her legs up as one rolled by her foot.
    The hell? That can't be legal...
    But she stayed silent, eyeing the man warily but not suspiciously. His voice was a flat monotone, almost robotic, and his works were almost slurred a bit as though he was unsure whether or not he was using them correctly.
    Maybe he's not from here?
  30. Troy's eyebrows were raised as he cocked his head slightly to the side. "Strange things, you say?" Eagerly, he whipped out his journal again, eager for some interesting material. "Well, what kind of 'strange things'?" He asked as he uncapped his pen, before returning his full attention to Santiago.
  31. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "I don't know." Santiago stated. "I feel like there is something dark and supicious about this hotel." He looked around, as if he was searching for something. "Something is not right. Santiago will find it...and kill it."
  32. Sending a chill down her spine, she drew her legs closer to herself, suddenly cold. And with perfect timing....
    "Miss Etienne? Your room is ready in 324." the friendly voice of the woman at the desk interrupted her thoughts, and Vee couldn't suppress the shiver that coursed through her entire body. So some huge, burly guy was loaded with a gun, and said he planned to kill something because it felt off. And here she was, ready to go into her room entirely alone, to be uneasily nervous the rest of the night and most of tomorrow. Rain softly pittered the walls, and as if on cue to make the atmosphere more intimidating, she was sure she was the flicker of lightning outside the window. Perfect.
    So she silently stood, grabbing the small black backpack from her seat, and silently made her way to the front desk, getting the key and thanking the woman, and disappearing into the elevator.
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  33. "So your going to kill something or someone just because it feels off?! I don't know how you got a gun license that's if you have one but you can't just go around telling people your going to kill someone or something"Mike had said with a chill running down his spine.
  34. Troy was frozen, his pen on his parchment, before closing the journal and adjusting his spectacles. He looked up as the kind woman he'd developed respect for got up and left after being called. She seemed extremely uncomfortable, from what Troy could tell by her facial features. He fancied the prospect of getting up and joining her in the elevator to chat, but he wasn't quite gutsy enough for the task. He might even make her more uncomfortable, or perhaps she'd think him a creep of sorts.
    So, he remained seated staring blatantly at the spot she'd moved from as his journal sat in his lap, and he tried to process what was going through Santiago's head, before coming to a conclusion.
    He wasn't... right in the head, for lack of better terms. Something was off, and Troy wanted to guess autism, but he wasn't about to say it out loud, for fear someone might find him disrespectful, or the seemingly armed and dangerous man might attack him.
    So he remained silent.
  35. Truth was, the young woman probably would've appreciated the company.
    For a five star hotel, you'd think the elevators to be more steady.
    It was true that, although she was only going up three floors, the elevator was rickety and creaky, sending a wave of anxiety past her. She'd kind of wished the front desk woman hadn't stated her room number when she called for her; 324, because now she was constantly worried that the large man with the... hard time speaking and the gun... would use that to his advantage. Her heart was hammering as the door opened.
    "God, Vee, stop being so jumpy..." she hissed to herself, in a way of reassurance. There wasn't a chance he was going to kill her, nobody even remembered her room or gave it a second thought. She was just being dumb.
    So she stepped out, roamed the halls, and came to the door. She slid the key in and walked in, shutting it behind her and observing her room. A beautiful view (The side of a building with many windows), a luxury kitchenette (a mini fridge and maybe a foot of space for her stuff), and a lovely king sized bed (maybe a full with disheveled sheets). But regardless, she set her stuff down in the little chair by her bed and started going through her bag, double checking that she had everything and that she didn't need to go down to the lobby for anything. But, yes, her bag was well thought out and packed, so she grabbed her necessities and disappeared into the bathroom, and the only sound from that at that point on was the shower running steadily.
  36. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "You don't understand...someone is-" Santiago looked around again. "Nevermind. I will go to my room now." Santiago marched towards a lift. The lift made a strange ramming sound as it crashed to the floor. Santiago then it took it to the 6th floor and approached room number 666. The room was very nice, with a balacony and a TV, and a double bed. However, Santiago paid little attention to the room in question and whipped out an apple laptop from his bag. He started watching episodes of the Spongebob TV show. He was a big fan of children's TV shows and films for some reason. He had watched all the seasons of Dora the Explorer and his favourite movie was the Lorax film. But, he enjoyed the the Bee Movie as well. He noticed that a business client had sent him some details for their next meeting. It was revealed on his screen that the company Santiago was workng with made their own animations. A new and bold Spongebob anime was being developed, which would be more adult in humour and in the violence in which was depicted. The company had also created an adult themed Dora, Lorax, Bee Movie and the newest show in development-a bizarre version of Shrek where the Ogre followed Lord Farquaad's orders, whilst killing off Donkey at the same time. All of the 'adult' animations being developed by this company involved the main characters facing off in a gun fight, with only really one person surviving at the end.
  37. Mike was about to go back to his phone
    until. "Mr.Johnsan I got your room key to room 756"The woman at the counter said. Mike had then went up to the counter and got his key then headed for the stair way walking his way up to his room. When he got to his room he opened the door his room looked way to fancy for his good. Then he sat on his bed watching some tv.
  38. Halt heard his call for the key next. He walked up to the register and retrieved his key. "Room 234 sir." She said. He turned away and walked to the stairway into his room. The whole place looked like something from a travel brochure. Perfect in every way. "Work scored me big this time."
  39. Walks out of the gym room and heads up to the room 308 "Ugh" he sighs as his phone rings a small squeaky voice is on the other line
    "Hi, daddy!" "Hey, pumpkin whatcha doing?" "Watching a movie with mommy... uh, are you gonna be here for Halloween?" "Of course sweety ill be there" "Yay! well, I have to go, mommy wants to ask me something bye!" "bye sweets," he thinks to himself wondering if he s gonna be there
  40. After her lukewarm shower, Vee stepped out, draped in the simple white towel the hotel had offered her, and sat on her bed to shuffle through her clothes.
    Drip. Drip. Drip.
    She looked up. The faucet was running. She hadn't turned it on since she got here. Her lips pursed into a little frown.
    The closet was open.
    Okay, now she was just paranoid. The man had said something weird and now everything seemed off to her. Nothing had happened, and nothing would happen. She ran a hand through her hair, shook her head, and stood up. Turned the faucet off, closed the closet door.
    It was fine.

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