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The Groudon Blaze Cup

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by flygon master, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. A thousand years ago the legendary pokemon Groudon and Kyogre raised the continents and widened the oceans in a cataclysmic battle. During the battle a single drop of blood fell from groudon into the ocean and cooled into a beautiful jewel. Each year a tournament is held atop mount chimeny in Lavaridge town to see who will claim the jewel and the "luck of Groudon". Trainers come from all over to claim the Groudon Blaze!

    As he let himself sink into the warm water of the hot spring he let out a contented sigh while his
    shiny charizard Carly let out an agitated one."Oh come on Carls, I already registered for the tournament and it's in four hours. Everything'll be just fine." Alex listened to her thoughts through her aura so he could hear the nagging he was about to get.
    "Yes, but you should be doing some last minute training! Even your brother could never win this tournament!"

    His flygon Gabe gave a playful sqwuak "Oh leave him alone Carly we'll do just fine."
    A black and gold head poppped out of the steaming water. Alex's lucario lucy.
    " Okay Lucy what do you think? A little training before the tournament?"

    Lucy looked at Alex with her soft but fierce eyes and smiled,"I trust your judgement Alex."
    "Oh that helps!"
    Alex was mulling over what to do when a bright flash erupted from his backpack and his gallade Gallant appeared from his pokeball,"You know what I think? Ithink you've gotten a little to lazy for my taste! Some one needs to whip you into shape!"

    Alex smiled and pulled his hair out of his eye and uncovered the thick scar on his left eye."Okay, it's a fight you want it's a fight you get!"
    He jumped out of the spring and unwrapped his silver, lugia-shaped sword as Gallant extended his elbow blades.
    After trading a few blows the pokemon began to battlealex as well sparrin until an hour before the tournament.
    After he got dressed Alex called back Lucy and Gallant.
    Carly gave a relieved groan,"Alright if we hurry we can make it to the cable car and...Hey! what are you two doing?!

    Alex called down to Carly from gabe's back with his sword wrapped and mounted on his back," Ithought it would be faster if we just flew to the top. you coming?"
    Carly flew up and gave him a 'What am I going to do with you two look' And they headed for the tournament atop Mt. Chimeney.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: For the record, flygon master isn't planning to use Groudon itself in this RP - just an item related to the Pokemon. As far as I'm concerned there are no problems with that.

    A note however - you may want to space your dialog/new paragraphs out better so they're easier for people to read. Right now it's all bunched together a bit too much.

    Err... you might also want to explain why all of your Pokemon can talk ... >>;;;
  3. The clouds rushed past Max, perched upon his Honchcrow, soared towards Lavaridge Town. He was headed to the tournament held up on top of Mt. Chimeny. "So Bulbasaur, you ready for the big tournament? Wonder what kind of Pokemon we'll meet? Looks like we don't have to wait much longer to find out, because there it is!"
    Bulbasaur and Honchcrow sighed in unison. Max had been going on about this tournament for months. As they approached the peak, they noticed a boy mounted on his Flygon going in the same direction. "Hey Honchcrow, how do you feel about a race?" said Max slyly as he banked left to talk to the boy. "Hey!" he shouted.
  4. As Alex and Gabe flew for Mount Chimeney's peak, Alex herd someone shout out to him,"Hey!" He turned to see a boy on a Honchkrow with a bulbasaur. "You wanna race?"
    Alex guessd he meant towards the tournament and couldn't hold back a grin,"Okay, but your gonna regret asking!"
    Carly flew by and gave me a quik rap on the head with her claw,"Don't brag it's rude!"
    Her thoughts were like a fog horn in my head, she was still mad about flying up here. "Come on Carly can't I race him?"
    Her gaze softened a bit and she agreed to fly off ahead and judge who won. She knew I never would have never let her hear the end of it other wise.
    "Okay, My Charizard is gonna judge who wins. First team to make it to the top wins. Ready...Set...GO!!!"
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: Hey lookit, I decided to join. ;D Short post is short, but it's kind of late so yeah...

    Jake looked over the flank of the grayish, dragon like Aerodactyl as they began their descent toward Mount Chimney. "You know Soar, I haven't been to this place since I caught Scamp a couple years ago," Jake said to his flyer "I never expected a tournament to be held on it." The Fossil Pokemon gave a strange, screeching yawn, and then flapped powerfully several times as the pair made their landing. "Return, Soar," Jake said taking a Poke Ball from his belt and recalling the dragonesque Pokemon, "And come on out Slithers." He finished, releasing a massive, purple, cobra like Pokemon with several patterns on his neck. The Arbok looked about, and seeing nothing to battle or defend, relaxed.

    Looking around, Jake suddenly became aware of a Charizard landing without a trainer, looking off into the distance. Jake walked up to the mighty winged reptile and looked in the same general direction, hoping to find out what was going on.
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  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    OoC: Thanks for the invite, I guess I'll join, too.

    BiC: Tony looked around, Lavaridge hadn't changed much since he was last here a year ago, when he got Flannery's Gym Badge. This time he was here on business. The nineteen-year-old was Team Magma's most resent entry to the Groudon Blaze Cup, a contest that went on every year to see who would receive a gem, which was rumored to be a drop of Groudon's crystallized blood. Team Magma had tried, since the very beginning, to win the crystal. Each year they lost, and the winning trainer disappeared until next year, when another contest would be held.

    Now it was Tony's turn to try for it. Obviously he was in his casual outfit, a black t-shirt and jeans, black shoes, a red bowler hat and trench coat. More then once he'd been told that he looked like a P.I., or spent too much time in Casinos.

    Tony entered the Pokemon Center, his team was tired from their most recent battle, which, like many of his battles now-a-days was slightly destructive. He returned Seth, his Buizel, to its Poke Ball, and handed it, along with his other five, to the Nurse. He sat down in the waiting room, content to watch other trainers outside of the window while waiting for his Pokemon.
  7. OoC:This seems a little interesting, guess I'll 'spice up' the action ^^

    BiC: "Ah, Mt.Chimney. A place no perfect for a battling tournament, eh Swellow?"

    Daiko leaned on a rock, with his arms causually behind his head. He turned to Swellow to hear his loyal Pokemon's reply.

    "Swellow!" The bird pokemon replied cheerfully, flying on the thermals created from the blazing heat of Mt.Chimney.

    Daiko was situated at the large mountain covering Lavaridge for a tournament - a tournament one of a kind. Apparently, the winner would recieve a jewel of some sorts, but he didn't have deatails. Besides, as usual, Daiko wasn't interested in prizes. He was there for the battling. Standing up and calling the blue and red Pokemon back into it's Pokeball, he turned and stared at the skin color of a pokemon that stood out from the maroon colored rocks. An Arbok, which looked very powerful at that, came slithering behind a strong trainer, who seemed to be approaching...

    "A Shiny Black Charizard!? Wow, ya don't see many of them around these days! Hang on... what if it's wild, coming here to rest?"

    Daiko took out an ultra ball and grinned, his eyes blazing with enthusiasm.

    "LOOKS LIKE THE PERFECT POKEMON TO ADD TO MY TEAM!" He roared, not knowing that the Charizard belonged to another trainer, as he enlarged the Ultra Ball and hurled it straight at the Charizard...
  8. Cerebus was on a small vacation to Lavaridge town, and when he heard about the upcoming tournament, he decided to join.

    Cerebus and his Swampert where busy finetuning a new move his brother helped him with.
    "Okay Swampert, lets try it again, Hydro Cannon."
    "Swampert!!" The Mudfish Pokémon crieded out and launched a massive orb of water completly crushing the bottles and tin canes Cerebus had set up. "You did a great job Swampert," Cerebus said to him, while stroking his head with a wet towel, "I doubt you would have a hard time dealing with the pokemon of your oppenets, and since there is no water up on the volcano you will have to reliey on you long range attacks rather then your close combat ones." Cerebus then turned his head to the volcano. And saw how two guys were having a race.
    "Okay Swampert, lets get you back to the Pokémon center." Cerebus then said.

    As Cerebus entered the Pokémon center Cerebus scaned around the building, there were quite a lot of people there, most of them preparring for the tournament. as Cerebus haned over Swampert he headed to the waiting room, where he saw a familiar face, "Hey Tony!" He shouted across the room.
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  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Hearing his name called, Tony turned away from the window to see a familiar face.

    "Cerebus? Wow, I haven't seen you in, what, two years?" Tony grinned.
    "Anthony Reiner, your Pokemon are ready," the Nurse called.
    "Excuse me for a second," he sighed.

    Tony retrieved his Pokemon, and immediately let Seth out of his Poke Ball. He hurried back to the waiting room to continue his conversation.

    "So how's it been, you entering the Tourney?" he asked the man.
  10. OOC: My first PRP ;D

    "Our first battle tourney, how are you feeling Vybuch?"

    Nolan's Exploud simply turned to him and gave him a twisted smile, and said nothing. Instead she let out a high pitched whistle that could make a rock's his ears pop.

    "That's the spirit!" In return, Nolan gave Vybuch an equally twisted and sinister smile. If one were to look at these two, they might think that they were going to murder someone. It just so happened that they were planning to murder the competition, but their chances of winning were slim. As enthusiastic as Nolan's Pokemon were, they were rather unreliable at times. They continued to walk up towards Lavaridge as it got hotter and hotter. Nolan could smell something burning in the air, but he didn't think it was coming the volcano directly north of Lavaridge, but rather the steam pillowing from the hot springs. (Nolan is a bit thick sometimes)

    "Hey we're at Lavaridge town! I'll race you to the springs."

    Vybuch let out a loud bellow and ran. Both of them jumped into the springs, Nolan fully clothed, and Vybuch still yelling. With a loud splash, they landed into the warm water, already feeling it's healing qualities.

    "Hey Zdani, come on out." Nolan tossed his pokeball in the air and out came a rather peeved Cradily. Zdani also landed in the water with a splash, to his discontent. Then suddenly, he too felt like melting. Zdani's aggressive mood and angry aditude was lifted. All three of them were oblivious to the people staring at them until another trainer started bitching about how wet he was.
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  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: short post is short again… DAMN YOU DIALOUGE!

    From behind him, Jake heard someone shout "LOOKS LIKE THE PERFECT POKEMON TO ADD TO MY TEAM!" Turning, Jake saw an ultra ball flying directly at the Shiny Charizard he stood next to. The ball bounced off, as Jake expected, and he caught it in midair, looking around for its owner. Slithers poked his trainer in the shoulder and pointed his tail at a boy about his age, wearing a jacket and blue jeans.

    Jake walked up to the young man, who would probably be somewhat miffed, and handed him the ball, saying, "Is this your ball? I think that Charizard has a trainer already."
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  12. Ooc: Short post is indeed short, very short even.


    "So how's it been, you entering the Tourney?"
    "Ofcourse I am, I was actually on a little vacation here while preparring for the Hoenn league conference." Cerebus replied.
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Tony nodded after hearing Cerebus's answer, "The Hoenn League? Wow, good luck."

    Tony himself had never had enough time to go for the League challenges, his job called him away too often. However, he had collected several of each region's badges over his numerous vacations.

    "Who knows, maybe we will have to fight each other in the Tourney," he grinned.
  14. Max sped to the top, the wind blowing his hat off. He wheeled Honchcrow around and scooped up the fedora right before he lost sight of it. Max returned his gaze to the race, only to realize that the victor and the judge were nowhere to be seen. Max placed the rumpled fedora on his windswept hair as they landed.
    "Honhcrow, return!" he stated as the dark bird disappeared into his ball. Max strutted into the nearby Pokemon Center and handed his Pokemon to Nurse Joy. She accepted them and he muttered a thank you. He then spun around on his heels to check out the scene. There were countless trainers, all preparing for the grand tourney. He peered around and instantly saw the sign for the hot springs. "That's where we are headed as soon as we get the others back, eh, Bulbasaur?" The small green bulb replied with a happy yelp.
    "Max Yellowstone, your Pokemon are healed. Please retrieve them." Max spun around, raced to the counter, scooped up his Poke-balls, and made a break for the hot springs. When he reached his destination, all he saw was a circle of soaking people surrounding a single kid in the springs. Max started to push his way through to see what the commotion was about.
  15. Alex blew past the Honchkrow like it was standing still. If there was one thing Gabe was good at it was speed flying. They spotted Carly but Alex's heart nearly stopped as he saw what was going on.
    A trainer had thrown a pokeball at Carly. Normally a pokeball would just bounce off another trainer's pokemon and that was it, but Carly's biggest fear was being separated from Alex and anyone who came close to fullfiling that fear ended up a little on the crispy side.
    Alex was screaming at Gabe,"Faster, faster!"
    "This is as fast as I can go!"
    Suddenly Alex had an Idea. He commanded Gabe to turn around and use Hyper Beam.
    "What are you...?"
    "Just trust me!" Alex shouted. Gabe zipped around and quikly launched one of his strongest attacks. As he felt the kick from the attack, he understood Alex's plan and folded his wings and they took off like a rocket to try and stop Carly from killing the poor guy.

    Carly was stunned for a few minutes. Someone had tryed capture her! A boy withan Arbok who had been standing next to her picked it up and said,"Is this your ball? I think this Charizard has a trainer already."
    "Yes she does!",she thought and began to growl fiercley with some flames trickling from her teeth.
    When he threw the ball, he shouted something about the perfect addition to his team, this set her off even more. When Alex caught pokemon it was to make friends. In her mind this trainer just wanted to use her like a random weapon. She was going to teach him a lesson. She opened her mouth and let out a black Flamethrower attack.
  16. OOC: Sorry this is late.

    Kai had never been to Hoenn before. He was there for the famous Groudon Blaze Cup. He had arrived in Slateport City by ship from Olivine in Johto, his home region. He then headed straight to Mauville City. After a few hours of training in New Mauville, Kai anxiously headed north. He then traveled to Lavaridge Town.

    "Wow, what do you think of this place, Houndoom?" Kai spoke animatedly to the beloved Dark Pokemon as he examined Lavaridge Town.

    "Doom doom, Houndoom!" Houndoom replied just as excitedly as his trainer. They both were anxious to head up Mt. Chimney to get to the tournament. Houndoom was thrilled for the chance to see a volcano for the first time. None exist in Johto.

    "Come on, Houndoom. We'll head to the Pokemon Center first and then we'll head straight for the tournament!"

    Kai and Houndoom both took off toward the Pokemon Center, calling Houndoom back to its Poke Ball.

    "Nurse Joy, you mind making sure all of my Pokemon are in tip top shape?" Blisk asked.

    "Sure, no problem. Just wait over in the waiting area. It shouldn't be too long," Nurse Joy replied while winking.

    Kai headed over to the waiting area. He decided to take a quick nap to rest before the tournament.

    Fifteen minutes later

    "Kai, report to the front desk. Your Pokemon are all healed," came from a loudspeaker.

    Kai stirred abruptly when he heard his name. He leaped up and hurried toward the desk.

    "Your Pokemon are all healed, Kai. Have a nice day!" said Nurse Joy as she handed Kai his Poke Balls.

    "Thanks, Nurse Joy!" Kai replied. "Go, Houndoom!" The Dark Pokemon appeared. "Ready to go to Mt. Chimney? Let's go!"

    Kai and Houndoom started jogging toward the cable cars that took trainers up the volcano. Kai could not help but notice how different the scenery was here, even from Mauville and Slateport. A scorching desert in the east caught his eye. Johto didn't have a desert, let alone one as vast as that one. Kai made a mental note to explore the desert the next time he was in Johto because right now, he was on a mission to win the Groudon Blaze Cup.

    Kai arrived at the cable car station anxious for it to leave. After what seemed like hours, the car started up. Houndoom and Kai looked out the window together. They gazed at the vast volcano ahead.

    "Are you ready to defeat everyone we battle, Houndoom?"

    "Doom!" replied his trusted partner.

    "Houndoom, what's that in the sky? Are those two Pokmeon? I've never seen anything like them. One of them kinda looks like a Murkrow, but different." Kai then noticed a trainer on each Pokemon. "I bet the trainers are racing. The Murkrow-looking Pokemon is also way behind that other Pokemon. Whoa! The one that was in the lead really took off! I hope they'll be competing in the Cup. I would love to battle them."
  17. After a while, Nolan had decided that they've been in the water long enough. When he stepped out of the springs, he began to get strange looks. Still soaking wet, he finally headed to the cable car to register for the Tournament..

    "You know I'm starting to think that wasn't a very good idea..." Nolan snickered and elbowed Vybuch. The crowd started to dissipate and murmur, either going back to what they were doing or worrying about what they were going to do about their wet clothes.

    30 minutes later.

    "Sweet jesus what's that smell?!" By the time he reached the top of the volcano, Nolan was holding his nose.

    Nolan had yet to realize Mt. Chimney was infact not a mountain, but rather a volcano. It wasn't until he saw the large clouds of smoke coming out from the top that his palms became clammy from the sheer thought of standing on an active volcano. The effects of staying in the hot springs had worn off and Zdani wanted to go back in his pokeball again, not wanting to deal with this terrible air.

    "There's the building, we better get going" Nolan took back Vybuch and Zdani into their Pokeballs. He headed over to register, holding his nose, and running like hell.
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  18. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The Charizard suddenly became extremely agitated, sending a peculiar black Flamethrower streaming from her mouth. Jake responded immediately, taking command of his Cobra Pokemon he said quickly, "Douse that flame with Aqua Tail, then restrain her with Wrap, and try not to harm the lady."

    The immense snake leapt into action, a small vortex of water surrounding the tip of his tail as he smashed it into the oncoming flame, putting it out. Slithers then took to, well, slithering on his belly, coiling quickly around the Flame Pokemon, and placing just enough pressure on her to keep her from trashing too violently, without dealing damage.

    Jake stepped up to the Charizard, saying, "Calm down girl, we don't want to hurt you, just don't attack!"
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  19. Daiko held an evasive postion, about to dodge the stream of fire blasting straight at him, until the trainer's Arbok whipped straight through the flamethrower with a powerful aqua tail, before finishing up with wrap, to bind the pokemon down. The guy was right; this Charizard did belong to another trainer...

    Picking up his ultra ball, he walked up to the struggling Pokemon and put a calming hand on it's face.

    "It's okay, I'm sorry I agitated you so much. I guess I shouldn't jump to my own conclusions, huh?"

    Daiko turned to the male again, a grin on his face, before bursting out laughing.

    "Ahahah! Thanks, man! If that thing had got me then, I would of been a little hot under the collar!"

    He held out his hand for a greeting.

    "The name's Daiko. Daiko Storm. And you?"
  20. Kai arrived at the summit of Mt. Chimney. Bleachers were everywhere for the cup. Kai was thrilled to be there. Houndoom especially liked the heat in the air. He had a soothing look on his face.

    Kai decided to walk around a little because it was a few hours before the tournament. Kai and Houndoom headed off down the mountain for couple minutes when he noticed a black Charizard. He had heard of these. He thought they were normally a fiery orange though. He then noticed that an Arbok was wrapped around it and that the Charizard had a fierce look it's in its eyes. This Charizard was furious! Curious about what was going on, The pair took off toward the Pokemon.

    After getting a better view, Kai noticed two people standing near the Charizard. One had extended his hand.

    They must have just met, thought Kai.

    "Hey guys what's up with that Charizard?" he shouted as he and Houndoom got closer and closer to the black Flame Pokemon.
  21. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The boy introduced himself as Daiko Storm, holding out his hand with a grin, Jake shook his hand introducing himself, "I'm Jake Laurey," Jake started, then indicating his Arbok, said, "and this is Slithers."

    Before their conversation could continue, a shout came from across the summit. "Hey guys what's up with that Charizard?" The shout had come from a boy, running toward them with his Houndoom.

    "She got a little miffed when Daiko here hit her with an Ultra Ball, so I had to restrain her, I just hope she calms down before she gets hurt…in fact, Spikes, come out and use Grasswhistle!" As he spoke the command, Jake took a Great Ball from his belt and tossed it into the air, revealing a somewhat tall, scarecrow like Pokemon, who also resembled a cactus somewhat.

    Spikes was slightly annoyed at having been awakened, as she had been having a nice nap, but complied, growing a small leaf from her "hand" and blowing into it, causing it to glow and release a soothing melody. Jake quickly handed a Chesto Berry to Slithers, then stood back and covered his ears as the song put all the Pokemon in the vicinity besides Spikes to sleep, though Slithers woke immediately thanks to his berry.
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  22. Max, upon realizing that the commotion was all because of a careless boy, turned his back to the dispersing crowd. He looked into the jet blue sky that was laced with smoke from the volcano and saw a flamethrower erupt into the air. Max, finally thinking he saw some action, took off sprinting towards the fire. He dodged everything in his path until he came up to a clearing and saw what was happening.

    He watched as one of the trainers unleashed a Cacturne and it used Grasswhistle. Max barely remembered to cover his ears, although Bulbasaur wasn't as lucky. I can't have Bulbasaur asleep like that, not when the tournament starts so soon!

    Max began to frantically look around for something to wake the green lizard up. Amidst all his thoughts, he remembered the boy handing a Chesto Berry to the Arbok before the Grasswhistle. It took Max a few minutes to realize that the only way to wake Bulbasaur was to ask that same boy for another Chesto Berry. With Bulbasaur in a deep sleep on top off his head, Max headed over to introduce himself.

    "Hey guys. Max Yellowstone at your service. This here is Bulbasaur. He, uh, had a little accident with the Grasswhistle, and I was, uh, wondering if you had any more of those Chesto Berries. I need him awake and in tip-top shape for the competition." stated Max, a subtle hint awkwardness in his voice.
  23. Houndoom instantly fell asleep thanks to the Grasswhistle. Kai was shocked at first because he wasn't expecting it, but he quickly recovered and pulled out an Awakening from his bag. He then proceeded in spraying Houndoom with it. Houndoom instantly woke up.

    "So-" Kai started.

    "Hey guys. Max Yellowstone at your service. This here is Bulbasaur. He, uh, had a little accident with the Grasswhistle, and I was, uh, wondering if you had any more of those Chesto Berries. I need him awake and in tip-top shape for the competition." stated Max, a subtle hint awkwardness in his voice" came from an odd looking boy with a Bulbasaur on his head that had ran over.

    "I don't have a Chesto berry, but I do have another Awakening. Here," Kai answered.

    "As I was saying, aren't these Pokemon normally orange?" Kai said as he nodded toward Charizard who was sleeping peacefully. "I have never seen one before, but I have read about them. I haven't even seen a picture of them is why I ask. I think it's cool to finally see one. I'm from Johto, you see. That Pokemon is extremely rare there. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Kai. This here is Houndoom. I'm here to compete in the tournament."

    OOC: Max is odd looking because of the Bulbasaur on his head, not because I decided so. Lolz. Also, I realized I say "see" a lot in the monologue from Kai.
  24. Max promptly accepted an Awakening from a boy named Kai. He gently lifted Bulbasaur off his head and gently cradled it in his arms as he sprayed it with a short burst from the small bottle. "Bul-bulbasaur!" responded the cheery little Pokemon.

    Max turned his attention back to the matter at hand. He listened intently as Kai rambled on about the sleeping shiny charizard. Well, if he wants to see an awesome fire type... Max swiftly pulled a Poke-ball from his belt and whipped it over his shoulder. A thundering Arcanine materialized.

    "Well, Kai, I heard you talking about the shiny Charizard, so I thought you might be interested in meeting another rare fire-type. This here is Arcanine. He and I have been together since before I even got Bulbasaur here." proudly said the boy.
  25. "Whoa!" Kai exclaimed. "That looks similar to the Pokemon that the police use. Growlithe, I believe. You're lucky to own such a majestic Pokemon. Houndoom here is my faithful fire type. He is my second Pokemon. My starter was a Totodile, but here, it's too hot for him to be out. I'll use him in the tournament though. I don't want to exhaust him. Anyone mind explaining why the Charizard's black? I'd appreciate it."
  26. As Nolan entered the building, a woman in a black suit immediately looked toward him.

    "Sir, are you here to register?" This woman was standing behind a round red desk, on one side a stack of papers, and on the other side a very large computer screen.

    Nolan blinked and turned around

    "Well, sure! So, when does the tournament start again?" Nolan walked over to her desk and grabbed one of the papers.

    "Sir, the tournament doesn't start in 3 hours. You're a bit early. Although you can still register now, I'm afraid you'll have to wait here until the tournament begins." She handed him a pen. Nolan took the pen, but then gave it back to her.

    Actually, I think I'll go wait outside…" Nolan slowly walked outside, slowly realizing that he has nothing to do for the next three hours. Nolan headed down the mountain back to Lavaridge when he saw a black Charizard.

    "HOLY—What's a shiny Charizard doing here?" Nolan ran and sent out Vybuch. "I gotta try to catch that thing!" While running, he tripped and fell down the rest of the way. Vybuch flew into the air and landed, rolling at incredible speeds.

    "JESUS! Cglamph--" They both rolled down the mountain for what looked like a yard or two until finally landing on the ground face first.

    OOC: It's okay folks, they're going to be okay…
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  27. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A new face with a sleeping Bulbasaur on his head appeared, calling himself Max Yellowstone. He and the second boy began discussing fire types, Max releasing an Arcanine, as Jake reached into his backpack and took one of his Pokemon information books, finding an article on alternately colored, or shiny Pokemon.

    The second boy suddenly snapped him from his reading when he said, "…Anyone mind explaining why the Charizard's black? I'd appreciate it."

    "It's alternate colored, some people call them shiny, says here they're quite rare…in fact..." Upon completing his sentence Jake returned Spikes to her ball, then took a Premier Ball from his belt, opening it to reveal a small golden fox with six tails and brown eyes. "This is Scamp, he's alternate colored, a lot like this Charizard, and just so happens to be a Fire type, if it wasn't obvious."

    Suddenly an extremely exited boy came charging their way, but tripped and rolled toward them, landing nearby. "Well that can't be good..." Jake thought aloud as the boy and his Exploud had landed face-first
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  28. "Thanks for that explanation. So they're called Shiny Pokemon, eh? Well that's a cool Shiny Vulpix you have. I have battled one of those before. I have never been outside the Johto region, so I haven't seen too many species of Pokemon that are native to other regions, but I do get the privilege of battling travelling trainers. That's the only time I see-." Kai replied.

    Suddenly a boy flipped and rolled down the mountain and landed right next to the group of trainers.

    "Well that can't be good..." Jake thought aloud.

    "Are you OK?!" Kai inquired urgently.
  29. Diako slipped the Ultra ball into his waist bag as he turned around to face the talking crowd. To his amusement, they were showing off their Pokemon. Pulling out a basic red and white Pokeball, he threw it up in the air silently, still bearing a grin as a red lazer from the sphere matirialised into a powerful Blastoise. As it appeared a foot or two away from the group, roaring as it's duel cannons appeared from it's hard brown carapace.

    "So, we showing off our Pokemon? Well, if it interests you, this here's my water type Blastoise! I've known him ever since journeying the Kanto region, and he's been under my command ever since. He's a real great friend to me. I'm sure to be using him in the tournament, so be prepared! He's pretty powerful."

    "But anyway,"

    He turned to Jake with a slight confusion as he quereyed the black haired boy.

    "Where's this Black Charizard's Trainer??"
  30. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: Short post is short but... A CHALLENGE...which I will follow up on tomorrow...sleepy am i

    "I haven't got the slightest idea, but while we wait for him, what say we have a battle?' Jake replied to Daiko's query without missing a beat.

    "Scamp, come over here, and let's see if we can show this big turtle a show huh?" Jake called to the little Pokemon, who dashed over and stood at his heel within seconds.
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  31. Daiko grinned, as his battling instings fired up in his soul, his eyes widened, before he pointed straight at Jake, in exitement.

    "A...BATTLE? Sweet! I've been waiting for one of those ever since I joined this tournament! Well, it's seems a little...unfair, me fighting you with Blastoise, not that I'm underestimating you... Looks like I'm going to be fighting with..."

    Daiko pulled out a net ball and hurled it out onto the ground, as a bug-type Pokemon with wings with an odd mask giving it the appearance of a ninja, appeared out of the ball, as a net like hologram appeared behind of the Pokemon.

    "Ninjask! Okay Jake, take up a postion, and I'll get down to crafting a battlefield!"


    Daiko slipped the peice of dusty chalk back in his pocket, as he looked down on his makeshift battlefield. Walking back into his area, he called to Jake, keeping Ninjask next to him.

    "All right Jake, take position, and we'll get started!"

    Daiko chuckled as Ninjask stayed stationary in the air; the only thing moving being it's lightning fast wings. There was only about an hour or two until the tournament, so this was a perfect way to kill time.
  32. "Who knows, maybe we will have to fight each other in the Tourney," he grinned.
    "Oh, that will be fun." Cerebus said giving a grin even bigger than the one from Tony.

    "Could Cerebus Kane please report at the main desk." It sounded over the intercom.
    "Ooh, thats me, Swampert must be ready then," Cerebus said "Ooh, right, I am just about ready to head to the top of the volcano, you mind to come along?"
  33. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "That's where the sign ups are right?" Tony asked, "sure, I'll come along, I'll wait for you outside."

    Tony left the Waiting Room, Seth right behind him. Once he was alone he frowned, if Cerebus was going to be in the contest, it would be a lot harder to win it. He looked down at Seth, who seemed to be expressing the same feelings. The two made sure to put on a happy facade for when Cerebus came out, no need for him to suspect them.
  34. Nolan rolled onto his back, wincing in pain. When he opened his eyes, he saw Vybuch looking over him.

    "Stupid shoelaces" Nolan got up to tie his shoes, then turned around. Vybuch let out a small whistle, then a screech.

    "Hey Vybuch, you okay?" She nodded and let out a loud sigh. Another trainer called out to him.

    "Are you okay?!"

    "My back isn't, but yeah I think I'll be okay" Nolan lied down on a rock for a while then noticed the Charizard again.

    "I hope that doesn't belong to anybody!" He took out a great ball and grinned.

    "Vybuch, use pound!" Vybuch got ready and ran towards the Charizard to use pound, but was stopped by an Arbok rapped around it. The Arbok hissed and sprayed spit all over her.

    "Use swagger!" Nolan didn't care to try to analyze the situation and ignored the Arbok, but not Vybuch. She instead looked back at Nolan, then at the trainers. Vybuch shrugged and sat down. After a while, Nolan also shrugged and sat back down.

    "I guess it belongs to someone then"
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  35. Kai watched the careless boy attempt to catch the Charizard. It was obviously someone else's or else it wouldn't have stayed in the area long considering all the commotion.

    I wonder where the trainer is Kai wondered as the Arbok stopped the boy's attempt.

    "I guess it belongs to someone then" the boy who had rolled said.
    "I assumed that when it didn't flee with all of the trainers here," Kai replied.

    Suddenly, the boy that explained shiny Pokemon challenged the other to a battle. The boy who was challenged made a makeshift battlefield. Both positioned themselves in their respective spots ready to battle.
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  36. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Daiko became extremely exited at the idea of a battle, trading his Blastoise for a Ninjask. Jake, upon seeing the Bug/flying combination, said, "A Ninjask? Well that's no fun," Jake said, returning Scamp to his ball, "Slithers, show them a good battle!" Jake called to his Cobra Pokemon. The 11-foot snake raised his head, then moved somewhat slowly toward his position on the battle field.

    Jake began his commands without waiting for Daiko's reaction, although this was a fairer fight…kind of. "Alright Slithers, first, Sunny Day, then use Rock Tomb and slow that insect down!" Slithers sprang into action much faster than his previous movements would have indicated, creating a white ball in his mouth and launching it into the sky, parting the clouds to reveal a brilliant sun, then immediately brought his head down, eyes glowing as several rocks in the area began glowing, then pointed his head back up into the air, launching the stones in a circle at the Ninja Pokemon.
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  37. Daiko looked ahead at the falling rocks, and grinned. A move to reduce speed? Jake must of knew his stuff. But that wasn't going to help him now, Ninjask was faster than that.

    "Agility, now!"

    Ninjask dashed near it's top speed to Jake's right, as it stayed hovering in the air again, avoiding the rocks as they crashed down from above.

    "Now, use X-Scissor!"

    Ninjask sped straight at the Arbok, it's claws raised and glowing white.
  38. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    As expected, the Ninja Pokemon was swift, and ready to dodge, as it easily avoided his Rock Tomb and charged, X-Scissor at the ready. "Slithers, dodge, then Wrap, and Fire Fang."

    As the Ninjask came flying forward, Slithers moved his head to the left, then launched the front half of his body over the smaller Pokemon, followed by his immense, muscular tail, which snagged the small insectoid out of the air and began doing damage. As his head landed, the Cobra Pokemon turned quickly, teeth in flames, and bit down on the Bug type's thorax.
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  39. The second they landed from the hyper beam rocket Alex called Gabe back,"Good work buddy."
    He saw Carly attack the trainer and hope noone got hurt. He pushed through the crowd that had formed and began to callout to her,"Carly! Oh man where is..." suddenly he heard a grasswhistle hit the air and covered his ears. He headed to where the sound came from. After a while of pusing through the crowd and a few attempts to steal his sword, he broke through a group of people and found two trainers about to battle. And there was Carly! He dug into his pack and shoved a chesto berry into her mouth.
    She woke up and began to growl at the trainer but Alex gave her a sharp slap on the stomach," Oh no! After this battle your apologizing to anyone you may have hurt. It was a misunderstanding and you know it!"
    They sat back to watch the battle.
  40. OOC: ok if i join? if it is, thnx. if its not tell me and ill delete it. My Character Bio is Here if you need it: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg129771#msg129771

    BiC: "It feels so good to be back in Lavaridge town." said Luke. "I hear there's a tournament going on. Wanna join Lillith?" Lillith, his Ninetales Smiled.
    she said,

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