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Open The FXZ Virus. (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lillipup07, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. (ok, Ive been spending awhile trying to think of a rp that won’t die in about a week. I was stuck between another roleplay that fictional worlds cross over with each other, or an apocalypse rp, where a disease is turning everyone to zombies, or mutants. Well, thinking over it to much caused me to drop out of a few roleplays, and I’m only active in like, 3 now. So, I combined the two, and this is the result.)
    Across many different worlds, people live in peace, or war. Whatever the case, they live in balance. But, scientists recently discovered a new disease. FXZ. (I just put 3 letters together.) They could contain it for years, but,a accident happened. A new universe was made, where FXZ has infected all life. Scientists ended up sending people from different worlds to this place, and its up to them, heroes, and villains, to try and survive and protect this new universe they have to call home.
    Okay! First, some rules.
    1. This rp will have blood and violence. But, not that much please.
    2. Romance is allowed, nothing above a kiss.
    3. OC’s are allowed. And, you can have as many as you can control, just post them here.
    4. If you join, please be able to post often. If you can, but something happens to prevent you, let us know.
    5. Although I will mainly use OC’s, and a few actual people, you can choose already existing characters.
    6. For OC’s, you are either a survivor, the people transported there, or a scientist, the villains who created FXZ.
    7.Keep rules in mind, have fun, and try not to let this die!
    OC Format.

    Name: What people call your character.
    Age: how old is your character.
    Gender: boy, girl, genderless. (If genderless, what pronoun, he, or she?)
    Appearance: what do they look like?
    Personality: how do they act?
    Backstory: a bit from your characters past.
    Species: what is your character?
    Skills/Abilities: what can your character do?
    Other: anything else you feel like we need to know.
    Okay, my characters are Villager, from Animal Crossing, and Peridot from Steven Universe, with 2 OC’s.

    Name: Spark Spikeon (His friends call him Sparky sometimes)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Spark looks similar to Sonic, but his quills and fur are brown, and his eyes and shoes are Blue.
    Personality: Spark is a bit of a jerk, liking to pull pranks and such. But, if you can get him to open up to you, he will be a confident and cheerful friend.
    Backstory: Spark is the youngest of four brothers, and is often called the runt. But, recently two of the older brothers were killed in battle, and its just him and his one older brother now.
    Species: Hedgehog. (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    Skills/Abilities: He can control electricity.
    Other: He hates being reminded of what happened in the past, often saying it doesn’t matter.

    Name: Splinter Spikeon (Spark calls him Fluffy, although he hates it.)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Simular to Spark, Splinter is a hedgehog. But, he has white quills and fur, with green stripes going down his quills. He has brown shoes, and his eyes are different colors, his left eye brown, his right eye green.
    Personality: Splinter, although he is older, is more innocent than Spark. He prefer not to fight, and is pretty shy. But, he is a kind person who stands up for what he believes in.
    Backstory: Splinter always had to stand up to bullies, being the peacemaker in his family. Once two of his brothers died, he took Spark and ran away.
    Species: Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    Skills/Abilities: He can control the environment around him.
    Other: He hates being touched by people.

    I spent like an hour typing all of this. Anyway, I’ll start it once we get 3 people, at least one being a scientist. (Just kidding, I’ll start whenever.)
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  2. Hmm....well, its something new. And it gives me a chance to use more Splatoon people (because I’m obsessed) So I’ll give this a shot.

    Name: Ginova (His friends call him Gino, or Nova.)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ginova is a yellow octoling boy. His eyes are a pink color, and he wears a Black hoodie. He has a Gas Mask he wears when hes on a stealth mission.
    Personality: Ginova is shy, not liking to talk with others. He is more comfortable staying on the side lines than having fun with others. But, he is friends with a few people, and is often quiet, but gentle.
    Backstory: After being found by a group of inklings, Ginova was accepted into Inkopolis. He does jobs going undercover to stop crimes to earn money, food, and shelter.
    Species: Octoling (Splatoon)
    Skills/Abilities: Along with normal Octoling powers, he is more intelligent than average.
    Other: He doesnt talk much, but he speaks many different languages. He is also cross-eyed.

    Name: Buddy (Bud for short)
    Age: 15 1/2
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Buddy is a pink inkling boy. He has blue eyes, wears a yellow and white checkered shirt, green shorts, and purple boots. He has a pair of sunglasses he wears when he wants to be left alone.
    Personality: Buddy is a serious inkling, only helping those he knows he can trust. He wont hesitate to kill for others if he knows its right, but, he has a soft side he rarely shows.
    Backstory: Buddy was once kidnapped by a group of older squids, and was almost sold to a group of Octolings. He escaped though, and ended up leaving with a younger inkling, who he told he was her brother, not wanting to leave her behind and lost.
    Species: Inkling (Splatoon)
    Skills/Abilities: Besides for normal inkling abilities, he doesnt have any out of the ordinary powers.
    Other: He hates bullies, and is overprotective of his younger sister.

    Name: Clover (she is called Lucky by some people from her happy-go-lucky personality.)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Clover is a light-green inkling girl. She wears a blue knit-cap, and her right tentacle is cut off in the middle. She wears a short sleeved green shirt, blue jeans, and red tennis shoes.
    Personality: Clover is a optimistic person, always smiling and laughing. But, she can be scatterbrained, and has short-term memory, making it hard for her to do simple tasks.
    Backstory: Clover, unlike Buddy, was actually given to a group to be sold. She was very attached to Buddy when they met, so he couldn’t leave her behind. Once Clover forgot him after an accident with some other Octolings, almost being sold and being knocked out, he lied and said he was her older brother, which she still believes.
    Species: Inkling (Splatoon)
    Skills/Abilities: Her eyes change color depending on her emotion at some times
    Other: She is afraid of being alone at anytime, always needing to be near someone.
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  3. You have an obsession all right....anyway, your accepted!
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  4. LeTs GeT tHe MeMeS bAcK

    Name: Yin "Sonata" Pantari
    Age: 20
    Gender: I identify as a Cardboard Bo--Okay... Female.
    Appearance: She stands at 5'6 with a Slim body type. She has Long, black bed hair that covers her left eye. Her Right eye is Purple, while the other is Unknown. She wears a Black robe with countless Purple markings. She also wears Dark blue Jean's. She has a Steel gauntlet on her left hand, and a Gold bracelet with a Light blue orb on her right. She has a Rope which she Carrie's her blade on.
    Personality: She is out in the open for the most part, not really afraid of the consequence of doing something unless it harms someone else. She can be a Sarcastic prick at times, but she keeps her goals in check.
    Backstory: Hailing from the Universe Terca Luminos, She was born and raised in the lower quarter of the Capitol, Zaphias. Her brother, Yang, had always stood at attention, while she did whatever she wanted. Joining the knights for a better life, she quickly found out it wasnt what it was said to be. She met Kagewazo there, but that was about the only personal thing she'll tell.
    Species: Human
    Skills/Abilities: Using her Blastia, she can use Elemental Artes, for example, Solar Edge or Tidal Wave.
    Other: Dank Memes

    Name: Kagewazo
    Age: ???
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is a Hybrid of a War Hound and a Gatusso. He has Gatusso colors, with the fluff, but the Body shape of a War Hound.
    Personality: He usually likes to find a place to sleep or keep cool, until a battle starts. He becomes a Ruthless Wolf, Slicing down anything in his path with his Dagger.
    Backstory: a bit from your characters past.
    Species: War Gatusso
    Skills/Abilities: Because of the Blastia on his Tail, he can use Artes, like Yin. Because of Being a Gatusso Hybrid, He can poison the Opponent with Poison Claws.
    Other: Daggers as Weapons uwu
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  5. You are in! Ok, I’ll set it up as soon as possible.
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  7. Mkay. Posted a reply.
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  8. Peridot: This is bad.
    Villager: No s*** Sherlock.
    (That’s what he’d say if he could talk.)
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  9. Well, can’t Villager talk in Animalese? Y’know, that language animals in animal crossing speak?
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  10. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    OOOH this looks like fun let me make a bio
    Name: Atsuko
    Age: 17
    Gender: girl
    Appearance: Brown hair in a braided bun, reddish-brown eyes, maroon tights, pink top, black belt, and black flats
    Personality: Friendly, Sarcastic, Overconfident (I'll flesh her out in the RP)
    Backstory: Born to a rich family in the Fire Nation, Atsuko had a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Her parents expected her to master Firebending at a young age. She, however, didn't master Firebending until she was 15. SHe was learing how to Lightningbend but she was haveing a diffcult time. She still finds the art very diffacult and it takes a lot out of her. She was the second best in her class of firebending due to her early pratice.
    Species: Human (AtLA and LoK)
    Skills/Abilities: Firebending, Redirect Lightning, Lightningbending
    Other: Has a pet Messager Halk named Shingi
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  11. this looks interesting... I'll try it

    Name: Eli
    Age: 43,067
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: around 5'10, light brown hair, left eye is brown, right eye is gray, has a scar running from above his right eye over his eye to below his left eye, light skin, skinny
    Personality: Although he is very old, he acts younger(teenage around), is very fun and outgoing, when the situation calls for it though he can be mature and serieus.
    Backstory: At a young age Eli was transported from a world like ours and placed in a foreign one (MLP[though a bit different]) his family was killed in front of him and he vowed revenge on the pearson who did it, many years later he confronted his family murder, losing badly, barely escaping with his life (got the scar) a cosmic being took pity on him and gave him a magic of his own, in return he would travel the multiverse helping people. Eli now travels the multiverse, collecting artifacts preparing to face his enemy one last time. (I am treating this like his last adventure)
    Species: originally human
    Skills/Abilities: Eli has limited transformation powers. He can summon blue lightning(witch is harmless) to transform into whatever he hits, the longer the lightning stays, the more exact the copy (in order: species, mild powers, gender, powers, looks[will always keep scar][transform will supply cloths), can always go back to original form, This is very tiring for him and can only do once and still effectively fight. Is good with a sword he keeps on him at all times. When Eli is righteously angry (extreme extreme anger can't even do to save life) can change into any form he has in the past at will
    Other: has a inter-dimensional ship he's constantly crashing that contains all his artifacts
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  12. what exactly does the virus do? and do we have it?
  13. 1. Y’all are accepted.
    2. The virus can turn people into the undead if passed through a bite, kinda like zombies do. But, mutation is another thing. Mutants are the only other living species besides zombies and us. If you get exposed to radiation, or anything heavily infected, you have a chance of becoming a mutant. During this, mutants just have extra abilities, and their bodies change, depending on what they got infected by.
    3. We dont have it, but you can get it.
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  14. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Nice! Can I please get a link?
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  15. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

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  16. are zombies mindless?
  17. I guess they would be, if they are zombies...I mean, that’s what I’ve been going along with.
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  18. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Makes sense; are they walkers or runners though?
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  19. Eh. I guess it can be either one. They’re zombies either way. So, some will be walkers, while others are runners, I guess.
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  20. Good enough for me, just trying to see if scare tactics would work
  21. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I hate running zombies! Maybe when you first infected you run, but as your body deteriorates you become a walker
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  22. Yeah, that sounds like a fair enough idea. Running zombies are the worst.
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  23. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Ok, can animals below the human's intelligence level, be affected. Like an animal that can't talk in their world, at all. Like Shingi
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  24. No. They cant become zombies, but they can become mutants. Which, lead me to this. @GhostlyCubone11 has characters that came become easily zombified or mutated, because inklings and Octolings count as both humanoid and animal-like. So...good luck Ghostly.
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  25. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Ok, Shingi is safe from becoming a zombie bird but can become a mutant bird. Not sure if I should be relieved or scared. The best thing to do keep him out of fights and just have him carry messages because that's what he is supposed to do
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  26. Just realized the disadvantage my people are at.....its bad....but, at the same time it’ll make things interesting
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  27. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Hey, at least when you use an attack you don't make things worse, like me, turning every zombie into a burning zombie.
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  28. Fair point. Ink cant really destroy much, just hurt enemies and drive them away.
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  29. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    The only thing that can save my character in a dangerous situation, hurts me more if I use it. Unless is there is a thunderstorm, then I can redirect it
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  30. So, basically, in a fight with a whole bunch of people, that’d suck for us. Since you cant repeatedly use your attacks or you get hurt, and ink isnt really a good weapon.:D
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  31. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    No not until she masters Lightning Bending. Which is very rare and just was opened to the public. She is one of the first nonroyal lightning bender and (I'm not sure if you watched Avatar) is very difficult. However, it is super dangerous.
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  32. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    If you want more info just tell me and I'm sure I can find something. Avatar is a really good show.
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  33. How big is the zombie army in front of us?
  34. I’d say about 20-25 tops by how much fighting has gone on.
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  35. would ink guns kill zombies?
  36. Sure. I can’t really say no, because ink is the only weapon inklings have, and it should be fair.
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  37. Just edited my last post

    @Lillipup07, do I need to make a new bio to transform?

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