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The French Mistake (A Kalos RP... Attempt?)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    We need an actual title because that is a whole new kind of *applies megaphone to ear* WRONG!
    So. After vague discussions on chat about how the lot of us are in dire need of some PRP and with Gen 6 finally rolling in officially which officially makes it RP-able, I figured it is high time we hammered down a discussion thread and got this show on the road.

    For now at least, we're limiting this to the five people who participated in the discussion on chat yesterday, so if you aren't @Teapot, @Rex, @Shiny Eevee, @Shocari or naturally myself (that is to say, @StellarWind Elsydeon), GO AWAY OR WE SHALL TAUNT YOU A SECOND TIME-A.

    SO. We have established very little about the RP in terms of pretty much everything except that it takes place in Kalos for reasons of Shiny 3D Graphics and (in true French style) surrendering to the hype. I'd imagine that we're still likely to discuss a lot more on 'chat - but it'd be nice to have everything in an actual thread as well, for future reference.

    What we've also established is some preliminary teams and a few 'claimed' lines. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but I certainly remember Teapot claimed Gogoat and Heliolisk, Sho claimed Golurk and Froakie, Rex is running one of his established characters who at the moment has Poochyena and Buizel (and is slated to get Aerodactyl, Trapinch, Pancham... and what was it, Meowstic and Electrike? Or did Sho claim Meowstic? Update the thread on this) and Shiny may or may not have a useless butterfly and a Sylveon.


    (I'll post a full bio of my character in a bit, but I tentatively claim Noivern, Aegislash, Clawitzer, Volcarona and Breloom. The sixth spot may randomly rotate, so we'll probably discuss that later - but it may end up being an Avalugg because goddamnit those coffee tables just crack me the hell up. XD Edit: It's a Reuniclus with a Ground-type hidden Power. Sorry, coffee table.)

    Let's do this.

  2. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    (it is actually five useless butterflies and a Kyuubeon Stel ♥)
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Liam Thompson
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 123lbs
    Hair: Short cut and black. Has a tendency to stick up all over the place.
    Eyes: Amber
    Clothing: Liam wears a gray newsboy cap commonly to cover up his hair. His pants are a faded brown, and he wears a jacket of similar color. He wears a cream colored dress shirt, which he normally keeps the top two buttons undone. His shoes are a pair of simple black trail hikers, and he has a dark brown knapsack that he has a tendency to sling over one shoulder when traveling.
    Identifying Marks: None.
    Musculature: Average.
    Personality: Liam is driven, a bit stubborn, but loyal. He has no filter, tending to say whatever’s on his mind. Optimistic to a fault, and possibly too trusting, Liam is easy enough to get along with.
    Skills: Liam’s primary talents lie in cartography. He studies maps and reads them better than most would at his age. He is also very capable of making his own, and has a tendency to sketch out his own shortcuts on existing maps. What talent he lacks in battling he makes up for with unorthodox planning, and using his surroundings to his advantage.
    Past: Liam was born into an upper-middle class family. He had his whole life ahead of him, though his parents absolutely refused to allow him and his elder brother, Seth, to become trainers; preferring they instead get “real jobs.” His father died in a car accident when Liam was very young, and, needing to find a better job to support her two sons, his mother moved them to Eterna City in Sinnoh.

    Last year, Liam received his first Pokemon from an old friend of his father’s. It was a golden furred Buizel, with a silver flotation sac. His mother demanded Liam return the Pokemon, which eventually resulted in an argument between her and Seth when he took the younger man’s side. Many angry words were exchanged, and in the end their mother relented.

    About three days later, Seth disappeared. Fearing he’d run away, Liam’s mother contacted the authorities. Using sniffer Arcanines, they traced his scent to Eterna Forest, but lost it near the Old Chateau. After a week of searching, the police gave up. Seth had vanished into thin air, not a single trace was ever seen again.

    Unable to deal with the grief, Liam’s mother shut out the world. She buried herself in her work, and purchased a Poochyena to act as a guard dog. Over time, their relationship soured, and Liam began to contemplate leaving.

    A few weeks ago, Liam received a letter. The letter was from his father’s friend, and insinuated that Seth was still alive and that said friend knew where to find him. The letter pointed him to the Kalos region. Seeing an opportunity to repair their failing family, Liam took his Buizel and the family Poochyena and set out for the Kalos region.
    Family: Liam’s mother, Cassandra, still lives in Eterna City, and his elder brother, Seth, is presumed dead, having not been seen for a year.
    Love Relationships: None
    - Buizel (Shiny) – Richard. Male. Water Veil. This young Buizel was a present to Liam for his thirteenth birthday. He has no real combat abilities, and is presently capable of only the most basic SonicBoom and Water Gun.
    - Poochyena – Vector. Male. Quick Feet. Vector was bred to be a guard dog. His father was a Granbull, and master of the elemental Fang attacks. As such, Vector can currently imbue his Bite with the power of fire, resulting in Fire Fang.

    EDIT: I've decided that Liam's team will develop organically depending on how the RP goes. Presently, he's stated to get Trapinch on the Badlands. After that, I'm looking at maybe Tynamo in Pokemon Village, and either Aerodactyl as his fossilmon, or Anorith, alongside a Sableye from Reflection Cave. Of those, however, only Trapinch is called.
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Name: Gad Van Lierre

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Current Residence: Somewhere in the rural countrysides around Route 12, Kalos.

    Appearance He stands at about 1.75m tall, with an average-athletic build for his height (presumably to get more athletic-toned as he actually adventures). His eyes are a warm shade of brown (with a vague goldish-amberish refraction pattern visible just under the surface from certain angles) and his hair is dark brown to the point of being black. Very rarely, when light hits it the right way, you can see the occasional reddish strand. He often keeps it shortish but occasionally allows it to grow longer. His clothing style could be described as casual, emphasizing comfort and practicality. Expect to see him in jeans, a T-shirt, occasionally a jacket of some sort and a bandanna in varying shades of green, blue and black and often incorporating designs invoking plants, helix designs or both. Alternating outfits aside, he carries a backpack with a somewhat plated, biomechanical look and wears a pendant shaped like a stylized Zygarde.

    Identifying Marks: All his moving around between regions has left him with a bit of an unusual compound accent that shifts around a fair bit.otherwise, he doesn't think he has any.

    Personality: He is a highly intelligent, scientific sort with a passion for all things biology (though he has a fascination with minerals and paleontology as well). He has a great memory for assorted factoids he finds interesting and tends to absorb information when he can (he jokingly refers to himself as a 'trash can for information') - and a bit of a tendency to over-analyze things and get lost in detail, sometimes overlooking the greater picture. On the other hand, he is a creative, artistic sort with a tendency to daydream and become lost in his own mind. His love for nature is apparent in both these sides.

    He has quite a developed sense of humor - mostly driven by puns, semi-obscure references and sarcasm. He often says that without his sense of humor he would have been dead long ago - and lapsing into humor tends to be a coping mechanism to him.

    He's not very easy to get to know, but once he befriends someone, he will be loyal to them until they break his trust. To his friends, he's a good listener, sensitive and supportive. To other people, he is reasonably friendly, though he has a rather low tolerance for stupidity - it tends to send him into sarcasm-mode. He has a tendency to stress out or feel slightly out of place in very large groups, or when surrounded by people he does not really know. As such, he tends to dislike large cities.

    Gad has much respect to all Pokémon as fellow sentient beings and builds his relationship with his Pokémon on the basis of mutual trust, respect and teamwork. As far as battling goes, he emphasizes diversity and utilization of the environment and attacks already in play to turn the tide of battle in his favor - perhaps his favorite thing to do is to use his opponent's attacks against them.

    Skills: Drawing, writing, playing guitar and singing. He also has a major knack for puns. As far as more practical skills are involved, he is a pretty good cook and has some degree of survival skills, though they have a couple of good years of traveling to develop.

    History: Gad spent the 18 years of his life moving across multiple regions with his parents following his father's research career. As such, he never really got particularly attached to any particular place, considering 'home' to be the people and Pokémon he grew up with, rather than any particular location.

    Moving around every few years and growing up surrounded by Pokémon - both wild and owned by his family - meant that he hasn't felt the urge to go on a Pokémon journey of his own, focusing on his studies and artistic pursuits instead (as well as helping out with his father's research when he was old enough). As he hit the age of 18, though, he began to feel the need to spread his wings, so to speak - and with the family's most recent move to the Kalos region (following research concerning the multiple patterns of Vivillon wings), the perfect opportunity presented itself. So, off he went to fite gem and get bage, or whatever.

    Family: His father, Dr. Erol Van Lierre, is a researcher specializing in the biology of Bug-type Pokémon. His mother, Melissa Van Lierre, is a former traveling trainer who "settled down" and became a writer (though she still has her sense of wanderlust and thus rather enjoys moving around every few years).

    Love Relationships: He's a bit of a hopeless romantic - which he considers as a bit of a blessing and a curse. Most of his crushes were unrequited and the one that wasn't did not survive as an actual relationship. As such he's rather disillusioned with the notion at the moment (and is likely to be so for the foreseeable future).

    Pokémon on hand:

    Nickname: Zorya
    Species: Larvesta
    Type: Bug Fire
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flame Body
    History/Personality: Gad's first Pokémon, Zorya has been with him for several years, ever since he witnessed the moment of her hatching. They have a fairly close bond and some battle experience (mainly from sparring against his mother's Pokémon), though both still have quite a bit to learn. The slow growth rate of the species means she still has quite a ways to go before she blossoms into a Volcarona - but even in her larval form, she is not to be underestimated.

    Personality-wise, Zorya has a calm, serene demeanor and her presence radiates a certain profound sense of a deep inner strength - the sort of sense that would indicate that angering her is NOT a good idea. Nevertheless, she is slow to anger and is actually rather tactile, enjoying being petted by people she recognizes as trustworthy.

    Nickname: Synalpheus
    Species: Clauncher
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Mega Launcher
    History/Personality: As a wild Clauncher, Synalpheus lived in a burrow among rocks and seagrass in the Azure Bay. Frozen in a battle against a yet-unknown wild Pokémon, the Clauncher was caught in currents and washed up on the shore near Coumarine City, where - typically for creatures washing up on the shore - he was immediately beset by a flock of Wingull. Fortunately for the Water Gun Pokémon, Gad was on the beach at the time - and with the help of Zorya, he drove the flock away and healed the Clauncher's injuries. Opting to follow Gad instead of returning to the sea, the Clauncher was caught and joined his fledgeling team.

    As a natural ambush-predator, Synalpheus is an analytical sort that prefers to locate a tactically-favorable position, stay put and rely on range and accuracy to defeat his enemies. He is, however, capable of bursts of speedy movement and redeployment elsewhere through creative use of Aqua Jet when required. Synalpheus has a somewhat military-like outlook to life, following his trainer as a battlefield commander that saved his life and watching his team members' backs as they would watch his.
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  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Name: Andrea Chastain
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Outskirts of Santalune City
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 122 lbs., give or take a few pounds
    Hair: Half-back, light brown, tends to curl outwards from the tips. She keeps stray strands out of her face with a light blue headband.
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Dark green cardigan, denim skirt which reaches to her knees, brown leather boots, and black backpack with pink accents. She usually wears a blouse or shirt of some kind as well beneath her cardigan, though occasionally switches for a more comfortable t-shirt
    Identifying Marks: Always wears the black and white friendship bracelet her brother made for he
    Musculature: Thin
    Personality: Andrea seems to be serious and stoic, but she’s actually rather clueless about everything and zones out frequently. However, if something catches her attention, she’ll spend days pondering about the subject or minutes staring at the object. She's often too deep in her thoughts to actually hold a proper conversation with most people. When she speaks, she tends to be ignorant of other people’s feelings and as such comes off as pretty blunt.
    Skills: Spacing off. She’s also good at manipulating fabric, but she’s not stylish enough to actually know what to make, clothing-wise. As such, she usually just uses her skills to make curtains and pillow covers around the house and occasionally fix tears and holes in things.
    Past: She grew up in Kalos with her parents and older brother, who has since moved to Solaceon in Sinnoh in order to study and collect Unown. She herself has found an interest in Vivillon, and is determined to find, collect, and train as many as she can. Their mom works at the Boutique while their dad spends most of his time studying the plants and Pokemon in and around Santalune Forest.
    Family: Parents, and older brother Andrew who currently lives in Sinnoh.
    Love Relationships?: Generally oblivious to anyone and everyone, so none.

    Vivillon (Marine) - Ionian (Io), Female, Compoundeyes
    Rash and charges into situations without thinking, much to Andrea’s chagrin, she’s also Andrea’s first Vivillon and thus the two are rather close.

    Vivillon (Continental) – Dorian, Male, Shield Dust
    He’s pretty lax and generally lazy when it comes to doing pretty much anything. He’s also the second Vivillon that Andrea raised.

    Vivillon (Elegant) - Phrygian (Fridge), Male, Compoundeyes
    Timid and shy, he doesn’t like hanging out with the others in the team and is called “Fridge” since he freezes up whenever he has to deal with other people.

    Vivillon (Garden) - Lydian (Lydia), Female, Friend Guard
    Gentle and kind to others, which makes it easy to take advantage of her, Andrea found her while she was being bullied by another Vivillon (who now belongs to her dad).

    Vivillon (Modern) – Aeolian, Male, Shield Dust
    He’s adamant and gets offended whenever people insist that he’s wrong, and isn’t on very good terms with Io.

    Sylveon – Alma, Female, Cute Charm
    Despite her cute looks, she’s serious and very much the no-nonsense type, and thus she can’t take any of the Vivillon’s silly antics. She was traded to Andrea as an Eevee by her brother for one of her other Vivillon (a Meadow patterned male called Locrian), and as such doesn't listen to Andrea a lot.

    (I'm not sorry about the Vivillon horde. Also, I'll probably drop all but one of the butterflies for a Budew, Sneasel, Espurr, and Chinchou, but for now this is her team.)
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  6. I believe I had claimed Froakie, Absol, Mawile, Golurk, and Torkoal(at least, for the final looks of it. Still haven't decided on a sixth and if I'll be rotating things).
    Name: Jesse Lichtblau
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Laverre City, Kalos
    Appearance: About 5'6"-ish, 118 lbs. Has short brown hair with a highly noticeable red tint when in bright light. Blue-gray eyes. Typically wears an open black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows over a white t-shirt, some slightly torn and worn blue jeans, black-and-white checkered slip-on shoes, with a two-tone faded blue and black bag slung over his right shoulder.
    Identifying Marks: His sneeze. His allergy to pollen is pretty bad, so sneezes in the seven to ten count area are highly common.
    Personality: Jesse is the unintentionally funny guy - when he tries to be serious, people laugh. Not that his being serious is funny, he just makes jokes without even wanting to. However, he is absolutely terrible at purposefully being funny. It's also very apparent that Jesse is a bit lazy. Okay, a lot lazy. It's easy enough for him to get excited about doing something, but then when he actually starts doing it...he'd rather not. Luckily for him, his Pokemon are there to whip him into shape.
    Skills: Complaining. Oh, good skills? Nothing outstanding, fairly average across the board. Isn't too good at outdoors activities or skills. Has some interest in Kalos' megalithic structures.
    History: Jesse grew up believing in the mysticism associated with the megalithic sites dotted around Kalos. Wanting to be like his sister, he longed for the day when he would finally be a Trainer and be able to travel the land. Hungry for knowledge of both Pokemon and the Kalos region's history, he enrolled in a Trainer's School for several years before he finally started his journey, wanting a bit of an edge in his knowledge so he wouldn't have to deal with surprises or have to train as much(the latter, unfortunately for him, is not as avoidable as he'd like).
    Family: An older sister, Ashlee; Camille, mother; Gideon, father.
    Love Relationships: Huuuuuge crush on Valerie, the Laverre Gym Leader.

    Pokemon on hand:
    : Froakie
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    History/Personality: Jesse received Kamino from Professor Sycamore as his Starter Pokemon. Kamino is very charismatic and is absolutely a showoff. He doesn't have much battle experience yet, but he might perform a bit better if he can lay off the unnecessary battle theatrics.
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  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Now that we have our character bios (with the exception of @Teapot 's) established, it's time to discuss...
    Apologies to Hiimdaisy.
    This RP, for the most part, is a trainer journey RP. Fighting gyms, getting badges, growing from relative newbie trainers into A Force Of Fricking Nature. That sort of thing. However, we do need some kind of antagonist, some kind of conflict... some kind of INTEREST. And here is what I thought would be interesting as an idea for one.

    Our antagonists, whoever they are, are doing some underground research into Mega Evolutions - and specifically, into triggering them by artificial means via the development of Mega Stone and Key Stone Emulators. Needless to say this goes south pretty damn quick - with early experiments having the resonance go horribly wrong resulting in mental damage to both trainers and Pokémon (cue rumors of high leveled Pokémon gone completely wild and possibly local people disappearing along the way?), and later experiments based on an external power source and relying on emulator resonance ather than trainer/Pokémon resonance, leading to some kind of corrupted, mind-locked Mega Evolutions a-la Shadow Pokémon?

    And we get caught up in this madness somehow and put a stop to it through the magical power of friendship and blowing shit up, or something.

    Eh, it's an idea. Still requires a lot of development and feedback - but I figured I'd post it here.
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  8. Teapot

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    Quick minibio for Kyra:

    Name: Kyra Riesman
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Canalave City, Sinnoh
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair: Shoulder-length, brown, somewhat untidy.
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Long-sleeved black shirt, very thick brown jacket, jeans, thick brown boots, Joltik bracelet on her right hand, and an old, battered Pokégear on her left.

    Alpha and Omega the Duduo
    Normal Flying
    Run Away

    Alpha and Omega are the two personalities making up this Doduo. Alpha tends to think he is the top percentile of all Doduo, whereas Omega is more laid back and strategic. Together they seem to form a mostly cohesive unit... after twenty minutes of furiously squawking at each other in argument. Kyra is still trying to train them to cooperate and battle as a team - sometimes they pull it off, sometimes they fail miserably. Unfortunately, important battles tend to make both heads a little flustered and they find it even harder to communicate as a result.

    Later, Alpha and Omega evolve into a Dodrio and spawn a third, also-disconnected head: Steve. Steve is, unfortunately, somehow less bright than the other two – but makes up for it by being vicious in battle.
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    It may come as a vast surprise to some, but Kalos, much like the famous Norwegian Blue Chatot, is not dead - it's just resting. However, resting means that it does come to life on occasion - and to put things into order and log a discussion from chat (developed with @Rex and also featuring some characters and concepts of his that will become relevant to Liam's story), here's a bit of history regarding the study of Mega Evolution in the context of this RP.

    Serious study into Mega Evolution is a fairly recent field. Though Mega Evolution itself has been known for several millennia - and occasional folklore and anecdotes of Evolution that Transcends Evolution did appear from time to time - knowledge of Mega Evolution itself was fairly restricted to the region of Kalos and to a few obscure legends of Hoenn, and was rarely taken seriously.

    Then, approximately a decade before the events of the RP, everything changed - Daniil Yakovlev and Mitsuru Kimura, two geneticists working in the Sinnoh region, published their seminal work detailing their discovery of a common sequence found in a number of largely unrelated species native to Sinnoh (most prominently Lucario, Gyarados, Garchomp, Abomasnow and Medicham) and notably absent from many other species. The purpose of this sequence was yet unknown at the time - though evidence appeared to point to these so-called Yakovlev-Kimura sequences having a regulatory effect on the expression of other genes, some rather similar in structure to those involved in evolution.

    The initial Yakovlev-Kimura paper was followed up by additional study confirming the existence of the sequences in the three Starter Pokemon of Kanto (on which abundant information has been available) as well as the Alakazam and Gengar lines - and additional studies in other regions identified such sequences in other lines as well.

    In search of what so many discrete, unrelated lines had in common - the more reliable stories and evidence of Mega Evolutions suggested that the lines of Pokemon capable of Mega Evolutions were also the lines to carry Yakovlev-Kimura sequences. Over the years that passed additional species of Pokemon with Yakovlev-Kimura sequences which are capable of Mega Evolution have been identified - controversy and contradicting evidence regarding a few species and the rarity of others further complicating the situation. By the time the RP takes place, roughly 41 or 40 species (if Gardevoir and Gallade are considered two species or not, respectively) are confirmed to have at least one set of Yakovlev-Kimura sequences in some configuration - and a few additional species are presumed, but not confirmed to carry them as well.

    Rex would probably explain this better than I can in this summary (as Yakovlev is his character), but apparently a year or so before the events of this RP, Yakovlev himself has been discredited due to a yet-unspecified incident and went into hiding. Kimura continues research in the field in his absence, though appears to have shifted focus in recent months to the study of the Pokérus - a previous subject of study, somewhat neglected due to the heavy focus on Mega Evolution work.

    Also relevant to our plot is that among the discoveries made in relatively recent few years (somewhere between 5 and 3 years ago, perhaps?) was the confirmation of Yakovlev-Kimura sequences in Beedrill population by Dr. Erol Van Lierre, Gad Van Lierre's father. This was a fairly big discovery at the time, due to the relative uncommonness of these sequences in Pokemon under a certain threshold of rarity - especially a common Bug-type (previously the sequence was only confirmed in only three, relatively rare species - Pinsir, Heracross and Scizor) - this is how Gad happens to know about Mega Evolution even though he's never been to Kalos before.


    Additionally - new information from the Alola Pokedexes suggests that mega evolution is, in actuality, a very dangerous process - it appears that Pokemon that are not prepared to contain that much raw power find themselves in a great deal of pain and go completely feral and insane, and that the strong trainer-pokemon bond is required less so as an energy transfer - the Key Stone/Mega Stone resonance handles that as will any emulator our antagonist group may be developing - and more as a fixed point to orient on while attempting to maintain sanity and contain the pain and excess energy that Mega Evolution brings. A trainer and a Pokemon walk into danger together. Which also brings us to another question - what if an attempt is - or was at any point - to force Mega Evolution through forced expression of the genomic regions locked by Yakovlev-Kimura sequences without mega/key stone resonance triggering the process?

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