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Open The End(General Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DeadEdgelord, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. MihajloJedi

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    Hey @DeadEdgelord, you didn't responded for long time, so you probably forgot that Ømega asked Leaf something, but never mind, I will duplicate it and send it again
  2. I am very sorry I had a sleep over.
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  3. Bio: (he schould have his, right)
    Name: {False Name: Blase|True Name: ???}
    Nickname: Gamemaster, 'Created Creator'
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Power: Travel between the worlds, He can create and erase things and summon warriors to fight for him. He can change reality near to him.
    Reason for Power: He is a person from another world. He trained his skills and powers for a loooong time. He is saying that his power was created to fight against injustice in the worlds around him (So why he isn't a hero)
    Appearance: Crow-Black eyes and Crystalic, beautiful, light blue Hair. He has strange tattoo on his back.
    Outfit: Silver Tank toop and black jeans
    Personality: Blase is smart and calm person, who always think before he do something. He still seek for vengence on them.
    Backstory: Blase, lived in the world, where he could look at other worlds made by 'creators'. But, his heart broke when He saw, that when only 'creators' gets bored of the world they made. They abandon it and let their creations to suffer. He started to train his power, as his creator gived him a power equal to creators power. He started to gather power by destroying other worlds, He needs this power to be able to destroy creators.
    Reason for Being an Anti-Hero: said in Backstory, He just want to destroy 'creators'
    Other(Optional): He is older than he looks. Sorry if someone noticed the (4th wall breaking), Blase is a main antagonist in RP that I wanted to make one day but still I see an errors sometimes. {This is that why I didn't started it yet}
    [sorry also for my English as I'm exhausted after a long and hard day.]


    "I'm not the hero, I'm just a Villain who has something to protect"
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  4. Bio:(Cause she kind of needs one)
    Name: Alicia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 37
    Power: Psychic, Emotion Manipulation, and Telekinesis(Also Secret Power she does not know yet)
    Reason for Power(Can be because your parent was a hero): She was the first ever to be tested on by Centipede with their Project Power Eyes (The one that increased the powers) she had already had powers from her parents who were former Centipede Leaders.
    Weakness: Human Weaknesses
    Appearance: Brown long hair, blue eyes, 5'6.
    Outfit: A pink shirt and slightly faded jeans.
    Personality: Doesn't like to be pushed around. She kind of acts like a mom although she never ever had kids
    Backstory: Rest is explained in Reason for Power)
    She went rogue afterward falling in love with Phantom. She has never told him.
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  5. Blase came to Discussion thread...
    "Wow, how many interesting things are here. I didn't knew that Phantom is sooo old. *ekhm* I'm sorry for taking your time. I hope we will have GREAT FUN TOGETHER"
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  6. A figure with purple eyes and a black jacket appears, "Welcome to the Midnight dimension, the multidimensional plane that my creator created to hold all of his ideas in, all of you humans are part of it and so are your characters," he said non-enthusiastically.
    Sorry that was Shad. Also, I was wondering once this roleplay finishes I was hoping to make a sequel. The sequel will be about a superhero school. All of our heroes would be the teachers.
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  7. Blase turned around and smiled "It looks really nice. Hi there, when I will destroy enough places to become the god, maybe I will make something like that too... I hope that when I will end my own universe, that you will enjoy it"

    Now, can someone post. I think that this world "Creator" schould do it as many characters headed to his. @DeadEdgelord... Better for my live if this world won't be 'dead' or Blase will give me a hell time...

    Dead not Death (Damm)
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  8. MihajloJedi

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    Eeeeeeeeh, weiiiiiiiiird
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  9. Name: Edward
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55
    Power: None
    Weakness: Human Weaknesses
    Appearance: Chocolate brown skin, black hair, white eyes,6'8
    Outfit: A stained white lab coat, black pants, and black shoes
    Personality: Intelligent, Willing to hear others out(kind of like a dad)
    Backstory: Unknown
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  10. Oh crap... I wanted to say happy new year in disscusion thread...
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  11. Delete it then and repost it here.
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  12. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Hey, I saw this thread and thought it was interesting. Are you willing to accept another anti-hero OC? If so, I will start to make the sheet later.
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  13. Yea just a reminder of the rules nothing too overpowered always happy to accept anyone new. Also Happy new year I wish you all wealth, love, happiness, prosperity, and everything good in life thank you guys so much for making this roleplay so much fun.
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  14. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Okay, I generally don't make my characters too OP for the sake of being OP. I'll be sure to make him as balanced as possible. It's really late in my time-zone now, so I'll only start working on it tommorow, and I'll probably only have it done after tommorow.
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  15. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Name: Mike Walkman.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 38

    Power: He has the power to manipulate pigments and any mix that includes pigments, but he focused on manipulating ink. He can create small amounts of pigment, in any color he desires, and only up to a 2 liters worth of ink. He can only control up to 33 square meters of ink at his best, but that would come with drawbacks, like physical harm. He can cover himself in ink, greatly increasing his speed and strenght. The cover works like armor, but with other benefits. He can still manipulate the ink covering his body, so for example, he can cover himself in ink and make his right hand turn into a sword, or his other forearm turn into a shield (He can change the ink, not his body.). The temperature of the ink is the ambiental (Like anyone's body temperature.) He can control the ink's flexibility and durability at will, the minimum flexibility being solid, and the maximum durability being that of iron, however, making it as durable as stone means making it as dense as iron, heavily increasing the weight of the ink. He can't make the ink as durable as iron and make is as flexible as water; the only way he can get the flexibility of the ink to solid is by turning it into iron. He can also control any ink/pigments in any surface, like paper, tissue, etc... Anything beyond what I said here is impossible, unless he grows stronger IRP.

    Reason for Power: Due to a mutation in his DNA inherited by his family that, as it passed on in the family, got worse and worse, until the mutation granted him powers.

    Appearance: He's 6 foot, has green eyes, short brown hair, and is thin, which benefits him in ways.

    Outfit: He wears a light blue jacket and a white-T shirt under it, a beat-down black jeans, and a white, almost grey, basic shoe.

    Personality: He's confused; may show signs of bi-polarity. He acts happily sometimes, but he is generally said to be realistic, tending to be a pessimist. He doesn't like villains, but at the same time, he can't bring himself to join the heroes, seeing as the war would bring more casualties than needed, and he doesn't want to kill, even if that would bring "good". He stays neutral and avoids any kind of fights that could bring casualties. He is also interested in what each side has to offer.

    Backstory: It can be summed up in arcs:
    At a small town in Russia, Mike was born in poverty. His parents had problems; his dad had debts to pay with a bar, had drinking problems, and couldn't do anything alone. His mom was pressured to do everything alone, which led to her getting depressed. As they were poor, they couldn't pay for the remedies, and whatever money they had was used to buy drinks. That's around the time Mike was born.

    Early Life
    Mike grew up learning to look at the bright side of things, but, even though he had a happy nature, he still needed to get money to sustain his family; with his mom at her edge and dad spending every last bit of money to buy drinks, he needed to do something that would give him money; and quick. So, he started to rob local shops and markets. Not for the sake of robbing, but out of necessity. He learned about his powers at this time, too.

    Teen Life
    He started to see that looking at the bright side of things wouldn't help him- he was in the middle of trash and he knew that. He started to adopt a realistic way to see the world. He continued to steal, which greatly enhanced his sneak skills and his speed, since if he got caught, he ran. He also already used his powers to learn how to read and write, but also to manipulate documents, pretty much, cleaning his documents had he done anything wrong and been caught. He now lived in hiding from people- luckily, he wasn't caught by police or heroes. He learned about the existence of the Far. A place to re-establish himself. He abandoned his miserable life to get travelling to the Far.

    Early Adult Life
    Mike got to the Far after a long time of travelling. He got a job, and saw as many many so called "heroes" confronted villains. Casualties were common. He started to think about how moral these "heroes" were. He could, but choose not to help the heroes. Same thing happened with the Centipede; He saw that they were, objectively, wanting to do bad things; but he saw the Centipede as anarchists, people trying to take over the government and try to do something better. Wrong? For Mike's point of view, yes, but he wasn't willing to involve himself in a fight that he knew was impossible to win, and he was interested in what these "villains" would do. As the Centipede attacked, he heard rumors about the new organization of heroes being formed, and some locals approached him about it. Now, he knows he will ultimately need to pick a side; but he's trying to find himself in the world first.

    Reason for Being neutral/ an anti-hero: As stated above; He doesn't think that the world is as black and white as "Heroes good, centipede bad". He thinks that both sides have their good and bad. He doesn't want to pick a side yet; he wants to see what the Centipede will do, and picking a side now would be mean fighting, which would bring casualties, so he prefers not to.

    Other (Optional): N/A
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    I am impressed
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  17. PopeyPenguin

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  18. Really detailed accepted.
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  19. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Well, I'll find a way to introduce my OC and get myself updated in the story.
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  20. You have 4 pages to read HAVE FUN!
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  21. PopeyPenguin

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    So, they basically broke into a Centipede base, got caught, ran, almost got killed by the Centipede, they killed some of the villains, and Arkady just pulled a power-boost at the cost of having a guy called Shadow control his body. So, now, they are trying to re-establish themselves. Am I right?
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  22. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Has enough time passed that the invasion could have appeared in the media, journals, etc... or is it still a new event? And if time has passed, how would media tackle the invasion? Would it be used as propaganda to promote the Centipede, or would they try to pretend it didn't happen?
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  23. So pretty much it has been 20 years and there are little to no things that Centipede controls, which does include the media. They really do regulate the media.
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  24. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Thanks for answering, and even though that wasn't what I expected, I should've worded it better. It still helped clear up some doubts.

    Was the hero-organized invasion that happened IRP a new thing, or has enough time passed for it to be tackled by the media?
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  25. How are you everyone?
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  26. Nukas

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    I haven't been getting alerts... sry I'll get a post up later today
  27. PopeyPenguin

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    @DeadEdgelord Can I make some alterations in my OC? The first one would be his age, I'd change it to 38 (So that his backstory fit's the lore) and the second would be an alteration to his power, which would be to change it's maximum durability to Iron, so that he can at least fight with villains/heroes without being 2-3 shotted.
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  28. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Can someone fill me in on what's happened since I've been gone?
  29. @Nukas
    Leaf, Phantom and Omega were looking around our new base, they met a Dr. Edward. Who, just like Our heroes. Is against Centipede. Omega talked with him for a while like scientist with scientist and then He headed to waiting for him Arkady.

    Meanwhile, Kheod met strange person named Blase. Blase wanted to meet with Ventreleus, He told that He wants to help Centipede. He gived them Warrior from another 'world' named Noir. He wanted in exchange that He will meet with all strong Centipede members. Blase didn't explain, why he needs them.

    I hope that I didn't make any mistake in this. This is very shortly "What happend"
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  30. Nukas

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    Thanks, I'll get to work on a post soon.
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  31. (Song:Simon Curtis-Superhero
    Who won't like to be a Superhero :)
    [Yeah, I was bored. When I was adding this here...]
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    Nice, song is really catchie
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  33. 5 Pages Guys YAAAAAAAAAAAY. There is really only a little bit of the story left. So we might get to 6 or 7 pages.
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  34. @Nukas, @Ilikewater

    I hope that you are still with us guys, it could be sad if you weren't... (As I know that yours char. Didn't had much to do)

    But now Leaf needs you! (I think at least, Maybe not................)
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    I am I am, I just forget honestly. Sorry.
  36. Super Lazy Man

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    I am... i just felt like we didn't need my character to do stuff.. sorry
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  37. Yea I am just trying to include you guys as much as possible.
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