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Private/Closed The Alola Masterclass Showcase

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. It was an exciting time to be in Alola, or, more specifically, to be in Heahea City. Today marked the dawn of a new era of showcases, and come the evening, it would mark the coronation of Alola's very first showcase King or Queen. Naturally, the venue hosting this great event was suitably grand. It was a theatre a little way away from the hotel, only a few miles away from the shore, with a varnished terracotta stage, and blue velvet carpets and curtains, to match the colour of the ocean.

    As a spotlight lit up the stage, a man riding atop his Honchkrow came swooping down, microphone in hand, and he bowed from his seat as the crowd gave him the obligatory welcome cheer.

    "Alola, people of, well, Alola!" he began, "I'm your host, Daniel Diaz, and it's an honour to welcome you all to Alola's very first masterclass showcase!"

    The crowd went even wilder this time, and they took a good few seconds to quiet down again.

    The presenter cleared his throat. "Now, as you might know, tonight, we'll be bringing you only the best of the best. Only the performers of this region who have won three or more princess keys are allowed to enter, and once it's all over, we'll have Alola's very first King or Queen," he explained, "In round one, we will have groups of three, who will first perform their appeals individually, and then they will perform a simultanaeous appeal, and the winners of those will compete for the chance to be in the final. Once that is over, we'll have our final, and the winner of that will become our first King or Queen!"

    This time, the crowd were a little quieter, eager to get on with the show.

    "Before we begin, however, let me introduce you to our judges for tonight!" a smaller spotlight appeared above a table, "First, we have Kemen Iñiguez Bolibar, my husband, and the Nita King!"

    "Alola! Great to be here!" a lean, dancer-like man greeted.

    Daniel cleared his throat. "And next, we have Gitana Aranjuez Sevillana, an elite four member, and dancer, who knows finesse and style when she sees it!"

    "Don't think I won't notice, if you miss a step," a dark-haired woman sporting a red gown said sternly.

    "And finally, we have Heahea City's very own Nurse Joy!"

    Even Nurse Joy had dressed up a little tonight, putting on a touch of makeup, and letting her hair down. "I'm looking forward to seeing how adorable all of your pokemon will be tonight!"

    As the spotlight on the judges faded, the curtains opened, and three spotlights appeared on stage. "Now, without any further ado, let's get on with the first round!" Daniel began, "Group one, give us your best!"
  2. Kat smiled as she stepped on stage, with her green showcase key on the belt of her main outfit (the second one). She gave a wider smile as Haun and Zina, her chosen Pokemon for this round, came out with her onto the stage. She gave a little nod to her Pokemon, and whispered to them
    "You guys ready?" They all nodded to say yes. And Kat waited for her fellow competitors.
  3. @Airslashz @Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Daniel cleared his throat. "Now, a quick reminder of the rules, before you begin, performers," he announced, "Remember, you must do your single appeals one at a time, and during that time, none of the other performers are allowed to make any moves. Save the spotlight stealing for the simultaneous appeal. Once everybody has performed their single appeal, the simultaneous appeal can begin, and you can steal as much spotlight from each other as you like!"

    He ordered Honchkrow to fly upward, off of the stage. "Now, my dear performers, who would be so kind as to start the show?"
  4. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    She stepped onto the stage, shying away from being the first to perform. Sandy, Emu, and Lullaby Stood next to her chatting away in their own language. White key clutched in hand, she smiled and waited for somebody ELSE to start. "Any moment now..." she thought. Meanwhile, though, she listened to Daniel explain the rules.
  5. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    It seems like both of the other competitors were waiting for one another, so it was time for Cali to go up. She was quite nervous inside, however she was used to this. She got her performance key, which was just blue.

    Cali was wearing her first outfit, and was beside her Alolan Ninetales and her Altaria, all dressed up and ready to go.

    Cali then stepped up to the plate, in ready position. Altaria and Ninetales stood beside her.

    “Altaria, Moon Blast! Ninetales, you too!” She commanded. Altaria and Ninetales shot Moonblasts to the air, and Altaria flew around gracefully as the Moonblasts were about to hit. When they hit, the collision caused a bunch of pink and white auras and sparkles. They disappeared after a short while.

    “The finishing touch! Altaria, use Dragon Blast, and Ninetales, use Dazzling Gleam!” Cali then commanded.

    Ninetales used Dazzling Gleam that then was collided by a Dragon Breath, which then created more auras, which lasted longer. Ninetales and Altaria danced gracefully with Cali, which then they posed as Cali said, “That’s all, folks!” She said, bowing and then going back to her place.
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  6. Kat smiled at her fellow performers performance, although she wanted to win, she mainly came to have fun, and was impressed. She thought
    This is gonna be more interesting than I thought. Good.
    Kat decided she should step up, however, before she fully decided, she gave a small hand gesture to the other performer, asking if they wanted to go before her.
  7. Namine got dressed in the back and did a couple stretches (From Casual 1 to 2. I realize it's more of a performance outfit.). She got done just in time though and she decided to watch the other competetors. First up was Cali. The performance was impressive but Namine had seen it before. Not to put my self on a pedistal or anything. The ending though was really cool. "Woah, Normally, Dragon Type moves would be completely destroyed against fairy types. I can't imagine how much control that took."
  8. @Ghostly Jazz Hand's @Fraseandchico

    Daniel cleared his throat. "Now, is anyone else going to step up to perform?" he began, "Come on now, we haven't got all night! You don't want the other two groups to miss out, do you?"
  9. Kat sighed. It seemed she wasn't getting a response, so she stepped up, she said
    "Alright. Zina, use bone rush." Zina threw three bones in the air. Just as rehersed.
    "Haun, use water gun!" The bones were exploded and turned from bones into makeshift fairy dust. Kat smiled. After a small amount of combinations, being aura sphere and aqua jet, causing the aura spear to hit the ground and explode in a blue colour, hidden power and aura sphere, creating an large amount of lightning that was purple and blue, it was time for her finale, she said
    "Alright, time for the finishing touch, Hain, use hidden power and water gun, Zina, use aura sphere and bone rush!" These moves created 4 different lights, one aura sphere hit the water and created blue lighting, the other hit a hidden power orb, and created purple lighting, some of the water hit another hidden power orb, creating red lighting, and a bone hit one of the last aura spheres, creating an extremely light blue light. The last of the attacks met in the centre, creating a combination of colours in a flower shape. This happened as Kat, Hain, and Zina danced below it.
    "And we're done!" She said while posing with her Pokemon, looking quite cute as she did so, she bowed and went back to her place.
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  10. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson Asters was the last to go. Standing beside him stood the Sun Pokemon and the Gleam Eyes Pokemon, Volcarona and Luxray. Crimson watched in awe the competitors beside him that displayed their performance, ranging from handmade aurora borealis to a light show. Crimson, being the polite performer he is, clapped along with the audience in awe with the other's demonstration of their abilities. Being one of the only few male performers of Pokemon Showcase and making to the Masterclass, Crimson definitively felt the pressure. Currently, Crimson was wearing his Blood Moon outfit. One of his hands clenched his necklace while the other hand gripped the crimson red performance key attached to his belt loop out of habitual nervousness. Soon enough, it was the latter's turn to perform.

    Their performance was going to be a powerful performance definitely, but hopefully it'll be enough to pass to the next round.The moment the spotlight hit the trio of Crimson, Luxray, and Volcarona, each of them were all ready to perform.

    "Luxray, use Swift! And Volcarona, Fiery Dance!" Crimson called out respectively to each Pokemon. Luxray jumped up into the air with a back flip. It's tail glowed a a soft yellow before slashing midair, creating a barrage of stars from practically nothing, and aimed upwards, where the awaiting Fire and Bug Type Pokemon hovered. While Luxray had done it's midair flip, Crimson was down below b-boying in beat and rhythm with his Pokemon. Meanwhile, Volcarona's body glowed a bright orange as the giant moth began to fly around stage, doing twirls and 8-figures. As the dance ensued, detaching from Volcarona's body were red fiery scales than fell off from the move. The flaming scales descended while the glowing Swift ascended. Eventually the two moves collided in the middle, the scales burning themselves into the stars, infusing the moves to creating hot orange stars.

    "Quick Volcarona, use Silver Wind!" The Sun Pokemon gave out a giant buzz before it's wings glowed a glistening silver. Volcarona began to flap it's wings rapidly, creating a steady, but strong stream of wind. Among it's wings were also scales, this time glistening silver as these scales were fallen off while the wings were glowing silver from Silver Wind. The Silver Wind gathered the stars, that were still ascending upwards to the ceiling. The amber stars gathered by the Silver Wind, group them together and infusing the stars with each other due to still being hot from the Fiery Dance. The process created one massive star, doubled the size of Luxray. While that was ongoing, Luxray did a few tricks and flips as it pranced around Crimson along with the music. The giant glowing shaped slowly descended. Before it can it the ground, Crimson called out one last move.

    "Luxray, use Thunder Fang!" Pouncing up from it's hind legs, Luxray leaped towards the combination move. With it's jaw wide, electricity emitted from the side of the Gleam Eye's maw. Luxray crunched down onto the star, creating a loud crackling and jolting sound as the star was destroyed. The product of that combination became evident as Volcarona slowly blew the smoke away revealing yellow-orange orbs the slowly descended down onto the stage floor. When the orbs hit the stage, they popped with a jolt of electricity and crackled with energy. Volcarona glided down behind Crimson and Luxray landed on all four paws safely while Crimson stood with his arms wide open to the audience as his ending pose.

    (Edit: Forgot to mention my key, my bad)
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  11. Kat smiled as the last performance happened, she was very impressed, so she said to him when he got back
    "Hey, good job, that was amazing! I honestly think you might win!." Naturally it was more of a whisper, but she was still impressed, and kinda wanted him to win just so she could see more of his performance.
  12. "And now, dear performers, let's begin the simultaneous appeal!" Daniel announced, "You've only got time for one combination move each, so use it wisely! On three!"

  13. Kat whispered to her Pokemon
    "Alright, it's all or nothing all, we'll show our best, combo 10, Aura Dragons."
    "Lucar!" They all smiled, ready to do it, they faced the crowd, and gave their biggest smiles
    The hardest of times are when performers need to put the biggest smiles on their faces Kat thought to herself.
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  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson smiled at the compliment that his competitor gave to him. He was pleased that at least one person enjoyed his performance. The latter mouthed a ‘thank you’ back to Kat before focusing back onto the competition at hand. This was a simultaneous appeal, hence Crimson wasn’t going to be able to clap for each of his competitors. But he wished them luck just the same.

    “Volcarona, Quiver Dance!” The Fire and Bug Type Pokemon zipped up to the air above their sectioned off stage. It’s body glowing a pure white, oozing off rainbow scales from its body. “Luxray, Signal Beam!” The Electric Type roared alive, straightening its tail, pointing upwards to where the moth was hovering. The star on it’s glowed a blinding white before releasing a multicolored prismatic beam towards Volcarona. The Signal Beam quickly made its way towards Volcarona, hitting directly onto the moth’s abdomen, the latter being unfazed from the move. With the prismatic beam hitting the Sun Pokemon, who was currently still using Quiver Dance, the combination led to a bright light, soon revealing a midair rainbow aurora in place of where Volcarona was. Both Pokemon eased back into their position beside their trainer. All three bowing at the end with joy etched onto their faces.
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  15. Kat smiled. Perfect. Her Pokemon were all in position. They got ready. And Kat said
    "Haun, use hidden power. Zina, use aura sphere 6 times in 3." Haun did as told, and Zina started to charge up their Aura spears.
    "2." The orbs were almost at the top
    "3!" The orbs got to the top
    "Rio!" Zina fired 6 aura spheres directly at the orbs of hidden power, creating 6 magnificent Aura filled blasts that formed to create the magnificent picture of a Dragonair dancing. Kat, Haun, and Zina all bowed in respect. Well, Haun bowed his head at least.
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  16. @Airslashz

    "Don't be shy, performer number three! Come on, don't you want a shot in round two?" Daniel began, "We need to get on with the voting!"
  17. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    Cali hesitated for a moment. Just a moment. And then the host told her to go up.

    Great, Cali thought.

    Then she commanded a Dragon Breath to the air, and it came out fast like a burning fire and was in midair. “Now, Ninetales, on it with an Ice Beam!”

    The Alolan Fox Pokémon then sprayed an Ice Beam, and it went on the Dragon Breath and created a Blue-Purple firework, as a lot of shining, small icicles were raining down the air. The Altaria flipped in midair high above the sky and then went back down, dancing along with the Alolan Ninetales.

    “Now for the finishing touch! Ice Beam again, and then Brave Bird!” Cali commanded.

    Long ice pillars were made from the Ice Beam, however made skinny due to the fact that Flying moves aren’t effective on Ice moves. Altaria then managed to get through the the pillars, while taking damage but looking like it didn’t at all. It looked healthy.

    Loads of sparkles arose the crowd. They were all coming together into heart shaped ones, and were traded like that. She then posed with her Altaria and when it was finished.
  18. "And that's it! Now, let's begin the public vote!" Daniel announced, "Those of you in the audience, please light the pokelume which corresponds to the colour of your favourite performer! Those of you watching from elsewhere, please press the corresponding button on your device!"

    The judges lit their pokelumes, as the votes from the audience began to pour in. The green, red, and blue keys began to fill up, steadily, though the results were currently blocked from the performer's views.
  19. Kat sighed in anticipation, she mouthed good luck to her competitors, hoping for the best, she smiled, and she got her Pokemon to smile as well. She crossed her fingers, and combed her hand through her hair while waiting
    "Lets hope we did well, you two. You guys were great." She said to her Pokemon, she mouthed you guys were awesome to her fellow performers.
  20. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson stood there, heaving out of exhaustion from performance. The simultaneous appeal round quickly finished after all three performers gave out their all for the audience, each ending in a grand spectacle. Soon enough, it was time for the voting section of the competition, the part where most performer detested, but it had to be done for the Masterclass Showcase to declare a winner. Crimson saw one of the competitors mouthed a good luck to him and the other. He reciprocated the move and mouthed a thank you and a you too towards the latter as well.

    He stared out into the audience, where everyone was blackened to put the spotlight on the stage itself. The black scenery was soon filled with various colors of red, green, and blue. The light livened the audience as each PokeLume emitted a ball of light of the corresponding performer's performance key. There were reds, meaning some liked his performance. But each of the competitors also got a solid amount of votes as well. At this point, it's still anybody's game.
  21. Finally, the keys stopped filling up, and the results were projected on screen, behind the performers. Daniel swooped back down onto the stage with his Honchkrow.

    "And the results are in!" he began, "The first lucky and talented performer to be moving onto round two is..."

    Two of the spotlights on the stage vanished, leaving only the one above Crimson on.

    "Crimson! Congratulations!"

    "That combination of swift and fiery dance was really something! Why, it was like watching a meteor shower!" Kemen began, "I never thought I'd see a Luxray and a Volcarona working so well together, but the performance was quite dazzling!"

    "I was pleasantly surprised, when I saw the result of that thunder fang at the end," Gitana added, "I thought it was going to turn out to be another sparkle trick, but the electrifying effects from those orbs were really quite original. You've got a lot of talent, chico."

    " Fire and electricity, and even bug type moves combined to create a gorgeous show! I hope we'll see more stunning effects from you when we see you again!" Nurse Joy added.
  22. Kat clapped for her competitor, she figured she wouldn't win, but she was still happy for Crimson. She smiled, and whispered to her Pokemon
    "Don't worry guys, you were great. We'll get there. This is just for fun, after all." Kat smiled at Crimson, and gave him a thumbs-up and whispered "Good job. I'll be in the audience cheering for you.", she figured she should get off-stage, so she walked off with her Pokemon, careful not to ruin the moment with any noise. She somehow looked happy when leaving. She smiled when she got back-stage, and changed into her normal outfit. She had figured she'd lose, so she had her brother come and buy seats for them, her seat being occupied by his Dunsparce until she got there. She sat, and became a spectator after explaining to her brother that she didn't mind losing.
    "Are you sure you're alright with losing?"
    "Yes. Of course I'm sure, big brother. Now shut up, and watch the show."
  23. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson's hand clasped around his mouth to hide back a loud and ugly gasp. His name was heard, meaning he was moving on to the second round of the Masterclass showcase. Immediately after the initial shock, Crimson turned around to give his Volcarona a big hug and crouched after because his Luxray deserved a big hug too. "Thank you guys," Crimson said to his Pokemon, a giant smile plastered on his face. "You guys worked hard and it payed off, good job!" His Luxray purred from the affection it's trainer was giving it and Volcarona buzzed with excitement.

    One of the competitors approached Crimson and congratulated the latter on his victory. "Thank you," Crimson said with a small smile and blush on his face from all the praises he's getting. "You were great too," Crimson called out to his competitor as she walked away from the stage. Figuring that he had to move off stage too for the next batch of performers, Crimson gave one final bow to the judges and audience before making his way back stage, prepping for round two.
  24. @Crystal1302 @PrincessPika and @Iced_Tae

    "But, we've got a little way to go before we find out who our very first Alola King or Queen is going to be," Daniel continued, "So, with that in mind, let's welcome our next group of performers! Will they live up to the bar set by our first round winner? Let's find out now!"

    The spotlights returned to the stage, one above each of the platforms for the group two performers. "Let's begin the individual appeals!"
  25. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Karika rushed to the stage, an Aurorus and a Whimsicott following her, she briefly grasped her light yellow showcase key before smoothing out her white dress and leaping onto the stage.

    As soon as Karika reached the centre of the stage, she called out to her Aurorus “Okay! Aurora use Mist!” Aurora stepped in front of Karika as the crystals on the sides of her body glowed white and produced a thick mist, covering the stage, “Now, Cottonfluff use Defog!” Karika called out to her Whimsicott, Cottonfluff flew up above Karika as he started to clear up the mist, lifting it upwards whilst thinning it out; “Aurora! Use Blizzard!” Karika said as she lifted her arm upwards, the crystals on the Aurorus’ head glowed as she lifted her head up, white shards of ice formed in Aurora’s mouth before she fired them upwards into the winds of the Whimsicott’s Defog.

    “Alright! Let’s finish this performance! Aurora, time for you to use Aurora Beam! And Cottonfluff, use Dazzling Gleam!” Karika called out, the Aurorus shot several entwined multi-coloured translucent beams of ice from her mouth, creating a bunch of rainbow-like sculptures, whilst the Whimsicott shone with a pale pink light, pulsating it outwards, the Blizzard and Aurora Beams shone brightly in several colours, the Aurora Beams creating a rainbow light effect over the audience with the pale pink light. Karika leapt onto Aurora’s back smiling, Karika balanced on one leg as she bowed to the audience three times before getting of Aurora’s back, the Aurorus shattered the Aurora Beams before heading back to her trainer.
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  26. Yukino stepped on to the stage as the little bell's on her Pokkuri shoes started to make little ringing noice, which added a bit of a mysterious setring. Azalea and Snowdrop floated next to their trainer, the white haired female exhaled to calm her nerves before sticking one of her hands out, which caused the large sleeves of her short kimono to move, as the light reflected from her pale pink princess key that was placed on her blue obi. "Azalea use petal blizzard" Yukino commanded, the blue flower Pokemon complied and placed her arms up into the air, which caused a swirl of blue petals to dance around the trio, "Now Snowdrop use blizzard to freeze the petal!" The blue eyes trainer continued. Froslass did as she was told and summoned up a blizzard on to the stage, and froze the said blue petals, but due to both the petal blizzard and blizzard, the frozen blue petals continued to dance around them. Yukino struck her arm to the right as her two Pokemon followed the trainer, and with that movement, a geisha like dance started. With Yukino, Snowdrop and Azalea doing the exact same and smooth movements with their arms. "Snowdrop use aurora veil and Azalea fairy wind" Yukino commanded one last time. The two Pokemon nodded and used the said moves while continuing the dance, as the fairy wind swirled around with the frozen petals, the aurora veil appeared around the dancing trio and the stage, which caused a more majestic preformance. Once Yukino placed both her hands on her heart, the frozen petals dissapeared into floating sparkles, and the fairy wind slowly dissapeared aswell. And once Snowdrop and Azalea smoothly floated next to their trainer and placed their own hands on their hearts, the aurora veil glowed one last time before slowly vanishing along with the fairy wind and frozen petals. Yukino and her Pokemon did a 45° bow, as Yukino flashed a elegant smile towards the crowd before leaving the stage with her two beautiful Pokemon. Yukino knew that her preformance was not as extravagant as she would have wanted, but sometimes having a simple preformance helped the audience see the true beauty in the dance that she and her Pokemon had done.
  27. Namine was on the stage and tracing the "man" character like there was no tommorow. She loved performing ,but she didn't know she would have to compete angainst such awesome performers. She gave a deep breath clappped both sides of her head and befire she knew it she was up. The spotlight was on her. She took out her pokeball. It was adorned with a capsule and a seal with resembalence to a Cascade Badge. She pressed the button and A rush of water came out to leave a small pool on the floor. It was quiet for a little. The audience became restless with curiousity. She cast her fishing rod inside of the pool. The pool started swirling and she held her fishing rod up like a conducter's baton. Soon, in almost an instant, Mimi burst out of the pool of water and landed in another pool it created using Dive. "That's the trick about using Dive on land!" She thought. As if it were a rhythm to a song Mimi emerged from one pool and into another as Namine is using the fishing rod as sort of like a ribbon. "Whirlpool Darling!" She said. Mimi emerged from a pool of water behind her and landed on the center of the stage. All of the pools of water created small whirlpools. Dendi pooped out from underneath Namine's hat. "Discharge, Dendi" said Namine as Dendi jumoed up and electricity went over to each whirlpool and each exploded and a sparkling mist filled the stage. Everyone did a quick bow.
  28. "And that concludes the individual appeals for group two!" Daniel announced, "Now, onto the simultaneous appeal! It's all fair game now, you three, so don't be shy about hogging the spotlight!"
  29. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Karika called to her Aurorus "Aurora use Power Gem!" At that command the crystals on Aurora's body glowed and created several granite-like rocks that merged together, Karika put her arm up and said "Cottonfluff! Tailwind!" the Whimsicott waved its arms about wildly, knocking back his cotton-like body slightly to create a forward-blowing wind; Aurora's Power Gem slowly rose into the air, just high enough so that the Tailwind hit the top of it at the right angle to break it apart slightly, the Aurorus leapt upwards to shatter the pieces of the granite-like rock into tiny little fragments that scattered over the stage. Karika smiled as she stroked her Aurorus' long neck.

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