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Open The Adventure Of Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Leangrovyle111, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. In Lumiose City, poorly treated Pokemon band together. They come together in the first place to find trainers to belong to, better trainers than the ones they've had in the past. (If your character finds a good trainer, you must create a bio for the trainer as well.)

    Rules: The maximum amount of characters you can have is two. (Two Pokemon and one trainer.) And of course, normal Pokecharms rules apply. Yes, evolution's allowed. Oh, and romance. (PG-13 maximum)

    Here's the bio!

    Pokemon Bio:

    Age (3 to 7):
    Backstory (One line at least)

    Trainer Bio:

    Age (16 to 24):
    Backstory (Two lines at least):

    Here's mine!

    Name: Squirt
    Species: Squirtle
    Age: 4
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A usual Squirtle, just with a graze on the left leg and a bandanna.
    Shiny: No
    Backstory: His last trainer was incredibly abusive, not giving much food at all, and rarely gave him water. He also made him eat his least favorite flavor of food.

    Squirt was walking around Lumiose City when all of a sudden, someone tried to pick him up. Squirt immediatly bit the person, running away afterwards. "AAAAHHHHHHH" Screamed the person. Squirt didn't care, he was all on his own now, what could he do? He ran off into Lysandre Cafe. "Maybe I could eat something in here!" He thought to himself, food was what he needed for the while, or so he thought.
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  2. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Name: Surge
    Species: Jolteon
    Age (3 to 7): 5
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He’s not an ordinary Jolteon, he’s a shiny, and has a few scars from his older trainer. He has a tooth necklace around his neck from his very first trainer.
    Shiny: Yes
    Backstory: Surge was given to a kind girl as an Eevee, and she raised him well and made him strong and happy. She gave Surge her favorite necklace, which he still has to this day. Her parents didn’t like him and gave him away to an abusive man with a deep voice. Whenever he lost a battle, he locked him in his basement and refuses to give him proper food and water. When he did win, he got food of his least favorite type, and when Surge denied it he beat him with his Machamp. He found an exit and ran off to Lumiose City, where he stays now.

    Surge walked around Lumiose City, low to the ground, electrifying himself if anybody got near. He had recently ran from his former trainer and was hungry. Quietly stalking into a Café, he saw a Squirtle with a bandana in front of him and began to electrify himself once again.
  3. Name: Blue
    Species: Shiny Umbreon
    Age (3 to 7): 6
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is an Umbreon but shiny with gold eyes and Blue rings. She wears a blue and black flower on her right ear which her owner gave her and wears her cross necklace around her neck which fell off her neck at the time.
    Shiny: Yes
    Backstory: She and her trainer was focused to be separated because she trained her life for her own to save her from any bad harm they were doing to her. The organization took her trainer away only suffering a long scar on her back hindleg which is bandaged.

    She was walking through town as she was searching long and hard for her trainer JC. She was separated from her by force because they were hurting her so instead willingly went with them to spare her life. She was angry that she wasn't strong enough to save her trainer like she taught her. She vowed to herself that she would find those grunts and beat the living soul of them and their Pokemon. She was a bit hungry as she made her way to a cafe passing people before she saw a Jolteon electrifying himself and a Squirtle with a bandana. She watched closely curious at the moment.-
  4. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Surge didn’t want to eat, seeing so many people and Pokemon enraged him for some reason. He didn’t want to hate anybody, but nor trust them. Surge walked out of the Cafe before things got out of hand and spotted an Umbreon, and he curiously walked over, trying not to let loose any electricity on the Pokemon. “Who are you?” Surge asked in a tone that meant, I mean business.
  5. Blue's gold eyes locked on the Jolteon hearing his voice was stern but decided to answer to not upset him in anyway. "I'm Blue, and you are if I may ask?"she said voice stern as well as she wasn't messing around either.-
  6. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    “Surge.” The Jolteon replied, with a touch of warmness to his voice, but it was still stern and still had that, “I’m not messing around” tone. “Where’s your trainer? It’s not safe to be walking around the streets without someone to drag you along with them.” The warmth in Surge’s voice was lost as he said that. He didn’t mean to sound cold, he really didn’t, and he hoped other Pokemon could feel that. Surge was just never kind when it came to trainers that aren’t his original trainer.
  7. She glanced away from Surge for the moment closing her eyes before speaking. "She was taken away from me....she was taken by some organization that did wrong deeds because of what she possess...and she gave into them to save me because I was the one being hurt...and this bandaged hind leg of mine proves it...If I wasn't weak at the time I would have saved her but I fail..."she said pausing before she continued. "So now I'm just a rare run away Umbreon trying to reunite with her trainer" she said this in a gentle tone but had a hint of sadness but she still kept a stern voice while she spoke to him.-
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  8. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Surge looked at the Umbreon, and frowned a frown of pity. “Oh. I used to have an amazing trainer, she gave me a dear possession of hers.” He glances at the tooth necklace around his neck. “Her parents didn’t like me, so they gave me away.” Surge didn’t want to give out his whole backstory to a stranger, he never did, but he trusted her more than she trusted others for some reason. “They gave me up to an abusive trainer, who locked me in his basement and deprived my of food and water if I ever lost a battle. When I did win, he gave me dirty water and stale Pokemon food. When I denied it, he beat me up with his Machamp. I liked his Raichu though, he taught me a few of the moves I know. Only recently did I run off,” Surge explained, sitting down on the asphalt.
  9. She glanced at Surge again as she opened her eyes. "That must have been hard on you, my partner would never have treated you that way, all she wants to do is help Pokemon not harm them and it would anger her if she saw something like that happen....but now....I only have this black and blue flower on my ear she gave me and her cross necklace which is around my neck" she said to Surge as she sat down. "But being on my own isn't exactly easy so in order to get food I help the owner in any of the stores and will reward me with food but if I am lucky they sometimes offer me it for free because of my gentle temperament....I even service for others who are unable to do things on there own for at least a day to get my feed and if its a lot I end up saving some or give some to Pokemon who are struggling with food"she finished.
  10. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    “I rob places after they close. Sounds awful, but I can’t find it in my heart to be kind to someone or someplace after all that I went through. And I get the best food. It’s wrong, but I’d rather survive than attempt being kind to strangers,” Surge explained, lowering his head in tire and hunger. “And right now, I’m hungry.” He didn’t want to complain, but his stomach was rumbling pretty loudly.
  11. Blue didn't want Surge to die of hunger so she stood up. "Wait here"she said in a gentle tone before walking into the cafe. She came out with two Oran berries that she had got for free before placing them down. "Here eat up"she said as she was hungry herself but had spare food back in the forest to fill herself up so she was ok with it. "Yes that does sound wrong since a lot of Pokemon have their different ways of living so I don't blame them or judge them because their life is hard...."she said as her eyes were filled with sadness. "I want to help them all but I am only a Pokemon and I have limits...even if my life is harder then yours.."she said before her eyes flicked suddenly at the sound of that familiar Houndoom voice. "There you are Blue!"one said. "-Oh no! They don't give up do they!-"she thought. "I'm sorry Surge, but I must take my leave it was nice meeting you and take care of yourself" she gave a smile and a gentle nudge before leaping off at a swift speed and not long after a group of Houndoom came running just behind her as she made her way into the forest to see if she could lose them but her back hind leg was still recovering and was causing her to slow a bit but pushed herself to go faster for her own sake and safety.-
  12. Name: Sky
    Species: Sylveon
    Age (3 to 7): 3
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is a little brighter pink then other of her species.
    Shiny: No
    Backstory: Sky was a small eevee. She was a starter for a little girl. She was very sweet she loved Sky, so much so that she evolved into a Sylveon. What she did not know was that her beloved trainer was very sick. She had something that could not be cured. Two weeks after her trainer had passed Sky found herself in a place with a new trainer. Her new trainer was mean and very sadistic. He would beat her and literally almost starve her to death. Luckily she found a way to get away from him. That was almost two years ago. Now she lives in Lumiose city.

    Sky was about to walk out of the building she was in, when she spotted a shiny Umbreon running from a houndoom. She loved to help out the older folks of Lumiose retirement home. She was there almost everyday. She tened to be a friend to all of the older people who live there. Some have no family anywhere around and Sky is the only reason some even smile. "Hey Umbreon over here you can hide in here until he runs past." Sky beckoned with her ribbon to the door she was coming out of.
  13. Blue's eyes caught the sight of a Sylveon trying to help her hide inside the building. She tried to turn in a different direction to get to her but the Houndoom blocked her path into doing so. She gave a stern yet annoyed look to him before her eyes caught to the Sylveon nodding her head as if thanking her for trying to help but she didn't want to involve others to be more hurt so continued to leap off while more and more Houndoom gathered behind her. She took high leaps to get to higher ground but the Houndoom were so persistent to get to her but her speed was slightly out matched for them because of how her partner trained her to be how she is now.-
  14. Sky sighed. Well if that Umbreon needs help then that is what she will get. Sky walked to the side of the building where a fire escape was. She climbed the stairs and up to the ropf where she swiftly jumped from one roof to the next. She followed the two closely she had to help somehow. But how. Then she knew. Sky jumped down slightly in the houndoom's path. She used a combo of charm and attract to get their attention. Maybe if she distracted them the umbreon could get away. "Hello there big boy. Where are going in such a hurry? Don't you want to stay with a pretty girl like me?"
  15. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Surge looked at Umbreon as she raced away. Gladly, he ate the berries and felt a little bit of his strength replenish. ‘I hope I see her again, she’s trustworthy, I can tell,’ He thought, walking into an alley to take a nap. There was an old pillow that still was comfortable enough for Surge to sleep. The Jolteon fell into a light sleep.
  16. Squirt quickly turned his head just before he entered the cafe. "Wait a minute..." Squirt thought to himself. "That was an Umbreon I saw!! Oh Crud..." Squirt had a mighty big fear of Umbreons, One attacked him when Squirt was with his abusive trainer. But the Squirtle didn't want to talk about that one bit. He squealed as he jumped behind a tree. "Surely they can't find me here..." He hadn't realized that he had squealed when he jumped behind that tree.
  17. Blue had saw what the Sylveon was doing as she stopped to catch her breath. The Houndoom stopped but wasn't interested. "Get out of the way you Sylveon! All we want is that Umbreon and the procession she has around her neck!"one growled ready to use Flamethrower. Blue quickly ran in front of the Sylveon before using Iron tail to knock him down. "Don't you dare hurt this Sylveon! I will not give you what I have around my neck!"she said before looking to the Sylveon. "I need your help, your a fairy type so you have more of an advantage against a fire-dark type like Houndoom"she said before she opened her mouth as a small colorful orb appeared before a strong beam came out hitting three at once knocking them down.-
  18. Sylveon noded. She crossed two ribbons and formed an x. She then used that X to create a very strong gust of fairy wind. To not only do some damage and blow the houndoom back a few feet.
  19. Blue had the upper hand of them before only the big one was left. "You should give up now od you know what is good for you!" She warned. He looked frustrated but out or that frustration he gave in. "This won't be the last of us you'll see Blue just you wait!"he said before he fled with his group.
    She sighed before turning to the Sylveon. "Thanks for your help" Blue said giving a smile to her.-
  20. "You are very welcome. I hate seeing pokemon and people in trouble. I was just glad I was able to help." One of Sky's ribbons wrapped around Blue's shoulder. She used it to send some soothing feeling. "If you ever need me please come find me. I am usually helping with the Lumiose retirement home."
  21. Blue felt the soothing feeling from the Sylveon's ribbons before she just gave a smile. "At least give me your name before you go, I'm Blue"she said looking to her.-
  22. "My name is Sky. I was just about to leave when I saw you being chased. If you want I can stay with you for a bit."
  23. Blue just gave a smile. "No really its alright, I don't want to put you in any other danger then I already have but thanks for the help and take care of yourself"Blue said giving a nudge as a goodbye before she began to walk off back towards the cafe where she met Surge.-
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  24. Sky called to her before she was completely out of sight. "Just remember that I am here if you need me. I don't mind a little danger. I think it is fun to play with fire." She gave blue a small smirk and a wink.
  25. She just chuckled but nodded as she headed back down and out of the forest. She made her way back to where she was looking for Surge as she was the only company she had except for the Sylveon Sky she met back in the forest. Where are you Surge?"she whispered to herself before she entered the cafe again to help out.-
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  26. Squirt came out of hiding and looked around. He saw a Sylveon. "Hey!" He shouted. "Do you have any idea what just happened?!!? I heard a deafening explosion just now!!!" Squirt was clueless about the fight that had gone on.
  27. Sky looked to Squirt. She had a very soft expression on her face. She did not want to scare the little pokemon. "That was just someone trying to take another by force so I helped her out. Are you ok?"
  28. She came out the cafe holding a bag of berries as she was still looking around for Surge. Maybe he went into hiding and fell asleep somewhere but where exactly or maybe she just scared him off. "...I hope not....I don't like scarying off people......"she said to herself sighing.-
  29. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    OOC: This is a good time to play a new Pokemon OC that I made! Meet Glam
    Name: Glam
    Species: Glameow
    Age (3 to 7): 3
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Glam is a bit smaller than a normal Glameow. She has an Everstone necklace that she stole from a Murkrow that stole it from a trainer
    Shiny: No
    Backstory: Glam was given as an egg to a young rich girl as a starter. Her owner wasn't really the best, demanding that her moves needed to be perfect or else... She never beat her or underfed her, but she did verbally abuse her. The only reason she didn't do those two (main) options was because she needed Glam to look her best for contests and showcases. However, her trainer never treated her with the care that she needed. Later on, her trainer discovered that she would evolve into a Purugly. She then abandoned her.

    Glam trotted on the rooftops of Lumiose, looking for her next meal. She saw a Pidove then hissed at it. The bird flew off before she could attack it. Her whiskers twitched with amusement. How gullible some Pokemon can be! She continued to stride by until she heard a voice.

    "That was just someone trying to take another by force so I helped her out. Are you ok?"
    the voice said.

    Glam stood still and purred. New friends. She liked new friends. Maybe they were like the Pidove, or maybe like that Furfrou she met last week. Soon she would be running or chasing. Something to keep her mind off of what happened two months ago. Her claws unfurled as she thought about that miserable excuse of a trainer. She shook the girl out of her mind as she trotted over to the voice. Like she thought, there were two Pokemon there. She grinned. "Hello," she greeted, "I'm looking for a little bite to eat. You wouldn't know where some is at, would you?"
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  30. Sky Looked towards the voice. It turned out to be a cat type pokemon. Sky thought for a minute. "Well I know this little bakery that gives out leftovers to the local pokemon around this time. If you want I can take you there."
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  31. Name: Ceasar

    Species: Nidoran (M)

    Age: 3

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: (Shiny)

    Shiny: Yes

    Backstory: Ceasar was hatched by a trainer who didn’t really care about his Pokémon, just wanted the most special ones. The trainer was happy when Ceasar was hatched, but he was still not a nice person. Ceasar was uncomfortable with the way his trainer behaved, and he was unhappy. The food wasn’t bad, but the trainer didn’t actually CARE for him. He was just a plaything for the trainer. So Ceasar ran away. He has been wandering around Lumiose, hiding when possible, and hoping he will be mistaken for a female if he is seen. His trainer has advertised for him, so it is imperative that he not be recognized by humans.


    Ceasar was hiding in a nearby trash bin, munching on some lettuce when he heard voices. He peeked out to see a Glameow and a Sylveon talking. That was all he could see from that angle, though. He cautiously pushed the lid of the trash bin farther open and slipped out. The mention of a pastry shop made him hungry...
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  32. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Glam already liked the Sylveon. A nice bite to eat. This Sylveon knew how she rolled. A light glistened in the Glameow's blue eye. "What are you waiting for? Take me there!" Glam mewed impatiently. The grey cat jumped in front of the pink Pokemon.
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  33. "My name is Sky by the way." Sky said this as she lead the Glameow to the little bakery. She used the ribbon to knock on the back door. A portly man with joly smile and red rosey cheeks opened the door. "Why if it isn't my favorite little helper. I see you brought a friend along. I will get you some of the leftovers from today. I will be right back."
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  34. Ceasar had followed stealthily behind, hoping to get a chance at some food. He licked his lips as he ducked behind the restaurant trash bin. He poked his head out partway from behind so he could see what was happening.
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  35. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Glam glared at the man. She didn't trust humans. She never felt the kindness of a good trainer. Though she had heard stories of worse, she knew the only reason she was treated so well was because she was a good contest Pokemon. "The name is Glam," The grey cat said, "Glam the Glameow." She then thought over all the moves her old trainer taught her for the contests. Each of them were trained to be flashy, not to be used effectively. She didn't like this thought so she pushed it out of her mind.
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  36. Sky smiled at Glam. She did notice a blue nitoran hiding. She would not give away that she knew it was there though she would leave a treat for it. "Well it is nice to meet you." Sky sat and waited until the man came back. He had three bags of treats. He handed them to Sky. He always gave her extra incase a pokemon that needed them got them. "Here you go Sylveon. This should be plenty. I am glad to see that you are doing well. Now I have to get back to work. If you want to come and help the servers again, please do. My customers love you." He went back inside and Sky nudged one of the bags over to Glam. She also walked over to the little blue pokemon and set one of the bags beside it. She grabbed her bag.
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  37. Ceasar was startled to find that the Sylveon had noticed him. She seemed very nice though, as she had brought him food.

    “T-t-thank you...”

    He came out from behind the bin. There were no humans around, so it would be okay to come out.

  38. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    The grey cat sniffed the bag. It smelled good. Using her tail to balance on her hind legs, Glam used her front paws to open the bag. Inside there were delicious scraps. Glam licked her lips and muzzle then dove into the bag, not noticing the new blue Pokemon. Inside she ate and played with the bag, forgetting her normal edgy behavior.
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  39. Sky smiled at the little blue pokemon. "You are very welcome. You did not have to sneak around. You could have just came with us. My name is Sky." She sat down in front. She smiled once she saw the cat open the bag. There was also a few treats that did not get sold in there as well.
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  40. The Nidoran nudged open the bag with his horn, and stuck his head in the bag. There was a decent amount of food inside, and he started with a scrap of cookie dough.

    “I’m Ce-“

    He paused. Ceasar was a male name, and he wanted people to think he was a Nidoran(F).

    “I’m Celestia.”

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