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X/Y Super Training

Discussion in 'Information Pages' started by Teapot, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Teapot

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    Super Training is a new mechanic for Pokémon X and Y that allows you to track and improve your Pokémon's base stats by gaining effort values (EVs). It is accessible at any time out of battle via the 3DS' touchscreen, and consists of three main parts:

    The Effort-o-Meter


    The Effort-o-Meter allows you to track your Pokémon's effort values, showing a graph of the EV distribution and a meter to the right of how far your Pokémon has to go to max their EVs.

    Super-Training Regimens


    Super-Training Regimens are ways of Pokémon training themselves. They take the form of a mini-game where you have to shoot balls into an enemy team's goal. The mini-game is played with the Circle Pad and touchscreen.

    When completing Super-Training Regimens, you unlock training bags, which can be used to instantly boost a Pokémon's EVs in Core Training.
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  2. Doctor Oak

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    To clarify the Core Training aspect, what seems to be the case if you can get the training bags, and then set your Pokemon off 'against' them while you run around doing other stuff. Effectively, EV training by walking around.

    My guess is that you'll see various kinds of bags for each stat, which increase at different rates and that they'll be consumable.

    Though, between that and the actual mini game, the vitamins looks less and less useful. Yes, you can get a nice solid boost (to a set limit) in one go, but they're either very expensive or very rare. Super Training seems like an easier, quicker method all around.

    Very glad to see them finally addressing this in-game with some solid features. They've skirted around the fact of EV training for a while now - pretty much as long as it's been a thing within the fandom. It's about time they actually embraced it in game. What they've done should also make it fairly simple for new players/people who've never understood EVs before to get into it. It'll make the crappiest of non-EV-trained in-game teams even more laughable, really.
  3. This will certainly be less confusing and like Doctor Oak said, "make it fairly simple for new players/people..."
    I might even get into it.
  4. I've always wondered about EVs, and even when I looked them up to find out what they were and how to train with them, I didn't fully understand it. I'm glad they're making to easier to do so, because I wish to learn how to do EV training and this makes it sound like it will be a lot easier. Also, it helps that they're visible now.
  5. Finally, an easier and probably less time-consuming way to EV train! This will see much, much use out of me. I wonder if it is affected by Pokerus(or if Pokerus is even needed anymore).
  6. muito radical

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